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  1. Perhaps that minty fresh Sierra Sapphire owned by a member whose name escapes me.
  2. A very rare breed was spotted on the coast today, a non-hoon spec Holden VL Commodore. Executive spec = bASe Little old lady driving, all the giffer trinkets, automatic naturally. Would you like me to leave a note under the windscreen wiper @dollywobbler?
  3. 6 Wheels - Australian style. All professionally converted. Double the axles, double the load capacity.
  4. It looks like V.J. Driving School was a bustling centre of industry. It is also within a stones throw of the (arguably) most horrific intersection in Sydney, The Five Ways. It used to be a giant roundabout that was even worse.
  5. I found this while going through a box of photographic slides with my Grandma, it would have been from when she got her licence in 1969. It was also great for us to look at all the slides she has, I’ve never seen them and she hadn’t looked at them since the 80s. Thankfully my neighbour had a slide projector we could borrow.
  6. Nissan Elgrand. It’s a grey import from Japan, they’re quite popular here in Australia (for reasons I can’t comprehend).
  7. Would @egg please contact the K reg Mondeo hotline.
  8. A work colleague gave me little gem today, one of the many benefits of my reputation as a collector of utter crap. I might fit it to the Corolla for a laugh, once I figure out what wires are what. (The old strepsils tin is still used for throat lozenge storage) Edit: eBay to the rescue! https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/133390505626
  9. 5 fins! And here I was thinking my 3 fin versions were giffertastic!
  10. I’d love to see a comparison done between a Y suffix and a Y prefix Maestro. @dollywobbler?
  11. L, HL & HLS from launch SL & SLX from September ‘82
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