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  1. Really, it just needs the boost turning up and wiping over with a wet cloth, then it'll be about perfect man.
  2. Very looking forward to the Autograss reports @Mally. Specially as you'll be running a Yaris. Fantastic thread as ever. Always enjoy catching up with this thread.
  3. Class! I didn't realise it was THAT Volvo. Fucking fantastic that it's still being cared for and improved.
  4. @Inspector Morose those pics are fantastic. What a selection of captured moments.
  5. Max's C5 must be the most comfortable way to enjoy a fake twix while traveling. Probably more comfortable and smooth than travelling on a private jet. Such a fine automobile.
  6. The lads. Scotsman eats salad shocker Fantastic day out. Was fucking great seeing everyone, the venue was class, the weather was top and the roads were terrific.
  7. Results of the official show. @loserone 205 @320touring Holy Toledo @sdkrc Honda Insight @Split_Pin Vauxhall Cavalier @davehedgehog31 Peugeot 405 @Jimbob McGregor 205 Inca @Jimbob McGregor AX 1.5d @garbaldyMitsubishi Colt @maxxo Citroen C5 (Winner of best lhm sinker) @GeordieInExile 850 t5 @gmmx5 @Lacquer Peela (Late arrival award) @SchaefftLincoln bestest Yank. @tooSavvySuzuki Swift (Best auto) And the winner of best in show went to.... @spike60 big red Merc The prize was a class keyring made by @MT606
  8. I think there was 17 or 18 if you count the moderns.
  9. Mate I'm so sorry for driving your car into that wall.
  10. I'm washing my pride and joy first thing in the morning.
  11. I should be arriving 10:30 - 11:00 ish I think.
  12. Hope you've fully committed to keeping it after all that work man. I bet it's mega.
  13. Runners and Riders; Maxxo: C5 estate. Loser1: 205? Toosavvy: SuziQ auto JimBell: Mercedes e240 Schaefft: Black Lincoln Geordie in Exile: 850 T5 Chaseracer and The Inspector: A MODERN GM: MX5 Spike60: Roadhouse Merc (ocular fortitude dependant) sdkrc: Honda Insight Split_Pin: Audi/Cavalier. Laquer peel: pug DIZZLE MT606: Two wheeler. Davehedgehog31: 405 DIZZLE
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