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  1. Enjoy a photo of my moss collection.
  2. The only rust concerns I have are where the paint has been baked by the sun to such a degree that surface rust is coming through. No road salt and minimal lingering dampness is a major plus point for the connoisseur of the crap motor car.
  3. Not much to report here. The Jaguar is still in the shed and the Hyundai is still in the way. But the Corolla has reached 210,000 Kilometres on the clock, which is 50,000 Kilometres since I bought it.
  4. They were a hit in Australia, the Canberra government bought plenty of them. Some are still in service.
  5. And today, in a different supermarket car park. An SX no less, with the 4AGE. But what’s this behind me? An even older Corolla! And it was absolutely lovely, too.
  6. My pre-facelift Corolla meets a facelift friend in the supermarket car park.
  7. Don’t keep asking me why, Reg It just happens to be that year!
  8. 1. Scrap Hyundai 2. Fix Jaguar 3. None of the above
  9. In the finest shade of DOOM BLOO
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