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  1. Very well bought man. I bet they're a hoot to bootscoot aboot.
  2. Mine is currently being treated to a brake master cylinder, front shocks, a gearbox mount, an rear spring, a CV boot and an exhaust front section to bring it up to standard. Once that's all done, it'll be available for sale sadly as my 4x4 Panda is eating it's gearbox.
  3. Not yet. But may be on the cards in the long run.
  4. Well bought man. All the cool kids have Cavaliers.
  5. Glad you're feeling better man. Rummaging around in that interior has probably given you immunity to most communicable diseases now.
  6. It's not man no. The ex-Asimo and me one resides happily with @sdkrc
  7. If they've never been cleaned or cleared, they may be blocked. To access them without dismantling shit in the rain, you will need a selection of random improvised tools. And if you were any good at HOOK A DUCK (bill) you might be able to fish and dig them out. It helps if they are absolutely backed solid with matter because then you can stab them with an old flatblade. So yeah. If you have a Fiat and your carpets are wet, check these mothers. I
  8. Google advised to check the duck bills. Well, their little houses cost a fortune if you want one for your pond, I know that much. I'm just joking, I know what duck bills are in this context really. I looked it up on the internet. There are two holes in the scuttle panel like this. They are hard to access without taking the wipers and top scuttle plastics off. In these holes should sit two plastic drain bastards, that drain through a stupid slit, that can be blocked by one leaf. They are meant to function
  9. Off work today so thought I'd go all fiddly and try and find out why my bottom is sodden.
  10. Yeah. Makes no difference. Sure it should, but it doesn't. It's only really an issue on the downshift. It crunches changing up, but not as bad as you're usually speed matched well enough anyway.
  11. Imagine what they might have done if you said you had a 1.7 TD hatch!
  12. After its repaired and known good I think the Cavalier is going to be for sale man. Only room (and finances) for one keeper unfortunately.
  13. Yes, the eventual plan is a lift kit and big knobblies. Even the remould mud tyres I was looking at were quite expensive. At the moment, some wet weather road tyres made best sense. One day plan:
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