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  1. Drum brakes are a superb way of filling your neighbor's garden with little springs. Drum brakes... Off you fuck.
  2. Still waiting on autodoc sending the stuff they promised me last week. In the meantime I've been doing the prep so I can get everything back together as soon as it arrives. Cam cover and inlet manifold got a scrub. Scrubbed the cams with ATF then brake cleaner, then fresh oil rubbed in to the contact surfaces. Pistons went for a bath. I have decided not to replace the piston rings on the back of if it isn't broke, don't fix it. The cost of this could easily spiral if I replaced everything worn. The pistons and rings look excellent, no signs of wear or damage. Connecting rods arrived. These were carefully selected for their ability to PEED. The jury is out on how much PEEDING is feasible but I have my mind set that only MAXIMUM PEEDING will do. Pistons separated and rebuilt, oiled up with clean oil. I numbered them and I added the relevant number of cable ties to each, just belt and braces so I don't mix them up. I then set about cleaning the head including all the gasket surfaces. I numbered the tappets as they were bound to fall out. The valves look valvey. Nothing really to note. Certainly no damage. Hopefully will have this back on the road soonish.
  3. The parts cannon has been fired and should land this week hopefully. While access is good I've decided to have a look over some potential niggles / do preventative maintenance. The PCV oil separator is a common source of problems as the ports on the block gunk up and cause major crankcase pressure. As mentioned the plastic pipes are utter shit and break with nay more than a snide glance. Pulled the box off and gave it a good clean through. Cleaned out the ports on the block. While I was in there I found a sneaky vacuum hose for the evap system that dated to medieval times. Replaced that and a few other dodgy looking hoses. Also found a minor coolant hose split that was about to get a lot worse. It also seems my oil pan and cam cover have been leaking a bit. I think this all happened at the right time really.
  4. You've done well with this, and I think patching the bad bit was the right thing to do at this point. It's strong, it will pass an MOT and it gives you breathing room from all the mucky jobs to actually get on and do other things / enjoy the car. Enjoy your freedom, and make sure to take a moment to appreciate just how much you've done. It's easy to overlook it!
  5. That would be the right thing to do, but I'm not sure I have the will to pull the transmission off. I don't really have the right equipment or space for doing that anyway right now. Maybe once the auto box finally dies I'll get around to it!
  6. Dismantled the pistons for cleaning and to measure the Conrods so I can order replacements. Here is the best view of the shape of #1. And where the knock is coming from. On first inspection the bearings looked good, but after a wipe down I reckon they probably could do with being changed while I'm here. On the plus side the crankshaft is unmarked and clearly not bent given how smoothly it idled. Since I'm balls deep I may as well do the piston rings too, although they look factory clean. So far the list is: New Conrods Big end bearings Piston rings Head gasket Head bolts Thermostat gasket - it looks awful Injector seals - ditto Oil, filter and coolant. I will clean the camshafts, crank, oil pickup and pistons. I also noticed the aforementioned PCV piping is cracked in places you couldn't otherwise see so it's good I can access this to replace it, probably with cheap fuel hose as it's way more robust. Will be good as new.
  7. This is autoshite, it'll take what it's given 😄 The belts and pump are already new, the oil has hardly done 1k. The bearings are mirror finish. I'll stick some new rods in, new gasket and bolts and run it. If it complains I'll be putting in a VW 5 pot diesel and a ronbox.
  8. It's a Volvo.. over on the Volvo forums some recommend just to keep driving it until the bits that are hitting each other just wear away and the noise stops! And I probably could, because it still runs perfectly - I drove it home like this. I'm no expert and this is the first time I've ever done this stuff, but from what I can see this engine is very very tidy inside for one at 135k. It's easy to see how these can comfortably do 500k+.
  9. Detonation, it has overboosted. Previously the engine was behaving a bit odd, I was getting a surge on full throttle that would quickly die off - hence the hesitation I was trying to fix. My theory is that the broken /stuck turbo control solenoid has not been activating the wastegate properly so the engine has been seeing dangerous spikes of boost (hence surge) and triggering the fuel cutoff (the hesitation). Why it has only really shown itself now I have no idea because the new solenoid is working properly. Maybe the rods have been getting weakened over time to the point where the standard boost finally caused damage. At any rate I want to fit my manual boost controller for a bit more oomph so this is a good opportunity to upgrade the Conrods. These engines are basically bulletproof, but the stock Conrods don't really handle much more than the standard boost level before going banana shaped.
  10. Rear engined Volvo? @Lacquer Peel was on hand to bag and label parts and basically take over whenever bolts got stuck / inaccessible or I started dying in the heat. We had a very lucky escape with this head bolt, which came out with about 1mm of metal holding it together. I barely touched it and it fell apart. Bags o' pistons. It's hard to tell with it out, but #1 is definitely distorted. And here just under the wrist pin looks like where it has been catching the crank counterweight. Everything else looks good.. valves, bearings and cylinders. So I'll replace / upgrade the connecting rods and rebuild it.
  11. It'll be reet. Excuse to upgrade m9.
  12. Do you want the good news or the bad news? The good news is I have rekindled my enthusiasm for tinkering with orange metal. The bad news. Ahem. I have been loving the C70. It has been driving like an absolute dream. The boaty sluggish barge has been turned into a luxurious yet perky and tight handling thing. Job done.. Then I went to floor it away from a roundabout onto a dual carriageway.. TAPTAPTAPTAPTAP! One of the most toe curling sounds you can imagine from an engine Let's take a look.. Yes, that's not straight any more. That's #1. Here's #4 for comparison. I guess I'll be taking the head off then.. While I listen to 'bend it like bender'.
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