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  1. I do like the look of these early Polonez (mk1?) like the one Ben imported from Thailand. Whats the value these days? Although as 'how many left' think theres 13 on the road its unlikely ones coming up for sale. Also what are they like compared to UK cars of the era... i'd expect it to have wollowy handling and not much power being a big 1.5 car? so probably like my Escort mk3 1.1 before I lowered it 😂
  2. Yeah 8 BTDC sounds better. Also had a problem with the diff cover. Got a new one from Martin at "Capri Gear" for a decent price. Its a gorgeous looking Car mate! The body work looks incredible.
  3. It interesting you say its not a quick car. I always assumed my Capri 2.0 Ghia was going to be quick when I got it sorted (Type 9, 1.6 axle) but its really not. My 1.1 Escort is way quicker off the mark but understandably once going, is like a train. I've been using 20w50 for a couple of year and just about to change it again. What have you got it timed too? I think mine is at 6 BTDC which I was told might make it a bit sluggish.
  4. This is the more modern Merc I was talking about. Are these shite? they seem about £2k cheeper than last year when I was dreaming ...
  5. haha most likely! I had this plan with my Escort mk3 but of course it got really rusty. Also to buy a "modern" car i'm probably going to have to sell my Escort or Capri... starting to look at nicer stuff too on Auutotrader that might be a bit too modern. I do like the idea of buying a Merc or something nice if I sell the Capri (feels like a bit of burn buying a normal car after this) I noticed the 2.1 W04 (c classes) seem to have dropped loads. is this due to them being gas guzzelers? Just an observation... Probably going off topic now.
  6. Thanks for all the car choices! I guess i'm thinking: mk1/2 Focus , Volvo C30 (what are Volvo S40 's like?) , Most Toyota stuff or Mk8 Civics although i'm not totally keen on the look. I also heard on a youtube video Merc C or E classes are good (w203) but I always though that wasnt the case? I should have mentioned I tried to get into the modern world of Car last year with a Vauxhall Combo 1.7DI .Which was cared for and 2 owners. In my month long ownership it died due to a failed oil pump just after I had a timing belt. I know this doesnt reflect a whole brand but I was a bit gutted... I had plans for that van so probably wont go back to vauxhall immediately.
  7. Are the Diesel 1.8 Focus engines good? I have no experience with these engines. Are parts still available for them like the Zetec ones? I have looked at these before and other Toyota's . Do you have a more modern daily i'm guessing? Thats true. again I don't know a lot about electronic fuel injection. The Focus I used to have was as close as i've come. Its all Weber and VV carbs since haha
  8. I'm loathed at the idea of buying a modern car. I know its coming and hoping to stave it off till next year. I started thinking though what is the most modern older shite you can buy/get away with? Something you can load up the miles on and is: reliable, young enough a garage to fix quickly, not going to have irritating faults such as DPF problems or sensors stopping you in your tracks and also if it does brake down your not going to get "I told you so" from your misses or work colleague. In my mind there are older cars that do this job well (things between the mid 90s and mid 2000s) and then theres loads of stuff after that which is loaded with electrics and £500 trips to the garage. I borrowed my misses 2013 Qashqai last week and it broke down on me... we think it was the DPF and some cleaner seems to have fixed it but it nearly left me stranded and with a lot of ear ache when I got home especially after the garage plugged it in and it came up with a bunch of faults for everything. Anyway... My modern old shite choice is: a looked after mk1 Focus petrol. I had a 1.4 Estate for about 7 years and it was great. Is this too old though now? are they likely to fail due to being old even if looked after? Could it do a good 10-13k a year in 2022? I quite like the idea of an auto saloon too just for 100% shite points. Shite choice number 2 would be a golf mk4 1.6. My Dad had one of these until about 4 years ago (replaced by a A3 2.0 TDI). It seemed a bit more dated compared to my Focus and was pretty rough in the end but, never really went wrong. I think both his Golf and my Focus had a problem with loosing coolant once, thats all I can think of. Also a student of mine turned up in one today and I thought maybe thats a good Car in the right condition and spec... might seem a bit too old though these days? Volvo V70... no nothing about these but I see them around, they look ok and I'd prefer a 940 but in reality thats probably too old and not as safe. The only thing I know about these is a lady i knew in the USA hated her Volvo so much due to the gearbox failing she bought a dodge challenger. Obviously being an idiot i'd love to go out and buy something like this... ...but its probably a worse idea than the 37 year old car I have to occasionally use at the moment. I figure something non turbo, non Diesel is good. I did think originally of buying an older mini but they seem like money pits? Also they probably have to smaller boot. I hate the look of focus mk2's with a passion but are they any good? I'd love to be really stubborn and buy a Escort mk6 but now i'm being silly 😜 Love to hear what shite you come up!
