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  1. I really need to get a dashcam or something in the car. When I'm driving I can't photograph stuff and that's when I see it most often. You'll have to use your imagination for the things I have spotted and failed to photograph recently: Subaru Brat in red with gold wheels Ford Sierra hatchback in metallic blue on a flatbed, looking pristine Mk1 Vauxhall Zafira - they're finally old and rare enough that they're a surprise to see Ford Sierra hatchback complete with family on board being used as An Car to all intents and purposes and looking like it hadn't been told the last 30 years had happened Peugeot 106 hatchback - mind you, I do see this one semi-regularly and have papped it before Peugeot 205 hatchback, just an ordinary old car for the driver by the looks of things but still a surprise to see in traffic Proton Jumbuck in bright yellow just leaving as I was parking up. There's also a Ford Sierra estate nearby that I often see on someone's driveway but because the location is a bit distinctive and Fords being what they are, I've erred on the side of caution with that one and I'll only snap it if I see it out and about. It does move, and sometimes it's not there, so it's clearly getting used, which is a good thing. I do wonder if the increased chod sightings are down to the expanding ULEZ, the weather, or just me being more in tune with stuff and just seeing it more often.
  2. I'm using the internet to illustrate this spot since I wasn't in a position to photograph it myself. It's pretty rare to see a Reliant of any shape these days, so seeing an essentially pristine gold Reliant Robin of the Corsa lights era, completed with a Sid and a Doris, was pretty surprising. It may even have been this car, but since I didn't catch the registration on the one I saw, I can't be sure. https://www.flickr.com/photos/64268413@N08/33613001430/ Lost the Oldest Car game to a Super Beetle today too, but I don't mind. I might have to ban VWs from the Oldest Car game, they always turn up when I think I've won.
  3. It's the most famous Maestro in Maidstone now. I assume.
  4. I would have paid £200 a pair since they include all the awkward bits on the corners, would have saved me a load of time if the fit is good, that's really not a bad price for the work involved otherwise. If you've the cash to and you're in need of them, they're probably worth grabbing to be honest. A full metal bumper rear quarter did pop up after I'd finished doing mine, the whole thing from roof to valance, I think that was something like £80 so somebody got a bargain. As for Montego arch repair panels, they're usually the same as plastic bumper Maestro panels since they usually don't include the lower metal valance section. Fortunately that didn't cause me too much grief as mine was salvagable due to historic repairs done to a reasonable standard, but it would have been nice to just chop it all off and blend one of those panels you linked in instead for the time saving if nothing else. The panels I got just seemed over-stretched, and too soft on the details, as if they'd used a slightly too large/worn out stamp. Which they probably had. They were cheap though, £30 each I think? Get what you pay for sometimes.
  5. Oh... speaking of where the car's at now, friend of mine just made me aware I've been spotted by a Facebooker. What do we think, better or worse than when it was spotted back in December of 2020? I don't feel like I've had it much more than a few months, never mind two years. What even is time any more?
  6. @Noel Tidybeard I guess someone replaced the original then? Doesn't look like it's off another car and definitely seems to be plastic rather than steel. @grogee In real time it's all welded up both sides, and in daily use again and has been for some time. The rear arches both sides ended up giving me a lot more work than I anticipated, drivers side was definitely the worst of the two. When I did it the only repair panels I could get were for Montego (which is technically the same) for one side of the car and not great pressings at that. I would have loved to have got a proper pair of metal arch quarter panels when I was doing the repair, sods law that they'd be available now like. The arch I built out of front wings actually looks more correct than the new panel I used, which is annoying until I remember you can't see both sides of the car at the same time. Next Maestro vid is probably the 31st Jan, it was either going to be more Lanchester wiring that week or rebuilding the Maestro arch from scrap. Ended up being a big job so it took rather more videos to document than I expected.
