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  1. This is fabulous, well done to all involved. And to Mrs Spart... You are awesome and deserve all the praise that has been and will be heaped on you for your efforts recently.
  2. I really don't see why not. It's in decent shape apart from a few minor faults.
  3. Just up the road from me. And not even a wave... ☹️
  4. Agreed - too much choice of what to work on often means nothing gets done. But you do need a daily, a car that is not a love but is practical, reliable transport for when you need, well, transporting somewhere. And a car you like. Personally, from watching your channel, I'd say that the C5 fits that bill very nicely.
  5. That steering wheel is amazing!
  6. I tend to agree - better the devil you know. If you like the car and it does what you need, its worth the money. One sure fire way to lose money is to change cars. IMHO, for what very little its worth - you need a reliable and spacious daily. You have a perfectly good one, that needs some routine maintenance and a set of boot struts. Fix it.
  7. It was ever thus, these days it's just easier to attract them.
  8. Sounds like you need a brush cutter and not a mower. But, what 'e said about the carb.
  9. Oi! As a Norfolk lad, I completely... Err.... Umm... Agree. But don't do it again!
  10. But how will the other drivers know how cool you are? Oh, the pink Metro. As you were.
  11. I've used Avon's for years and currently have a set of ZV7 on the Skoda. Quiet and very grippy. Can't speak for longevity, as only done 3k on them - but the ZV5 I had on the Focus lasted 20k and were fine the whole time. A good mid range brand imo.
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