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  1. Chinese food was consumed and heartily approved by all the present SVM board members. Eurovision was a fix, Sam Ryder deserved to take a win for the UK. XC90 is absolutely not the worst Volvo I have owned. Home.
  2. No idea. We left quickly and no-one died...
  3. It flooded the forecourt at the Shell... 😳
  4. We have arrived in The North. Dinner.
  5. Train three achieved and our collective first visits to Wigan.
  6. Carlisle has been achieved. The authorities are so far unaware.
  7. Also as it is official SVM business...
  8. Train one. Then there was a Greggs. It didn't last. Train two's one of these new fangled BLT trains. Poo count so far: nil.
  9. With Covid having massively disrupted the repatriation efforts, today officially marks the resumption of The SVM's mission - to move all of the Volvos north of the border. We start the day on foot.
  10. I always swore I'd never sell my blue Cavalier SRi I had when I was 21 but life got in the way and a sudden storage loss meant it left in 2017. That stung a bit. On the other side of the permanence coin, after my first Volvo (a grey 740GLE saloon) was an absolute disaster and completely unreliable, I swore I'd never have another Volvo ever. In June 2012 the Council Estate arrived with the intention to run it only the six weeks til it's MOT expired. Almost a decade later it's still here, pre-dating my marriage and both my kids. Unless there is a really huge change in circumstances it'll never leave.
  11. cms206

    Bus Shite

    Being punted about more than normal this past fortnight; today's chariot was former Lothian 626, a Dennis Trident still carrying East Coast Buses livery.
  12. cms206

    Bus Shite

    Gibson Direct, Renfrew; doors closed April 4th, following Henry Crawford on April 1st. Crawford was a retiral, Gibson collapsed.
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