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  1. the first of the K Reg Invacars OHK101K to OHK200K (NVX-J did not turn anything up and i went up in blocks of 50 to be sure, and it looks like NWC-J was never issued at all, neither was NWC-K by the looks of things, but OEV-K was but no invacars there) trust me its an Invacar! body type comes back as Invalid Vehicle, nothing like DVLA shenanigans to keep you on your toes! and further confirmed when later down the block this popped up its still funky to think of a Mk12 on a K plate! just like its funky to think of a Model 70 on a J plate sadly I dont have any pictures of such, but I do have proof they both existed! next is ONO-K
  2. nothing for NTW-J but NVW-J gave me a result , NVW801J to NVW900J, and got 4 that show up on the DVLA still! tho looks like NVW862J only just shows up by the skin of its teeth going by that 1980 tax due! NVX-J next! and we are pretty far into July 1971 now, so the fun of is the last J reg block shorter then the normal 100 and when does the K reg blocks start, kicks in!
  3. Body type comes back as Estate for what its worth
  4. wasn't a bloke called Simon Mckeown was it? he is the guy that "runs" the ICR and as such has the ICRs collection of about 20 Invalid vehicles of some kind or another! and he is Yorkshire IIRC! (I say runs, he puts on art exhibits with them but sadly does not do much for the vehicles themselves...)
  5. 3 show up this time and just as a refer as to what im doing all of a sudden, im finding all the Invacar Mk12 blocks that existed between LVX-J and PEV-K, since there are 2 Mk12 survivors in that range, with unknown registration numbers that id like to figure out once i have found all the blocks, ill take all the registration numbers that still show up on the DVLA from those blocks and give em to my HPI guy for their chassis numbers then I can triangulate what the Unknown Mk12 registration numbers are next is NTW-J!
  6. Last one for tonight nothing for NEV or NHK, but got a hit on NNO-J NNO501J to NNO600J, got a hit pretty early on which was nice! with MWC793J being registered on the 14th of May 1971, and NNO503J being registered on the 18th of may 1971 its pretty clear that im not missing any blocks here and then got 2 more as I went through the block 1st of June this one, not too long until the first K reg block! (I do wonder if the last J reg block will be nice neat 100 or if it will but cut short because of the change over in suffix) NOO-J next
  7. Stealth invacar! cant say I have had one come up as grey before! its part of the MWC-J block MWC701J to MWC800J and its not alone! MTW MVW and MVX did not turn anything up however theres a large gap where nothing shows up between MVW297J and MVW403J which might be an Invacar block between MVW301J to MVW400J however since nothing shows up its hard to say, but the fact that theres somewhat of jump from the end of Feb 1971 to the start of May 1971 suggests there is a block between MPU-J and MWC-J which I suspect to be MVW301-400J as per above next series to go through is NEV-J heres a very handy list of Essex makers for those who want to follow along or such
  8. Just photoshop up some new ones but replace the plug hole with a Hyundai logo side note every time I see this thread pop up I get really excited, then realise oh right Air Conditioning LOL (which is still exciting in its own right don't get me wrong!)
  9. nothing in MNO-J or MOO-J (nor were there any Invacar block sized holes in those reg series) but MPU-J turned up a result, MPU301J to MPU400J out of that block only MPU344J actually shows up on the DVLA!
  10. going up!, MHK825J and MHJ882J are the only ones of the MHK-J block to still even show up on the DVLA, which is one of the things that makes finding Mk12 or any other Pre Model 70 invalid vehicle blocks hard then finding Model 70 blocks since so few still show up on the DVLA it can take a lot of searching 1 by 1 until you find one and just in general fewer vehicles from the time period show up on the DVLA so you have the fun of figuring out what is just a segment of random cars that dont show up on the DVLA anymore or is actually a block of some kind! anywho onto MNO-J! (hah!)
  11. so Stuart has "informed me" of a couple surviving Mk12's he knows the chassis numbers of but not the Reg numbers of now these 2 Mk12's sit between LVX293J and PEV442K, the latest known Invacar Mk12 chassis numbers with registration numbers (so blocks LVX201J-LVX300J and PEV401K-PEV500K) meaning that the 2 invacars should be new enough that at least a few examples from the block they sit in, should hopefully show up on the DVLA checker still which means I can hunt for their registration numbers the same way I do for Model 70 blocks so I know they are between LVX-J and PEV-K so I know their registration numbers will start with L M N or O I know it wont start with P since I know EV is the first Essex marker so there can't be any Pxx-K cars before PEV-K now I have just gone through LWC-J and MEV-J with nothing turning up (although suspiciously there is a gap between LWC101J to LWC201J where nothing turns up) but going through MHK-J produces my first result looks like the block is from MHK801J to MHK900J ill go through the rest of the MHK-J block to see which still show up on the DVLA and then ill continue onwards through Mxx-J Nxx-J etc etc although at some point there will be a suffix change from J to K, im hoping by observing the date of first registrations ill know when to switch to K like I sort of did in reverse when finding the J Reg Model 70's and then once I have gone through all the regs and got all the Invacar Mk12 registrations that show up on the DVLA still, ill pass them to my HPI man and see what chassis numbers each reg block covers, so then I can hopefully figure out the registration numbers of the 2 Unknown Mk12's
  12. wont have been the first time you have seen an AC Model 70 and a G Wizz parked next to each other (well more at 90 degree angles to each other LOL)
  13. I have been following via the tube, very interesting and nice work (especially the conversion from LHD to RHD) sorry to hear about the finger, did you get it checked out at the hospital? sounds nasty enough to warrant a trip id say! (if nothing else so they can dress it up properly so your glove does not turn into a "water" balloon you throw at someone on halloween! )
  14. no offense to the new guy but aint the point of new guys not be able to see those sections until a certain amount of posts are reached is so it can be sure that the new user is genuine etc, and not just bots or such given the potentially more sensitive info that lies in the other sections?
  15. what the above said! the stock engine is part of its bASe appeal, which would be lost if you swapped it out much like the 2L O series lump in Dollywobblers Rover 820 for example (or any slow NA diesel!) so im glad you have decided to keep it stock
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