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  1. That looks suspiciously like the Hyundai logo, but you do strike me to be a man of better taste than that.
  2. That’s very similar to the way we do things in Australia, except we use the term NO THROUGH ROAD.
  3. Free chairs are the best chairs. I picked these up from the local free cycle page this morning, needed a couple new screws and a damn good clean but have come up a treat.
  4. I would concur, Repco is definitely more oriented towards people who actually know what they are doing under the bonnet.
  5. That’s a very convoluted way to say “No Exit”
  6. Both options have been done by Toyota on other models of that era, so both options look “right” to my eyes. As much as I like the black grille, the silver looks great. 1 vote for silver.
  7. $3000 for a 3 door GTI sounds reasonable to me, but I am partial to a dog-eared 90s Corolla.
  8. It’s that time of the year again, Rego. Naturally, it passed without bother and just two eye-watering payments later it’s ready to go for another year. Thirty-one years old and still counting.
  9. It’s a Holden FE or FC, hard to tell which from the rear.
  10. These Yosemite Sam mad flaps still crop up fairly often around my neck of the woods.
  11. That’s some next level wanker plate wankery
  12. I wonder how the square rear plate has been spaced? Properly, one would imagine.
  13. I had a lovely time coming home this evening with this knob jockey sitting right up my arse through the residential speed zone and then repeatedly flashed his high beams and blew his horn because I had the audacity to indicate, slow down and turn into my driveway. I reviewed the situation, checked my indicator was working properly and concluded that he was simply a professional grade bell end.
  14. Local P38 Range Rover doing P38 things… *Photographs courtesy of the local rag
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