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  1. I went to see one of these at a local garage a few years ago. It was utterly fantastic - first owner was from up the road and imported it himself so he could have his perfect* car. It was £8k vs £3.5k for a NA RHD car, and I thought he’d have it for sale for ages because niche market. It was gone the next day! *LHD
  2. If y'all let us know where you're staying then a southern convoy could join you for a bit of early morning cholesterol before we make the final leg together.
  3. Motoring has been fairly minimal of late due to the post COVID boom at work, kids constantly needing reliable transport to various things and the arrival of a (hopefully uninterrupted) cricket season. As noted elsewhere we spent last Sunday in the company of Fuzz Townshend and other enthusiasts with the Escort but, since then, minimal fun. If this is how life is going to be, there’s precious point in owning any more than 0.5 cars. I thought I’d better get the Mini out as it’s been at the front of the garage now for approximately 7 months. Shit form really. So have a cold start vide
  4. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/213602997234537/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks&tracking={"qid"%3A"6956940117790127300"%2C"mf_story_key"%3A"66125016566814244"%2C"commerce_rank_obj"%3A"{\"target_id\"%3A66125016566814244%2C\"target_type\"%3A6%2C\"primary_position\"%3A0%2C\"ranking_signature\"%3A6706891397514919936%2C\"commerce_channel\"%3A501%2C\"value\"%3A0%2C\"upsell_type\"%3A21%2C\"grouping_info\"%3Anull}"}
  5. What tends to happen *I think* is people start out with the best of intentions - just chipping in the odd word here and there, hoping that the incumbent will give up the floor. Then, when that doesn't work, they'll talk the odd sentence over someone in the feint hope that their mic is a bit louder and the software will "cut" to them. Then, when that still doesn't work, they either just talk across each other or give up. I've only sat in on the one which I did enjoy, but there was one member who was clearly keen to answer a question that I'd asked him - before we were off and away on ano
  6. Well that looks thoroughly banal. Congratulations! Looking forward to meeting it!
  7. I have booked the Sierra in and may look to book the Escort too and hope that someone else can drive it up for me
  8. And one more "Fan Photo" from yesterday. It was a brilliant run out. Initially I was a bit disappointed it wasn't longer (that's what she said) but it was 45 minutes in the sunshine with my 8 year old son barking out directions from the map and me pretending to not know where we were going. Days like this have been few and far between in the last year so it was just nice to be out motoring.
  9. Have another then. 3.0 V6 LHD.
  10. As reported in the Escort Thread, my chum and neighbour organised a trundle out this morning for a spot of motoring. A gentle 15 mile jolly across salubrious Cambridgeshire awaited our intrepid motorists, and what fun it was. A friend invited that lovely Fuzz off of the telly and he was just wonderful; a beautiful, gentle man. He spent five minutes telling his kids about the rarity of the Escort before modestly agreeing to a photo. There was a wonderful variety in the turnout, as ever I felt thoroughly under dressed but fortunately some legend turned up in a MK1 Mult
  11. What a lovely trundle out. I will post more pics over in my memoirs post but, suffice to say, our famous visitor was very keen on the car. He spent about five minutes showing the car to his kids before proclaiming it “brilliant”. A thoroughly lovely run out also fearing Danny Hopkins off of Practical Classics smoking a lovely TR7.
  12. All service history stayed in the car fo' sho' - I absolutely love paperwork and stuff. Where the DONGle went with the spreadsheet on is another matter. It's probably in the car somewhere.
  13. This weekend is Drive it Day. My immediate neighbour is also a fan of motoring pursuits, so we thought it might be nice to go out for a trundle on Sunday for a spot of the old motoring. What I thought was going to be three or four of us has now turned into about 15 fellow enthusiasts, with the promise of "Celebrity Appearance" through the friend of a friend. I'm now thoroughly embarrassed to be taking the Escort! It's the only old heap taxed and MOT'd at the moment, otherwise I'd take the Sierra which is slightly less shonky. I will probably put a little note in the window expla
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