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  1. in an astonishing turn of events, all of the exhaust manifold bolts came off without snapping and having removed the front bumper and radiator support bar I was able to ease the old manifold out. It was definitely toast,, the mating face had just crumbled below exhaust ports for cylinders 3 & 4 So this is destined for the bin, possibly being sold for the metals inside - though it seems to lack any form of part number. Anyway, gasket and new bolts on order for both the manifold > cylinderhead and manifold > centre section of exhaust, I could recycle the old ones but for a modest price I got a set with everything I needed in it. With the manifold and gasket removed, I cleaned up the mating face of the cylinderhead How forensically clean does this need to be? after taking this pic I cleaned it up more with a wire brush, stanley blade and a fine sanding block, does the entire flat metal surface need to be cleaned back to bright metal? I need to do two things, firstly remove the rather stuck lambda sensor from the replacement manifold, this has been left soaking in some plusgas and I'll try heating it up a bit over the weekend to free it off; then once its free I can take the manifold to an engineering shop to skim the mating face which is a bit untidy but nowhere near as bad as the old one. I'll also vacuum off the front of the block while its all apart. Possibly tonight.
  2. All yours, I'm about all weekend so PM me a time that suits you.
  3. Oldskool jump pack includes charger cable from cigar lighter in car, test mode shows no charge so not sure if its b0rked or not? I got given it at the weekend so no idea of the history. FREE. take it away. Not hugely keen to post as the couriers have kittens over things with batteries in them, and its heavy. Location Fareham Hampshire, as ever.
  4. Minor update but the Daewoo astonished us by passing another MOT today - the list of advisories was slightly longer but the tester said he was just covering his arse on most of it. Could do with some new front tyres as there is some wear on the outer edges, but since it only does a bit over 2000 miles between tests he said they'd probably be fine for another year or two.
  5. Some percussive maintenance has been deployed and it's better, only contacting over the biggest potholes now. Ive ordered another sirion rear exhaust section for £20 and sent to my brother to cut and weld to improve the clearance on that specific section, it's cheaper than a bunch of angle sections and clamps.
  6. Potentially, but it's all under quite a bit of tension even 'static' so I'm keen to avoid potentially weakening the brackets unless absolutely necessary
  7. Some progress, some regress. With the rear ARB on, the handling is massively improved, with less understeer under acceleration and sharper turn-in. However... The brackets that hold the ARB in place sit slightly further back from the trailing edges of the rear beam. See As you can see from the tell-tale shiny bit, with the wheels on the ground there is very little clearance between the square end of the bracket and the exhaust pipe. Going over bumps causes the two to whack into each other as the suspension compresses and makes a nasty clonky noise. Left long enough the bracket will punch a hole through the mild steel pipe. This is sub-optimal. I've tried removing the ARB and flipping the brackets around, but then the ARB fouls on the rear beam and I can't get the holes to line up properly so the ARB has to stay where it is. Which means the exhaust will want modifying a bit. The only issue is the final bend - leftmost in this pic The messy black bit is where it contacts the ARB bracket so this needs to be altered and I'd like some advice. As you can see, there are three rings marked in green pen - A, B and C What needs to happen is the final bend, leftmost in the above pic needs to be made more aggressive in my opinion. My current idea is to cut the exhaust at points A and C, and have a bit of pipe made up thats sort of like this with swaged and slotted ends - This could then slot over the points at A and C and be clamped in place and exhaust pasted to fill any gaps. Questions are really 1. is this likely to work? Are 90 degree bends in exhausts overly restrictive? Assuming its mandrel bent I can't see an issue with it? As an example, at the front end, the exhaust goes 90 degrees from the bottom of the catifold into the central section of exhaust. 1a. I could make this myself from 2x 90 degree swaged elbows off the shelf potentially 2. Is there a better way? Is anywhere likely to be able to modify my existing exhaust section to tighten the angle of the bend? 3. Should I fuck it off and make a simple side-exist exhaust instead with some flanged 1.75" pipe and a 60 swaged degree elbow? 4. How shit are 'Polylock' exhaust tubes? The distance from A to C is 30cm with a vertical measurement of 19cm Option 4 would be to cut back to point B and put in a 45 degree bend, then a straight pipe, then a pair of either 45 or 90 degree bends to joint back up at C?
  8. I'm living the dream* now having bought a terraced house, and filled my on-street parking with a Peugeot 205 GL 1.1 and a new acquisition of a a 1989 Volvo 240GLT estate, allowing me to upgrade from takeaway deliveries to Taxi and Courier work - living the £8.50 p/h dream. The 205 is reasonably competitive in the F class single races around the compact tracks - There is someone with a basically unbeatable Sierra 1.6L though that wins every time, I can usually make it into the top 5. I'm looking at 'performance' tuning the Volvo to make it into a hypermiler, with all mods focussing on maximising the MPG since its never going to be competitive in races anyway.
