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  1. Good to see you also Mr Dome, and many thanks to Mr Boiler-Suit for the Astra which shall be pressed into service from tomorrow morning on the daily commute. The whole lockdown thing has been a pisser this year and even meeting up for dinner once a month is something I've really missed. Stay safe people.
  2. Another estate we didn't get; apparantly only sold in the home market for utility and police use, and 1400cc only.
  3. Never mind those, South America's Chevy Monza was where it was at.
  4. cms206

    Bus Shite

    Bang on. I drive around these parts.
  5. cms206

    Bus Shite

    Tonight's chariot... DAF-powered Irizar i6. Not a fan of these.
  6. cms206

    Bus Shite

    End of the week; my allocated bus has been away on East Ayrshire contracts all week (they require CCTV) covering for it's sister bus which is off for MOT, so I've mostly been driving this 1994 Volvo B10M this week. Off the weekend and back in for a fifteen hour shift on Monday.
  7. cms206

    Bus Shite

    This is our last "coach" one - we've still a good number on fleet but most are 70 to 77 seaters now. This is earmarked for the treatment shortly. Sadly they also still rot as well as the early ones did, some of ours need regular patching up. I'm not generally a huge fan of the Futura 'Classic', or even our Futura Clubs. The VDL Futura 2 is a far superior drive, but I still prefer my Volvos.
  8. cms206

    Bus Shite

    Scheduled two backshifts a week for the foreseeable so I'm getting punted about a bit. Tonight's chariot is another VDL, this time a Futura Classic. New as WA60 DZO to Barnes, Swindon.
  9. cms206

    Bus Shite

    MCW Metrobus with Alexander D-type bodywork; Midland's first three Metrobuses (UMS 751T, BLS 671/2V) were so treated as their MRM1-3, plus Central's Dennis Dominator D1 (EGB 77T).
  10. cms206

    Bus Shite

    Back in the saddle today after a week off. Tonight's chariot is this VDL Futura 2, in 12.9 metre, 365ish bhp flavour.
  11. cms206

    Bus Shite

    Not one, but 8. I think I have photos at least of SA1-7.
  12. cms206

    Bus Shite

    An assorted selection to finish today, as I'm on a backshift and I really need to get ready for work... all West of Scotland, up to about 1990. A few do not appear all they seem.
  13. cms206

    Bus Shite

    Western Scottish ordered six Volvo Citybuses for delivery in 1987, though in the event two were diverted to Fife Scottish as their E909/10 KSG. E864-867 RCS were delivered to Western and carried a multitude of liveries; they worked hard and eventually ended up being some of the earliest Megabus deckers on the network. Some photos of their earlier days; they were renumbered early on from V164-167 to V964-967.
  14. cms206

    Bus Shite

    Narrows it down to either E746 or E747 XVR; the P-reg Convoy is likely to have P653 KNF.
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