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  1. It has gained a broken spring and a fuel leak in that time. Presumably quite a few hidden gremlins in this. Probably still would.
  2. G reg proton back up again. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Proton-se-4-door-saloon-petrol-49000-miles/203194799033?hash=item2f4f5a93b9%3Ag%3AYkoAAOSwJfRfvQW9&LH_ItemCondition=3000
  3. Not that I could find, and the manual was of little use. I've seen other people with this fridge just tap into the outer case. I wasn't ready to man up to that on such an expensive item.
  4. 580nm sounds enough to do most things, if it can truly reach that. Most guns don't get anywhere near their specified torque but it is a decent make so who knows. Your average difficult jobs will be a crank nut anywhere around 320nm and hub nuts 280nm or so. Rust and threadlock will increase those figures. Regardless, an essential tool IMO.
  5. The kitchen With all the dirty bits done it's time to actually build the interior. The previous prototyping with scrap wood really paid off here as it meant I had fixed sizes I could use for ordering bits that fit. The fridge was a little bit of a challenge as the majority of camper fridges have the compressor mounted at the back of the fridge, making them very deep. It seemed such a waste of space and comfort to have a narrow bed and deep side cabinets just to accommodate a fridge. I found this 12v remote compressor fridge, a Vitrifrigo C42L. It's the single most expensive i
  6. Water and waste While the floor is up it's a good time to be drilling holes for bolts and pipes. I initially intended for both the waste and clean water to be stored underneath the van in tanks. After a bit of research I found that bacteria is a common problem in the water supply of campers, especially when used in a warmer climate. The tank itself can get lined with bacteria, but also the supply and filler lines, connectors etc. The only solution is to boil any water used for drinking, regularly disinfect the lines and tank or to remove them and clean them manually. Neither was g
  7. Power : Part 2 of 2 Since I was occasionally planning a trip to warmer parts of the world I thought solar power would be a good idea. This is one area where I tried not to be too tight fisted. I went for an 80W semi flexible panel in a kit with a MPPT controler. These have a an advantage over cheaper PWM controllers on dull days so I thought it would be worth the extra. With the 80W panel dimensions I have space for a second panel on the roof if I ever decide I need it, whereas I couldn't fit two 120W ones on if you catch my drift. First step was to give the roof a good clean,
  8. Power - Part 1 of 2 The 100Ah leisure battery arrived. The battery was being slung underneath the van for a number of reasons. Safety - batteries give off hydrogen fumes whilst charging, not to mention are a particularly large weight to be coming at you from behind should they break free in an accident. It would also free up a lot of space not having the battery and associated gubbins kept inside. Finally it would save on cable runs, as the only place I could fit it inside the van would be right at the back under the bed. I don't fancy sleeping with my head over a big battery. Under
  9. Initial woodworking Since I now had fixed measurements I could order timber and parts and make things. I started by creating a worktop. Instead of buying a premade timber board or a kitchen worktop I thought I'd try my luck at edge-gluing strips of timber. It seemed to make more sense than starting with a full board and chopping most of it away to fit the hob and sink into. The hob and sink arrived. Fitting was a challenge as no instructions or template was supplied, so I flipped it over and drew round it. The surface needs cut with a router halfway through s
  10. Marking out The next bit involved a lot of measuring, head scratching, and then wiping it all out and starting again. Having to make everything fit but also make way for other all the other things that needed to open / move / dispense water / blow heat out / keep cool can be a headache. The other thing is that I wanted to minimise dead space, that is: space that contains nothing but you can't actually access in any meaningful way. That, coupled with being able to access everything that you need to whilst inside the van was important to me and posed a fairly difficult challenge. My w
  11. Prototyping / testing shite out I've probably made a rod for my own back by going and having a rant at other people's conversions (and I apologise if I offended anyone) and I feel a bit guilty now, but you'll all get to point and laugh at my efforts in due course. At this point in the build the Easter holidays were coming up and I had two weeks off. I wanted to spend that time using the van. Everything that follows is a few days worth of throwing stuff together to test ideas. It's all temporary and gets ripped out again, but the purpose was see how well the insulation worked in
  12. This, plus anywhere else the coolant meanders on its way. Do these have an oil cooler or anything else plumbed through the radiator? OMGHGF would probably be my last line of investigation.
  13. New hinge reinforcing bracket. In situ. Old one above, new one below. Chopped out. Not too bad a match. Last bit of new inner pillar. Took ages to get a tight fit but got there in the end. I'd be stuck without the power file. Also, neodymium magnets out of old hard drives are brilliant. Cleaned a little bit of surface ginge off a bit of pillar I really didn't want to get stuck into. The metal is sound but pitted. Treated with hydrate 80 just to be sure. Goes nice and blue. Another bit made from a rusty cutout. In s
  14. Good tip thank you. This one? Seemed ok thankfully.
  15. I have some weld through zinc primer but I'm concerned about getting the shakes as I don't have a respirator. The etchweld doesn't mention having zinc, I might drop them a line as the BH stuff I've used before has been very good.
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