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  1. Ha, I've just seen what it is on the other thread. Cheebus, your brave. Looking forward to reading about the drive home.
  2. https://www.powernationtv.com/post/man-wants-town-to-pay-for-damage-on-his-lowered-car-after-driving-over-speed-bumps FFS
  3. My biggest problem with Daarn Saarf is the traffic these days. I'm from West Sussex and its constant gridlock EVERYWHERE these days. Even the old rat runs I used to use are now used by everyone else. Thats why I could never go back. Hate going down south these days for everything except the beer. Also the amount of insects is annoying.
  4. They probably take a common sense approach. Yeah, the cars tested but as we all know that only means its safe at the point that it's tested. If the car has obvious defects, whether or not they were present at the time of the test, and its on the road you should apply the law. Looking at it another way, if they were speeding in a legal car and were only just over the limit they'd get a ticket or a warning. If you were doing 150mph in a built up area, they'd bum you. If these lads had done some minor mods on their cars the police wouldn't care. As it is they've broken the law and have been punished accordingly.
  5. I was reading this online. Did make me chuckle. What were they thinking? Did they not even consider whether their cars were legal to drive over there or did they think the laws wouldn't apply to them?
  6. If you do scrap the Jag, are the front wings any good? Could do with some, not bothered about colour really for maximim shite points.
  7. I quite enjoyed it. I wasn't keen on the Talking Heads stuff which was a little bit 'Nations favourite Tampon adverts' but at least they had car people doing it and not Paul Ross and Buster Bloodvessel or something, so even if it was partially scripted it looked less so.
  8. Some digging on t'interweb suggests that black car on the last page was a Henson M30.
  9. Good idea. It will be due a proper service soon anyhow if I can ever find a spare few minutes. Good to know it might just be normal. Obviously my one won't be, it'll be something expensive but good to know nonetheless
  10. I think it's slow to fire which is why i was kind of thinking it wasn't the battery. Will see how I get on for a bit as just spunked over £300 on a refurbed wishbone which I need to fit. Might turn the key before firing to see if that primes the fuel pump too thinking about it.
  11. Without wanting to tempt fate, the 944 has been doing fine as my daily. Its a bit slow to start sometimes though. What's the most likely culprit? Starter? Fuel pump? Battery? I don't think it's the battery TBH. Maybe I should check it first eh? Have a photo I took the other night.
  12. Hey, thats what everyone does. I wouldn't sweat it.
  13. I thought I'd prefer the older stuff but the proper cars were fantastic to watch, the speed was amazing. Saw the Vintage meet was on. Will have to see if I can get along. Have just uploaded a few short vids to YouTube, lets see if that works.
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