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  1. I did- well it basically just had a list at the bottom of the page in question that was visible- but it brought a sense of community to a visit and for the curious who also was reading posts at 3.40am!
  2. It’s so hard for me to treat what probably is an end of life vehicle as such. Im browsing better sliding doors on e bay for the vito( the current door inner shells have rusted out completely on both sides and the panels flex when the runners slide past their detentes.) Ive also been wire brushing and painting with zinga bits of surface grot on the underbody. STOP IT!!!
  3. I’m wondering if a lot are circa 1975- that would explain a possibly new mgb jubilee and a then new camargue with factory demonstrator -tu plates
  4. My mistake, actually yes I think that “trx” had odd pop up lights and look d even worse.
  5. Brilliant! IIRC that cigar/blimp shaped brown convertible was the standard triumph md’s idea of a sports car (a prototype) until others told him to get fucked and the tr2 came about instead.
  6. Hard to tell if the mgb gt jubilee surrounded by bl Chod is a dealer display or a club stand- superb.
  7. crompton electricar! 7 tonnes of battery, 3oz of car. Love these, thanks for sharing
  8. Utter shit heap of a Mercedes Vito popular with hmc_jrs. As they are bilingual they know only too well the meaning of ROST
  9. Life is short- everything will pass. It shows ingenuity and engineering brains. Love it.
  10. HMC

    Stance hilarity

    It must be stressful in the extreme to be pulled up like that etc but the issue seems to be if you are drawing attention to yourself, you are drawing attention from the public and the authorities- stealth is the way to go if you want to avoid attention.
  11. HMC

    Stance hilarity

    Whatever the legal ins and outs, driving through a country like that with such strict regulation of their MOT equivalent is naive and foolish. I Drove a UK triumph spitfire through Germany a decade ago and my (German) passenger’s sphincter was twitching (probably my driving) but also because we had minilite replica alloys on it which may have been considered verboten. Obviously the modification was more low key but also we were not back slapping and congratulating ourselves and posing for photos.
  12. Can’t access desktop from my phone- I can’t see at a glance who is online which I now realise brings a sense of community to a visit. Would it be possible to have a list of members/ users viewing at the bottom on the mobile version? (dare I say like the only other automotive forum I visit)
  13. I don’t know a huge amount about it, and “elvis” (real name Martin) doesn’t know I’ve put it here, but it seemed a good price to me and worthy of letting you lot know! He used to go camping with his son, but his son is now grown up.
  14. That would look great next to meg!
  15. Brilliant! can do attitude and some good engineering brains, perseverance etc voila!
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