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  1. 20 yards per tank of petrol, American fuel economy at its best
  2. Up and left from Chester, between the River Mersey and the River Dee.
  3. A vehicle drawn with a ruler hiding inside some kind of bdsm emporium with a vinyl/leather panelled street frontage........ Are you sure you're not back in Rhyl?
  4. Talking of The Potteries..... I know the old man died but is McGuinnesses yard still going?
  5. That's a bit of an extreme bonnet scoop. Did it improve the way it looks?
  6. The difference becomes obvious after a few pints
  7. Fortunately GDPR doesn't legislate against using the names of fictional characters
  8. mintwth

    Shite Christmas

    Caution! May remove your nuts!
  9. How to attract buyers.....show them the middle finger
  10. Dom Perignon is around the E12 mark. For E5 you're better off with beer
  11. https://www.paisleyfreight.com/alloy-wheel-courier Think you might even be able to book them to collect from the seller's address
  12. Don't worry, it will be gone before your visitors 'need' to park here
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