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  1. That's a long fail list... oh there's more... how far do I have to scroll... stop. STOP! He's already dead!
  2. Came back to the Maestro to find it had made some younger friends. I'm concerned it may have been tricked into joining some sort of gang.
  3. Those Lanchester ads are making me feel much better about ours, not that I was feeling particularly down about it in the first place.
  4. Absolutely a top chap, 10/10, would recommend to chod-botherers everywhere.
  5. What's that, unexpected free time? Well I guess that means a words-and-pictures update! Maestro Parts Haul is the one we'll go for. The video for it is here: https://youtu.be/hOeNMcssvQ8 This parts haul happened purely because of Youtube and Peter, who has become a good friend as a result. Peter also owns a red Maestro with black bumpers, except his is pretty much brand new where mine is a lumpy old donkey. If you want an idea of just how nice Peter's Maestro is, check out this review of it on Project Nigel. https://youtu.be/uVSHyT4R0Zc Right, now then, words and pictures. Peter had got the parts from someone who wanted to sell a job lot of spares that was essentially two cars and a van that had been stripped down into component parts. Obviously, very few people wanted to buy a job lot that large, but Peter hired a van, separated off what he wanted, and then kindly spread the wealth of spares with other Maestro owners. His car has a different interior to mine, both being different facelifts, so much of the interior stuff wasn't useful to him but was useful to me. Likewise with the body panels, he had better examples and what was in this stash was better than what I already had. Really, Peter saved me an absolute fortune with this lot. The van was packed to the roof with everything from nuts and bolts to seats. Unfortunately one of the spare doors has a nasty dent. It's otherwise in excellent shape with no rust to speak of at all. I should be able to make one good door out of the two I now have (one is still on the car). Once the bigger items were removed, it revealed more and more parts. Really obscure bits of trim, fastenings, NOS stuff, it was a proper Maestro treasure trove. Obviously it rained on us too because every time I do anything on or with the Maestro it seems to rain. Eventually Peter was on his way and I had a massive pile of stuff to find places for. He still left with half a van load of stuff even after the things he left with me. For exterior panels, I got two rear doors in great shape (dent not withstanding), two front wings that were good for repair panel sections, a much better bonnet, some nearly-new exhaust and a full set of steel wheels with old tyres. The interior parts were even more impressive. A full set of seats in even better condition than my originals, with matching door cards, from a Special. This interior set is the same flint for the plastic/vinyl but with claret piping and tweedy fabric which will go nicely in my car. There was also every side plastic trim for the inside which helps replace some of my scuffed and faded items. The parcel shelf brackets I didn't take as they were no better than the ones in the car. A complete dashboard, with cigarette lighter wiring (something mine doesn't seem to have), and minimal cracks was probably the biggest score and is something I'll be repairing and re-dying in the future to replace my ruined one. There was also some proper door bins, something that was proving quite elusive. In addition to all that was a plethora of fixings, some period mudflaps (another item I was after, these are exactly the sort of aftermarket tat I wanted), a pair of rear lights with salvagable bits, a nice metal file box, and various brake components, wiring, and all sorts. On a later visit, Peter also dropped off a handbrake cable, a pair of rear drums, and some front brake pads which he had no use for but I did. So all in all this was an impressive selection of spares that will save me huge amounts of time and money to get my old Maestro sorted out. Since posting the video, some of this stuff has already made it onto the car, and a lot of it is still waiting on me having the time to install it. Suffice to say I've plenty of work and content available to me because of Peter's generosity and I cannot thank him enough.
  6. I wasn't... but now you mention it I'm going to have to because I can't unsee that. Easy fix at least.
  7. Been working on the 2CV piece some more, trying to turn it into something that feels 'right'. It's almost there.
  8. That job is fine on the sill, it's not rusty so you can come back and do it later if you ever want to when you've had more practise. Besides, the wheels are distracting enough nobody is going to notice some bodywork imperfections
  9. I was given a tip for getting rust out of carpets (and fabrics) recently. Apparently, if you put a liberal coating of bicarbonate of soda all over the rust and the soak it in a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and distilled water for at least 24 hours it lifts the stain out. I haven't tried it, and I'm not sure what the reasoning/science behind it is, so I don't know if it works. Seems an inexpensive thing to try and I can't imagine it will harm the carpet in any way.
  10. Actually, it turns out the new interior is from a Special rather than an L. Bizarrely, the interior and much of the stuff Peter supplied was from a 30k-ish mile Special that had basically nothing wrong with it. My gain I suppose, but it still seems a bit weird to break what was apparently a low mileage and tidy car rather than use/sell it. Then again, it's no weirder than renovating a shambolic worn out example and using it everyday. Horses and courses and all that. It's only the unpacking video that I wasn't planning on doing a WAP (Words And Pictures) update on, I still will since someone did ask. Other videos will get WAP updates as and when I've the headspace and time for it. I also found (but didn't mention in video) that the camera mic is picking up the engine noises a lot more harshly than they really are. It must be something about the type of noise, it makes the cars sound even more dreadful than they really do, especially the Princess, poor thing.
  11. Seat's version of the Polo estate. Never knew this was a thing until earlier today.
  12. Puts me in mind of a GAZ Pobeda. It's not one of those, it just has that sort of look and feel about it.
  13. They're not from Fancy Plates. I don't want to start The Discussion about plates which is really the only reason I've not linked to the supplier.
  14. The most effective way to get rid of oil stains on your driveway is to simply move house. Works every time.
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