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  1. Have literally never seen this happen, is a new thing they are enforcing?
  2. POO plates were being issued well into late 80’s
  3. Sort of know this BX, has a hard life and isn’t quite as nice as made out to be, worth a punt at less money though
  4. Used to belong to ex motorcycle racer and mate of Barry Sheene one Steve Parrish, I’m fairly sure he had it on quite a few cars, but the DVLA got a bit annoyed about it being out there, so may have withdrawn it, I remember reading something about him arguing with them.
  5. It’s a mk5 [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Yep, I know the one I bought at 6 months old in 1997 went onto 75k miles before being killed in a hit and run (I didn’t own it by then) But I sold it at 6k miles, I’d be lying if i didn’t say this 53k mile engine feels healthier than my original one did.
  7. Oooo I forgot to update my new (to me) bike in this thread, it’s put away for the winter now (cos I’m a pansy and I’m longer ride in the cold) but back at the end of summer i I bought this Honda as I had one twenty years ago and realised it was the best bike I ever owned, people I give you .... the VFR750FV Not gonna lie, apart from off-roading, this is the best all round motorcycle any company ever made, and I’ll argue that fact with anyone (but I’d prefer not to argue with you lot) I should add, it’s done 53k miles and rides virtually like new, Hondas really were built well 20 years ago
  8. Ok, so I’ve had no snow, so I’ve dug out some autoshite related snow pics... enjoy, errr, I think.
  9. Thinking of stuff on loaders, I saw this the other day...
  10. Oh, that’s a misunderstanding on my part then, but I’ll settle for a plate on it, wherever it hails from
  11. Yes, Northamptonshire. They even gave it a local age related plate, I was quite impressed
  12. Seems like a inordinate amount of time since I updated this thread, and it kinda has been, I blame actual paying work and some form of semi constant underlying depression mainly. But I’m not gonna moan. It’s just life’s Without further waffle, here’s a bit of a picture dump for the Ami progress, which are sort of self explanatory hopefully ... And of the visa which can be seen still on its french lates in the background above, I’m pleased to announce that after 5 years in this country, it finally achieved these... So that’s both the visa and Ami, running, driving and insured etc all in a theoretically road legal state. Which is nice.
  13. I certainly will Mr Chaseracer. I was 3 up in a 2CV pulling a trailer tent downhill (so lots of weight/momentum) and was pegged off the edge of the small 2CV type speedo. Chaseracer came past still quite happily. I was a bit miffed if I’m honest Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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