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  1. Someone told a joke on Teams at work. I'm really proud of my witty reply but don't think anyone I work with will get it so I'm posting it here.
  2. If they do a recce they'll be disappointed but if they turn up on the day it'll just be the 944 and Mazda on show with the Subaru and Visa parked down the road.
  3. Hopefully should sell quite quickly, like you say its a bit mental the housing market at the moment. However there's naff all for sale if it does. There's only one house we like and if that goes its back to square one unless something else comes to the market. Not heard anything of the GT6 yet. Not sure what the lads plans were. His mate had a MGB with a diseasel engine from a montego in it so it could be interesting.
  4. We're putting our house up for sale and they're coming round to take photos today. I feel really bad as I've had to move Meg to make the place look tidier. I mean its not that Meg is unsightly but I just need less cars on the drive and the Mazda does look a bit better in pictures for the average Joe I guess.
  5. Arnie, Stallone and Willis have all agreed to star in a new blockbuster film called 'THE GREAT COMPOSERS!'. 'I wanna be Beethoven' Stallone. 'I gotta be Mozart' says Bruce. 'What are you gonna be Arnie?' they both asked......
  6. Oddly, I was discussing this with a friend the other day and apparently its also a term Irish Travellers use to describe the ones in England.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/5332825110123714/
  8. There's one in a yard near my house that might be in your price range
  9. My mate had the same. He rang up to find out what condition he had that meant he was bumped up the list but the girl on the phone said they couldn't tell him due to some sort of data protection issue about telling people about their own illnesses. I've obviously told eveyone he's got AIDS.
  10. Its an hour later, can you explain now?
  11. Guys now selling this. No price as yet. Suspect it might be more than you bought it for @wuvvum.
  12. Managed a bit of work on the cars over the weekend. There is a really nasty join on the Subaru. I welded up that hole last week only to then find another on the other side at the top where you can't see too well, by which time I couldn't be arsed as I'd put the welder away. So I went under and had a look this weekend. Looked a bit too bolloxed to weld TBH. The whole section looks a bit iffy so it's got an exhaust bandage on it for now until I figure out what to do. I also had to go through all the kerfuffle of reprogram the throttle body as the car was conking out after d
  13. Just replace the cap anyhow and see how you go. How much will that be a fiver?
  14. I won't even go under the car to place the axle stands. I send Imp Jr, he can fit into much tighter spaces and get them right under.
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