  9. Haha yeah I didnt end up taking the dash out but I did take the drivers seat out and lower drivers dash. I decided to film it to help others and so I could remember how it all went back. I think they changed it on later ones but it seems mad the the brake pedal has to come off with it too! Yeah the tie rod snapping at high speed must be horrific!! To be honest after that I decided that any old car I buy i'll probably swap out anything that looks as crusty as mine did. The Capri I own has all new/newish parts on... although thats just reminded me it doesnt have new U bolts on... should really sort that haha
  10. Hey Tom, just caught up on your thread! Great stuff. Didnt know you had a Bluebird! You didnt buy it off a guy called Umesh at Halfords did you? ( i know you said local motorfactors) I popped into the one near Muswell Hill and he let me have a drive of his C reg Bluebird. Lovely Car and I think he had a few of them. I had to do that scuttle panel patch on my Capri and its coming back again now. You still have less rust than mine i think haha. Good to know your a fan of cassettes too. I've got a bit "spice rack" looking thing full of them and used to carry this around in the Escort till recently. Went for DAB for the summer which is pretty crap so will definitely be going back to MW radio and Cassette.
  11. Yeah it was quite the experience. At first I thought a brake has stuck on as the car was all over the road. Even still I got out and had a look around as I think it made a lot of noise unsurprisingly. Couldn't see anything so carried on and it was mad. Luckily I was about a mile away from the studio and managed to limp there. Glad I was going slow... After this I slowly replaced all the suspension on both Cars 🤣 . Fair enough it being 1995! I did wonder with you saying Escort Base. The one my folks had lasted until about 1998 and then I remember mk4 Escorts were the one to have.
  12. This brings us up to 2020/ 2021 where I started renting out my Car for films and music videos. Its not had tons of work but at the moment its been in 2 Rap videos (duno why) a Sky internal training video, Levis advert (dont think they used it in the end) and a short film where it ran someone over. While I was working on the two above projects I was having problems with the Alternator showing the Battery light on those cold wet mornings. Trying to get a head of this incoming problem I sent it to my local garage rather than just doing it myself, dont know why and they said yeah its your alternator and fitted a new one. Didnt fully solve the problem though. Electrical smells started to apear in the cabin and it turned out to be the connector between the ignition switch and rest of the loom. Sometimes you would get in it and the car was just dead. Phoned GS Escorts in Runcorn or put me right. Its a bit gheto I know but just crimping them seemed the best way. The wires were too tight to do much else with. You'd think that would have been enough for a while but no. I was using the Escort a lot to drive a few miles to my 8 month temporary Covid Job. It was only about 8 miles a day but all the speed bumps on the way I think took their tole on the 35 year old suspension. I got a nice gig recording for a Radio 1 artist at Metropolis Studios in Chiswick and as I was on the way over thinking "I hope the clutch ratchet doesnt go or the points or something" turned a corner and one of the rear Tie Bars snapped!! Luckily I was only doing about 10 mph as it was pretty ropey. This is me blocking the way into the studios which wasnt ideal. Getting a tow back home was also less than ideal during covid. Good thing this happened when it did though as the next thing I did was drive down to Goodwood and take it round the track for a few laps... Which you can also watch here if you like on my Youtube channel ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyX0vSmiNSM&t=645s After this I also did the clutch ratchet. Pulling off at Goodwood I almost lost the gears completley as some teeth had flown off. What a pig of a job!!! Again theres a whole video on this if anyone wants to see my pain. Hopefully I wont have to do it again. If I ever do the clutch myself I'll be taping/cable tying the cable to this bloody thing. I also bought some second hand lowering suspension. I dont really want to modify this Car but after the tie rod thing I thought the spongey suspension had to go and as I'd dont the Capri myself Id do this. In all honesty I preferred it before even though its much nicer to drive now in some ways. Before After I think in the future I'll put some Xr3 springs on it to get the best of both worlds. The way the front sits is great but the back is a bit low I think. Doing this job is where I realised it might be a bit rustier than I first realised...
