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  1. Can't be depressing if you like and enjoy it man. Imagine spending that much on a car you didn't even like or own. Like some bran-munching trouser-lord tied into a 3 year pcp deal with an optional* 7 grand ballon payment at the end. You're doing it right enough man.
  2. Please don't say out loud how much the trim upgrades cost. That's a matter best kept between a man and his Nat West pig shaped money box.
  3. Putting the Nut into "secondhand walNut trim pieces". I think they looks nice. It's always a shame when fake trees have to die in order to make our motor vehicles more executiver, but by god's beard it's worth it on this occasion.
  4. Guid pipe. You showed those angles who was in charge man. Well played.
  5. GBH. Great reg for fans of the Brummie punk band. All three of them. Looks like a cracker man.
  6. Nice! Like the golf knob. Hope it came with two in case you get a hole in one.
  7. It looks VERY flash. Sure it would sell well in any condition man.
  8. Holy shitbeans. I didn't even know you played football. Never mind at a profesional level. And as they say in the premiership: Back end looks a bit low, has the compressor crapped it's pants?
  9. Gan canny brave collectioneer. Hope it's something ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC or COMPLETELY DREADFUL.
  10. Fantastic work man. It's coming along grand.
  11. Class updates man. Putting the mental into incremental improvements.
  12. Jim Bell

    My SJ

    Didn't that crush the rest of the SJ?
  13. It's after 17:00 so he's either finished or on the time and half overtime rate.
  14. Cheap fix. If you ignore everything else and consider only the gasket price.
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