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  1. Welcome to the 4A-F powered Toyota club, now is the time to invest in vacuum line hose shares. Seconded, mine has never run right since.
  2. About 10,000 miles, give or take, so not exactly local! Nice to see another AE92 Corolla getting the love it deserves, I can’t imagine 30 years of life in the UK did it any favours in the bodywork department.
  3. Excellent work sir, any chance of doing mine next?
  4. I was driving through town and casually parked on the side of the road was a Mitsubishi Starion! It was silver with a red velour interior, I went back for a photo about 10 minutes later an it had gone.
  5. That looks like something I drew when I was 5.
  6. Fantastic work on hunting down that steering wheel, that’s the kind of parts hunting I could really get behind. Who doesn’t like a nice OEM upgrade?
  7. I too would love an early Camry, in V6 flavour with the sumptuous blue velour. Prices are starting to climb here to for 80s and even 90s Toyotas. Early Camrys and FWD Corollas are still reasonable, but the bigger and posher models such as the Camry V6, Cressida and Crown are ridiculous. That being said, the velour in those models is worth the price of admission alone. The RWD models from the 80s and earlier (Corolla, Corona, Cressida & Crown) were worthless 15 years ago, but shot up in value in a similar fashion over the last 10 years, so it’s about time the FWD models start to
  8. So, what actually happened? A second hand gearbox was sourced from a breaker that was a runner/driver a week prior to me dismembering it. It was fitted by me friendly mechanic because sod swapping a transaxle on axel stands. All seals were replaced, including the crankshaft seal, seemed daft not to when it’s all apart. Fresh fluid and filter to finish, plus a wheel alignment for good measure. There’s nothing bad to report after driving it around for the last couple of days, gearbox is shifting smoothly, kicking down appropriately and there are no unusual noises. I can’t complain. Tim
  9. The Kimberley/Tasman is the same as an ADO17 when it comes to engine bay design, both are quite different from a Maxi as I understand. @sloth raised a good point, that a Morris 1500/Nomad would be a suitable donor as it shares the transverse E Series platform with the Maxi.
  10. My house was built in 1993 and has a small garage attached, so my Corolla fits the bill nicely.
  11. Now I like Metros as much as the next guy, probably more, but that thing is knackered. Well done! Looking forward to seeing you crack on with it.
  12. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I now own a hub cap from a Princess. Oddly, it came from a town only a few minutes away from mine. Now I just need an Allegro/Maxi hub cap to go along side it.
  13. I have 3 cars at the moment, of which 1 works (of a fashion). 2 cars would be preferred, but 4 cars isn’t out of the question.
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