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  1. Well, that’s a story isn’t it. On that day, I was indicating 75mph approx in my then 2CV, 3 up and towing a 70’s french trailer tent. I was pleased with that speed - then Dave and Martin passed, 10mph faster, easily. Bastards (love ya Dave)
  2. Reading through Barefoot's thread 'What makes a car nice to drive?' I was surprised to see reference to such modern cars in some replies, it got me thinking, as 'autoshiters' should we be prejudiced about much newer or even much older vehicles? Personally i feel my most modern vehicles of 05' 1.6LX focus or my load lugger '02 Pug Expert are absolutely bang up to date modern cars compared to a lot of things i've owned and driven everyday and they are still boring yet perfectly capable for my 45 mile round trip (currently the Visa and the Ami are the in use oldies and they are also perfectly capable of the same trip, but are faaaar more fun and interesting at the same time) Basically, should we aim to be driving new vehicles as daily drivers? Cos' i can think of nothing worse.
  3. You’ve done GSA, change to Ami 6 - sorted
  4. Yours has always been different (much like your good self) [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hmmmm minty goodness, be aware of how different Ami 6’s are mechanically though……parts are harder than mine to find [emoji23]
  6. Damn!!! I want a 205 now, thanks a bunch
  7. More Ami news!!! Huzzah…. After all the bashing the front straight by 2 different people, this popped up on FB marketplace of all places (thanks Mark for alerting me) An A new nose, hopefully easier to get it all straight now (maybe, ish)
  8. If this is serious go-er of an idea, I can and will supply a 2CV bodyshell, axles etc Having said that maybe a few of us chipping in will buy a better 2CV complete? I don’t have everything needed anymore but will happily be part of this *edit* I should have replied to chaseracer and not Richard, sorry, poor forum skillz, i shall go and prostate myself in front of a brown allegro as penance
  9. You know you want to, I’ve been pre warned to book it off work as well, hopefully see you there [emoji106]
  10. I’m confused by the seller stating he hasn’t got the money to do it up….. yet it’s a massive house with a huge boat on the drive with it….. how does he have no money? Sell the huge boat (I know the Ford could well be classed as another huge boat, but I meant the actual water craft) And as I’ve not said so far …. Cracking save mrBollox sir, i is very jealous as my old Ford owning days are well behind me due to prices, if only I had all the cortinas I used to have I’d be be f-ing minted
  11. I forgot to mention, during the totally uneventful collection caper of re-purchasing the Ami (basically get in car with mate Rich, get driven the 70 miles to collect and reverse but this time I’m in the Ami following) What made it eventful for as the conveyance was another blue ‘77 Ami, what are the chances? Didn’t half get some strange looks as two together really seemed to confuse people
  12. Always amazes me how similar to a visa these are in certain colours, yet DW’s red one looks a lot less like a visa (to my eyes anyway)
  13. Thank you, kind of you to say, it’s somehow much more than the 2CV’s and Dyane’s I’ve been used to. I can honestly say the Ami is now my favourite A series Citroen….. I don’t quite understand how a dyane with exactly the same engine and box and lower weight will sometimes struggle to top 70 yet this thing will do 75 virtually anytime you want it to
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