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  1. SiC

    Morris 1300

    You know one side is left handed thread? Iirc left side. I knew but still forgot when undoing mine!
  2. What about paint over the green with some Blue tractor enamel? Like someone did here...
  3. Absolutely lovely. Midget is definitely on my list of cars I have to own. What are the wheels?
  4. If the input and output pins are reversed, why did you not fit it upside down? Won't be working properly otherwise and likely just letting the battery voltage straight through. I guess the I/G/O markings on the PCB refer to Input/Ground/Output.
  5. Yeah I realise that now [emoji1] To be honest, they mechanisms need a darn good clean up and lube. Passenger side seem to work alright once cleaned. Doing the same on the driver side as the outside lock, doesn't. Might need some bending of the mechanism potentially.
  6. Had a bit more time yesterday to get on with this. Firstly changed the front hoses. These are the old ones. Quick enough job that I forgot to take after pictures. Blowing compressed air through the old ones showed that there was significant restriction in them. However the front brakes still seem pretty stuck on and can't be turned over by hand. Hopefully the engine had enough power to free them. Worried the calipers maybe seized up. Buttoned the back drums together Then pressurised the brake system to 28psi without fluid in the pump. Hissing in the back turned out to be a small leak from the rear cylinder bleed nipple. Nipping this up stopped this. Then refilled the system with fresh fluid and pressure bled it. Pedal seems to hold pressure and doesn't sink. Pedal seems no better than it was though [emoji849][emoji1787] Also changed the clutch master fluid too. Didn't get all the old stuff drained out the bottom, so got dirty again pretty quickly. Might have to suck it all out and refill. That can wait for now. Then tried squirting grease into the ball joint nipples. Not sure what went wrong here but most of it ended up around the nipple than thru it. I removed the nipples and they seemed quite happy to let grease through. Is there different size attachments for these things? With the brakes mostly done (just handbrake left) and the mechanicals nearly done (needs carb tuning), I turned to sorting the non functional door lock on the passenger side. Took out the mechanism and had a good play. I think it's actually fine just works differently to the rears when locking. The rears stay in the up position when locked, while the fronts seem to move back to the middle. Either way it gives me a good chance to clean out this mechanism and give it a good lube up with white grease or something. Mechanism itself is quite a complicated affair of leavers and springs. All riveted together making it a possible nightmare to put together if opened up. I suspect these are designed to be throw away items if they fail.
  7. Mojo has been low and busyness has been high recently for getting on with this. Riveted on the pipe mount I made. Cleaned up and painted the offside brake back plate. Also mounted the cylinder while it was off the car. Then mounted the back plate to the car. Fitted all the brake gubbins. Fitted brake hose and hard line. Did a slight different routing for the hard line. Bit neater I think. Then fitted the hard line to the brake regulator valve. You'll notice I moved to bolts on this. After 9 rivets, I gave up trying to get it fixed with them. Kept coming off every time I wobbled the plate with any force. I think the back of the subframe isn't dead clean hole. Screws right PIA to fit but much more secure. Finally put the subframe to hard-line hose on. Next up will be to get the front hoses changed (hopefully a lot less of a 'mare) and then get some fluid back into the syste. Finally clutch system and then buttoning up the rest of the car. I hate dealing with brake systems.
  8. SiC

    106 garage ornament

    About the only time a road car justifies having bonnet pins.
  9. Varies. Often immediately but I've had it take a day or two to update before. If it's not immediate, it's usually taken quite a bit longer to update.
  10. Laguna will get an extension. Debating whether I want to MOT for a full 12 months to sell, or just sell as is with 6 month extension. The other problem is that insurance is renewing soon and I'd rather not pay out for that if I'm selling it.
  11. Ask your missus to reset it for him, she's an admin user!
  12. Why greater chance of failing? Varies on the amount of miles done (considerably less for many) and how well it's looked after. I have no fear that any of my cars will fail. 6 month extension means 6 months worth free MOT. So £50 test per car means you've saved £25 per car a year.
  13. The gov say that, but this got an extension despite failing it's test pre-Boris MOT: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333635439387
  14. What was the car for June? Still time for one mind! 😉😉 😉😉
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