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  1. continuing the Harper theme tho, I do know of 1 Harper Mk6 that shows up on an registration checker, not a British one tho! https://www.carjam.co.nz/car/?plate=11scw and speaking of this particular Harper I managed to slueth up another picture of it earlier today its interesting to note that at some point in time it has been fitted with Halogen headlamps which are a bit more rounded in style compared to the orignial 5 inch units as you can see on 61HPA above (and most other 1957 specification invalid vehicles like the AC Model 57, Model 64, Tippen Delta Mk3-7 and Invacar Mk10-12c etc) https://flic.kr/p/fkYve I do wonder whats become of this Harper as well? last WOF (the NZ version of an MOT) looks to have been in 2010...
  2. Always nice to see the lada again I still really want to have a proper drive of that on the public highway! (ideally before I get my full licence for maxmium bewilderment points of a Lada on L plates ) its probably thanks to it, and @Mrs6C's ZX that clutch control is thankfully not something I struggle with LOL and how I probably managed to get through my first official lesson without stalling once
  3. Yeah sadly I dont know of any Harper Mk6's or Stanley Mk7's that still shows up on the DVLA still iv been trying to find something but not found anything yet sadly (although I do know the Devon registration archives are intact, so Ian hellings Stanley Mk7A should be identifiable at least! as we know that ones chassis number at least, but sadly not its registration) as a side note, the above is not just for @barrett just figured id give him a heads up/"first dibs" so to speak since I know he expressed interest in one in the past but yeah just in general would be very cool to see it saved by someone on here! (or well just saved in general!, again I sadly don't know what happened to it so maybe its already been saved! but I definitely think its worth chasing up)
  4. @barrett I recall you expressed interest in wanting a Harper Mk6/Stanley Mk7 at some point if your still interested I might have a potential lead on one! speaking to stuart about this one, he says it was sold on ebay in 2007, but he does not think it actually was collected etc, as when it was on ebay stuart went to view it, but then in 2009 ish he went past the same location recalls seeing it among the plantlife supposedly its in a Traveller type camp just off the A3 quite literally! right here (roughly where the 2 red cars are, stuart said he walked along the hard shoulder to find it!) we sadly have no idea if its still there or not, but I think it would be neat to chase up, especially given how few Harpers are known to survive! and the thought of saving/seeing a Harper get saved is quite exciting! (also credit to @egg for digging up the source that the I got the image of 61 HPA from I had known of the car for a long while now, but had not had any pictures of it, apon seeing the pictures I made further enquires into its whereabouts resulting in the above info)
  5. ah thought so, thats what I get for not googling things/locations LOL
  6. ADV3774, 3 letter 4 digit non irish/NI registration mark, thats weird, going by the fact its on an age related BF plate, Im guessing said first registration was not a british one?
  7. Awesome stuff! never seen a starting mechensiem like that, I thought that was the hand brake at first! im guessing it works like a motorcycle kickstart or pull starter except with a honking big pull lever and your arm! LOL being 2 stroke does it run on premix or is it another type of setup?
  8. heres a fun/interesting thing thats cropped up on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283841196382 almost positive I have come across a colour version of this Model 70 painting, or the "same" art style Model 70 painting but in colour and bearing the same registration number I remember it because I came across it at the time when details of @Mrs6C's Model 70 where first coming to light and for a time I thought it was part of a P reg block, so I was explicitly hunting out P suffix Model 70s to try and ID Mrs6c's Model 70 and I came across the above in a Bing search of all places IIRC!, funnily enough tho I was actually thinking about it recently again in my hunt for the missing private cars (those that have been following this thread may have seen me post that between LRL389P and REV451R there are 13 Private Invacar Model 70's I cant find (LRL is private car 9 and REV is private car 23) so I was curious as to what its registration was (I don't recall it showing up on the DVLA, but I wanted to try it again with the new tools I have on hand now) but I remember it was not a Surrey/Essex registration (which is Very unusual for a Model 70 and generally NI and plate robbery shenanigans aside is always an indication of a private Model 70 and even then all (apart from 1) of the private Invacar Model 70's iv been able to find have an Essex registration's just sitting in the middle of a block of Ministry cars, its mostly private AC's that have non factory location registrations) so I was planning on going digging for the photo again, rather timely it should pop up on ebay although sadly I dont think its an actual Model 70 registration if all the sellers other paintings are anything to go by its made up/random registrations however while LVT726P and LVT728P give actual results (as in they where period issued reg's), LVT727P does not show up so I do wonder if it was a Model 70 that just did not last long... (however the car is wearing an AC badge not an Invacar badge, but there are about 4 missing private AC Model 70's too, between PPG124L and NPN924P)
