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  1. hmm still doesn't seem happy. knocking noise (not the chip) when you move the car up or down. Back to the drawing board https://youtube.com/shorts/TQAQD4A7SXg?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/PjFQBGelpG4?feature=share
  2. got the little fecker off. was thinking about what you said @Ian_Fearn and thought even if I do get a chain wrench might still need shocking loose. I managed to get an old jack handle in through all the pipes and hoses to make contact at the right angle. gave it a few hits with a hefty hammer and it cracked loose (mms from impaling the wrench handle into the radiator fins 😬)
  3. yeah I did wonder about that, but just can't get a swing at it with a hammer its so tight. I might have to try a chain wrench with socket on top so I can get an extension bar, ratchet and breaker on it
  4. I decided to invest in a sphere wrench as I figured I would need it for other, I thought it would give me just enough swing room to get at the accumulator sphere despite it being very tight. Sadly it's on too tight to break loose with the leverage I can get on it. I thought about using a jack handle as a lever but there is nothing solid to push against. So back to the drawing board. I really don't want to have to take the accumulator of the car but it may come to that.
  5. https://www.hagerty.co.uk/articles/unexceptional-classics/11-cars-to-get-you-gently-excited-for-the-2021-hagerty-festival-of-the-unexceptional/?fbclid=IwAR1HOJ22kif5tORzDcQNmeDNXbtNMQGFekjExO0wdwbFndOnREDkhGGt8eQ
  6. I guess its all going to hinge around the welding. If you can get a good idea on cost of that before you give the OK to go then it will give you some idea on the variability of taking it on
  7. thanks mate. I will have a look at access and see if my filter wrench works but good to know there one available to borrow it not. cheers
  8. ah ok that's great news, I'm so pleased. Sounds like all systems go
  9. brilliant work @Mally. So pleased this is running ok for @Mrs Spart
  10. any news from the guy who was assessing the BMW welding @Mrs Spart
  11. wesacosa


    can't get my leg quite as high as the guy on the boat 😂
  12. cheers, I am in SE London so a bit far but cheers for the offer, although with the front accumulator sphere I am not sure if there is room for one with a big handle like that
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