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  1. Evening all, I'm the getaway driver for a thing for my wife and eldest daughter next saturday morning but am at a loose end between 11 and 1 and wondered if anyone was about for a meetup and/or could suggest something to do. I'll be in Chatham, which looking at Google maps is near to the A249 which has a noteworthy cafe I think? Otherwise what else is going on thats worth a look at a saturday lunchtime?
  2. There's a chap up the road with two of them, I think one is a spares car and the other is an ongoing project. He's often out working on them but I've lived here for nearly 10 years now and never seen either of them run or move. I'd still have one. All the issues of a lotus with none of the badge kudos. I bet a fully fettled one is fun though, 120 odd horses in a glassfibre body and RWD?
  3. Ah yeah I see - is it a feature of mk1 MX5's from new, or does the bulkhead flex get worse with age?
  4. Good work, thats well worth knowing re the deox-c stuff - looks to have cleaned the rust right up on theose suspension arms. What do you do with the contents of the bath once you're done de-rusting the parts? Can it just go down the drain or does it need disposing of by a team of men in hazmat suits? What is the brake stopper? What does it do? excuse my ignorance!
  5. BEARD, obvs! If he got this one, and another one with the reg 'B3 ARD' and parked the avensis on the right and the '83ARD' car on the right and then it'd be really funny for about 200 weird people on the internet for like 18 seconds?
  6. Thinking man's Merc ML and AS design award winner 2004 Includes bonus features of only being able to take 1/4 tank at a time (economy) Will only start on easystart (additional security, ergo guaranteed* lower insurance premium) Peeling faux wood Synchromesh on 1st broken No MOT and the cryptic, AS approved asterisk after 4 Wheel Drive* https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ssangyong-Rexton-Rx270xdi-SE-Sold-for-Spares-or-Repair-See-description/323824162467?hash=item4b656c96a3:g:kDwAAOSwMWNc9DX7
  7. Stuboy-lite Mk2 Mondeo "it smokers when you first start it but when the engine is hot it is fine" " I don’t have any Service history " oddly specific price? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/cars-for-sale/192942318507?hash=item2cec4223ab:g:QFMAAOSwSXVc-Wuj
  8. what a pain, while not ideal, thermosyphon will have kept the coolant moving even with the loss of the water pump so unlikely to have cooked itself too much. I bet the steering was nice and light* without PAS! If its dropping coolant then the pump could well be knackered - probably worth getting that replaced while the mechanic is in there replacing the belt & tensioners.
  9. Its like a 1970s vision of the 'hearse of the future'
  10. Welcome to the Saab club Nyphur, a Swedish man will be along shortly with your black turtleneck sweater, rimless glasses and will teach you the special handshake. Make sure you have a can of rollmops to give him in return.
  11. You do have to pay a bit* of a premium for the reliability though Price: £555,555,555
  12. Paging @Ghosty - it must be literally days since you've done a head gasket on one of these? Get in there while the knowledge is still fresh in your mind? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-216-SLI-car-for-spares-or-repair/283504304403?hash=item42022c6113:g:99cAAOSw9a1c8~9M
  13. Weapon of choice for delivering pillows, or polystyrene blocks, or maybe pre-inflated airbeds at a push. Imagine taking a corner at more than 2mph with pretty much anything in the back!
  14. Thanks for your contributions all, fundrazr wrapped up for this month.
  15. Accounts update June 2019. Thanks to all who donated last month, we hit a total of £113.05. Costs this month are lower following the upgrades, totalling £118.38 including hosting and backups, plus renewal of the software licence for the board software. The current balance in the account is therefore +£100.10 I have set the target at £100 this month to build up a small reserve fund following the upgrades. There are no more one-off costs anticipated. The link to the new FundRazr page can be found below. Please be aware the "Help us keep fundraising free" £2 fee is OPTIONAL - just take it off before donating by clicking the 'Change Amount' button then selecting 'Not this time'. Should you wish to donate, the Fundrazr page can be found HERE Thanks all.
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