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  1. Awesome to see the serious work being put into the Dolomite makes me very happy to see it get some serious TLC! I look forward to its return to the road in time
  2. Ohh sorry to hear it turned out to be such a ball ache! I do apologise! but also Oh yay to the success part! I was reading that getting dismayed that the job would not have been able to have been done! but thank you (and @Mrs6C ) for persevering through the difficulties and swapping the Tyres out on REV and Dolly! it is very much appreciated and is on big step closer to hopefully getting REV and Dolly on the road (Im guessing the original plan to get them onto hard standing for the tyre swapping was not possible/feasible then? I do see REV has a key in her ignition in one of the photos was an attempt made to start her and move her?) just curious where any pictures taken at all? (I understand if none where due to the difficulty of it all!) and on the same note im guessing due to the unforeseen difficulties that no other work was done to the Model 70s? Thank you once more it is very much appreciated!
  3. I bet that gave @dollywobbler some good old fashioned PTSD flash backs to when he first got TWC! to be fair the workshop manual does tell you where the jacking points are happy to hear everyone had a good time, it really looked like fun from the photographs once again really wish I had someway of getting down their that did not make everyone all twitchy! LOL hopefully the by the time the next FoD gathering roles around I either have some way of avoiding public transport (kind lift from a shitter or such) or it is safe to use it once more! (as I have said before, the ironic thing is if I had REV on the road id be able to make it, good ol Catch 22! *sigh* )
  4. Oh yay! nice to see REV and Dolly some more (I did see in one of the previous photos that something was going on with the pair so Im hopeful some work was done?) (nice to see a computer tower will comfortably fit inside a Model 70, handy to know for the future when I use REV to collect old computers for my computer hobby!) how is REV doing? I see she could do with a good clean but I hope she has not deteriorated too much?
  5. so how big was the ensuing wheely then? (the whole "how do you launch a Model 70" thing goes back to Stuart mentioning in passing that the early Model 70's had so much rear weight bias that apparently you could pop a slight wheely if you launched one hard enough, but then came the question of how do you launch one! I assume he just meant accelerate as quickly as possible in this case) on a more serious note, I noticed while reading your post on TPA's recent trip out on the retro rides forums you mentioned getting the new hub when it arrives drilled out to 4x100 I figured its worth mentioning that the Model 70 is actually 4x4 inch (tho probably worth measuring to be extra safe!), I made the mistake of thinking 4x4 inch and 4x100Mm where the same/interchangeable but someone pointed out that 4 inches is 101.6Mm and that does make a difference from what I have been told/read just figured id mention as with something like this I rather be safe and state the obvious then sorry!
  6. so how many times can I complain about not being able to make it before it starts becoming excessive? LOL but im very happy to see everyone there looks to be having a good time (Just wish I could be a part of it!)
  7. if your near heathrow you wouldn't be able to swing by Hackney East London and pick me up and take me there and back would you?
  8. oh yay! very happy to see TPA is out and about once more and is not trying to turn herself into a Greeves Motorcycle! (although that would more be @BlankFrank Invacar going by XWC's DVLA page LOL) yeah that would be awesome! (and also make me even more grumpy that I cant make it LOL) maybe finally get them all in a line now that REV is not snapping her throttle cable, for a game of Autoshite football finally (that is the Model 70's on the side of the pitch watching Autoshitters play football, not actually playing football with Model 70's and a giant inflatable ball!) and im sure @beko1987 and co would be happy* to valet TPA for you
  9. haha, its cool to see in use! and blimey you where not kidding when you said the defuser was yellowed! I would have removed it to allow the 80% of light output it was blocking to actually escape the fixture LOL I do look forward to playing it with it measuring its specifications, a lot of these low voltage DC, 12-24V fluorescent fixtures have ballasts that dont run the tubes at full current and will often munch tubes because of that but the comercial stuff like the advert illumination on and in @Yoss's Routemaster did use proper ballasts that drove the tubes are full current or pretty close to it or if nothing else at least provide separate cathode heating so the discharge current no longer matters, supplying separate cathode heating is also how you dim a fluorescent tube for those wondering , because the most important thing to the proper operation of a fluorescent tube is making sure the cathodes are at the correct temperature, normally this is done by the current flowing from and into the cathodes through the discharge so it is imperative that the discharge current is kept at the appropriate value, however if you heat the cathodes on their own with their own correct current source like an old school vacuum tube, then the discharge current can be anything you want since it is no longer responsible for keeping the cathodes heated as well (but the discharge current is what controls the brightness of a fluorescent tube, so vary that and you vary the brightness of the tube, hence if you keep the cathodes heated you can lower the discharge current and as a result dim the fluorescent tube!) so it will be interesting to see where this one lies!
  10. so had my first driving lesson again after about 4 months finally pleased to say it went pretty well! it really is as they say like learning to ride a bike you never forget! I did find the face mask made my glasses steam up more then one of @JimH's wagons but luckily I dont need my glasses to drive (yes they do correct my vision to a degree but I can thankfully still easily read a number plate from 20 meters away for example without them!) so I took off the glasses and all was good so ill just leave them at home next lesson speaking of which thats on Tuesday where will see how I do with manoeuvres once more! today was just driving around to make sure I was back in the swing of things, which as mentioned went well (I did not regress in any way etc) not sure how many more lessons I "need' but I think we are more or less just waiting for DVSA to send that email for choosing a slot for my test this also my 6000th post Woo! (and this was my 40th lesson, although the latter is probably not something to be celebrated LOL) so have a picture of the queen looking at Stanley Argson electric wonder which one it is/what its reg is, it has Teddy bear indicators so its quite likely a later one, or at least one that survived in service long enough to have them fitted and heres some bonus pictures, of someone learning to drive in theres! and another for the buses and Invacars montage (reg is YVX289L if its hard to make out)
  11. Hey REV is Taxed and insured (and MOT exempt) so if you have that type of insurance that covers you to drive other vehicles (and if you have experience driving a Model 70!) then if you can get REV road worthy then your more then take her to get Fish and Chips, single seater so you dont have to worry about passengers, the ultimate in social distancing (and most importantly theres still a parcel shelf to put said bag of fish and chips)
  12. ohh wheel movement! exciting! so when are you going for a drive I know id find it very hard not to! has also just given me a silly idea on how one could "launch" a Model 70 (in a drag racing sense not off a cliff!) since you cant dump the clutch or slam it into drive like you can in a normal car, but you could have someone jack up the rear, then you stick it in drive, rev the tits off of it, then drop the car to the ground LOL (tho I have to wonder would the centrifugal clutch just slip or would it just stall before things get going/the tyres break traction) ill leave that for someone else to try!
  13. funnily enough I binged watched a whole bunch of PCA episodes on youtube recently theres one youtuber who recorded them to DVD from the telly instead of to VHS, so they are actually somewhat better quality then most of the uploads out there from what I have seen heres his capture of the liver run for example (shame the police stop episode on the liver run is not on youtube im curious how it compares) indeed spotting all the old chod in them has been quite fun! (one thing I noticed is they only tend to blur the number plate of the car committing an offence etc so I have to wonder if that Model 70 driver got slapped with a bus lane fine or something as thats what they where talking about in general during that scene... LOL)
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