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  2. They're handsome in estate form...
  3. Looks interesting, and a subject close to many of our hearts I'm sure, but I sincerely hope those aren't the finished covers???? The text on the rear is totally illegible! I hope your mysterious Sussex garage is the one at Redford? I've never stop to look but it seems like there is mountains of old shit in the bushes... there's a good one at Partridge Green, too, which you may or may not have found
  4. You don't need a crystal ball if you have access to a TARDIS!
  5. A satisfying milestone was achieved yesterday in my 2005 Skoda Octavia VRS, that's the second mk1 Octavia I've taken past the magic 200k mark, my diesel one achieved it on the motorway though so I missed the moment. And no, it didn't celebrate by putting the EML on, the first photo was taken while the ignition was off! It's been on for ages because I've unplugged the noisy and pointless secondary air pump and haven't got around to doing anything more permanent about it yet. I've not been very kind to it of late - the clutch is almost done for, the wheels desperately need
  6. As far as I can see this is the only way you knew. Your crystal ball is working great so what is my next car going to be!
  7. I call it Seed as well. Bollocks to the apostrophe I can't be arsed with it either 😂
  8. here we go knew I had a picture of it somewhere, TWC is not the first Invacar this Oltcit has rubbed shoulders with! (unless TWC visited this section during her visit to the FoD? its VERY bumpy in an invacar thats for sure LOL)
  9. Citroen GSA Location Spain. Price 3500 € https://es.wallapop.com/item/citroen-gsa-1981-341650200
  10. Ford Sierra 2.0 S Location Spain. Price 2950 € https://es.wallapop.com/item/ford-sierra-2-0-s-1987-560039224
  11. Surely a first. A car is let go by @Six-cylinder (actually there’s a few I can think of come to think of it)
  12. Cheers. I really want to save it. I've adored these cars for a long time.
  13. I don't; although I've been to/through Cheddar many times my Somerset knowledge doesn't really stretch that far. A good friend was born just down the road from there though, so I've sent him the question.
  14. Naturally there are still loads around here in Spain, where they were built. all sorts of bodies. the wki in Spanish is more comprehensive than teh English verion. https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_Trade Never knew they made RHD versions. Ebro, now is part of Nissan, but before made many vehicles, under license. Like the Ford Thames Trader, Fordson tractors, Alfa Romeo Romeo, Jeeps of various types
  15. I legitimately went "fucking hell!" when I saw you got an oltcit, and that was before I realised it was the resident FoD one @Six-cylinder letting go of a car, man 2020 is strange! I do look forward to seeing how you get on with it, I do like a Citroen Visa and Co, and I do hope it can be recommissioned rather then broken for spares
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  17. Is there any background story on the fuel station near Cheddar on the front cover of the South West one? I'm intrigued to know it's history/story. If not, @PhilA / @BeEP possibly would know! I'm waiting for the South West to go online before I buy and then the rest can go on my Amazon wishlist for Xmas. The Encarta/Britannica encyclopedia of Old and Broken Petrol Pumps.
  18. Oh god, you do love a project. I seem to remember that you were thinking of learning to weld when the Tercel came about last year. Maybe it's a good place to start! It's really clean looking inside however, very Citroen.
  19. Um, oops? Yes, an escapee from the field of dreams! I got very doom and gloom about the condition, but Oltcit folk have already been in touch with offers of parts and information, so let's hope this one can return to the field under its own power one day!
  20. My neighbour told me to ride to Alcoi then up to Planes. Looks great on the map so will ride up there next week (I hope to have the time to).
  21. My neighbour told me to ride to Alcoi then up to Planes. Looks great on the map so will ride up there next week (I hope to have the time to).
  22. CR-V passed it's MOT with one advisory (Front Anti-roll bush) which has now been rectified anyway. The source of a leak has been found and sorted, a rubber grommet for the bonnet pull had perished and was letting water in. Stripping down on the civic for welding and rebuild is also very nearly complete, so hoping to have it solid by next summer. During stripping down I found that one of the sun roof drainpipes had not been put back in after a previous owner attempted/paid for an incredibly poor o/s/r arch replacement. Needless to say that corner of the car is in the wor
  23. Yeah, I've got to sort out my MOTs two of which are now looming and one is miles out. Problem is the MOT test centre I've been using for the last 15yrs is about 15 miles away. Never used to be a problem as I used to still work near it but now I work from home, it's not just a case of popping out at lunch. Gonna have to find somewhere nearer that deals with shit old cars.
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