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  1. It is time for another update. Our goal today was to remove the dashboard and starter motor so that they could be refurbished. We started with the dashboard since it looked to be a more involved job and it was going to take a while to figure out how it was held in place. As it happens, the main fascia of the dashboard is held in by three screws, on in each A pillar, and one in the centre, hidden from view. I couldn't get the camera to focus on the hidden one because of all the other items it wanted to focus on instead. Access to all the fixings is tricky and since it's all flathead screws
  2. Woolies are the go to for a lot of trimmings. We'll be using them for the carpet, have already placed an order for cotton wadding from them today since they're pretty cheap and we know the quality should be good. Woolies do two brown carpets, the one we'll probably go for is the more expensive one since it's likely to be a closer to match to what the car would have had. https://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/product/2004/8020-wool-carpet-brown We'll also need to get some matching edge binding (contrast binding isn't very Lanchester), some press studs to match or replace the ones in the floor (t
  3. Not only that, before this gasket was fitted the head was pressure tested and skimmed. Passed the pressure test no problems and needed a 10 thou skim. Put it all together, then smashed all the valves into the pistons when I cocked up the cambox end gasket, put it all together again without getting the head retested because I hadn't actually run the car at that point due to valve smashage, and it was fine for the last 70ish miles. It might actually be more than 70 miles since I have put fuel in it since then. It's probably just shit luck, I have a lot of it with this car. It'll be fine for
  4. Today on the Lanchester, it's time to backwards engineer a door card. There's a lot of different ways to redo door cards, and this is one of the more involved approaches since we're trying to save and reuse as much of it as possible. The thing that makes this more difficult than it might be is that we're having to replace the board itself so that means stripping the whole thing into the component pieces to understand how to put it back together on a new board. The first stage of the process is to take a lot of photographs so you have the best record you can of construction. You'd be amazed
  5. Good news and bad news today. Before work I had some time and determined to quickly replace the leaking gaskets on the engine of the Princess. I had two culprits, the first was the blanking plate where a mechanical fuel pump can be fitted, this is really common for leaking. The second was the cambox end plate, the one with the thickness specific gasket that caused all the fuss, this one isn't so common for leaking. I removed both plates, cleaned off the old gaskets which had both partially blown out on the lower edge, and then sanded the mating faces to check for level. There was no w
  6. I don't know. I'm not sure what that will tell me that I don't already know which is that the head gasket has failed, I don't think it really matters which cylinder it's failed on since a fail is a fail. If it's anything like the previous times it's done it there'll be obvious witness marks to what's amiss. I'm expecting cylinder two or three to be the culprits, they seem most prone to it. It's fine, worst case scenario I just work on getting the Lanchester safe to use and have that as my daily instead. That's the Autoshite way.
  7. Well cheers for that, now I will be hearing that when I work on the car next.
  8. I have made a decision and ordered a new gasket set. Maybe I'll get lucky and it was just a bad gasket, I won't know until I pull it apart and have a look.
  9. Me and my big mouth. Head gasket shat itself AGAIN. Brown coolant, bubbles in the expansion bottle, lumpy idle. Before you ask: I have checked the head bolts, none were loose, all were at the relevant spec It was fine the last time I took it out, the coolant was still blue No I haven't done a compression test No there isn't signs of water in the oil Yes there is signs of oil in the water The quantity of bubbles increases the longer the car is running What to do. If it were the first failure that's easy, just bob it all back together again, job do
  10. It's the only race I'd stand a chance of winning against yours!
  11. Immediate items are going to be removing the dashboard to redo the wood on that, and cutting out the new plywood we bought to redo the door cards. We've ordered some cedar blocks to keep the moths out, the other day we noticed one in the car and we'd like there to be none. After that probably the wiper motor since that's going to be easiest to get to with the dashboard removed, try and find out why it's gone from working to not working properly. Then it's going to be radiator, dynamo, and starter motor all being refurbished and repaired if necessary, and measuring the heater core to see if
  12. Today we finished one of the front seats, the worst of the two. The end result is not perfect and, as has been stated before, that's actually not a problem with this particular car. We could have invested more time and different materials to attain a more perfect finish, this is instead conservation so the repair is not invisible. After getting all of the splits and tears repaired with the glue and bridging fabric, a small piece of new leather was cut to fit the hole from the cat damage. To try and hide the repair as much as possible, the piece of leather cut was done to follow the shape o
  13. That's business. They *could* have got another £100 waiting for some BX enthusiasts to appear and spend money, or they could frag it and get something in more people are likely to spend money on. The reason you don't see so much old stuff kicking around in scrapyards these days is that it's just too expensive to keep it lying around waiting for some tight sods to turn up wanting to pay two shillings happence for a complete door.
  14. Yup, and it likes Smokin much more than me. Clearly, it was after a younger model to spend its time with.
  15. Finally booked the Kennedys to come out and regas the Princess. A necessary procedure and one I've been putting off for at least 6 or 7 years now. They're pretty busy so it's not happening until the end of October, I do hope it ends up being a smooth job for them and that the car doesn't throw any toys out the pram about it.
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