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  2. Sorry but I think you're wrong. It looks pretty much like a 2011 sprinter to me.
  3. "Got a Sierra Cosworth mate?? Paaaah, you can fuck right off. Take a look at THIS!!!! Come on if you think you're hard enough". Check out the tailpipes. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1980-Ford-Capri-Beautiful-Example-Tickford-Body-kit/173913628878?hash=item287e0f60ce:g:2ioAAOSwvCZc6U7L
  4. Interesting with roof-turret to peek out of. I have a strong urge to look out of it to see what's out there. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mk-1-Ford-Transit-Metropolitan-Police-Van-Super-Rare-1-of-3-in-the-world-Project/163703302944?hash=item261d7a2b20:g:LFUAAOSwD6Bc5wKo
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  6. I'd agree that a new spring washer should suffice, since its lasted so long without falling off. I have also used threadlok on CWP's. Also on Zetec flywheels, where the threads go right into the crank oil ways, its impossible to get all the oil out, but it's well stuck when you undo it.
  7. This has some similarities to the Intestacy Rules for England and Wales, albeit the surviving spouse gets the first 250 grand, and any remainder is split 50/50 between the survivor and surviving children.
  8. So tell me, Apes, are they under the 185 bracket? What about their four wheeled cousins?
  9. They liked the effect so much they used it in several of their music vids, so it could be several others.
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  11. Built for empty crisp packet removal I think.
  12. Impressively shonky conversion job on the tailgate peekaboo rear doors.
  13. I live in feckin' London, and even I don't try to drive into the central bit of it. Not worth the bother when there are plenty of other places you could sit in traffic.....
  14. Degrease with a whazz of aerosol IPA or contact cleaner. I find threadlock is quite tolerant of residual oil as long as things aren't dripping, especially the gooey non-permanent ones.
  15. Did someone mention pickups, I think we have a winner. Not sure what you can actually pick up in it. Maybe a empty crisp packet.
  16. Result! Another family member onside.
  17. When I win the lottery I know which one I would choose.
  18. Oh thats very good... LMAO! (although to be pedantic the site would more likely to go down if someone forgot to plug in an ethernet cable )
  19. I've been watching the 205 and the scooter for 5 years now. For 4 years the old bloke came out and pootled around in both of them. Sadly this past year I have not seen him. He seemed to take great pride in both of them. As explained elsewhere the problem is taking them on even if free would cost euro 400 admin for car and 185euro for scooter. Insane and very upsetting. Next time I'm there I might well pump up the tyres in his memory.
  20. Minor update - the front tyres were getting a bit worn so time for replacement. I'd had a fairly short life from the Kumho 857s before the sidewalls perished, and the Hankook Kinergy had worn out in less than 15k miles, so I thought I'd try a new van tyre from Toyo which came out last year: (sorry for the fuzzy photo) The MOT was passed last week, with just a couple of advisories: The ball joint is the only one I've not replaced in 13 years, so I can't begrudge it that, and I had noticed the wishbone bushes had started to speak. Although I changed them last in 2009, it's only 50k miles or so, so I'd maybe have expected a longer life? Anyway, have got the bits; will do the BJ before summer, but the bushes seem to squeak for a good while - they reckon there's no play as such, just a bit of deterioration. So perhaps that can wait a while.
  21. Is the bus full of all the cookies everyone deleted to see if the site returned?
  22. Please please wait 'til I'm round at your house before you ask her that.
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