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  1. Without doubt, this thread sets the bar as the cutest collection thread in our broad and diverse history. 10/10 would look at lovely pics again.
  2. *stands on a chair* Oh captain my captain, add my name to the list of lads saying OM this mother and drive around like an absolute boss on veg oil laughing at the petrol chumps oh captain my captain. OM KREW 4 EFIL
  3. Shields Road, Byker, over the years.
  4. Brunswick Place, Northumberland Street, Newcastle. 70.
  5. Larkspur Terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle. 70.
  6. Benton Bank, Jesmond, Newcastle. Before the bypass.
  7. Chillingham Road, Heaton, Newcastle. 1884
  8. "the camshaft was retarded" Can't say things like that anymore. Can't say nowt.
  9. You're working fast man. It's great to hear it running. What a lovely sound.
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