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  1. Better than new is SUCH an understatement. Compare thrown together with painstakingly restored to standards way exceeding a 1970s plant quality controllers wildest imagination. Utterly fabulous.
  2. There’s snow on the moor which might not come through on the pic too well right in the background, but absolutely nothing on the street (western edge of Dartmoor on devon Cornwall border)
  3. The acclaim turbo that an aftermarket company produced also later did* a styling and engineering proposal in conjunction with IAD for an MGised and blown rover 200 series- an MG 1300T *did not
  4. And also saved a small child from a jackknifing HGV.
  5. I’m a bit confused, I thought originally all T4 bonnets were painted mat black by the factory? Lovely purchase. Looks very original and a great colour. It’s the sort of colour these get repainted in as it’s nicely retro. Our original buyer was a canny chap in 2000. Do you know much about the first owners?
  6. I naturally expected it to be on some OEM or possibly aftermarket alloys. It’s still got the placca trims 👀
  7. Unbelievable! Hope your ok. What luck man.
  8. I see @Rusty_Rocket already pondered this, but what about an early T5 ? I quite like the look of them, but know nothing about them. (HTH) x
  9. Fleet news. @worldofceri collected the London taxi this morning off to its next shiter owner. The Jag went to a supermarket, where it was crapped on by a seagul. Apparently Bill Lyons often used to insist on viewing a styling exercise away from the factory, in the grounds of his house (wappenbury hall IIRC) to test it out in natural light. I recon the bird crap test is also valid. If a car still looks good with bird shit on the bonnet then the stylist done good.
  10. Blimey, I’m pretty sure the high top extension on those LDV 400s is fibreglass.
  11. ^ I nearly bought one of those that was an automatic. Quaint but it felt a bit pointless
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