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  1. quite actually! had a vintage 1Kw HP-T from 1969 that arrived late last night, so the order of the day was setup the gear and get it tested really pleased to have nabbed this, these large vintage clear mercury lamps dont show up often! and is currently my highest wattage clear mercury lamp in the collection (if anyone has an iwasaki H2000B let me know please!) Maximum Power! red hot Quartz cool down then this big old box arrived, containing, you guessed it! more lightbulbs, a pair of also 1000W lamps, metal halide ones this time these 2 infact, one 1980's East German lamp a Narva Nachroma and the other a 1990's~ US General Electric Multi-Vapour lamp which to me provides a very interesting contranst as both are 1Kw Metal halide lamps! but in terms of technical details worlds apart of completely different halide chemistries, but both used for sports stadium lighting it also tickles me that the slim tubular lamp of pretty intriguing technological feat is the European East German lamp, and the large fat bulbous lamp of 1960's middle of the road technology, that was just university used everywhere, is the American one, Autoshite in lightbulbs eh and then to cap it all off I had a frustating battle with a windows 10 Virtual machine some fucking idiot registered QEMU's UUID with Azure Autopilot, so if you spin up a QEMU VM with a recent windows 10 ISO you get stuck here because Microsoft thinks that this "computer" belongs to the organisation in the screenshot and sets it up accordingly... that was a right fucking nightmare to sort, not helped by windows being windows, like dying at the keyboard layout setup, because fuck you thats why... got through in the end but ran out of time to actually do what I wanted to do and all I wanted to do was setup this VM so I could then try and boot it on the Shitty Samsung Q1U Tablet PC I picked up to fuck with for shits and giggles! (its a VM installing to a physical disk) and im going to tag @GrumpiusMaximus because A: so I dont have to suffer this alone, and B: because his user name accurately describes me during all of this LOL it will be interesting to see what they do about it, as it does look like its been reported, but its still such a fucking stupid issue, the fact that someone was dumb enough to enrol a universal QEMU UUID into their Autopilot program.... https://gitlab.com/qemu-project/qemu/-/issues/1428 https://www.reddit.com/r/Windows10LTSC/comments/1075anp/welcome_to_intellek/ so yeah it has been a busy day for me today actually LOL
  2. *zoom in* those are Thorn GCBS integral ballast units like so by 1984 they had been redesigned to a squarer profile with the starter socket on the end like so and the latest reference I can find to the older middle mounted starter socket design is 1980 so that sign body at least dates sometime before 1980 I would say (certainly no later then 1984)
  3. Oh cool! not a picture I have seen before NPC76P is one of the ones that made it right until the end had to double take at the picture because of that, those sorts of surroundings is exactly what I remember of MHJ22P was I was very small! dirty streets of Hackney and this careworn bright blue 3 wheeler standing out among all the 1990's/early 2000s shite do you have a link to where the picture came from? id like to see if I can find a higher resolution shot or any more details about where it was taken! not sure whats happening with REV! last I heard a couple months @red5 was doing battle with the brakes, Stripped, cleaned. Cleaned again. Refitted. Working. Rears again next. Yay. but thats the last I have heard! I have no heard anything since sadly I hope things are not too far away now! or at least sort of update would nice to have so I know where things are at as it has been almost 2 months since I have last had an update! so again would be nice to know where things are at I did also PM red5 about a small thing on REV that I was reminded about at the time, in Mid Jan, but I have not heard anything back on that either! so I hope regardless of REV, everything is alright on his end, I dont know if somethings happened that I am just not aware of or such so again hopefully everything is alright!
  4. I think @busmansholidayhas a few stories just like that which he could tell! the one your referring to I think only got busted because they stuck the plates on a bus of a similar type but different length!
  5. yeah @Harriytait to the Fibreglass Phone please! interesting to see that one of em has a clear portion on the bottom, I guess that would of originally been used in a setup where they had the lights horizontal either side of the number plate I know these lights where also fairly "generic" items like the later Britax ones where, ie these found use on all sorts of machines/trailers/caravans etc! so makes sense like the britax lights they made ones for number plate illumination too
  6. thats why @dollywobbler Driving lessons in Central London are 2 hours long because, in an hour as you sort of say, you would literally never get anywhere! even with 2 hours, during my time taking lessons we would sometimes run out of time by the time we got to the area we wanted to practice whatever it was for that lesson, and just have to turn back around! its where I learnt the satisfaction and frustration of being stuck in a traffic jam, suddenly FINALLY traffic speed picks up and your able to shift into 2nd Gear Woo! thats the satisfying part, then only for traffic to block up again! LOL "ah so much for that! back to crawling along in 1st" the frustrating part! or if you got really unlucky the speed of traffic was right between 1st and 2nd gear, so really had to row back and forth LOL be glad you took the smooth automatic! although I personally still want to see what its like to take a 2CV through London, and how it compares to my time driving a 2CV round the FoD!
