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  1. Is that not a valid reason in its own right to own a motorbike trailer?
  2. Well that's a load of fucking shit. IPB are basically dumbing down the interface for end users?
  3. You're making the assumption here it's the head that is duff when you appear to only have made that diagnosis from flushing oil and ticking? Could still well be the lifters and flushing oil has got something stuck in them now. Given you've just chucked flushing oil through, I'm not surprised you've found bits of metal in the sump as they've just been washed down there.
  4. I wouldn't use flushing oil on anything that hasn't long been rebuilt or new personally. If it's running happily and the next option is scrap, why not just carry on running it?
  5. What would you prefer to own as one out of the two as a weekend toy?
  6. Blasting along the Somerset countryside in the Boxster when going back from my Sisters place in Westbury, we happened to pass a 2CV full of young men who you would expect to fit the stereotype of 2CV owners. When these events occur, I find them useful periods of time to quiz questionally to judge the acceptability of a car in my wife's eyes. So I causally passed comment that I do quite fancy a go in one sometime. Mrs SiC response was "Oh ok. Are they quite expensive?" I take this kind of response as a coded response as "I quite like them and it would be acceptable you buying one if
  7. I really struggling to have any interest in that? My brain says I should love it but heart just doesn't get going at all and I just don't know why?
  8. This too! Was just about to post that. Looks in remarkably good condition too?
  9. There really isn't much that I find interesting which is 10yrs old now and will be interesting at 20yrs old? Everything is direct injection petrol but rare as everyone went common rail diesel. These have DPF and the like. Petrols will just be carbon up and lacking performance. Especially against electric cars in 10yrs. Even worse is 20yrs time will just be a this SUV shit, with tiny petrols strapped to turbos that is so popular now.
  10. Anything with a decent engine - i.e. 6cyl or 8cyl. Also powerful n/a vehicles. Almost certain the Clio 172/182, Civic type-R and the like will be at price levels of Renault 5 GT Turbo, 205 GTi and other revered 80s hot hatches are now. Just see current liability levels at the moment on them! They'll carry on being stripped + smashed on the track and broken for parts. RX8 will do alright as quirky styling like nothing else and quirky engine.
  11. What I'm most annoyed about (except the extra expense) is that I was really looking forward to a good hooning around this evening. Also telling is the RTV that was stuck around the old pump impeller shaft. Someone either had problems before or didn't take the risk!
  12. Fit a B-Series. (I'm actually serious. Pretty darn solid old lumps)
  13. This one certainly put up a fight. Tried hammering a socket into it, chiselling it off, mole grips and Dremel a slot in. I certainly did these up tight! [emoji15] All this abuse just ended up mullering the head completely. Only one thing left... Donned up on PPE Armed myself with the power file And went to war with the bolt head. This was enough left to chisel the remainder out in circles. Leaving it completely out. Next up was the second bolt I rounded off. This was further up and a nightmare to get to. A lot easier with the alternator and tensioner off though. Tried a few tr
  14. Progress to first startup has taken a step backwards. Made the mistake of trying to fix the bolt it's leaking out of by tightening it up further. Of course that didn't fix it, especially as they were all torqued up correctly. All its done is made them round off when I go to undo them. [emoji24] Aux Belt is back off. Alternator out. Now just the task of trying to get these bolts undone so I can get the water pump back out again to redo with a new gasket.
  15. Will be some Mannol Pink G12 coolant I have left over from the Boxster radiator, tank and pump job I did. Coolant in the system is already pink stuff and I'm not doing a full flush of it. So some of it is still in the radiators. Not sure what's so special about the Renault coolant over the other Long Life stuff you can get. Apart from it's a very impressive luminous green!
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