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  1. I got my Stellar(s) after many years, so discounting stuff I have already owned that leaves one each of these for my top five please, in no particular order.
  2. Did I ever tell you that're you're my favourite Nick? Out of all the Nicks? Absolutely. I could do with a nearside front wing and a front bumper in Chilli red if such items are not dreadfully fucked... most of the rest of it is okay I think. I'd like a full size spare too but that may be harder to come by.
  3. I reckon that a deal could be doable as I do need to move stuff on again, if you're interested... Every time I get to a level I'm happy with I go and blow it. I've still not even collected the one I bought at the start of the year yet.
  4. The natural thing to do with this now it's been collected is go on holiday in it, four up with the dog. The Saab has a broken spring and has decided to get a bit horrible and vibratey at 65-plus. Cheap Saab was Cheap, and the beat goes on. Also 90 quid to fill the fucker.
  5. The cup holder works. Phew. The OSR wheel is all the way inside the back arch...
  6. ... so what is it? It is a 2005 9-5 Vector Sport in 2.3 185bhp auto flavour. The dashboard is lit up like a Christmas tree (nothing important, something about imminent brake failure and horrible death). It all seems to work, no knocks or bangs and it pulls fine throuhh the gears. It is sitting on it's arse but it'll be fine* I'm sure.
  7. It's the wrong Swede, Gromit.
  8. This is apparantly a Car Dealer's office. I am not used to Car Dealers.
  9. I do love a walk in the countryside.
  10. Missing the train was fortuitous, as it goes the wrong way.
  11. Collectioneering moderns means a distance of many miles. Thankfully in time for the train.
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