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  1. Managed to persuade the engine off the chassis today and tidied up as much of the filler work as I could so that I could get started on paint. Mercury didn't, to my knowledge, offer a factory tri-tone on this model. They did offer a two-tone and some fairly interesting colour combinations at that, and none were quite what I wanted. Packard offered a tri-tone white/black/pink that I did like a lot and given how excessive the styling is on this car I was sure it would pull it off nicely. I got the front bumper rechromed, there's a couple of spots that need a little more attention, and realised the air cleaner needed some work to fix a previous hack of some sort so that just has a blob of filler on at the moment. The engine is gold, as per factory, and I'll be doing the rocker covers and air cleaner turquoise, also as per factory. Interior and passengers are in primer waiting for final colour. I will most likely do the interior in just black and white with chrome detailing, there isn't really any need to use pink on the inside of the car. It's going to take forever to do all the brightwork on this thing, there's huge amounts of it.
  2. Ashford isn't off the cards for the future, only for the now. I suspect the proper move into our own home won't happen until 2021/2 after all the B****t nonsense has actually resolved into something, because that's part of the complications involved in acquiring funding for the mortgage. Fun times. We'll get there eventually, and I've put up with far, far worse situations than living in a slightly too small house with someone I rather like. I will of course shout for help if I come unstuck with anything and hopefully I'll be nearer folks in need of help so I can return the favour, bit isolated up here so it's really difficult to get to anyone, especially with my working hours being what they are. Having Leeds on the doorstep is still confusing to me, especially considering how small it is.
  3. I feel like we've forgotten more people... I'm sure they'll be along shortly to advise.
  4. Trigger, Seth, Zelandeth, Lightbulbfun, and Shep are all in various bits of that corner too I believe.
  5. Nearer 10 than 5, but still pretty much on the doorstep, so that's neat. I imagine Egg Towers isn't that massive a trek should you need a hand with the Invacar, etc.
  6. Just over a year on and the house move is finally happening. It's a bit complicated and rather than going into the complications, suffice to say I shall be in Maidstone fairly near the town centre. It's not mine or my partner's first choice but we've got to a point where we've both decided it's the best solution. There are some compromises that I had to make that I didn't want to. The driveway, for example, is constructed of a variety of different slopes and levels and is entirely unsuitable for working on and one of the outdoor steps is so massive it makes getting any car past a certain point of the drive very difficult and not ideal if you're using that car daily. I can keep the cars off the road, so that's good, but not being able to easily work on anything not so much. Even the street outside the house is on a slope. There is a garage and a good sheltered outdoor space to work in, so it's not a total loss, I just have to readjust to losing a lot of the good workshop and car help that I've enjoyed over the last few years living in the North East. When we finally buy a house that meets the bizarre criteria imposed upon us (it really is complicated, and infuriating) it will have a much better car storage and working-on-cars solution because we do both still want to acquire something pre-war. In the meantime, I'm hoping that I'll be able to meet up with south-east shiters and maybe even find a friendly spannering location to make use of when one of my cars inevitably shits itself dramatically.
  7. I've been away for a couple of days and I've driven a whopping (for me) 600 miles in the BX. Stage one of the weird and protacted house move was being undertaken, you see, so the BX was loaded up with Stuff and we schlebbed off down the motorway. Weather was muggy, roads were surprisingly okay and just before an accident that was being cleared I found myself beside a layby and ready for a lunch break, so I stopped just in time for a giant road caterpillar to rumble past, so that was neat. The drive home was a little more eventful. It started raining just when I arrived in Maidstone and stopped just as I got back to Thornaby, for the duration of the drive home getting over 50mph was mostly impossible because the wiper simply couldn't go fast enough to clear the screen and many other drivers were experiencing similar issues. It was a fairly horrible drive home because the car was empty so got buffeted about a lot more than on the drive down. I was very grateful for the Uniroyals and having a lot of motorway miles where the vast majority of other road users were incredibly sensible. Just as I got off the motorway I started to hear an occasional rubbing noise, that became a much more pronounced rubbing noise when turning hard right. The only casualty of the trek has been a fastening on the splashguard which is now a little loose and sometimes rubs a tyre, so I'll have to replace whatever fastening has broken or fallen out. BX was otherwise composed, relaxing, and trouble-free and proved itself to be everything Dean said it was and certainly felt well worth the investment of time and effort it's had. It'll need a bath, it's a bit grimy, not that it shows that much which is unusual for a white car. Fuel economy for the way out was about 65mpg, and on the way back about 60mpg. I expect economy on the way home would have been better if I could have kept the speed up a bit, 60mph seems to be the sweet spot for this car, though it'll happily wind up much further if you ask it too and we did spend a brief bit of time in the German Car Lane of the motorway which is something I never normally do.
  8. Really impressive to see that Atlas van on the road, it was pretty much rescued from a hedge, along with another Atlas with all the structural integrity of a wet tissue.
  9. Going for a Packard inspired tri-tone on this one due to the trim lines and the fact that the standard Mercury colour offerings aren't quite what I'm after. The amazing thing is that from the factory the engine was gold with turquoise rocker covers and air cleaner so I'll definitely be doing that.
  10. That's a stroke of luck. I found some red plastic scraper things in a local shop that appear to be made from exactly the same type and colour of plastic as the rest of the Mercury kit. I then spend a long time trimming and gently heating the bonnet to get it something like close to the proper shape. It's not perfect, it'll have to do. If another broken kit appears with a bonnet further down the line I'll fit that, for now this one will do the job and since this part of the car will be painted generic black, colour matching won't be an issue in the future.
  11. Because the Great Fire at Photobucket there's no pics of Steve in here, so here's some using the forum uploader. Checking on the MoT history, it appears someone has been getting a fair bit of use out of it and cares enough to fix it when it does break, so that's nice to know. Astonishing lack of rust advisories too.
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