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  1. Inspector Morse, in 1992, I think. The Avengers with Diana Rigg also filmed there as did Bliss, where the village primary school children played a part.
  2. You might recognise this pub from your travels: They changed all the village signs for this episode which was a bit disconcerting if you weren't warned about it.
  3. How could he though given the hours that he works?
  4. It's not just London. Our youngest and his girlfriend rent a one and a half bedroom, i.e. a small boxroom, flat in Oxford and that's 1,500 a month.
  5. I didn't say own. Most people have mortgages on their houses and very few have stable blocks, paddocks or sunken gardens, at least in my experience.
  6. Would you class someone with 3 houses as wealthy? If so who did you fuck over?
  7. People still living at home, which is not too far from work. Some of our junior admin staff were in this category.
  8. Which makes sense as occasionally there's contaminated batches and they'd want to have the details of who had had them to hand and a clear audit trail.
  9. Is that Tom's Hill Road? If it is I once had to ride my wife's trike down there, after she'd been pooling around Ashridge, that sharp corner was interesting.
  10. Sometimes it can make sense viewed through a prism of share options and the share price. Run it into the ground over, say, five years to boost the share price, exercise your options and leave a multi millionaire. Shortly afterwards the firm is recognised as a smoking wreck but you've got your money. One of the worst aspects of capitalism.
  11. Given the rate of staff attrition I would expect there's a red flashing light on some senior management information dashboard as well as concerns in HR. It doesn't reflect well on the latter if all the staff have disappeared and it also puts their nice comfy jobs at risk. It may be that the problem has been identified and a search for a solution underway but you're too far down the food chain to be told it. I had this at times, my staff would complain bitterly about things but I couldn't tell them about the plans to fix them. I could hint but that was it.
  12. I've been in this position. You become the whipping boy as you're the only one physically there for them to take their frustrations out on. I agree with getting out and would be working on finding a new job at warp speed. When it all finally falls apart, and it will, you don't want to be around when the witch hunt takes place. Sorry for being so negative.
  13. Sometimes it's for a different reason: Officials said last week that the U.S. Air Force paid about $10,000 each to replace toilet seat covers on the C-5 Galaxy, a Vietnam-era military cargo plane that is still in service, at least three times and as recently as last year. The Air Force says with the Lockheed’s C-5 production line no longer active, there is no company with a fully staffed assembly line ready to produce exactly what it needs. That means the government has to hire a manufacturer to make a mold of the original toilet seat cover, redesign two-dimensional drawings to make sure the cover fits, manufacture a mould for the part, and then produce it — effectively reverse-engineering the toilet cover and building it from scratch.
  14. As you aspire to be a CEO with your own business how do you think your posts on this thread or Facebook etc. will go down with potential suppliers and/or customers if they see them? And paying with cash won't necessarily help that much.
  15. Wouldn't you need hydrofoils though to take advantage of these? It'd be a bit like Largos boat in Thunderball.
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