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  1. AKA 'the manufacturers won't sell us the parts as they contain explosives and thats embargo'd goods for Russia' so WGAF lets just make them without the bits we're not allowed to buy in
  2. Happy birthday! 135/10 for the cake
  3. MPs here in the UK have literally LOST THEIR JOBS looking for stuff like this on the internet. Nice work, is it a trick of the camera or does it have a green 'modesty' curtain for safety on the rear of the roof/cab?
  4. Phwoar, some red hot Briggs and Stratton action there @Cord Fourteener approved
  5. Sorry to drag this out of last year but these are brilliant. 100bhp, 250cc two stroke engines with 6-speed gearboxes, they'll crack 150mph on a track and can lap many tracks quicker than an F3 car does. I have marshalled several meets with these as a support series, and the sight of superkarts rounding a corner 6 abreast, flat out, is mind boggling. My hazy memory of these is that they'll do 0-60 in under 3 seconds, and more worryingly, 60-0 in under 2 seconds. The drivers are all pretty unhinged, presumably from excessive g-force! They are utterly magnificent in every possible way Really like the 2cv racing updates, its something I'm a bit sad I never got to marshal before I gave it up - it looks absolutely brilliant and exactly what grassroots/clubmans motorsport should be.
  6. That's a result! Was there much choice or did this just align perfectly being what's on offer, and what you wanted?
  7. Top work, I have previous convictions with AEE engine'd malarkey and they are decent engines, but for a few foibles. The crankcase breather clogs up with mayo really badly in cold weather, never got it fixed, but removing the breather pipe that goes down the back of the engine and blowing it out with an airline fixed it, albeit in a messy way. They fitted up to lots of different gearboxes, I will need to dig my info out, but following an ill-advised offroading event in a retail park in Brislington many years ago, I required a replacement gearbox. This was inconvenient, but since the clutch in the car I had at the time was on its very last legs, was not as bad as it could have been. I had the shortest ratio 5-speed AEE compatible gearbox fitted and the car (a Mk3 golf CL) was then quite a bit more lively. Not QUICK quick, but a lot quicker than before, and more enjoyable to drive about enthusiastically. It did suffer on the motorway though, with gearing in 5th equating to 20mph/1000rpm in 5th and topping out at 105mph. That golf remains the only car I have ever driven that will rev to the redline in top gear and hit the limiter before air resistance stops play. Lots of lovely torque for a 1600cc car, and probably a bit faster in a felicia than a mk3 golf (?). We've now got a Fabia with the AEX 1.4 with a 16v head and the noise it makes is identical to my old AEE, anything over 3000rpm and it sounds like a braying donkey.
  8. Further evidence, not my best work, but the owners were sat in their front room so I had to work fast! The side profile of the cabin is dismal, like the designer went on strike and the work experience kid was told to finish it off but could only find an HB pencil and a ruler. On closer inspection the grille isn't from a rolls, but I'm not sure what it is from? The pop-up sunroof is a particular highlight for me! Not sure if the last pic gives anything away in terms of what the front suspension might have come from?
  9. This is the view of the underside currently Verdict? Adequate, 2-legged. NAO FEED ME
  10. A modicum of progress on this, the filler neck has been dispatched and will be with me next week sometime, I was given the option of Hermes delivery for £5 or Parcelforce for £8. I opted for Parcelforce, lets see how good a decision that turns out to be shall we? The cost isn't a big issue, but these are hard to track down - I think I have been given one of the last 3 revised filler necks in the UK so if they fuck it up I'm going to be a very cross boy. In prep for this arriving, I've carried on painting the fuel tank. It had 2 coats of Vactan, 2 coats of zinc primer and now had 2 coats of toolstation matte black enamel and looks pretty sexy And should last a good few more years. Its sitting in the garage awaiting the filler neck arriving and some welding help before it can be refitted. I spent rather a long time under the car, taking advantage of having removed the tank and filler neck and things to wire brush the underneath rearwards of the front seats. This was generally in good condition, but had various patches of surface rust and this seemed as good an opportunity as any to treat that. It got cleaned down and then scrubbed hard with a wire brush all over, then given a lot of vactan, painted on by brush, upside down. This was a messy escapade. This is an example of the inside of the rear 3/4 panel where the fuel filler pipe goes, this was probabaly the worst of it in all honesty Thats lying on the floor, looking up at the hole the filler neck will attach to. This was all scrubbed down and thoroughly painted I also did the same in the other rear arch, rear valence, boot floor, chassis rail on the driver side (I deliberately left the passenger side chassis rail as this needs welding still), arch lips and floorpan above the fuel tank - essentially everything rearwards of the front two seats. My plan for this is to wait for the welding to be completed, then vactan and zinc primer the newly welded bits, then black enamel the whole lot before giving it the gold star treatment with some Dynax UB wax all over the whole area. I can then wax the outside of the fuel tank too, then refit that, the filler neck, and all the gubbinz and then it can go in for another test, and for the rear beam bushes to be replaced. Its a bit of a big job all in all, but worth doing while its all apart because a lot of it is entirely inaccessible once the tank is back in. I have almost all the parts I need now, just waiting on the filler neck. Then I will buy some Dynax UB wax in prep for the underneath, but I'm holding off on this until the welding is done. Not a riveting update, but some progress at least.
  11. I'll grab some more pics later, it's definitely partly home-brewed!
  12. Bit of a thread resurrection, here is some updated snaps Round the back of an industrial unit near me, a few 90s Honda's plus a h-o-t Citroen cx 'leader' on French plates, last taxed in 2019 in France, but looking a bit unloved here. Mega tidy and mega beige Subaru brat spotted while out skateboarding What's this? It used to live under a cat piss tarp and I assumed it was a caterham, but the tarp blew away in the storm a few months ago and revealed the horrifying truth. A Dutton maybe? Rolls Royce grille, slot mag wheels, loads of fiberglass and and appallingly badly made cockpit with doors made from what might have once been a cold frame? It never moves but is glorious.
  13. They wheel him in for 'credibility' on Ancient Aliens sometimes. A fascinating documentary series that definitely* never* comes to anything other than absolutely logical and indesputible conclusions. Well worth a watch if you want to pass some time. It basically follows this formula: Question > possible answer > possible evidence > MASSIVE LEAP OF LOGIC > Aliens Supported by a load of total crackpots who have never ever had sex. I quite like it.
  14. I'll sell you a Fabia M8, fastidious previous owners and a full compliment of working doors. £3k no offerz. I nowe wot its worf. #chipshortage
  15. Its a busy* day at work today, so we've been looking out the window at the mega shady car sales place round the back of a pub that we sort of overlook. This regularly gets raided by the local police which provides some entertainment for us, but today we have a fun fun game of 'what car is this from?' My guess was Mazda 3 or 6, which it definitely isn't. The grille cutouts are wrong for a ford focus, and a 3 series BMW too. So, over to you guys, what do you think it came from?
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