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  1. I accidentally Dukes of Hazzardededed a Marea Weekend over an unmarked small humpback bridge that jumped out at me on a bend and ruined the sump - so much so that the oil light came on almost instantaneously. Because the signage was missing, the council payed the bill. Was a fair old leap that K.I.T.T. would have been asking Michael "You're not thinking...."..."Oh my word, you ARE!" The sump on the Multipla will be the same as the Marea one - unobtainable even 10 years ago. We had to have the old one welded up at a high cost, by an engineering firm.
  2. That Corolla is too close to ignore.... Dammit!
  3. I'd be more concerned about the Barn having completely rotted away, if I'm honest.
  4. One of two survivors. Did the ugly stick succeed in beating the others to death?
  5. Seen one this morning which I found amusing. For some reason. 'No Jaffa Cakes left in vehicle overnight'
  6. I don't see any puddles underneath - must be empty.
  7. Careful or he might twig you're taking the Mickey.
  8. I don't care what's going on in his life. It's not my problem and shouldn't be made into my problem by him behaving like a twat.
  9. If more arseholes got treated like that, there would be fewer arseholes.
  10. Can I just put a vote in for a video comparing some of the options available, with some more in depth info... It's something I would watch with great interest.
  11. I remember a Lenny Henry sketch with the name on the top of the windscreen thing. On one side 'Lenny' and on the other a list of name attached to a bus destination machine thing.
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