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  1. another update via me for adam as always things on KPL has been progressing with KPLs speedo being installed into her new dashboard (as her original sadly got broken during her stint with @OliD-E) the dashboard was pillaged from GPF274N which is the mostly complete Rolling chassis above, adam did not want to start borrowing bits from it, but had no choice as Dashboards n other such ancillary items like the seat frame assemblies dont grow on trees sadly I like how KPL's speedo is still shiny from when @Zelandeth cleaned it up a couple years ago now a battery was installed and experments with a Jerry can where had turns out jerry cans are not quite the same shape as Model 70 fuel tanks, pretty close tho but most excitingly KPL was made to run again for the first time in a good couple years and the rear engine cover was offered up then returning to fuel tanks, @adam1db found a Stubby but wide 20L (same capacity as a Model 70 tank) Stainless steel Jerry that looks to fit like a glove so the sender unit was lopped out of a duff tank ready to be installed into the stainless steel Jerry can soon hopefully and he also ordered today this nifty Fuel tank pick up, that @Mrs6C found, which he will try and see if he can fit it to the Jerry can to provide a fuel outlet https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402956317954 which just leaves a method of strapping down the tank to figure out, but I think he is either eying up some custom Metal straps or some ratchet straps of some kind the plan is to also to offer the Stubby Jerry can up to REV to make sure it does indeed fit a Model 70 as KPL had to have her entire fuel tank cradle and both front chassis out riggers replaced (as they where hacked off/about during her stint as a Caravan tug), so adam wants to make sure the Stubby Jerry can does indeed fit on a regular "un-messed with" Model 70 (as Adam is trying to work out a fuel tank solution that can be put together relatively easily as he is aware that there will probably be quite a Few Model 70's in need of new fuel tanks eventually) and if it does all fit in REV, to then order up another tank and modify it the same so REV finally has a fuel tank all in all some quite exciting stuff, on seeing KPL run for the first time, and finally some progress on the whole fuel tank situation which has been plaguing us for a good while now!
  2. funny that as theres a Beige Mercedes W123 Estate (complete with matching wheel trims ) that iv seen twice now on my driving lessons curiously once while we where arriving at wanstead, and then today when we where just leaving home am I being stalked by it or something! remains to be seen if I see it again for a 3rd time next lesson...
  3. hmm interesting I want to say that it is some other larger 1950's bulbous saloon car as it looks like it has a chrome bumper and a dedicated number plate cluster/recess if that makes sense where as the AC Acedes, Model 57 and AC Electric Invalid Tricycle, Model 64 do not and also the rear window is mounted too high up in the picture for it to be a Model 57 or Model 64 I think
  4. very pleased to see that things are progressing well with the Moggie I hope you plan to keep the standard but careworn look, I like it like that hopefully for once you can avoid a massive weldathon! (as a side note, @mrbenn im very happy to see your about still I hope all is well ) its worth noting for future reference that you can update vehicle details at the same time you send off a V5 to change it to historic vehicle tax, this saves having to wait for and send off too many V5s etc just make sure you have filled in the relevent sections of the V5 of course with the new/corrected details before handing the V5 to the Post office worker this one I know from first hand experience, because I had to update some details on the V5 of my car so I filled in the relevant changes on the V5 and then I handed the V5 to the post man to also change the tax class to historic vehicle, and all details that I had changed, came back duly updated along of course the tax class change
  5. linked fixed https://www.ebay.de/itm/274512183960 if you want to trim an ebay link all you need is the actual ebay URL then /itm/*item number* and that will you give you a working ebay link which is nice n short and you can use it to change the local of the link so for example here is the UK version of that link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274512183960
