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  1. Ipswich is never necessary. BorniteIdentity (Born Ipswich, 1982)
  2. The TriggsterMC is away atm - but the last remarks made about his "East Coast Retros" club resuming meets was it's practically impossible. The pub (for track and trace) need the details of everyone who visits. This would be easier to manage with ShiteFest than 700 turning up on a school night - but still a challenge. It would be infinitesimally easier on private land, much like the FoD.
  3. I tried repeatedly - over the course of about three weeks - to buy that car at the end of last year. The seller was a friend of a friend, but he just kept giving me bullshit about “not sure I wanna sell it m7” and “got someone else interested”. Despite having laid some serious pipe into one of my friends over the course of several months, he wasn’t helping me out. I now suspect he knew it was pretty ripe and didn’t want to sell it to someone he knew. Fair enough I guess, but I wish he’d just said! Hope someone here takes it on - but looks like it’ll need revitalising and a tickled undercarriage.
  4. The great thing about Minis is you can buy absolutely bloody everything - and pretty cheap. Total parts cost for getting mine on the road was probably £300 excluding new tyres. Not bad for something off the road for twenty years. You'll be grand - keep us posted!
  5. Telford - lots of old shite lying around and delivery available. Dodgy Tom??
  6. Success! Nearly!! The plan for this afternoon was to get the old bumper irons out and assess the situation. They came out in about 2 minutes once I realised that they bolt in from the boot, not underneath. Hurrah. Props to Mrs Identity who had to hold the boot open as the gas struts are fucked and new ones are No Longer Available. Well, actually they are but they’re in the garage and I haven’t been arsed to fit them yet. It’s only been 2 years. M8 Bolts were fine to reuse (wasted £4 there) and I found another bumper clip in the boot (£3.50 wasted there) Approximate fitting up stage. Remembered to pull the wiring through before it was too late and then started winding in the bolts. Yes, that is a 24v RR and yes I’m fully aware how fucking big it is. But. No matter what I do, I can’t get the cunt (second time this year I’ve used that word) to sit straight. Took it all off again and did the bolts in a different order but it won’t play the game. I’m wondering whether one of the arms is bent slightly further down, or whether I could do with slightly longer bolts to wind it up. It doesn’t look to be fouling anywhere, although I did have to hammer the metal flange (fnar) on the offside rear so the end of the bumper would sit flush. So, we’re about an inch adrift which is perfectly in keeping with the bASe but quite annoying. As my old boy says “a blind man would be pleased to see it” but I’m not happy. Still, fortuitously, the “good side” is fine. So let’s just end on that positive!
  7. You've not seen his forecourt. There's also a G reg Nissan Sunny and a W plate Corolla.
  8. That's tremendous. I didn't even spot it! I'd like to think he called someone up and they printed them verbatim just out of spite, in full knowledge of the speeling error.
  9. Correctly propelled and controlled Camry. Buy this and never require the Tat thread ever again. £1400 on Facebook Marketplace.
  10. Someone spotted this over the weekend and posted it on @trigger's excellent East Coast Retros facebook page - and it really piqued my interest. It's for sale 3 miles from my parents, it's a local Ipswich car with HDX suffix to match my Mini. My parents nearly always had a japanese car on fleet, and we were regulars at Carrs Honda in Ipswich - trudging around the forecourt once a month to see what had arrived. In fact, my parents had an earlier bronze Civic. Two owners. 23,000 on the clock. I got bored waiting for my Dad to go and speak to the garage owner - so called him up. Today. We know the proprietor, he used to service and look after my Nan's Mini back in the 80s. He wants £2495 for it which, on balance, is probably about right. I'd dearly love to buy it but it's about £500 more than I'm comfortable paying for it and I don't need 1 car at the moment - never mind 7. I imagine he only gave the old girl a few hundred quid for it as "it's an old car love" which is a further frustration, but I never resent someone earning a living. I just wish they'd not to it at my expense sometimes!!! Anyway - if anyone's serious (he'll not welcome being fucked about) then it's at Brands Garage in Trimley.
  11. The doors are a simpler decision than many. One or two more slams (and I'm not exaggerating) and the corner of the front door will completely fall away leaving a hole of about 2"-3". I've already found evidence of squirrels around the engine bay so getting into the car needs to be as difficult as possible! It'll also just become a water trap for more bloody rust. The difficult decisions are around things that don't require immediate attention but make some sense to attack now. Things like the the petrol tank and some paintwork on the nearside doors etc. Ultimately, I will spend the exact amount of money i can comfortably justify and - at the point it needs more - I'll have to sit and ask myself whether it's then better to move it on.
  12. Great work - you deserve a bit of good fortune man. That said, these MINIs terrify me and I’d be sorely sorely tempted to just sell it for proper money before the inevitable. But that’s just my attitude to risk - If someone hands me a golden ticket I’m always tempted to cash in rather than gamble. That leather is amazing too!
  13. Tonight’s plan was to show some TLC to the bodywork under which the new bumper will sit. It’s actually in really really good shape under there. Almost perfect. So rather than a wire brush and more Vactan it got degreaser and a sponge. Good as new* Now waiting on my Anti Corrosion wax to arrive.
  14. Ha. I'm quite keen on fixing stuff as I go. It's enormously good for the soul as well - putting things right. But I also like delay tactics. That's enormously good for the wallet.
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