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    eBay tat volume 3.

    My queasiness arrived at the mention of the Honda engine. Honda engine MY HAIRY ARSE.
  3. easy swap out on fezzy headlights,done the rear springs on mine,plus shock,springs were tired after 17 years,i changed one headlight last week,due to being cloudy,cv boot was changed mon,balljoint to be done today,that b looks fine...
  4. Is the door from Steve Flowers? They're closed but I'm pondering on ordering a few bits but their website is a bit archaic. Couldn't find anything about postage costs
  5. Today
  6. Baby Tigerfox (she is 26) turned up having managed to hit a post and pushed the headlight across so far it broke all the mountings and pulled the connector out so the lights did not work. Apart from a couple of scratches on the bumper no other damage. Temp repair done and second hand headlight ordered for £20 And I must get the Corsa back on the road, been owned by the family for about 14 years
  7. That has felt good, my MX5 MOT expired 2 days ago and now checker says 8th Oct 2020. Shame the car is locked away so I can't get it!
  8. @kiltox written all over it for may @Kiltox
  9. Yesterday
  10. continuing the Harper theme tho, I do know of 1 Harper Mk6 that shows up on an registration checker, not a British one tho! https://www.carjam.co.nz/car/?plate=11scw and speaking of this particular Harper I managed to slueth up another picture of it earlier today its interesting to note that at some point in time it has been fitted with Halogen headlamps which are a bit more rounded in style compared to the orignial 5 inch units as you can see on 61HPA above (and most other 1957 specification invalid vehicles like the AC Model 57, Model 64, Tippen Delta Mk3-7 and Invacar Mk10-12c etc) https://flic.kr/p/fkYve I do wonder whats become of this Harper as well? last WOF (the NZ version of an MOT) looks to have been in 2010...
  11. or.... you could spend £290 on this miserable little Alka Seltzer of a car. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Fiesta-1-1-Quartz-Ltd-Edn/254563768547
  12. Fancy an E36? It somehow at £500 and has 13 fucking bids on it as of posting... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW/274329422154?hash=item3fdf4ec94a:g:KNsAAOSwbuJei3Ku
  13. GRIM and yet strangely appealing. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Xantia-2-0i-16V-SX-for-spares-unless-you-like-a-challenge/233551855873
  14. I really should buy a SAAB one day, I do like them a lot. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Saab-99L/274331139688
  15. I'm in shock and awe.... A pillarless people carrier?!? Why have I only just found out about this? Basic description, photos of questionable(Likly killer?) rust and I cant be bothered to MOT check it... Want it this '87 Nissan Paririe? Starting bid's of £2,000... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-prairie/313048406547?hash=item48e3239a13:g:kMcAAOSw0uRejLTl
  16. Fiat Multiplayer. "Great car gearbox noise and blow to exhaust maybe trailored" https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fiat-multiplayer-petrol/392753229102 I need an adult?
  17. 6c to the atm https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/292938509783 😮😮😮
  18. The same one, TM6222 ? I do check its numberplate on the WOF/Reg checker every so often and happily its got both for a few months more. Will send you a PM sometime when I've a bit more news... Not a lot going on at the moment with this lockdown hence having a clearout / earn a few pennies at the same time (no work)..
  19. REDV12 also carried the plates LUPP1 and LUPP and in 2003 became REDV12 again, by 2015It is shown as only doing less than 100 km per year
  20. So back to my China related cars. I'm sure most of us know of the ZAP Xebra... A 3 wheeled, 5 door electric car sold in the USA in the Mid-late 2000's. Think a Daewoo Matiz but on 3 wheels... Photo for those of you who don't know. And Keep in mind, it was USA road legal! Anyway, I only just found out that they offered a 'truck' spec one too... Again, it's fully USA road legal. Its performance as standard as a hatchback was..challenging to say the least. So I'd dread to know how this would do if fully loaded. I can only guess it was used by small businesses wanting to be 'Hip' and Eco. Maybe even some government agency's? I've seen Chinese spec Kei Trucks being used by Oregon State Parks for example! I should note, this is not a dig at electric cars, more just a dig at a shit one.
  21. Can you make sure that you have a go-pro running next time 😂😂😂
  22. The story and reasons as to how they are still a thing is also good! Pistonheads did an article on them today and its worth a look! https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-britishcars/why-alvis-is-happy-building-two-cars-a-year/42200
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