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  1. Probably not. If the camber is sorted I think that will do the trick. I don't know if 4 wheel alignment is purely a marketing thing or not, I thought they had to line up the fronts versus the rears even if they are not adjustable. Or maybe I'm thinking about it too much. Most fast fit chains just set the toe in my experience, I read 4 wheel alignment to mean they had the whole car taken into account.
  2. Lovely looking motor. This thread has been a great read so far. Can't believe you got this for nothing. I evidently know all the wrong people! I know the US look splits opinions but I think it really suits the boxy look of these. The swearing at the exhaust bolts will be worth it in the end. Wire brush then plusgas left overnight works bloody miracles.
  3. I could possibly fit this into a drive round the back roads which is always nice this time of year. I'm going to have a go at realigning the top mounts and see how I get on. If no joy I'll start phoning for some prices.
  4. It does sound topmountey. You can sometimes pinpoint it if you can get someone to steer while you hold the spring, you can feel the spring jump as it pings. Shocks, spring seats and top mounts were about £180 altogether for both sides. I'm about £350 into this car which isn't too bad for the timing belt full kit, aux belt and pulleys, coolant swap, engine mounts, ARB bushes, track rods, shocks and top mounts. I got quoted £450 for a garage doing the timing belt alone.
  5. The can't be arsed was so strong when I checked the battery that I never noticed the plastic clamp staring me in the face which had just worked it's way loose. Pushed that back on and another random noise is eliminated. I've redone the tracking but can't quite get it the way I want it. I set the toe straight ahead as a baseline. It drives dead straight with the wheel held straight, which means I've got it close enough. However when you let go of the wheel it wants to pull left which it didn't do before. I think I've messed up the camber when replacing the shocks so I'll have to take
  6. This does look great. I've recently gained a great appreciation for the boxy old Volvos, they are so comfortable as well. I've been finding my C70 like a mobile sofa and fairly easy to work on but it does like a good drink. I didn't know these came with this flavour of engine, I may have to keep my eyes open for one as I'm partial to a clattery diesel saloon but still kind of addicted the boxy sofa like qualities of late 90s Volvos.
  7. Ouch. Keep at it man, it will be worth it in the end. Better doing it your way and getting all the filings and crap out of the way than pushing on and finding rusty metal jammed in belts and pulleys. Irwin bolt grips are pretty good for getting out of an expensive world of hurt. They actually start to work better as the bolt head becomes more chewy.
  8. I have pretty strong mpg anxiety which I keep having to have a word with myself about. Sometimes I manage to successfully not give a shit and it's great, but more often than not I find myself thinking about my bank account being funneled into fumes in the atmosphere. At the same time I can completely rationalise spending money on fuel when I drive cheap cars, don't have to shovel my money into endless PCP payments, depreciation and gap insurance, and avoid garage servicing and repairs that most people have to shell out for. Over a year I could drive like a lunatic, achieve 15mpg and stil
  9. What a drive. Some proper Great Wee Roads there, as the late Iain Banks used to call them. The road past clatteringshaws is a favourite of mine at the moment.
  10. £150 AX, needs trailereded will start and run, but not for long. https://m.facebook.com/marketplace/item/327847285101712/
  11. Today's chodfondling. Shinies. If you can only buy one tool, get an impact wrench. I don't know how I lived without it. 10 mins from dragging my tools out of the shed I had the car up, both wheels off and this out of the car. No need to counterhold things like droplinks and pinch bolts, just blat them with the gun. Top mount is pretty shagged and the bearing is rattling away. I get to use my favourite* safest* tool ever. Then the cross shaped retaining nut comes off. I just slowly tapped it round with a small hammer. F
  12. My entirely anecdotal and therefore useless contribution to this: I bought a 2017 Renault Trafic in 2019 with around 75000 miles on it, it's the one with the 1.6 engine and two turbos. Dealer had 4 of them from the same previous owner in stock, and told me they had done this mileage up and down the motorway transporting perspex and plastic signage between depots in Scotland and Wales. I did speak to that company to verify this. It was all dealer stamped up and had several services a year. It's probably the easiest life you could have for a vehicle, transporting light stuff at a constant s
  13. I love these, both in the Golf and the seat Toledo. Something addictive about the offbeat out of tune warble you get from an odd number of cylinders.
  14. Ah French van shaped objects, always a journey of mystery and intrigue. The first vivaro I bought was being sold by a dealer up in Inverness, it was under a pile of snow and the battery was dead. The dealer had no idea where it was and asked me back in an hour so he could jump start it. Went off for lunch and came back and saw him still scratching his head. Had to Google it for him, and found it was under the passenger floor with a rubber mat on top. Actually a very sensible and useful place but no indication to the layman of it being there. I'm surprised that the battery is enclosed
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