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  1. Factoid: last night I dreamt I bought a Silver bASe BX with 11,000 on the clock. I have no idea where this came from and what it’s all about, as I’ve never expressed any interest or desire in these ugly bastards! Weird. Anyway this looks like solid shite with plenty of drama and jeopardy just around the corner. Well bought!
  2. I appreciate the fact that the Sierra bASe is no longer the darling of Autoshite. Things have moved on. It is LP, we’re now onto cassette. Our old local with sticky floors became a gastropub with vegan options and a washroom for our LGBTQAI+* friends. Nonetheless, there might still be a bit of interest. Here’s a nicely rebuilt cylinder head, ready to go back on the bASe over the next few days. I’ve also got a new water pump and carburettor too. Wish us luck?! *Sounds like the new Nissan 7 seater SUV
  3. Good news: My flatmate has just earned a PhD in palindromes. She'll now be known as Dr Awkward.
  4. Good man. I’m in absolutely no position atm, but would be happy to subscribe to a thread and a monthly outlay in both money and help/hindrance.
  5. As regular readers have probably gathered, it’s been a pretty bruising year at this end. Job contract after job contract had wobbled and fallen, and it’s been far less exciting on the car front than perhaps I’d hoped. On top of all that, our lovely old house decided that - after 165 years in approximately the same place, it would have a little go at wandering. It looks like the subsidence has been caused by the hot summer of 2018 and a tree that was removed last year causing the roots to rot. Anyway, found these lovely old photographs online and feel a lot better about things. I guess like with old cars, you don’t really own them. You’re just the custodian. Austin Princess?
  6. Yes. Ruddy Sercks. I imagine they’d cause a bit of ANPR drama. Which is nice!
  7. Woah. I’m in if anyone else is? Who was selling these around Ipswich in the 70s, @Spottedlaurel?? Edit: Scrap that. It’s OX not DX. Bloody Sercks!
  8. Ooof. Primrose yellow Raver 75. I still remember the kerfuffle when @EssDeeWon battled to buy his. A fantastic hue, but they do like to fade. Is he planning on keeping it forever? Oh, and moar pics of the Allegro estate. I saw one the other week - they’re so gawky. I love them!
  9. I dare say you’re in the right place... 😬
  10. That is also how my Mini should look - Cinnabar red with the black bumper and grille. Lovely!
  11. I have two friends who’ve “done” NZ. First did it in a snot green Ford Fairmont off of the 70s. He loved it so much that he agonised about shipping it home but ultimately couldn’t afford it. Second mate bought a Hi-Ace van and camper converted it. Whatever you buy, prepare to fall in love.
  12. I got full eyeball on this again tonight. Same road but further up. I’m going to stick a note on it saying “if it’s the end of the road, please let me know”. There are at least 3 old car botherers in this small village, so it probably won’t surprise him!
  13. It’s doable on one tank of fuel for me, and I’ve done 450 miles in a day before (only the weather IMPROVES on this journey!) Dunno. Too many variables at this stage, but I do like my Jap Tat too so I could always trundle along in the Granvia and make a weekend of it.
  14. Jesus. They look flipping RIPE. Fortunately, it’s replaceable and then you’ll never need to do them again! But I fear that might be a show stopper right now.
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