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  1. the Triumph motorbikes I look up comeback T7 and interestingly the cars I look up come back as B5 so looks like someone at the DVLA did differentiate between the 2, in that they are different makes despite the same name
  2. follow up on this: BF9326 is now showing on the 3rd party tools and its DTP Make code is VC which I checked is the make code for Tomos (I checked by just finding a random genuine tomos registration and shoving it in there and seeing what the make code came back as) so yeah go figure! maybe on the DVLA things are laid out a bit differently and the data entry clerk did miss click? LOL (and for those curious BF9321 aint showing up yet sadly)
  3. wonder if its one @quicksilver has spotted?
  4. Yeah, sadly in the mobile space, things lose support much quicker then in the PC/Mac world I was just posting on Keefs behalf as he was/is unable to post here (and I happen to have an iPad 2 in my collection of older apple devices, so I was doing some testing for him to make sure it was not something on his end)
  5. Yay happy to see the engine and electrical stuff all still works in its new home im very impressed to see how quickly this has progressed! and its been quite interesting, as I have never followed someones journey on building a kit car before keep up the good work, hopefully wont be too long at this rate!
  6. thats the the iPad 2 and other such devices out then, as they can only run up to iOS 9.3.5 and chrome on IOS in that version just uses iOS's webkit rendering engine, not chromes own one, so I imagine it would be similarly broken sadly (if you could even get it installed somehow as apple only lets you download last compatible versions if you have downloaded the app on your account already, so if you have not then your SOL) thanks for looking into it tho ill let keef know, so he can figure out what to do from there
  7. do you have a collection of traffic signals/lights? if so it would be neat to see a few examples? I noticed you seem to know a lot about them!, have always wanted a traffic light myself, but I have never deeply looked into them (although know a little bit about them because well lightbulbs!) but I do find it interesting when someone posts about them (a few collectors on the lighting forums have some, but most are in the US, I dont know many UK collectors with traffic lights sadly)
  8. amusing/ironicly? so is the thumbnail image on my end LOL good ol cavcraft-o-vision compared to its actual aspect ratio
  9. if you need to see the whole photo if you click on the photo itself it reveals the entire photo like so
  10. while on the subject of a vehicles history I was curious if someone could explain to me how keepers worked when it came to PSV vehicles? I always assumed the registered keeper was whichever company owned the vehicle etc but i Know RML2760 has been through a different companies in her existence (I always regret never getting a chance to ride on her back to the garage back when she was still running heritage Route 15, with an original AEC engine and tungsten lighting, being one of the very few RML's to not have been refurbished in the 1990s, I did get a chance to catch her in service,
  11. looks like it the plate change record is interesting because TMX535R is an age related plate given back in the 1993, and back then when you put on then took a private plate off a vehicle they did not give you the plate original but just gave you an age related plate I always wondered if you could claim back the originial plate (since it automatically just goes on retention and they obviously give it back these days when put on and take off a private plate) evidently it looks like you can (the plate history looks familiar I wonder if I have looked it up before...)
  12. exported apparently! (although my 3rd party tools dont show an export marker so go figure!) you can find more general info on a vehicle from the general 1st party vehicle enquiry service here https://vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk/
  13. Yeah I remember hearing about that many years ago and was thinking about it just now, quite amusing was RM1 actually registered under that registration tho? Im honestly unsure, I always thought the prototypes ran around on trade plates before being given their SLT registrations just because its a Routemaster registration and also hides the age of the bus, its nothing to do with the bus itself (its not its fleet name or anything such)
  14. I thought you dont do Routemasters, so what where you doing at RM60? (or have you just borrowed someone else picture? ) but yeah as you post, the 4 Prototypes (RMC/CRL4 SLT59 not present at the time due to still being under its front end rebuild at the time IIRC?) registrations did not match the fleet numbers, but they did go up together (did not forget them just forgot to put it in my notes at the end in the post above LOL) as a side note make me wonder what the longest someones reserved a registration for? they obviously must have reserved the 4 registrations long befor
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