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  1. It also has more of an impact on bonuses.
  2. My missus did the same sort of role in a secondary school soon after she took early retirement from her statistical planning job. It was the school our eldest was attending and that helped to tip the balance to accepting it. She didn't have to do much during the holidays, her and the boys spent virtually all of them on the Norfolk Coast. Good Luck!
  3. Our 55SX was a great little car. The only major problem we had was when it overheated in a massive traffic jam on the M1, which is when we found out the electric fan had stopped working. The door seals used to freeze shut but Gummiplfege fixed that problem otherwise no other issues that I can recall.
  4. In my experience everybody, including the lecturers as I think they're paid a fixed amount per course, wants the course to finish as soon as possible so the fewer questions asked the better.
  5. That's what I did, twice, and I'll do again if necessary. It's no big deal.
  6. You might want to bear in mind that the spirit of the order, whatever that is, is irrelevant. In addition their credit control department might block any future deliveries if you're considered a credit risk.
  7. I bet that he won't go back there unless he's desperate for work.
  8. Precisely. Word gets around that you're OK to work for, which is quite helpful when it's difficult to get hold of tradesmen. On our last major job, extending the top floor, my missus made the guys bacon sandwiches every morning.
  9. We've had a load of work done over the years on our existing house. Invariably more work was needed than originally envisaged as hidden problems arose once bits were removed. A face to face discussion or a phone call always worked when we had a query. That way you can find out if there's been any misunderstanding on your behalf, after all no one is perfect. I suppose your approach depends on how much you want to piss them off versus having the work completed. Mine was the latter. Having run a number of finance departments if I'd received an email like the one NewPod quotes I'd assume that the office junior had had a massive caffeine overdose and was trying to impress one of the female clerks.
  10. I've got a couple of spare cables and both can be locked when turned.
  11. I used to daily my MGB in the late 70s/early 80s on a 12 mile, each way, trip to work. It used to start and run OK, subject to the usual choke juggling whilst warming up. Having a good heater also helped to make it quite acceptable.
  12. I've a Classic Additions elasticated Outdoor Cover which has been fine despite being about 100 yards or so from the North Sea and in an not especially sheltered position.
  13. We've had an Up! for over 10 years now and the only unscheduled work was when my youngest son went through a flood and ripped the undertray off. We've had our Citigo for over 4 years with no problems.
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