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  1. I did cross my mind to be doing 22 km/h at the time, but common sense prevailed.
  2. You call that a carphone? This is a carphone!
  3. Now I hate inappropriate black and silver number plates as much as the next man, if not more, but those Perspex plates with the routed mirrored letters are delicious. APPROVED.
  4. There will be new Top Gear coming, but not the version you may be expecting… https://www.drive.com.au/news/top-gear-australia-tv-show-revival-2024/
  5. An Ital Automatic! My dreams have come true!
  6. There was also a spin out in this AEC Regent around the Sydney CBD. And a bonus shot for @LightBulbFun
  7. Please enjoy my somewhat limited selection of photos from my visit to the Sydney Bus Museum.
  8. Another small job ticked of the list today. Last week one of the windscreen washer jets snapped off where the rubber hose slips on, rendering the washers inoperable. My side of the road fix involved whittling down the body of the jet with my Stanley knife so the hose would fit over it, this worked but as the jet now had no locating clip it would move around and poke out of the bonnet. So a trip to the local Toyota dealership later and I had a pair of new jets (that cost far too much for two little pieces of plastic). The added bonus of the new jets is they have a rubber gasket to stop them rattling in the bonnet, I’d imagine mine had rubber gaskets at some point but these had long since perished and disappeared. Minor adjustments were made with a pin and they work flawlessly.
  9. A chap in the Facebook group for this generation of Corolla was selling off his collection of spares, one of which caught my eye. The posh Corollas came with a raised centre console lid with an additional storage bin that doubles as an armrest. These are very thin on the ground as the lid snaps off, and if they do come up for sale they are usually grey or black. So imagine my surprise to see a brown one in the pile of spares for sale. The standard ‘poverty spec’ lid: And the prestige version: With capacity for four cassette tapes, plus room for trinkets: Note the small lip on the base that perfectly holds a tape, this now brings the dedicated cassette storage up to sixteen tapes.
  10. Canberra number plate, very interesting.
  11. And the green piping matches the carpet, it’s like it was meant to be.
  12. But Marty’s Hilux was an Xtracab, not a single cab.
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