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  2. Forum coloured AC Acedes it actually is Beige too not just DVLA shenanigans, I knew of this one for a while, but sadly it was plate raped at some point and I did not know whats its new plate was, well now I do I also got some pictures of it that I did not have before its THOUGHT to be a private example, especially as 9771KR is not a Surry plate, however apparently its chassis number is like that of a government AC Acedes so go figure! ill send its reg no to my HPI guy just to double check/see what the DVLA has it recorded as its very interesting to see the control layout of another Metal AC Acedes, interesting to note it has a foot operated brake and a slide over thingy as a side note, on 1940PE and 594BGN thing above this post, I somehow missed that 1940PE is 1963 and 594BGN is 1961, when figuring out what its chassis number meant so that nulls my chassis number theory for that one sadly 594BGNs chassis number is weird in that its all numbers, pretty much every other AC invalid vehicle I have seen has had a leading letter or 2/3 however I got 594BGNs chassis number from the DVLA database, and we all know how accurate* that can be, so I wonder if we are missing a couple letters off the start of it so I do wonder if 594BGN really is a private example, if its chassis number actually starts with "PS" like private AC Model 70's do or if its something else! ill just have to hope @Conan can find it if it really does live at the Jesda museum these days! and grab a picture of its actual chassis number for me also slight apologises to @dollywobbler for abandoning the live stream just as it got going, Stuart came online and he rarely comes online so it was a case of drop everything and talk as much as I can with him before he has to do things go offline again!
  3. After some much needed loving.
  4. Sorry I don't remember any Texalarms although I was selling Citroens when your car was born.
  5. November sees mother-rews Felicia due for its MOT.The cars used for taking the grandkids to school, pottering about locally and to her weekend job at a local stables. I took the car up to the workshop for a check over and gave it a dam good thrashing So the cars covered in kids crap and smells of horse poop inside. And outside it's grime, tree sap and moss. Today was just to clean the car and give it a quick look over, next week I'll do a service, get the wheels off and give everything a check over. Car was washed, clayed, waxed and the rear number plate was taken off and machine polished. You can see in the picture it had gone Matt and made the plate look pale. It's warped and the backing is lifting but I cant bring myself to fit a new one as it's the originals on the car.
  6. That looks awesome! Well done on that buyage. I have a real soft spot for 1990's Mitsubishi's. My first car was a 1994 Mitsubishi RVR. I think this era, and the early 2000's produced some of the best looking Mitsubishi's! Though the modern (2018 +) looks are starting to come right as well. Does that 4G93 growl/whine like a good 4G should? Video for example: I appreciate that's the 2 litre 4G63 - but having ridden in 4G93 engined Mitsubishi's, they sound very similar. Such a delightful noise! Good luck, I hope it gives you many "utmostly pleasurable" driving miles
  7. If you ever come near Coventry I have the correct plug and icarsoft program on the laptop. Used it to diagnose a fault on my c180.
  8. This may be of interest to some especially as it has a ticket until next April. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/492798011309437/
  9. Cheap genuine CL55 AMG, but a pre-facelift so the lesser desirable variant without the supercharger. No MOT. The fake Kompressor badges, ugly oversized wheels, stupid exhaust and swapped out Mercedes logos tell me that this must be a well taken care of example. Oh, and dont forget the ricer stickers on the side! And the mandatory V8 badge on the back just in case people still haven't realized you are the ultimate baller. Pure cancer. https://www.gumtree.com/p/mercedes-benz/mercedes-cl55-amg/1352851095
  10. Urban distressed. Avec MOT https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323954039360
  11. Did a bit of work on the Royale today aided by Chester the dog. Still haven't got around to welding it yet (over a year!)-but when moving it this morning one of the rear calipers was sticking, so stripped it down and gave it a clean. You can see the hole still present and my helper. The bluey stuff is Vactan.
  12. Anyone here own two Talbots, a Solara and a Horizon? One had RAC in the reg, didn't have my phone on me for a pic.
  13. DVee8

    eBay tat volume 3.

