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  1. There's the car. Might update it tomorrow night. They replaced the store with a new one a few years ago but until then the bollard i hit was never put back quite straight always reminding me of my idiocy each time I bought something from there.
  2. Back in the 80's and 90's the chances of seeing a Mercedes outside London was a rare sight. I lived in Sussex and my mates and I used to get quite excited when we saw one. I remember going up to London though and they were everywhere. If I could find the newspaper article about me crashing my Imp into a bollard outside Sainsbury's in Rustington, I'd load that up to that stores page. Just had a look are articles in the 1994 Littlehampton Gazette but it was just a small article and it's not there. Maybe I should load up a picture of the car though. There's nothing else on that stores history yet.
  3. He mentioned his time at private school on Grumpy Old Men too I think, or something like it.
  4. Has this been on yet? Lloks like its maybe been on fire. No, much much worse Who did that? I hope you reported it to the police. YOU PAID FOR THAT! Jesus. Answers on a postcard please.
  5. Mazda CX-7. Only because I'd never heard of them until I saw one on Ebay the other day. Just got the expensive tax but they look nice and they look like a nice place to sit plus they seem quite roomy and there's a few red and blue ones for sale. Obviously someone will be along in a moment to point out that 'insert mechanical issue' will happen with absolute certainty within 6 months of ownership on these engines
  6. Yeah, that bit floods if someone has a piss upriver doesn't it?
  7. I've also just been looking at cars for sale in local garages to replace the 944 and saw two other 944s. Odd. I've only ever seen 1 other since I got mine.
  8. Wedding bells Bride had better make sure she keeps her dress off the floor in the back with the wet weather we've been having.
  9. I was the same all last night. So was Mrs Imp, so we were 5 minute taking turns in the bathroom before getting kicked out so that the other could start ralphing loudly. Thank god Imp jr was not affected as I'm not sure how I'd have coped, might've had to put him in care or something. Getting him to school this morning was an epic task. I've just sat on the sofa all day watching shit 70s and 80s tv programmes. TJ Hooker was fucking awful wasn't it.
  10. Kind of thinking I might sell the Porsche. Fancy a Saab 900 again. Or a Mercedes C32 estate. Not sure. Just ain't got on with it properly. Imp Jr will be gutted and I'm worried it will do the same as that 912 I nearly bought for £4k in 2001 that was worth £40k three years later but I'm just not using it enough or when I do I'm not enjoying it properly.
  11. Been out and looked at the handbrake. The garage had mended the O/S so looked at the N/S. I was expecting to have to rebuild it like the garage did to the other side but was fine. I popped the disc back on, adjusted it but I think it was working anyhow. So I've looked at the other side, the side that I've just spent loads of money on getting repaired and the handbrake is non existent. On top of that, my back was getting better but its knackered again now. I'm taking it back and I'm getting them to sort it and I'm taking some pain killers and having a lie down. Bit miffed really. So much for being grown up and taking the car to the garage to get mended properly for once instead of my usual bodge work.
  12. I'll give them a crack tonight, ta.
  13. My backs gone. Can barely walk, when I do I can only waddle like an old man. It doesn't bode well for mending the car if it doesn't get better in the next few days. Bunch of frail arse mate.
  14. After taking the 944 to a local garage to get the handbrake sorted for the MOT, I took it in for a retest and it failed again on the friggin handbrake. FFS.
  15. I was just looking for the land rover pickup that Volksy gave Imp Jr a couple of weeks ago but I've burnt my lip really badly on a pizza (i cant explain how sore it is) and have had to sit down again so the best I can do is this. Not sure if that helps or makes it worse.
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