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  1. Not sure he's logged on and noticed yet 😂
  2. A thread is always better with pictures, so Ken has sent me some to upload that he took earlier
  3. Or good time maybe? With all these lorries running around ferrying goods, the probability of them breaking is going to go up? Plus if the economy does falter, operators are going to need to keep their fleet trimmed and working as much as possible. Throwing a truck to the back of the yard for a few weeks or sending it off for auction and buying another because the dash has died will become less of an option.
  4. One of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123739667981 Connected to the door pin on the black lead and red lead to the light circuit. Open the door with the lights on, buzzer will sound. If you have a lighted ashtray, it can be used as a useful light power pickup point. I did this on my MX5 MK1 after leaving the lights on a couple times.
  5. Instead of risking Shiply, might be worth talking to @worldofceri or @Wingz123 for a quote.
  6. Good to see you back! Look forward to seeing this one develop. Princesses don't do it for me, but at least it's got a useful boat anchor. If you do get an MGB GT to strip for engine parts, I'd be happy to go in halves for the stash of parts.
  7. SiC

    eBay tat volume 3.

    I bet that car is breathing a sigh of relief that scrap prices are on their arse at the moment.
  8. No I haven't yet. Was my intention to do it early this season. However I'd be surprised if enough crap had built up in 12 months since you last did it, to rot it out. Maybe I'll get lucky and find it's a split hose or failed clamp, rather than the radiators? Replacing the rads doesn't look a very hard job thankfully. I know these cooling systems can be a bit of a nuisance to bleed though. Pretty much like every other mid engined car really. Long hoses and a lot of coolant - 22 litres iirc.
  9. Some pictures in roughly before and after order.
  10. There has been a puddle on the left hand side of the front bumper for the last few weeks. I originally put this down to rain running out and dripping. However it hasn't rained for the last week. Checked the coolant tank. It's completely empty. Darn, it's never drained that much out before. Must be the left hand coolant radiator leaking. Explains where my coolant has been going. Unfortunately TADIS. Let's have a look how much replacements will be. HOW MUCH???! What about aftermarket? That's a bit more reasonable. They also do a package with two Hella rads for £180 - because when one goes the other side is apparently usually not far off. With my tools not here and Lockdown closing my local garage, there isn't much I can do about it. So I decided to give it a wash. Always comes out alright after a quick wash. Shame the garage floor is still very tacky and needs a few weeks to dry properly. I don't really want to put it up in my new storage bay yet either until I get this coolant leak sorted.
  11. Not sure if this is the best place for this, but I know there are a lot of Citroen fans who frequent this thread. So I'll leave this video here: If you haven't seen the channel before, Ian Tyrrell is a Lamborghini and other exotica specialist of classic cars. Incredible depth of knowledge he's given on the videos. Not many as he has only just started making them - spurred on from Harry's Garage channel where Harry Metcalfe has done a series of videos on his Espada engine rebuild.
  12. Mine is cat D but I bought it despite that because it's cherished. I'm blowed to know where I got damaged. Given Porsche parts priced, it probably was a cracked bumper or something that wrote it off. Brembo calipers are on all. S got bigger discs and red calipers along with lower and harder suspension. I quite like having climate control on mine. Aircon is a bit weak and could do with a regas though.
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