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  1. Finally motivated myself to actually go outside and try sorting out the starting issue on the Elgrand. Spent a good half hour wrestling with the undertray to get it off as half the bolts had been mangled. With it finally removed, I could clearly see that the starter motor wasn't there. Quick search showed it was behind the wheelarch, accessible without removing the undertray. Spent a while with an angle grinder reshaping the knackered bolts that had caused the undertray removal so difficult and it was okay getting it back on and should come off easier next time. Then it started raining so I went back in having not actually done anything. Will try and find motivation during the week.
  2. I thought that was an absolutely tiny 4cv on the back of it at first. 😂
  3. Was watching Dambusters earlier and they missed one of the overdubs. NSFW obviously. YouCut_20220924_201653475.mp4
  4. One of the most photographed cars on t'interweb has finally been bought. I think it belonged to the deceased son of the people who had it or something. Guess they maybe died or went into a home or something? Or just wanted to see it restored.
  5. I suppose he'd best wait to see if you like it before he accepts that offer.
  6. There were only 1.47b households with televisions back in 2010, probably significantly less whenever Diana died, I know there might be more than 1 person watching the telly but 2.5b seems like bollocks surely? https://www.statista.com/statistics/268695/number-of-tv-households-worldwide/#:~:text=Data on the global television,surpass 1.8 billion by 2026. I've just googled this and it's what came up, I'm not standing by it if anyone has better info.
  7. This is a strange one. Apparently this BMW used to be the king of Jordan. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1993-bmw-e34-525ix-se-touring Odd I suppose but they made a cat mayor in a town in Alaska so who am I to judge? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stubbs_(cat)
  8. Someone kicked my dog on purpose earlier. I was going to give them a hiding but realised that would've been disrespectful to our recently deceased Queen so let them get away with it. R.I.P
  9. I really ought to go out and check the starter motor solenoids earth on the Nissan as its been a bit reluctant to start sometimes in the last few days. But its gone a little chilly hasn't it and I'm quite liking sitting here on the sofa watching the lad play on the xbox. Lacking in motivation a bit.
  10. Yeah, but they were investigating the cause of your narcolepsy though weren't they.
  11. I had one a few years ago and they put on a cd for me but it started skipping after about 15 seconds in and I had to listen to it going 'be z bu b hhhhh zz be...' for the next 20 minutes or however long it took. Not sure what the stress did to my results.
  12. Finally did little bit if work on the quad today replacing this bent bit. ImpJr was helping but kept disappearing to play Roblox but still did some bits and bobs. Still don't have an answer for the hub though. Gonna email the company selling the parts to ensure they send the correct one I think, as the place nearby hasn't replied.
  13. That's well cool. What sort of shark is that?
  14. It behaved in the 10 miles or so home from the garage too in traffic, so fingers crossed that no4 injector change works.
  15. Got the update. Apparently one of the other injectors was a dodgy one, some sort of 'continental rework' one, so they've replaced that and its running better. They're not sure of the cause of the rattle though, they're still concerned it could be something sinister. I've basically said it was a cheap car, its not smoking or anything at the moment, I'm happy with that for the time being lets just roll with it. Will see how it gets on over the next few weeks pre MOT time. Will try a good oil change to see if it quietens it down
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