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  1. You can now buy a BAZ truck and S400 missile system in bouncy castle form.
  2. Plenty of these probably coming up on eBay's Afghanistan site right now: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165073011623?hash=item266f1e43a7:g:RTAAAOSwicthJDas
  3. Interestingly it looks like the old LDV/Daewoo design has finally been withdrawn from UK sale. 'Maxus' is now offering the latest result of industrial espionage, this week's victim being the Ford Transit:
  4. The cars that may appear to be deprecating are probably those that are better placed to ride out the current bubble. The van craze may well die out when everybody goes back to work and realises life on the road is generally pretty shit outside of Instagram. The 80s hot stuff market has gone crazy, but these are generally badly made and often ugly cars with fairly crap performance. An E-Type is an eternal, a lowered Ford with some stickers on it is not. In terms of the AS cars bubble there are cars I fancy which have been up for sale for literally years now - one day the sellers will have to realise their losses. Things like the MGB will have a steady market - probably not appreciating much but also most likely not depreciating, there will always be men in their 50s with some spare cash and spare weekends wanting one.
  5. My local charity shop appears to be expanding into the motor trade.
  6. Is there any reason why some Wrights of that era had the centre pair of lights missing? I remember traveling on Travel West Midlands's B10L Wrights - another oddity in what at the time was the strangest fleet in the country. O405s anyone?
  7. Book your winter holiday to Morocco. Cheap flights and COVID-easy local rules. Definitely the most Autoshitey country I've ever been to, mainly French stuff but Merc taxis are popular.
  8. Were they longitudinal FWD like Passat / Saab 900? Just Googled the Renault 21, looked like you could get engines in both L/T configurations?!
  9. Give it a polish and flip it for at least double what it's up for.
  10. Didn't sell when recently up for £5k, starting bid is now 2.5 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284448010968?hash=item423a6c32d8:g:4K4AAOSwsR9hJPKF
  11. There is! Click top left ish to view historical imagery, providing there is some. Here is my Grandad back in 2016.
  12. What a beauty these were. This one is also cheap, low miles and has a full MOT! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265300753529?hash=item3dc5283c79:g:NxgAAOSw8oJhNTMZ Bluebird that looks well looked after at a very fair price. 126 not included. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154593410818?hash=item23fe7c3f02:g:naEAAOSw1UphL9P8 Very fairly priced Scirocco GT, again in excellent condition and a decent sounding seller. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384375169884?hash=item597e8ba35c:g:E8QAAOSwfbZhNw~u
  13. Sadly not as many listings up as earlier in the year but Manor Park Classics have everything up now for their 22nd Sept auction. https://auctions.manorparkclassics.com/auction/details/3-the-autumn-2021-classic-car-auction/?au=5&g=1
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