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  1. A clean pass for the wee Maz too... particularly impressive emissions, apparently. Rosie the Trabant next... her emissions are doubly impressive, but in a very different way!
  2. Just dropped this wee thing off for its test tomorrow morning... Feels like leaving your dog at the pound. 😞😅 Rowdy Audi is providing many smiles per mile charging about the Highlands, forgot what great fun it was. Mrs Trab is loving it too! And as any shiter knows, that is a gooooood thing.
  3. Just had a quick catch up on your thread, well done on yours too btw. There's a quattro version of your car quietly rusting away just off the high street in a nearby village, the want is strong! I would be far from the first to try and pry it out of its resting place apparently, and have often thought of stopping and leaving a note, in the Coupe to show my credentials of course! Yours is a beaut, happy travels, cheers just now.
  4. Passed without advisories! The old stager didn't let me down... 208,000 miles now, I'll try and polish some shine into the paint and see about a nice exhaust, she's earned it! Cheers all.
  5. Slightly better weather today (freezing but only snowed for a bit in the morning), so washing was achieved... not looking bad for an old'un! Needs a respray to be perfect, but being white hides a lot of the lack of shine. Really need to find (or get made?) the missing two wheel centres, and get the wheels refurbed. Anyway, that's it until Thursday morning, when I am planning a cobweb-clearing out, two -hour long drive to my mot man, who is about twenty minutes away...
  6. Well, the test is booked for Thursday morning... this bloody weather needs to do one though!
  7. Oily now... And, as previously mentioned, I have bodged up/smartened up the exhaust... looks a lot better and will do until my mate gets his act together and makes me a stainless jobby (his wife has just had a nipper, so I'll let him off for a bit!). Plan to get the liners back in and fit the rear wheels tomorrow, then jack up the front for more of the same. This and the wee Mazz can both then be booked in for a test and fun times can commence! Risked a trip to Halfrauds today for number plate light bulbs, which as far as I know,
  8. https://m.facebook.com/ben.oreilly.336/posts/pcb.3830158350365224/?photo_id=1948618251943016&mds=%2Fphotos%2Fviewer%2F%3Fphotoset_token%3Dpcb.3830158350365224%26photo%3D1948618251943016%26profileid%3D759971592%26source%3D48%26refid%3D28%26_ft_%3Dqid.6946609435674370469%3Amf_story_key.5590109853297691622%3Agroup_id.877706075610481%3Atop_level_post_id.3830158350365224%3Acontent_owner_id_new.100003845802579%3Apage_id.877706075610481%3Asrc.22%3Aphoto_attachments_list.[1948618251943016%2C1948618301943011%2C1948618255276349]%3Aphoto_id.1948618251943016%3Astory_location.5%3Astory_attachment_style
  9. Very solid I would say, there's plenty of oomph in this one (2.6), so doesn't really feel 'heavy' as such. Apparently 150bhp, but feels like more. Certainly a very well planted car, not as fluid or flicky as my old Celica. The engine is a masterpiece... it revs and revs, and is turbine-smooth. The steering is meaty, probably a bit heavy at parking speeds compared to moderns, but again, perfectly stable at speed. Even turn-in is good, might be the tyres, but I wasn't expecting the car to dart into corners given its Audi nose-heaviness. Seems to sit a wee bit lower than most, the
  10. Hi all, Some work has occurred... Been doing little bits at a time after work, as it's now still light and warm enough when I get home. First step was the jacking/supporting. Again, the truck bed height is ideal for this sort of rust prevention work. Wheel arch liners out next, tbh was expecting some grot on the old girl, she's covered 210,000 miles in her 28 years, but... ... apparently Audi 80's don't really do that sort of thing! Very clean under the road dirt, if I kept scrubbing I could just have her body coloured under there, which would be a fir
  11. Hello all. Mazda all together again, back on its wheels and (once I've replaced the number plate lamps), ready for the mot... Junior is quite chuffed with the new plates, the dealer originals are safely stored away. We removed all the old sealant from the rear lights, the foam gasket between the clusters and the body had deteriorated, allowing water in. I've made the gasket water proof again with clear silicone, so now there's no need for a visible run of sealant round the outside. Thoroughly tested during the celebratory washing, after which some stickers were a
  12. Hi all, Mazda 323 progress update... Had the day off today in order to escort junior to his dental appointment in the Highland capital. It's a beautiful day here today, so a very enjoyable waft up the A9 and back was had. On our return I decided to push on a bit with the wee Mazda, as it's time as an official (legal) learner car is fast approaching. Before... Actually a very clean car for its age, the obviously know what they're doing in Hiroshima... Vactan application... And after... I don't like waxoyl much, I think
  13. All's well here... Big Audi's front end went back together in about two hours, and knock-free service is resumed. She feels a lot smoother and tighter, making the most of the new rubber now. Mazda's turn tomorrow, that's fun though!
  14. Well, one job leads to another on the A8... one I knew was coming though... I investigated my anti-roll bar clunk last weekend and discovered that the starboard end was completely adrift from its droplink. It hadn't sheared the bolt, the bolt just wasn't there, must've undone itself and fired off into the ether... weird. Anyway, after fitting up new links and mounts there was much improvement... turn in is now really sharp. A clunk, however, remained. Any serial VAG lickers will maybe recognise the following heart-breaking image... Yes, one of my upper control arm bushe
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