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  1. Put it behind the grill offsett to the oil cooler? It should only be a short distance to the fusebox. I guess that you'd possibly need some sort of screen to protect it though.
  2. Certificate of Destruction removed because it was accidentally applied to the wrong vehicle maybe? Given that this used to be a manual exercise you can imagine the numbers of mistakes made, misreading people's writing etc.. You'd need some form of audit trail to prevent possible fraud so you couldn't just delete the original record, not that you could anyway probably.
  3. We've caught eight using those traps, two were dead in the traps, caused by stress I guess. All were bigger than yours so maybe they couldn't turn around to chew their way out or they didn't have time.
  4. chadders

    Seasonal tyres

    Seconded for Crossclimates; we've got them on a couple of cars and find them fine. The winters have been too mild in the last couple of years to know how they perform in the snow though.
  5. At least you're alive to whinge.
  6. And me. Can't you die if you have too many paracetamol?
  7. The boughs can also do a lot of damage. I suggest getting a tree surgeon in as, when we did, he identified some of the areas of risk and rectified them. A useful by product is that we still have loads of free firewood. If you're in a conservation area he can also do the relevant paperwork.
  8. No. I've never driven one so wondered what was so good about them. Some of those attributes could also be applied to the Peugeot 205 which we ran for 3 years and eventually plan to get another. edit : so how does the ride and handling compare to the Pug?
  9. As Junkman is no longer on here can someone please explain the appeal of R16s? I can understand them being preferred to Maxis but they seem to attract an inordinate amount of praise.
  10. I'd quite like a convertible - do they rust as badly as the hatch seems to?
  11. By what I remember his is a 68, which is something like a one year only version so getting some parts is horrendous. I can sympathise with him on this as my T2 is a 68 which has a lot of one year only , or even 6 month only in the case of the rear brakes, parts.
  12. Just ask him, he seems a pretty straightforward sort of bloke.
  13. I think that he's still alive and is on the Darkwob, along with a few other ex forum members.
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