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  2. Nope - silence. They were Brethren, so didn't believe in media etc, wouldn't allow newspapers in the canteen either.
  3. Will you be needing another physio appointment after tinkering?
  4. Suburban wildlife news: Alan the Partridge seems to have taken up residence in the garden. Far from running away if I step out, he actually comes running to me. I expect he'll be wanting feeding, so...
  5. I actually managed to get it undone OK using the nut when I changed the filter, but I agree that it doesn't look like the most robust of setups.
  6. Post Lady has been All from same seller for a tenner Corgi FIAT X1/9 in the seemingly less-common blue with FIAT/Bosch/Cibie stickers, which means I can convert and paint a spare white & green one Corgi Honda Prelude in tidy enough condition so I can paint / convert / dispose of a sun-faded one with glazing problems Dinky Corvette Stingray with flame stickers surviving for once. Never had one of these Dinkys before, ever.
  7. Both 12 t fork lifts ive driven had stereos. The 12t hyster had aircon! The older 12t linde had a box with a 12v stereo and one speaker. I’m sure that’s where I last saw my old folder full of copied CDs…….
  8. What misers! Headphones or portable speaker at that job then? When I am manic I can't function without music.
  9. @dollywobbler Perhaps the Oltcits initial reluctance to start was partly due to the 7 year old petrol? It did eventually go because you put enough fresh juice in to dilute the old stuff. I wonder what it, and your (and other peoples) fleet will think of that horrible ethanol soon to be coming our way. DfT News: Standard petrol is changing to E10 https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/UKDVLA/bulletins/2e3e2a1
  10. FOR SALE - Triumph TR2 - 4A pressed-steel wheels, 4J x 15" for restoration . . . These x4 wheels, now with then tyres removed, are again offered for sale by me., Bfg, in Ipswich, Suffolk. Same price as I paid ..£75. There are in fact a couple of dents in the rims but I'm sure they would tap out easily enough before blasting and repaint. cheers, Pete
  11. 100% this, once you have offered it here first of course.
  12. Did it have a stereo? I am guessing not. Is there any rule that says you can't install car audio equipment on a forklift? Got to have those banging choons while you work.
  13. Yes I had a sit in, it's a lovely and tastefully* 90s compact estate. The new owner was surprised at its performance on the motorway too. And it's simple, no turbo and hot side actuators to get treacled.
  14. Nooooo! They're starting to increase in value anyway.
  15. I can relate to this post as both my late father and brother were functional alcoholics. My father drank vodka like it was water but never took a sick day from work in his life, sadly they both succumbed to the disease eventually 😔
  16. It is a tricky one, because the cost of clutch could just buy another C5, and being picky this time, I could check all is well with it. But, you never know with cars do you? I've had complete knackers serve me remarkably well, and fully-historied beauties be nothing but trouble. I can't do anything until we've got some house keys in our hands, but I think my preference is to spend some money on this one. For the time being, it is only being used for the lengthy trips (Devon in a few weeks!) and I'm nursing the clutch. It has not slipped again, so gentle use may well eke out a good few more mil
  17. So .., FOR SALE - 4-1/2J x 15" painted wire wheels, x5 with Spinners, and Splined hubs for the TR 2 - 4A, and their special domed nuts, and possibly x2 good Maxxis tyres (, dated 2013). The three other tyres are old & worn. As collected (in March, when the car was clean and wore the white-wall-tyre embellishers) ..available for collection from Wolverhampton, or in a few weeks time, from Ipswich, Suffolk I don't wish to discuss prices on an open forum, but I'm sure anyone who has look will have a good idea of the value of a set of five, sound wire 15" wh
  18. Today
  19. Absolute horse shit™ (Vehicle chat only please(I do reserve the right to break this request)) New thread title just for you 😀
  20. Apart from the Aston Martin DB6, Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and the Jaguar MK10; there was a Batmobile, the Spectrum Saloon Car from Captain Scarlet, Bentley S3 with a canoe on the roof, Ferrari 500 Superfast, a boat on a trailer and a horsebox. And a horse. So either as a standalone car or a sort of a 1:40 scale Minic Motorway
  21. Got a suggestion after watching the recent Hubnut- @dollywobblerreview on a 205
  22. I may be biased due to being a huge C5 fan but, you could spend the clutch money on a replacement car which could be a nightmare, at least you know the C5 is a goodun and that's the thing with C5s they're rather wonderful to drive, comfortable, smooth and really quite safe in an accident which is what's needed for a family wagon i'd fix the C5 personally, it's obviously got under your skin and you do seem to like it lol
  23. Spectacular. I love the shape and the pop-ups, but my favourite thing about these is how they put an actual, proper Volvo front grille below the front bumper. It was a feature that I plagiarised on a great many cars I 'designed' when I was eight or nine.
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