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  1. If they're metal caps, put a smear of copper grease on the threads before you fit them to the valve stem, or undo and then re-tighten them weekly or they will react with the brass end of the valve stem and fuse themselves together. You'll then rip the end off the valve trying to undo them in the pissing rain, instantly deflating the tyre in question when the car is parked close up to the kerb so getting a jack in to lift the car up to change the wheel before you wreck the sidewall is all but impossible, and then it gets dark and you're soaking wet, cold and covered in brake dust and road grime in the pitch black wondering why you fucking bother. Ask me how I know this...
  2. Accounts update October 2019. Slightly delayed due to life being exceptionally busy. Thanks to all who donated last month, we hit a total of £101.50. Costs this month are lower following the upgrades, totalling £92.50 including hosting and backups. The current balance in the account is therefore +£149.82. The PP Moneypool seems to have worked well, reducing fees to zero leaving more in the kitty. I have set the target at £80 this month as the money pools seem to be working well and we're getting a small surplus each month now. There are no more one-off costs anticipated. As the MoneyPool seems to work pretty well we'll do the same again this month. As per last month, donations are on a strictly 'Friends & Family' basis so there is no right to refund like with a 'normal' PP purchase. That said, if anyone accidentally donates too much just drop me a PM and I'm happy to manually refund! Hopefully this is OK for everyone, let me know if there are any issues though. If anyone wants is unable to pay via PP please PM me and I can see what alternatives there are. Should you wish to donate, the MoneyPool can be found HERE Thanks all.
  3. @TheDoctor has asked for them, but I'll ask if he can post on any unused ones to you when he's done. I only needed one but it was easier to buy a mixed bag of 20 at the time!
  4. Be like DW, with the BIGGEST ENGINE AVAILABLE FOR MODEL Cityrover Its in new milton which is giffer central, the sign in the background is a bit ominous though. "Dad, where has the Rover gone?" "Bridge Farm, son. It'll be happy there" https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-city-rover-solo/323917895167?hash=item4b6b02d5ff:g:Kz4AAOSwEhBdSIaL
  5. Cheep Jerokee Hovis With speed holes in the bonnet and full upholstered in brown bread https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jeep-Cherokee-Orvis/352812275566?hash=item522540176e:g:4ckAAOSwK~tdlSDt
  6. I knew these were longer than a mini, but was unaware that they wer SO MUCH longer that you couldn't get all of it into a photograph Also the man in pic #3 is about a non-Winchester-resident as you can get. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wolsely-Hornet-mark-3/202790859305?hash=item2f3746f229:g:ZSMAAOSwHU9dk4uQ
  7. Yo Doc, I have a bag of ball joint dust covers and circlips left over from when I did one on my now-scrapped saab, they are three different sizes and there are at least five of each left if you want them gratis? They'll be going in the bin otherwise so PM me if you want them posted to you. Doing the job isn't hard, but is slippery when you've greased the joints and squeezed the dust covers over. Took a dunce like me about 40 minutes to do one on the Saab. I reckon all 4 are do-able in 2 hours.
  8. Yep, sorry about that - the hosting provider had some upstream network issues last night which were fixed at about 09:20. Should be back to normal service today.
  9. That generation of Swift are brilliant cars, we had a 1.3 GLS which I bought thinking it had done 80k miles, but closer examination of the service history revealed it had gone round the 5 digit odometer once already and was knocking on 200k by the time we sold it. It was a cracking car, very rapid for what it was - 90 was easily achievable if you weren't paying attention and it was brilliant fun to chuck about. They also look like they should have been made in about 1983, but were still on that shape up to about 2003 I think? I don't recall it even being particularly rusty?
  10. Its 100% do-able by an amateur and happy to post you the only tool you need gratis - let me know. Its a very easy job to do assuming its the 1.8 4A-FE. There is a sort of step-by-step on my Celica thread?
  11. Also FAO @taxi paul Those trimzz want putting straight in the bin but otherwise tidy, comes with the adequate 1.8 7A-FE engine (like your last one I think?) and a rust spot on one door (like all the best cars) but otherwise tidy? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1996-TOYOTA-CELICA-COUPE-BLACK/372779705885?hash=item56cb66e61d:g:YycAAOSwerZdh6CY
  12. Paging @Wingz123 " Seat belt warning sometimes comes on showing someone in back isn't using seatbelt despite the fact there's no one in the back. " " Computer thinks sidelight bulb has blown despsite the fact it hasn't " " One tyre has a slow puncture so spare wheel has been put on " Who ya gonna call? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Peugeot-207-1-4-Head-Gasket-blown/183972610463?hash=item2ad59f419f:g:4XAAAOSwlZRdjg8t
  13. Interesting, I was going to buy a Fram filter for the mercedes, I think I'll stump up the extra £2 and get a Mann one instead!
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