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  1. Too many people are finding the site very difficult to view, and there are still several things very broken behind the scenes, especially when it comes to the repeated bad gateway error which is at the server end, it simply is not responding properly, sounds like a shite host to me, with very outdated hardware. The change themes link is deader than Nigel Farage's brain, and so is the search content function when you click on the profile. I think the site needs taking down again as a matter of urgency and the faults repaired, because this new look is far from friendly to use, and may indeed breach disability guidelines, and trust ,e I will be checking that out. For people with slight vision impairment, this site is nigh on bloody impossible to use, and I messaged mods via the 'contact us' almost a week ago, but zero response, I am sorry, but that does not bode well for the site, too many have the same issues as me, and we post a fair bit of content between us, and the more good content we lose, the site suffers more. I've noticed lotrs of once familiar names no longer posting, or wrongly forced out. Sorry, but the mods are failing badly, and how long before this site loses it's secure status? I would wager less than 6 months. It isn't worth posting on here, the mobile version is even less user friendly, and shocking. I suspect this new version is not compatible with the Chrome browser, or Android operating system, and both my6 PC and mobile are updated regularly.
  2. I think the sellers of the V5s etc need arresting and charging, and ebay also dragged in to the chain of prosecuting for aiding and abetting. Quite a few Lannies and Minis have been seized in Septicland where they have found to be fraudulent, and instead of returning them to the UK, they crush them. I think as part of the process, they should chuck the scum involved in the crusher at the same time. Sadly I was involved with someone ringing hooky cars when I was a teen, I was a valeter for a 'home seller' of used motors, and was paid very well, quite a few Cossies went through him, including a few cut n shuts, he taught me to drive aged 13 in some pretty tasty motors. H did end up doing time when his gaff was raided not long after he kicked his wife out.
  3. These twats selling ringing kits deserve setting fire to, they piss me off no end
  4. Hattos's must have got a collection in of Vanguards, as they have a fair few second hand cheapies, Funds are low atm otherwise i could have gone mad and spent a fortune
  5. Well, Hattons have come to the rescue, they had a used Nordic Blue Vanguards Fiesta L in, which goes for mental money on egay for just £14 plus post, which was £2.75 shipping, As Uncle George Takei, everyone's fave gay uncle would say..... 'Oh my'.
  6. The mods clearly aren't listening sadly, anyway, a big favour to ask, anyone selling a Vanguards Ford Fiesta? Not bothered which as I just want it for the glazing, as a kamikazi Lada slammed in to my XR2 when rejigging my cabinet. Boy did I swear! In other news it looks like a few more code 3's will be in my collection when funds allow, a mk5 Ecort Encore, a Sierra Sapphire in base gingercators flavour, and on the bus side, an Ailsa B55 and NC GM standard Atlantean in the livery of my great aint's firm. I think my mate Tony is planning a cardinal red holy grey grille Sierra mk1 5 door. Hmmm as they say, anyhoo, if any folks have a Fiesta going spare as a donor, please drop me a PM, preferrably not Teresa Maybot
  7. They never did an XR3i in the 1/36 scale, but they did a white RS1600i version, which was basically the GL casting with a boot spoiler and different wheels and RS1600i graphics. It was very half arsed, and was just on the cusp of the collapse of the company, which wasn't helped by the ill fated, and frankly shite Dragon 32 venture. I am now firmly taking a back seat as the mods have ignored a PM highlighing how broken this place has become. If anyone wants to stay in touch, PM me, even my Mrs thinks this site is appalling to view
  8. I am sadly finding this site harder and harder to use, forcing the site to try and open the change themes option brings up the forum page again with me logged out, the settings function is in block capitals, highlighted and doesn't work, same goes when trying to search for my topics, it is so thoroughly broken now, Even when changing font sizes, it simply reverts back to the same small font, I could get the mods shafted under disability legislation, but that would bring an end to the forum, and land the mods with a fine. Sadly my disability has made the forum near impossible to use, and when I point out glaring faults, I get shouted down by some windowlicking mate of the mods with a very low post count. I can see why Junkman left, he has a very valid point, BV had the balls to stand up to the mods too, and he got forced off and banned, he too had very valid concerns. I will post on other social media, but not on here
  9. As I posted in it's own thread, the auction of the Ixo Ford Cortina in aid of the local hospice went much better than I expected, netting a grand total of a stonking £150, a handover at the hospice is planned, as the winning bidder was unbelievably Old Ford's sister. Winner, winner chicken dinner as they say
  10. Cheers Ed, and the winner was John's sister Charlotte. I'm in a bit of shock tbh
  11. Well, auction over, and a grand total of £150 will be going to the hospice. Sorted
  12. Bump, we are live on FB https://www.facebook.com/events/2182604001835609/
  13. Dan, you are missing the point entirely, there is something quite seriously wrong somewhere, posting attachments is now taking an absolute eon, as the servers keep hanging, and bringing up Error 502, which is a server communication error, and unless people speak up, these faults won't be fixed. It could even be that the servers themselves are corrupted, and the site host is running it on a shoestring to maximise profits. It does happen, and if it is with the same company as previous, with the glaring security issue it had for over 6 months, I personally would not trust them, especially with all the serious data breaches going on Previously it was a doddle to go through new posts, but now it simply is not, and using on an android device is seriously awkward, and buggy. The login button is completely missing for instance, that is a very big oversight on someone's part. This update has made the site far from user friendly, and I have noticed we are losing way too many regular posters who provided some pretty decent content. To be honest, this update is going to cause many more to leave, and the forum is only as good as it's content/ I am seriously thinking of sacking off this site now, because it simply is now a pain in the arse to use
  14. Skeletons wanking in a biscuit tin time, the brown Solara LS is a replica of my uncle Rob's, bought brand new, and disposed of after just a year, replaced with a brand new Cherry 5 door. the red Horizon is a replica of my uncle Alan's old motor, also bought new, that was run in to the ground, and replaced with a Micra. My family were shiters LOL
  15. I had to select 'switch to desktop site' to be able to log in on my mobile, as always, updates aren't always better. The4 contrast between the shades of beige urgently needs tweaking, this new look has made the forum very hard to read, and I know I won't be the only one thinking this, also the server is taking an absolute age to respond when opening on my computer, when all other sites open near instantly, summat aint right somewhere, let me get a hammer and screwdriver to give the server a polite slight adjustment
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