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  1. Bagged a shot of my first Trident on Friday; 88-seats, 260bhp and a four speed Voith 'box. Very pleasant.
  2. I reset the computer on mine yesterday and over about four hours I averaged 7.9mpg on a mixed cycle.
  3. i-Shift is a walk in the park compared to AS-Tronic. Now THAT is a fucking pile of arse.
  4. First day back in the saddle... ex-Ulsterbus 70-seat Volvo B12B with PieShift.
  5. Back to what I know Billy... just a different colour.
  6. In other news I may have bought a car on Friday night. WIFE_CMS is furious and she doesn't even know yet. It's out of test and I have nowhere to put it. Situation normal.
  7. Start a new job tomorrow. Unusually nervous. Also going to spend this week commuting in the blue Stellar. I want to make the right impression in the staff car park.
  8. That is absolutely delicious. The seats look sexual too. Verdict: 112%/10 WUD LIEK 2 LICK
  9. Marketplace spots... Matchbox Motorcity sets in Bradford https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/592730458129095/ And in Darwen, surely value just for the Sunkist Transconti and 7up Merc SK? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1401331000036706/
  10. I've got a blue one with the earlier style wheels; when I was wee I'm sure mine was red.
  11. Planning to attend again, couldn't get a sitter for SMOL_CMS so will likely be in the Proton.
  12. New from Majorette for 2020...
  13. cms206

    Truck Shite

    They are, it is an urban legend that persists. I have on a number of occasions refused to reverse, but only ever if I either have schoolkids on, OR if I'm at a school with kids wandering about.
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