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  1. Thanks, I couldn't see any windows but I guess that they're boarded up.
  2. What's the building it's parked in front of?
  3. Are you sure about Mongolia? You can also improve your IQ, as defined by set tests, by regularly sitting similar exams or tests which is I guess why South Korea and China show up well.
  4. A case for a decision tree perhaps?
  5. Yet you've got your arm around him and neither of you have a mask on. Doesn't that make a bit of a mockery of the precautions you took? I don't totally agree with Jazoli but his route is a far better one than being totally paranoid and ranting about people.
  6. Ours used to be very slick and the internet ordering of prescriptions and any related discussions still is. I know that they are involved in vaccinating people, as they did mine and the missus, so they might be short staffed at the moment though.
  7. I pay about 10 to 12 at our local garage if I take it to them and that's not on a tyre that they supplied.
  8. Cost is just one of the many metrics you'd use to define efficiency. You'd also have to define all the other KPIs and probably weight them in some way. As usual in these sort of things different groups would have different opinions so you'd never get agreement. This is without bringing in the word effective as it might be efficient at dealing with ingrowing toenails but at the expense of dealing with cancer patients.
  9. Sorry to hear that Phil.
  10. I've been using one for about 5 years and just leave it on overnight. It's a 7.0 but charges up both a starter and a leisure battery. It replaced a lower capacity one which is still working well.
  11. Between Aldbury, Berkhamsted and Dunstable. Aldbury is at the foot of the escarpment that Ashridge is on. You could walk up it to get to the main part of the woods.
  12. Was it Aldbury not Oldbury you went through as some of the pictures look like Ashridge?
  13. I've had a 123 on a VW T2 for 8 years now. Expensive but worth it in my opinion.
  14. Thanks for that. I'd come across a lot of the quotes but never followed them back to the source. I'll have to read some more.
  15. Ursula Von Der Leyens fall guy?
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