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  1. long shot but none of those memories happen to include what GVW564H's chassis plate looked like if it was missing the government property bit or better yet what its chassis number was? LOL on a more serious note the chap with the Consort has been making continued awesome progress he is hopefully to have it done by next week which is amazing progress! I wonder if the chap he bought it from knows how well its being restored
  2. Yay! I have a picture of GVW564H at long last from here http://humbermuseums.com/stores/curators-choice-invacar/ (yet another writeup that claims they where banned! that will forever haunt us I think LOL) I like its name "Love lingers on" its interesting to hear that it came off the road in 1976, explains why it does not show up on the DVLA today, I wonder if it even made it onto the computer system or not... I also wonder if its a private example or not, they way its talked about makes me think so, I also wonder what prompted its saving, in 1976, the Media was still ac
  3. yall really dont want to know what a duplication Job by a proper fabrication shop like what zels shiny ally tank costs then! LOL (which was the original plan until I learnt the price had gone up because of brexit n stuff) if anyone has any better ideas im all ears but I dont think there are any "plug and play" off the shelf solutions sadly I dont think anyone makes a 20L fuel tank in a Jerry can/Model 70 fuel tank, aspect ratio if that makes sense AFAIK? I do find it amusing/almost comical just how close in shape and size a Model 70 fuel tank is to a Jerry can, you do have
  4. better yet, can you imagine how fast a Dartmaster (name for the marshall refurbished Routemasters fitted with B Serise cummins) would be with 400Bhp LOL
  5. ah thats good to know just figured id post it as it looked pretty good to me, but im happy to let you decide how to go about things as I know you have had far more experience in such matters then I have (and good to know flick up at the rear wont cause problems, as most Jerry cans have that) Oh thats cool, interesting tidbit about the Electric light thing... I have come across that picture before, but I dont think its an AC invalid vehicle, I think its an AC Petite for completeness sake here is a fuzzy picture of the first AC Model 67's being built at apparently AC'
  6. speaking of Model 70's im curious @Zelandeth or @Mrs6C what do you think the suitability is of this Jerry can being adaptable for Model 70 fuel tank duties? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/130840403957 @adam1db brought it to my attention, and it looks quite good, Stainless steel so it wont rust hopefully, screw on cap, and and it already has a little breather thingy and the handles are not part of the main liquid containing bit, so would not be hard to lop off to clear any mounting brackets, although I dont know if the kick up at the back would pose any problems? (a
  7. Ah cool good to know would be fun to recreate some of these shots, @Mrs6C has the Mk12, and knowing how things go, probably not long before she has the locomotive as well! Sadly I think most of the AC's buildings have long since been flattened but a good majority of the Invacar works survives, including the main Invacar MK12 and Later Model 70 production hall the building @dollywobbler visited with TWC was where Production of Pre Mk12's machines took place but was much too small for large scale Mk12 and later Model 70 production so Invacar production relocated to a much l
  8. Fucking amazing! just go out and buy a Lorry for £800 as you do! pretty sure you Have just won autoshite for a good while (side note I like the little window for finding the kerb? that these have ) I am very much looking forward to seeing how get on with this! @Mr_Bo11ox would be proud thats for sure!
  9. this yes all 493cc of it, was fitted with a tow bar and used to shunt caravans around hence the oversized rear wheels to bring the arse up level with the caravans in question
  10. RM1368, victim of an Arson attack that cost it its upper deck (but helped release RM8 into service by releasing RM8 from the role of the Chiswick test bed) (perhaps Mystery car was made out of the remains of the upper deck and haunts enthusiasts to this very day? LOL)
  11. what sort of lighting is inside that? if its got some soviet incandescent lightbulbs or fluorescent tubes installed still please save them for me! I have a dire lack of Soviet/eastern European shite in my lightbulb collection which I really need to sort out and yes its very fitting, given the recent eastern block activity on the forum!
  12. abuse a poor soldering iron and try and plastic weld the bits together perhaps?
  13. so Page 200 and my 8000th post! its amazing just how much Invalid vehicle history and information has been uncovered in these 200 pages, how far things have come, from so little known about them, to fairly detailed info on even some of the Prototypes, and everything in between! and just how many Model 70's (and a few Mk12's) etc I (and some with help of others) have helped ID'ed and or reunited with their V5s etc just off the top of my head MPH759P, XWC468F, XEV88S, OPH868R, TVW4R, KPU147J, MPU382J, NPU156J, ONO454D, GTW614N GPF282N, KPC538P, VJN960S, UOI8850, NPD775L,
  14. Big fuck off drill time? (and a camera to record the hilarity that ensues? ) something like so on a more serious note, as with the Chieftain I have been throughly enjoying your write ups on your progress with this machine keep up the good work! (love that the gearbox looks like a Giant funnel more than it does a gearbox)
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