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  1. Armchair trader who probably got paid to take the old car away, but sexy nonetheless. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1532199727049618/permalink/3352024978400408/?sale_post_id=3352024978400408
  2. You utter shit. I’d have loved it like I’d given birth to it myself. Enjoy the endless motoring, old chap. Dx
  3. Here it is back in 2016, photobombing my Sierras. I’d love it. It used to be serviced in my village. Watch listed.
  4. So, the usual slow start to motoring in 2023. The Sierra has been slowly building up with shit to take to the recycling centre over the last couple of months. Having decided that I'd make a New Year's Eve trip to the tip, attention turned to firing up the old heap. When I was last using it (October) it was becoming more and more reluctant to start. I put it down to the fact I haven't serviced it in a while and just kept driving it. However, last weekend it just flatly refused to go. After a period of SORN, all the fuel runs back to the tank and - with a mechanical fuel pump - it can take some 'serious crankin' (no G) to get it to run. However, no fucking dice. A newly acquired can of easy start also failed, which meant referring to Chief Botherer Alf892. I tickled some wires, swore at some things I don't really understand and got progressively more grumpy about it all. Good voltage on battery? Check. Ran it on a mains booster too for reduced odds. Voltage at coil? Check. Good 12.4 either side. Fireworks when king lead hovered near body. World class. Refusing to run with petrol dumped straight in carb. Of course. Decided it must be plugs. Tools at the other house so had to abandon play - 4 new NGKs ordered from the internet for £10. Fingers crossed it's just that. Certainly smells like plenty of fuel is getting up. Can't really be much else can it! In Mini news, I fired it up for the first time in 14 months. It started fairly well all told, although sounded like a cackling old witch so I dare say one of the cylinders was asleep. I've just spent £890 on various panels and and shit to make it roadworthy for the year ahead. I'm going to leave the rear subframe for the time being as it didn't fail and I haven't the heart to take on a job like this. Finding someone who will is also a bit of a challenge. So the plan, as much as there is one, is to get the Mini looking smart but not too nice. Renovate, not restore. Then, in an ideal world, find a good loving home for the Sierra and buy something like this. Prices are a lot LOT stronger than I thought they'd be, about USD15,000-18,000. Plus transport. Plus import fees. Plus inevitable dicking about to get it MOT'd and fix undeclared issues. All to achieve a solid 12MPG. However, I think they're bloody marvellous. Do they ever come up in the UK ready imported?
  5. We were all there once, man. Don't worry about it. Matte - Classy, flat finish but marks easily. Silk - Shiny, cheap finish but will withstand nuclear warheads. Eggshell - Good compromise. Then for wood: Oil based paints tend to last longer but need 16 hours to dry rather than 1. As with anything, there's no right or wrong - just make the decision that's best for you. Gloss is shiny, Eggshell is flatter. The best paint I bought came from a Leyland trade place. It was about £50 for 5litres but was night and day compared with Dulux etc. Fantastic shit. Personally, I've now given up using rollers. They seem to take as much paint off as they put on. I got so fucked off doing my hallway for the fourth time that I brushed the whole lot and it came out looking fantastic. Even typing this out has reminded me just how much i fucking hate decorating. I've no patience see!
  6. In the name of the newborn saviour, Jesus Christ. Just. Look. At. This. I've not been this hard since I took a full Viagra tablet and stayed up all night with a raging headache...
  7. Chuffed to bits to see this once again. Owned by the guy who runs this family garage in the next village, it had been unseen by me for about four years. It's in perfect used condition. Really, one of these would suit my needs better than a rough and ready hatchback.
  8. Sad news to report. My beloved friend Emma, of the eponymous Sierra, left us yesterday. She'd been living with stage four cancer for eight years. Cruelly, the longer she dug in and stick around - the more I began to think of her as invincible. She was sent home from hospital on Sunday being told there was nothing more anyone could do, and she waved goodbye at teatime. We enjoyed the very best and worst of times. Clockwise from top left is us in the L&D hospital when she was quite, quite unwell. Next picture is her having walked a half marathon. I drove straight from hosting a Race for Life event to welcome her over the finish line. Bottom right was a Colour Run for the Hospice who cared for her so brilliantly, Bottom left was after she dragged me around a 5 mile midnight walk for the same charity. Finally, I treated her to the Brits in 2017 which was one of those moments that will stay with me forever. Proof that memories aren't necessarily made in big gestures, but at 2am McDonald's in North London. Just every now and again, you meet someone who completely changes your perspective of life. How you view everything. I adored her.
  9. Well, gang. Some sad news to report this evening. Emma, whom the car is named after and transported me to the collection point, has been discharged from hospital with the numbing words “there’s nothing more we can do”. She’s hoping to see Christmas, but that feels ambitious. To anyone who has just lost a loved one, or who is on the cusp of, my heart goes out to you. My world will always be just a little less colourful henceforth.
  10. For the first time in seven years, i own just three cars. I can’t believe it. It feels quite cathartic, but also devoid of excitement. I have a proper birthday next week and am going to get all the shit I need for my Mini. Perhaps less IS more. Will report back - in the meantime please keep making terrible choices on my behalf.
  11. Spray paint a massive cock and balls around the hole (with semen emanating from the crown if you so wish). You’ll find it gets repaired almost immediately. I saw this in Watford a couple of years ago and the council couldn’t have been there quicker, despite many previous reports and complaints.
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