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  1. Can you get a tool in to cut a slot in the top? If so do that and use a big flat blade screwdriver.
  2. You lot have got a lot to learn about hot days, It’s not even above 40c! That being said, Summer can fuck right off. Winter here is lovely, the temperature stays in the the teens and all the plants stop looking dead. Call me crazy but I would seriously consider living in the UK through the winter and then returning to Australia for winter, and so on.
  3. I’m going to guess the part is the instrument cluster and the car in question is from Austin Rover, possibly a Metro.
  4. Ideal for replicating other 1990s comedy programs too.
  5. Would it be worth soaking the dizzy in penetrating fluid once a day for a week (or longer) to try and free it up? I wonder if there is a more specific fluid to use in this scenario.
  6. For some time I’ve been wanting to put one of these: Into this: I would keep it looking completely standard and wouldn’t sacrifice the comfort for performance, just make it an effortless cruiser and daily driver (that makes turbo noises). My other dream is to do an FJ Holden Ute like they were done back in the 70s. Late model motor, triple carbs, performance exhaust, slot mags, spot lights, pimptastic interior and lairy paint. There is also an idea in my head about putting a 4AGE in the Corolla. But, just like my other plans, it will probably never happen.
  7. Another year, another pass with flying colours. I was a little concerned that the oil leak from the camshaft seal would be an issue, but it is apparently only a slight weep, so no problems to worry about. I also renegotiated my insurance and saved $300 for the year which was a nice little bonus. Now that it is fit for another year on the road I’m thinking about replacing the tired shock absorbers, so watch this space.
  8. I noted your Astra G love on Facebook, and you also need an Aussie motor in your life, plus something suitable as a family wagon would be useful. The perfect solution? https://www.gumtree.com/p/vauxhall/automatic-holden-astra-service-history-clean-reliable-/1378407281
  9. Was going to post this too, being a 1973 it could be an XA or XB Falcon (The South African trim is obscuring its true identity).
  10. This is the clip in question, the handles are not aftermarket (to the best of my knowledge). (Stock image from the internet, my handles are brown and made of unobtanium, muck like the rest of the interior trim.) The tricky bit was getting to the clip as there was no gap between the handle and door card, only a couple millimetres to play with.
  11. As per my previous post, I’ve been attempting to remove a dent in the passenger door. After the rubber bump strip fell off (That’s 3 out of 4 doors to have this happen) the existing dent became very obvious. So firstly, the window winder needed to come off, which is quite the fiddle and necessitated the fabrication of a specialty tool. The winder is held in place with a (very strong) wire clip behind the trim ring that need to be extracted. With this done the armrest and door handle could be removed and the door card unclipped. This is when the crowbar was introduced. By placing it between the door skin and the big safety girder, that I was pleasantly surprised to find, the dent could be teased out. As you have probably guessed, this was not the neatest solution, but the “imperfections” would be hidden by the bump strip so I continued. Whilst in the door, I found this little piece of history. It appears that someone has knocked in the lock and illegally gained access to relive the previous owner of their belongings. The replacement lock is keyed alike so it has been repaired properly. Back on topic, with the dent improved the door card was put back and the bump strip stuck on, obscuring the worst of my repair. The end result was deemed a success. (Pardon my appalling photography, it was late in the evening.) It should be noted that after I mastered the art of removing the window winders I repositioned the rest so they all are at 2 o’clock when the window is full up. Yes, that’s how sad I am.
  12. I’ve had mine for over a year now, would highly recommend. It was @TheDoctor that had one previously that was practically identical to the one in question, his had a 6 digit number plate from memory.
  13. I’m more of a shower guy to be honest.
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