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  1. What a beauty. I love a Clio of this era, I was given an “Oasis” edition, which was apt because it had no rear n/s window and was full of rainwater and plant life. So much fun to drive, top acquisition! Enjoy.
  2. Volvo 480 - M270 AAF - First thoughts Thanks for the well-wishing. I'm a fan of this 480 already. The odometer doesn't work, so I can't report how many I've done, or it's done, but from the MOT history it could be as low as 105,000 miles, across three different clocks... It got to about 70,000 by 2006 which is probably right, then it reset and climbed to 33,000 between 2006 and 2015, then it jumped to 119,000 in 2016 and has done 2,000 miles since then. Although it has stopped counting, it was apparently laid up for the last few years in someone's collection and the mileage has been moving a little bit. Who knows, I remember my 944 would count a few hundred miles and then give up for a while before coming back to count some more. I've ordered front and rear disks and pads to address last years advisories, which visually haven't been replaced. Also high up on the priority list is to breath life back into the drivers side pop-up. It's too stiff to wind up manually, so I'm going to take it apart and check the mechanisms. I'm hoping the motor isn't knackered as they're pretty rare and apparently only common with a Ferrari 456. I've found a replacement motor for £100, but I'm hoping to not have to go there. Finally it needs some welding in the rear wheel wells by my reckoning - something the 440 needed last year too, so I'm not to mad with it for that. There are a dozen other jobs to do to make it nicer, but only the brakes, light and rear wheel wells are jobs that need doing.
  3. If the wife’s stalwart Focus were to suddenly give up the ghost I’d certainly be looking for a green M-reg 850 estate 😂
  4. Harrison's History - #45 Volvo 480 ES M270 AAF Today I picked up Volvo number seven - a fairly tatty 2.0L 480 ES. I didn't bother with a collection thread, it was in my home town and took less than 10 minutes to get to. When my Nan bought the 440 M93 CEC back in '94, I'd always wished she'd bought the 480, and now I get to live that dream 😀. For me I've wanted one for a while, but finding the right running worst-of-breed example has been a slow burn and only getting more difficult year by year. There's plenty to do on it and I have a couple of trips planned for this unique little Swede (or Dutchman, or whatever it identifies as). It's MOT'd for now, so I've started enjoying it already.
  5. Mercedes 300TD – KHM 73W – Re-beigeing I nearly forgot a nice job that I did recently! It was too painless to leave an impression and a subsequent rant on here so I almost completely forgot about it. Just before selling the Mercedes I shamelessly tarted up the front wing that I’d protected ages ago from the advancing rust. I ordered colour match rattle can paint from Halfords (they outsourced it to Euro Car Parts in my area I think) using the paint code from the VIN and some decoding courtesy of the Mercedes Club forums. Once the paint was ready I spent a couple of hours cleaning and flatting the rust proofing primer followed by some masking. After that, a panel wipe, then three or four coats straight from the can. Incredible match for 40 years – and I’m pretty sure the wings weren’t original anyway. All that T-cutting earlier in the year really paid off. Pleasing results. Now I can at last declare closure on the Mercedes 300TD on here and move on to introduce a car I just put down a deposit on…
  6. Mercedes 300TD – KHM 73W / Jaguar XJS – G296 EHP – Gone but not forgotten. I’m a bit behind on my posting, but I need to catch up on recent developments because there could be something new joining Harrison’s Garage in the next few days. August signals Tax and Insurance renewal for the XJS and the Mercedes. This is always a natural reflection point in any ownership cycle and upon consideration, based on nothing very scientific, I decided that I’d sell both... First to go was the XJS. Having made the decision that I’d sell, I cleaned it up and took it out for some golden hour photos for the advert. A colleague teased that it wasn’t a golden hour because of the lighting, but because the XJS was all working, which although unfair was quite true. I’ve never quite trusted the XJS to not cause trouble. In the year I’d had it I’d spent at lease £2k on keeping it on the road. The V12 XJS had consistently been on my top 3 wants list, but when I finally got one it never gelled. I had a low cost, big liability model. It’s disappointing to reveal that selling it was a relief. I can see that it’s a good car in principle, my learned advice is don’t buy a zero-history barn stored V12 XJS and press it into regular use. Still I’m proud I took the risk and still can’t stop looking at pictures of it. The sale was unbelievably easy. A couple of days after taking the photo’s a note came through my door asking if the Mercedes was for sale with a contact number. I met with the chancer and we couldn’t agree on a price for the Merc because of the rust. He was a car guy, so we were looking at and chatting over the Mini, and the Jag and stuff and I happened to mention that I was selling the Jag. I had a number in my head that was my purchase price, plus my bills, rounded up to the nearest £100. When he came straight out with £500 below that, it was easy to negotiate it up to just over what it owed me. He sorted out the payment and it was all done and dusted that day. I probably could have got more for it if I had made it as far as advertising it, but it was so hassle free that I’m happy with how it ended. Next was the Mercedes. Although it is one of my all-time favourite cars I’ve had, the Mercedes was giving me much mental grief because of its general condition. Another MOT was a serious investment of cash. I knew I wasn’t going to keep it forever, that privilege is reserved for the Volvo 440 and the Mini, so the thought of spending good money chasing bad (for a second time with this car remember!) was not appealing. I ended up down the road of “if I want a serviceable S123, I should just buy a better one rather than dragging this one along with me indefinitely just because I can’t let go. So, decision made – I listed it on eBay and on here for a disgustingly low price to encourage a sensible buyer who appreciates the work needed and hopefully secure its future. My phone quite literally exploded, and I had a very stressful evening queuing people up to see it. It worked out nicely in the end though – the guy who came to view it first was a car body mechanic and was pretty positive about it continuing to see the road as a project affordable for him to do, but no good to anyone who would be paying to get the welding done, which is really what I thought. Also, his wife was an interior trimmer, so safe to assume it is in good hands. If it comes up for sale again, I REALLY have to not buy it a third time. So, the XJS is gone and the Mercedes 300TD is gone (again) and they are ceremoniously removed from my signature strip. However, the hole they’ve left in my collection may be inadvertently refilling slightly. I’m trying to cut down on cars, but two steps forward one step back is still a net reduction.
