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  1. https://www.facebook.com/londonerbuses/posts/pfbid0pYuQQT3EReAwhSAUB5G9Gn8Jq5toJVBZCThvdEGhXV2s2Eb56dnvQWCdpBowNz4Wl this is quite interesting/exciting to hear! always pleases to me to hear more Routemasters running about have to admit I dont like the lettered Route scheme at all, this is London not Reading! sounds like its a private venture rather then something that was part of TFL like Route 9 and 15 where, so it will be interesting to see how it does/how long it lasts! at least I think one of the RM's being used on it is AEC engined I also wonder how ticketing works, it seems like its about £5 for an all day thing, do they print off a ticket for you to keep ahold of for the rest of the day and just wave at the conductor when you want to hop back on?
  2. I did get a small update the other day after posting this apparently the carburettor leak has been solved at long last which I am quite pleased to hear! as I know thats been giving Red5 the run around on the "new" carb for a while now and battle continues with the choke and throttle cables also REV's tax is showing as renewed on the DVLA, first time continuously taxing her rather then SORNing her did it a couple days ago with the long number from the V11Z reminder without issue
  3. indeed I was surprised to see that as I thought the 2 peels where being retained (the laugh reaction is towards the Jeremy Clarkson Comment!) I think the Peel Trident is still being retained I dont see anything like that sadly, but there is an entire trailing arm and hub, just the 1 mind, makes you wonder what happened to the rest of the car!
  4. its really awesome to get some exacting details! always frustrated me that everywhere I read it just mentioned "they where fitted with such and such engine" never mentioning exactly what type! so its quite nifty to get a type number at long last! I wonder with all these re-engined/refurbished RM's and RML's was any attention paid to the diff, or did keep whichever diff they went in with? I know the Country RML's had Medium speed diff's and some of these found their ways into standard RM's as well, so combined with say a powerful Scania engine, that must of been quite fun! wonder what the fastest someones gotten out of an RM? (and of course RMA's and I think RCL's? had even higher speed diffs for 70Mph running, but Im not sure if I have heard of one of those making its way to a standard RML/RM)
  5. I see that the chap who owned FFB550 and RDE346, is having to sell them due to ill health quite sad to see as he did a smashing job getting the not just restored but also up and running! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265901582816 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265901559415 should anyone be interested in them, although none are DVLA registered, the Harding has its original buff logbook and the Argson was first registered in Pembrokeshire who's pre DVLA local office records still exist so both of these should be able to be re-registered again keeping their original marks (although that relies on the ICR getting its arse into gear!) and when I say a smashing job, keep in mind this is what the Harding looked like before hand!
  6. so my 10000th post on here! to celebrate this! I have been holding a couple very special new survivors that cropped up recently, for this occasion this first up is this Invacar Mk12E, Which Simon of the ICR got earlier this year! and a nice intact Invacar Mk12 like this is itself a very nice find! but what makes this special is not only does not have foot pedals! which is highly unusual for an Invacar Mk12E! (always knew it was an option but never see a vehicle such equipped until this one) it has a fixed tiller bar with foot operated clutch and brake and not only the fact is it GVW575H which is one I had been chasing up for a long time, but it turns out its a private example! and really quite excitingly it came with its original buff logbook which was very interesting to study! its the first Invacar Mk12 buff Logbook I have ever seen! it was first registered to Invacar Ltd for 2 months before being registered to a Women all the way up in Aberdeenshire! (presumably this is the person who purchased it) it has a an unladen weight listed as 6Cwt which lines up with the 305Kg you will see listed on a Mk12E's V5 but yeah its really awesome to see that another private Mk12 has been found and saved and to finally find out that yes indeed GVW575H does actually exist! (I had no idea it was a private car, just one I had heard rumblings about but nothing concrete) I sadly dont know its full story but at some point it was bought as a pair by someone, one (Unknown type but not the trailer I have now!) was turned into a trailer and this one GVW575H was just stashed away until it was finally sold to Simon! the really curious thing is this Mk12E, GVW575H has only done about 165 miles! I really do wonder what happened as to such that someone would spend good money buying themselves an Invacar and only to 165 miles in it! sadly I dont have any better pictures of it! but hopefully in time ill get some! in that I very much want to visit Simons collection (and Simon very much wants me to visit as well) so the plan is when