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  1. it can tell me things like VIN/Chassis and engine numbers from a registration number, or tell me a registration number from a chassis/VIN number, and if the vehicle has a scrapped or export marker or not (and if it does when it was applied) it also can also tell me its keeper change history, how many keepers its had, and sometimes even when the keeper changes happened, as well as telling me number plate history of a vehicle, if a vehicle has worn multiple number plates or lost its original plate its a commercial tool that I have managed to wrangle access to, and i dread to think how much its cost me! I had to top it up today in fact (12-15p a look up doesn't seem like much but it sure adds up!) but its been VERY handy in my invalid vehicle research
  2. Ohh nice find Stuarts small book contains a good run down on the history of the Solocar as well in production from 1929 to 1967! one of the longest production runs of any invalid vehicle I think although the latest known example is DYO833C, would be fun to find an E reg one! sadly Solocars have fairly generic chassis numbers that make them hard to hunt for with my tools as I get a lot of false positives/matches speaking of 67 as in Model 67, just now the owner of the ALB finally responded to my email I sent back in November (I was recently thinking what to do about that...) he gave me the backstory to its history/how he got it, how the owners father originally got it in 1988 with a Formula first car, intending to stick the body of the Model 67 onto the chassis of the formula first car! (Thankfully!) that project never happened and it sat around outside, until 2007 when the current owner dragged it back indoors for restoration he says the engine has been rebuilt but is currently still out of the car, (it was taken to the 2 shows engineless!) so he is more than happy to grab all the detailed pictures I want of it he says he wants to get it on the road again, (which is an exciting prospect, as currently there are no Model 67's on the road sadly) im hoping I can find its real chassis number and ID it and he said he likes the original look of REV (ill have to tell him that REV was supposedly repainted for its Movie role in 2002, not that the paint job has stood up particularly well, must have been done by the same people that had @Six-cylinder's Range rover ) and said he and was thankful for the detailed description i gave him of the different Models he said he found that very useful now to formulate an appropriate response!
  3. and thats exactly why I keep my chassis number lists private! and try and avoid mentioning real chassis numbers these days LOL but speaking stealing plates this all made reminded me of TSJ449 which is Ex UPG269, weirdly enough its a survivor that shows up in my tools, but wont show up on the DVLA checker/MOT history checker for love nor money, do wonder what thats about! also worth mentioning that it IS electric so in theory it should not have been allowed to have lost its number plate, yet it did (in 1998 according to my tool) maybe someone stuck it through a bent MOT or something somehow (as a side note, I ran all the late Model 44 numbers and XPD805 is the latest I can find, and looking at things it does look like Model 44 production ended a few invalid carriages after XPD805
  4. ah interesting, would be interesting to measure a fresh lead (I cant imagine you would want too high a resistance or you would impede the spark etc) Im guessing these carbon leads are normally found on more modern vehicles where RFI was more an issue? I know Dolly ( @Mrs6C's Model 70) at some point lost the spark plug end on one of its HT leads so the previous owner just stripped the insulation back and used a nut on the end of the spark plug to secure the wire to the spark plug like a normal screw post, and the wire itself looked like a regular wire just enclosed in thick high voltage insulation (as you would hope for a HT lead!)
  5. continuing the Model 44, electric Stanley Argson theme I was thinking the other day while looking at some 1980s Street scene photos with Model 70's in them that there where older vehicles still in operation, but I had not seen any pictures of such, and what are the chances a few days later I found this picture https://flic.kr/p/uMxq7B not quite full on street scene but it is pretty neat to see a Stanley still soldiering on through the 1980s much like this picture from way back in this thread and speaking of UPD104, as previously noted it does still show up on the DVLA checker and for giggles I tried UPD103, and it Too shows up! and this made me realise, much like Electric Tippen Deltas and AC Model 64's the last of the Model 44's would of been considered fairly special vehicles certainly I know the last of the Argson users where very reluctant to give up their Machines, at least until the Electric Tippen Delta showed up, as the Ministry really didn't have a good replacement for the Argson remember electric machines, where used much more in the sense a modern mobility scooter is used, ie to nip to the shops and back and around town stuff, feeding the pigeons in the park sort of thing rather then, for driving from London to brighton and back that you would use a larger/full bodied Petrol vehicle for and this was the problem with the Model 64, it was a Petrol sized electric vehicle, and not a very fast one either on account of its relative heft, so it got in everyone's way etc, and was not suited for use for mobility scooter like tasks (after lots of complaints etc the electric Tippen Delta was born as the Tippen Delta was suitably narrow/small enough, to stay out of people's way!) anyways because of all this I realised that although the last Model 44's rolled off the production line in the mid 1950's that I suspected a higher than average number of them would have survived long enough to still show up on the DVLA and indeed running chassis numbers shows this so, I have uncovered a whole bunch of Argsons that still show up including VPH207 which looks to have survived until 1995! (like that Model 64 I found that looks to have survived until 2003, I bet it must of stuck out like a sore thumb at the Approved repairer that was responsible for maintaining it among the rows of Model 70's they probably had ) (I also wonder just how many sets of batteries it went through!) I also came across this