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  1. More shots of the Jeep in the very beautiful Speyside countryside... New tyres have been well tested this past week, on commuting duties. So far I'm really impressed, even in 2wd she really grips. Hopefully the MOT tester will be happy this week and I can enjoy another carefree year of Surfin'! Cheers all.
  2. Back road to Grantown yesterday, been commuting in the old thing this week... new tyres have been perfect. Arty shot taken from up a tree by a TrabbiJunior btw!
  3. My old Toyota Surf gets oil every 5000kms, as specified in the manual, I change the filter every second time. Seems to like it, but is fairly ancient now I suppose at 29 years old. Bog standard Halfords 10w40 semi, did try fully synth once, many moons ago, but it pissed out everywhere! The one good thing is it's nice and high, no jacking required!
  4. Really lovely looking thing that, love to see a proper colour on a car... well done.
  5. I'll bring the Trabbi! 26bhp of raw DDR power. Brilliant buy btw Kiltox, well done that man!
  6. Hi all, Kinda forgot I had this Jeep-specific thread going on... Anyway, as you may have read on my 'current driveway' thread, she is back in one piece and sharing commuting duties with the A8. Recent pics below: Bike-carrying up at Glenlivet trails... Playtime in the snow... I've painted the rear bumper and sills with the black satin Rustoleum, straight out the can and on with a brush, and to be fair, it gives a nice finish. More of the jeep will be covered in this way as time goes on, probably the bonnet and roof next, the lacquer peel is reachi
  7. Can I join the club? Waiting for Mazda 323 bits from Autodoc... Go on, do the sills... Nothing beats a bit of bodywork bashing in the cold/wet/snow! Good luck with it man, great wee cars.
  8. Top tip, I have the vcds and will look into that... Many thanks!
  9. Yes, the track got slippier as the day went on, so the drifts got bigger, then became spins, whereupon... we went home before damaging anything!
  10. Hi all, Mixed fortunes here at Trabbi Towers this week... Mrs' Outback is to meet its maker after a pretty bad pre-mot inspection. Plenty of corroded bits and bobs underneath, and not just body work (rear shocks, driveshaft couplings, front cross member). The past year has obviously not been kind to it, just about every bush is knackered too. Abs sensor fault, and an exhaust leak were expected, but no longer high on my to-do list! Been praising it up lately as well, really does go well in the wintry weather... Will post on here for scrap money, however, lockdown makes it p
  11. No, maybe a catch up is in order!? 😅
  12. My 'lottery win' car is a Bentley Continental Turbo, the boxy nineties one. Would then proceed to charge around the Highlands, toff-bothering in grand style. Great choice Eddy. Think my Audi Coupe will become the swap for an RX8 if I find a good 'un, literally no space left for another car now. Great that Huggy is powering on into 2021 btw, big well done there.
  13. That's a car I've never even been in, but I had a mate who swore by his GTI model. In fact, I don't think I've any Citroen experience at all.
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