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  1. Oh thats very good... LMAO! (although to be pedantic the site would more likely to go down if someone forgot to plug in an ethernet cable )
  2. your like @hairnet if he communicated using pictures instead of words
  3. on the fibre glassing repairs im half expecting you to make a stig/stigs cousin type joke/gag, where you then unpack Zel from a box or something and employ him to do the fibre glass or something (or is that just me and my autoshite withdrawal symptoms talking? ) I look forward to seeing how the painting goes, i cant say car painting is something Iv looked into with great detail before so it will quite interesting for me at least
  4. Thanks for the tip, looks to be subscription based or something? all this government crap have been quite sudden and overwhelming, especially as I have never dealt with anything like it before, (not helped by the fact they only give you a month to respond to things) it just makes you want to curl up into a ball and give up on life ohh nice! not going to lie, pretty much the first thing that popped into my head when you made your post about those slides was "Yay this is going to be an opportunity for some prime Invacar spotting!" as egg says, looks like its a Invacar Mk12c-Mk12e
  5. Oh Yay the beige is back! (i was literally writing a response when it went down, so as I clicked "submit reply" bam got a 523 error and game over LOL)
  6. so what your saying is you should copy DW and move to wales? and get an invacar
  7. ah cool, yeah makes sense (on DWs engine front, yeah thats what I recall too, also memorable as he set fire to his oil catch can trying to burn some of the oil and sludge out of the strainer IIRC!)
  8. indeed it is IIRC, sadly flicker is down atm so i cant check exactly where (IIRC the guy who uploaded/took the photo did say where it was snapped) curiously enough VES108S/XEV88S was also deployed to scotland, or at least it ended up there in its finally days in service, hence when it sadly lost its original plate in 1998 or so, it gained a scottish local reg (I wonder if all the XEV-S cars where built for scotland or something?)
  9. im curious what do those lumps consist of exactly I wonder if its a case of just the oil strainer having never been serviced in the engines life time until now so things have built up over the past 40 years because if an engine has been sitting for 15 years, its obviously not been doing anything for those 15 years, so I do wonder how those lumps and bits of crud would form over those 15 years or so? (my current best guess is, would it be things that where in suspension in the oil when it was in use then slowly settling out of the oil over the 15 years of diss use and lumping together at some point?)
  10. interesting do you have any more info on that? cant say I have heard that from the lighting enthusiast side of things, (while I have never dealt with automotive sealed beam lamps, other forms of sealed beam lamps are common ) (if it is a thing, my best guess would be either some impurities being gettered away, or some sort of thermal shock happening.) as a side note generally I would say, if theres fogging on the inside of a incandescent sealed beam lamp, then its probably gone to air as such is no good anymore as a sealed beam lamp is sealed from the atmosphere like any other normal lightbulb, (hence the name sealed beam ) and like any other lightbulb, if air or something gets inside, it will burn out when its turned on.
  11. it seems like it sadly im happy your mum was able to sort things out in the end tho (examinations I have been called to, we always claim the taxi expense so they know that much, or should in theory at least! ) I wonder what invacar your grandfather drove, being mid 1960s or older, could of been any number of different makes and models of invalid carriage and good idea on asking the mods, I was thinking about that as well.
  12. how did it work out for your mum in the end there if you dont mind me asking? on the Invacar front, if anyone recalls, on the early days of invacars on AS, it was thought that one of the differences between AC and Invacar Model 70,s was ACs had a roof gasket where as Invacars dont, (Because TPA has one but TWC does not) however outside of 2 other Invacar Model 70,s from the field, all other Invacar Model 70,s I have seen have had roof gaskets, including SPU870K an Invacar Model 70 older then TWC, so that finally rules out it being a thing that maybe changed mid production (because up until now all other Invacar Model 70,s I have seen where newer then TWC) im guessing then TWC was taken apart at some point in her life, and then whoever put her back together again forgot to put the roof gasket back on (this also tallies up with some other inconstancies iv noticed with TWC)
  13. does the CVT in these keep the revs in 1 place like in a Model 70 or does it have some black magic mixed in to emulate gear changes so people dont get freaked out by it all?
  14. some properly epic footage in this part Id love to see how TPA on her wider 10 inch wheels/tyres would compare (also looking forward to the Lada video! )
  15. I look forward to the Early Late RRC video bollocks to the engine issues tho! put the 4 pot diesel in from the other RR in and hope no one notices? (whats the plan for that one btw? leave it with the diesel or put a V8 back in?)
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