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  1. Make sure you use this style of clip to prevent introducing air leaks into the system, or you might trigger Vulgalour’s PTSD.
  2. Worth it for the upholstery alone.
  3. Someone must be in a spot of strife today, given I found a brake pad and retention spring in the gutter outside work.
  4. That has been really nicely done. Could have fooled me into thinking it was a BLMC prototype that somehow escaped the Zetland works in Sydney.
  5. Alternative* solution: Get some of the double sided tape number plate pads you have in the shed, stick the number plate back on and forget this ever happened. *Not recommended
  6. I found a Flickr photo from 2008, description makes for interesting reading: SVV 392K 1972 Rover 3500S V8. 12 previous keepers. Cheffins vintage auction, Sutton - "Chassis No. 48100670A The V8 SD1 engined Rover is finished in Mexico Brown and has had the vinyl roof recovered. Capable of running on unleaded fuel, the engine core plugs have been replaced and extensive body and chassis restoration has been carried out. Fitted with a Borg Warner 65 gearbox, the MOT is valid until September 2008 as is the (duty free) road tax, a good period automatic supplied with V5."
  7. I arrived home once in my Jaguar XJ SIII to find the fuel return line solenoid was stuck open on the tank I wasn’t using (2 tanks, one either side of the boot), causing the tank to overflow and piss fuel all over the exhaust, boot floor and the road.
  8. I’ve come across that Hilux poster before, my Hilux owning friend was less than pleased by me pointing out that only 3 are Hiluxes, the rest being Land Cruisers.
  9. Getting better and better by the day! One small criticism if I may, the little triangle above the rear door handles really ought to be black too. Was it black paint or a piece of trim originally?
  10. Would they benefit from a day in the sun to flatten them out?
  11. That’s come up terrific! Can’t wait to see it with all the bits and bobs fitted again. Reminds me of the chrome and carbon fibre wrapped Metro they did on Fifth Gear, it looked ace too.
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