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  1. That's a lot. I didn't know it was that much. A lot especially considering manufacturers spend an awful lot of effort to reduce emissions by fractions of a percentage. All the easy wins that the manufacturers can do have been taken. Remember that the vast majority of vehicles on the road right now will be unaffected by this change. Only a few older, soon to be EOL vehicles. No wonder the government have taken this decision. Got a source/reference for that 6% reduction?
  2. Do you reckon the hot and humid weather you have over there doesn't help too? The fuel I drained out of the Dolomite is probably at least 2 years old now. I put some in it when I bought it and there was already some in there. It had been sitting for a good few months when I bought it too. So old fuel of unknown vintage. Probably a mix of E0 and E5. The bottom lot was proper manky though with rusty water in. But water may have got in through the petrol cap too. Both the Briggs and Honda powered garden machinery seem happy to run off it though. Have been debating whether to try it in t
  3. I can't but I believe @ChinaTomcan. Something to do with it being the left over residue of the Sugar Beet refining process or something like that.
  4. Put a broom pole in the door? A common 00's Renault/VAG fix!
  5. I think bigger issue for us is pre 2000 fuel injected. The government doesn't seem too bothered about those age vehicle as many are EOL now. However many people on here are happily still running them. These injection systems may not have ethanol designed in mind and many of the plastic parts are already NLA. If we progress to E15 or even E20 in the future, these will potentially be more likely to dissolve. Luckily a Megasquirt conversion with new modern parts is an option for most!
  6. Pretty much only the early Direct Injection engines and it's the same problem with other manufacturers too. The early VAG were Fully Stratified Injection (upto late 2004) but that proved problematic and so they lost the Fully Stratified Injection mode (but kept the FSI name). Renault IDE engine is direct injection and has the same problems with E10 on that engine. Except their system was so bad, even Renault only managed a year if manufacture before they ditched it entirely. As said above Mitsubishi GDI, Mercedes CGI, VAG FSI, Renault IDE, Vauxhall 2.2 direct injection, Volvo 1.8
  7. I think there is a good chance they'll mostly be dead by the time E10 is common place! If not, the fuel system will leak and they'll be dead from fire 😁
  8. Quick Google appears that Alfa say the JTS/TS is not compatible. However it also appears people run E10 without problem... https://www.alfaowner.com/threads/e10-fuel-in-a-ts-jts.1186891/ I imagine it'll be like running veg in a diesel engine. Fine for a while until the parts degrade. Iirc Super Unleaded will be staying as E5 max for a good while yet. Esso super is apparently E0 according to their website. I've been filling up with Esso in my classics (and garden machinery) now for that reason, as they have long periods of non use. We're getting a petrol station built in the vill
  9. I bet it'll probably be fine on many other cars not mentioned or tested (e.g. Rover).
  10. Maserati No information is available about this brand. Please consult your dealer, the manual or the fuel filler flap for relevant information. When in doubt, it is recommended to use E5 petrol. FSA really seemed to not be bothered figuring E10 out with their lower volume brands...
  11. Saab All Saab vehicles with petrol engines produced since the mid 1980’s are cleared for use with E10 petrol. Owners of vehicles produced up to the mid-1980s should consult their dealer 🧐
  12. I read that as not cleared for E10. The V6 in the 159, others iirc is a GM unit and not the Alfa Busso lump. Probably FSA / Stellias didn't have the urge/funds to test other engines. Interesting to note other modern cars they make aren't covered either - e.g. the 4C.
  13. Most of the modern engines that aren't approved for E10 seems to be the early Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI/FSI/IDE/CGI/etc)
  14. Megane is also the Japanese for eyeglass apparently 🧐 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megane#:~:text=From Wikipedia%2C the free encyclopedia,in Nagasaki%2C Nagasaki%2C Japan.
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