  13. Yeah I'd have more If I could. I'd like a 1.3 that was the one I always wanted although this little 1.1 is pretty nippy. Never driven any of the sporty ones or any RWD Escorts, just Capris. What year did the XR3 get killed by the BX? Must have been 90s or early 2000s i'm guessing?
  14. I havent owned many Cars in the 17 years i've been able to drive: Saxo mk1, Escort mk5, Focus mk1 Estate, Escort mk3, Capri mk3 and last year a 2000 Vauxhall Combo DI Van.... guess which was the worst. Should have known as I bought it from a friend for £200. At first it seemed a lovely little van but when I showed the Combo a bit of love (timing belt and drive shafts) it spat a bolt out the oil pump in Norfolk and all was lost. It was so underpowered when I got it but I guess I got a months worth of motoring out of it and didnt have to hire a car. It gets worse, sold it on facebook marketplace and got loads of fines from the next owner. It seems to have finally been crushed now.
  15. So... after getting it back from the welders I used it sparingly for a couple of years toying about with different stereos. Think I sold this one again as it didnt work that well but looked cool with the graphic eq. I decided to fit ISO blocks to all my stereos so I can swap them for shows etc. Pretty easy on the Escorts pov spec dash, you can just push them out from the back 🤪 Someone reversed into it and luckily some mates saw it. I got some cash off the guy to sort it out and managed to get two bumpers for it in the end. After that I put the new metal number plates under the bumper incase it happened again. I also found a guy who had wrote off his Escort and was selling all the spares. Got these original wheels which replaced the Capri ones. Then around 2016 I had the scuttle panel replaced and some rust touched up around the rear windows. Unfortunately (which has always been the case with this car) the body shop struggled to match the paint. Its never been the original Rosso Red so they did me a deal and flashed over the whole Car again. Unfortunately it lost its Popular stripes in the process and this is where it had to start living out side due to the Triumph Spitfire ... ... and me relocating to Crouch End, London. I loved this as it meant that I could go down to Ace Cafe regular and later on when we moved to West London go to loads of the West London Car meets. This is probably the Escorts peak. I entered it into Festival of the Unexceptional 2018 . I started doing a bit of maintenance at this point as it wasnt doing to well in the London traffic. Changed the Radiator, hoses, thermostat to try and get the temp to chill out about. It turns out a leak on the bottom of the carb didnt help. I also tried to track down the original garage at this point. No luck unfortunately apparently everyone who owns 'Southern Cross Garages LTD' is now gone and the Market Deeping branch where this Car came from is now a Co-Op. After I bought my Capri (told you we'd get back to that) which was a total fixer upper, I started getting braver with this one and did some well overdue maintenance. I did the tappets and long over due oil change. At this point i realised how much id neglected it and how important oil changes are. Since that I got an oil leak from the oil pump. Its behaving more now but shows how you have to do regular oil changes. Up next, renting it out for films, electrical problems, moving north and my old friend rust returns!
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