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  1. Wonder what the wing mirrors are off. Apart from the plates it’s got a bit of a period 90s vibe.
  2. Sorry to hear about the bump! The price that was quoted doesn’t surprise as I would imagine they would factor in all adjoining panels to avoid a colour mismatch and soon the labour mounts up. Terrible colour for that, but suits the car well!
  3. Looking forward to progress. Will you maintain the “oily rag” aesthetic? Like with old buildings or antiques it’s an interesting Aesthetic challenge to decide what to do, and what not. Lovely.
  4. Parked next to a same colour Berlingo today. What’s the colour? Needless to say mine is the one that has been driven into several immovable objects and run into the ground by the PO.
  5. That’s the trouble with long running fora and the tendency for an echo chamber to develop. Oh hang on But seriously To me a consumerist mentality I’m ok with and make do and mend one as well, each to their own (forum)
  6. Nice one! All the car anyone would ever need. Even the facelift ones are like an oil painting knowing what was in store later on.
  7. Possibly posted already BUT for hastily and imaginatively conceived wiper linkages look not at carefully considered production passenger vehicles but off the hoof sports prototypes with curvy windscreens - 512 Ferrari and porsche 908.x and 917 prototypes I’m looking at you
  8. You’ll have to ask our fellow forum old ford restoration wizard.
  9. This. Plus a sub par engineering job on the oil feed to the turbo, no service history and a very hard 13 years of duty. That is the cold reality of true, end of life autoshite; Take your pic.
  10. Soooo the injector is now gas tight thanks to my local PSA place. The thing is that this 1.6 hdi feels flakey. Uneven when starting and quite smokey at times. Noisy too. It’s not their finest hour apparently this 1.6 unit. Anyway before I write it off I’m hoping a glow plug change sorts the lumpy running when cold. I also decided to dismantle the Electricalky controlled EGR valve - I disassembled it and a spring and a few parts pinged out of it. After cleaning and reassembly it promptly went into limp mode and wouldn’t rev. I broke my Berlingo! OBD interrogation reveals many many fault codes related to my EGR work. I’ve ordered a new Valeo (oem) replacement. Yes I feel stupid. Hopefully the glow plugs and a new EGR will help. It just feels like it’s going to let go on me this abused berlingo, just a Gut feeling. Watch this space. Ps please note the 14 inch Nissan (micra?) trim I found in a moorland hedge and promptly fitted. Pushing the boat out.
  11. I guess it depends on if has an agreed value of x. Curious this association of car and celebrity. Years ago I had a look around a Range Rover carawagon with a view to buying; firmerly owned by Mr J Saville it turned out . It wasnt priced higher because of its celebrity connections Back then , but I wonder today what effect the connection would have.
  12. Great buy! Love the originality, especially its original reg. So nice to see. IIRC Michael Sedgwick in My falling to bits classic cars 1945-1970 refered to them as “retired colonel type transport” Hence I do hope you grow an impressive moustache for deployment after recommissioning.
  13. Went to pick up the Berlingo after having an injector seal sorted to find this parked next to mine....
  14. Does Mrs Spart do car names? I’d find it hard not to call it Tim, even though I don’t do car names! Ps thank God it’s not red. Most cars’ fate is to be scrapped. For an MGB it’s to become tartan red +/- fake walnut dash.
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