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  1. Sour times for the German cars man. Hopefully the poor luck will all be over with now and a lottery win looms on the horizon, or you wake up and it was all just a dream like in that series of Dallas when they killed JR but then wanted to bring JR back.
  2. "It will probably be damp, dark and smell a bit foosty" Sounds like most of our meets tbh.
  3. Holy shit. That's a big gap between selling and buying it back. Did he remember you?
  4. This new car is super cool and exciting but listen right. How much is the Celica ok? I'm asking the questions that everyone else is thinking, but nobody else will dare give voice.
  5. I've altered it digitally to avoid potential copyright issues.
  6. For everyone that ISNT spending their weekends doing things like this: SHAME ON YOU. SHAME. SHAAAAAME.
  7. That bug is the cats knees and the bees pajamas. Lovely.
  8. This is gonna sound like a joke, but no. They redeveloped the underground bogs into a bar. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/bigg-market-toilets-wine-bar-17102481.amp
  9. The Groat Market and Bigg Market, Newcastle.
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