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  1. Milwaukee kit is popular in the US, which is why you see all the Yank YouTube videos with them. Making inroads to the UK now though. I'm tempted with the 12v fuel stuff to go with my 18v LXT Makita. The 12v Milwaukee is a nicer form factor than the 12v Makita. For impact, I have the big boy Makita DTW1002. Does everything I've ever asked from it. I went for the largest as if a nut is stuck enough to justify needing an impact, chances are I need all the force it can give. I have smaller impact for whizzing off light fasteners. Note these videos are all one handed...
  2. Here's another one, Civic spelt backwards is...
  3. The type S engine in the 7th gen that I think you are talking about only came in the 5 door. Either way it's not an EP3 as that's the 3dr Type R.
  4. I think I worked out that the BOC cylinder is equivalent to 5 of those hobbyweld cylinder fills. The BOC bottle is a heavy fucker though and broke the back on welding trolley... How it was supposed to be: I'll probably move back to hobbyweld once I've done the Dolomite as I really don't intend to buy another car that requires a weldathon again. 😬
  5. What gas are you running on? I seem to remember seeing a hobbyweld bottle. With the amount of gas you must be going through, it's probably going to be cheaper to go the Volkszone deal from BOC. Works out cheaper with the annual rent once you've done a few refills of the smaller Hobbyweld cylinders. Iirc I paid £45 yearly rental and £36.50 for Argoshield 5 Light.
  6. You probably need a cheap to buy, cheap to insure, simple modern as your modern to take up the punishing Scottish winters. E.g. 107/Aygo/C1/Clio II/206/etc. Or something undesirable and not often crashed like a Berlingo, etc (good for parts transport too!). Surely something like that must be reasonable to insure?
  7. 25% increase in less than 3 months. Bugger me, I knew I should have bought some shares. Certainly a correlation between this thread activity and this price.
  8. As I'm welding up my Dolomite my mind thinks they might have got it designed for the better. 😆
  9. Check volts coming out and get yourselves one of those DC current clamp meters. Clamp around the power feed and directly monitor the amount of current it's putting out. Also check volts as if too low or high then that'll affect the power output as well as if it's going to boil your battery off. 13.8 to 14.2v is reasonable output. High than 14.5v you'll be roasting the battery, lower than 13.5v you'll not be fully charging it. I have one of these and has been pretty useful: https://www.uni-trend.com/html/product/General_Meters/digitalclampmeters/UT210_Series/UT210E.html
  10. I've got Toyos on mine. Tbh they're pretty good in the dry but shit in the wet. I have pilot sport 4 on my Boxster and they're ace. Given a choice I'd change but the Toyos are nearly new.
  11. I think I said exactly the same thing when I bought mine 🤣
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