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  1. This was my old S3 V8 A Stage 1 car so was mostly a Series 3 with drum brakes and leaf springs but with a detuned Range Rover V8 and permanent 4 wheel drive. It had an overdrive which was very useful and motorway cruising was fine because the whole thing was so noisy at 30mph it wasn’t really any worse at 60mph. The “detuning” of the engine was done by putting some large washers in the inlet manifold so when I got it serviced I asked the garage to remove them. I think this took the power up from about 90bhp to something like 120bhp which was a right laugh with the non-ass
  2. Seems like not many problems https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/car-reviews/kia/pro-cee-d/pro_cee'd-2008-2012/
  3. Almost 3 months in to ownership of this and I’ve done about 4000 miles, let’s have a sum up of the problems. I’ve had to fill up the washer bottle, top up the air in the tyres and replace the wipers. What an unreliable piece of shit, eh? If you drive hard it does a whisker under 50mpg, drive gently and it does 55mpg and I think 58mpg is my best ever. This is the 1.6 113bhp version which has got adequate performance, handling is alright and it still looks quite nice in a bland kinda way. It’s comfy, got enough room inside and is slightly different, all in all that’s a success
  4. For those of you that hang on my every word, you’ll know that I got rid of my spaceship Civic to find something that was more fuel efficient and cheap to insure my daughter on, she turns 17 next week. I would link to the thread but I’m a busy man here. After some top stuff was suggested, I did an Autotrader search for anything diesel, less than £2000 and trudged through a lot of porridge. Then I found a Kia pro_cee’d (yes, all that punctuation). When Kia started importing cars into the UK in the early ‘90s they were known as a cheaper, duller version of a dull Japanese car of
  5. When I was in my early 20s, I had a succession of Alfasud Sprints. Obviously they weren’t the pinnacle of reliability because cars of the late ‘70s and early ‘80’s were like that. However I do remember the visits to the dealership for parts and the distain in which they treated their customers. Customers? Fucking ignorant twats, is what they thought. Just because people came into the dealership and paid an extortionate amount in advance for parts, they then somehow expected the parts to actually turn up at some point. I remember going to a Toyota dealers at the same time and thin
  6. Ooh, back atcha with the PistonHeads comment 😀 I’d never driven one before (I guess most people haven’t) but it’s a similar drive to the Civic but with VW Tdi acceleration and fuel economy but hopefully with Japanese levels of reliability. It’s also not a bad looker for what is a sea of modern, bland vanilla. It’s no Peugeot 504 coupe, but we’ll see how it goes for a year as dependable and “slightly interesting” transport.
  7. Update! I had my eye on a Suzuki Swift diesel but there was only one close by. I went to see it and the clutch was utterly fucked and there was an interesting dent in the sill like it had driven off a very high kerb. I didn’t buy it. There are a few up north and the sales manager in Leeds definitely earned his commission but elsewhere they’re thin on the ground. A Toyota Corolla diesel is apparently quite a good drive and the 3 door ones look alright but again - finding one that isn’t fucked is a challenge. Amazingly they hold their value better than the newer Toyota Auri
  8. When I ran Tatras for a few years I knew a lot of people with Trabbis. One conversation I remember is “The engine is very simple; it’s only got 7 moving parts. Unfortunately they’ll all stop working at some point” ?
  9. That’s a shame, a Yaris engine but fun to drive looks attractive but I’ve also heard they don’t do the miles that well?
  10. Or that it’s a petrol. ? I’m obviously a bit mental but not enough to swap one diesel hatchback for another and expect 20% better fuel economy. Current Civic is 1.8 petrol
  11. Which Volvo is this? I like them mostly because of the stereo?
  12. Yes, the Celica managed to be relaxing but at the same time a fun drive. A 205 turbo diesel isn’t refined but it’s a huge hoot, I imagine a Honda Insight is good because it’s so single minded and you’re literally driving the car from the future.
  13. My current Civic is a petrol so upper 40s to the gallon is it when I’m trundling around. Book figure is about 42mpg I think. A diesel version would probably be sensible but there aren’t many cars I’ve had two of and the Civic isn’t that special. Some interesting suggestions, I’ll have a look at a Mini One, BMW 320 and I’d love a Xantia but I’m not sure it would do 15,000+ a year without a mishap, just because even the newest one has had several careless owners by now
  14. Saves about £600 a year which is the same as a £1000 pay rise. Agree about reliability which is why it’s in my list of must-haves
  15. Yes.... but no? Is a 406 coupe any good or likely to be fucked by now?
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