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  1. I certainly will Mr Chaseracer. I was 3 up in a 2CV pulling a trailer tent downhill (so lots of weight/momentum) and was pegged off the edge of the small 2CV type speedo. Chaseracer came past still quite happily. I was a bit miffed if I’m honest Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Shit 20 years. Yer maun was the best of the best. No one will ever be like him again.
  3. Shan’t make this unfortunately, work has resumed and things are rather busy. Annoyed.
  4. What the actual fuck were they thinking? It’s like the spastic offspring of a Morgan and a Citroen lomax conversion that happens to also be the ginger step child. (All offensive descriptors in this post are totally meant) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Stinkwheel

    Car chases

    Has Mad Max been mentioned yet? The director George Miller did some seriously new stuff with that film, fitting the cameras to unusual places in the cars making some very ‘close’ action shots.... The first ten minutes of this film might be the best petrol head chase of all time. And I’ll argue that with anyone, come at me.
  6. Well if I thought the back wings were tricky.... the fronts, where it had been crashed, are proving to be very tricky..... It’s a lot more bent than I thought. No wonder it needed another chassis. Anyone ever tells you these things fold up and kill you, don’t believe them. None of the glass was even broken and yet it had crashed hard enough to buckle the chassis and mangle all the front panels. I’ve got the front ‘nose’ as it were as straight as it’s going to get after much twisting, bashing, pressure and swearing. I still think it might have a slightly lop sided face. Like an Ami stroke vi
  7. I lusted after a power valve blue and white RD125LC when I was 17. My own mk1 was ok, but this would have been perfect.
  8. Yes, I was literally about to drop Rob a line and then I saw they were already doing it. Which is a very good thing. Chances are Robs will probably fit better than the original pressings. Not cheap but the quality of their parts is very good.
  9. Here’s some more stuff f what’s been going on..... It has rear wings and working oily bits. If you’ve never fitted wings to an Ami, I don’t recommend it. It runs really sweet but I need a new starter motor as the ones I have spare are all a bit slow and high resistance and shit running, new one is only 50 quid, so that should be on its way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Very tempted. Will depend on two things.... what my work is doing by then (on furlough currently but may not be by then) and if I’ve managed to MOT a proper Citroen, as I refuse to come in anything else.
  11. It’s ok, I once owned a 1971 beetle. We all have our crosses to bear.
  12. I have most bits, but what’s he got lying around?
  13. It’s is a very solid body, I have the chap that bought it in from France in 2010 to thank for that. All the bits that needed doing, he did, then he sold it and the new owner crashed it, when it turned up in a salvage auction the first owner/importer bought it back. Then I bought it from him in a moment of weakness. (Mine or his, I’m not sure which) Today I got it all buttoned back up onto the replacement chassis.... GS/A fuel tank is a maybe. I will need to check my seldom ventured to small lockup. Leave it with me.
  14. Naughty titter mongers, Titter ye not.
  15. The hoist is a very handy one. It has a very long ram, oooerrr, so you get lots of lift.
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