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  1. Work have sent me to Warminster for some upskilling/enlightenment. Can I get a bacon and cheese burger in Morrisons cafe? Can I fuck. The menu says I can you fucking morons.
  2. British Leyland Sherpa Ford Transit Mk1 Bedford CA & HA
  3. Totally agree, in those days nothing even came close.
  4. That's a top car that. I love the Fords from that era. Showing my age but those were the cars when I was in my prime although in those days I had a XR3i and a couple of XR2s.
  5. Land Rover Defenders & Mk2 Golf GTi’s. Oh!, errr, hang on.
  6. Long shot, but have you tried Past Parts in Bury St Edmunds?
  7. I really wanted this to be a long long way away from where I am. It isn't, nnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AC-INVACAR-Model-70-Body-Panels-Many-Unused-NOS-Classic-Invalid-Carriage/133077005975?hash=item1efc01f697:g:A8AAAOSw2ypc-THC
  9. Some of those trucks look like they came from the REME museum that used to be at Bordon.
  10. I was Ford mad in 1979 so I reckon it would have been a Mk2 Escort, probably an estate as my daily is a Focus estate. My Land Rover would be a Series 3, my Golf would be a Mk1 but not a GTi.
  11. My missus bought one just after we first got together, cracking car, went like stink whilst good on fuel. Only the windows dropping into the doors due to dodgy plastic clips holding them in position let it down. I will be honest though, I do find the mk4 a trifle drab.
  12. For the first time in it’s 16 years existence my Vespa is now fully road legal.
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