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  1. cms206

    75 or 406?

    75s are absolute shit. They're claustrophobic, they don't drive all that well, they all seem to smell, manual ones are plain horrible and the auto ones are merely tolerable. V6s make a nice noise but don't seem to actually do much. My 73-year old ex gaffer had six of them at one point and all the current ones (three I think) he's had chipped to 160bhp as he's scared he'll get done for loitering. He loves them, I hate them. I've had two 406s, both diesels. Pre facelift 2.1DT for me please. Oddly both have the same issue - the sills rot out about half way along the back doors.
  2. As of July 4th I am unemployed, through my own choice. I've never been unemployed since I turned sixteen and I've never had a job interview. This should go well*.
  3. Stick me down, I reckon the Montego would enjoy the run.
  4. Shitefest '20 at Triggers new gaff everyone, you heard the man!
  5. Numbers crunched. 944 miles, 107 litres, which I think works out to 40.1mpg. That'll do.
  6. I am awake. As always a tremendous weekend. The weather eventually came through and made the 24 hour round trip well worth it! Huge thanks to Mike for organising, Cheriton Fitzpaine AFC for hosting us, Thorne's Farm Shop for Sunday breakfast, Frogchod for the lift back after Sunday breakfast and all of you for turning up and making Shitefest the event of the year. See you all next year!
  7. Done. 936 miles, no FTPs, the Hound is home. Will do the obligatory postings tomorrow. Going to bed now. Fucked. Night night, beatflys.
  8. I pulled over and had a ten minute nap. It lasted about an hour and a half. Arse.
  9. Welcome to On The Lavatory, with cms206. 97 miles to go... Todhills has new shitters. Single ply bogroll, danger of a wee poke in the bum. 3/10.
  10. North of Tebay! Hyundai average MPG at the moment is 40.7 over 644 miles.
  11. M6... fucked. Hyundai... oil pressure falling. Weather... shit.
  12. Ain't nothin' but a Hyund, dawg.
  13. I'm averaging about a litre of engine oil per 150 miles. This may end badly.
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