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  2. Media has a hand in this, this was headine news yesterday on the BBC, it's the bog roll crises all over again. The Local quiet Co-op station was jammers too.
  3. I don't know why ministers haven't realised that every one of their "don't panic-buy" announcements actually leads to panic-buying.
  4. Totally random thought came into my head RE: Eurotunnel 🤔 What was the final 'resolution'* of trains breaking down as fine snow flakes got in through the grille/cladding and shorted the circuits..... *Agreed = it did stop snowing!
  5. ooh thats very interesting as again thats one Iv known for a while, and have photos of but again one of those photos you have is one taken from an angle iv not seen before https://www.tate.org.uk/art/archive/tga-20129-6-7-26/von-motesiczky-photographs-of-henriette-von-motesiczkys-invalid-car you can see in the 5 photos they have here they dont have that fully side on one you have, its all very curious! how it seems like there a multiple pieces of the same jig saw puzzle spread around like this! YXU842 is notable for being a very late Cater G being from 1960! (for a long time it was thought production ended in 1955! but Stuart found a listing for Carter invalid carriages as late as 1961, but not sure if that was just hand propelled machines by then or not) and of course YXU842 could be some late registration madness (ie sat around for a while before being registered), but generally invalid carriages like this where built to order, rather then on a production line to then sit around until sold like regular cars so its all quite interesting, id love to know what happened to it in the end sadly it does not show up on the DVLA, so it came off the road sometime before 1983 (if the quoted sections are fiddly to deal with, they are from page 131)
  6. Chodtastic news. What was the fail for?
  7. Congrats LBF. Here's a post-test present from the archive A Carter, apparently. Photos I guess from the late 70s. Reg is YXU 845 I think. Not something I'm familiar with tbh, and not really 'car-like' enough for my tastes. Any info?
  8. Fag in one hand, mobile phone 'on call' in the other whilst venting to Atmosphere. i thought it was a windup when I heard 'through a chicken drinker' as I'd never heard of such a device.
  9. Did a tidy number of miles in the P6 yesterday and it behaved really well except for its increasing oil leak. At one point a modern SUV pulled up behind me in traffic, I could see its occupants having a look at the car, then they started point and laughing. Was it something I said? No! It was the Autoshite dealer sticker in the rear windscreen. Thanks @ruffgeezer 😁
  10. My mum replied to my last message very smugly with their Zoe. She piped down when I (in jest and plenty of smily faces so she didnt read the message incorrectly) asked how much the new electricity fuse box and car charger cost them (thousands apparently and they needed it to connect the charger up) I mean theyll be fine when there is no fuel, but once there is I'll be able to fill up many many MANY times before spending the cost of the work they had done for their £11,000 EV
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  12. Its no toothpaste on toast though is it
  13. This is great: 500 euro Seat Ronda, with current owner/seller since 1987! https://www.autoscout24.nl/aanbod/seat-ronda-1-5-glx-benzine-blauw-4a8714ca-f8f5-0866-e053-0100007fc360?cldtidx=18&sort=standard&lastSeenGuidPresent=true&cldtsrc=listPage&searchId=-2131322171
  14. Ah yes, my neighbour went out earlier to fill up both their cars. They are retired and go out to the shop once a week. According to my Fiat it has just over 200miles left, should be ok for next week.
  15. Or a fan of obsolete cigars...
  16. My mate had a brand new one as a courtesy car. Driving along the A562 past Fiddlers Ferry we were overtaken by a Yamaha R6. My mate reeled the bike in - were got up to 120 mph where it splits into a dual carriageway - I saw the rider do a doubletake in his mirror - he must have been surprised. The brakes were smoking when we stopped at the roundabout by the eight towers pub.
  17. Need more bike pictures. That a woodman hub?
  18. This is going to be sold I think, I don't do much with slot cars myself so it's probably better off with someone else.
  19. A kid I knew had one of those but the last of the line 2.6 GSI. Really quick for what it was, it just went and went. Enough so that it once used a quarter of a tank between 3 junctions on the M1.
  20. 938 miles from 6am yesterday to 5am today, napped for 90 minutes at Scotch Corner on the way home. Volvo Repaired, MOT'd and to my friend to use until she's sorted. Corolla to Rhyl. MG home with me. Love it, proper sleek barge.
  21. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255147825281?hash=item3b67fed881:g:lDgAAOSwXuphTKY3 Rare thingy
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