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  2. Hello, Autoshite Funeral services. Yes our Polonez hearse is available.:.
  3. The start of the M62 - flyover construction, roundabout lay out and road reconfiguration early 1970s. SIMCA gets a head start over the 1100, Crapi driver is boxed in and is fuming.
  4. Great job. The SD1 really was a cool design for an executive car.
  5. What does the ‘other’ V40 need to get back on the road?
  6. After successfully naming their cars Escort and Fiesta after w@nk mags, the Cortina replacement was going to be called the Ford Razzle. However , when Ford executives saw the Dutton Sierra, they decided you couldn’t get more w@nk than that!
  7. You could call it 'utter fucking twat'. And then when you turn up for work, nip down to the garage etc. Anyone who knows you will say, 'Oh look, it's the utter fucking twats'.
  8. This could be very nice, or a big headache? I like it though. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284559570190?hash=item424112750e:g:uf8AAOSw2SRhr9fp
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  10. The only XJ40 wings I had were still attached to the XJ12 so I deny all!! I recognise Pete M, Minimad, Jon and think that’s wuvvum’s head at the back there, but I can’t put names to the other faces.
  11. Good man 😎 I've always wanted to nab it, and put it up in my garage at home. Hopefully we will see it make an appearance next time we have a meeting, infact, it'll be (sad) but awesome to recreate the above picture 😅
  12. The banner disappeared for a long time, in my early years on the forum (2013-16) its whereabouts was often questioned. When the Northern Powerhouse meets started in 2016, I occasionally noticed Junkman and Conelrad making reference to something AS related, but always spoken obliquely - 'do you still have it?' 'yes I do'. This went on for a while and I was curious. They wouldn't say what was going on. I was talking to watgongsidecorporation late one night at Shitefest '17 in Lincolnshire, Jon having shown up at the eleventh hour in his 305 having had nothing to eat for several hours and with nothing but a Mexican blanket to sleep under. Feeling peckish after countless Bud Lights (I'd managed to buy 50 cans for £7.50 from a Tesco reduced shelf somehow), I started on a large bag of Doritos - Jon asked for some and ended up eating the whole bag. Somehow Jon ended up telling the story of the banner and he explained it was once his - I don't recall exactly what was said, but he said that he didn't want to have the banner any more so asked someone nearby to take it away from him. Something clicked in my head. I know where it is, and nobody else does. When daveb47 had stopped fucking about and the site was back up, I sent a PM to Junkman: 'I know you have the banner'. 'Yes. What do you want it for?' 'To take to shows and stuff'. As it happened, someone at Shitefest foisted an XJ40 wing onto me (Richard K? ChinaTom? I can't quite remember) and asked me to take it to the Junktowers, which I did on my way home. I nabbed the banner while I was there. I didn't tell anyone - I thought it best that way, and waited for the right moment for it to resurface - after all I was the last person anyone would have expected to have it back then. I can't remember entirely where it made its return but that may well have been Chumley 2017 - I remember it being taken in exceptionally good humour by showgoers and shiters alike. It was a triumphant return. It's been to every AS gathering I've been to since, and I still have it now.
  13. Grin. Finding old pictures like this : I recall the look of horror on some folks face, as they read the banner .... Autosh- 😲
  14. Don't be too hasty, they're probably just trying it on & being cheeky. Always worth having cameras up though 👍
  15. Ford Ka Collection £1,495 : https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1407572
  16. That is a very eclectic fleet, and I'm in awe of the SD1. It really looks amazing!
  17. I remember when my son got his first car. His ( female) cousin , a couple of years older with her own car enquired “ what’s it called?”. ”Peugeot 107”
  18. 10k milestone. It had a clock change so mileage is approximately 45k though. 6 weeks ownership averaging 29 mpg. Could be worse I suppose.
  19. Yes, it’s modern, but I like it. 450 miles on “poor life choices” - the //e was a good buy but I stupidly paid too much in sympathy for bereavement for untested machines that are rather shabbier than I’d though - the Acorn A3000 being the one I wanted and it’s got battery greenery. Two ropey old A500s and a Sinclair 48K Speccy probably won’t cover the cost of making it as good as I want 😕 But the Puma ST? Best five door Golf GTI Mk II replacement since the five door Golf GTI Mk II.
  20. I dunno, Homer could sing when the mood took him.
  21. @Lankytim Thanks for the heads up, I'll pass the info on, see if we can get some Maestro folks in need of parts to make use of it.
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