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  1. At least the effects have told you that your immune system has taken note of the vaccine and done its thing!
  2. I'm surprised after all this work on it, you're not going to use it for the summer season. Classic cars have the big advantage of giving free or reduced cost of entry to shows too!
  3. I've just booked in for next month. There is also Re:Fuel in Honiton. I went the other year and it was pretty good.
  4. I'm massively jealous and gutted I couldn't make it!
  5. Just taken some. Paracetamol usually makes feck all difference with me though unfortunately.
  6. Watched every hour pass on my clock last night. Feel rougher than a Badgers Backside. Haven't felt this bad since I had Glandular fever. No Haynes Museum breakfast meet for me today. Gutted 😔
  7. Got my Bill Gates jab today. Can hear him speaking in my ear already. Unfortunately it's progressively made me feel shitter over the day. Groggy and aching. Bloody annoying as I was intending to go to the Haynes Museum pre-80s Breakfast meet tomorrow, but that's looking unlikely if this progressively gets worse. Driving the BGT is physically hard work and it's a good hour drive each way. Been looking forward to it all year too! 😔
  8. Probably gave up when starting to read the IVA headache they were about to hit. Shame as that shell looks pretty sound, but now ruined and only good for parts.
  9. Yeah saw that. Bit too much of a project for me though! If I didn't have the Dolomite to finish, I'd get another project
  10. John Lewis are a rip off for appliances. Simply shop around as there are loads of providers. AO, Marks Electricals, Appliance Direct, Currys to name a few. Personally I always choose AO as their customer service has been second to none. Even have a 100 day return service where you can return unused items for free. If used, then they still offer 50% of what you paid if returning because you don't like it. Cheaply built shit that has cost down as much as they can, I've found. They don't even get a decent warranty either. Only good thing is that parts are readily available.
  11. Went for a spin in this earlier. A lot smoother on accelerating and feels more keen. Doesn't feel overly powerful up hills but I'm probably not readjusted from my other cars yet. Also more keen to rev higher. Previously it ran out of puff around 4k and didn't want to push much further than than that. Now it quite happily revved to 5k and probably could have pushed it further if I needed to. Starting up is a blip of the key now. Idle tad high at 1k now it's had a chance to let some fresh air through its lungs. Apart from a good clean, next proper run will be down to Haynes Museum brea
  12. Last night was a rare time in the last week where it wasn't peeing it down. Rather annoying as the car has been out in this weather all week. Not had a chance to run it down to storage yet either. I've been wanting to fit my 123 Ignition unit for a while, but not had a chance. This one is a fully programmable unit that the curves can be altered on. The idea is that eventually I can run the car down to a Dyno and have it tuned up properly. Problem is, there is no curves supplied and you have you make your own. So after a fair bit of reading on exactly what this unit works on (basically cranks
  13. I think you're doing it wrong!
  14. Weather is looking a bit pants this Sunday, but I'm intending to go down to this. They've now split it up into two events, pre-80s and post-80s. It's pre-80s this weekend, post-80s was last. I'd like to go to the post-80s events but they've been fully booked for this and next month. Anyone else intending to go?
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