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  1. Lovely! I’d be tempted to leave it just like that to add to the sleeper/ pub landlord vibe.
  2. Great! I knew of this after @BorniteIdentity put a link up for it. Love it, especially like the look of the later models with the front bumper with the deeper chin to it like this one.
  3. Agreed that’s a decent replica e. For extra points swap the kent alloys for those period chromed steels; like the v12s, or chuck an older plate on it. Weirdly I feel a set of chromed wires would make it look more trying too hard/ fake. Having not red as the colour also helps avoid looking like it’s trying too hard which is always the risk with replicas.
  4. HGV driving this week. This was done by the old trio (Clarkson got into hot water by referring to murdering prostitutes) A bit lighter in tone tonight.
  5. Been using the pickup and marvelling at how Un rotten it is. Minimal rustproofing and paint , and in quite a few places no seam sealer even. 45 Californian years have helped a lot. The British climate is a force to be reckoned with and would soon start dissolving the body. I cleaned up things with a wire brush and as it is all so clean I decided to take inspiration from the underbody prep that @TripleRich did on his Granada. After wire brushing and panel wiping I painted some por 15 over the panels. Where there is no seam sealer I will apply some tiger seal with a scotchbrite pad and then after preparing the surface use some upol gravitex stone guard and pump the box sections with wax. I’m doing it in sections, Its a slow steady process but it’s very therapeutic!
  6. Lots of opinions. Lots of rational explanations. Ultimately all of that noise means nothing, just like my opinion. If your like me you only use these sort of threads to validate your own feelings hence if so I think you should and will buy it. And why not. We are a long time dead, it’s all a bit of fun in the end.
  7. From the factory, yes. It’s now got a 305. A lot of noise and a bit of power
  8. My Speedo now works and the needles are visible as I’ve repainted them, but the clock plastic didn’t respond to toothpaste, so maybe a headlamp polycarbonate renovation kit now needed? Californian summers x45 take their toll on interiors
  9. Just doing the school run
  10. HMC

    new collection

    The shadow played an old Jedi mind trick on the vendor
  11. HMC

    new collection

    The force is strong in The Shadow
  12. That monty is ace. Love it. I’ve given up hope of finding a Vdp estate - that’l do as it’s got wood. WOULD.
  13. That’s it- you’ve put it better than me; there’s just a bit more substance behind the antics. Clarkson had a long period as a general and motoring journo, and more of a conventional motoring program background as well as more of a general interest in and knowledge of the world. A bit more substance behind things; and perhaps more involvement in ideas and content?
  14. I thought it was a bit familiar. Agreed re production values. Maybe they are on a tighter budget these days? I like the new team but for me the original 3 are more of a satisfying mix to watch. I think even though the original 3 could be very daft as well it was underpinned by cleverness, whereas the new 3 are not, Harris aside. The balance has changed.
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