  7. How annoying. I hate days like that. But well done on the oil!
  8. 700 miles of Volvo-ing about this weekend. We saw M63 CEC on the M6 on a Land Rover Defender 90. Needless to say we were waving like mad at each other.
  9. Thanks for the video advice @Tim_E, I could see the video in the post on my phone, but on the computer it only showed as a download, so I wasn't that happy with it. I've put it into YouTube so hopefully you can see it now. That's a better way to do it for sure. A good point about the wipers being mandated - I saw your Blurple 440 had them too and yours is a pretty base spec model right? So if they were an option I'd expect them to have been a pricey added extra.
  10. I was doing an exhaust recently and a butane torch was the tool that finally made separations possible. Also allowing the WD40 time to penetrate helped, re-applied for a few evenings and left to soak overnight before I started heating and pulling. Good luck, hope you get it sorted.
  11. Volvo 440 – M93 CEC – Headlight Wipers I’ve never really understood the need for headlight wipers on a road car, especially a car whose lights are stronger than they need to be and can afford to lose some performance (my other car’s a Mini, so I’m used to being able to use full beam without being flashed 😂). They’re just another thing to go wrong, and they did. I wouldn’t have minded so much if they died in the rest position, or even died completely in the up position so I could just move the wiper manually to the rest position. What actually happened is that the wiper motor would “work” 95% of the time but not make it all the way home. The rest of the time it was fine. I’ve been living with it like this for a couple of years, but It has always annoyed me, so when I went to pick up some spares from a breaker 440, I acquired the headlight wiper motors too. Fitting the replacement was simplicity itself. With the headlight unit out there is all the room in the world and with niche easy electrical connectors. The only problem is the timing 🤣. If the video below works, you’ll see what I mean. The driver’s side is the replaced motor, the passenger side is an original. I presume when these cars were new it was a bit more elegant, but I for one like the all-over-the-place look, it’s a tad more AutoShite. 2020-07-21 (6) - Video.MOV
  12. I have a dozen or so of the red anchor points you can have if you ever change your mind and your car is missing the originals. Unless your car becomes my car when the roffle makes it across the finish line! 😬
  13. Volvo 440 – M93 CEC – Refitting the Undertray After the hassle of the exhaust saga it is time for a nice easy job. Whilst crawling under the car I remembered that the undertray needed re-fitting, having been taken off when I last did an oil change… 7,000 miles ago! I didn’t put it on after the last oil change for two reasons: I wanted to monitor an oil leak, One of the undertray fastener anchor points was missing. I did nothing about the oil leak despite best intentions. There is negligible oil level change, I’m not having to top things up, so I’m not going to worry about it. I cleaned up the undertray so I can look at what has appeared on it after another 3,000 miles when the next oil change is due. Unsurprisingly, the internet was pretty quiet about what the right undertray anchor should be for a Volvo 440. I ended up ordering some for a 2008 Focus as the interface looked about the right size and any spares would be useful to the Focus we have should it ever need them. With an oversized fastener (the original 440 one rather than the Focus one) in the anchor, things were nice and secure on the 440 – not what I took the picture of, but you get the idea. The final modification was to screw the two undertray sections together with some short tapping screws for a bit more security. The front section by design is only fitted between the bumper and rear part or the undertray by overlapping tabs. It’d probably have been fine, but I don’t want to lose it. I’ve done nearly 1,000 miles since and it’s still all in place.
  14. Self inflicted 😂. I can't recommend strongly enough the value of replacing the whole lot at once, even if money is tight.
  15. I’m new to AS - I think I’ve pieced together the clues of “Chodmolestedly”, “Castle” and “A49“ successfully to work out where this is, a mere 400mile round trip. I’m in! Do I need to do anything other than turn up on the day? I’d intend to bring a “show” car rather than be in general parking. Probably the Pebble Beach Volvo 440 if an M-reg is allowed in.
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