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  1. From memory there are two thermostats for the m102 - 88 and ninety something. 88 is what my w201 with the same engine had. As Zel says they very very seldom show coolant in the oil. The head gasket (when failing) begins to let go right at the back of the engine (as you look at it) allowing oil to make its way into the coolant and show as gravy in the coolant bottle. Eventually when there’s too much it comes out of the overflow tube into the engine bay. Good news here is this is all totally irrelevant and is likely just something trivial. It’s a smashing example.
  2. Cant find the relevant thread. Anyone want this knob? Came in a Sierra but I think it’s from a Mk5 Escort? 5 speed bottom right reverse. Condition 8.5/10.
  3. 4 years ago, Friday April 1st, this monstrosity joined the fold. I remember that day more vividly than I remember yesterday. It taking 2 hours to do the 15 mile journey, desperately trying to insure it at the side of the North Circular about 50m before the first ANPR camera, and absolutely HAVING to get to Milton Keynes by 3PM to be on the air. I bonded with it immediately, and am so grateful to everyone who played a part. Mojo is relatively low at the moment as the rear screen is in shards in the bin, and there’s nowhere to go even if we could. Still. The sun will shine soon enough, and we’ll be out lowering the tone once again.
  4. Looks great. How is the car in general? Has much changed since I had it?
  5. The MK1 Focus is razor sharp 22 years later. They were rightly celebrated as an absolute revelation over the Escort. I’d still like a properly fresh Millennium edition.
  6. Fantastic. Not being a self appointed spokesperson, but I think I speak for all of us when I say we'll be thinking of you and yours tomorrow. Stay strong.
  7. I thought the idea was to put it right before selling it on? Certainly that was my understanding, hence talking about longer term costs. What is quite plain is that something that should be really simple has already become unnecessarily complicated.
  8. Your Mini looks fucking terrible. Congratulations. I know the feeling. Welcome aboard man. Soon enough we'll be best friends and then I'll snaffle that w123 off you for beer money. Nice one.
  9. Does it not need to be insured by the registered keeper? I’m not throwing obstacles in the way - but this is why I “took on” the Sierra. It was insured by me, kept at my address and the v5 was in my name. It was, and still is, pretty much the only way. Take some money from the donations pot to insure it.
  10. It will need to be properly insured. There would be a monumental and spectacular fall out if it got stolen or torched. You’ve then got 13 people all out of pocket, pissed off and or disappointed and me feeling responsible. Also, whilst it’s good to see people showing an interest in tickets - it’s absolutely pointless people saying “3 here LOL” or even trying to barter on the price. Nobody knows what lies in store here. Sorry if it sounds preachy but I’m happy to show you the t-shirt if that helps!
  11. I don’t think anyone is any doubt it will roffle. Easily. Y’all need 1. Your project manager. 2. Funding. Let me know when you’re good to go and I’ll fetch it.
  12. My biggest fear is I drive it and I love it and discover my whole life has been a lie.
  13. Right. I hate these spiteful bastards as I’m sure you all know. I also need to spend my last few quid on heating oil right now. But on the basis that it’s a big miler (which I’m an absolute sucker for) and can travel (journalist innit) I’m happy to collect it and stash it at work. It will need a ring leader (as I lamented before - someone has to steer these things) and they’ll need to sort insurance and tax. But I’m happy to play driver.
  14. Ah. Only just spotted this thread. JJ is even closer than I am. Could always stick it in the work car park, @jumpingjehovahs? 🤔 Plenty of space in the “special” spaces 😂
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