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  1. Ah, thats the style they built between the 7th and 13th March 1995. I'm not sure if I prefer it to the 14th to 21st design or not. My favourite is definitely the one they built in the short week on the run up to Christmas 1996 though.
  2. Yeah, as soon as I saw the registration thing I thought that's right up your street. Not sure if you can gather any more information from anywhere on that plate or if all leads will be dead now? It does seem to be a hole in the story doesn't it as if it was built in the early60's it wouldn't be very old when it was laid up if it was the type of car that he got wrong and it was actually a 1953 model?
  3. Someone claims to have known this car. https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=140&t=1555306&i=2200 Possibly solved or a late April fool.
  4. Yeah, my thinking was that if I'm going to buy a router I may as well future proof it so that I don't need to buy another in a couple of years, even if I don't quite understand what I'm protecting myself against. My dad was here last week and his phone would only get 50mbps compared to double on mine when we were sat right next to each other, which I guess might be down to wifi6 connection as my phone is probably a fair bit newer and fancier than his. We can also use the telly in the pornservatory and the PS4 stays connected too, which results in less moaning from the lad.
  5. As people are talking about wifi, I read on a thread on here a while ago that a lot of problems are caused by the shite routers that the providers give you. I've bought a wifi6 router and am getting over 100mbps and even over 50 right at the bottom of the garden. I can't remember who's advice I read but thank you. Its made a huge difference for work as I had to switch to a wired connection most days running it through the house but its working brilliantly now. The router wasn't cheap at £170, I'm sure there were cheaper options but I wanted one easy to set up for someone as dumb as me and future proof, hence the wifi6 (even though I don't know what that is, i might've just bought into snake oil).
  6. The (old) news 24 thread. Facebook is telling me it's 13 years since I bought the Scirocco that @barefoot has had for many years.
  7. As I don't actually leave the house anymore I rarely spot anything these days. However, today the spot came to me. I bet a few of the neighbours saw it parked outside and thought 'Oh fuck, he's got another old wreck'.
  8. That 1st photo looks like something* out of 'The last chase' with Lee majors except in a much cooler car. *I've only seen it once, probably close to 40yrs ago so my memory might be wrong but it looks like how I would expect to remember it.
  9. Is the 'Earodeck' noisier version of the Aerodeck?
  10. Look at this: 167k, no MOT, seats fucked, £1200, no offers. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1532199727049618/permalink/2863530443916533/
  11. What the actual fuck is that? A vegetarian Fray Bentos. Thats about as much use as a salad on your doner kebab. I've just looked it up and it actually contains MORE fat than the steak one: Steak Balti: The healthiest part of it is probably the tin, which incidentally is probably made of old Scenics.
  12. Think the term is 'Body like Baywatch, face like Crimewatch'.
  13. @jonny69 Did you manage to get the Fray Bentos when you sold this? Just asking as a car has appeared on the shite cars for sale facebook page and the owner appears to be accepting pies for payment. The man who gave you the pie will be kicking himself there with the increase of pie value in recent years. I share his pain when I think about the bitcoin I spent on drugs around the same time.
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