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  1. They were noted for running on since new and you used to be able to get an anti running on valve. Mine used to run on when fed anything but 5 star, even from 18 months old and despite who tuned it, but octane booster has fixed that problem.
  2. I know what wisely is. I was maybe not as clear as I needed to be. I wanted to know what you meant by 'the issue is with definitions'
  3. Can you please clarify what you mean by this?
  4. Who did you get the switch from as I could do with a few bits for my 74 and,as you say the quality of a lot of the parts on the market is crap, although not as bad as VW T2 ones in my experience.
  5. If its like the one I put up for my Mam there's a default setting, something like 0000, which you need to change. If this hasn't been done this number will probably be on the instructions on the web, if there are any.
  6. I think that some of the posts were meant in a humorous fashion and other were an outpouring of rage/sadness at the state of their relationships. I view the 'all women being mad' as being humour, after all it's been said for probably centuries and I'm surer that my wife would feel the same. What she would be very unhappy about is someone being offended on her behalf. By the way I've been happily married* for about 30 years and we have two wonderful sons. * I've got to say this as otherwise I'd be made into mince(joke)
  7. My MGB needs 2 new sills and after 7 months I still don't have them done. I understand that its a tricky job to do right so assume the lack of interest is that anyone who can do a good job is happier doing easier and possibly more lucrative work, which if I was in their shoes I'd almost certainly do the same, even though it's a 4 figure sum. It doesn't get it back on the road though.
  8. Mine lives about 100 yards from the sea, albeit shielded by some buildings, but its not a recipe for a low maintenance existence, at least bodywork wise.
  9. My 68 has the original gearbox and some glass, as far as I'm aware as I've only owned it since 2007. Everything else either rotted away or broke.
  10. Sorry to hear this. They should be able to do backups but probably can't be arsed setting them up or spending the money to do so.
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