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  1. Bland but easy to drive, comfortable and highly competent. Engine isn't quick but still surprisingly usable. Presumably because the amount of power from a comparatively large engine (than the competition) gives it more torque. I thought I'd hate it but tbh I'm actually quite enjoying driving it right now. Especially as it can do 40-50mpg without too much trouble. Really cheap to buy as it's uglier than the Polo it's based on while having none of the badge kudos either. Also cheap and easy to find parts while still being reasonably easy to work on.
  2. Interestingly despite many Toyotas being possible to get to 750k, they stop counting at 299k (iirc).
  3. https://www.ttforum.co.uk/threads/999999-mileage.156356/ https://www.ttforum.co.uk/threads/dash-pin-code-retrieval-using-vag-tacho.1686961/ Looks like if the mileage data in the dash gets corrupted (i.e. invalid checksum) they'll set themselves to max reading of 999999. Also corruption can happen on a jump start, low battery and the like. Bet the Golfs are similar.
  4. Why no Renault Scenic II? Enough of their dashes went bonkers and set themselves to random mileage there should be a chance there would be one really high. Iirc the similar aged Ford products did the same?
  5. Worth putting a battery vent tube in for keeping that boot floor looking rust free. Batteries vent small amounts of acid when charging/starting. This settles and causes rust over time. See MX5s that don't get the correct sealed battery put in.
  6. Colleague at work today asked me the fateful question "Why don't you just buy one nice car?". I replied with "Why would I want to do that for?" "Because it might work!" was the reply. The easy retort was "Well your Golf GTi was a fair bit more and has been having an engine rebuild after it blew up cruising on the motorway"... He likened my car buying like someone running a sanctuary for injured and ill goats. Except instead of making the sick goats better, I just buy more goats. 🤨
  7. Bumper off Three bolts for the water tank to come off. The tank mounting lugs were snapped and this is almost certainly where the water was leaking out. Almost certain had a whack on the front bumper and hit the tank. For 36 quid the tank even came with a new pump. Would be rude not to fit it too Old New. Pipes were a fancy push fitting rather than trying to get a pipe over a ribbed area Gave me a chance to check PAS level. Despite it not showing on the dipstick, the fluid was between the min and max marks. This is good as it doesn't need topping up nor has any leaked. Tank went it. The front mounting lug was in the wrong place. Again suggesting the tank has been hit. Bent that in place and bolted up Bumper back on. Under the tank, the bumper fitting is broken off. I bet either someone came off a kerb a bit fast and bounced the corner or hit a low pillar/bollard or similar. No scratches on the bumper though. Nearside fog light was manky inside. I think its had water get through it and leak inside. The bulb had blown up too. Probably water on the bulb envelope that caused it to shatter when the fog light was turned on. I opened up the back to gave a quick clean and wipe through. I'll look out for a new bulb. A HB4 on eBay is a fiver which is a fair bit for something I'll never use. Pretty sure I have a spare kicking around somewhere. Filled the tank, checked for leaks and tested the pump. In doing so I moved the seat and put my hand on another handle. Turns out there is a storage bin under the seat! Bet it's never been used. The passenger side has a CD Changer! Unfortunately the head unit isn't connected to it anymore either. I bet this has never been used either. Did anyone ever use a CD Changer? Bonus picture of the Dealer sticker on the back. I believe this is somewhere near Lymington, Southampton area. Nice little easy job changing this tank. Kept me amused this evening at least.
  8. That's similar to what I've read elsewhere. The vrs wasn't as bad as the smaller engine stuff either. Interesting that VAG engineered it that way. Newer stuff doesn't seem as bad. I'm pretty certain it's the compromise they did by having a very narrow bore master to give a light clutch. But then that won't offer anywhere near as much throw on the slave end. Also did wonder if the slave retracts slightly too far. Like when calipers sometimes do when the seals grab a bit too much, which gives a weak pedal.
  9. Largest expenditure to date on the Fabia. £36 for this which includes the washer pump. Has markings scrubbed off so I wouldn't be surprised if it's effectively genuine VAG. One thing about VAG is that their parts are cheap and plentiful. Mostly because they tend to get through them... Just now need to fit it. Bumper off job and it's been raining. Fun* In other news, I've been Googling VAG 1.4 16v high clutch bite point and apparently TADIS on many. People have had their clutches + gearboxes changed out and the bite point hasn't lowered. Would be interesting to know others experience of them and if they find them high. Could be the fact they are tuned to be feather light and thus compromise is the travel on the master to slave isn't far on them. Might make a separate thread on here to consolidate my modern cars like I have on TDW.
  10. Never seen the appeal of those engines. Very slow, heavy, unrefined rattly and noisy lumps. Big units that fill the engine bay and makes working in there more awkward. Also injection system more complex than a 2000 era MPI petrol. This petrol you can barely tell is running at idle. Yet still gets 45+ mpg.
  11. I believe the 100bhp required super unleaded too. Renault managed 100bhp standard out of their humdrum 1.4 16v in the Clio/Mégane/Scenic/etc. I seem to vaguely remember reading that they are low output for insurance purposes in Germany.
  12. They did it in 75bhp and 100bhp tunes. I believe the 100bhp is a different cam and map. Also only on the top end too. Mine is a BKY engine code iirc. Tbh this engine isn't exactly the quietest or most refined units. Not just this example, seeing other videos of work being done on them they sound pretty noisy. Especially at cold. However the car is well sound proofed and it reduces the sound to a quiet thrum. Probably why you hear/see old people rev the feck out of them!
  13. Saw this at a petrol station earlier today
  14. This is the 4pot 1.4 16v of 75bhp. Quite how VAG got so little power out of that engine is a bit of a mystery. No idea how strong these engines are. Have read rebuilds aren't easy as something about the crank being machined to fit the block. Also piston rings I believe can cause grief.
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