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  1. Australia’s most popular van, the Toyota Hiace, had a forward control layout until 2019. Now, with snout.
  2. Currently on a week long holiday in Tasmania, which is a grin in itself, but I just drove past a workshop with at least 20 Chrysler PT Cruisers in various states of disrepair littering the forecourt. If I had an Autoshite business card I’d have popped it in the letter box.
  3. Aussie Ford Falcon XG Panel Van! They’re getting rare here now, a local builder I know has one and keeps it tidy, he’s had it from nearly new. They suffer from rust, much more than an equivalent Aussie car if the time. Mainly because it’s a 1970s Ford that kept being made in the 90s with minor updates, rather than develop commercial versions of the new Falcon they opted to facelift the existing commercials and run them alongside the new body style. I checked the number plate on the dash but it’s from a Ford Ka(ck), not the Falcon.
  4. Toyota decided to save $0.0001 cents per radio unit (see unit above in picture) by not running traces in the PCB to the rear speaker connector. Which is a real pain in the arse after spending the afternoon fitting rear speakers to the pre existing wiring loom and changing the head unit to one with the seperate rear speaker connector present which must obviously mean that it is compatible with rear speakers? Because why would you fit the connector but not wire it up? TOYOTA, I’M SPEAKING TO YOU! *rant over*
  5. Exactly the same failure I had on the Corolla, I’ll be watching with interest to see how you fix it (I presume your repair will less dodgy than my many loops of strong string around the seat frame).
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Azaria_Chamberlain https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.abc.net.au/article/12563336
  7. Sold on to a new operator?
  8. Gorgeous number plates, it’s a crying shame those routed/ribbed Perspex plates aren’t more popular
  9. Indeed we do, behold the dashmat! They work in 2 ways, either protecting a good dash from cracking or hiding the cracks on a bad dash.
  10. You may need to use my patented* seat repair method as done on the Corolla when the rubber base ripped, nothing a bit of fine gauge rope couldn’t fix.
  11. As they say, Honesty is the best policy.
  12. Ford Transit Mk1/2 & Bedford CF
  13. You can really see the British Leyland in the rear arch of the Dolly Sprint.
  14. I’d weld on a tubular bend to that filler neck to negate the need for such a long rubber section. Loving the progress, these little trivial jobs that need doing but also really don’t need doing are a real pain.
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