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  1. Again, I wish it was Peter Cushing (or even Jody) but always I am but a poor Matt Smith (and I actually come from the same town as him as well, weird huh!!) I have had a communication with the Doctor and he’s a good bloke, not ready to take in my BX at the moment, but maybe the forum can ease up on a fella, we have all had bad/confusing times and mad moments haven’t we. Shit happens. But I do expect I will have a BX going on here soon as I need to shift it and as they used to say in the lottery adverts.... ‘it could be you’
  2. I wish. That would be a lot cooler. But sadly, no.
  3. Just caught upon this thread. Here's a thing, I've got an idea. And it might be great and it might be awful, but I have an offer for The Doctor..... If you want a BX, I have one you can have for free. Totally gratis. Its a 92 K reg 1.6 petrol injection (rare as injection ones weren't made for long). Its been off the road a while (about 6 years), but in dry storage for 5 of those years. It will need some work and its never going to be the tidiest car in the world. It will obviously need trailering or transporting from my location in Northants as well. But being free, I am assuming means you will have some cash to spend on doing the things it needs. Feel free to drop me a PM to discuss. If it helps, I share the same real life name as one of the recent Doctor Who actors
  4. Looks better in your pics Dave [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Oh blooming hell, sorry to hear this. Thoughts to the family.
  6. This exact thing, as you say, still happens in Peugeots, my expert van has this problem in spades (and its a large windscreen to just suddenly fog up, very annoying) and to mat, why is your work so satisfying to see? Everything is always so nicely done (I think this is a compliment but basically, i'm just jealous)
  7. I bet that MGF was awful to drive as well, the suspension looks right at its lowest, especially at the back. These things are amazingly good with properly set up hydragas units and absolutely spine shattering when they are flat. My ex has one and it’s a really fun car to drive.
  8. Actually thinking about it, the crash in the CX I mentioned above was not the first time I crashed with me in charge of a vehicle, there was also the time I came off my fizzie when I was 16. Was on the way to work when the metro in front slammed his brakes on to try a make a turn he hadn’t seen, I grabbed a huge handful of the tiny cable operated drum front brake, failed completely to even slow down much, let alone stop and went over the handlebars into a crumpled mess as I smacked the metro rear hatch. As I picked myself up from the road the guy got out the metro and said to me ‘cor, I thought you were dead’ I assured him I wasn’t and proceeded to pick my bike up. Wheeled it to the side of the road, observed the broken front indicator, brake lever and mashed in headlight, literally no other damage. The metro on the other hand had a big dent in the hatch and somehow the rear exhaust box had come off. The guy apologised for stopping so suddenly and told me he wasn’t insured so we had better just bugger off, which we did.
  9. Yeah, I can see what you are saying here. Id definitely pull rocker cover off, if the cam and rockers look ok and none of the valves are sitting weird, then stick a belt on and see what happens. Worth it for 12 quid and a bit of time.
  10. TU 1.4's are still ten a penny in any scrapper still or even on evilBay. Just get another lump and throw it in.
  11. It was a 1989 Citroen CX 22TRS, came round a blind bend, in a marked no stopping zone to find a woman who had just parked on double yellows just past the apex of the bend in her Nissan Sunny. I would have been fine if there had been space to avoid but a transit was coming the other way. The ABS on the CX worked perfectly and i steered for the only gap possible (between the sunny and transit) in the end not enough of a gap and I opted to hit the back of the stationary Nissan and not the oncoming van. Both cars were written off, although both still driveable. I was 19 and that CX was my dream car. I was not happy. The woman in the sunny was surprised the accident was deemed her fault by the insurance.
  12. I have to say, that V8 does somehow just look ‘right’ in there. And well done on the enjoying fixing previous messy work like that. I’ve nothing against fixing rusty old metal, but I prefer it to be original rusty old metal. Bodge jobs like that make me lose interest in things fast.
  13. I’ve only ever had one dream car. It’s always been that and it will always be and that is a 68-70 Dodge Charger. Everything else falls into the ‘ooo I wouldn’t mind one of those’ or ‘nope, really not for me thanks’ categories. Cars swap into and out of both of those all the time, but as I say, only one dream car ever. Who wouldn’t love one of these, I mean just look at it......such a pretty yet menacing looking car.
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