  6. whoops my bad, I got the 10th of July 2020 and 29th of Jan 2021 V5's mixed up (thats what I get for writing responses during Autoshite zoom calls!) its the 10th of July 2020 V5 looks to be the Mystery one that I cant yet explain, and its the 29th of the Jan V5 which is the one that I think was issued as per my original post by the DVLA for historic vehicle reasons because it was not Taxed and then SORN'ed until January 2021, which was 6 months after that July 2020 V5 was issued so it looks like the V5 issued on the 29th of January 2021, is the one issued by the DVLA to put the vehicle into the historic vehicle taxation class, after it was taxed for 6 months in the PLG taxation class where as the reason for the one on the 10th of July 2020 being is an unknown (but we do at least know that one was not issued for taxation reasons as the vehicle remained untaxed for a good while afterwards, and not for keeper change reasons) so to clarify the recent DVLA/V5c timeline looks to be: V5c issued, 6th of April 2020, issued because of a Keeper change after 33 years V5c issued, 10th July 2020 issued for Unknown reasons, (no taxation or keeper changes) V5c issued, 29th of January 2021, likely Issued by the DVLA to put the vehicle into the historic vehicle taxation class after the vehicle was in the DVLA's eyes, incorrectly taxed that month in the PLG class for 6 months (side note just noticed this is all on page 23 LOL)
  7. Oh I think you have gotten a bit confused, so heres a quick time line of Ford timelord DVLA developments a V5 was issued on the 6th of April 2020 suddenly, for the first time in about 30 years, and a new keeper showed up, so someone clearly V62'ed (or used the 11 digit number of the previous V5 to do a keeper change) that explains this V5 then suddenly The timelord was SORNed and had a V5 issued on the 10th of July 2020, but No keeper change, now for it to have been SORN'ed it would of have to have been taxed (since a vehicle untaxed since before 1998 cannot be SORNed) and someone else over on @quicksilver's blog spotted that before the Timelord was SORNed it was taxed for only 6 months expiring in July 2021 now you cannot tax a historic vehicle for only 6 months, so someone must have taxed the Timelord in its regular PLG tax class for only 6 months so that then left us wondering at the time what was this 10th of July V5 for if it was not a post office change to historic vehicle (which would of taxed the vehicle for 12 months directly into the historic vehicle class) but now with the info I have learned from tractor exploits it looks to have been issued by the DVLA who issued a new V5 in the historic vehicle taxation class after it was taxed in the PLG class because it was a historic vehicle hopefully this makes sense! and then another V5 was issued Jan 2021, I dont think we know what that one was issued for!
  8. Yeah if the vehicle is SORN then the DVLA wont do anything, but it seems if you tax a historic vehicle in a regular taxation class the DVLA will then go "oh this should be in the historic vehicle taxation class, heres a new V5 with the taxation class changed accordingly" (and I guess they would issue you a refund on any regular tax you paid, but I dont know for sure because the above tractor was null rate even when not in the historic class, so there would be nothing to refund)
  9. currently sitting in the waiting room @Six-cylinder (getting flash backs here to last time LOL)
  10. ah, shit, now you mention that it rings a bell and none of us setup any contingency plans, or even thought to put a post up in this thread did we, (I completely forgot that he mentioned he would not be able to make it, about 5 minutes afterwards! tbh!) its all gone very autoshite all of a sudden LOL
  11. Think I got this figured out finally! it turns out that if you have a vehicle that is over 40 financial years old, and you tax it in a regular, NOT historic vehicle taxation class then the DVLA will actually actively put the vehicle into the historic vehicle taxation class for you and issue a new V5 showing historic vehicle for taxation class accordingly I found this out recently when helping a fellow shitter with a vintage Tractor, and since it was already in a Null rate taxation class as an agricultural machine, we just taxed it as is, seeing no need to put it into the historic vehicle taxation class and create extra chance for V5s to go missing at the post office etc when suddenly a couple weeks later a new V5 in the historic vehicle taxation class showed up randomly and this letter shortly afterwards! so im guessing what happened is, whoever, taxed WGU18G for 6 months in its original Private/light goods taxation class it would of been in from 1989 then someone at the DVLA went "oh this should be in the historic vehicle taxation class" and thus generated the January 2021 V5 (and then it was obviously SORNed at some point) which makes sense given it was Taxed for 6 months only back then, and you cant tax a historic vehicle for 6 monthly only, so it must of still been in the PLG taxation class when taxed hence prompting the DVLA to change it to historic tax for the keeper although this still leaves questions as to what the July 2020 V5 is about as a side note, I cant help but notice that at least 1 of the Daleks from the Video has a Tax disk LOL I cant help but wonder, is that one of the Ford Timelord's old discs, is it a disc for something else, or is there actually a Road registered Dalek out there somewhere
  12. thought the registration number sounded familiar
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