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  1. It’s always interesting to speculate in situations like this was the seller ignorant and unaware of the issues or were they trying their luck; it’s a fair trek. How did they react if or when you fed back your findings?
  2. I had a pre production 75, some of the interior trim bits had been cut by hand and the body pressings around the boot/ rear screen were not very accurately welded or seam sealed leaving little gaps in odd places; so when I bought it it was a swimming pool; easily sorted mind.
  3. It’s also a “shadow line” either by factory or by subsequent owner; chrome is satin black
  4. That pillar kink in the teaser shot could only be a BMW. E39 with problems? If we are playing bingo with my previous ones it will be tired cooling system, worn bushes and (528 so I recon SLS) rear Suspension. I could write a book on how not to buy one x3.
  5. HMC

    Sainsbury's Archive

    @keef coldhams lane ill have a look over ones I’ve posted for more maxi/ 1800s
  6. THE NEWS the pound has been stolen by people in a montego
  7. I think I remember reading that they trialled a 4.5 in a mkX around the time of its development/launch and it lapped around the high speed bit of Mira at a rate of knots until the tyres gave in.
  8. Deffo . Readers cars; owner must have centre parting and oasis t shirt.
  9. I guess it depends how these vehicles are stored in this hypothetical hoard: assuming worst case - a field I assume it depends if fuel and or oil contaminate the water table. Then how you view other vehicle constituents in their decomposition and if and how that affects the site. Good point.
  10. Odd as it sounds but those people that hoard loads of cars and do nothing with them (ie leave them to rot and we all say what a shame) are probably the most environmentally sound as they block people from driving (polluting) with them, yet avoid the material and energy costs of reprocessing mixed waste scrap. They also prevent them being restored and used (more raw material consumption and pollution later ) Large numbers of cars frozen in stasis. Once in a while they might flog a few spares from their vast bank that keep another older car from the crusher; and the resultant reprocessing. Yes IMO basically the hoarders are the most environmentally sound older car people on a purely dispassionate level.
  11. Great thread! A near neighbour had one of those galant Sapporos. I remember being blown away by some sort of “active ride” it had ; which apparently although ambitious wasn’t all that good!
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