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  1. I don't think anyone would argue that this car makes a wise financial investment. My man at the garage gave me a bit of a patronising yet accurate review of the Sierra the other night. "I admire what you're doing, it'll never be worth any money but it's admirable because of that". He's still getting to know me, so I've had to sit him down and say "look - I DO know - this is, at best, lunacy". I've only ever bought two cars as investments and they were both lovely. However, I'm not sure I really suit 'nice things' so always end up selling them and running some old fucking heap. So
  2. It's one of those shitty trucks that all fizzed away within moments of being released. Can't remember what they're called but you could get them in yellow and they looked awesome.
  3. I went to see this earlier on. It is simultaneously better and also worse than I hoped and expected. The vendor is fucking hard work, no doubt. I get on with people from all walks of life but he really is exhausting to deal with. When I went underneath it he said "YOU WONT FIND NUFFINK UNDER THERE MATE - I DON'T SELL NO SHITBOXES". Double negatives aside, it was quite annoying - and he did shut up a bit when I asked him, politely, if he inspected the undercarriage when HE bought it himself two years ago. Of course he did. Mechanically, it's been very well looked after. My suspi
  4. Call me old fashioned, but I tend to just call cars by the name they've already been given. Every single member of my family refers to Mini as "Bessie" which is what my Nan called it. I do not. We did have a bit of fun talking about a name for the Sierra but then "Sierra" or "That old shitheap" still seems to be favoured.
  5. Yeah, no sweat dude. Long term, I would like to own it. In fact, if the wife wasn't paying her tax bill tomorrow morning I would buy it outright tomorrow morning. I spoke again with the seller who is getting increasingly pissed off with time wasters messaging him. He is taking me seriously because he knows about the Sierra and, strangely, he lives a few roads away from a colleague and friend of mine. Just need someone to join @Cheggersand me really.
  6. Final shout before I put this idea to bed? Viewing is tentatively booked for Saturday but if we’re £500 short I won’t waste his time. I’m happy to insure it, it can stay here, we can agree paperwork and what have you. But, again, appreciate this sort of scheme isn’t for everyone.
  7. If the seller will let it go at £1700 ish then it’s doable immediately. Prices for mk3’s have gone skyward in 4 years; in 2017 I had a MK3 snaffled from under my nose at £850. Today that would easily be £2k. The estates, especially as a 2 door, are rare. I honestly think someone will give him near enough what he’s asking, especially with a long MOT with nothing scary on it. We are already good for most of it, just need one other lunatic who wants to see a genuine AS sort of car preserved.
  8. For simplicity, £500 really. £700 makes it even simpler, but I appreciate a lot of people on here don't spend that on a daily which is 100% theirs. Bless you, thanks mate. The low owners is part of the appeal. It looks like a charming thing in better nick than the Sierra was and, like the bASe, it hasn't been passed around from pillar to post. Yes, I did a bit of digging and noticed the dash is correct which was the key thing for me. I totally get that this sort of scheme isn't for everyone, but if anyone is interested in bringing this into the warm bosom of AS
  9. We are actually very close, so if anyone is serious then please let me know. If we can get the rest together I’ll view it on Saturday.
  10. Having spent a lot longer agonising over the photos, it's a bit grottier than it ought to be at that price. Granted, the estates are RARE and quite desirable, but there's not a lot of rear arch on the offside, and the drivers side step looks like it's about to disappear too. It's difficult to value though as there are so few of the bloody things. (Coz they all rusted away - LOLZ)
  11. OOOOOOH someone's doing well. No need to be so bumptious and arrogant.
  12. Yes, suspension mounts at the front were done by Ken (who charged something stupid like £50 a side) and Dicky did some at the back from memory too (I think he stuck a new arch on). I'm really lucky that Ken the Weld is one of these blokes who's been doing it forever (I would say he's in his late 50s now) and has a couple of really good blokes working with him. I'm also very lucky that he doesn't like to get tied up in paperwork and administration, and always prefers to be paid in (completely legal) cash.
  13. I reckon we've got all got bigger problems if we're having to crowdfund a £150 car! Plus, I only like the miserable ones with grey bumpers and very french wheel trims.
  14. I tend to take a more pragmatic approach to rust with old fords. ie - they all do it, so just accept it will need doing again and again. My fully housetrained welder in the next village is an absolute magician and doesn't charge nearly enough money, so welding isn't an issue. However, funding the bloody thing is.
  15. Yeah, four at £500. There are lots of bonuses - you don’t have to look at the bloody thing all the time, don’t get all the bills etc.
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