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  1. This drove past me on my way to work today.
  2. Those early Tridents are peak bus in my opinion. They sound badass and the front axles say SPICER on them, which is very cool.
  3. A fantastic advert for cleaning products. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1084640726291577/
  4. In other news, MOST IRRELEVANT HEADLINE EVER. Also found: used packet of crisps, two PC monitors, a rare species of tapeworm, but not the four missing teenagers.
  5. Top Gear will not return for 'foreseeable future' - BBC News Top Gear really needs to die, it has had an incredibly sad end since the big three left imho. Cue lots of argumentative responses! Do they still write for TG magazine though? I always thought that was a brilliant publication but haven't bought it for ages.
  6. Looks like it's being shagged by the IVECO behind it. And nine years later Stellantis was born.
  7. Feel the build quality. That centre console looks like it was cut on a jigsaw in a local timber yard.
  8. I miss the motorhome reviews you used to post on here. THIS FORUM ISN'T WHAT IT USED TO BE!!!1
  9. What's the remote controlly thing? A fob?
  10. Sad - but odd? Are hosting fees flat or priced on bandwidth? I have various websites in my favourites which are notionally dead but still hosted. Broadly in agreement that it needs buying by a museum - similar to https://www.roads.org.uk/ (still going strong) which is basically a unique encyclopedia of British road history, created by somebody as a hobby.
  11. Please drive it home without the bonnet or front wings attached
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