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  1. Probably not, but you are missing out on some serious fun (by fun i mean steep learning curve and bum clenching moments) I've towed trailers, a-frames with vehicles that become trailers, car trailers and also hired self drive car transporters, the last option is by far the least worrying, but most boring. These days I'd just get @worldofceri to do in exchange for money (having said that I a-framed my Dyane across the country a couple of weeks ago
  2. We all get into these scrapes, thats the AS way
  3. The bloke i bought my first Camaro from had one of these, better than you might give them credit for
  4. Crap, i can see that going very badly. A few years back a mate who used to be an HGV driver towed my old CX safari behind his Saab 9000 and i tell you what that was nasty. Worst ive ever experienced. This, i expect would be much much worse. Expect an accident damaged mini and audi for sale soon
  5. Oldschoolford tax is just the ford equivalent of VW scene tax - I.e. its only for idiots who think everything is worth mega money because of a badge and a vague reputation some of the companies products have (deserved or not) I'd have thought all Autoshiters were wise enough to know it means nothing in reality, especially on a bASe, rusty fiesta thats sat for nearly a decade after failing its MOT
  6. not that i can see, Maestro/Montego seem to be the same, but nothing else. I think the extra long and then re-started production run has used up all the stock of spares (well thats my theory anyway)
  7. Oh blimey, thought that Brit cars would get me away from sourcing stuff from abroad. It seems not. A serious look at rest of car is needed before i decide to start importing stuff
  8. AS superstore for the win. One stop shop for all the Beige and bASe you could possibly want, wonder if they will expand into other towns?
  9. Thats lovely, but to go full Citroen licker for a moment, They never fitted autos to these, what that has is a thing called a C-matic. Now that really means a manual with a fully automatic clutch system. Much more Citroen/french than just fitting an auto box 😁
  10. That’s was the next option to be fair, as you say, would have been nice to have a spare set to either refurb or put on whilst returning, trying to find them appears to be actually impossible
  11. On the Maestro front, as some of you may have seen elesewhere, the green diesel had advisories on the MOT for 'lower suspension arm corroded but not unduly weakened' or similar wording. These seem to be somewhat impossible to find, even rimmers dont list/have them. Can anyone point me towards even a used pair that can be refurbished maybe? All leads appreciated.
  12. As Castro has said, they are OK and better than not balancing the carbs (it really is quite a good thing to do on a multi, amazing how many people dont realise this) but there are better carb balancers available (usually a lot more pricey)
  13. Thats what real Citroens do, they just do, no drama, end of. Its why i've adored them for years
  14. "did you bring me my cheeze whizz boy?"
  15. Very much not, they are a very good place to use. Sensible and very much advise and pass rather than fail and penalise - I suspect because they dont actually want to work on most of the stuff we take there It seems these things have a bit of a reputation for having a bit of play in the rear bearings (according to googling and the owners club pages)
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