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  4. My mum (82) just gave up driving a few months ago and my thieving sister said “oh , I’ll have the car , ours has had it”, and she drives off £13k up. She’d “bought” cars from my parents before normally at about half what they were worth, but she’s taking the piss because my dad died this year and he’d at least have made her pay something. Would mind so much if she hadn’t just spent £40k on a camper van. Brother on the scrounge for money too as they think she’s a soft touch. Parasites!
  5. A fellow I knew, rancher and Grateful dead lyricist John Perry Barlow, ran across Douglas Adams on the Alaska Ferry going from the Seattle area to Alaska, a 3 or 4-day trip. He was working out in the gym, rather feverishly, and stated that he was going to live 'til a hundred. He's about my age, but died over 20 years ago. I guess there's more to it than treadmills and Nautilus equipment.
  6. Rules when I was up there were that under absolutely no circumstances were they to be sent out if there was snow on the ground. Though apparently First Aberdeen have major problems keeping up with maintenance at the moment and are hiring vehicles in from Glasgow to try to make ends meet - so that's likely why.
  7. I have trawled the internet looking for similar to modify but found nothing with same ends. Even Vauxhall/Opel don’t seem to have another model using same fittings each end. That’s why I’ve come to the plan above but I’m no engineer and someone could probably do better but I’m hopeful this will work, subject to there being enough space to accommodate the thicker silicone hoses.
  8. The interior quality in that one you had off me was comically bad compared to the early cars. I've had five R3s - early 214, 220SDi which I had for years, 200Vi which was a right weapon until the water pump shat itself and took the head gasket with it, MG Express which I bought off of HMC, and the aforementioned Project D(ep)rive 2005 25 GLI with the 1.4. In many ways the 2005 car drove the best of the lot - brakes were sharp by Rover standards and the handling was fantastic - but they were all fun to drive in their own surprisingly different ways. I'd have another diesel one if one came up at sensible money but they all seem to have disappeared.
  9. Pictures in the BBC Scottish news of a bus crash in Aberdeen due to the snow. One was a bendy bus. Could there be a worse thing to drive in the snow?
  10. Genuine barn find. And a Citroen van too!
  11. Finally washed this beastie. And to pretty good effect!
  12. Looks like VAG ( I know) were faking tests even back then . That car is standing as if it is empty, no compression of the springs at all. With all that weight on it , it should at least be sitting very low on the suspension even if they took the photo in the 3 seconds before it collapsed completely. Also presumably it was made with a separate chassis and body and hence the roof would not have been very strong either.
  13. Yesterday
  14. 🤓 I did this in my Volvo 480. Satisfaction guaranteed.
  15. Agreed.... It was the Price Point which caught my eye >>> as you can't get the Lidl POS anymore 😂
  16. Isabel Oakeshott. Question time is on, but I can't concentrate.
  17. And the odd interior shot showed that it also had a digital instrument cluster as well. They did have a real Daytona for static shots in the first episode.
  18. 6/10 needs more Honda Preludes and BMEP.
  19. Got the brake drum and hub off the Argson straightened up thanks to my friend Paul’s 20ton press and checked them for trueness on his lathe…. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cl5fJl6uLuo/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  20. The exception that proves the rule. An old Skool Ford for sale in South Africa. It's not easy/impossible to register an imported car in South Africa (ask me how I know) so I wonder if he's hit registration problems. I also wonder if it's been nicked off a Dagenham driveway. 12K GBP.
  21. Are air conditioning pipes a universal size across different makes and models of cars? The end shape certainly looks familiar. If so can you get pipes from a different car and cut and bend to suit? Aluminium should be reasonably easy to shape even if you have to anneal it first.
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