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  1. So last year in a moment of drunken idiocy I dropped my DSLR and borked the internals of the 70-200mm L series lens that was attached to it. Went to the nearest independent camera shop and got it sent off for a repair estimate which came to £320, definitely couldn't afford that so my camera has been sat under my desk sulking ever since. Last Wednesday I ordered a replacement off eBay and chose to collect it from the Argos store in town, as I was working all weekend and figured I'd be able to pick it up during one of my shifts. Royal Mail has had other ideas, it's been sat in the delivery office since fecking Saturday "as the business has asked for mail not to be delivered that day. We aim to deliver it the next working day". Now I don't want to sound impatient and I appreciate that the grunts in the delivery office work their arses off, but since Saturday there has been two bastarding working days and I still don't have my fecking lens!
  2. Bumbling around in the works 'modern' and stumbled upon this... Classy.
  3. Picanto's oil doneded. Minging. Probably never changed, the oil filter certainly hadn't been - it was rusty!
  4. That would be greatly appreciated, shall drop you a PM.
  5. Hekkin miffed. Picanto went into the garage on Tuesday to get it's sporty* exhaust fixed. Only that she came back as shouty as ever as the mechanic was too busy with other work. Am confused.
  6. Gets to werk and sees this on the car park...
  7. 'i aint goin out in dat' - Cat, 2023 sno kaos.
  8. Twunt of the Month for March has a strong contender already...
  9. So me and the olds had the Picanto up in the air yesterday morning, well as up in the air as those sketchy looking bits of metal my dad calls ramps can do, looking for the source of the car's sporty* exhaust note. Manifold - helpfully hidden from prying eyes by a heat shield with bolts that definitely aren't rusted in place. Flexi - doesn't look too clever but the olds says it's fine*. Rest of it - bit crusty but no holes or rusted through bits to be seen. Cue much scratching of the head, and only then does my dad mention that he has a mechanic mate that might be willing to help... Skip to the next day and the Picanto is up on a proper lift and has someone who knows what he's doing prodding away. Lo and behold he finds the culprit, the flexi wasn't fine and was blowing away like a good 'un. He also found issue with my brake pipe fitment, oopsie... 🙈
  10. Dad's Astra has decided to call it a day, surprised it honestly lasted as long as it did running on only 3 out of 4 cylinders... Cheeky barsteward is still insured on the Picanto though, cue me shitting myself on my day off when I couldn't see my car on the sodding car park outside my flat! The joys of having the old duffer living next door to me, though he does feed the cat when I'm at work. 🤣
  11. Been sat waiting in car park at aldi and this specimen has been sat there with their reversing lights on... 🙃
  12. Everyone loves a Cougar... In all seriousness, me likey your motor car sir. Keep up the good work.
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