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  1. No I'm still getting similar one in ten clicks ish.
  2. Yeah, it's a big old (fuel) tank and after the service mpg is up over 40 on local driving so there's not many trips to the pumps. It's getting 600 miles on a fill up so I'm pretty happy with that. Hasn't been on a long long run yet but I would imagine 45 or 46 would be possible. Or 75mpg in the hands of a pro like Laquer Peel. Glad to see your 940 is still getting love. Id have sold it the first time it leaked so well done for putting the long hours in with the old girl.
  3. You beat water both external and internal. This is a hooray time. Hip hip, underlay. Hip hip, again underlay. Hip hip, hooray.
  4. Oh well said Beepski. I feel much better about not buying it now. High 5!
  5. For no reason I understand, I really want that. Is there a pill I can take or will I have to go in a dark room?
  6. This is my new favourite thread. If you do Scotch Corner my head will explode.
  7. Top work man. Thank OhDearMe for the Haynes. He sent it to me, I just passed it on. Have you done any 0-60 runs in it yet? Be a shame not to while all the heavy seats are out.
  8. Top colectioneering man. 5 star read. Only downside is your have missed some of the best scenery with the sun down.
  9. A few more from around the doors. In no particular order. From around Sunderland, South Shields and Blaydon.
  10. Fucking hell it took some time and effort to get those pics to upload. Pointless but at least it's finally achieved.
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