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  1. Right, back from the dead - I need help. I had another go with my brazing kit last night and failed again. Please can someone help me to identify what I am doing wrong? I have 2 bits of mild steel rod, square profile, about 10mm x 10mm. rough milled. Not rusty, but I did not degrease it (possible problem #1). I placed the longer section of bar - about 300mm - in the vice and laid the short section of bar - about 70mm - on top. I turned the taps on on my gas bottles. 1x MAPP gas and 1x Oxygen. I opened the tap on the torch for the MAPP gas and lit it with the striker to product a yell
  2. Really pleased it's still going strong, it's a brilliant little car this one.
  3. All I'm seeing is aluminium To be weighed at £2k/tonne here. Finders keepers
  4. Mot passed with a handful of advisories for surface rust on suspension and worn top mounts - I quizzed the tester and he said it wasn't worth bothering with for at least another year. They were quite complimentary about it, but wouldn't let me swap it for the immaculate y reg MK3 Capri that was in for a test at the same time, boooo! So, another year of motoring In the Daewoo awaits!
  5. MOT day for the Daewoo today, I fixed* all the advisories from the last test excep the rear brake backing plate and the worn bushes so lets see what happens this time around...
  6. Inspired* by driving a trabant 601 in 'The Long Drive' on long downhill sections you can get it off the end of the 120kph speedo. What shite can you get (in stock form) off the end of the speedometer? I have owned all sorts of aold shit motors, but pretty much always the base, or nearly base spec models, so my life is neatly summarised by beign unable to get about 2/3rds of the way to the max readout on the dial flat out. I think the closest I have ever managed was 140mph out of a (very highly tuned) Mk2 Scirocco with a 160mph speedometer about 8 years ago on a track.
  7. Stanky

    Mercedes C180K

    My front passenger door does 'the dance' too, would be interested to hear how easy the repair procedure is. How is the stepper motor for the heater/blower? Does it click madly for 20 seconds on startup then go quiet? Nice car!
  8. Buy it, get ticket, drive for a bit, sell to me. It's a serious offer If you don't buy it, I'd still be interested in it. Please don't let it go for scrap
  9. Oh dear, rumbled! In all seriousness pleas let me know if I can help. I did similar for @Flat4 a while back, it's no problem.
  10. PM me. This is about 5 miles from me and happy to go and inspect gratis. Can also store off road for a bit if needed.
  11. My block & tackle overhead ladder storage solution is complete. I'm pretty pleased with it. It's a silver line 180kg rated b&t with carabiniers holding the ladder and screwed into the roof trusses. It's now tied off to the wall above the tumble dryer but keeps the bug and bulky, but very useful 10m ladder out of the way neatly Raises and lowers it all very easily when required and hasn't yet collapsed on me and broken my neck
  12. +2 for the mannol, I got a drum in the summer and changed oil i. 3 cars and have enough left for 2 more changes. For £35 delivered it's a no brainer
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