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  1. That gentleman is clearly Rupert the Bear without his fursuit on.
  2. Bonus hot Stanza saloon action in that shot too. Nice.
  3. All my cars end up with names, usually stupid ones, sometimes inherited. Even the Maestro has a name.
  4. Thank you for providing such excellent inspiration. Your Imp is a little cracker.
  5. That's still one of my favourite Imp mods ever.
  6. Now available in four different colours, and a repeating print. Picked out the colours that felt the most Imp-y, particularly pleased with the greenish-gold version. https://www.redbubble.com/people/angylroper/shop?artistUserName=angylroper&asc=u&collections=647562&iaCode=all-departments&sortOrder=recent
  7. New addition to the shop will be this Hillman Imp which will be available in four colours. This is the copper version just to whet your appetite. Inspired by a photo of, I think, the Imp belonging to @Rusty Pelican because it's one of the best references I had of an Imp on Alleycats. There will be blue, gold, cream, and this copper variant when I've got all the processing done. Will probably also do a multi-Imp arrangement for those sticker sheets and repeating prints people like. I'm not totally dead on the car art, just incredibly slow with it these days.
  8. You lot have been busy finding new ones to add to the list, cheers! I have been nibbling away at the archive offline, takes me a while to get everything lined up to get it updated here, but I am logging all the new finds as I go, even if it's just a reg number and an anecdote. I'm amazed at how many cars keep appearing and that new survivors keep popping up is wonderful. Really been enjoying seeing the in-period shots of wedges out doing their thing.
  9. When you put it like that it makes more sense of there being a missing spring, or something just generally Not Right. Just the fun challenge of figuring out what that something is now.
  10. Excellent news on the fault hunting on the BX. Perhaps with a stronger pump there's no need for a spring with the ball bearing and that's why there isn't one there?
  11. Don't forget the rear arch profile is different on mk1 and mk2 hatchbacks, but the same on all estates, so when you're looking for them, make sure it's from an estate or a mk1 hatchback. On mk2s the rear lip is slightly bigger. Pretty sure the trim is held on with double sided tape. They don't come up that often because they don't tend to go missing. I was told the rubbing strips are different between mk1 and mk2 as well, with mk1 trims being the same as mk1 base models of both body shapes and mk2 higher trim levels having a different profile to the moulding. While we're on the topic of t
  12. Great to see it sat there idling quite happily, that bodes well. The interior, seat fabric aside, looks like a good wipe over with some vinyl cleaner/conditioner will see it looking far better than it has any right to. Is it just the photos or is the gear lever actually colour coded to the interior?
  13. What they do get confused for sometimes is Mk2 Cortina estates, very similar style language in place on both cars, especially from the rear three quarter view.
  14. As long as you've bought it because you want it, rather than to make money, it doesn't really matter what you paid. All of the cosmetic stuff is good solid plain colours, so resprays and retrims aren't going to be as difficult to sort out as patterned fabrics or metallic paint. Mechanical issues are likely to be generic and it being a Golf, support isn't going to be an issue, there'll be plenty of info on how to fix what's wrong and it probably won't even cost that much to put right. Fix the stuff you know it'll fail an MoT on, bung it in for a test and see what happens. If nothing els
  15. Good luck with the investigation. Sometimes, these things just need a totally fresh set of eyes on them.
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