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  1. cms206

    Bus Shite

    Been away for a while again. Still driving buses, but also now done this... standby* for a manky old Plaxton Ford suitably branded for Beige Package Holidays, under the ARSE (Autoshite Recreation Services & Excursions) banner.
  2. Abbey are literally five minutes from my house and I have never seen that ZX cutting about Paisley. Absolutely would but I'm potless and without space.
  3. @LightBulbFun I robbed the plate off a rotten Volvo 760 (E33 XGD) which was purchased from the wife of the original owner in Kilmarnock not too long after the local offices closed - it was allocated E952 HFG, despite having never been anywhere near Brighton. My Transit was imported in 2004 and got L420 EAB which is also a re-registration series.
  4. If only Bub was here... his car always filled up nicely 😂
  5. I've got about a 30gal fresh water tank in the Volvo. Typically the fucking fresh water pump is haemorraging water...
  6. No; currently in Bellingham, leaving here Friday morning.
  7. I left home five days ago aiming to take home the @kirtonCup so if I've left owt behind I'm fucked 🤣
  8. I have not reached Tebay... this Volvo is slow
  9. cms206

    Bus Shite

    The best bus sized uggadugga gun I ever saw was a one inch petrol powered gun, used to remove the front tyres from the prototype Volvo Citybus we scrapped a few years ago. It was immense. And REALLY fucking loud.
  10. Breakfast for me please, large helping @Sunny Jim! As an aside... are we off grid or is there EHU available? I daresay it's been mentioned but I can't remember.
  11. cms206

    Bus Shite

    Day out today on a "mystery tour" - basically a pissup for the old boys at one of the local bowling clubs. Largs, Balloch, Arrochar, Cairndow, Coylet & Dunoon, then back to Largs via the ferry to Gourock.
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