  9. Yeah, ill continue to keep an eye on it, but im worried it might of got lost somewhere given iv not even got any confirmation from the DVLA that they got anything interesting to know you can leave that section blank then (still raises the question if you put historic vehicle there will the DVLA automatically change the tax class for you so you don't have to immediately send the V5 back etc) interesting on the electric tax class, I was wodnering if it would be under such, or if there was a dedicated milk float class or not, I guess reading this that a Petrol powered milk float would be classed as a LGV (light goods vehicle) https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/840453/v355X1-notes-about-tax-classes.pdf as a side note I discovered this interesting little expert which answers a question I had about modern mobility scooters say if your an able bodied collector of mobility scooters, while its easy enough to with a Model 70 or such, to say simply change the tax class from disabled to either Tricycle or Historic vehicle but the question I had is what taxation class would you change a mobility scooter to! especially if its not old enough for the historic vehicle taxation class (although reading above you could stick a Mobility scooter in the electric taxation class, but still leaves petrol powered mobility scooters in the cold) but going by the above, looks like it would be OK to leave said mobility scooter in the disabled taxation class, and I guess you could even leave a Model 70 (and pretty much all old school Invalid vehicles) in the disabled taxation class... (because they weigh less then 508Kg) although invalid vehicles above 306Kg still need an MOT (unless are MOT exempt through age of course) https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/737342/v112-declaration-of-exemption-from-mot.pdf see category E which is interesting and amusing because Invacar Mk12E's have a revenue weight of 305Kg on their V5! I guess only Model 70's needed/got MOTs back then although I sadly have not seen the V5 of a Model 67 so I don't know what their revenue weight is listed as
  10. I wonder if it would be worth figuring just how much fuel hose the entire car has, and ordering it all up and replacing it all in one go? because it sounds like its all deteriorating at the same rate, so as you replace one section, another section is not going to be far off, so would be worth replace everything in one go so your not constantly chasing leaks until you do eventually end up replacing everything anyway!
  11. my primary school used to have 3V versions of those, in those little electrical kits schools had (you know a bunch of alligator clips some battery holders and some 3V bulbs and E10 lamp holders, for teaching the kids how electricity works etc) I remember hooking one up of those buzzers to about 12V worth of batteries I strung together, and accidently made the teacher think the fire alarm had gone off LOL (honestly surprised it didn't just got PHUT and let out some smoke LOL)
  12. between REV's V5 stuff, and some other DVLA related stuff im helping another member with it did make me wonder, when you V62'ed Molly, what did ya stick down for taxation class did you directly put historic vehicle in the taxation field or? because I don't actually know what milk floats where taxed as! (I know they were always NILL rate, but they were still "taxed" so obviously would have been in a taxation class) also is a revenue weight listed? also on the same note, you mentioned that she was still registered to her previous-previous keeper, but that you were in contact with that keeper, do you know if said keeper did get a letter from the DVLA saying "someone has applied for your vehicles logbook" when you V62ed for Molly? (just wondering if the DVLA still do that letter or not, as mentioned I do wonder when we Apply for invacar log books etc, does someones grandchild get a DVLA letter about an Invacar their grandparent had 40 years ago LOL)
  13. https://live.email-dvla.service.gov.uk/w2c/en_gb/forms/KeyWorkerHomeVehicles hmm as its been over 4 weeks now since I did the taxation class change on REV and I still have not got anything back, I was gearing up to contact the DVLA (twas planning on doing it next week) but reading the above im not sure what to do now? because id like to get REV's V5 back! but its in no way directly involved with the nations response to the whole situation going on but its not nice being without the V5 on hand! should I need to SORN REV for any reason or such like, or if something comes up where I need to give proof of keepership etc I see that there is a web chat option https://www.gov.uk/contact-the-dvla/y/vehicle-registration-and-v5c-certificates-log-books https://live.email-dvla.service.gov.uk/w2c/en_gb/forms/Chat V5C which still seems to be open for normal folk has anyone had any experience with said webchat?
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