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  2. Just a thought... Range Rovers of this vintage often have their steering angle sensor getting confused if the battery has been replaced or allowed to drop voltage... this has a knock-on effect on the ABS and DSC and throws error messages on the dashboard. The usual way to resolve this is to reset the steering angle sensor, by switching on the engine, staying in Park or Neutral, turning the steering wheel full lock to the right and then full lock to the left, then returning it to centre. Switch off and switch on and all should be well. A quick internet wander suggests that Jaguar X and S t
  3. AFAIK no. Thomas Humber Ltd, originally.
  4. Is there any connection with the Humber cars and the fact that Hull is on the River Humber?
  5. Oh very cool! not a pic iv seen before, thanks for sharing it with me, its a Model 67 Looks its CPC443H so that makes its specifically an AC Acedes Mk15
  6. found a you chew vid 23/01/2021 RACE 1 - YouTube There seems to be some interesting vids search bruce Mclaren Motorsport Park Taupo
  7. You are lucky. I can't walk at all on ice unless I use a rollator (zimmer frame on wheels) and then look like a much older bastard than you. A Canadian aunty gave me some spiky things which attach to my walking sticks. They work but are probably classed as offensive weapons these days, hence the GT zimmer 😃.
  8. I remember reading about it when it was first up for sale a couple of years ago, I think it was in Practical Classics Shame it couldn't be saved, some lovely stuff there
  9. Jealous, car park area was enough to have me drooling! Going to Meremere drags at some point?
  10. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/426806902106557 It's nice, that's for sure... but 1500 squids for an 80s Volvo with no MOT? I'm pretty out of touch with the prices on these, mind you, so maybe it's reasonable.
  11. nothing to add, but willing to keep you on the first page..
  12. I think there might have been more given away as prizes on The Big Breakfast than actually sold!
  13. That’s a good one! These were pretty tough to sell when they new as well weren’t they? I haven’t seen one in a very long time
  14. Clio trophy’s a good one! I’d argue that the v6 and the racing puma are different enough from a cooking spec models to count as different cars though. I was thinking more along the lines of different wheels and fancy stickers
  15. Beko, you're a competent person. You can strip a vacuum cleaner with your eyes closed! The manual for your boiler is here: https://www.plumbase.co.uk/documents/product/3549495 Read it and work through the trouble shooting section. Then come back with any questions.
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  17. Clio II v6 + Clio II Trophy Ford Racing Puma Etc
  18. Oh! I knew this would happen 😁
  19. Bad day at work for someone. https://va.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_qn9u610RTD1yri6y0.mp4
  20. Went for a blood test today. Nothing exciting just my usual yearly one. On my way back to the car park I noticed I have turned into one of them old bastards who walks in the road and not on the path cos path is icy.
  21. * goes to eBay and looks up 1/8 model selections *
  22. I'm another one given to the last minute bid in the hope of a bargain. Often without success, as I so often bemoan on these very pages. There's an awful lot of ambitious pricing going on. And yet, a Viper or Ferrari can be picked up for next to nothing (my kind of price, lol; shame they're not the droids I'm looking for!).
  23. I also dont want to mark my cards... I'm paying a good few hundred quid less than the going market rate, and I can't afford to pay the current going market rate so I'll be patient and smile sweetly a bit
  24. Looks truly incredible, and to be brave enough to redo those big rear panels at the end of it as well. Just eight hours left, what a feeling that must be! Will you know what to do with your time once it's done?......
  25. 100% this! I remember as a lad Dad with 3 phones on the go with a house flooding with water and unable to reach anyone... We went ourselves a few times and my dad barely knows one end of a screwdriver from the other! When my step grandad was still working I'd go out with him for pocket money and we'd be driving to one job then one phone call later (no hands free back then) we'd be flooring it around a roundabout to somewhere else because there's a gas leak. Its a pain with the kids and no hot water and unable to do any washing cos it won't dry but that little radiator is taking the edge
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