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  1. Someone was asking for pictures of 1985 cars on FB. Posted a picture of my old Audi which was a bit of an Autoshite bike for a bit.
  2. *SHOCK NEWS**HOLD THE PRESS* H. IMP DOES ACTUAL CAR WORK. I know, mental, yeah! People probably forget I used to sometimes do stuff to my cars (quite often wrongly as people on these pages often pointed out) and I'm not just here to shitpost. The 944 has had rusty wings since before I got it. Obviously it was going to be the first thing I did when I got the car. So here we are 15 months later and they're still not done. If anyone remembers I have tried to buy proper repair panels but they were fucking shite so I sent them back. So today I decided to try and sort one of the shitty wings. Didn't start well with me breaking the side repeater trying to get to the bolts down the door frame. However after an hour or so the wing was off. Helpfully the awkward one to get to next to the light wasn't there. Reckon thats a bumper off job so hell, thats fine with me. Sadly things didn't get better after breaking the indicator. The wing was pretty rotten. This is how much I had to cut out. Was at it for a few hours, including beer breaks. Until this happened. Will try and sort it tomorrow but probably need a new liner. It had been a little temperamental for a few minutes before but went full on bollocked in no time, so I may be able to blag it for a bit. I've no idea if Machine Mart are open, I'll check in the morning unless anyone else knows? Sure theres an emergency plastic liner somewhere in the garage though, will look. It was already getting late though so I sacked it off for the day. Wing currently looks like this. Its a well fucking awkward bit of metal. Lots of curves and angles. I reckon the chances of it being the right size afterwards are pretty much zero. I was constantly measuring the wing on the other side but its equally as fucked so I was guessing where the end of what I was measuring was. Hopefully it will be close enough though. It can be metal and filler, thats fine. Will probably still be better than the £230 or whatever it was I'd paid for those other repair panels.
  3. I've just been to the motor factor's and said I want a windscreen wiper for my Citroën Visa. He stood there for a few seconds and then said "It's a deal".
  4. There's a LIDL in Chi? How positively beggarly. Margo is NOT happy. Imagine the riff raff?
  5. Sure that wasn't an April fools joke? Oh, sorry missed the Vauxhall bit at the top.
  6. You think thats bad, I was paying an amount to the Donkey Protection League for a full year before I found out I had to decare myself as a donor to the Tory party.
  7. Just tried to PM you...is your inbox full? 🙂

  8. Lass at work was picked up by the police today after dropping her boyfriend at work (Asda) as he doesn't drive. She was asked to prove it, she's like, er how? They just let her go.
  9. Close , I actually wrote that with Barry Shitpeas voice in my head (from the telly, I don't know what our own Mr Shitpeas, Wilsonx2 etc sounds like).
  10. I was watching this comedy series called 'BBC NEWS' earlier and it had this fat man in an ill fitted suit wearing a bad wig, doing some sort of surrealist stand up, whilst people shouted at him from a telly stood at the other end of the room. It was like, maybe French or something but remade for UK telly, I'm not sure? Anyway I didn't like it.
  11. Yeah, I noticed the garages round here are still open and working on cars when I was out getting essential alcohol supplies earlier.
  12. Went to go for a drive in the Porsche but the battery was flat again, somethings amiss there. So I took the Subaru. It really is well weapon. Sadly every other cunt in the world was also out driving slowly everywhere and whilst I did manage a few overtakes it was pretty crap. It was a silly time of day to go out for a blast though, should be early morning or evening for the quietest roads.
  13. Wow. Have you seen this? A fucking BEIGE pov spec AX! Absolutely amazing.
  14. At Mrs Imps gym. Bonus mismatched panel Astra G in the background.
  15. This guys been trying to punt this shit heap on for a while. Some of the stuff he sells seems okay but he had a chopped XJ40 that looked like a fucking liability a few months back too.
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