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  1. The Trabant has been a revelation, they really focus your mind on driving, and I have had more fun in it at 50mph than most stuff I've driven. Used to have a Mini Sprite, the 1.3 spi version... that was bloody brilliant too. Our modern, normal car is the 2.5 Outback, and much as it has driven me mental at times with EML's and horrendously expensive parts(!), it really is a great drive. The engine is an absolute cracker that just loves to scream up the revs, and the grip/handling/ride combo gets very addictive. Consequently, the 3 litre six banger version is high on my list of want, and also would love a shot at a properly sorted Impreza. Older BMW 7-series (the 5 litre V12 would be nice, thanks), Toyota Century (the 5 litre V12 again...), mk3, 3 litre Supra, and the mk3 Pontiac Firebird (Knight Rider type) would all be on the list too. The roads make a huge difference too, living in the highlands has meant I have been completely spoiled. Even my work commute is a cracking 25 mile, a-road drive.
  2. Suppose the old jeep is committing a couple of these faux pas... rear side windows don't line up (top or bottom! the horror!), also... the rear door is tiny, and I'm not convinced that the handles are at the same height. Bloody hell! I better get a GCHQ or whatever the new bit of Toyorigami* is called. *ancient art of folding sheet metal into an ungodly mess.
  3. Trabant... a few self tappers hidden under the trim strips, and some old East German sealant is all that stands between you and a wingless wonder! Fronts are the same, door skins and roof panel too! Monocoque body also.
  4. Excellent! Wasn't the car I thought it was when I saw the thread title, I think it was an Espero(?!) or something I was thinking of? Anyway, well done, this is how we're actually going to save the planet!
  5. Big well done with the Ka... The Lada is cool as ice btw, but by god I have massive want for that old Saab!
  6. It's all relative of course, but the Trabi wasn't as bad as some much more substantial western cars due to the light weight, surprisingly stiff shell. Particularly like the automatic 'fold-forward-out-of-the-way steering wheel!
  7. Wee Mazda... really nice looking dash in the daytime too: And, inspired by the Toyota Corolla posted earlier in this thread (with a proper gearbox!), here is the mighty Surf... Gotta love the lateral gauges! I like having oil pressure and voltage too, why don't they still do that? The 'TURBO' caption has a green light that comes on when turbo-ing, the engine 'CHECK' light is orange when they self test, but I have no idea what would actually put it on? There are no exhaust probes... I'll get a better pic one of these nights, there are other high-'lights' such as 'ECT POWER' (tractor overtaking mode on the gearbox), and my personal favourite, 'HARD', if you have selected that mode on the dampers!
  8. Oil and filters changed today, test ride out in the wilds... Rusty but trusty!
  9. Now now all, Really crappy weather up here of late, they have begun salting the roads so the wee Mazda is in dry dock till sunnier times. It's last mission was the transportation of the old jeep's front diff to and from my workshop for rebuild... Heavy, awkward thing to refit to be honest, one of the physically harder jobs I've done on a car. Could really do with a transmission jack/four-poster/huge big shed...etc... The actual rebuild was easy enough (big up to Roughtrax yet again for their quality kit), and it is running silently now, even though I didn't see anything obviously wrong in there. Anyway, all back together for winter duties again, stuck on a new sticker to celebrate... you have to watch yourself with these old jeeps, the urge to chav 'em up gets pretty strong! I am currently accruing stainless pipe bends and straights etc, when the exhaust next falls to bits I'm going for twin side exits! We have recently discovered an off-road playground down south (near Perth), where you pay an annual membership and can go every weekend if you want... there's a few clubs up here, but I don't want to do events as such, just see what she can actually do, and have a laugh with the boys. It'll maybe be my Christmas present this year... Off to wistfully peruse the 'shite for sale' section, cheers all!
  10. I'm another Outback owner (our 'modern' 2005 family car)... Great drive, decent boot, and pretty much unbeatable in the weather for a car, anyway. Would agree with others, rust is a now constant threat, and the parts can be eye-wateringly expensive. I got a custom stainless exhaust hundreds cheaper than Subaru wanted for a mild steel. My wife uses it 95% of the time, gets 36mpg. I always seem to be doing something on it though, whereas the old Hilux keeps plodding on.
  11. Looks a good workhorse... could be pretty cheap with a test! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volvo-850-SE-Estate-12-Months-MOT/283635078738?hash=item4209f7d652:g:6ooAAOSw2k5dme9n
  12. Hello again all... Been fettling the old jeep a wee bit lately, as I have been hearing a slight rumble from the front on right-handers. Suspected the wheel bearing, so ordered and fitted a set from Roughtrax last month. However, still the (slight) groan remained. Another poke around underneath revealed some play in the right hand front halfshaft, where it exits the diff. When I dropped the oil, there was some metal filings collected on the magplug, although the oil itself looked good. Thankfully, Roughtrax sells a complete rebuild kit for the diff, so a couple of hundred quids later, I have the means to fix the old girl up... This morning then, was deemed to be dry enough to spend under a Hilux. The Iveco provided the luxury* of sufficient elevation... The offending article... The pinion flange here (pictured after I have undone the bolts), is moving around by a few mil, and leaking a wee bit... These wee pipes are vacuum lines, used to lock/unlock the diff automatically don't you know!?! They came off ok, and to my amazement have survived the operation without damage... Another offending article... Now there's a bit of room under there, I'll do some pre-winter cleaning/rustproofing. Will hopefully get another year or two's Surfing yet! And here, after a couple of sweary, hurty hours is the heavy awkward bastard out of it's home of 27 years... That's me for the day, I have loaded the diff into the 323's boot for transport to the workshop on Monday. It's going to be easier to actually dismantle/clean and reassemble the thing with a workbench, press and parts washer (the new dishwasher is definitely off-limits apparently!). Hopefully you're all doing well in your own old shite escapades, the weather has been terrible here, so the Audi sits unwashed and unprepared for a proper attempt at selling it (maybe I don't really want to..?) Cheers all.
  13. I'm a Toyota tickler, so struggle with the idea that they EVER ftp...! (have just spent a happy day changing the front wheel bearings on the Surf, but that's only needed once every 27 years...) Iirc, wasn't the aygo the result of a menage-a-tra (spell check may be required there) between Toyota, Peugeot and Citroen? That would explain the gearbag shenanigans.
  14. Is that a Yaris poking it's face into shot beside the Perodua!?! They're coming for you man! Nice one anyway, looks a cool wee thing... I had a Suzuki Alto of the same vintage once, loved it, reminded me of my old mk3 fezza.
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