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  1. I’ve been meaning to take a pic of this for over a decade. I knew the spot (a38 on the run toward Bristol airport from m5) I’d passed by last in about 2011. It’s dissolved a bit more, but it was still there, now with a companion........
  2. Excellent, top work and an iconic bit of speccing from the first owner; that’s fantastic to see its survived.
  3. I thought the chintzy pearl white and ruched tan leather set the tone nicely 😆
  4. After some encouragement from myself my Russian ms_HMC has purchased a JDM yo Nissan Elgrand to cater for the massess of offspring we are jointly responsible for. Apologies for crummy photos! Naturally I insisted it should have the 3.5 v6.
  5. Nice one! Oddly and by coincidence I came across a relative in Tesco this week...
  6. Funnily enough I was looking for a yellow lupo (Partly inspired by @bunglebus) but the one I found was a good price but was quite far away and had “worn drivers door hinges” which put me off but I later read that is a thing on those. Anyway rather predictably boredom set in . It worked for a start. Plus I was looking at it being my only car until some business arrangements come to fruition. I’m eyeing up a bit more of a substantial classic purchase autumn time. Maybe a p4 rover. So man logic determined I needed a bigger car, as it was my only car (Perhaps like the e class merc I had recently sold ....) Anyway continuing the odd number of cylinders themeI’ve moved from three to five. It sounds a lot better (not hard) ; it’s a lot smoother (not hard) and also uses more fuel (also not hard) It also has exterior design by a man from Northumberland, even though it draws heavily from the Company’s very heavily Swedish corporate identity..... 2.5 5cyl 20v manual. It’s not a quick as it sounds, but it sounds amazing. So I will forgive it that. This is the first 5cyl estate since my w123 300d. This is faster, less rusty, but equally in its own way a product of a distinct and individual design and engineering practice. But never mind that, it just sounds great!
  7. Exciting times! Looking forward to the start vid. Minors have an exhaust system that makes a lovely overrun parp.
  8. It will also be one in the uk that’s rust free, for 10 minutes at least. Have a safe trip, sounds like a lovely road trip in the making.
  9. HMC

    E Class Merc

    Export might be a good route for it.
  10. IIRC the earliest ones didn’t even have a boot lid as such. MINGEBAG.
  11. I read somewhere that they fitted the larger one to a mkX and it circulated around the Mira banking at a very high speed, and trounced the 4.2 xk in a comparison
  12. At times there was a disconnect between what the market wanted and what was developed- I suspect issigonis thought that they didn’t know what was good for them whilst in the later years that he had a key role in directing product development.
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