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  1. i think it may have sliding rather than winding side windows by the looks of it- overall the vibe of a home brew bitsa from a shed owner with a post war Hudson fixation.
  2. Circa 1971 - Is a cobra now just over twice the price of an xk140? That xk is still about- still the same colour but has lost the rear spats and gained the inevitable chromed wire wheels. Perhaps with a bigger market to draw on and smaller numbers, a genuine Shelby cobra now seems about 700k and an xk140 dhc about £125k.
  3. Sierraman is actually a novelist and poet AICMFP
  4. Whenever I hear people talk of “the market” I immediately picture Quentin Wilson. Need to lay off the car mags.
  5. A triumph loving friend of mine recons whilst stags have appreciated in recent times, the tr models (especially the 4/5 ) have come down a bit lately from what admittedly were dizzying highs
  6. Where to begin? I’ve always liked them, even as a small child. Plus there’s that noise. Mind you the few where I grew up were rotting on driveways , as cast off daily drivers waiting to be scrapped. At university in Leeds there were about 5 that were used by students, including a girl i unsuccessfully tried to chat up, who had a peat brown one. I had a few once I was able to run a car. Always fun, and over time the good and not so good ones informed be of my ideal age and spec, and in particular where they like to dissolve. So I like the 4 doors. I like the later engines, but I also like clap hands wipers and if possible an original old style reg. SO unless it’s a modded one, your looking about 62-64ish. Moon on a stick. Anyway one came up in Cornwall, in basically my ideal spec. It’s a ‘63 and a deluxe - I think- as it has a heater (!) The luxury! Anyway here it is; I bought it off a lovely elderly couple who took a shine to me as their son and I share the same first name… I felt like I was buying a family pet
  7. Collection mission- Take one throwback to the good old days…. And head west into Cornwall to another (much older) one.
  8. HMC

    Criminal Shite

    That’s prisoner FF 8282; the lord archer of Weston super mare.
  9. Rover p6 3500 @Junkman (assuming the brakes are in fine fettle obvs)
  10. Yes that’s correct re clarkson. On I player now is a vast array of top gear episodes including episode 1 of the new format from 2002. The studio looks a bit odd and unresolved, and the first item is clarkson on a booze buying road trip in a Berlingo. He was impressed and at no stage was a piano dropped on a BL product.
  11. Like the corgi porsche 917. Looks to be based on the lethal ‘69 long tail.
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