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  1. We were on oil when the First Gulf War started so we've paid our dues, having to forage wood to keep the house vaguely warm that winter for our new baby.
  2. It does seem high even to someone like me who knows virtually nothing about it. It looks like we need a new boiler to feed 20+ radiators and provide hot water. We've been quoted about 1,500 installed for one with a 7 year guarantee.
  3. Often used as rocket fuel.
  4. It depends on the availability of staff, if there's a shortage then you have to be competitive irrespective of their personal costs. The employer is also saving on office costs, which can be considerable. Trying to reduce someone's salary is very difficult in my experience, as I found out when my main base was changed to an out of London site.
  5. But if for example you keep your job and can now work from home you can afford to pay more. My season ticket was over £4k a year so I would be able to afford a bigger mortgage, especially at the very low interest rates. Add in the Stamp Duty holiday until next March means that now would be the time to buy something bigger/better.
  6. We've been running one for a bit over two years now. Just viewed as a mode of transport it's been fine. Ours is even worse though being beige.
  7. Sorry, I thought that the lock in the handle was early only.
  8. If you do break the VW you might be pleasantly surprised by how much you can get for the sliding door, assuming it's as good as it looks in the pics. RHD sliders are pretty difficult to get hold of. That one looks like it's a replacement as it's the wrong style for that year of bus.
  9. As Dick says most of if not all people have it to a greater or lesser extent, as I understand it. Our eldest works at a Special Needs school and reckons I have some mild traits, like wanting some things to be organised. My view is that it's a result of having been an accountant as organising things in that job is a necessity. Whether I am or not is irrelevant to me and I'm only posting this as a slightly different perspective.
  10. There was something in the news a few days ago about it. I think that it's F15s from Lakenheath, they were certainly noisy around here.
  11. It could be a corporate let, it's far cheaper than putting an expensive consultant up in a hotel and his other half can then spend their allowances in Harrods. We used to do that all the time when we brought specialists over from the States for a particular project. The royal connection will also impress them, ours did when my US boss learnt about it.
  12. I was running a 6 year old Punto 55SX when my colleagues had new ML270s and so forth on the company. It worked out fine in the end though as you said.
  13. We'd just got married and took out a big mortgage. The first Gulf War then destroyed our finances further as we had oil heating and an oil AGA so we trawled the local woods for wood for the open fire. Our mortgage was stabilised at 16%, we paid interest at that rate as part of the monthly payments but the excess, about another 3%, was added onto the debt. Just over a year later our first son was born and two salaries became one for a while. It was totally shit apart from our son being born.
  14. That's one of the problems. Who or what do you include? I find them little or no use unless it's clear what is and what isn't included and how the data has been sourced etc..
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