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Autoshite Calendar, Feb 2024 - Jan 2025. All dispatched! Some stock left


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3 minutes ago, KruJoe said:

I took that photo 😋 So glad it made the cut. It was another brill weekend in Wales, despite the "atmospheric" climate, and AP's Fabia situation.

It's another excellent batch of pics this year. A big THANK YOU CaptainBoom for all the admin.

You're welcome, you guys took the photos and voted, all I did is collate it. 

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“The Eagle has landed”. 

Apologies for the potato cam, it’s all a bit cramped at home. No dispatches today (Tuesday). When I rocked up at the printers this evening to collect the order they were still checking the content. I will send as many as I can tomorrow (Wednesday) and I’ll tag you when they are dispatched.

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A slightly shoddy picture of the surprisingly cramped interior of a Saab 9-3 and more importantly of 36 envelopes just before dispatch this evening. We have a very late post collection here (7pm dontcha know).35CFF7C0-9446-4724-A87E-963C971FEB23.thumb.jpeg.a5eb6c330da6e782183d8e8a3459f944.jpeg

@grogee, @dozeydustman, @juular, @adw1977, @catsinthewelder, @davidfowler2000, @castros_bro, @TrabbieRonnie, @garycox, @bobdisk, @Macscrooge, @Chuck Buckles, @Sunny Jim, @KruJoe, @AnnoyingPentium, @aldo135, @EyesWeldedShut, @Zelandeth, @rml2345, @brownnova, @rob88h, @Wibble, @captain_70s, @I_am_Diesel, @Tommyboy12, @Fat_Pirate, @N19, @Marina door handles, @Spottedlaurel, @quicksilver, @HillmanImp, @95 quid Peugeot, @Matty, @Cookiesouwest, @red5, @chaseracer

yours were all in the box above and were dispatched today (Wednesday) 2nd class post, delivery could be from any time Friday onwards. 

@RobT, @wesacosa, @vulgalour and @garycox's other calendar I will endeavour to hand deliver yours as you are all local to me or my route to work.  I'm planning on a route Friday evening unless I get screwed over by traffic

@2316cc and @hairnet's UK addressed one will go out tomorrow (Thursday).  Sorry, I ran out of lunch hour to pack these last few at work. 

@MorrisItalSLX I've sent a PM, at last!  Sorry that it's taken so long, I had to wait until the calendars were here so that I could weigh them to get a price.

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  • CaptainBoom changed the title to Autoshite Calendar, Feb 2024 - Jan 2025. 36 dispatched, some to follow!

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