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  1. @RobT has a tasty looking GSI saloon a while Back.
  2. Apparently axe saw the maestro and thought OH SHIT as the body in white has been finalised; game over. There was still an amount of mild tweakery that could be done with montego. Either way both have CLASS running right through them.
  3. I’m a bit of a Maestro/ montego e bay watcher. I think the rate of attrition has been very high; Usually if it’s an estate it’s a “countryman” diesel with rotten sills, arches and bonnet, in a field.
  4. That’s great that montego,love it! My ultimate montego crush has to be a 2.0 VDP EFI Estate, red with grey leather. OOF indeed -kwk and even the number plate font place it as “works” registered- After being shipped up from Cowley.
  5. Nice car, they seem immune to rust! How about the tyres, Alain?
  6. Might be worth checking the top hose carefully- someone may have fitted an inline stat (one they had lying about that would fit from another vehicle) which is playing up despite your mb one behaving normally. Long shot - and more common where the factory stat location is somewhere hard to get to (not the case here but otherwise I’m all out of ideas)
  7. Looking at the rad it’s a standard one too, i had a 200 non air con estate and I used the part numbers for a larger full depth/ width rad from a car with air con by chopping the alloy feet the smaller rad is sat on and using the matching cowling to the cooling fan. Even that did not over cool the car at speed; despite the aircon spec rad being loads bigger (I think as the air con rad is usually sat in front of the engine rad and obstructs airflow)
  8. Tony Hancock? He had a 50s 300sl gullwing so was a bit of a Merc fan.
  9. Ahsan

    hi, i am interested in the Rover. will take it at asking. 

  10. HMC

    Harrison's Garage

    Nice collection, covers lots of bases! The 300td brings back memories of my own, which I used to regularly drive to Germany in 2010-2013 ish. My fave is the mini though, so refreshing to see one that hasn’t been made into a faceless cooper replica.
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