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  1. @Zelandethdoing his shopping in style from his thread
  2. I was wondering about the radio.. I thought it looked too base even for a base
  3. ha I didn't even notice what those graphics were !
  4. thanks I will take a look Do you think we can rule out sko8 or is that still a possibility?
  5. Nice. my auntie used to ferry us about a lot in her E reg 3 door in the same colour & trim so brings back some memories
  6. thanks Dave. I do remember someone on the Skoda forum mentioning there were different lengths so I wonder if 1 and 2 are slightly different lengths
  7. thanks. I managed to get hold of an original blank for the silver key. I assume its sko-7 it's the black top key i was looking for although to my unstrained eye i couldn't tell the difference between 1,2 and 8 well aside from the different in the direction of the top part
  8. seen on another forum. might be a good source of bits like trim or interior.. rest looks pretty gone
  9. after being reminded on another thread @Dave_Qis our key man, what do you think my chances of getting a blank to cut a spare ignition key for this I also need a door key but I managed to get an oem blank already
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