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  1. Nine and still enough room for a passenger, a spare wheel and a couple of packed lunches. It was hot so you'd need the window open anyway.
  2. That looks like great fun man. Weather didn't look too bad either. It's always fantastic to see the little Colt out under the sun.
  3. Epic miles. A wheel nearly fell off. Two filter changes. One vegan sausage roll. PC tbc. Sounds like quite a shift lads. The Peugeot looks great though.
  4. Photographs in front of Tynemouth Priory might need its own thread!
  5. She's not happy. Poor thing. This is what happens when you take a Volvo out of Scotland. It's like taking a Trout out the river.
  6. Oh my god it's one of those ones that rev all the way to 14:36!
  7. At least that big bonnet provides a bit of shade to toil under. Good old Volvo. Thinking about the workers.
  8. You didn't wash and thoroughly dry it after every use? I think I might be doing it wrong.
  9. They're rubber coated and seem fine against the paint. I'll try not to stand on mine but now that you've mentioned that standing on it is a possibility, it's bound to somehow occur.
  10. I hope yous remembered to sing the traditional english song when you broached the border. GOD SAVE OUR GRACIOUS QUEEN LINGLONG OUR NOBLE QUEEN GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
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