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  1. Love a Theshaddow resurrection thread. Great stuff!!!
  2. @paulplom was saying he'd try and make it to the next one too.
  3. Mine just passed its test needing a brake pipe and a bulb. Definitely the best car I've ever had. Hands down.
  4. I got as far as cleaning it pretty well, and that seems good enough for me man. It's deterring thrives as we speak. Cheers fella.
  5. Well no, because then a wheel might fall off. When the alternator was fixed, the driver's door got stuck shut in protest. The car exists in a very fine balance, like nature. You have to be VERY CAREFUL what you fix.
  6. Well now EVERYONE wants to know what it is. My guess is Nuclear Submarine core sealant.
  7. Had a lovely meet up with the Scotoshite collective and had a look at and drive of some amazing cars. Early arrivers. Accommodation-mobile. Sverge section. French section. Happy Birthday @Supernaut American section. BEAST SECTION A great day was had by all, and I didn't even have to fill up again till I got back home.
  8. Adventures Update. . Took a drive up to Scotland in the LS with @loserone and @Jimbob McGregor Fill up. And away up the road.
  9. One further years motoring guaranteed. Well done you lovely old boat.
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