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  1. My semi-employer has boughterated that red Golf, so I'll post more pics once I'm up close and personal. I should imagine I'll be doing various jobs on it anyway.
  2. That seems like a fair price for a 75 with some provenance. However I'm not touching that KV6 with yours, m9
  3. Well the Alfa is back on its wheels, I took it for a short spin today just to check all is well and the steering is definitely improved; before it was very fidgety and you had to make constant corrections to keep in a straight line. Now it seems much more able to maintain a set line, and the steering wheel has returned closer to horizontal (though obviously not completely straight, this is an Alfa after all). The bad news is my tame wheel man has divorced me. "I'm just too busy to be doing wheels and tyres," he said. Fair enough, but it's cash in hand, and I always tip him too. He claimed the local tyre outfit would fit 2nd hand tyres but I know for a fact they definitely won't. To be fair he did fit the two Bridgestones I bought but that'll be the last I see of him I think. (His real business is refurbing wheels). I would love to get my own tyre gear just to be able to do this without faffing about. I could do with someone able to properly diagnose the glow plug fault. It's never worked since we've had it despite new Bosch plugs and a new Alfa relay. I've spunked the parts cannon on it and I'm all out of ideas now.
  4. It's a physical in-person auction but there are probably ways to bid remotely. I'm half tempted to go myself but I think it will just make me regret life choices that mean I can't afford anything.
  5. Just been drooling over some lovely motors for sale at a nearby classic car auction this weekend (24th Sept). My semi-employer has expressed an interest in the red '92 Golf GTI five-door, which looks very fresh and is priced accordingly. Metro Turbo included alongside some nice Porches with their engine at the correct end (front). Obviously all this is out of our league, but we can dream, can't we? https://www.classiccarauctions.co.uk/the-september-classic-car-sale-2022/2022-09-24
  6. This looks like a thirsty bugger. I hope it brings you many smiles per gallon.
  7. Had a real battle getting the new arm on. The hardest bit was trying to align the two front fixings to be parallel with the subframe, otherwise the bolts go in wonky and you strip the threads. Eventually I managed it but not without resorting to a trick I saw on YT from an Irish fella: cut a vertical slot in the end of the thread with a hacksaw. This allows just enough 'give' to get the thread started. It doesn't affect the strength of the fixing, because the bit you've just cut sits outside the part once it's screwed home. On closer inspection the arm was definitely fucked. Trouble is, when it's on stands with no weight on it, the arm and bush sort of sit in a very 'neutral' state and don't reveal any of the wear. The tyre certainly did though. Apparently TADTS, if it's not the bush then it's the integral ball joint that fails. My theory is that a worn rear bush puts the arm into lots of negative camber and toe-in, which chews up the shoulder of the tyre as shown. Having achieved that I checked the tracking with my plastic Laser Tools gauge and it's now bang on - 0 Deg. I think factory calls for a little toe-in but The Internets forum nerds say 0 Deg is best for tyre wear. I've flip-flopped again on the brake pads, they're still ok for a bit but I'll probably need to do them early next year. Unfortunately my tyre man is busy until Thurs which means Mrs Grogee is using my Puma to get to work, something which fills me with dread. She's a good driver sort of but I'm just hoping there won't be a 'blond moment' where she mullers the bumper on a high kerb or something.
  8. You can't. The hole is at the front end that goes in the slot. Our Espace was the same. Utterly pointless. You have a bunch of keys for your home, and this is completely incompatible. Plus it breaks if you put it in your back pocket and bend over.
  9. Changing the offside front lower wishbone on Mrs Grogee's Alfa. Had an 'oh shit' moment when the bottom ball joint wouldn't fit in the knuckle, but turns out that there is a steel collar with an internal taper that sits in the aluminium knuckle. It had come out with the old ball joint and was stuck on there. Bit confusing as it looked like the ball joint and collar were all one piece but I figured I had nothing to lose by heating it up with blowtorch and bashing it with punch. Sure enough it came off. Tomorrow I'll change the front brake pads, they're not terribly thin but I'd rather not have to make a separate job of doing it down the line. I've got two decent 2nd hand Bridgestones to put on to replace the chewed tyre, which I'll take to my tame wheel person Andy on Tuesday. They are run flats which I didn't realise but presumably they'll just be noisier and heavier which I can live with. I'm in two minds as to what to do with the Alfa. Part of me is thinking a pez automatic would be better for her (she's not great with gears) and petrol would be less needy. It's got oil leak(s) as described above which I'm going to ignore, just as I'm ignoring the not-working glow plugs (the plugs are/were new Bosch items and the relay is also a new Alfa OEM one). But I should probably just run it into the ground - it's a shit time to be buying a used car. And we sort of need a diesel estate for family outings and trips to Devon to see my Mum. I do think her next motor will be something less sophisticated though, I do like the idea of those CitPeug BerlingoPartner things - lots of space but still pretty simple and robust.
  10. Yeah true, the exception that proves the rule maybe. I can't think of another smol car that tempted Americans out of their land yachts though. We sold a few Minis here and on the continent but both Mini and Beetle were 'proper' cars with four seats, four wheels and able to cruise on a motorway. I was kind of thinking of the microcar/quadricycle type thing, although I know they did well after the war.
  11. Thanks, I like it a lot. Obscure, underpowered and unconventional.
  12. Not familiar with that but I do love a curio. Do you have a pic?
  13. I agree with the sentiment but history suggests we'll never gel with smol, lightweight, energy-efficient vehicles. We're too used to 2-tonne armchairs now, why would anyone downgrade to a deck chair? History is littered with well-intentioned failures like the C5 (Sinclair, not Citroen) and Honda Insight among many others. That said I'm all for the Ami and am eagerly awaiting the electric revolution when it finally brings us affordable, no-frills electric transport. And not Audi etron, Tesla cybertruck nonsense.
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