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  1. a probable additional reason for the Mondeo's registered as Sierra's is because the DVLA did not have the computer setup for the Mondeo Model type yet see a vehicle's data in the DVLA computer is stored stored in coded form and then decoded back out via a lookup table, anytime someone asks for it (ie you use the DVLA lookup tool or they print off a V5c etc) this was done to save space back in October 1974 when the DVLA computer was first setup and has remained the same ever since so for example a Ford Mondeo LX is stored, as: M1 631 02 Make Code: M1 (Ford) Model code: 631 (Mondeo LX) body type code: 02 (4 door saloon) and so forth, colour, wheel plan, taxation class and fuel type are other items all stored in coded form (which is why you NEVER see those items miss-spelt) notice how much space that saves over having to store all that in fully worded form now the DVLA computer does have provisions to entire a custom fully worded make, for where its something obscure and no pre-determined make code exists but there is no method to enter a custom *model* name after you have selected a pre-existing make code (like M1 for ford) or are entering a custom make, this is also why more obscure vehicles, and vintage imports/re-registrations often will have the entire make and model, all in the vehicle make field like so so I imagine Ford just registered them as Sierra's as that was the closest thing available on the DVLA computer at the time (and I have noticed some where just simply registered without any Model code, those that show up as Ford Unknown in the MOT checker are such examples) vehicles being stored in coded format like this, is also why you will slight discrepancies between say what the 1st party checker says and the MOT checker says, or whats on your V5c, because its up to the the tool to decode the code however it likes according to its own lookup table provided by whoever (for example the MOT checker always decodes Model code 000 as "UNKNOWN" hence why you will always get "INVACAR UNKNOWN" on the MOT checker, but it does not say Unknown on the V5c) im pretty sure as you say they are all Mondeo's as they also all share very similar engine numbers (unless the Sierra also used the same engine as the first Mondeo's? I dont know enough about my fords so someone else will have to answer that!) some of those with no taxation details are interesting like K780FVX which despite not having any MOT history (so off the road since before 2006) and having NO keeper changes (so still registered to ford?) was marked scrapped in 2012, indicating it managed to survive somewhere (with ford?) for quite a while before being sadly scrapped (Last V5c for it was issued 21-12-1992) and K952FVX has no markers against it but is DVLA hidden, as if someone tried to apply for its logbook with the VIN number from a different car (which will cause the DVLA to hide the record from the 1st party tool, but it will remain visible to first party checkers) its either that or it was sent over to NI at some point but managed to retain its english mark (computerised NI vehicles that fell out of use before the 2014 merge, dont show up on the DVLA 1st party site but will do on 3rd party sites)
  2. thanks for the heads up that is the Pemrbokeshire car as posted above and a few pages back I do know its Identity thanks to @dollywobbler managing to grab the details for me when he visited it in person but I still need to contact the new owner and see what his plan is for it! (hopefully nothing silly)
  3. one from the eBay Tat thread very much look like plates fitted in period which is quite interesting! (either that or someone later on went out of their way to take an existing white on black plate or 2 and rearranged the digits? LOL) from June 1974, shame it was not just a couple months later or we might be looking at an N suffix car on period naughty white on black plates!
  4. if they know its a result of me, they tend to get shit done pretty fucking quickly "Oh shit its HIM!" is how I imagine it goes down for example back in April 2021 I helped someone get the logbook for their AC Model 70, and they turned that V62 around in 9 days LOL (V62 was posted off on the 20th and the V5c was issued on the 29th) all of the Mondeo stuff will be current data on the main computer system so really should not take too long to bring up, its not like trying to apply for the Logbook for an Invacar Mk12 that was last on the road in 1979 (its only Data Pre 1983 that you have to worry about them having to dig around in the archives for, everything 1983 onwards is still on the main computer system)
  5. I imagine there may be a few, I certainly uncovered a few NI registered ones when I did the K reg Estate bash, so I imagine there would be a fair saloons as well the ever reliable* How many left reports 115 Taxed and 492 SORN'ed for 1993, so you have not done too badly with the 60 you have found so far given only a sub set of those on How many left would be K prefix (as a side note, there is one "Mondeo" down as made in 1989 thats still taxed, I wonder what that one actually is LOL, clearly someone entered the wrong model code on the DVLA computer when registering that one LOL) I wonder if it might be worth doing a FOI request to the DVLA? "please tell me how many Ford Mondeo's of all types registered before the 1st of August 1993, (broken down by trim level/model type) are still tax or SORN as of this FOI, separated into separate lists for vehicles that are still taxed, and a separate list for SORNed vehicles" that way you know exactly what your still looking for, as it will filter out all the L prefix and later cars I have seen something like this done in my research of the DVLA, in one of the FOI's I looked at, I found a list of all the lambretta's registered with the DVLA and arranged by body type, year of manufacture and engine size (theres exactly 1 thats registered as a snow plough amusingly LOL) FOIR6424 Attachment.xlsx so they can definitely do something like this for Mondeo's I imagine
  6. awesome! means I can do this! looks like its still in NI and so was issued a current NI (County Tyrone/Omagh) plate YHZ5208 when sadly robbed of its original plate NIW7979 (County Londonderry / Coleraine issue) thankfully the Mondy is still taxed and MOT'ed, so at least it was not just robbed of its plate and then scrapped as I have sadly seen a few times