REV is back on the road and reliable, to run up to his place and have a good look at his collection and grab a whole bunch of pictures, the next Car and this is where it gets really exciting! is this one! you might think it looks familiar indeed it is the Mystery Model 70 from a good few years ago! I have been wondering about this one for a long time since I first found it, no one had a clue as to which it was, not even one Stuart recognised or anything! and I finally tracked down who it ended up with! and indeed it something quite special! turns out that REV is not alone! there is indeed another private Invacar Model 70 out there! this is Private Car number 7 it turns out! its really exciting to see! as until now, It was generally thought REV was the only private Invacar Model 70 known to still survive (JHJ548N was taxed until 2008 and had a keeper change in 09 so I really hope that one is still out there somewhere, but I have never been able to verify it sadly) so its really awesome to see there is another out there!, the story behind it is interesting! im still getting the info and putting the puzzle together but apparently it was bought by a lady in England who took it with her when she moved to the States in the late 1970's! im told theres US documents for it going back to at least 1979! I did initially wonder if it had been sold to someone new in the US as before the current owner, it was bought by a dad for his disabled son to use, but turns out they where just the next owners after the British lady traded into a Chevy dealership who then donated to an Injured Motorcross youth, who then sold to a friend of the owners where its just been purchased from this does mean it would have a english registration mark if it was indeed owned by someone in the UK for a couple years before going to the US with them but curiously enough none of the Invacar Model 70 blocks from the time this vehicle is from show any holes indicating a private car! so thats very interesting (there is a chance it could of been registered outside of Essex, but that in itself is very rare of the handful Private Invacar Model 70's I can find on the DVLA only 1 is non Essex registered, LRL389P the rest where just registered inside of Ministry blocks) being from 1975, I do know that if it was registered in the UK it would of been directly onto the DVLA computer thus a record of it will still exist somewhere in the DVLA today but sadly due to the DVLA's historic archiving of anything inactive pre 1983, means theres no way for me to pull any data on it at home (not helped by the fact private cars tend to be a bit random in how their chassis numbers where recorded) so sadly I dont know its UK registration mark or if it had one! (I say if it had one because I do also wonder if it was ordered/bought by the UK owner as she moved to the US and thus was never registered over here, but again as above still putting the puzzle together!) heres a few more pictures! its interesting to see the mods and make and do mend things its picked up after spending 40 years in the US! like the awful rear lights LOL and most bizarrely for some reason at some point the hydraulics for the front brake had been disconnected and replaced with a cable operated by its own lever on the handle bars! it also seems like someone in the past traveled to the future and pinched @Zelandeth's idea and fitted a blower motor all in all its a very fascinating and awesome find! so to speak! really awesome to not only find out about a long standing Mystery car but to also find that another private Invacar Model 70 survives out there! and thankfully the owner seems to be very in tune with Invacars and despite normally being someone who is very deep into the car customisation scene (see the woody beetle estate next to it!) he plans to just treat it to a nice restoration this winter while trying to keep everything as original as possible which I am very pleased to hear, he clearly understands the significance and rarity of what he has he also confirmed for me that is indeed the car being talked about here which I had been wondering about itself for many years! https://www.acownersclub.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=3791.0 did some really field find a Model 70 as far away as the USA? indeed they did! Invacars they really do show up everywhere!
  7. Good Question I wish I knew myself LOL im not sure how far behind you are, but things are still as they where in this post so sadly I still have no real progress update from the last on August the 3rd when I was informed the throttle and choke cables where being fettled after that post was made, @red5 PM'ed to inform me that on the 14th a whole day would be dedicated to her and that id get a decent update then, but I have not heard anything since sadly, so I dont know if she got her day or not! I know Red5 has not had much luck this year so maybe all that is still wrecking havoc on his end thankfully at least my insurance renewal came out to be much cheaper this year then I was expecting so I have just gone ahead and renewed everything, even tho I dont know whats happening at all! I figured it was cheap enough now thats its not worth the hassle of not just renewing it when and as needed if that makes sense!
