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  1. Lamb over rice by him and Anchemist is not long out and 4 out of 5 good. As with all "lightly driven" multijets, the wastegate actuator on mine is crudded up and sticky. This creates a bit* of boost lag on occasion which ranges from levels of "I didn't notice at all" to "why is nothing hape...FUUUUUUU!!!". It's a common ting and most just drive around it (see below) HELPFULLY Fiat chose to build the entire car around the turbo so it's nice and inaccessible. With the air box and battery out, you can just about see it. https://youtu.be/WmeCtn7jGtk Plan is at some point to blast it with some wd40 or non brand equivalent and lever it about a bit. This is reported to usually work wonders.
  2. That's a good point. Id completely forgotten about those man.
  3. You're right, but I'm not that clever. Something to consider for when this patch fails and falls off though.
  4. Cars make noises. Especially french cars. They're right attention whores. Try and ignore it.
  5. Terrible skills, but I still pat myself on the back.
  6. Keep going. Switch the shit out. And eventually.
  7. If a needle breaks coz your game is too hard, roll with it.
  8. Then get your thread, your pins, and get your ass to work.
  9. From the template, you're gonna cut a patch using some strong ass material. Like an old pair of bluejeans or some shit. Then you'll need a needle. But not the junkie kind.
  10. Now you're gonna need some round ended scissors, and a template.
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