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  1. Quickly get an ad up for the Skoda on here to be collected from FotU?
  2. Not at all. Some spend their whole lives spannering and very little motoring because that's the bit they enjoy. Some are halfway and some are like me and just enjoy pootling about in a headturning old snotter. Sometimes the alternative to sending it to the garage is taking it off the road for months, and that's rarely a good move. Best to keep the wheels a turnin', especially when you need "buy in" from the other half. And, as I've said before, there's absolutely no shame in paying someone's wages. Hopefully they're glad of the work and do you a good job!
  3. Ha. That was a great day out. They were like flies around shit. First time my old boy had driven a Sierra since July '94. Note how he has more fashionable fashiontrousers than I do. Sorry I wont make FotU. Just life dragging me in other directions I guess!
  4. Huzzah. Congratulations on the s123 purchase. I've mused many a time that I would absolutely bloody love one of these, especially with a petrol engine and the matching wheel decorators. The problem I now have, is what I'd sell to make room for one. The Escort Kombi proved that it is helpful having an estate on fleet, but 90% of the time the hatchback (Sierra) will deal with the task at hand admirably. The other problem is most of the nice ones are pushing £10k with dealers who can afford to sit on them indefinitely. This was, no doubt, a decent buy. Looking forward to you steadily improving it over the coming months. It looks ace in front of your Motorhome (is it a 207D? - i had a 307 briefly!)
  5. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/512111859939813/ £2k, I reckon there's room for a haggle and then you've likely got a highly original Mk5 City.
  6. The guy who wants it isn't in any rush, and nor am I. I think it'll be more of a crossfade than a rushed relay. I would be surprised if it's still here this time next year, but if it takes him 6 months to get his house in order and start his tenure on a good footing, then that's fine with me and probably better for the car.
  7. I was planning on going to FotU but car mojo is a bit low at the moment. It's a shame because I was both gutted last year when it was cancelled and delighted this year when it was reinstated. Dunno, just feeling a bit glum at the moment when it comes to cars. The wider picture is peachy AF. I'm sure it'll bounce back. People bounce back. Dennis Hopper. Rolf Harris. There are others. I've had a five year inner battle with this old hector. Sustaining it is quite a challenge, and I've had to be both strict and realistic with myself. When it comes to remedials, IF I can make it better - then I will. If I can't, it gets left alone. If it needs to be addressed but is beyond my scope, then it's done properly and well. There's no point in paying good money for shit repairs just so it can be 'authentic'. It's an organic thing this car, and it's come simultaneously a long way and not very far in 5 years. The rear panel has been bubbling away for a long time now. It has now holed, but doesn't seem to let any water in. This week I finally bit the bullet, took the plate off and painted it up with some Hammerite which, in fairness, is a fairly decent match. Well, I'll let you be the judge! Eeek. I might need to learn to spray! Still, as the old saying goes, anything's better than rust. I took the opportunity to slap a bit around in the boot on some slightly brown bits and, if nothing else, it makes me feel a bit better about things. From 6 feet it looks red and fine. What next? Well, I managed to get a bonnet cable from ebay for £4 which is a result (I hope!). I've also bought a new clutch adjuster so will deliver both of those and the car to my friendly garage so it's just f**king done. The next gig is the doors, and I might just get a second driver's door which has a manual winder arrangement for ease. I'll likely get them whacked on next year so that I'm not banging about in the depths of winter with new metal and paint. So, as soon as we're done with the little jobs on this, it's Mini time...
  8. Huzzah! I only did 203 miles in the Sierra last year which - at £50 for an MOT - was hardly bloody worthwhile! I think I've done 100 in the last month alone though, so a bit of catching up is starting to happen!
  9. I think it's closed to the public that day, and someone has already snaffled the ticket. Sorry man!
  10. I've decided against attending this weekend - so if anyone wants a vehicle pass please let me know via DM. Hope y'all have a great time and looking forward to some pictures please!
  11. Very fair weather. My friend owns the oldest 75 in the Europe and took it a couple of years ago - you'll be most welcome in yours.
  12. Well in. That econometer reminds me of my early days of DJing - we had a set of lightboxes that looked like that! I'm sorry I won't be at FotU to meet you and shake you by the hand. This is a preposterous car and I think it's awesome. Hopefully it'll make the July photo for the AS 2022 calendar.
  13. Really enjoying the sudden influx of ARG shite all of a sudden. You're right, the cars owned on here have changed quite a bit, and that's a shame. Mostly because I'm a nostalgic old fool who likes what he likes. It's just as well I didn't see a Maestro at £500 as my fleet reduction would have been in tatters. Well in.
  14. That’s had a tougher life than the wife of a repeat offender. Sometimes these things pop up and have clearly been loved to get so far. However, in this case, I think it’s had shit welding on top of shit welding; whatever it’s needed it’s reluctantly had. Cheaply. If I had an account I’d probably bid.
  15. Had one. I was contacted by the friend of a friend of a friend of mate who had one, owing to her Dad becoming dead. The car was a bit of a pig to recommission, requiring something unobtanium in the UK to make it go again. Update. Thread here. I liked it. Not enough to keep, it was horrendously undergeared. However, these are a slightly less obvious and arguably better alternative to the much celebrated s124. Well bought!
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