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  2. In theory the chain can be done in situ , its a cassette type chain and tensioner so it all drops in from the top , so only the crank pulley and sprocket needs attention at the bottom..That said access isn't great even when the front end is put in service mode so will be tight
  3. if its questionable rip engine out an change the chain, tensioner, guides and all the usual. that bini is rough but they are good motors and the bini scene is massive so loass of tuning and styling options
  4. Now that looks remarkably clean. Definite FoTU material there.
  5. After watching that, I kind of understood what made that female police officer pull out her firearm instead of her Taser....
  6. I like this a lot. Not a bad price for a dealer I suppose but still on the high end even for these after price hikes. At least for me and my budget. But then classic dealers aren't usually in a rush to sell and price accordingly to get top dollar. Superb colour though. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1328300
  7. Has anyone confirmed the title and author of the book the pic is scanned from? Long shot but there might have been other images taken with different angles of the car. I appreciate it's from an era when you didn't just reel off dozens of shots but you never know
  8. Think it's being weighed in this afternoon, best holler if there's something worth removing and posting.
  9. Today
  10. Definitely not, sorry. Will dig them out and see what others there are though.
  11. check its had the recall done for the little heat shield above the turbo oil feed (unless they had realised by ,2010 how shit the design was and done something about it) if not the O ring dries out in the heat, leaks and sprays oil over top of turbo (again, ask me how I know !!). You have to take half the front of the car apart to change the pipe Listen for chain rattle as the tensioner is crap and fails quickly with low or dirty oil. first sign is a light rattle at around 1200rpm cold. bring the revs up slowly from idle to 2000 and listen for it coming in somewhere between 1200 and 18
  12. Nice*! Watch those a pillar trims, a colleague had her early bini back to the dealer loads of times for a leak, and came to me when they quoted her stripping the entire interior out and £££ to try and find it. Used my spidey senses and followed the tidemark across the headlining and it was that whole front corner area I pumped full of tigerseal one lunchtime, and it never leaked again! What was confusing bimmer was it leaking from the rear vanity light in the headlining. Didn't think to them it was running across there and falling out of the first hole it could find, or Yvonn
  13. be a shame if that house could be marked somehow so drivers could give her a beep in support when passing
  14. Ebaumsworld. There's a blast from the past! Still going I see, although mainly filled with clickbait rubbish now. https://www.ebaumsworld.com/soundboards/arnold-schwarzenegger-soundboard-1/1876/
  15. Possibly, Power steering issues and clunking over every road imperfection, however no idea what the issues are so will investigate. All expected at this price, sorry to hear about the pug, has a lot more character than mine!
  16. A special-bodied SP250 seems a lot more likely than any of the other theories, although to me the wheelbase looks shorter. Is the photo 100% genuine, or has the car been cut and pasted from somewhere else?
  17. I always reckoned it’s a heavily modified version of the steel Daimler SP250 prototype. The fins at the rear are a dead ringer for one another. The base of the rear wing behind the rear wheel is damn near identical. If you look at the photo of the rear wing you can actually see the transition point between the donor and modifications where the fin suddenly widens out. That was my tuppence anyway after hours drawing the thing, even if I did make the wheelbase much too short.
  18. There was a comedian we went to see about 10 years ago. Support act to someone else. Told a long winded joke. Basically they were running late and were due to pick up granny. Daughter is given the job of letting her know they are coming for her. When.they arrive at grannies house they can't find her. Eventually they find her in an orange puffs jacket hidding behind the hot water tank. Which is wearing a similar jacket. The reason? Daughter doesn't ring her (cause that generation doesn't), she texts "we are coming to take you, be ready in 10 minutes to leave straight away. Have you
  19. Not funny. Stereotypes like that need to.be stamped out. You don't get mugged in Liverpool. You might look out the window one morning and see that someone has taken the Mersey in the night, but they will have done it under cover of darkness and nobody will have been threatened.
  20. Someone was out and about again today. Now proudly displaying her replica tax disc. Ended up doing something I haven't in years. After I was done with the errands I had to run, I just picked a road and decided to see where it went. Was probably out for a couple of hours. That says a lot I think about how I've started to build some proper confidence in this car - and enjoying driving her. Observations: 10" wheels and quite firm suspension aren't great with the condition a lot of roads round here are in. The fact there are quite so many crashes and rattles from th
  21. It’s going to need a bit of TLC. Quick clean up of those wheels, some new tyres (Falkens suit these) and a few rubbers and you’ll feel much better. Break out the polish and most of those scratches will disappear. Color Magic is your friend.......Whack on some new wipers (can recommend Bosch Aerotwins) and you will have a nice wee car. Better solution would be ditch those wheels, and get some 15” Rocket Or Teledial wheels instead as (a) they are nicer and (b) they will improve the ride biggly. Plus tyres are cheaper. I bought a similar coloured R56 in 2008. Similar condition t
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