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  1. @Mike D for those indents in the vinyl, you want some heat and a bit of even pressure. You might get some of the dents out with an iron set to a moderate (wool) heat, put a dry tea towel over the area first and iron it as you would normally. If it doesn't come out straight away, try warming the panel with a hairdryer or heat gun (careful with the latter) before ironing it. Then leave something flat on the panel that's larger than the area you're pressing and it should set in the new smooth appearance. Foam seat bases sometimes come around if you leave them near a hot radiator for a few day
  2. If it doesn't have a name, it should be called Patches. Descriptive for what you guys have had to do, and it's a good name for a dog It really didn't look that bad at all in the photos, it's astonishing how little of it was really there.
  3. Finished another door card on the Lanchester, this time the front one. This is the one that had the carpet section hand sewn back onto the rest of the door card. The map pocket has shrunk a lot and took some coaxing with the iron and a tea towel to get it back to something like the proper shape. Really happy with the end result all the same. The minor wrinkles you see should mostly settle out, the light is making them more prominent looking than they are. I have learned that tiny tacks and brittle old fabric are not the most fun things to work with, fortunately it's been a rewarding proce
  4. We'd recommend Wakeson's Leather Conditioner: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Leather-Conditioner-for-Restoring-Reviving-old-dried-out-leather-500ml/152337386788 since that's what we used on this very car. Really slap it on and let it soak in, then buff it off to make sure it's not got any residue on the surface. Get the bigger bottle and see how far it goes, depending how thirsty your leather is and how big the sofa is, one bottle might be enough. We used two of the 500ml bottles (I think) to do the Lanchester seats and door cards, with everything getting about 6 applications. Each fresh appli
  5. Today, @Talbot kindly dropped the Princess wing off for me and we had a chinwag for much too long about basically everything, the new wing will allow me to replace the one currently on the car that's cobbled together from three wings and a bit of sill. In other good news, the weather and our work schedules aligned so the other half and I have just finished the conservation of one of the Lanchester's door cards. This is the original fabric and fixings, with new tacks and copper rivets to hold everything together, as per the original construction. New padding too, which has really improve
  6. Of course they did, everybody does!
  7. We found them by word-of-mouth, but they can be found here: https://www.checkatrade.com/trades/OriginalRoofingAndConstructionLtd/ and other review sites. No sucking of teeth or other such nonsense, just crack on and get it done, an absolutely ideal experience to be quite honest. No mess left behind either, if it weren't for the new roof you wouldn't know they'd even been.
  8. We got our garage roof replaced just in time. We opted to pay someone rather than DIY since we needed it done quickly and well. Would have likely taken us at least a whole day, it took them 4 hours and the weather was bright and sunny for the entire job. Fifteen year guarantee on it so hopefully we won't have to worry about it for at least that long. They removed the bad beams, replaced and reinforced them, redid the pointing and reseated the capping tiles properly in addition to fitting a whole flat roof. This was way more work than we could have easily done ourselves, going the paying-s
  9. Now then, there's only one Welsh car isn't there, boyyo?
  10. I might in the spare head, I'm not sure. I'll try and find out tomorrow, new garage roof goes on then so we'll be emptying some of the garage out for that.
  11. The sender unit seal and the ring itself is the same as MGB and Land Rover Series. I resorted to a petrol tank repair putty even after getting the locking ring on mine replaced and using a new seal, it seems the tabs that the ring is supposed to lock into just go soft with rust/age and won't lock in any more. I hope I never have to remove the sender, it's going to be a right war.
  12. It's just frustrating more than anything. I have no clear answer on whether or not artwork of a thing is copyright breach and since I haven't the resources to find out with a legal challenge I just have to suck it up whenever I get hit with the takedowns. That, combined with the larger than usual percentage of awkward customers and tyre kickers really sucked a hell of a lot of the joy out of automotive artwork for me which is why I hardly do any these days. Lanchester news is a bit rubbish too, I have been piddling about with some ideas for a bit of LD10 artwork but I probably won't bother
  13. I love how random the copyright based takedowns are on Redbubble. So far I've got BMW, Jaguar, Landrover (and by extension, Range Rover), Lamborghini, and now Honda blacklisted for future artwork. This time it was a personal favourite that hasn't actually generated any sales, a fantasy hearse version of a Honda Accord. There are work arounds. Don't put the company's logo or name anywhere on the image or in the description is the usual one, or just spam-post it using a variety of bots across several accounts is another. One of the best ways to make sure your artwork never gets t
  14. Not gonna lie, I'd totally have a Railton F29 Claremont if I could afford/find one, I reckon that's a really sharp looking car even if it is little more than an old Jag in a posh frock.
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