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  1. Washington shops. Some interesting motors.
  2. Still rolling and appocolypse Bogroll hunting. Take my load you filthy article. Battery isn't happy though. Car did the discharge fully/recharge in motion procedure after a long uphill on ASSIST but only charged back up to half mast. Will get the charger on come Friday. It's meant to be dry and bright.
  3. Boring boring mpg update. Still on local 10 mile ish runs (before lockdown) and with adjusted driving style (more boost and coast where sensible) and the results are up a bit. Still less than half a tank in, but the numbers are up. Still loving it.
  4. You're still funny man. (whispers behind hand) he was never funny (stops whispering behind hand) Are you grid charging yours @jonny69 ? How's it getting on with being laid up with the BIG VIRUS cockdown? Getting a bit worried about mine sitting still. Think I'm gonna give mine a charge this week. Which will be interesting. Extension lead out of a window, through the garden, over a wall, across a footpath and into the car.
  5. Under normal circumstances during the vehicle merry go round I would jump at it because it looks great. I've one car too many already though and intend on keeping the Insight so there's no buying of anything on my horizon.
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