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  2. if they know its a result of me, they tend to get shit done pretty fucking quickly "Oh shit its HIM!" back in April 2021 I helped someone get the logbook for their AC Model 70, and they turned the V62 around in 9 days LOL (V62 was posted off on the 20th and the V5c was issued on the 29th) all of the Mondeo stuff will be current data on the main computer system so really should not take too long to bring up, its not like im trying to apply for the Logbook for an Invacar Mk12 that was last on the road in 1979 (its only Data Pre 1983 that you have to worry about them digging around in the archives, everything post 1983 is still on the main computer system)
  3. stuboy

    my spots.....

    Spotted in the yard at work
  4. It’s surprisingly good to ride. Bit of a heffalump to manoeuvre but once underway it rides very nicely (even with shot fork seals). Minimal wind blast and the motorised screen is a definite advantage. Got home fine, just need to tidy it and fix the forks.
  5. It takes the hamster spinning the wheel at DooVLA fucking months to process a V62 at the moment.... How long do you think it's going to take them to search through the archives and see how many K-reg Mondeos are left πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚
  6. Phew. That's it. Collected my cutting compound from the specialist suppliers up here. Now for some coffee and cake... I hope you have enjoyed this Metroland tour. To be continued when I get time. Fascinating area - mostly all fields until about 1920. So I will keep posting. πŸ™‹
  7. egg

    '93 Mondy thread

    Nice idea @LightBulbFun, that would give a much better idea of the total 'population' remaining - even just the total before 1st August would be something.
  8. Ah should have said it's not a message I received, just saw it online. Had they acted as daft as that to me, they'd have received a suitably rude message in response πŸ˜‚
  9. Don't need to make it smart, if you tell someone it's smart they'll believe it... Because people aren't smart πŸ˜‰
  10. And the daft fucker asked if you would do 4000 dollars not pounds
  11. So I can turn a 14" CRT into a smart telly and tell them I'll let them pick it up at the Tesco in Auchinleck? 🀣
  12. Say it's a smart TV and meet in the nearest supermarket car park - some dafty will buy it anyway [Warning; may be unethical] - πŸ˜‚
  13. Mine was described as a 'Sovereign'. Nice idea, but bollocks.
  14. Someone loves their Saxo. Few nice cars about - modern Lagonda, couple of old Saabs, superb 60's BMW coupe, old Mercs and a few supercars.
  15. I may be getting somewhere. Surprising how much old style light industry survives. This is Park Royal.
  16. I live on a farm and I've still had them come to the door about "scrap metal". Said scrap metal is a load of wheels and an exhaust or two, stored in the garden where it's not visible from anywhere but in the garden. The only way you'd know it's there is if you were snooping around. Absolutely no reason for anyone to come down the driveway except for tractors going to the fields or delivery drivers coming to the two houses here. When the 205 was still here I constantly had people asking if it was for sale.
  17. Today
  18. Buses. You wait for ages, then two come along at once. This is the second, which arrived today. Pretty rare and cost a bit, but very happy. EFE 27615 - Volvo B10BLE with Wright Renown body. First Bus Badgerline livery. Scores on doors 38 of 40 EFE code 1s 1 of 2 EFE LT museum code 2s 2 of 2 EFE (LBRT) code 3s 3 left.
  19. The same happened to me the other day. Almost as if they follow a script. He first offered to clean my roof (like I fucking care if the roof is dirty..) then it was the gutters, the soffits, etc. I didn't just converse, I just waited until he was finished his speech and said a curt 'No'. As I was shutting the door he eyed up my van and said "That's nice, is it for sale?". This actually made me feel really uneasy. Again, No wasn't good enough and he asked if the 240 is for sale. "Nothing is for sale.". I made sure to take loads of screenshots off the security camera and save the videos off it. The weird thing is that we live at the end of a cul-de-sac, and he wasn't going round the doors, he drove straight to mine. Why?
  20. I'm rather pleased with how that photo came out, especially as it was taken from about 30m away with a remarkably long lens. The bokeh effect on it has worked rather well.
  21. Is he trying to explain to her why he's got a spare in the boot?
  22. 2 years ago today this landed on my drive. It was right in the middle of lockdown but the seller really wanted it to go to someone who would appreciate it. After a virtual WhatsApp viewing his plumber mate followed him down from Fife ('essential journey') and he dropped it off. He even came back down a week later to drop off some new wheel centre caps, badges and the Brink detachable towbar (which I use for our cycle carrier) We are still in touch and I don't think I've disappointed him!
  23. Have you tried swapping it for a broken x box ?
  24. Right, everything fixable I know about is fixed, the rest of the family have packed. I have euro breakdown, a credit card and a covid pass. Its therefore time to get ready for the off for this little trip in it - a mere 3700 mile trip to the arctic circle...... lets see how this goes.
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