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  1. Luckily, I have a fix* for that...................... Kneed my buttocks you wooden mother.
  2. The seat base is getting a bit worn and the lovely woven threads are getting a bit clicky. VID_20200919_122027.mp4
  3. Thanks Mr Postman. Get in there to even up the Ballance and weight ratios driver to passenger sides pls. Improved ✔️
  4. Private reg too! *Squints* Have 53 Fucking Gasket Failures! Avads. Safe journey home man.
  5. Are we allowed guesses? Are it a Japanese?
  6. Current status: one covered, one exposed. Awaiting eBay delivery to even up the footwells.
  7. Stop killing Insights you ABSOLUTELY MONSTER
  8. I do give off a bit of a POUND SHOP VOLKSWAGEN vibe I know. And my visage is very much that of a man that drives a van.
  9. It's yellow. It's fast. It's a Volvo. It's fantastic. I'm jealous. You're winning.
  10. That's really weird man. Great spot though.
  11. Ah I'm probably thinking of C1s. What's a C2 doing with a Peugeot badge on it?
  12. They did then with Toyota badges as well I think.
  13. Don't bodyshame my tyres you facist. They're perfect the way they are. I think they were van spec tyres that P.O. sourced cheaply. They ride lovely and grip well so I'm in no hurry to change them.
  14. Next up for small improvement is the interior. As @davehedgehog31 advised, the stitching had EXPLOD on the rear seat base. So I did exactly what anybody's Nana would do and I threw a Tartan blanket over it. I'd say that counts as about a 25% completed camper conversion.
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