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  1. HMC

    Sainsbury's Archive

    Unsure what the benefit to sainsbury is in their decision to put live bits of their archive but for me this is idea/link/thread of the year. The mundaneness of the subject matter as it happened is a window to another time.
  2. HMC

    Sainsbury's Archive

    Blown away by all the brilliant pics. Very addictive!
  3. HMC

    Sainsbury's Archive

    Gloucester, “1970s”
  4. HMC

    Sainsbury's Archive

    1974, 1986- Liverpool Street, islington
  5. HMC

    Sainsbury's Archive

    Just Idly browsing here, Bristol 1996
  6. HMC

    Sainsbury's Archive

    Think it’s a Fiat 131. Great pics thanks for the link! edit- sorry just realised it was the pic below; I recon some sort of daf too
  7. Top bombing! I Found the seating/ driving position odd on these as well;it’s the only car I’d ever owned where I couldn’t quite get things set up to my satisfaction, I like being quite close to the controls despite my height so it wasn’t anything related to the long arm short leg thing older Italian cars are accused of.
  8. In 2002, having passed my test 5 years earlier but having only just gone from a pushbike to a car, I drove my very rusty 1966 Morris minor from Leeds to London. It never missed a beat that car, although the brakes were never very good. I remember arriving at Piccadilly Circus and being both proud and relieved.
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