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  2. i did a buy and got theses yes the purple ones are different shades but the one that made it worth it... no i've never seen a beige interior or green paint either! so the rogues line up with 2 existing chaps with bonus p6 & tinacorner attractions! (green p6 is on huntr minilites!😁)
  3. 1960 Maurice Minor It looks like an image from a 1960s Ladybird book.
  4. Genuine Glasgow taxi. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3279959965630136/?ref=browse_tab Bit battered but seems to be good value.
  5. Toyota looks rotten. Squash the lot.
  6. H1LUX seen the other day on, you guessed it, a Hilux. Sadly not a gamekeeper's beaten-up '90s single-cab 4wd with Truckman top, but a 2023 model. Wouldn't surprise me if it belongs to the local truck sales/plant hire/construction businessman who has a quite collection of Hiluxes dating back to a 1980 4wd.
  7. Err..... As we were 😉 🚙💨
  8. This poor Sierra has sat by the A12 for years. I hate to think how many people have asked about it
  9. Did you even live on a council estate if some tattooed shirtless youth wasn't ragging one of these around whilst he necked a can of lager? road legal quad bike | eBay Highly convinced* by the Yamaha stickers.
  10. Today
  11. PM me your address mate and I will get it boxed up. I don't think postage will be that much to be honest as its not that heavy
  12. First tank of LPG done in the XJR - anyone want to guess the mpg? Mainly MWAY at 70gps where possible, maybe 15% town work
  13. The XM then. This is what we are up against That intake pipe could do with not being there. Looks like to take it out I’ll have to take the battery box out. Which needs the air box out. No mice living in this one for a change. The battery tray was a bastard to figure out so I left it in and was able to juggle some other bits around to remove the rubber hose. The hard plastic pipe is bolted to the engine somehow. There is so much shite going on that I can’t see how it’s bolted on, I need a mirror on a stick. You can just about see the chain hiding in there though Once I got the chain out, it was apparent why it had slipped off Fucker. Ive left it like this whilst I rally myself and lick my wounds @wesacosa I think the chastity pants may be the way forward, if you let me know what the postage would be then I may need to trouble you for a loan if that’s ok. I’d suggest I come up to that they’re Lundun in person but all the reliably running cars I have currently would attract a £12.50 charge for the pleasure of a visit in addition to the fuel sadly.
  14. Fucking hell, this was tempting... Renault senic rx4 4x4 | eBay No test for a couple of years though and the last one mentions that it started overheating on tick-over.
  15. Time for a two part special. This evening I planned to work on the XM, but the thermostat turned up for the Pontiac so I decided to set about that as a warm up. It’s been running cold which isn’t ideal for winter. So far, so good, as it looks like the right part Access was a piece of piss all those plugs disconnect and the wiring comes away happily Nothing feels brittle which is good. The bolts for the thermostat housing were seized cock solid. A few gentle* taps from a hammer and drift freed them up no problem. As I was undoing this, I was expecting loads of coolant to vomit out. This did not happen, which means there’s some* coolant missing. At this moment I also found out my thermostat did not come with one of the gaskets I needed. Bonus. With the thermostat out, a distinct lack of coolant was apparent. Oh dear. play was off at this point as I was missing the gasket needed to put everything back together, so let’s look for a leak instead. That looks like it could be coolant. It smells like coolant. It tastes like coolant. Im going to go out on a limb and say that the water pump has let go. Not great timing with Christmas round the corner and money tight. I also don’t need more broken cars sat around, so there’s only one solution; park it until after Christmas and sort it in the new year. Fingers crossed there isn’t worse damage, but we will find out once it’s got a new pump on it. Like a twat, I then decided to move it forwards to create more space for working on the XM. And was then wondering why it was bogging down and stalling out... All together now: ‘you unplugged all the sensors around the throttle body, you wanker!’ Fuck it, that’ll do.
  16. 1958 mk2 scroggins Many years ago I saw someone taking the piss out of rivet counters at classic car shows with the comment "Akshually, I think you'll find that the chassis plate on a 1958 Mk2 Scroggins should be 3.2mm to the left of where you've got it". Rather stuck with me.
  17. I love some of the oddities that AI will throw out: 1975 ford of some sort 1980 for estate in brown. Quite where the chinese 6 came from, I'm not sure! Not sure what I put in for this one, but it's not bad...
  18. These Tipos are rebadged Vx Astras. If you compare the Estates it’s even more obvious from the chrome trims at the rear of the roof.
  19. We really will need to do that. Comparing the two back to back from the viewpoint of two different drivers I reckon would be really fascinating. I'm quite looking forward to getting into getting some of the issues ironed out on this. Indicators, wipers and water ingress are at the top of the list for now.
  20. Fiat Seicento Schumacher post-accident Edition
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