  14. Last night I had a fairly long and detailed dream, part of which involved me visiting WHSmith and discovering that my Yaris roffle number had in fact been drawn, but not as the bonus ball. I then moodily wandered over to the magazine racks and picked up 'X1 Magazine', the publication for owners of BMW SUVs (yes, that's a thing in my subconscious) to find that Auto$hite.com had topped their annual awards for best website. They had a 4-page feature extolling our virtues, including a "best quotes" section, and a list of euphemisms that we had invented for human genitalia. I was giggling like a nutter in my dream, but can't actually recall any of them due to the fact that actual reading in dreams doesn't work. As you were...
  15. Interesting thread which has highlighted the fact that once you reach a certain number of years the previous ones become a bit of a blur. I think mine must have been the summer of either 1991 or 1992 when I drove my 1964 Beetle from South East London to Fishguard to see my parent who were holidaying there. I think it is a whisker over 260 miles. I have a picture of the Beetle by Strumble Head light house, but cannot remember anything about what would have been a very slow journey there and back. I did also do the same journey in my Dad's MGB in 1994 albeit via was the stupid route. The A40 runs from central London (Oxford Street or thereabouts) all the way to Fishguard. I thought it a great idea to take the then girlfriend on this daft adventure. It took eight hours and it was pitch black by the time we got to the interesting scenery (the Brecon Beacons and the like). I was completely knackered and God knows how many times I changed gear!
  16. DVee8

    eBay tat volume 3.

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/715568022289464/ Great handbrake.
  17. Unfortunately after drying the car off, whilst it was looking very shiney from a distance, up close it had some large areas of staining/ kind of water marks. I went at them with a bit of quick detailer and it softened them up and go rid of some, but it was hard going. So I busted out the trusted g3 wax, whipped over the whole car and this helped remove them and when buffed off the marks had gone. Whilst I think the product was good at achieving a quick shine I think it may have performed better on a car that has some form of protection on the paint or paint that's not quite as oxidized/damaged as the Felicia.
  18. DVee8

    eBay tat volume 3.

  19. Aha, most of my childhood we didn't have a TV, but I knew of Batman from all the enacted "Dinner, dinner, dinner" stuff and other kids swapping Batman bubble gum cards and so on while nothing about Green Hornets! OK thanks for that. I had had a quick look on ebay, but kind of hoped there would be some website that made it a bit simpler since as you say there are lots of types. The one I was looking for recently is for a Dinky Mini Moke and the tyres are sort of plastic rather than the usual rubber ones. I feel your pain! Many of the cars I thought I had have either gone missing or have suffered the improvements* I made to many when I was a bit older. Yes that Merc is strange compared to all the others as it doesn't even have the normal state of the art Whizzwheels, but a pretty good representation of the real thing! Here's mine with those despised Technocrats on the box 49 New Pence haha! Powerblaster & Whizztrack on the back A rather nice Orthographic Projection on the bottom of the box
  20. That would have been my first car if I had my way. My first car didn't have much of a life buzzing around central Scotland. It wasn't until I got the C reg Cav that I took it from Mid Wales to Inverness. Many cars after that went from Mid Wales to central Scotland and Milton Keynes.
  21. Bye cars. CityRover will also get a cover, but it's still got one run to the unit to do. That'll be at about 7am tomorrow morning. Then I'm on a coach for a scary number of hours on the way to that there London. Not sure what my comms will be like once I fly on Tuesday, but will try to report in.
  22. Working Out of curiosity i Decided to do a bit of a product test. We Have this in stock at work so I get it cheap and having seen a review that said it was good on YouTube I decided to give it a go. So I needed a grubby test mule. So I nabbed mother-rews Felicia which is covered in sap, grime, bird poo and rust also has some bad scratches all over so the paint is far from well kept. Handily the drizzling rain highlights the lack of protection on the paintwork. So a good scrub, then a quick whip over with the clay mit to get some of the contaminates off but not going to crazy. Then rinsed off, which is then when the product should be applied, left for a moment and the rinsed off. And the results looked very promising 20191020_154743.mp4
  23. They could have at least objected to their name being used to adorn a pile of shite.
  24. Seriously, someone buy this its got cheaper from when he started. It’s also on retro rides and is the same chap that sold me the wife wagon, and that was *exactly* as described. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323950894134
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