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  1. No title changes honest. Came out this morning to discover both wing mirrors twatted on the Micra and two tyres flat - screwdriver or something similar in the sidewall. Not a personal vendetta I dont think - though it has happened before when I have parked out on the road and Im pretty sure its one of the neighbours in the terraces who gets pissed about one of "their" parking places being used, but more than my car had been targeted this morning. Anyway, Halfrauds provided new mirror glass at £14 a pop and fortunately this time (its happened before) the mirror itself isnt buggered. The local garage (a mere 25 yards away) was able to repair both punctures for £8 a pop with a patch and an inner tube so no lasting harm done. No idea about how advisable running an inner tube in a tubeless tyre is, but been up the M65 this dinner time and its handled OK Its sealed on the bead OK as far as I can tell.
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