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  1. They look nice on Volvo wheels....
  2. Update to the Visa NOVA saga....... Its now done and ready to be registered (and i have an e-mail from HMRC to prove it) I wish my week off would hurry up now. Have a variation on the pictures of it being collected from six-cylinder.....
  3. That's quite possible I expect
  4. To me (at long last now I've actually got my finger out) It is now in my dry and secure workshop and will be reunited with its engine at the end of this month when I have a week off work. Now all I have to do is sort the Nova, despite having some proof of the fact that Hairnet did all the required, HMRC are telling me its never been declared on nova (no matter how many times I read out the VIN number over the phone) so I was told to fill it all out again and go from there, that was 10 days ago, no word back yet. I may have to risk trying to call them again.
  5. One random here please. I mean, it’s brown after all.
  6. Well done, just a bit gutted and just a bit relieved.
  7. How about southwards? (Northants) Just asking, on the off chance that I actually have some good luck for once and win.
  8. What difference does it make to the course that he will be wearing a dress? [emoji23]
  9. All paid up, I would absolutely love to win this. (But at the same time wonder what if I do, as have far too many cars right now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Just caught up with this thread. I'm loving the hot panda action all the way. But everytime I see a pic of the orange/white versions posted here I always think of these.......... That's the very first 'special edition' car ever available, the 2CV SPOT.
  11. Probably not, they will transfer motorcycle NCB sometimes onto cars, but usually only if its a bigger bike.
  12. That’s not quite the right reaction for a winner [emoji38]
  13. Stinkwheel

    New Top Gear

    I would have loved to see a version of Topgear fronted by L J K Setright, that would have been epic. Someone telling punters why what they were driving was shit and could then tell them exactly what they should be driving and why with very specific technical detail.
  14. I totally concur, you have this winter whip down to a fine art obviously
  15. So, as this is the wanted thread We've got this XM. The observant amongst you will have spotted the Volvo wheels its wearing. Has anybody got two of these wheels they would like to sell? Don't have to have tyres, but would be handy if they did. Thanks in advance shite-ers.
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