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  1. Spotted this morning… Hmmmm brown BL hydragas goodness
  2. I’ll do my best, there may be reason to take pictures relatively soon (watch this space)
  3. Yesterday I fitted a new (used, as new ones don’t exist anymore it seems) brake servo. And I had to get it from Spain, apart from that, parts supply is fine 🥹 Hmmm fiddly, but could be worse. It’s nice to have brakes that don’t stick on, gets a bit tricky
  4. I have just done the classic left disc lock on and ridden away trick !!!!!!! I’m a bit annoyed. No real damage to my already scruffy bike but my pride is hurt a LOT. Have a pic of the same bike on another, non dropped, happier day
  5. Was good to catch up briefly Mr6cyl and I’m glad I bought the visa along [emoji106]
  6. Well, that’s a story isn’t it. On that day, I was indicating 75mph approx in my then 2CV, 3 up and towing a 70’s french trailer tent. I was pleased with that speed - then Dave and Martin passed, 10mph faster, easily. Bastards (love ya Dave)
  7. Reading through Barefoot's thread 'What makes a car nice to drive?' I was surprised to see reference to such modern cars in some replies, it got me thinking, as 'autoshiters' should we be prejudiced about much newer or even much older vehicles? Personally i feel my most modern vehicles of 05' 1.6LX focus or my load lugger '02 Pug Expert are absolutely bang up to date modern cars compared to a lot of things i've owned and driven everyday and they are still boring yet perfectly capable for my 45 mile round trip (currently the Visa and the Ami are the in use oldies and they are also perfectly capable of the same trip, but are faaaar more fun and interesting at the same time) Basically, should we aim to be driving new vehicles as daily drivers? Cos' i can think of nothing worse.
  8. You’ve done GSA, change to Ami 6 - sorted
  9. Yours has always been different (much like your good self) [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hmmmm minty goodness, be aware of how different Ami 6’s are mechanically though……parts are harder than mine to find [emoji23]
  11. Damn!!! I want a 205 now, thanks a bunch
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