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  1. Hello. Not much news it has to be said. New battery bought yesterday and new fuel filters picked up this morning. Fitted both and it fired straight up; throttle response seems much improved and it revs a lot cleaner than it did but it'll need a decent run to properly assess if it has cured the fuelling issues completely. The ignition barrel is a bit of a twat to use but it's not completely broken yet. Still not arranged an MOT either, really need to get my finger out. In other news I had a dig about in the paperwork for the car today; it was delivered on August 1st 1987 - remember when August 1st was a big thing? - to V. J. Mendoza & Partners of 1-2 Castle Lane, London SW1E 6DN, a quantity surveying firm who it appears were involved in a number of fairly prestigious building projects in London. According to the service history it had done about 42,200 miles by April 1993. It's done about 66900 as of today, so less than a thousand miles a year on average since then.
  2. 1. Saabnut 2. Inspector Morose 3. Northern Monkey 4. Monsieur Le Hairnet 5. Bangernomics 6. Chodweaver 7. davidfowler2000 8. chaseracer 9. Heidel Kakao 10. HMC 11. mat_the_cat 12. cms206 Very much a pencilled in just now but I shall do my utmost... choice of Stellars, Montego or Council Estate complete with Townsend Thoresen GB sticker?
  3. I was lucky enough to get one of these as a company car in 2008 to replace a Mk3 Golf 1.9D van, it was a K-reg 1.7D Merit estate with about 240k on it. Absolutely outstanding, no PAS, no radio cassette, fuck all. Loved it to bits, mainly 'cos it wasn't a Mk3 Golf.
  4. When I was doing my PSV training way back in 2008 we did quite a lot of motorway driving - I certainly drove to Grangemouth and back on the morning of my test.
  5. 53p-ish a mile, 32 bus stops and 30 minutes. Still a ripoff.
  6. Suppose I better finish this collection off by going to collect the Montego from David's...
  7. Max is actually right. Thankfully there are no pictures but I did the entire collection dressed as Wonder Woman.
  8. I was going to return the wheels personally Mark but I wouldn't want to damage the house prices any further... History! Very little, sadly. Jude had left a note on the car away back last year after stumbling across it on his travels. The previous keeper was 87 and gave up driving when the MOT expired at the end of August and his daughter called Jude and asked if he was still interested before she scrapped the car. He knew he couldn't keep it but he did the honourable thing and collected it anyway, hoping he could find it a home. The previous owner bought it in 2004 to replace his previous, rotten Stellar. It's done just under 67k miles and of the 500 or so it has done since August 2018 I've done 437 of them. Apparantly the owner prior to him had it since the early 90s and replaced it with a Getz, so it must have left a good impression. I did too Adam... hoping to fire this through a test ASAP 'cos it actually drives really nicely despite appearances.
  9. We are hardy creatures young Dez... also it was hard to fall asleep at the wheel because my arse was making buttons every time there waa even half a splutter from the sodding thing! Also two closures on the M6. Not good!
  10. I might need to get that made up in the correct style for the garage wall.
  11. The mechanic is alcoholic. The tester is tame. Neither of them know that there are two Stellars now. To be honest I can't honestly see any reason for to actually fail other than one small hole in the floorpan. It's remarkably sound.
  13. I was half way through typing that... yeah, I've not managed to get the tape out yet but I think it's probably fairly yagged Mat. The aerial I think is goosed also. The rears in particular make it look pretty menacing, the fronts are skinny wee things. All four will go back to Mark Castro when I sort that bit of the caper out. There was a set of four Ford fitment 4x108 Wellers on Facebook marketplace which I think would have looked ace with some front spotlights and red oxide over the grotty bits but then I remembered that the only taste I have is in my mouth. Went out this morning, ignition barrel wouldn't turn. Got it after some fucking about, started and idled sweetly. Trundled round the block... it looks dog rough in photos but it's much more sound than the GSL is and when it's not struggling for petrol it goes far, far better than it's 73bhp should allow. Next stage is tyres, get it back onto it's own suave stainless steel wheeltrims, fit a fresher battery and fuel filter and hopefully get an MOT on it without too much hassle.
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