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  1. Love the interior details. I remember being taken for a spin in one by a friends uncle in about 2001. Almost new 225 model. I loved the performance but Also the attention to detail and quality touches and overall design. Everything you touched was either brushed aluminium, soft touch, wrapped in leather or heavily damped. Yes I think I now need a cold shower.
  2. A work of sculpture
  3. Taking aside any of the specifics the tone of the responses and the signing off Halfords reference shows poor people skills, if they wanted it resolved in a few a messages as poss- a barbed and combative reply to a complaint is not ideal. It’s their business but my way or the highway seems to be the tone.
  4. I’ve used them for a gothic larger pre 63 plate On an S type I had and they were good all round. I do agree that that response feels a bit off to my mind and also an element of scoring an own goal if that is publically viewable. The problem is in general historic plates are usually bought by people that care about their vehicles and what goes on them- it’s not a cheapo quick front plate to satisfy the mot. Edit- Reading it again it sounds like he’s has taken offence at the feedback from the customer and that has been a barrier to him resolving things.
  5. I decided to have a late 90s BTCC sticker on the back window. Nissan had a primera in the series for several years, plus as we know at times it could be very elbows out, which given that this primera has had a tap up the back seems appropriate .
  6. I do agree re those focus hard top convertibles. Styling looks awkward although I’m sure not as awkward is it will soon look.
  7. Rental cars in Cyprus today. I sense destruction ahead as they seem very old for hire cars.
  8. Is that the ex- @garycox ghia estate? I’ve liked that ever since I saw it (I think) at shitefest bubble car museum (I forget the year) great car!
  9. Also- all my fleet are double digit prefix numbers . Dollywobbler approved.
  10. Been using the ‘99 primera 2.0 as my daily. You don’t have to make allowances. It just all works, and works well. The things you touch and the sounds you hear that perhaps clinic well with VAG products were probably not spoke highly of when new. But the secret is that they stand up well to use and remain in full working order 21 years on. Respect. Plus it’s actually good fun to drive.
  11. When you look at that side on shot- they’ve still got a bit of a concept car/ wow factor. They look more taut and purposeful that the successor- which maybe technically a better car (?) but looks lardy by comparison.
  12. Nice one, good preventative maintenance just before winter! Love the alpine head unit- it looks right at home- maybe similar vintage?
  13. I did buy a car once where the po was furious that the inlet manifold gasket supplied and then fitted by himself was the wrong one and wasn’t fitting properly; I had a look (I’m hardly an expert ) but could see it was fitted upside down/ back to front. Easily sorted and not safety critical at least.
  14. An Alfa 166! Looks familiar 😀
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