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  1. Sometimes it's on NHS letters etc., at least it is in England along with your NHS number.
  2. I wasn't being ironic, I was just commenting on the bit I've mentioned in the post above.
  3. No, you're talking bollocks again. I deliberately highlighted this: If you don't know the value of your asset, and don't have the ready cash, to preserve the asset's value, it all comes down to cash flow. You may be able to devise a spreadsheet that shows the optimum number of Rice Krispies to have for your breakfast but finance is beyond you, as you showed few days ago with your comments about the machine justification that you were trying to do. If being a tosser means commenting on some of the complete crap you post yes. You're using concepts that you have no idea about but think that they make you seem knowledgeable and intelligent.
  4. Yet again I fail to follow your logic.
  5. I suggest that you really need to speak to your Cost Accountants. My impression is that you think that you know a lot more than you actually do. Regarding the cost of lost production it's a piece of string job depending on your accounting policies. For example if you quote customers on a cost plus basis and are using absorption costing then the results will be different from if you use marginal costing. This is all before Opportunity Costs raises its ugly head but I suspect those might not apply depending on how you deal with the production disruption.
  6. Do you have one of these then? If not I can see why the Finance Manager is wondering WTF you are on about. I'd read up about the different sorts of Costing before speaking to him again.
  7. That reminds me of the Oscar Wilde comment which seems particularly apposite: ‘a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Everyone I know or knew who focused on money was miserable and also useless at dealing with it, they had no sense of proportion or perspective.
  8. But would it get noticed like his: people from all walks of life will notice em, and the younger generations who did not grow up with them will still notice and go "WTF is that!" where as a Ford RS Cosworth is a fairly mundane vehicle, you can go to any car show and find one probably etc
  9. If you're not holding out much hope then you need accept reality and to organise something. For a start: How long would Red5 need a borrowed carb for? I presume one can be fitted, he does his magic and it's then removed. If it's a week or two surely wobbler or zel can manage the withdrawal symptoms of not being able to use theirs in the meantime. I realise that there might be adjustments need to be made etc.etc. but bleating that there are none available sadly doesn't progress anything (LOL).
  10. So which bit of Norwich is this?
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