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  1. Wow that brings back memories. My dad had a P reg estate when I was kid. haven't seen a pre facelift one for years
  2. Mixed day today. finally got a chance to crack on with the replacement bushes. I bought a set from eBay but it seems like mine has slightly different variations of bushes. However there was enough to refresh most of the bits that need doing, just one bush short I also fitted the shifter mechanism @spartacusleft with the car new bushes seemed to go in ok, warmed them up in hot water and some red rubber grease and they popped in with the vice without the Edd China jubilee clip method. Popped them back on the balls with mole grips. They didn't seem that tight to me so I hope I didn't damage them during fitting (or maybe too much grease?l. anyway the shift feels a lot tighter now so will see if they pop off again Whilst I was under the car I noticed the rear gearbox mount I did last year had a broken spring washer on the center bolt. I slackened it off to try and investigate but forgot it needed counterholding on a very hidden and very awkward bolt. You need to try and jiggle a 17mm spanner through a tiny slot in the suspension arm which is too small for a 17mm open ended spanner and the wrong angle for a ring spanner 😡. tried and fed up now so it can wait until tomorrow
  3. I haven't got that far yet. The permie 12v and switched 12v in the car loom match the pin out diagram in the stereo instructions so I am hopeful all is well I will check the plug resistance but I would assume duff plug(s) wouldn't put the light out Also seems to be an issue with the seals in the fuel pump (known issue apparently) which cause it occasionally to take a second or two to shut the engine off after key is turned. Not sure if this is causing the MILF or not
  4. I decided to get rid of the crappy early 2000s JCV tape deck which came with the XM. I was hoping to get hold of a correct OEM Phillips cassette deck but nothing seemed to be doing, so I went for the Blaupunkt Madrid after a few recommendations on here. just the basic one, no CD or DAB. Plugged straight in with no adaptor. Reasonably happy with it but maybe not enough buttons and knobs for a mid 90s executive saloon 🤣 Upgraded the speakers whilst I was at it too as it still had the crappy OEM paper cone ones Car has rewarded me with non working glow plugs and a MILF light, both of which were not there last time I drove it a week ago
  5. https://www.hagerty.co.uk/articles/events-articles/10-marvellously-mundane-cars-to-get-you-mildly-excited-about-the-2022-hagerty-festival-of-the-unexceptional/ sneak preview of some of the cars accepted for the concourse
  6. It needs the bodywork sorting before it gets worse, but will still be left parked outside in London when its done. Thinking it needs someone who can take better care of it than me now
  7. had a great day yesterday reconnecting with my M3 . Got a real downer on it over last few years since the arches started bubbling and found a few other issues, plus the roads around here are pretty miserable. Couldn't bring myself to sell it so its sat there doing pretty much nothing. Took it to Goodwood yesterday and had a really enjoyable drive . Might still sell it but nice to have some fun in it again
  8. well done mate. Inspiration to get the @spartacusPanda back on the road asap .
  9. yeah I wondered if it was dodgy or rotten for £2k. Trouble is by time I can get to Brighton to see it , its likely to be gone
  10. Made contact with the seller and started playing around with Shipley quotes . Even asked the Mrs if she fancied a weekend in Brighton Please somebody buy this before I do something silly . I don't even have time to work on the current needy fleet
  11. Cheers , definitely tempting given its a 130 but reckon its going to need a fair bit of time and dosh chucking at it
  12. was it in use when you knew of it @barrett or has it been off road a while?
  13. thanks. yeah its very true about the colour but does seem a good price, although dragging another un MOTd Non ULEZ car to London won't make me popular at home. would really love one though
  14. for the bulbous o ring could you take the seal off warm it in hot water and try and put it in. Or maybe some silicone grease?
  15. Ooooh I like that a lot. Wonder how much work it needs Is that the correct interior for a 130 @Yoss ?
  16. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07L68NN28?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title these are handy to have if you own an XM
  17. my spare wheel carrier is in a really bad way
  18. similar route to that I took on the way to Monaco in the Favorit pre Covid. The St Bernard pass is spectacular but bloody steep (my pen pic is the Fav at the top of the pass). I ended up foot flat to the floor and taking the racing line around the hairpins for the last mile because I knew if I lifted off I would stop and not get moving again!
  19. I do really like those Mk1 vRS. I have been fancying a red or yellow one for a long time now
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