  8. so it is! quite a large stash of Model 70 bits in-fact! somehow I completely missed that! although I do wonder if thats is the roof exhaust or just another one they happen to have, they have a complete 2nd engine and far more Invacar parts then I realised (stuart told me a while back that they sold off all their Model 70 bits a long time ago, I guess few managed to hang around!) is anyone going for it? I dont have the physical means to grab the lot, but I am more than happy to throw money at a combined effort! for example if @Zelandeth is indeed planning on bidding on one of the Steyr puch engines? I am happy to throw some money his way so he can secure the rest of the Model 70 bits for the Parts stash(TM) (for example that Fuel tank, looks just the ticket for @Mrs6C's Model 70 and the gearbox could be good for @dollywobbler )
  9. Looks like the Hammond Collection Catalog is up! @egg @barrett @Zelandeth https://www.easyliveauction.com/catalogue/e52841f4a9b47c27c356c4c77c9ebfef/0af8d24542e81eb9357e7ef448a6646f/the-hammond-microcar-museum-kent-auction-online-only--vi/?iFrameView=1&currentPage=1&maxResults=120 looks like they have separated and itemised everything pretty well, so the Steyr puch engine is available on its own, along with a Model 70 Gearbox and a Dynastart unit or 3, but of course they still missed the Model 70 exhaust hanging from the roof! LOL someone who I consider to be a good home for these things has expressed interest in the AC Acedes so I am quite pleased about that also for @barrett any clue as to what the hell this might be? (the eBay listing makes claims, but its clear from their facebook post that they have no clue themselves!) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255729885747 https://www.facebook.com/dentdevilseastsussex/posts/pfbid02Ts7u91hiQXXnW8uGBAgc1yH43sVLYKLLGoCN1GqGE4qzH5nvJkAKkrtC14Xf9Upkl 999BPF puts it at around August 1956 if that registration mark has any actual bearing to the machine! also speaking of mystery invalid three wheelers! one for @MorrisItalSLX any idea as to what these might be? https://www.superstock.com/asset/chair-cripple-crippled-pensioner-buy-motorised-wheelchair-given-sunday-sun/5513-17626911 its a really strange contraption, its giving me French/European vibes but thats just vibes, I have never seen a Motorised machine with a hand propulsion crank like that, its like its one half of the mechanism from a Harding Rideinease! theres also a couple here as well https://www.superstock.com/asset/wheelchairs-hospitals-february/5513-17626908 its also quite interesting in general to see Invalid carriages like this in Australia, I know New Zealand had a few, but I had never seen much like this in Oz so its very cool to see that they did indeed exist over there and that they where even road registered! also bonus really old school Invalid vehicles and buses shot https://www.superstock.com/asset/miles-invalid-chair-years-old-william-curran-ipswhich-who-despite/5513-16347931
  10. Oh when I mean for the spares stash, I mean that when I got my Car it came with a large parts stash that I use to keep the mine, and the forum cars going (or attempt to!) and I was just thinking of getting a few made to chuck in there should any (more) studs snap on our collective Model 70's thats all im not thinking about the public here, im just thinking towards the future on here, so, if say your making 8 for Zel I am happy to pay for another 8 on top of that but obviously if its too much faff or such then thats perfectly understandable! I can understand how you might run out of enthusiasm for doing more after doing just a few given how effort is involved! and I think the spare hub @AdgeCutler has offered up has a couple good studs at least so they can be pinched from that if needed! and as you say we have the drawing you made now which can be handed to to other fabrication firms/people in the future if needed anyways before I get too far ahead of myself, lets see how the test samples fit for Zel full Model 70 technical drawings/blueprints do thankfully survive and I know exactly who has them but knowing who has them very frustratingly means I dont think we will see anything any time soon because of who has them!, I am just hoping at some point I can visit in person borrow them and take them to Zel to be digitised! the wheel studs are TSD 5446 drawn/made by by AC Cars Ltd on the 30th of the 12th 1975 (date is quite interesting in itself because it tells me they revised the wheel studs at that point during the Model 70 production run and retroactively applied to to all cars, I wonder what changed!) as a side note one interesting thing I have noticed is, all 12 wheel studs on a Model 70 are the same, but it seems to be always the rear ones that are snapped, I dont think I have seen a front one snapped one, so I wonder why that is? it it simply easier to over-tighten the rear wheels since theres no front bodywork in the way or is it something else? I was thinking "you are @AdgeCutler AICMFP" given the level of Invacar parts fabrication that just happened
  11. thats some very awesome work! it certainly looks the part! Thank you very much for putting in the effort to help the cause of the Invacar! im pretty positive they are 3/8th BSF hub side as per your post from a few years ago! but as you say would not be a bad idea to test fit the one already produced before commencing with any others! (and wheel side is just standard classic Mini which is from what I have researched is 3/8th UNF) BTW has anyone figured out how to get the remains of a broken stud removed from the hub in the first place? im thinking given how many of these we have seen snapped im more then happy to pay for a bunch to be made for the parts stash just in general but I am first of all wondering if the hubs with the broken studs are indeed salvageable or not? and obviously depending on if @Mr Pastry is alright with making a few more! I can completely understand if he only wants to make the 4 or 8 for Zel and just be done with that as its clearly not an 5 minute job!
