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  2. If there were a golden '1,000 likes' button on here, it'd be pressed for that.
  3. Go for it, M8, I need this like an extra hole in the head!
  4. From Popular Motoring, Sept 1972.
  5. Just saw these on the classic car scrapyard finds on facebook. FSO Caro anyone?
  6. These don’t rust. Galvanized in production. Fresh fuel and a seat cover and you’re away!
  7. DVLA says 'Special Ford'. 2994cc, so an Essex V6. Was it a one-off or some sort of fantastic build-your-own kit which you could live in? No idea.
  8. The Water Sweeney. "Get yer clothes on luv, you're nicked".
  9. Pre-facelift 3-litre with negative camber, later GXL lights & bonnet, and Mk1 Escort van rear quarter bumpers. I like it. A lot.
  10. Today
  11. Once you get the screws out, do yourself a favour...don't refit the fuckers, they are just locating screws anyway. Once everything is lined up and bolted in, they aren't necessary.
  12. Yellowstuff is for heavier and faster cars. Great felicia though. I really liked mine but didn't appreciate it enough.
  13. Only 2 pics as well. Left me wanting more! The write up is a bit odd, it has new callipers but needs new ‘breaks’. And what’s a ‘New port hole for the sunroof over flow’ all about? Seller won’t shut about the bonnet either. Obvs.
  14. I've often wondered, but with a cherry bomb aren't you meant to chuck a load of water in it? like you get it hot and then put a hosepipe in it, whilst leaving it running. I'm sure someone told me this once in a pub and i thought it was a load of tosh, but everyone else seemed to agree with him. Something about breaking it in, i've never fitted one so i never had call to look into it.
  15. You planning on tracking it or something? 🤣🤣🤣 Love the colour and the fact you've gone to town with the cleaning. I also do this and it seems we are a dying breed on this forum!
  16. Ah thanks, the heat must be getting to me, as I was sure it had gone earlier! I see V5 is 2011, suggesting it didn't sell.
  17. I now have an exhaust system. Sounds pretty much how I wanted it to. Going to finish it off with a chrome turn-down tip on the end. Phil
  18. When I saw this, I instantly thought of Raquel's Pratmobile: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/301210104643588/
  19. Moved omega to my "lawn" . Attached battery charger. I'm sure I'll need a new battery, but I had it on charge all afternoon, and it had 12.5 V showing by tea time. Will reattach it tomorrow, and see what it gets to. And whether it held any charge overnight. Note the rear wheels are on our land, but the rest of the boot is overhanging next doors "wild flower meadow"
  20. @dollywobbler does this look like it would fit the Vectra? https://www.gsfcarparts.com/212gm0059?auto_apply_coupon=SHOP60&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvseL47mK6wIVj7LVCh12fQWZEAQYDyABEgISAPD_BwE Could be a better solution to the blowing exhaust and its cheap!
  21. The mk2 cavalier convertible, has a particularly bad reputation.
  22. That's J-Car based stuff, and it's usually the power steering that they can't handle. We had a 9-3 cabriolet which survived this problem unscathed. I sold an Espero last year with a cracked bulkhead that someone had seen fit to use silicone sealant on. My old MoT tester remembers taking Esperos to bits for warranty repair to the bulkhead back in the day...
  23. The new Transit is keeping up the tradition - some remarkably scruffy ones in London...
  24. Presumably faster than a Saab too...?
  25. It's a crime that brake reservoir is empty.
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