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  1. I bow to your superior knowledge gentlemen, that'll teach me to repeat these nuggets without checking! Anyway, Trabants are awesome!
  2. Great pics! Think this post makes it clear why we all love old cars... there really is something for everyone. I love the way the older stuff can look well-designed, aggressive/sporty/family-friendly/solid whatever, but are still obviously very much mechanical machines. The modern stuff really does look like those cheap and nasty matchbox cars you get in Tesco! My pal just bought a Reno Codger*… it makes a weird 'welcoming' noise as you get in, and locks it doors as soon as you leave it/approach it. Apart from that... there is just nothing there...
  3. Just seen this, why has that never occurred to me in ten years of trabi ownership?!!!
  4. Nice car that, well done min. The Audi coupe I've got is a B4 by model year, but same as yours, it appears to just be the new nose on the old B3 car. Keep up the good work, maybe see you on the road sometime! On that note, any local shiters ever attend the 'cars and coffee' morning at Inverness?
  5. Good luck with the bleeding tomorrow Capitan, keep us posted!
  6. I feel your pain Cap'n, I have been playing catch up with this thread, and your devotion to the cause is admirable. The above offer is a good one, and one I would happily make too, if you ever need again. I have a decent workshop at work, and anything postable is nae bother. Appreciate that even posting stuff about isn't exactly cheap, mind! One job at a time, keep your pecker up, etc! Iirc, when we met you were at an egg factory over in Aberdeenshire, what are you up to now?
  7. Full disclosure... I have a second 1987 Trab in the garage, and you may notice the wee caravan just peeking out behind the camper... a Qek Junior no less! Designed and built in the DDR to especially for the lucky* owners of IFA's finest autos! Pics of the MZ?
  8. Aye, very attached to the old thing, I'm only supposed to tax that one for the winter, but it ends up used all summer too... kid's bikes in the back, pulling the trailer to the tip, kids love driving it up in the woods too! They really are great things, very solid and reliable, extremely comfy and I get 29 mpgees which isn't ridiculous. The rear sill end was less than whole after this winter (it sits under the plastic wheelarch trim), and so it's currently undergoing surgery... Apart from that the old thing is in great order, I paid 1200 smackeroonies about six years ago, and have since doubled the mileage up to 205,000 of your earth kilometres, so can't complain really! Pics for ol' DodgyBastard (I think your are the artist formerly known as Retroshite?), as I know you're fond of a welded repair or two! Hopefully 'git er done' next weekend after getting my gas refilled...
  9. Thanks man! Yes, we love the camper... 17 years we've had it, and the most well-built thing going. It's a 2.8 non-turbo, not fast but never misses a beat.
  10. Rosie the Trabi is in perfect working order, she needs a small amount of body work but is only not in use this year as I fancied running the Audi. Up until this year she carried out the summer commuting duties. My record between mot tests is 12,000 (buzzy) miles!
  11. Now now all, Fine weather we're having, etc... As it has been so glorious up here in the tropical* north, I took the chance to replace the (rowdy) Audi's cv joints... a very satisfying job as it happens. Anyway, was about to close the gates after the obligatory test drive, when I noticed the awesome retro/shite... ness of my driveway! Feast your eyes! And, just because it's 26 years and 206k old, but still capable of terrorising shitty modern 'hot' hatches and generally making my commute more enjoyable... here's the V6 flavoured slab of Teutonic shite in all it's glory... Forum's looking good, particularly enjoying uploading pics so easily, nice one geezers.
  12. As above, safe travels... Very strange to think you've been on this mission all day! Excellent effort, same to Saabnut... Not been around here long, but this forum is unbelievable!
  13. Beautiful car... if you squint it even has roffle in the number plate?!!!
  14. Didn't see GC's post before I wrote mine, never heard about 'chargeback', doesn't sound good though...
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