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  1. 88 is also a popular number for the various cultures that consider 8 to be a lucky number eg Chinese
  2. Think Roose Motorsport were making Saab hoses in a recent Car SOS. Could be worth a call
  3. Paper? The MSUK license you'd need for Prescott Hill is all electronic (and free)
  4. Renewal would have been about 25% more than last year. Cover with a different insurer was 25% less than last year. Still massive variations about
  5. Have to be careful around little houses with them. Always best to avoid little house on the Prairie
  6. A couple for stars in shite there - Foyle's War
  7. Could give JB weld a go. Their epoxy or steelstik are about a tenth the cost
  8. Is that one of those lesser spotted bus replacement trains?
  9. Things like petrol to complete the 250,000 miles in splendid luxury*? Come to think of it... 250,000 miles at an optimistic 10 miles per £ only leaves £15k in the budget.
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/375078245186 He's the Greatest, He's Fantastic, wherever there is danger he'll be there.
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