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  1. Anyone got any hacks here? Unfortunately AA have ended their promo of £20 cover if you buy their home insurance policy and mine's up for renewal. For a breakdown-only quote the age of my car limits to me having to pay >£100 for AA/RAC. Only want a basic service (roadside assistance) but even that is ridicu-expensive.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darvaza_gas_crater Probably a day's drive from the nearest civilization in Ashgabat on a road so potholed 20-30 mph is a realistic max. We lost a shock absorber and the exhaust on that road but the latter was welded a couple of days later for the equivalent of about £1 after my life being considerably shortened by ingress of fumes into the cabin. The country has a similar currency situation to Venezuela and if you can sell some dollars to an impoverished local you can live like king and buy petrol for sub 10 p per litre. The final few miles were through sand in the desert which was... interesting. Getting there is also a legal nightmare as unless you want to pay for a 24/7 escorted tour (like when you go to Tibet) the transit visa lasts only 4 days. Break down and it's game over. The crater itself is hot as hell, we joked about having a piss into it but in reality you can get nowhere near.
  3. For anyone who didn't read the description... That's more powerful than the engine of my car!
  4. I did the Mongol Rally in one of those. Largely the same deal - low miles, high rust. Very fun cars to drive but largely zero parts availability in the UK let alone when trying to find a brake hose in Kyrgyzstan.
  5. Probably a Rexquote conversion. Rare British company that actually still makes things and bashes metal. I have also noticed the unnecessarily massive zorsts on construction equipment. But why? Noise reduction maybe by making the orifice larger?
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-51034911 Plenty of old motorway construction pictures here.
  7. Are they basically a single Unit that both decides what gear to be in and actually operate the selector mechanism?
  8. Have you spotted a particular car that you want the owner to put on ebay?
  9. Did Rover really just drop the Ford engine straight in? It even still has the Mustang logo!
  10. Why do bus ads never list the mileage of their vehicles? Looks superficially smart - I imagine though this will be all corroded underneath or do these get killed by mechanical issues?
  11. Went to the fireworks in London last night... 10/10 event and tickets were only a tenner each. Organised very well, only minor additional queueing to get the train home. Think the biggest football game you've ever been to... on steroids. We arrived late and somehow accidentally bagged an excellent place to sit. There were millions of boats all queued up to watch behind us: Unsurprisingly though most other attendees were mainly interested in recording the event.
  12. Lol this thread is amazing. Two slightly stranger applications:
  13. There is an excellent video in this new article. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-latin-america-50890286/moment-a-barge-carrying-600-gallons-of-fuel-sinks-in-galapagos-islands
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