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  1. Hey all... Autoshite Drivin' Academy sesh today at work.... I think the wee 323 is just about the best learner car we could ask for, enough of a 'real car' to give some feedback, but not too unforgiving either. It is running great (as usual), benefitting from it's complete new exhaust system fitted earlier this week... £400 quid fitted including the cat, which although "ouch", isn't too bad these days I suppose. Another two years will see me scouring this place for a similar motor for the youngest... the red Nissan would have been perfect and if I had the
  2. Hello all, As Split Pin correctly predicted, the old Coop fired into life immediately and idled (burbled) away beautifully. Us boys were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves at this point, so washed the old girl, took her for a spin up the local test track private lane, and made the following vid! Hook your peepers on the machine below... Cheers all, hope a good weekend has been had.
  3. Bad luck man, that's the sort of shit that makes me glad I live here! Nice car though, I had one a while back in a very dark purply-black with mg alloys, really liked it. T'was fairly rotten under those bastard plastic sill covers (pet hate of mine...Outback's got them too), and that's what did for it in the end. Don't think I've had a car that was such a good all-round package since... good on fuel, good to drive, enough room for family trips, smart-looking wee thing... well bought!
  4. Reliable... check. 55mpg... check. Boring, tedious... definitely not! Trabant is the answer, what do I win?!! ?
  5. It will fluctuate at idle for a wee while, I have read that they all do after a battery disconnect, but yes she usually goes ok. Having made a fairly pathetic attempt at selling it this year (it's lock down Mrs, no point trying...!) I'm quite happy it's still around, maybe Santa will bring me a powerflow exhaust...?!
  6. Also often tempted by those (probably completely shite!) Mk3 Firebirds to indulge in Knight Rider type hooning around... A8, just cruising along really... actually clay-barred it last weekend, and polished with Bilt-Hamber's finest, looked lovely, and the amount of contamination that came out was amazing. 80 Coupe, not turned a wheel in quite a while now... need to fire her up, and get her cleaned and waxed up for protection. I have too many cars, If they were all under cover it wouldn't be so bad, but without it it's becoming a job of work... Hope all's well with you and yours
  7. Should have been finishing up the Jeep, instead helped junior paint in his tyre lettering... I grew up on the Dukes of Hazzard and the A-Team, and it seems to have rubbed off! In my defence, I also welded up the increasingly fragile exhaust... good enough for now, but so few miles have not been kind to it and a whole new system will be required before getting pressed into service for real when he starts using it in anger.
  8. Back on her wheels today, just the centre floor and chassis sections to do now, and feel better under there this way. Never moved on the axle stands, it's more the truck rocking about underneath when the wind catches her... Got the other spring, anti-roll bar and some wee guards fitted first... the springs are 2" lift units (the only ones they sell at Roughtrax now), and needed to be compressed to nerve-shredding levels to fit. The old girl will be riding high for a while I think. Strung a line along her, trying to decide where to paint up to with the satin black (even
  9. Yep, amazing to see this coming together, well done all!
  10. Not so much progress on the Jeep's undercrackers today (rain), but did get some bits done... Main section of rear bumper in primer now, building a collection of bits for top coat spraying... Next in the bath are the trailing arm mount guards ('cos off-road innit...). Towbar de-rusted, vactanned and rustoleumed... this is hefty, and seems to stop anyone parking too close! But mainly, NEW SPRINGS ARRIVED! #dogdickred#2inchlift#neardeathexperience They provided a morale boost, although wh
  11. Thanks man, and to answer your questions, 2.4 and 'just about'!
  12. Big well done there, Mr Ramrod... Amazing looking machine out in the open... I am also up to my neck in rust-busting, keep fighting the good fight!
  13. I have been surprised myself, I am literally knocking lumps out of it, and wherever you aim, a clean, new-looking (slightly smaller) bit emerges! Always liked LandRovers, but the ownership experience just looks too heart-breaking for me to have ever considered buying one...
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