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  1. BX had been a bit grumpy about starting first thing lately, and since the weather has been getting a bit colder that probably means the glow plugs need doing. I've done glow plugs on my old 1.9 non-turbo BX, and on my old 1.9 turbo Xantia, and neither were particularly joyous experiences. I was expecting this to be similarly unpleasant. I needn't have worried, it was fiddly on the two outer plugs because of access with the pump and air filter, but was otherwise very straightforward. I don't know how you diagnose the condition of glowplugs so I have no idea if the old ones are knackered or not by looking at them. There was goop of some sort on all the threads on the old ones, it looks to have been put there on purpose, there's no signs of diesel or oil leaking down from further up the engine, so I'm going to assume it's some sort of anti-seize and, if it is, that it did what it was supposed to do. I didn't have any anti-seize, so just put the plugs straight in the holes. After doing that, the car didn't really start any better or worse but then, it was still warm from driving around. I'll know if it's improved things tomorrow morning. The other good bit of news is that the passenger door seal appears to have stopped letting water in and the carpet is drying out nicely. We've not had much more than a short shower since I fitted the new seal so I'll wait and see what happens when we have a proper downpour before considering it actually fixed.
  2. Did the glowplugs on the BX today and it was a surprisingly not-shit job.
  3. Fark. Check out the centre caps on this! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/vauxhall-astra-van/274058191850?hash=item3fcf2423ea:g:dPoAAOSw6tNdqjMA
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1980-mk1-vauxhall-Carlton/183998852100?hash=item2ad72fac04:g:58oAAOSwecJdg5fM
  5. Does anyone else remember that hire company where their entire fleet was yellow, and often estates, and always elderly? Yeah. That. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-ESCORT-1-4-ESTATE-5-DOOR-53000-MILES-5-SPEED-BT-YELLOW-A-TRUE-CLASSIC/202635063211?hash=item2f2dfdafab:g:GNIAAOSwRUdblqie
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dodge-50-Series-Van-Rare/303331168893?hash=item469ff2527d:g:efAAAOSw6Ppdrqma " it was Mot'd unitl November 2018, so how bad can it be? " Ha. Hahahahahahahahaha.
  7. J reg. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1992-Proton-GL-Aeroback-1-3-5-door-hatch/372809813184?hash=item56cd324cc0:g:RSMAAOSwN8hdqxF7
  8. An stereotype. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Alfa-Romeo-Alfasud-1500-super/274063590371?hash=item3fcf7683e3:g:140AAOSwqIldrzju
  9. Here's a thing I don't believe I knew existed before. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/honda-accord-aerodeck-2-2-barn-find-buy-it-now-for-1500/183972476882?hash=item2ad59d37d2:g:GggAAOSweoRdjepW
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1986-Nissan-Sunny-Estate-1-5-Good-Condition-12-months-MOT-classic/123948056417?hash=item1cdbe13f61:g:xOsAAOSwKhpdmN6V
  11. I got confused! I thought the beige one was part-owned by Krujoe and living there and had completely forgotten about explosive's estate. I bet I've forgotten people too, hard to keep track of all the different usernames.
  12. vulgalour

    BX Roll Call

    There's been a lot of BXs popping up on the forum lately, I'm curious who has one, and what they've got, because I'm nosey like that. Please, drop a picture and tell us what you've got, chuck a link to a build/maintenance/despair thread if you've got one too. Low fat 17RD trim, manual diesel non-turbo flavour. Thread: https://autoshite.com/topic/34202-1987-citroen-bx/ From memory, @dean36014 (who formerly owned mine), @strangeangel, @Meter rat, @Fabergé Greggs, @mat_the_cat, @KruJoe, and maybe @barrett (or did he move onto Xantias now?) are all current BX pilots.
