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  1. Hey. That’s really kind, let me see if the guy is around. There’s absolutely no pressure on you - just look at it this way: is it worth me going to see. I’m not expecting a forensic report, just that it doesn’t have holes underneath (as far as you can see). I’ll drop you a line. Thank you.
  2. Is anyone near or in Rugby who could climb under a car for me and give me an honest verdict on a potential purchase? Happy to buy refreshing gin/lager in return…
  3. Sorry, but on what do you base the whole Lion hate? I’ve bought four of them over the last five years, all working perfectly still. I would rather spend £45 on something that’ll last five years, than £120 on something that’ll last seven. The law of diminishing return applies on what is, after all, a consumable.
  4. So! Now I no longer have a family, I don't really need a family vehicle - do I?! So the T4 was advertised and a sale was agreed immediately to a prestigious shiter with form for buying long distance from me. Here's how I'll always remember it - looking blue and absolutely massive outside my window. In a strange coincidence, I've ended up part exchanging it for another happy looking blue VW on a Y reg. Look how happy it is! I've got a local fella coming to have a look at it later today, as it's not quite what I need. I've been bombing about in it over the last couple of days and it's quite brilliant, but I'm trying to be sensible. I really do think that the Sierra may be off to pastures new in the foreseeable, as I'd really like a 3 car fleet comprising 1- Business Leaf. 2 - Mini. 3 - Other. I'd really like position 3 to be something that's practical in every way. I caught myself looking at LR County's earlier this week! Perhaps a Freelander 1 would be more sensible bet, or maybe a decent w124. For now, I'm totally undecided. The next job is to use some of the excess funds from the van sale to fund the Mini welding.
  5. The EFL rights sold to radio stations are for terrestrial transmissions only, so as to geolock and protect revenue.
  6. Yes. They can stick a board where they want. Yes, they can market the property (whilst she gets quiet enjoyment of the house, access must be given when requested correctly). They may advertise it with a sitting tenant (unlikely but possible) but she should expect a section 21 notice to land soonish.
  7. In my eyes, keeping an Invacar from the Queen’s highway is a public service to us all - which should be recognised with one of the highest honours of the British Empire. I’d like to shake the naughty driver’s hand, but preferably before @junkyarddoghas smeared it in shit and @GrumpiusMaximushas outed them as a bona fide nonce. (I’ve my reputation to think of…)
  8. My colleague is staying in a fashionable AirBnB atm and has found a stash of porn* Sadly, the stylus is shagged on the turntable - otherwise he’d be cueing it up and FaceTiming me. If @mat_the_cathasn’t got this - along with the Ford Sierra Dealership VHS - for guests, I’ll be very disappoint.
  9. No - it’s 1987. The Cortina front continued a long time after the Sierra launched with the p100
  10. Bornite to buy back Avensis from @Spottedlaurel Bornite to drive @Spottedlaureldown to Dorset having collected Avensis @Spottedlaurelto buy this using @BorniteIdentity's money as a deposit.
  11. Eyeball Eyeball! Felixstowe bound. I reckon I nailed a 28mpg round trip which - at £8.98 a gallon - stung a trifle.
  12. It’s actually a good idea for a thread. I spent 20 minutes under a Mercedes 190 highlighting all the problems to myself, only to miss two fucking holes the size of my fist. No point either making someone feel stupid about it or Ghosty beating himself up. It’s all part of life’s rich tapestry.
  13. Three words: Two. Year. MOTs 😭
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