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  1. **Please** tell me that as its OBD1 you have to count the flashes from a tiny LED bulb, one flash per mile recorded? Brilliant pics @Inspector Morose and looked like a great day out for everyone.
  2. Just sat reading classic.retro.modern and got to your article, I was sitting here thinking 'ive seen that somewhere before' Really good article, and great pics!
  3. Only just spotted this - I can heartily recommend old carpet as floor covering, my (very similar) tilting lift is easy to move around on it to get into position, and it doesn't ruck up when you raise/lower the lift at all. It also makes moving the lift around a lot less noisy than on solid concrete floor. Ideally one single piece rather than many offcuts if you can. I'd suggest something with relatively shallow pile given the choice - a Persian rug might be a bad choice, but regular household carpet is great for these sorts of things. Its also useful when you're working under the car to cushion you, and warmer than lying on concrete. Watch out on freecycle, it doesn't matter how old it is since if you're like me it'll be covered in scorch marks from griding and old engine oil from when you drop the oil filter into the full washing up bowl of drained oil AGAIN within a few weeks anyway.
  4. Funding update for July 2021. Things have been busy here and I forgot to run a money pool in June or for this month, so just playing catchup. I'll cover £25 of June. May's hosting & backup costs came to £50.76, plus £25.65 for the renewal of the forum software. We received contributions of £80.01 (thanks @ macscrooge!). At this point the account was £3.46 in credit. In June the hosting & backup bill was £52.06, and July the bill was £50.61. This leaves the account balance at -£74.21 - I'll open up the moneypool with a £80 target to get us back into credit. This month's bill should just be hosting & backups. Moneypool can be found HERE
  5. ha! I thought it was that for years until someone told me it was actually 'strong beliefs'. I pretended that I knew it was that all along... I assumed it was some sort of French musical instrument, possibly a small trombone or something involving tiny cymbals.
  6. I took the Sirion over to my local garage for them to have a look at the rear beam bushes. They reckoned it’d be a couple of hours for them to do, and they would not need to drop out the entire rear beam to do it, so I’ll get them to change them at the next MOT I think. I mentioned to them about the knocking noise over poor road surfaces, and the mechanic said casually “oh yeah, thats because your dampers aren’t done up tight” then proceeded to show me that the bottom bolt on the drivers side had loads of play in it <Facepalm.gif> Yep, guilty as charged! I’d not done the bottom nut & bolt up tight enough, letting the damper rattle about. Whoops! Took it home, whipped the rear wheel off and tightened up the nut & bolt a couple of turns and took the car out for a quick spin, and the knocking is gone. That's a result. I’m taking the car up to a local custom exhaust place in 2 weeks time to talk to them about getting a manifold-back stainless exhaust made up and fitted, as the current one leaks around the manifold > Centre pipe joint. I could get a pattern one in mild steel for £100 or so, but they’re a bit crap and rust out really fast. I’ll see how much the stainless one comes in at, especially as it will allow me to go up from 1.75" to 2.25" for a slightly ‘throatier’ exhaust note I hope. 4" fart cannon here we come! (no, just no)
  7. Here are some 'this man has just run me over' style photos of the finished job As you can see, I sanded down, vactan'd and enamel painted the ARB itself and the u-clamps in matte black, the new bushes are bright yellow which gives a nice contrast Its quite a simple setup, but entirely effective. I took it out for a very quick run and initial impressions are good, the ride is no more firm, but there is less clonking over poor road surfaces than before - at least from the front end. It's also helpfully dealt with the advisory for perished lower balljoint dust covers as I've replaced the entire arms. I had a go at the rears which was an abject failure - I can't get the nut to release from the through bolt that holds the rear beam on, even with the ugga dugga. Its an awkward spot on the passenger side (access is better for the drivers side actually) due to the location of the fuel tank so I'll have a think about what to do with that. It might be a job for a proper garage potentially? I'll call my pet garage up tomorrow and ask them when they might be able to have a look and quote for the work. I don't imagine it'll be particularly cheap to do if they want to drop the whole rear beam off for access
  8. Front end completely rebuilt, the arms arrived about 25 minutes after the PU bushes, I called my pet garage about pressing in the new bushes and they said they were stacked and it'd be 2 weeks time at the earliest so I had a stab at doing them myself with the hub puller. I was purple with rage due to a dire morning of work issues so didn't get any pics, but was able to press the rubber bushes out of the lower arms with the press, lubed up the voids (fnarr) with silicone grease and pressed the new PU bushes in with minimal fuss. I then loosely bolted the arms into the subframe, tapped the locating rod bit of the balljoint into the bottoms of the hubs and did up the castellated nuts to tighten them into position, then fitted the split pins to keep them in place. Then I fitted the ARB bushes, put the ARB ends through the new lower arms and did the nuts up a bit to keep it in place. Then I sliced the u-clamp bushes, wrapped them around the leading edge of the freshly painted ARB, and clamped them down with the metal clamps. I then went and did the nuts on the ends of the ARB up tight to pull the ARB > lower arm top hat bushes into position properly. It all went together fine which was a big relief. So thats the front end refurbed with all new bushes and arms which should help a lot. I tilted the nose of the car down and took one back wheel off, the rear beam bushes are a bit trickier as I don't really want to drop the rear beam entirely, and the bolts that hold the leading edge of the rear beam to the body mounts are super tight. I'll go out in a bit and see if I can get the ugga dugga on them to see if that will tempt them out. Then I need to carefully support it all on the trolley jack and try to press out the existing bush in situ, then put the new ones in one at a time. We're nearly there though
  9. From Russia, with love DHL Check out my new bush(es) VRY XITE I hope the new suspension arms pitch up shortly too, then I'll go and get my local garage to press out the old ones and press in the new ones I think - saves me hamming the job right up and wrecking the lovely new parts.
  10. Yeah, my old Saab did the same, except it also broke the coil pack in half too - the pencil coils are screwed down so it couldn't shoot clean out. Unfortunately it happened near Hannover, Germany and caused the car to be scrapped as the breakdown people refused to recover it, and the garage it got towed to were just going to screw the plug in as hard as they could and send me on my way for the sum of £600. I'd have probably OK'd it if they were going to properly helicoil the head but they said they wouldn't do it, even in situ, so it got fragged. I now check my spark plugs twice a year to make sure they've not decided to wind themselves out while I'm not looking.
  11. My suggestion will be twofold. First, check the coolant expansion tank for fine copper bits indicating they've slopped k-seal into it. I'm not sure if other products like Steel-seal have any visible residue indicating they've contaminated the coolant with a quick fix product. Secondly, get one of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124375564710?epid=15031188540&hash=item1cf55c81a6:g:Y98AAOSw8fpfW2NC And use it immediately - before they can get anywhere near it to contaminate the coolant with magic gloop. This will tell you fairly definitively if the head gasket has gone and is leaking combustion gasses to coolant. The blue liquid is reusable by the way, don't chuck it out once you've used some. if it goes yellowy-green then there is combustion gas in the coolant, but sit it on the side for a while, away from the combustion gas and it goes blue again. I'd be demanding they get they pay for you to have the head gasket done at a trusted 3rd party mechanic, they ought to be insured if they're a proper outfit. Don't let them do it in-house (see point 1 above)
  12. DHL have just messaged me to say the new bushes will be here on Monday, hopefully along with the new suspension arms as well and I can rebuild the front suspension on Monday evening. I R XCITE
  13. Isn't @Borsuq our resident expert on these?
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