  9. Disclaimer, I may have just put a random bit of scrap metal into the filler neck of my car...
  10. A right old result today, went to fill up the mercedes with fuel today (as the local Shell had some pez and no queues) and on my return to the car after paying, spotted this little gem on the ground Its only one of those 'magic fuel catalyst' tablets that contain PARTICLES that give you a million MPG and 400bhp boost because they used them in planes in WW2 or some sort of tosh. The ones endorsed by all the reprobates like Mike Brewer and Quentin Willson who tell you its the 'motoring industry's best kept secret' because VW would obviously much rather spend billions developing direct injection and turbocharging and software cheats and all sorts of old bollocks rather than just bunging a penny sized bit of flipping tin in the tank of every car they sold, right? https://ftcdirect.com/ Dunno which one it is, but even the cheapest magic tablet is nearly £40 so thats a right old result. I'm going to put it into the mercedes this afternoon and watch as the tank fills itself from petrol condensing from fresh air and the old M111 donkey is transformed into a RR merlin V12 rivalling 2000hp beast. For posterity, I'm currently getting 30mpg long term average over about 14k miles.
  11. You have the patience of a saint, it clearly wants to die. Just let the fucker go and get something (anything) else.
  12. What an age we live in eh? I ordered the rear ARB from a seller in Malaysia on 1st October, and it arrived here, beautifully packaged on the 7th October for under £120. The best any UK based sellers could do was £180 and a 6 month (!) wait. Top marks to yulicoauto.com.my for superb service and impeccable English - they couldn’t have done more to help! If you google them, don't forget the ".my" on the end, otherwise you get a VERY different (and VERY NSFW) website Kit comprises the ARB itself, an Ultra Racing AR16-406 bar, 2 mounting brackets and a pack of stainless steel washers and bolts for fitting to the rear beam of my Sirion. This is the 16mm version - they also do a 19mm one - which I hope will tidy up some of the body roll when driving enthusiastically. Its also a: Work was quiet this morning so I went out and got the Sirion up on the lift to fit the ARB. The rear beam is 4 pre-drilled holes for mounting the ARB so first of all I bolted the angle brackets to the rear beam. The kit comes with 8x 14mm bolts in 8.8 stainless steel, plus washers for mounting. I did the vertical bolts up tight, then bolted one side of the ARB horizontally into to the bracket. It needs to be fitted under tension, it comes shaped like \___/ and needs to be tensioned so it looks like this |____| instead. I got my ratchet strap out to try and bend it into position, then (in a rare instance of this for me) had a brainwave. Rather than doing one side up tight, then using a ratchet strap to bend the other side in parallel, I undid the horizontal bolts on the side I’d done up so they were engaged about 5 threads each into the captive nuts of the bracket. This allowed the whole ARB to slide over about 1" and meant I could use a small g-clamp on the other side to bend it in a small amount, just enough to get the bolts to line up and engage with the threads in the captive nuts - I hardly had to put any tension on it to get it to this stage, meaning less chance of it slipping and pinging off into my face or whatever. Once I had all 4 bolts engaged with the captive nuts I could tighten it all up, working diagonally about 5 turns at a time, left front, right rear, right front, left rear and so on until it was fully tightened up Here it is in situ, I didn’t realise until I took this pic that I’d mounted it with the Ultra Racing logo upside down (doh!) but I’m not going to undo it and flip it over, no-one will see it anyway, unless I’m upside-down in a ditch! I’ll take it for another run over the weekend to see how its altered the handling, looking forward to reporting back. I reckon with the word 'ultra' in the name its got to add at least 20bhp, right?
  13. Put some WD40 or something on it, ideally plusgas or penetrating oil, but it'll wash out anyway.
  14. Thanks all, sorry missed that we're way over target! appreciated! Fundrazr closed off for this month. I'll keep the excess in the kitty and hand it over to the new treasurer in due course.
  15. Funding update for October 2021. I covered the hosting bill last month as I came into some unexpected pocket money, the bill for hosting & backups Sept was £49.11 so we're currently at -£45.73. As stated before, Paypal have withdrawn their moneypool service so this month I have gone back to Fundrazr. This isn't ideal, as they take a small (~8%) cut of the money donated, but this is a much smaller actual amount as the target is much lower than it used to be. As such, I've set the target at £60 this month to get us back into the black. I don't foresee any additional costs this month. Next month the forum software is due for renewal so I'll sort that out and adjust next month's target accordingly. Fundrazr can be found HERE Additionally, after getting on for 5 years as AS treasurer I will be stepping down from mid-November. Life is very busy for me currently and its time for someone else to take the reins. I'll be sticking about on here but won't be part of the staff any longer.
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