  7. not in this thread, but im pretty sure I have seen something like it before! she has also made into at least 1 meme LOL any time someone posts an Invacar on the social media someone will always inevitably post something of REV from that scene, which always tickles me (especially when at one point @Ghosty casually responded to one of those posts with "driven that actual car" LOL)
  8. sadly I can only tell you what plates a given vehicle has worn, but I cant tell you what vehicles a given plate has been assigned too (the only slight exception to this is when a plate is put on retention or hidden behind a private plate, I can tell you the last vehicle it was on, but as NIW7979 has already been put onto to a BMW this trick does not work) It would be worth recording the VINs of all known surviving cars just to be on the safe side incase anything like this happens again
  9. do we have a VIN number for that one? if so I can look it up and tell ya what plate it currently wears
  10. Many thanks to @Six-cylinder and @Mrs6C for putting me up (or putting up with me!) for the weekend! twas very awesome to attend a FoD gathering once more after far too long being absent from them! it was nice to see the Bedford CF getting some love, I really hope at some point it can be made to move under its own power Photographing a Jaguar E type and Citroen Ami while sat in the Cab of a slightly mouldy Bedford CF2, Autoshite or what? I title this photo "a proud couple look at their new born child" speaking of incriminating photos, heres @hairnet "Look mum no hands!" the fire is always nice, and its always fun when we really get it going and have flames coming out the top like some sort of jet engine afterburner a Fine construction beloved by many but enough about the outhouse in the background have a couple more Jag E type shots Oop this photo needs a bit of adjusting much better and finally, behind the single spoke wheel of the Ami, which I got to pilot to the end of the paddock, was quite interesting to compare with the 2CV I had driven previously, at some point id like to drive the Ami around the field proper like I did with the 2CV for a full on apples to apples comparison once again many thanks to all who put up with me over the weekend! and I finally got the REV plushy that @Slowsilver's Wife very kindly made for me!, tis very awesome
  11. posted just an hour ago, It looks like the Pembrokeshire car has finally been rescued! I have very little in the way of details, as its been rescued by someone I dont know however said person claims it will move under its own power someday! so hopefully its gone to a good home me and Adam where working with the owner of the field to get it rescued, however the field owner had gone quiet on Adam, I personally was worried it had been bailed or accidentally squashed by the JCB, and the field owner did not want to tell us such, so I am pleased to see that was not the case! (I guess if the field owner sold it someone else out from under Adam, that would explain why he went quiet on Adam)
  12. 1. davidfowler2000 - both nights trailer 2. Brownnova - both nights tent or car 3. Beko - both nights tent 4. Supernaut - both nights tent 5. Juular - both nights car 6. catsinthewelder +kids both nights tent 7. Fumbler- both nights car 8. chaseracer - both nights tent or car 9. EightMegs - Both nights, tent 10. batterypowered - Both nights, tent 11. Twosmoke300 plus 2 or 3 guests (awaiting confirmation) - both nights van and tent 12. cms206 - both nights, camper 13. ghosty - both nights, car 14. Captain_70s - (Maybe) both nights, car or tent. 15. Fatharris - both nights - tent 16. 3VOM - both nights - car, tent, something 17. 320touring - both nights tent or car (TBC) 18. horriblemercedes both nights, tent 19. Hillmanimp - both night, tent or camper. 20. Kirton - Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights camper 21. LiteAce Owner (EightMegs) - both nights, van 22. Dave_Q - Saturday only, maybe van, maybe moped + smol tent 23. Cord Fourteener - (possibly) both nights + (possibly) some family 24. taxi paul - Saturday day visitor + (possibly) some family 25. dozeydustman - (if can get cover) Saturday - car 26. reb- (if the time-off gods allow) both nights - car 27 - Anthony G, Friday & Saturday night, staying off site. 28. Six-cylinder - b&b booked locally Friday & Saturday nights 29. maxxo - both nights ten 30. Jaypee - both nights, car #galaxy 31 LightBulbFun, Both nights, staying off site (now that I have added my name to the list how much do you want to bet that my PIP tribunal will be scheduled right on the Friday or such)
  13. possible a contender for the late registration madness thread as well, but along the same lines as those scale model but still road-registered steam traction engines I posted about I present the Lykamobile a steam (kit) car replica thing? https://www.steamtractionworld.com/lykamobile.htm https://www.steamtractionworld.com/product-lyka.html its so fun to see a steam vehicle being newly produced and on a modern plate although im still disappointed no ones made a "modern" steam vehicle thats actually somewhat fast (ie can go above 4Mph) or practical , it would be really cool to see one of those 1950's Steam engine conversions @barrett talked about, reproduced or such, especially such being a Steam vehicle you would not really have to worry about any sort of modern day regulations, so you would be pretty free to have it look how you want LOL
  14. "little blue fucker" is that you giving it... a name?! on a more serious note, sadly not yet, but I have been informed after a bunch of parts swapping a workable carb has been put together from the 2, and she is running again, with tuning planned for Monday hopefully I think the plan is to then get the choke control/cable un-seized, and after that im not sure you will have to ask Red5! but I know she still needs her exhaust down pipe patched or replaced and she also needs a full service/fluid change and grease up, so hopefully those issues will be attended to in the near future
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