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  1. This is not the kind of car you can just part swap on, since all the spare parts have been sat in fields for decades. That's why the Dizzy is locked and the gearbox jumps out and the diff screams. Eventually, it will have to be actually fixed. The only way to do that will be to actually fix it.
  2. It's also not an Enzo. Or even an En5o. Or even close.
  3. If the train is made by Hornby...
  4. That Proton is very similar to my first one in many ways. Identical colours and wheel trims. Was a 1.5 SE saloon, 1992. Had all the toys available. Was written of by a twat in the OMGSNOKAOS! And I replaced it with a base spec 1992 Aeroback 1.3 that I ran for seven years, and the only thing outside of a service that it needed was a battery. Straight through every MoT, which living on the coast is amazing. Great cars, much underrated and misunderstood. Lovely fleet.
  5. This. There is something wrong with all of them. A buyer needs to work out what that is, and whether the seller is getting rid of a dud or just can't do the work himself/ doesn't think the garage bill is worth it.
  6. Stereo is fairly basic, but decent quality. Well thought out is a good description of the car.
  7. Keep thinking "I've taxed worse"
  8. I bought my estate just as prices started going mad - it's worth more now than it was 18 months ago. The hatches are a very decent car though, with loads of room.
  9. Yep, that's me. 123k and counting. I can't praise the car enough. Fantastic value, and immensely useful. 2krpm at 70 in near silence, and averages close to 60mpg at this time of year. 54mpg over the last 10k miles that I've been keeping track.
  10. 57 average (calculated, though the computer is never far out) over a tank in the Octavia which included 2 weeks on Norfolk commuting duty and a drive down to Epping station and back via the M11. Chuffed with that.
  11. Do you enjoy everyone assuming you're an arsehole? I know it's bASe and that it's a wagon. And I also know that it's an awesome car. I also also know that some Subaru owners are normal people, and not the kind that wish it was 1995 and that they could afford an Evo or a Cossie. But, everyone will assume you're a wanker and treat you as such on the road if you own one - and then the car will dissolve in the first shower.
  12. Sham

    Youtube moments

    Be nice if he did. He'd fit in well here. Nothing against @dollywobbler (he, of course, should do what feels right, and his life has changed a lot recently - I certainly know how family life has to take priority) but, this is what I started watching Hubnut and came here for - if I wanted a car show walk around, I'd go to a car show. I'm also not keen on the self promotion/constant references to the merchandise I can buy. I've bought some, and will again no doubt - I don't need to be reminded in every single video, often more than once. I watch Seaside Garage and others, over Hubnut these days for the very simple reason that there's more shit cars and tinkering, and less filler (unless it's P38).
  13. Sham

    Youtube moments

    The chap from Seaside garage has some new Chod. And it's only a 6 cylinder Princess - plan is to make it work and drive it. If you don't already subscribe, do it... He's a good bloke
  14. You expect a Renault to outlast a Suzuki? You going to share those pills?
  15. Going back to VAG, I find the build quality of my Skoda to be great.. but it's an odd spec. Heated mirrors, 4 leccy windows (all with auto up and down, and global open and close on the key), dual zone climate, cruise, 6 CD changer with SD slot and touch screen but no volume buttons on the steering wheel and the Bluetooth button on the stereo does nothing because the Bluetooth module is missing.
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