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  1. @Noel Tidybeard Failing cell has been suggested elsewhere too. I don't know enough to know if it really was that but from what folks have described, it does seem likely. Bloomin earth problems though, what a chore! @MorrisItalSLX That's back in 2011 or so, it's the eBay ad the owner before me saw. A good example of not judging a book by its cover, you wouldn't know the crap it was hiding given how clean and tidy it seemed to be back then. Different story now of course, it's pretty decent and looks like an absolute shed.
  2. Channeling a bit of Your Mother Wouldn't Like It there.
  3. The battery clamp clamps the battery firmly and has done for a decade at least so it's fine. It's also the same way every other Princess I've worked on has been so it's just how Princesses are. 063 batteries weren't in ready supply when I recorded the video, lots of things were out of stock at the time.
  4. I made a Weepul, even remembered its little antennae. I'm going to make a bunch more.
  5. September here: https://autoshite.com/topic/50972-september-2023-calendar-thread
  6. Tried to do the rear brake on the Princess today and while it is back on all four wheels now, it hasn't gone as well as I would have liked. I do have a blow torch, I can't light it. Every time I tried to get an ignition source up to the blow torch, the wind kept blowing it out before the torch could be lit. Talk about frustrating. So that stuck union is still stuck. I did get the brake cylinder compressed properly due to getting some C clamps, that went very smoothly, but there's some black rubbery gunge that was oozed out that made me a lot less confident about using the cylinders so I've ordered a new pair complete with special E clips. Did I mention I've managed to misplace the special E clips I bought especially for this job already? I did get the outer drum on. It was a fight. I cannot back the shoes off as far as I'd like so they're dragging rather more than I want them to, it's an adjustment issue but I can't seem to adjust them as I'd like them. Pretty annoying. That leaves me with rear brakes that don't work and technically front brakes that don't work either since the main hydraulic line is open due to that seized up union. That means the car can't safely be driven anywhere. Do I want to have to dismantle it all to fit the new brake cylinders when they arrive? Not really. Do I want to fight even more with that stuck union and possibly have to buy even more tools and materials to try and sort out a brake line that might need cutting? Absolutely not. What I want is some magic fairy brakemother to come along and make this job go away because doing anything with drum brakes can get in the sea.
  7. That's quite the tidemark on that A40 Sports.
  8. Now where have I seen those rear lights before..?
  9. No, the one I had was as Klokkerholm panel and didn't look as sharp a pressing as yours, especially on the arch curves, mine looks a pretty soft pressing in comparison.
  10. vulgalour


    I always wondered about this, there's a commonly held belief that you can't have race numbers on a road car and that you get around it by putting a line of tape or other obfuscation over the numbers when using the car on the road. I'd love to know what the actual law/facts are about why this would be, and if anyone has actually fallen foul of the law for running a road car displaying race numbers.
  11. vulgalour


    I've seen A40s and similar vintage sometimes having a black vinyl cut out stuck to the chrome bumper so the chrome shows through to be the digits. Your bonnet approach feels more period appropriate and really does clean the front end a lot. If you want to go further, remove the over riders and grille badge to really emphasise your horizontals.
  12. Today's spot is this Peugeot 806, a car I can't remember when I saw an example of in the wild. What a treat.
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