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  1. Owned? The ex @Vantman Saab 9-3 at about 165k miles before 'the incident' in Germany. Driven? A black cab bought by the company I worked for at the time and unofficially maintained by me, as a marketing vehicle/directors "charity banger rally" vehicle and much to the chagrin of the account management team "company pool car" that they were forced to drive to customer meetings to save on mileage expenses. 1.6 million miles on the 7-digit odometer. It drove fine, actually. didn't do much after 60mph even foot-to-the-floor but I'd honestly never have guessed it'd done that many miles had I no
  2. Its getting there, I cunningly don't photograph the bits where the lacquer is sloughing off in great chunks or the rust bubbles are erupting in weird places like the middle of door panels, but yeah its a practical and capable old hector
  3. You just* need some sticky tyres so you can put all the power down Like this man demonstrating a 1760cc Perkins engined example of a mk1 transit
  4. Having gone nowhere for the last 10 days there has been no progress on the diff noise front, I'll look at it at some point soon, maybe when its a bit warmer. However - fear not, fans of boring car updates - I did something today and took pictures. The daewoo has factory alloy wheels which are quite grotty with brake dust. I usually clear the outer face of them with a soft broom when I'm cleaning the car, but the sides of the 'spokes' and the inside are pretty grim. I recently finished the last bit of my purple 'bleeding' wheel cleaner which was OK, but not that good on really baked
  5. Went out to the tip with a carful of cardboard boxes earlier and there is not a molecule of water in the dehumidifier yet, though the crystals had stuck together, suggesting it was absorbing some liquid, just not enough to form actual drips. I'll keep an eye on it, apparently they have an expected lifespan of 3-6 weeks.
  6. It does say on the packet that the contents should not be handled or ingested, and to just lob it all into a bin when its finished collecting water/all the crystals have dissolved
  7. The ones I have here contain: Calcium Oxide Activated Carbon Fragrant Particle (singular, presumably?) So I'm not quite sure of the chemistry? it says the crystals in the top bit absorb water vapour, dissolve and drip down into the collecting bag in the bottom as liquid
  8. thats the bit that slightly concerns me! I might put a washing up tub underneath just in case!
  9. Thanks to the tip-off from @Jerzy Woking and several others on here, my order of 6 wardrobe dehumidifiers arrived here this morning. One duly unpacked and hung up in the mercedes. I'll see how its looking at 5pm today and report back. I need to put one in the Daewoo too actually. I got 6 for £8 from ebay and they are quite a bit bigger than I expected - they'll hold probably half a litre of water in the colostomy bag bit at the bottom I reckon.
  10. Thank you all, target hit and closed off for this month.
  11. haha you are absolutely right! *slaps forehead* Right, lets see if we can't squeeze some more oil into the diff in that case.
  12. Funding update for January 2021. December's hosting & backup costs came to £61.38, up a smidgen from last month, but still very low cost overall. We had £26.21 in the coffers and this was topped up to cover the hosting bill by the admin team for december so we're at zero now. We've added some more storage to the server as that was getting a bit on the low side so I expect next months bill to be in the region of £65. No other costs are anticipated. I've opened a new moneypool HERE to raise some spondoolicks to cover next month's bill, any donations gratefully received. Thank
  13. You have loads of spare screws in the footwell to use!
  14. As mentioned on the N24 thread, the mercedes got a clean pass today. The testers even went so far as to compliment the car on how clean and well cared for it was, as most W203s they see are worn out rustbuckets apparently. I also finally sorted out the missing flap things that cover the mirrors in the sun visors - how these ended up being removed and then lost is a complete mystery. Anyway fixed now with some pattern replacements. The snagging list of things is now very short. The only known broken thing is the heater blower stepper motor which makes a deranged clicking noise for 30
  15. Whats that Slobodan? Lower? Congratulations sir, you are correct. The worn bushes have been a feature 3 years running now, otherwise a perfect bill of health. Nice.
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