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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ford-mondeo-ghia/223970208040?hash=item3425aa2928:g:DO4AAOSwgaxejd1D Been stored since 2005 when the cambelt snapped. 1.8 diesel so guaranteed N-GIN DESTROCTION LOLZ and has 'one small rust patch' but bumpers are intact so probably worth £100 price for them alone. The interior WILL give you all the diseases though. I bet this guy is 100% mr Trebus if he has hoarded a broken car that was worth buttons then for 15 years!
  2. Yep, I plan to let it run for about a month.
  3. Clearly its a valuable feature. 'clubsport' trim with reduced kerbweight perhaps?
  4. Yo @Supernaut Saw this earlier and thought of you. £2495? Crumbs. Is that what these things go for? Have you considered agreed value insurance? 😁😁😁
  5. This month, rather than open a money pool for the usual running costs, we have decided to continue the AS tradition of raising money in memory of sadly departed member @Richard who is no longer with us. Anything we raise will be donated in full to the family via @reb or donated directly to a nominated cause as the family wishes. Anything anyone is able to give will be gratefully received, and we appreciate this even more in the present economic circumstances. The page we have created can be found HERE The site's running costs this month will be covered by the AS admin team.
  6. Bit more fixing today, for some reason air filters for this thing are weirdly expensive. I finally got round to buying one at GSF the other day and it turned up earlier. I swapped the dusty current one over and then had a serious look at the spark plugs. Apparently M111 engines are hardy things but like to eat plugs, so I bought some Denso K20TT plugs at GSF at the same time as the air filter. I took off the plate that sits between the cam bulges in the cylinderhead and was presented with a disappointing sight Hmmm, male torx? I don't have the right bits for removing those. Lets try with an 8mm hex socket instead shall we? I managed to remove one coil pack without totally b0rking the bolts, then had a go at taking the plug out. This had been previously done up by Thor and was SERIOUSLY tight, so much so I repeatedly checked and double checked I wasn't turning the ratchet the wrong way. Eventually it released its grip on the cylinderhead threads and came out. Looking at it, its in surprisingly good condition, and is also a fancy-pants NKG Iridium jobbie which are like £20 a go, so I chickened out and gently put it back after putting a tiny bit of penetrating oil on the thread and lowering it back in on the end of a bit of syphon hose. Do we think old (20k miles?) iridium plugs are better than brand new Denso non-iridium plugs? The Denso one can go in the glovebox for now and I'll have a think. The colour is right on the plug tips and they don't seem excessively burnt on the insulation ceramic stuff so probably alright?
  7. In a fit of Corona-virus-self-isolation-crawling-up-the-walls-with-boredom I ordered in some bits from GSF the other day, which duly arrived this morning I R XCITE An air filter each for both cars, and new spark plugs x8 of two different flavours. Lets move the cars up onto the drive so i can legitimately say I'm on my own property doing this and get stuck in Not exactly 5-spanner stuff here. 4x 8mm captive screws hold the lid of the air filter housing on, then pull the old filter out. I think this might have been last changed in 2013? Its not gone far since then, but its still a bit manky. And in with a nice* new one. Hengst wasn't the cheapest one that GSF sold, but it was the second cheapest, cos thats how I roll. Lid on, bolts done up and TICK. next, the plugs. The engine is covered with a big protector as they all are these days, so that was removed. The front 2 bolts are easy, but the back ones are horrible things and you seem to be unwinding them for eternity before they finally let you extract the cover. Underneath there is no rail, just the push-fit pencil coils. I pulled one out, put the spark plug socket and 3/8 extension down the hole and oh... ummm we'll need another extension then won't we? I rummaged in the garage for another extension and found a weenie one which gave just enough room to get the ratchet on the end and undo the plug. It came out fairly easily and while old and clearly heat-worn it was the right colour, a sort of rusty brown indicating (I think?) clean combustion New one in. Bosch R6's which again were the 2nd cheapest ones GSF sold that would fit the Daewoo. Gapped correctly out of the box as well. I repeated this with the other plugs, 2 and 3 were a bit oily and manky So I'm not sure whats going on there? Maybe oil slopped down the bore at some stage? or maybe a leaking rocker gasket? I don't know. I used the genius idea of putting the new plugs on a bit of old hose to lower them in and get them to bite the thread. The advantage of this is that you're not dropping them electrode-first down the hole, and if you start to cross thread the plug, it'll just spin on the hose rather than chewing up a new thread in the cylinder head. All in all a successful mission. The car started and ran fine afterwards so I'm calling that a success. I kept the two least manky old plugs just in case and they'll go in the boot as emergency spares. After the Saab debacle this seems like a good idea. I reckon this work should give me about another 30bhp - ten for the air filter and 5 each for the plugs? Taking it up to about 35hp TOTAL. thanks for tuning in to 'stankys sharty substitutions' for today. Mild mechanical maladies fixt in a flash.
  8. Happily, the replacement of this caliper has also stopped the weird chattering noise from the gear selector. It used to make a funny chattering/clicking noise at idle in P unless your foot was on the footbrake, having replaced this caliper the noise is gone. It make a solitary click when you slightly depress the brake pedal, and another click when you remove your foot. Otherwise, blissful silence. I think it was the sticky caliper making the transmission lock flick on and off like crazy
  9. The 16v one looks like its made of carefully sculpted silly string? Top work, I've only assisted on one head gasket change which all went wrong and the car got scrapped afterwards, and have done precisely 1 cambelt and water pump which all went OK. Would read again.
  10. I've been impressed with the longevity of such repairs going back a good few years now, sand/grind back the grot, slather it with vactan and then slap rattle can paint on top. granted the winters down here are a bit less severe than up your way, but its still good stuff. Top work. I'll put five quid on it still being as good this time next year.
  11. My Fuelpecker card arrived today in the post, just in time for quarantine lockdown so I'm not going to be needing petrol for a while! Also went and washed the Daewoo which is all sparkly now
  12. Its literally so slow even the electrons making up the picture are slower than normal electrons
  13. Had to head up to Guildford to collect a car seat for the youngest this evening and took the Daewoo to give it a run. 48 miles each way with a mix of NSL, 30 and 40mph limits and it behaved impeccably - when we got there I jumped out and felt the driver side wheel and it was barely warm so no more binding. I had reason to get pez on the way back, the previous 5 gallons delivered a dismal 29mpg (from a smoll 1.6 auto...) so I'm optimistic that the brake fixeration should raise this to anywhere upwards of 32mpg, giving a payback period for the caliper in mere decades, rather than centuries. to be fair, most of its work is local pottering and the gearbag is a sack of shit, always miles off where you'd hope it would be - either revving madly or at 1500rpm and miles away from the torque - but if we can get to an average of 35 to the gallon I'd be a happy boy. The fact it is actually performing as hoped is consolation enough right now. I fixed the brakes* and no-one died (yet)
  14. If so, can I have a go please!
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