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  1. The lovely little old lady who lives next door is selling here house, so I had a look at the listing. Now I really am lowering local property values with my chod.
  2. It was the cunts with bugles on horses that came here and brought the foxes with them so they had something to blow their bugles at.
  3. Let’s not forget that the bloke who put that on was probably very well hydrated if you know what I mean. I think that sticker would make a good T-shirt.
  4. Lantana, Privet and Blackberry come to mind. I think it is safe to say the European settlers in Australia really cocked things up.
  5. They did the same with Foxes too, the bastards.
  6. I can speak from experience that the front end of a SIII XJ6 can survive a 15-20 kph bump with a mature kangaroo, as can a mature kangaroo for that matter. Wombats on the other hand, they’re like hitting a tree stump.
  7. Am I correct in thinking that the servers are just a bunch of Laguna ECUs in the back of an ex-BT Maestro van rusting away in one of the mod’s garden?
  8. If the Autoshite servers were presented for an MOT the tester will need a whole box of yellow chalk.
  9. I thought the 1.1C had that odd metal rear bumper, perhaps that one has been replaced with a normal one.
  10. Gentlemen, cop a look at this hot Swede. Hubba Hubba! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1988-Volvo-740-GLE/123939235702?hash=item1cdb5aa776:g:MS4AAOSw-s5dpDr1
  11. When I looked into fitting fog lamps to my Jag I found that everything was there except the lamps themselves, very handy. This is probably overkill, but could it be worth buying a donor car with the accessories/options already fitted and robbing them off that? Then roffle it for a huge* profit? *Not guaranteed
  12. John was my maths teacher when I was 17 (minus the hair).
  13. I get a drawing of a car and a reminder of what car it is.
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