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  1. Can I get the parking spot furthest from the bogs for the Portsdown meetup please? As my wife had just produced Offspring #2 last time you were down it was the most fleeting of fleeting visits, would be good to have a bit more of a chinwag with fellow shiters? I'll book the afternoon off in anticipation of a meetup around 2pm?
  2. Glad it carries on, even if not with you. Hows the leaf doing?
  3. If only! The joys* of having a terrible credit rating and a burning need* for a prestige car tends to result in 'competitive rate finance, no money down' type deals. I do feel sorry for him because you can become trapped in the cycle but there. They garage have been brilliant, having called me to give the result at about half 12, they'd sourced the bottom arms and tyres, had the old arms off (including the joy of corroded to buggery bolts) and new ones on and all 4 tyres changed and balanced and ready by 4.30 for me to pick up. The bill came to less than I expected too so I bunged them a fiver after I paid the bill to go in the tea and biscuits fund for fitting it all in so quickly. The car now drives really well, no clonking over the velvety* smooth roads of hampshire and tracks nice and straight. I'm going easy on the tyres for a hundred miles or so to wear them in but overall very pleased.
  4. A fail, but not a bad one really. both front balljoints are kippered and one tyre has exposed cords on the inner edge (which i didn't spot). I was going to replace the tyres anyway as they are a selection of China's finest ditchfinders but was holding out in case it was massively condemned at the MOT. It also go advisories for a worn suspension bush and ARB d-bushes. Anyway, the garage can replace both bottom arms, including the balljoint and bush from the advisory for £200, and I've asked them to sling a set of 4 mid-range tyres on it as well, and I'll keep and flog the 3 not-illegal tyres as part worns to recover some of my costs since there is life in them and someone will pay a tenner a corner for them I suspect. So, they are cracking on with it, they said otherwise the car is in fine shape underneath, no rust or concerns (so my wheelarch treatment was the only work needed in that respect) and with fixed suspension it should do a good few more years. I couldn't have replaced it for less than the £450 odd it's going to cost me so might as well get it fixed up. Thanks @DialATune - its given sterling service for the last 3 and a half months and will provide another years motoring for less than 1 month's contract payment on the guy at work's 2013 E220. #bangernomix4lyf
  5. MOT day today, place bets NAO on the fail sheet! I checked over everything I could, the visible rust has been treated, all the lights work, they tyres have tread on them, no warning lights are on the dash and it starts, stops and goes round corners like I think it should. Will £19 car get a straight pass, a marginal squeak through with a list of advisories as long as all our collective arms or condemned? Updates to follow while I wear out the F5 key on my keyboard and put substantial load on the MOT checker website during the day.
  6. Thanks all, target hit and pool closed off for this month.
  7. I'm now pretty much certain* that during the 1990s Mazda designed and built exactly one of each type of 323. I'm not sure I've ever seen two alike? For example this is a new one on me 4 door saloon? I thought they were all hatches and rarely more than 3 door? It must have cost an unbelievable amount in tooling! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1994-Mazda-323-GLX-1-6-MOT-October-2020-FSH-2-owners-323-BG/124013276279?hash=item1cdfc46c77:g:CNMAAOSwv9peBiiY
  8. Forum finance update January 2020. Nearly on time this month... Costs this month were £96.46 including hosting and backups which I covered. The current balance in the account is therefore +£146.87. The PP Moneypool seems to have worked well, reducing fees to zero leaving more in the kitty. The AWS Backups are getting a bit more expensive these days so @tobyd and I are looking to re-do them this month after waffling on about it for ages now. This should reduce the monthly costs by a tenner or so I hope. I have set the target at £80 this month as the money pools seem to be working well for everyone. I'll open a new money pool, as usual donations are on a strictly 'Friends & Family' basis so there is no right to refund like with a 'normal' PP purchase. That said, if anyone accidentally donates too much just drop me a PM and I'm happy to manually refund! Hopefully this is OK for everyone, let me know if there are any issues though. If anyone wants is unable to pay via PP please PM me and I can see what alternatives there are. Should you wish to donate, the MoneyPool can be found HERE Thanks all.
  9. No picture as I was driving, but at about 17:30 today on the M25 anticlockwise between junctions 12 and 11 there was a hero/mentalist A-framing a Mk2 renault scenic with another Mk2 scenic. There were in, but not causing, heavy traffic and my day and 200 mile drive was improved substantially by the sight of this act of idiocy.
  10. Bang 'em in the post to @dozeydustman if you could squire?
  11. Well worth getting the ones with silicone o-rings, the set I got had metal clips which were a right old carry-on with greasy fingers from assembly!
  12. http://www.southwalesprops.co.uk/propshaft/consumables/ball_joint.htm Worth getting the mixed bag of 10 just so you can cover all bases. @TheDoctor have you still got that bag of ball joint dust covers I posted up to you?
  13. Thanks, let me have a think and will get back to you in the next few days.
  14. I could be quite interested in this, I'm after a pre-2006 LS430 anyway and this is a good price vs what else I have seen. How keen are you to move it on because I'm not yet in a position to buy due to various life events. I aim to be in such a position in the next month or two though. Can I ask why various parts of it are presently* located in the ROI? Are they ever likely to be retrieved or should they be considered MIA? What is the consequence of the VSV valve being broken? Does the n/s headlight not work at all, or only on high beam or sidelight or point at the ground or something? Do you have any pictures of the paintwork needing attention? I know my way around a rattle can. When was the cambelt last done - miles and year please. TIA
  15. Out of interest, is there much of an aftermarket for battery refurb? I am dimly aware of this outfit: http://www.hybridbatterysolutions.co.uk/ Which although specialists* in hybrid batteries, may potentially be useful for full fat EV shite? Or am I totally ignorant (it won't be the first, or last time) on this sort of thing? I appreciate dealer battery refurb will be eye-wateringly expensive if even available, but my understanding* of EVs was that the charging and motor components were the expensive bits, relatively speaking, and the battery packs themselves were less expensive. Or am I massively simplifying a highly complex mixture of battery, charging and motor component balancing like a moron? More importantly, if you swap the big wheels off the back and the smoll wheels off the front around will it drift better m8?
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