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  1. Cor blimey 888 on a Homo-Hygrade plate thats like 444 on a Serks plate I hope its never robbed of its plate
  2. Woo! Congrats to TPA and well Done Zel for getting her to this to this milestone heres to many more miles! I love seeing that photo of when she first arrived, vs how excellent she is now, really is a credit to your hard work and an inspiration to at least myself if not all
  3. Yay happy to see you finally figured out how to sort the hand brake cable out (and its good to know whats what exactly for when/if I need to tackle REV's hand brake!) BTW on the side window front, I would recommend going with Zels method of door/window channel repair for fixing the new window channel to the door, rather then the double sided tape idea you showed in a recent previous video as the (originally self tapping) screws that secure the window channel to the door, also help hold the inner and out door skins together, and I fear without those screws or bolts, you might
  4. Oh good point I did notice that (have been fighting/getting distracted by some personal computer issues funnily enough LOL) in that case the car may not have been on it since new then, since In general noticed number plate history only goes back to about 1983, changes before that dont tend to show up, and I dont see any on my tools sadly regardless, I cant normally tell you where a number plate has been, I can only tell what number plates has been on a given car, so I cant tell you what car RAM97S would of been on originally (even if records went back to 78) the only exc
  5. indeed it is, nice to see one thats not been messed with by the OSF crowd Number plate is original to the car the DVLC/DVLA only started to withhold numbers for private sale starting in 1989, (although before that some but not all county council offices would hold back 1-99 for issue to Motorcycles and the such like) as such it was much more common to see cars running around just randomly on what today might be considered a desirable plate that would get withhold and sold by the DVLA at auction which is why today age related plate series's are only issued from 101 to 997/998 (the
  6. Ohh cool an R A Harding (Bath) Ltd, Harding Deluxe Yeah its an interesting one its a quite pricey (although sadly these things are only getting more and more expensive), but im curious to know what condition the spares car is in exactly, because if it might turn out that if you can deal with fibreglass body damage then it may be restorable in and of itself I know it with another 2 Mk12's came from the same location as @plasticvandan said, so I suspect the spares car (aforementioned unknown bodywork damage aside) to be in a similar condition as the supposed good car, here it all d
  7. Lovely stuff I definitely think the first view is better, since you can see what everything in the cabin is doing etc its also interesting to observe how you drive etc and take mental notes for myself (hopefully you rate your driving well enough that I have not just horrified you or something! LOL) ah a good excuse to post about my Own cantankerous old Nixie tube Digital volt-ohm meter again an old Ex Military Fluke 8125A, thats so ridiculously robust im pretty sure I could chuck it out of a plane and it would be fine (I have a matching front cover) but it
  8. "Hello, yes, according to the Governments Fuel compatibility checker, I need 2 star petrol do you have any?" (really is a shame theres no support phone number or such you can call "2 star what now?!")
  9. Bloody hell, a new series by Tim Hunkin, the same chap who made the Awesome TV Series The Secret life of machines https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Secret_Life_of_Machines this is gonna be awesome!
  10. something that stops motorcyclists being motorcyclists by ruining their knees?
  11. fair enough although as a side note future reference/tip, I think handbrake is a good tool/application for just feeding video files in and transcoding them out to something else, without having to setup a full editing system do you have to return the Router, can you after those 4 days rip the thing out, and do horrible things to it/its main logic board with a screw driver on the end of a long piece of PVC pipe, with the screw driver connected to the output of an MOT? (recorded for our entertainment of course )
  12. you have a Dual Processor workstation, surely you can transcode them into something smaller for easier/quicker uploading? (plus pegging all the Cores of high core count computer and watching all the bar graphs rise in the CPU usage monitor never gets old) happy to see TPA out and about, ill never tire of seeing a Model 70 out and about it just makes me grin so much to see one mingling among modern day life hows the belt running/1K milestone doing? and glad to see the Fuel pump change on the BX (The beige wonder, I like that ) was an easy job, but very suspici
  13. yerp (I had a feeling the post got a bit buried with all the posts going on about VJN953S) a fun fact tho, the Invacar you see in some period adverts is CHJ963
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