  12. this is genuinely going to be quite exciting for me because the DVLA are almost at the end of their age related series for 1930 and older vehicles they are currently up to BF9941 and I dont know what will come next! as the only 2 letter 4 number series left un-issued as far as I am aware is Essex's WC and BF1001-BF4000 has yet to be issued so I wonder what the DVLA will do thus depending on when the Sentinel gets a suitable mark allocated to it it may be the first of a new series, and answer a long standing question I have had if they do issue the first half of BF finally it will probably be from BF1001 onwards as BF1 to BF1000 has been held for DVLA auction issue and checking just now it looks like WC1-1000 has also been reserved for DVLA auction issue, so if they decide to issue that instead it will be from WC1001 onwards (I do wonder what happens when they do finally run out of age related marks for 1930 and older vehicles!) unless of course your V765 for a genuine period registration mark rather then just an age related mark, in which case nothing I said above is relevant LOL (but still very exciting to hear your at the registration stage and to see it edging close to completion/the road )
  13. many thanks thanks to @Six-cylinder and @Mrs6C for another awesome weekend! twas quite interesting to see into the depths of a Saab's V4 Ford engine! the Carlton only had a minor* smoking problem, Mmm burnt engine oil and stale fuel... I noticed this interesting throttle pedal arrangement on the J suffix BMW, I find quite amusing how despite being floor hinged, it still is just a regular throttle "pedal" underneath swung from above @Six-cylinder pinched my idea on how I use REV when she is at the FoD, and showed up with his own motorised chair! only slightly incongruous @davidfowler2000's 205 was helpfully labelled under the bonnet incase you completely forgot what it was... then it got quite photogenic! need a wider angle lens LOL and many thanks to @mat_the_cat for the not-a-fluorescent tube a fine addition to my collection just have to find a way to light and observe it without sun tanning my eye balls (IE I need to find a piece of regular glass large enough to cover it entirely only problem is its 18 inches long)
  14. very awesome to see you have managed to get a Model 70 at long last! I know you have been wanting one for a long time! she looks good next to Brian and I am very pleased she is staying in the fold! and could not have gone to a better home! and I very much look forward to seeing them both out n about are you sure about this? I seem to remember there being a bag of studs purchased at the time as you say for Dolly, but dont recall them being the right type obviously very happy to be proven wrong here, but Model 70 wheel studs are 3/8th inch BSF on the hub side and standard 3/8th inch UNF 24 TPI (like what you find on a classic mini) wheel side and I have never found anything that was 3/8th inch BSF one one side and 3/8th inch UNF on the other side AFAIK the these wheel studs are bespoke to invalid vehicles (I BELIVE they are also used on Pre Model 70 AC's and maybe Invacars too) I was wondering if you would notice those or not I did a brief write up on them a while back on page 254 which I have quoted bellow but the TL;DR is the hubs @AdgeCutler has are later post production Ministry parts, it seems at some point the Ministry just went right to whoever made hubs for Fiat 500's and went "some of those but in 4 inch PCD please" and thus the strange half moon non-redrilled hub was born its worth noting that later Fiat 500 hubs and indeed a few of the ones you can buy today are the half moon type as well, however since those that AdgeCutler etc have where made from the factory directly to Ministry spec they dont have the unused 4x98 Fiat holes or the brake drum retaining screw holes, they are very much still Fiat 500 hubs, but made directly made in 4 inch PCD rather then 4x98mm PCD and as you say in period they just re-drilled standard fiat 500 hubs (which at the time where fully round with no cut outs)
  15. somewhat unsurprisingly sadly, TF6405 is now back up for sale having simply had its shiny bits polished and punted on for significantly more https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265885674545 registration mark is not really transferable, but sadly im not sure anyone at the DVLA/DVSA know their own rules anymore, so I do fear for this machine! hopefully this time round at least it can find a good home! I noticed the Nelco Solocar finished up at nearly £3K which is a lot for a fairly obscure electric carriage so I do wonder if we are seeing the spillover from that listing?
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