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  1. I sold it locally- it was smoking at warm idle, i decided to change the crankcase breather to aim for a cheap fix but it made no difference. I decided to bail out before committing to anything more.
  2. I did go back to new top gear episode 1- 2003 ish - you can see the format developing. The ‘hangar’ only has about 20 people in and clarkson goes on a trip to france in a berlingo.
  3. At least toward the end of the clarkson era, rather than costing them it was their biggest global money spinner, possibly explaining why those concerned kept wanting to have more seasons laid down.
  4. I spent last week slithering around on front tyres that had no right to belong on a car with a ticket. I decided to go for some all season covers. My budget disnt stretch to cross climates, as this is a banger, but Nankang’s cheaper version had decent enough reviews, so they were fitted a few days ago. I got a bit more confident pushing the car- which revealed something else- limp mode. Turns out full boost is quite pokey, but if you stray over 3500rpm it cuts the boost until you restart the engine. There isnt much point visiting those rpms, but every so often i like to get diesel cars properly hot and cane them about in my shiter version of an italian tune up. Anyway, some more detail of the dodgy bits… 3 alloys on my wagon (!) Wonderful paint job- why bother? But despite all that its a nice steer and STILL* my only car at present *3 weeks in or something like that
  5. Not a lot of news to report, the only vehicle on the much reduced fleet in this 215k passat Its got very little (ie none) history, but the front suspension isnt knackered, it doesnt fill with water and all the door locks work. So as a banger b5 goes its not bad. I quite like the dark green. A fastidious* former keeper has replaced the drivers door, from a blue one, then done no prep and rattle canned the door; so the paint is flaking off when you touch it. Bad match anyway. Rocking the banger vibe. Its one of the “highline” models so you get heated leather. it also has circa 2003 sat nav And it still works! although not updated so things that were industrial units/ petrol stations on the map are sometimes now housing estates. So this has gone steadily down the food chain until it has been userped by the b6 as the banger passat of choice. But with the TDI PD AWX lump in it its practical, swift, economic and from the era of possibly the apex of turbodiesel development. feels a long time ago! For some reason i find these very comfortable and very relaxing to drive so i just cruise about everywhere guided by my vintage “road navigation system”
  6. Im a big fan of the TG concept but although watchable, im not mourning the loss of the current set up. I player and the old trio works for me better.
  7. Introducing carry on to a Russian Lady Verdict: lost in translation
  8. A service presumably 😂
  9. New vehicle* acquired *1:18
  10. Good spot re the -NO cossie. i remember watching the RAC rally coverage on top gear in the early 90s and one of the works escorts was road registered -NO (k***hno ) iirc Funny the things that stay with you.
  11. Ive been pottering about this last week in a tatty b5.5 passat. Its got nice heated leather and the pd 130 engine. I havent bothered with many photos as you all know what they look like .
  12. Plexiglass nose so IIRC an early model
  13. Buy well and sell well and its basically free (or even a net gain) Or at the beater level- buy for as little as possible, try to spend no money on it other than fuel and then weigh it in.
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