  7. Had a bit of a happy find yesterday on my way home from the gym. Another house was having the garage cleared out, loads of old tools and stuff sat waiting for the scrap man, on top of which was a bright yellow trolley jack. I could do with a better jack and while this one hasn't got a handle, it's in otherwise reasonable shape on initial inspection. I'll know better when I actually use it, and the handle I have already fits it, looks to be a fairly new Halfords one. I was also in need of a lump hammer, now I have three. But wait, there's more! Two big metal tool boxes, the galvanised one is destined for Pat's van since it'll be a big improvement on the plastic buckets he's using. The blue cantilever one is for me, I've been after one this style for ages and all it needs is a bit of lubrication on the pivots since it's a bit stiff. Luckly there was half a tin of WD40 in the pile, so that'll sort that out. Several other bits and pieces including a nice multimeter with a good battery and the covers for the prongs still present, most of a roll of PTFE tape which is always useful, several Stanley (type) knives, and an odd old adjustable wrench that will be going in the Lanchester's tool kit. The 30m cable reel was really good to grab too since the extensions we have aren't quite long enough on their own to reach all the way to one of the hedges. The little 10m cable reel is a nice bonus. Can never have too many extensions. The little red metal socket set was a good find too. It's not premium, the sockets all say TAIWAN on them, but it's almost complete and the ratchet works well, even the spark plug socket has the rubber bit inside it. I've got a drawer full of random sockets so I can repopulate this one fully I reckon, bash the tin out straight, and that's a great little in-car set for the Maestro or the Princess. Combined imperial and metric, which is useful, three 10mm sockets, and the mythical 4.5mm socket I've heard about over the years and never actually seen. Not only that, there were some garden things too. I couldn't get the patio table, parasol, and chairs in the car unfortunately. Nor the reasonable condition old metal wheelbarrow, but I did grab a lovely old garden fork, some extendable loppers, and a few rolls of mesh which are all things we actually need for various garden things this year. Well chuffed with that haul and delighted to save what I could from scrap. There were some lovely old hand tools with the shaped wooden handles but sadly most of the files were snapped and rusty, and the chisels were absolutely destroyed. Had to draw the line somewhere. Don't want people thinking I'm a hoarder >.>
  8. Others might, I would not. Life is easier that way. Unfortunately, people always introduce me as an artist, which I am. To answer the usual questions: No. Mostly digital these days. A bit of everything. No. Yes. The pay is terrible. No. We've never met. That's not how that works. No, and definitely not.
  9. Surprise bonus spot! I always see this 2CV razzing about, never see it stood still, until today
  10. Kicking the year off by actually getting a chance to photograph this Herald estate. Street parked, used for business, and with how often I see it about likely daily driven too. The missing bumper corner is a relatively recent thing, no obvious signs of rot or damage so I imagine it's a bit of bad luck. Hope they can get it sorted and keep on enjoying and using it.
  11. The Ambassador deserved to do better, it really did. BL fixed the failings of the Princess and brought it in line with the styling of the time inside and out. They do feel like what they are, a middle class motor build to a middling standard. More than just a facelift of trim, with the exception of the rear doors, every single body panel was changed. The whole structure was reworked for the tailgate, even the rear inner wheel arches were redesigned. It's sort of sad really, the Ambassador had everything going for it in the context of 1982 and deserved to do better. Unfortunately, by making them less weird and more in line with mainstream taste they're less appealing now than the arguably worse Princess. Personally, I'd love to get hold of an Ambassador and fit it out with Princess panels so it looks like a Princess and functions like an Ambassador. You'd get the improved build quality of the Ambassador's interior, the much needed tailgate, and the Princess' better looking face. Rear lights might be a challenge since chrome bumpers might not work with the Ambassador units, but if you're replacing welded on wings and stuff, it wouldn't be too much of a challenge. Pipedreams at any rate. Proper heart over head territory that one.
  12. I found doing the videos really helped me get focused on projects and stopped me starting new stuff without finishing old stuff (apart from the Red Coat, sshh) so I do it for that and to get info out there on stuff that's harder to find. The video you did is a great reset point, you know what you're dealing with, where you want to be, and can start making steps to get to your destination. You're a grafter, you'll get it sorted.
  13. That time a friend visited with his near identical Maestro and we did a video. His girlfriend recently acquired another red Maestro with black metal bumpers so we'll need to get all three together at some point I think.
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