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  1. One out and away to it's lucky new owner @Cavcraft. Lovely meeting you @worldofceri, top shipper and great gentleman. VID_20201119_090755.mp4 VID_20201119_090611.mp4 VID_20201119_085806.mp4
  2. That looks obscenely tidy. Fantastic work.
  3. That's the 1st time I've seen that sort of seat facing toward the centre of the vehicle. It's class.
  4. Those wheels look like a £240 refurb job. Well done man. Stirling job.
  5. Plays holding midfield for Raith Rovers I think.
  6. Pushes even this into second place. https://www.bbc.com/sport/amp/football/54956962
  7. What year is it? And what engine? And what everything else about it? We need to know details.
  8. Oh no. He's improving a Volvo. That means somewhere else 17 fords are developing sudden and unexpected faults, to keep the universe in Ballance.
  9. Italian Spaniel. Lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely.
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