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  1. A large comfortable forward looking futuristic car, and a Tesla.
  2. Looks like a job for @RichardK or @Zelandeth
  3. Ordered some new boots for the Maestro, £140 for a set of Uniroyals is cheap enough it's not worth going budgets really. Up front I've currently got a pair of Enduro that date from 2010 with not a lot of tread on, and out back there's a pair of Champiro with slightly more tread that date from 2013, so they're about ready to be done really. The car doesn't feel like it's on particularly old or worn tyres, the famous Maestro understeer hasn't really been an issue, and it stops very well so if I hadn't looked at them I probably wouldn't have thought to replace them.
  4. I already have one, but thanks for thinking of me :)
  5. I'm pleased to report there will be another Lanchester video soon, because today Pat and I finished installing the interior. It did involve getting enough dust and grime in my hair that I looked like I had a bad hair dye line and I ended up hitting my head and getting blisters, so it all went about as well as you might expect. Far from the Mr Chodmondeley Warner experience, working on the Lanchester is much more of a series of suprising adventures that the likes of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar would venture forth on.
  6. Sounds like starter motor or ignition switch or bad main earth. If you're getting good continuity, probably starter motor or ignition switch. None of them are too pricey to put right, thankfully.
  7. I dropped a 10mm socket into an inaccessible gap in the Maestro's bodywork and couldn't see the socket, let alone feel where it had gone... and then it fell out as soon as I undid a piece of trim and nothing broke!
  8. April is here: Let's kick things off with a strong contender from @Craig the Princess making use of @BeEP's orange crate.
  9. Values were a bit odd on them when we were looking. There were a few hovering around the £1000 mark that needed a lot of structural and mechanical work, often with difficult to find bits of trim missing. There were a few that were complete and scruffy with prices from £2000-8000. Most seemed to be cherished and shiny, prices from £3000-20,000. Felt like nobody really knew what value to put on them and opinions differed wildly. They don't have the best parts support and are really very rust prone with almost zero panel availability so they're a difficult one to sort out it seems. Definite
  10. This is why you should never work out how much you spent on a car unless you're in the business of trying to sell them for profit. If it's just for shits and giggles, how much you spent is neither here nor there. I reckon if you can afford the cheap old fun car in addition to the fancypants one you should do that. Then, when the cheap old fun car is Having A Moment, you've got Fancypants to destress with.
  11. I adore Mayflowers, they were on the shopping list before getting the Lanchester. I'm sure they're terrible, I've never driven one.
  12. In my quest to find the cause of the water leaks I thought I was doing rather well. The front footwells were finally staying nice and dry and victory seemed assured. Then I went and accidentally left a window open all night. When it was raining. A lot. Now the inside of the car was absolutely soaked and the rain wasn't letting up even a little bit and the only way to dry it all out would be to strip out the interior, a job I ended up doing with every car I own and a job I planned to avoid on this one. OH WELL. At least the Maestro is easy to take apart. The front seats
  13. For a terrifying second there I thought you were suggesting the entire Daimler as the solution and Captain being unable to stop himself from doing something unbelievably heroic*.
  14. That Golf looks just tweaked enough, nicely considered mods making the best of what's already there. The colour helps loads too, nice to see a Golf that isn't black, white, silver, or red.
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