oddity, TFO720, originally VPJ549, and I say oddity, because it has an Electric chassis number, but comes back as Petrol etc (at least im pretty sure the chassis number format for Electric and petrol Argsons where different) I do wonder if it was an electric one, but someone did a naughty and doctored it into a Petrol one to grab its registration number, since IIRC at least back then you needed to MOT a vehicle etc to steal its number plate but electric vehicles could not be MOTed back then, so you had no way of stealing its plate, but if it was petrol vehicle then you could put it through an MOT and steal its number (I do wonder if its still around, or if it had its number plate stolen then scrapped) im still going through the late chassis numbers so who knows what else might show up, im hoping I can find one that survived until the very end showing Last taxed 2003 or 2004 or such (im also hoping I can figure out just when the last Model 44's rolled off the production line, as that date is not quite known yet sadly, latest I currently know of is XPD805)
  6. I cant see why you cant measure it like a normal wire? it is literally just a wire, the only difference between it and other wires, is a HT has high voltage insulation so the high voltage it carries does not jump to where its not supposed to if you strip one back you can see its just a wire inside, so if your not getting any continuity thats a big alarm bell for the wire is broken, and needs replacing which would explain why it aint firing up if you want to see a similar looking wire, look inside the back of an old CRT Telly/computer monitor, the big bulky ones
  7. ah very interesting looks like planning permission from when Invacar moved from their original premises in Southend on sea, to Thundersley (as they ran out of production capacity in the original factory and needed something larger to fulfill all the government orders they were suddenly getting) (which is why the very earliest Invacars had HJ and JN registrations, long before 1974 I wonder if anyone noticed this ) Like this Invacar Model 12D
  8. Cool I had suspected such good to know , (just as a general thing, its always important when discussing "technical"/complicated things like this to make sure the correct terminology is used etc hence why you rarely see me use Invacar in the colloquial sense, rather I say invalid vehicle when referring to them in a general sense or when im not referring to any particular make or model ) Aw, but its good to know there was something there, gives us something to look for, or keep an eye out for when digging up info
  9. interesting stuff when you say Invacar do you mean Invacar literally, or as a colloquial term for an invalid vehicle? (going by the locations mentioned I would otherwise think the source was talking about AC's rather the Invacars? but there's not really any info out there about the rail operations of the DHSS, its all very interesting stuff ) and when you say maintenance depot, do you mean one run by the DHSS/an approved repairer or one run/owned by AC/Invacar? its not one I have heard about before AFAIK, you had Heywood, then you just had approved repairers, which where local car garages given a contract by the DHSS to look after all the invalid vehicles in a given area (and you also had Artificial limb and appliance centers, which is where vehicles were given to the end user from) I don't THINK there was anything in between the 2 like a smaller version of heywood, but again sadly there's not much info out there!
  10. Happy to say with many thanks to @Skizzer for collecting them for me the 2 vintage Philips ultraviolet Black light blue tubes have been secured these tubes predate the now commonplace alphanumeric date code of LetterNumber or NumberLetter that Philips lamps have used since January 1964 if im reading the date code correctly (my first time dating such an old Philips tube so I might be wrong!) it looks like March 1963 only thing left is to get them down to my place, but im not to worried about that, im sure something will work itself out in time, even if I have to drive up and collect them in person the main thing is they are secured and and in a safe location as mentioned previously im quite excited by these, they are a combination of a bunch of rare features all rolled up into one very rare tube! (I really should look at getting my green netaline working again so I can light them up together at the same time )
  11. surely there must be some undo function? on an iOS device I shit you not, if you shake the device while in a text field having just typed something, it asks you do you want to undo LOL but yeah even with the undo function iv lost large chunks of posts thanks to that bug, these days I just make a habit of just periodically copying everything to clipboard, so should things go south I can just refresh the page and paste it all back in again have you tried pasting in plain text? I find that tends to sort most formatting, font and text colour issues out when pasting stuff into the editor (to paste in plain text its Cmd Shift V or Control shift V IIRC on a windows computer, not sure how you would do it on mobile mind!) although the forum software does give you an option to paste in plain text, although not sure how much good it would do, if the text layout has already been garbled by the rich text pasting....
  12. aye yeah, heywood is where all the physical stuff happened/was kept (all the spare parts and spare invalid vehicles) and Warbreck hill is where all the paperwork would of happened if that makes sense like this letter for example so heywood would have been following orders issued from Warbreck hill on the rail front, I cant find the source for it right now but I do recall for a while AC built its invalid vehicles in an old disused train yard before moving production to thames ditton so given that I have a feeling AC may have rail connections nearby as well
  13. Yeah I was thinking about, that an invalid carriage like this really would want some undercover/garage storage! weather proof it is not! (but i can imagine it would be quite fun to run around in on a cool/warm summers day/evening or such!)
  14. ah I was wondering that, he hasn't mentioned it being for sale, but he also hasn't mentioned its not being for sale either! I can craft a question and ask him about it if you want me to?
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