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  1. I was just coming to post this myself as saw it on Facebook. Crazy money but nice that its still kicking.
  2. I did notice that myself as its where the current track is. I am genuinely gutted. I've been going all my life. I still try go when I'm visiting my mum if its on. Its funny, the miserable residents have been complaining about it for decades. 'Its noisy' 'There's dust coming from it'. 'People going to it are causing traffic' But its the same ones that are up in arms about more houses 'ruining' their community. However they like to moan about absolutely fucking anything in Angmering. https://www.littlehamptongazette.co.uk/news/politics/amazon-delivery-drivers-told-to-stop-using-angmering-as-cut-through-3257451?amp There was terrible weather the other day and it flooded in multiple places in sussex and the peoole on the Angmering Facebook page were calling for a protest. What the fuck against. I mean the money must be tempting but I wouldn't be surprised if the constant pressure to close the track from the wanker residents is a factor in the decision to sell.
  3. Thats the end of banger racing in Angmering then.
  4. Over the last few days I've been gently preparing the 944 for use for the 1st time since it shat its petrol out all over the street outside my house in the spring. I also had to get the Visa running which was parked behind it. The reason for this is that Northern Monkey has kindly offered storage for the Porsche for a couple of months. So yesterday morning I took the battery off charge, filled the boot up with tools, chucked in a tow rope, took a screenshot of the Autoaid phone number, checked the wheel nuts (they were loose, obviously) and set off over to him. As Mrs Imp was following I couldn't really give it much of an Italian tune up sadly but it actually drove over there fine. All my prep for an inevitable breakdown was (thankfully) in vain. Anyhow, got a quick picture of ImpJr with it. He also got to sit in a Land Rover which he was well excited about. Anyhow, back at home, the driveway now looks a little different and my cars aren't spilling out onto the road and my insurance company can breathe a sigh of relief that the Subaru is parked where I told them. It might have been the last time I drove the 944. Northern Monkey has expressed interest in it as it is sans sills. Obviously after driving it yesterday and absolutely loving it, that seems like a silly idea at the moment but after a couple of weeks not seeing it, the idea of not owning it and worrying about all the work it needs will probably appeal much more. First job without the mental block that is the Porsche on the drive, is to tidy up this mess:
  5. At the end I was worried they weren't going to actually show it working but it was brilliant. I'd have been equally happy if it had just fallen apart and they'd thrown it against the wall though. In fact I'd have probably related to that better.
  6. Saw this today. There was another bloke of similar age also taking a photo next to me.
  7. Absolutely enthralling.
  8. I did something grown up today and went to a book fair with loads of other intellectual people who read books. I bought these. In the first one I looked at I found this belter of a photo story with drama, romance, violence and top knotch shite content. I posted it on the Citro├źn car club Facebook page but none of the miserable bastards on there liked it except LankyTim. Maybe I should've said I found it in Just17 or something.
  9. Oddly, that picture made me a bit nostalgic.
  10. redditsave.com_this_dude_just_did_a_handstand_with_his_car-3fe0a6sl4br71.mp4
  11. This is my parents 5dr GE when it was new outside our house in 1987. Same color and spec with the absolutely demeaning Peugeot logo instead of a clock, let alone a rev counter.
  12. Normally you'd say that someone driving an AX all that way was an absolute hero but doing it alongside that Montego makes them look like a fucking casual.
  13. Triumph Fury. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triumph_Fury *posted at the same time*
  14. They were driving that on one of those daytime tv antique programmes. The ones where they buy stuff from shops and then try abd sell it at auction for a profit, a bit like buying a car from a main stealer and then listing it on ebay. Anyhow, on this one an antique person and someone who was possibly a local news presenter or in a band that had a few hits in the 80s or something, drive around in old cars to antique shops in some sort of random tv premise generator ("this house aution programme is good but do you know what it really needs *spins wheel* - ex Coventry and Villa footaller, Dion Dublin", "Imagine bargain hunt but with *spins wheel* ex celebrities and *spins wheel*classic cars" etc). I was just walking through the living room when it was on and saw this car. Had to sit there for ages trying to figure out what it was.
  15. Wow, that's a lot of posts for a dozen blokes supposedly posting up photos of Talbot Solaras. I'm actually wondering if Autoshite is a hub of great international activity after all?
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