  7. fuck thats proper shit! It was only the other day I was looking at it in the picture you put up of the other one you helped collect for a friend and thinking it was a nice car (and had to me a nice registration mark LOL, Surrey registered FTW) it it is interesting to see how its gotten bent out of shape (ahead of the rear wheel) but not even rear hatch glass has popped but regardless of all that I hope you have come out of it intact at least?! and I hope insurance pays out a suitably healthy amount at least!
  8. its not registered as Zero emissions sadly, its (oddly) registered with no emissions data at all, so sadly it comes up as needing to pay ULEZ however if the vehicle does actually meet Euro 4 standards, then you should be able to either get the DVLA record updated and/or at least manually register it with TFL, and then it will become ULEZ free a letter from Volvo or such stating that is Euro 4 compliant should do the trick (for TFL at least)
  9. Not if if I have anything to do with it LOL DDF522Y is registered as an Estate, so its unlikely to be dales car (sadly?) unless the vehicle was registered wrong at some point no scrapped marker however, so regardless of who's car this was, I do wonder if its hiding in a barn somewhere still?
  10. interesting! the one in REV was a short stubby ceramic European type fuse, sort of flat and rectangular (but not as long as a regular torpedo fuse I dont think) I just assumed this was the case because this was part of the Steyr Puch Austrian side of the electrical system of the vehicle so would make sense its not british! so curious to hear yours did/does just take a regular glass fuse lucas! interesting on the wobbly dash, a lot of Model 70's have warped dashes like that, but I always put it to the plastics just warping over time, being exposed to sunlight for 40 years etc! I would not have thought they would have been water sensitive? but its interesting that the indent does line up where it leaks... you can see where REV's dash has also warped a bit, but all her windscreen leaks are on the right where you can see the moss on the floor LOL I think they do just start to go in the middle first... as a side note cant help but note cant help but notice your windscreen wiper is pointing to the right, normally on a production Model 70 they park to the left and indeed an older photo of TPE409S does confirm she used to park leftwards!
  11. awesome to see TPE up and about and tackling trips I just noticed that in the middle of her windscreen strip is some sort of black square? is that just tape to cover the gap where the seal has shrunk or is it something else? yeah if the belt on her currently is of unknown origin/age/milage, its probably not a bad idea to change it preemptively so you are not left stranded on the side of the road when it lets go! (or as you say at least have a spare on hand, with the tools in the car to change it at the road side if needs must, which is in general not a bad thing to have!) also of course worth checking the health of the pulleys while your in that area, make sure they are free of any surface rust, which would shred a belt! (and also of course make sure to check the gearbox and diff oil levels etc etc!) interesting to hear TPE had charging woes, and that they where like REV!, do you have a picture of the old fuse per chance? I was just talking to @Six-cylinder about in the zoom call yesterday, and I was struggling to find an exact example! so would be good to have a picture for reference with REV it was just dirty contacts and me and @CaptainBoom where starting to freeze over and losing light, so we just cleaned it up and bunged it back in (the fuse that is!) before we lost complete feeling in our hands! so I never got any pictures of it then, as im pretty sure I would of dropped it in the dark and down the drain knowing my luck if I did try and fumble and photograph it then LOL also "reverse parking only" you should of drove nose in, to completely fuck the establishment
  12. its never actually been issued a CoD, Scrapped Marker yes, but not a CoD, which makes things a lot easier if someone did want to revive it
  13. haha almost but not quite, tomorrow 1st of February, REV will have been at University for a whole year! but since you bring it up, @red5 how are things going with REV? as it has been a year, a status update or such would be nice hopefully things are going well for once? I mean id like to have her back sometime relatively soon! I have many lightbulbs that need collecting, and places to photobomb! LOL or any sort of ETA so I can try make a plan of things?, I have got a few people asking me if ill be at various events/gatherings and I obviously cant say without knowing when REV will be back
