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  1. Fords aplenty on St. Thomas Street, Sunderland 2019.
  2. That's hole is certainly not fucking about. It's like "I'm a hole. Get used to it." Never seen such a blatant hole before. The whole hole is just all hole. Proper gaping.
  3. It's the diesel torque figures. Can't argue with science.
  4. I beat him in and I beat him out. Cavs are faster in and out of the bins than even some kind of Maserati. I have the proof.
  5. Whitburn Garage, South Shields. Rootes/Radicalz
  6. It's about that time. Time for a cervix and twiddle. The oil filter that was on the car was the short variety so has been replaced with the correct higher capacity longer type. The air filter top resonator box thing has been changed, along with one in the traditional filter housing. Fuel filter done and some fresh oil slopped in. Ready for another 4000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. Last tank, which was all local driving, still returned 42.5 mpg. Really need a good run out somewhere far away to up these figures s
  7. Hot ! What a buy man. Looks fantastic. Probs said this before but Pops Shitpeas had a vinyl roofed Manta B coupe Berlinetta that looked exactly like this when I was in school. He loved it. Not Avas.
  8. Is that the best colour? Pretty sure that's the best colour. It could be likened to a hearing aid or an early design prosthetic foot. Sky blue would be a step down on my score card.
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