  13. Today has been a busy day and, hopefully, a productive one as a result. The first thing to arrive was the new door seal, ordered from https://www.carbuilder.com/uk and I have to say I have absolutely no problem with their service or product so consider them recommended. After failing to cut the corners on the Princess door seals in the way I wanted to, someone suggested using a mitre saw... I don't have one of those but I do have a model making saw, which is suitable for the task and allowed me to make a nice 45 degree cut. I'd already measured the door hole and found it needed 3.5 metres of seal for the front door, which meant having to order 4 metres which came out at about £25. Fitting is very easy, I loosened the screws on the door trims but didn't remove them because that way I can still fit the seal without having to try and re-find the screw holes. Seal went on lovely and fit really snug, I was very happy. Then I saw the mistake I didn't know I'd made. The old seal has a fatter profile than this one so while this one fits on the door rail perfectly as it should, it doesn't get squashed to give a nice seal. This isn't a fault of the supplier, this is entirely my fault for fudging up the measurements on the old seal because I hadn't compensated for how squashed it was. This means you could see through the top corner of the door and, presumably, all the water would get in through there too. Putting the old door seal back on was not an option, since it seems intent on funneling water into the car through the damaged section of it. My solution, since I'm out of cash until I get paid again, was to make use of the left over foam sheet I bought for the tailgate panel and make some strips of foam to take up the gap and squash the door seal down. This is such a giffer fix that I'll be off to collect my bus pass shortly since I clearly now qualify. I used the same foam to replace the bit around the door lock too so the pin doesn't rattle in the door. You can also see the new membrane I fitted here, because the new door solenoid arrived today. Happily, the giffer fix did seal the gap and the door has that nice fresh seal resistance when you try and shut it. I'll probably leave this as is if it keeps the weather out and save up to get all four door seals replaced with new since the old ones are clearly very tired, I just need to find an edge seal that's fat enough. The other job I did today was the door lock solenoid. The replacement isn't a direct fit, I did know this from other BXer's threads. Before getting the drill out, I tested the new solenoid to be sure it was a mechanical failure of the old unit, and not a problem with the wiring. Happily, the new solenoid works as it should. To fit, I knew from other BXer threads this wasn't going to be entirely straightforward. The first problem is that the bolt holes are in different places and the throw on the new solenoid is longer than on the old solenoid. My initial plan of using one existing hole and drilling a second one for the other bolt hole had to be changed to drilling two fresh holes to compensate for the 10mm extra throw. Once that was sorted, I then had to bend the lock rod end around 90 degrees because the new solenoid requires that. Putting the new solenoid in the vise I could at least use the original bolts to tap threads into the bolt holes in the casing so I didn't have to rummage about for replacement bolts. All done, it was fitted in the door and while it's a little noisier than the other solenoids, I'm pleased to report it works perfectly and I now, for the first time in my life, have a car where the central locking works on all the doors properly. Feels dead posh does that. Working locks, door all sealed up, hopefully a waterproof door seal, the last thing to do was refitting all the door furniture and trying out that velvet ribbon experiment. I'm calling this a partial success. Initially the window did not like going down but after a few ups and downs, it worked as well as it used to. The door seal does still try to roll under and get stuck but nowhere near as bad as before the ribbon treatment, and the window goes up much nicer now than it did. With a bit of use, the ribbon will probably wear down a bit and might even stop rolling the tiny amount it does in that one spot, but I'll be buying some new weather stripping instead and fixing this properly, in the future. It'll do for now. So there you go, that's today's antics up to date. Oh, and water is still getting in on the driver's side somewhere. I think I know where, it just means broggling about behind the sound deadening panel in the engine bay and getting my head in the wheelarch, and that's going to have to wait for a day when I have more time.
  14. Free washing machines are the best washing machines. My first machine was a 1970s twin tub that was at least 30 years old when I was given it, fantastic machine that cleaned clothes better than any other machine I've used, and damaged far less than most of the front-loaders I've used over the years. It was a bit of a faff to transfer stuff from the wet to the dry side, and it had a little leak from a pipe underneath somewhere, but I could forgive it that for the great job it did. The other free machine we still use which is an old Indesit Moon that we got from the scrapman in exchange for the remains of a Princess. Apparently the Moon was broken, which is why it was on the scrap van, but it's never let us down for quite a few years now, the only thing it's needed is a new door seal and a bit of a rust bleb painting. Really, simple is best.
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