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  1. There was. And steady on with the logic old boy.
  2. Anyone who - like myself - reads a thread in a chronological order? I was saying if he wants it gone - he’ll need to ask someone to delete THEIR post. He obviously wanted it gone as he’d not have deleted his post. I repeat. Jesus H Christ.
  3. Jesus H Christ. BTW if you wish to move on you’ll need to ask someone to delete their post. Whilst you deleted yours, they quoted it and it’s still there for all to see.
  4. Think yourself lucky you’re on mains gas. Really, really lucky...
  5. Bastardisation isn't for me. Some of it is downright callous, some of it questionable and some of it perfectly good sense. But it's not something I've ever deliberately set about in a bid to "improve" a car by commonly accepted logic. In fact my MK2 Focus (on long term loan with MIL) has received an OEM- campaign, being downgraded by 1" on the wheels and relegated to steels and trims. What I find very frustrating is when a seller will misrepresent their interference as an upgrade. Take the Mercedes w201 - one of the most beautifully poised and best handling cars of the 80s. P
  6. Alright kids? Can anyone identify what phase of MK1 Clio this wing would have come off? The seller doesn't know and can't remember the reg number either. Does the positioning of the 1.4 on the wing make it a PH1? I need either a PH1 or 2! Ta
  7. That Avensis is lovely. Clearly been cherished since new. If he ever replaces it, I’d love to give it a home! Marvellous.
  8. I don’t want to sound like some lecturous old pump - but if you’re worried about old airbags going off in your face (and some of us fantasise about shit like that) make sure you’ve got some decent tyres. Choose wisely for the climate and driving style, don’t be a fucking mingebag when it comes to changing them and make sure things like your alignment are right. I had to come to the very, very uncomfortable conclusion that if I crash my Mini properly then my kids will get a new Dad. It focuses the mind. In short? Fuck airbags. Bumble along on some sexy arse rubber.
  9. And what’s all this bollocks about it being for parts?! Come on!! You can’t condemn it yet! It’s a far, far better story when we all get to see it at FotU next year!
  10. Yes, but the one I saw was a mk5a - this is a 6. Loves me a blurple car. This actually looks alright, and what I reckon we ought to all be perving over on AS. Great work, FOAD!
  11. Conveyancing - mainly - I think. I haven't worked in Estate Agency for a long, long time now - but my Dad is still going and we were talking about them still being fairly prolific just the other day!
  12. Solicitors. Still one of the simplest, quickest and most secure ways of sending documents from point to point. You can also use the transmission receipt in court as proof of sending. It's the same as cassette tapes. The biggest user of them until about 2 years ago was the police force. It's very easy to edit and manipulate recordings on a hard drive - but almost impossible on a cassette. Any edit (with a razor blade and tape) would be clearly visible. Horrah for old tech.
  13. Warning. DPD are the only company I've experienced in the last 5 months of mayhem who still insist on a signature when delivering a parcel. I was on the phone earlier on - heard a knock on the door. I knew it was DPD as they'd text and emailed twice in the previous 30 minutes. I carried on the phone as all that happens with Herpes is the knock, drop and run. Nope. DPD disregard the lights on, the sound of me on the phone and the fact I may well be shielding and fuck off with my parcel. Contents to the value of £8. Cracking COVID protocol, lads. Fucking brilliant.
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