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  1. One could also argue that he started it so...
  2. Remember the Hydrasag series? The Comité Champagne put an IP claim in against one of them and Redbubble upheld it so you can no longer get it in beige. Fuxake. As far as I was aware until today, using the word 'champagne' to describe a colour, when the original colour is 'champagne beige' was allowed. But apparently not. And people wonder why I don't bother with the car stuff so much. Anyway, get hold of new Citroen stuff before, I dunno, Birds Eye Potato Waffles puts in a claim against them for some reason. An example of XMs: https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/99151331 An medley of 2CVs: https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/97915722 The main shop: https://www.redbubble.com/people/angylroper
  3. Other things got in the way. It'll happen, but it means buying another set of tyres and ideally refurbishing the alloys. It's all money I don't have right now.
  4. Who knows? Barry from Croydon will probably tell everyone it's shit like and I've ruined a classic while Amanda over in Tunbridge Wells probably thinks I should scrap it. Meanwhile, Wilfrid Horsemanure is probably still prattling on about The Strikes And All That and gradually working himself up to a red faced political frothfest about how his rights are being impugned because he has to wear a mask in Aldi. You know, the usual Facebook bollocks. Anyway. Today there was petrol on the floor behind the Princess. It does this in the summer sometimes when the back of the car gets hot and its got a full tank of fuel. While it does have a full tank of fuel, it's hardly summer. Normally, unscrew the cap to release the excess pressure and then it's fine once you've burned a few liquid dinosaurs. This time, I unscrewed the cap and was greeted with about half a litre of unleaded flooding out of the filler neck, narrowly missing my shoes, and spilling down the side of the car. Then I made the mistake of wiping it off and took the freshest paint clean off to bare metal where I'd done some repairs a year or two ago. Not sure what that's about to be honest, it's almost like the tank has over pressurised due to a blocked vent tube or similar and it's not something it's ever done in winter before. It's also become reluctant to start on the first attempt of the day, usually taking three attempts to actually catch and idle so there's something amiss. Once it's actually started its fine and behaves all day long so again, no idea what that's about. It probably hates me. I painted the bare metal with blue enamel paint because it's all I had to hand and I didn't have time to drag the Lanchester out of the garage to get to the proper colour and since I'm doing the paint later this year I couldn't give any less fucks than I currently do about the state of the paintwork.
  5. Hopefully not too late. Did an order and a pay. It was super easy so cheers for that!
  6. @fordperv tipped me off too. Also, got tipped off on a limousine that I was previously unaware of. Haven't been able to figure out the registration on this one and have sent the seller a nice message just in case they'd be willing to share, totally understand if not of course. Had I got more room and cash, I'd be on this like a tramp on chips to be quite honest. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393861793180 https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/jKQAAOSwwbVh3F3A/s-l1600.jpg https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/UzIAAOSwJy1h3F3I/s-l1600.jpg https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/5REAAOSwAmJh3F3S/s-l1600.jpg
  7. I'm looking forward to when I get spotted with the paint more finished than it is right now so there's some better looking shots of it in the internet wilderness.
  8. I wonder if that was the person taking ages to park up and waiting for me to go into the shop.
  9. Generally speaking, L is no vinyl, HL is C pillars only, HLS is full roof. Except when it's not. Engine sizes also are generally 1.7 for the L, 1.7 and 2.0 for the HL, and 2.2 for the HLS. Except when it's not. Twin sealed beam headlights for L and HL, trapezoid halogens for HLS. Except when its not. Flat colours for L and HL, metallics for HL and HLS. Except when it's not. You get the idea. BL seemed to be operating on the principle that the customer gets what the customer wants. Except when they don't because BL cocked up the order somewhere along the line and the wrong trim or even colour was delivered. Just remember, it's always a Princess. Except when it's not. Then it's an 18-22. I also figured out what that blue Japanese car is; Datsun Bluebird (610) of about 1975 vintage.
  10. £1.63 per litre for E5. Would not be surprised if £1.50 of that is tax.
  11. Top find, it's not on the list. I spy a bonus Sandglow wedge in the background too. I wonder what the blue car is to the right of the image, given the unusual wing mirrors I'm going to assume something akin to a Cedric. EDIT: and I just realised the white wedge is a very rare L model. Vinyl interior, no vinyl on the roof, bodycolour door frames. Very odd windscreen wiper blades too. I suspect L trim Princesses are now extinct, I've only seen 1 modern day example, and maybe 3 or 4 period photos and that's it.
  12. A while ago I had a puncture on the sidewall of the brand new tyres I had fitted to the Princess. Bit annoying, especially since it can't be repaired. Stopped by the local backstreet car-wash-and-garage place who are always friendly and they had some lightly used, if rather old, Continentals in stock that were the right size. £50 including fitting and balancing sold me on them and when I've more cash spare I'll get another pair of Uniroyals on the back. At least now my spare tyre is a good new Uniroyal and I'm not sporting mismatched tyres on the back axle, one of which was an old Enduro Runway. At least now the rear end doesn't feel so twitchy in the wet.
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