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  1. Ooo I know... The Garage? Hard shoulder? Kidding. I've had several Ford's and liked them all, except the MK4 Escort. Which was bought as a stop gap, and was utterly without redemption.
  2. I've always had estates when I can. This is the current one. All the car I could ever need. Previous estate was a Picasso, which I can't find a picture of. Before that, this Marea. Which I loved. Prior to that, Mondeo estate.. which, I can't find a picture of.
  3. I love this thread. A normal, every day car that should by rights have been scrapped 20 years ago, cherished and saved by a man with all the skills Peak Autoshite.
  4. 2001 Fiat Marea Weekend diesel. Did everything, drove like a Fiat should and had all the space. Got rid after 5 years because I had a works van and the Mrs only has an auto license, so got a Focus hatch - which was nice, but I missed the space. My Octavia Estate is close on all rounder status.
  5. Almost identical looking to my old 56 plated one - except mine had the 1.6 and autobox. Kept it for 7 years and just under 100K, it was so good. Was also a Zetec with Climate pack - which as you know just means Aircon and heated washer jets on top of the normal Zetec trim. A thoroughly decent method of transportation.
  6. I nearly bought a very rusty MG Montego Turbo in the late 90s. Would have been a fairly big project, but was cheap as a cheap thing and mechanically sound - and you could still get body parts.
  7. I thought the end of the show a bit shaky. Ba dum, and indeed, tish.
  8. Only one I knew was crap, with an obviously dodgy MOT. But I paid less than scrap and only needed it to survive less than 500 miles. Otherwise, no, not really. I've been lucky/wary enough.
  9. I've never known anyone with car knowledge have such a poor run with car buying. Are you just buying with the heart and not head? Buying an old car where the seller turns the heater to full for no apparent reason on a test drive and it has signs of leaking coolant... Well, let's just say I'd have walked away if it was up for half as much. Anyway - if I was in the position you find yourself, I suspect I'd just pay someone to put it right. Dealer is obviously dodgy as a dodgy thing, playing dodgeball dishonestly.
  10. Whatever it is, I'm willing to bet there's a Ford Sierra power train hiding under the RS200 lookalike bonnet. Which, at least I hope, means a real RS200 hasn't been butchered to make a crap pick up.
  11. At least it should be reliable, for the period of time before it dissolves. I like it, but then I would.
  12. Those non turbos are not quick, but will trundle along all day carrying all the family tat with it. Ideal family wagon, albeit with little excitement.
  13. Which reminds me, my Mrs once asked me for an example of a double entendre. So I gave her one.
  14. Magnifique! I really do wish I had the stones to have one of these.
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