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  1. The MGB is in citron, a fairly popular colour at the time if I remember correctly, but has been fitted with the wrong grill.
  2. Did you take any more pics?
  3. They were noted for running on since new and you used to be able to get an anti running on valve. Mine used to run on when fed anything but 5 star, even from 18 months old and despite who tuned it, but octane booster has fixed that problem.
  4. We've got friends that according to their diagnosis should have died years ago but are still walking around. A very good friend is on chemo at the moment and has just seen her third 'last xmas'. All the people we've known with cancer were given months to live and this only proved true in about 10% of cases.
  5. I know what wisely is. I was maybe not as clear as I needed to be. I wanted to know what you meant by 'the issue is with definitions'
  6. Can you please clarify what you mean by this?
  7. Sorry to hear this. If its cancer there's still people walking around here who were told that several years ago. Around here most prognosis' are bad but people still survive, it almost seems that the specialists tell people the worst case possible. My youngest is heavily involved in this area and says a lot is of it is basically guesswork as people differ so much.
  8. Sorry to hear this. I've been made redundant 3 times - the first time voluntarily, the second 2 not and they felt personal. The one nugget of good news in this is that you have several months to get your next job - my 2nd redundancy consisted of all of us being told to go to a central London hotel when we are all made redundant on the spot. I told my wife, by phone, from the departure lounge of Terminal 2. You've got chance to look at your outgoings and also see if you can enhance your severance package- try for time off for interviews if it's not included, job interview training etc etc. You may be able to improve the cash side as well if they want to keep your 'goodwill'. Look at what assets you can fairly easily convert into cash, you may need to give say 3 months notice to avoid losing the interest on savings accounts for example. In my experience the main thing is to look at it from the point of view the position is going, it's not a reflection on your worth as an individual. Good Luck!
  9. Who did you get the switch from as I could do with a few bits for my 74 and,as you say the quality of a lot of the parts on the market is crap, although not as bad as VW T2 ones in my experience.
  10. If its like the one I put up for my Mam there's a default setting, something like 0000, which you need to change. If this hasn't been done this number will probably be on the instructions on the web, if there are any.
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