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  1. Ah sorry yes I should have been clearer - the pedal immediately springs back up to the top of its travel on the first pull of the release handle. It does not need any assistance from my foot or anything. The issue seems to be further back, after pulling the release, the pedal springs back up but the actual shoes have not released correctly from the inner edge of the rear disc(s), and the warning light on the dashboard does not extinguish. I believe the handle and pedal are fine (for now, until I wrench the handle off in frustration) but there is a sprung component further back that isn't
  2. I think some of the thinking of Wal-Mart from over the pond has been good for Asda - their automotive section actually isn't bad, and is competitively priced compared with the equivalent items from the mainstream factors. I often check Asda tyres, but for whatever reason they haven't had what I need or I can get them cheaper from the likes of Tyreleader or Camskill - still worth a sniff though.
  3. Asda own-brand wiper blades are both reasonably long-lived, and very cheap. My go-to source for these things now.
  4. We're back to square 1 with the mercedes handbrake I'm sad to report. left on overnight, it is very reluctant to release in the morning, often needing 10 pulls on the release handle to extinguish the red warning light on the dashboard. I wonder if any fellow shiters could help me? Its a 2001 W203 c-class with manual gearbox. This is what I have done so far: Applying the parking brake with my foot (its a 4th pedal to the left of the clutch) I get approx 8-10 clicks. pulling the release handle immediately releases the handbrake fine. Leave it overnight, or in the work carpark all day and yo
  5. I'd suggest getting some very hi-res pictures of each detail and seeing if any of the show plates companies can produce a new set identical to the old ones. DMG used to be the go-to company for repro plates, which many on here have used to produce extremely good replicas of original dealer plates, but they went bust or vanished a while back. Be clear the car is a cherished heirloom and you want PERFECT replicas. Might not be cheap but if they last another 35 years you'll get your money's worth. I think what has happened is the plate is beginning to delaminate and there really isn't
  6. Wasn't that the one that German plod pulled on its way to Worthersee (sp?) in 2019 and the driver tried arguing the toss with them as it had a UK MOT and German plod gave him a free holiday in a dingy cell for a week as his reward for being a prick? I assume the car got crushed as if it was that one, then it definitely got impounded and I can't imagine they'd let it back out without being returned to a TuV-compliant state (and at great cost just to get it out, let alone returned to normal/recovered to the UK) IIRC the tester who passed it subsequently reported that the extensive modificat
  7. The mercedes handbrake is much better now, I gave it three blasts of penetrating oil over a couple of days, then a good dose of hi-temp grease all over everything that moves or pivots I then took the opportunity to hoover all the muck out before putting the lid back on. The heandbrake now releases on the first pull of the release cable with a satisfying clonk and the rubbing noise at low speeds is noticeably less. I think it still wants the handbrake mechanism on the passenger side wheel cleaning up with a wire brush and making sure its releasing properly, maybe this weekend. I
  8. I like money, would you leave a wheelbarrow full of £20 notes (unmarked, non sequential serial numbers please) in my garden shed tonight?
  9. @louiepj - its been a while since we've had a status report on your uncle and his automotive affairs....
  10. Bars below the lights perfect for urban surfing 11/10
  11. https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=remspoor+autoshite
  12. Thank you everyone - target hit and money pool closed off for this month.
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