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  1. People can ask what they want for a price. Doesn't mean it'll sell at that of course! Classic car market especially has slowed right down. So much stuff is not shifting. Flipping classic cars is going to be a risky business at the moment. Especially at this time of year when the classic car market starts slowing down in the next month or so.
  2. At that miles, I wouldn't be remapping. Asking for a world of trouble with the DPF. Also with this age TDI, I'd double check the high pressure fuel pump isn't breaking up. Especially if original. Don't ask me how! Basically a design fault around 2008 to 2012 in the pump that becomes an engine grenade. Mine went at 210k. Many go way before that at under 120k. Was a class action lawsuit in the USA. The issue affected Europe too but of course we got no legal protection.
  3. Problem is, I dare not cut the roof yet as I think it's holding it together.
  4. Someone from FB actually wants a cut section from it to fill a sunroof hole!
  5. No worries. As you can imagine, for both neighbourly and wifey relations, I can't have a slowly disintegrating heap on the drive for too long 😆 I plan to start tearing into it the weekend after this coming weekend. Just an idea of what bits you might be interested in, so I can remove them more carefully. 👍
  6. I did message him yesterday asking if he wanted any bits but guess he must be busy and not had a chance to respond.
  7. It is. Especially when production stopped in 1980. It seems sad to scrap it considering it has such few owners, local car and late reg. However when it has fist sized rust holes all over it, it really will never go back on the road. This is how bad the roof is alone and a good indication of the rest of it. Runs and drives though. MOT and tax exempt motoring innit.
  8. Another Ceri delivery! This one actually got the neighbours out for a look. But TL;DR it's a one owner local Bristol car that was his company car. Creme Cake (iirc) was in use until 2004 when it failed it's MOT and parked up for restoration. Left outside since then, it sadly slowly deteriorated. They had a number of lovely pre-war Austins in the garage which presumably was always the main interest and this just never got done. The chap passed away and the family decided that this had to be sold. When the cat came out from underneath and more rust fell out, they knew it was never going back on the road. I paid basically scrap price for it. I hate the idea of ever scrapping a car but this is by far past it. I'll primarily be using it for body cuts and the like. Maybe selling the odd part cheap if anyone is after anything. My purchase money went to a Parkinson charity, so will only be right if I donate a proportion of anything I sell there too. I'll do a video later of it after work. Apparently the engine runs really sweet. Ceri mentioned it even drove onto the trailer under its own power!
  9. I wish my garage was that empty. Where do you store your tools?!
  10. I don't ... because I bought her a Honda 😅
  11. SiC


    I believe it's not illegal to have them showing. However it's against FIA rules to have them showing between events. So while not illegal to have them showing on the road, if you are racing then you might not be allowed to race and get your race license taken away by the racing authorities if seen on the road with them showing. This is from reading up on the last time I looked into it.
  12. Those smaller particulate respirators don't really filter gasses properly. These two filters are both P3. One filters particulates and gasses, the other just particulates. You can get an idea the difference in filteration media to provide the extra protection. These were my go-to welding respirators for a long time. However the price of them has literally doubled in the last few months: https://www.screwfix.com/p/3m-4279-half-mask-respirator-abek1p3/504hy The above filters go into this mask: https://www.screwfix.com/p/jsp-force-8-mask-respirator-with-press-to-check-filters-p3/1863f Right filter is the one supplied. The Left filters are these: https://www.screwfix.com/p/jsp-force-8-press-to-check-combination-cartridges-abek1p3-2-pack/3967h Again they've gone up 50% from a few months ago too. I'm really tempted to go a full face welding mask with remote respirator like a 3M Speedglas or similar. Just they're serious money. They do seriously protect your health though.
  13. Not yet. Walked past twice but queues were quite long. I'll go on my lunch during the day or early evening.
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