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  1. Its grim as the close family have to go through the grieving process all over again. Sets you back several stages. If you're Jewish they do funerals quite quickly don't they. Think other religions are maybe similar as there are strict rules around the funeral process. Maybe convert to Hinduism when you get older for the benefit of your family.
  2. Spotted at the side of the road in Bradford.
  3. My 3.5 e51 did 17mpg on the motorway with 3 of us, our camping equipment, bikes and my driving. Genuinely would've been cheaper to stay in a fancy hotel than go away that evening. Whatever it is, I know its bad.
  4. Been signed off for a fortnight. I'm meant to have another operation on the 22nd where I'm also expected to be signed off for a fortnight. 😂 I'm gonna reschedule that one until its warmer as after this operation I'm not able to go mountain biking whilst recovering from that one which was my original plan. Yeah, not pooped yet. Peeing was odd at first. 3 seconds on, 3 seconds off, 3 seconds on, 3 seconds off and so on for a couple of minutes. Thought it was just the first one but did it for the next two as well. Seems okay now though thankfully but was definitely an odd one. Regarding Leeds, it was lucky I was at the top of town when you picked the Rover up from me. I drove into town recently and it took me 25 minutes to get 4 streets away from my destination 13 miles away and another 20 minutes to do the rest, most of which was one street but the only road I could actually take.
  5. Its odd to think that 100 years ago this would've been it for me when this thing burst, whether it was this time or next time. Thankfully were in an age where parts can be replaced relatively easily without writing me off, so I'm like a car built before 2006 really. Yeah, the nurse I saw was good and the hospital insisted i came in despite them being really busy. I'm out now anyhow, just waiting for a mate to pick me up as he was coming for my car anyhow, assuming its still there.
  6. Had a bit of stomach pain over the last few days. Went to the doctors yesterday and had a blood test. Doctors ring back yesterday evening and say I need to pop to hospital for a scan. Drive over to the hospital, sit there for hours, give several more bloods and swabs (including a bum swab, new one on me) then they say I need to stay over. Not good, I've got no phone charger, no clothes toothbrush. I've got a crossword book but I've not done any for 20yrs and its really fucking difficult. Anyway, turns out I needed my appendix out. It was lopped out at about 10pm this evening and I'm currently lying here waiting for my heart rate to drop a bit so that I can go home. Probably need some more pain killers as I can feel (or is it not feel) the ones I had wearing off. Few days off work now but this is probably an extreme bunk off TBH. I'd probably have preferred to go in the office rather tyan go through this.
  7. I did a car thing for the first time in months. Get me. The fuel gauge was suddenly reading zero the other day. I immediately assumed that someone had robbed my fuel but I couldn't see any spillage or damage so drove the car for a bit and it was fine. Went to the garage, lobbed a few liters of fuel in and it still registered nil. So today I took the rear seat out and swept out several years of crap. Yuk. There was a warning that I needed to ensure the fuel was below half level before opening. Unfortunately the only reason I'd be opening this is surely because the fuel sender wasn't working. So I've no idea. Is there another way to tell? Anyhow, it turns out I didn't need to open them as I gave both of them a firm THWACK with a lump of wood and a hammer and the fuel gauge started working again. So thats it. Thats my car thing. Back to shitposting and arguing with strangers it is.
  8. There's not been a log book issued for it since 1997, so the DVLA didn't have an owner registered for it when they did the new style log books a few years ago. I think I'm right in saying it would say 2014 or something normally? When you find it we can go out for a drive, you in your Lonsdale, me in my UK spec Seat Malaga.
  9. Ah, did they. I'd switched off by then to watch something on Netflix. Fair enough.
  10. Watching a shite telly programme on channel 5 about the 'Secrets and Scandals of Top of the Pops' which according to the woman at the end of the adverts contains 'outdated, historic racial insensitivity'. Yeah, thats the least of their worries with 1970s DJs. That's a Fred Talbot on a scale of Gary Glitter.
  11. This car was on Facebook just now in some screenshots from 'Out'. I'm that sad, I saw it and thought 'Is that the one Pete scrapped?' and it was.
  12. I remember being sat in a 6r4 once and was amazed that it had a normal metro dash with a few extra bits and bobs bolted on. I don't know what I expected, I just expected it not to be a standard dashboard but I guess they just fitted what they had didn't they, why reinvent the shitty plastic dash?
  13. Yeah, I seem to bump into a lot of people with MGs and tell me about them and then say: 'Are you interested in classic cars' This is when I show them pictures of my Citroën Visa, Scirocco, Audi 100, Xantia, the Council Estate and other decomposing rammel I've owned over the years and they soon go away, disgusted by my lack of interest in 'classic' cars.....
  14. Yeah, sounds like it. Missing girls from Scottish care homes. Wasn't a bad episode to be fair, theme tunes not very good though.
  15. ImpJr got a keyboard for Christmas. Depending on how I feel I might try and learn the piano part of the Minder theme. I mean, I won't but its something to aim for and miss for half an hour before I put ITV4 back on.
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