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  1. Looks like some sort of “street magic” thing / early David Blaine. Great idea!
  2. I liked the Sabine program although I would have liked to listen to more about her motorsport career as well (2x winner of the ‘ring 24hr race for instance)
  3. I remember yours, wasn’t it ex @worldofceri and it had a colourful end? Looks a lot tidier than mine!
  4. I drove the 280 today and held it in 2nd and 3rd along some favourite roads. Verdict- much more body roll than a w210 but also a far more satisfying wail at higher revs.
  5. Yes, that’s the one!
  6. £8k mid life crisis cars 1. tvr chimera 2. Vauxhall monaro 3. mr2 with Ferrari “replica” kit
  7. Final episode of series - sports cars. Will it be a new car wish list or a buy used cars and give them abuse on a road trip?
  8. All tastes catered for at a local village garage dead car park....
  9. I had to move the cars about so decided to to a Mercedes estate face off.
  10. Dodging everything else, I sense it may be a round about push back against overt moderation. If certain rules are implemented, they can and should be applicable universally. Without the rules there would be no pushback? Iam probably wrong. I’m more of a bemused bystander these days.
  11. It was still going until a couple of years ago, the landlord used to have a DB7 in the 00’s so possibly the same owner as was then.
  12. Excuse me whilst I have a crisis! iM sure @Junkman had one of these. (the ford, obvs) Is that the same model that features in a car chase in Terminator? Even more WANT
  13. Smoother going in the e280. The cable from the pedal to the throttle body linkages is quite twisty, and all the linkages were stiff; which made the pedal quite stiff, jerky and annoying. The number of separate components and joints is either a work of art or engineering complication for the sake of it. Or maybe a bit of both? It can be a bit of a thing with these- a hard accelerator pedal feel but it’s now transformed; cleaning and lubricating all linkages and pivots did the job. It’s on the Official MB service schedule hence I suspect that was last done A Very Long Time Ago
  14. It’s an interesting title - as statistically every mass made vehicle Is exceptional if it’s not scrapped after 15+ years.
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