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  1. My mate sent me this picture the other day. There's a lot going on there. Big bore exhast, chrome arches, mirrored windows. Looking at the history it was originally black, then white (which its still registered as) and is now the inconspicuous red above. Makes me think it was used for funerals, then weddings and now for selling drugs to chavs.
  2. Funnily enough I was talking about this yesterday as I saw one on the M1 and exclaimed how few I'd seen. I know I've not been far but I've noticed 2 of them in a month round here. I'd normally see more, even just round the village.
  3. I probably don't want to know but how do you have minus 1 poo count? Its a HORRIBLE day out there and I was having trouble functioning. Its the first time I'd driven anywhere other than the shop in about a month and I was trying to remember how to drive a real car rather than on my PS4. When we set off home I forgot how to start my car, set off the alarm and locked myself in it, twice. Anyhow, small number of photos below: Car looks really nice. Nicer version of grey than most Mercedes of that age too with a tint of blue. This was in the same yard
  4. A Renault 19 was a car of 'firsts' for me. It was the first car I drove after passing my test, drove in the dark with no headlights as I'd forgotten to switch them on, did over 100mph in, was pulled over by the police in, had sex in, crashed and the first car I drove away from the scene of an accident in. It was an eventful evening that. J247EAP. It was a GTS-X Chamade. Here's a photo of me and my Mum with it (before I was able to drive it). A girl at the bus depot I worked at had one exactly like your Jersey one. I hadn't driven one for years but had to shuf
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/classiccarsforsaleuk/permalink/3306308956143037/?sale_post_id=3306308956143037 Peugeot 309 'Style'. £1,150. "No MOT but wouldn't take much to get through one" Yeah, okay bud. Judging by this photo I suspect it needs some work on the brakes as someone's fucking shat themselves on the drivers seat.
  6. Become a flyboy and get all the girls. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/321390532307529/ £2,200. I can think of more expensive ways to die that are a lot less fun.
  7. Been on holiday enjoying the many different traffic jams all along the south coast, literally everywhere you wanted to go, and back again. Volvo on Brighton seafront. Also saw this at Bluebell railway, which whilst not actually anything to do with Volvo, does have it in the name. Wedding with chav lights, e34 5 series. Also Jag in background which I didn't take a photo of for some reason. Beetle on the way to the pub. Late Pug 309 in Sainsburys. Chavalier whilst we were sat in another traffic jam. Hiace camper
  8. https://m.facebook.com/groups/86520568431?view=permalink&id=10158790598038432 Manual Legacy R for £900
  9. Just found this on B3ta. https://b3ta.com/board/11322289 To be honest, I'm not sure if Im just in a cheery mood or if this is a particularly good image challenge but a few of these made me laugh.
  10. Yeah it doesn't look like its going further than the strut cone at the front of mine, not the full width of the car like on that other one as theres nothing to attach it to. It looks like you have those holes half way up on both sides so I assume it went through there and was bolted on the other side.
  11. My mum seems to think it had a boot that opened. Found the photo (in the frigging bag I'd checked last night which I checked again after looking through all the others) and its not much clearer I'm afraid. Must've been a cheap camera/film or a shit photographer or maybe a bit of all three. Does that bit just sit there though, is the frame attached elsewhere and thats kind of resting against the wheelarch to keep it in place rather than being attached?
  12. Well, apparently I've been to Winchester.
  13. I've looked in the Asda bag (writing this for my own memory) and can't find it. Will try some of the other bags tomorrow. In the meantime have this.
  14. Yeah, long gone. I remember being absolutely devistated seeing it left out by the bin one day. That was before 1983 too, so its definitely in a landfill somewhere in the Scottish Borders now.
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