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  1. I thought I would post my bus shite in here, so it is easier to find for you fellow bus nuts on here. Starting off with my mate Nigel's AEC Swift/ECW, which made the journey from its home near Selby in Yorks to Carlton Coalville in Suffolk for the annual bash there. Its superbly restored, but eats head gaskets, and isn't what you would call 'Swift' either. Restored by him and a friend who happens to be a timeserved coachpainter (ret'd now) And now a TV celeb bus. This ECW bodied Bristol VR was used by the BEEB in an episode of Dr Who. One VR was destroyed though at the docks overseas whilst being unloaded. That was an ex Yorkshire Woollen bus. Both are ex Hedingham Omnibus A double whammy of shit now. East Lancashire Coachbuilders of Blackburn bodywork..Volvo B6 chassis. Still in it's old owner Lincolnshire Road Car's colours
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