  14. Awesome to see Flo getting out and about! currently the only Electric invalid carriage out and about on the road I think amazing how small it looks in that disabled parking bay! rules for Electric Invalid carriages are the same for Any Invalid Carriage, propulsion type does not change any rules here, and when I say Invalid carriage here I am referring these types and not Mobility scooters (there are 2 sets of rules, and both are all still valid!) but as I have mentioned a few times , one of the big reasons so many (relatively speaking) Electric Stanley Argsons continued to venture on into the 1980's and even 1990's! is because their users did not want to be upgraded a full sized saloon electric machine like a Model 64, they liked their Argsons as they could keep out the way of traffic and be used in a Mobility scooter fashion, as demonstrated here with an Invacar Mk8! keep in mind you cant imagine it above 12Mph, but 12Mph was the top speed of all electric carriages there abouts!, none had motors more powerful than about 1.5Hp and thats again a reason a lot of the people hung onto their Argsons, as a Model 64 is a big old machine in comparison but no faster, so would just be cumbersome inconvenience, this is how the Electric Tippen Delta came to be, as it was the Ministries narrowest full bodied machine, so they chose to electrify it in an a fairly successful attempt to replace the Electric Argson (although as mentioned about 50 Argsons where still about in the 80's! not bad for a 1950's machine with a projected life span of 7 years!, if you search for 1980's Argson or such here on the forum you may find some of my posts with some pictures of long survivors) its worth noting that the Argson also came in Petrol (and hand propelled) form and those could do 40Mph! (the petrol versions that is!) legally speaking at this time Invalid carriages had a legal speed limit of 20Mph, when/if this was ever repealed I dont know... (I cant find any modern reference to it so I do wonder if it was nixed in the end) and Derry Preston Cobb certainly did not give a shit about it! he regularly did silly speeds in his highly tuned Invacar new era (good for up to 70Mph apparently!)
  15. yeah the London Central ones as you say are something different, again never had a good look at one of those sadly! I wanna say those took 13W T5 tubes (21 inches long) but never been able to get a good look at one to verify the RMA's RMC's RCL's (and Northern General RMF's as well as FRM1) all used 20W T12 2ft fixtures, taking the same tube what RM2037's bulkhead advert used (and the smaller tube in the illuminated offside illuminated advert) although the exact layout of these fixtures, who made them etc, where the ballasts where installed, is sadly still unknown, I found some of the diffusers for them for sale at Routemaster 60, but that was about it LOL (and long ago I found myself on an RMA which had a cover missing which let me confirm the tube type, although it was pretty clear from the size/period pictures what it was going to be, still that fixture had a lovely well worn 1970's Thorn tube plodding along still!) I always liked the extra fixture RMCs (and the rest?) had over the upstairs emergency exit, I always thought that was a nice touch but one thing I always found a bit interesting is how pretty much every bus back then, used multiples of 2ft tubes throughout, rather then a simpler neater arrangement of fewer but longer tubes, its not like they did not have the control gear to drive these longer tubes off 24V, as your own Routemaster demonstrated they where able to run 4ft tubes for the offside advert (once again many thanks for grabbing the photos you did of that setup ) so I wonder why they did not do the same for the saloon lighting? I can only assume that lots of small tubes was just a hold over from the tungsten lighting days which of course used lots of small bulbs (being point source light sources mounted low down thats how you do it) which is one of the reasons I am really curious to at least get some interior shots of RTC1 because when that was put together in the late 1940's the range of fluorescent tubes was a lot less, the 5ft 80W Bayonet capped tube was pretty much the only size available, with other sizes only just coming onto the market also while I am at it, I wonder what the last bus to use tungsten lighting was? I want to say that would of been RML2760? did any bus by 1968 still have tungsten lighting? I think every single rear engined bus I have seen has had some form of fluorescent lighting Oh dont say that! now Im going to have to find out details on that as well FFS LOL do you recall any details about it? (any saloon shots anywhere or such?) interesting I always assumed they where in revenue service, I know portable Oyster card readers are a thing, the heritage Routes H9 and H15 (before they where withdrawn, Boo!) used em because they where just ran as extra buses, it just so happened that they where Routemasters and even a few RT's the publics reaction to that was always very fun as the get up in the morning to go to work and get picked up by a 70 year old RT! I always just love it because its proper "heroic" here are these buses 60-70 years old and here they come out once again to don their work boots and save the day not quite the retreat from Dunkirk and all the little fishing boats and what have you, but im sure you get my drift
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