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  1. That really ought to be part of the revitalised AS logo. Extraordinary. Well bloody played.
  2. Keep your chin up man. The fact she's being kept in is a good thing. I know a couple of people who've properly had sepsis; by now they were both in a very very bad way. If she hasn't deteriorated in the last 48 hours then she's likely doing well. Try to keep busy eh?
  3. Surely all powered by erroneous ODO readings by MOT testers, apart from a handful of masochists and taxi drivers.
  4. His hairline is definitely receding in quite a dramatic way, but there's no need to be so unkind.
  5. There's something satisfying about simple cars. How a non starter can be fixed with nothing more than a battery meter, a probe on a wire and a jump lead. After 15 minutes of dismantling the starter solenoid, we decided that it was the battery to blame - and that broken earth cable certainly looked like a potential candidate. I ordered up a £6.50 battery earth strap from a Mini specialist on eBay and it arrived 24 hours later. Phenomenal. It's braided as well which means that it looks fancy and will hopefully withstand another 40 years of earthing duties. As you can see, the old one was just push fit which wasn't very secure. Also, the battery terminals seem to be smaller on this too - so it was never tight. I think this battery is actually for a Peugeot 306, but fits the hole beautifully with the terminals the right way around. It also has a lot more grunt than something like this will ever require. The new cable went on really easily. For a moment I didn't think it would tighten sufficiently, but that red ring in the middle sort of squashes - so after I turned it a lot more than I thought I ought to, it's on tight. Bingo Slightly soiled battery cover back on, securing strap down and boom. I might try and smarten this and the rest of the boot up at some time. Nothing OTT - just a bit of paint by brush. Here's the old cable. 7 of the strands broken, so I think it'd done its shift. One more thing. I forgot to put the incorrectly branded earth plug on. There's something wonderfully charming about a Freight Rover part being on a Mini. You could say that they didn't care, but - actually - VAG are still doing the same thing all these years later really. Anyway. Done. Calling the welder tomorrow, hoping to go up Thursday or Friday to form a plan.
  6. What’s the plan Ghostrider? Hope they’re different sexes and start a breeding programme?
  7. There is an utterly fantastic Facebook group I've been added to called "British Roadscene 1955-1995" Check this beauty out. Lovely pointy, angular lines - mixed in with the odd modest curve, an inviting front end with a lovely headlamp arrangement at either side. You can do your own gag. Seriously though, some of the photos are just incredible. Check it out.
  8. I didn't tell you the best bit about the Mini MOT. When I went to collect the car, it was sat just outside the workshop in a rather unusual place. Didn't think anything of it - went to pay and spent 5 minutes talking to the tester about the car. He showed me around it pointing out various fails, and then said... "Oh by the way - it won't go. We had to push it off the ramp and stick it here". FFS. It did do this trick a few weeks ago when @alf892came over to free the clutch off. So I wiggled the starter solenoid again but no dice. We stuck a booster pack on and it went. Fucking weird. I thanked the man, paid the money, and drove home with max choke so as not to stall and strand myself. So yesterday I took the solenoid off, thinking it might be an earth issue. Nothing like trying to get rusty screws out of rusty metal eh? It looked all good but I have it a proper good clean up, cleaned all the connectors, quick blast of contact cleaner, put it all back together again? Nuffink. Swore a bit (this is my most effective means of attack usually) and still nothing. Then, just by walking from the front of the car to the back of the car all the dash lights came on as if by magic. Turned the key - click click - then dead again. Farted. Lights all went off. Laughed. Put meter across battery - 12.5v. Voltage OK but could still be battery I guess - after all the thing started with a booster. Called Alf. Spoke about battery - his suspicions were at that end as I said the negative cable is loose (it's one of those where the terminal just sits over the battery post). I gave it a wiggle and nothing. Hung up the phone for some more professional swearing and then... (This was after I twisted it at right angles. Probably 5 or 6 strands broken) Stuck jump lead on battery and earth terminal Boom. I guess it's just broken down over the years. New one ordered for the princely sum of £6.50 and I'll get that on later this week. I was quite glad to clean up all those contacts on the solenoid anyway, one less thing to panic about going forward. Off to the welders this week to work out exactly what I need to buy and how much I'll need to give him.
  9. I could probably do Oct 30th - mid/late afternoon?
  10. Spent this afternoon servicing the little Yaris. Whilst it’d had an oil service annually, there was little evidence of anything more than that. The plugs were fucking welded in, and the air filter was completed. It’s always more satisfying doing a service like this, rather than the maintenance stuff that’s kept the Avensis going at 268k. I had to spunk out on a can of PlusGas as the plugs really were stuck, and borrowed a proper deep socket from my neighbour as my plug tool just wasn’t man enough. Toyota sump plugs seem to be infinitely reusable, so I just bought two filters, four plugs and 5 litres of oil for £50. Value. Unusually, the oil filter hadn’t been put on by a gorilla and there’s a handy gap through where the grille would be to unwind it. Even for a knob like me it took an hour and nothing went horribly wrong. On first start up there was an incredible cloud of blue smoke which I can only imagine was all the oil that went down the spark plug holes or something. It cleared immediately and runs like a little sewing machine. Underneath is absurdly good for one of these, not a thing currently to worry about on the corrosion front. It will be treated to some UB wax as there’s some left over in stock, but it’s a belter. Currently outlay is £430 now we have new brakes up front, new MOT and a good service.
  11. Delighted to meet this rancid old heap earlier as I delivered the Montego workshop guide. I bought it 5 years ago from a fete knowing that it’d be useful for someone one day - never thought it’d be such a perfect new home for it though. Good luck with the future, Tom - and look forward to meeting you soon!
  12. Aye. We changed everything 2019 when I took it on. It’s just sat there doing nothing. A quick blow out and twist and we’ll be fine. My fault for not bloody using it really.
  13. So I had two MOTs booked for this week. The original plan was to send the Mini in first but, seeing as it’s not used at all atm, common sense prevailed and the Yaris took precedence. A clean pass following a set of discs and pads and I’m delighted with the £180 purchase of late summer. It’s a great buzzy little thing that feels like it’ll just keep on keeping on. To the Mini then. It’s a funny old thing sending a car in knowing it’ll fail, but it was the preferred method for the welder and it gives me a rigid shopping list and the promise of a nice clean sweep. All told, not a bad result. It wasn’t a horror story at all, and told me all the things I already knew - and one or two surprises like the rear brakes (all new) and the engine mount. Going back to the Welder next week to form a plan. Parts bill will be expensive as I’m likely to bite the bullet and swap that subframe at the same stage. He’s going to smarten the front right up, polish the whole thing, and then we’ll be good to go. Plan going forward is ongoing titivating and a Charles Ware style rolling maintenance programme. Excited to have it back on the road. Minis are fucking brilliant. Endlessly flawed but amazing, special little things.
  14. Forgive me - did you try to put the working speaker into the dead speaker output? (passenger speaker connected to drivers side output) Or is it all in a harness? That would be the best way to tell if it's the output of the amp, or the wiring to that speaker.
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