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  1. Ooo, a Taxi (Or £0.00 for Taxable expenditure)
  2. Not sure what I’m going to do with it at the minute, other than try to get it MOT’d! A road trip to New Mexico is a bit much... I can’t think of any decent Saul Goodman tributes. In the end I’ll just try and sell it again with hopefully minimised losses. After all this lockdown malarkey is done maybe I’ll do a surprise reveal to my mate that I got it from in the first place when I go biking with him . He loved this Baleno and had it many many years in the family. It’d be like a shite version Car S.O.S. Instead of a full resto of the car he loves and gets to keep, he gets to see that it sc
  3. Exactly the same is happening. Exactly. The. Same. Same car and everything, although you could say there are only 4 left on UK roads now, this not being one of them...
  4. Funnily enough this popped into my YouTube feed independently today. I came here to share it with others but can see it’s already been identified! I don’t know how the YouTube algorithm works, but I can only hope that it’s us chod-botherers that have dredged this up. 👌
  5. I was out and about in the Volvo this morning. An inspired moment of naturistic bliss led to this shameless attempt at a 2022 AS calendar nomination.
  6. Made some snap decisions, hopeful representing some truths without overthinking it! One to Drive - Citroen AX (boggo edition, preferably with a daft name) One to Look At - Ford Granada Mk1 (saloon, vinyl top mandatory) One to Work On - 90's Pushbike (realistic expectations about actually getting it to work!) (AX image taken from rac.co.uk; Granada image taken from gomotors.net; Saracen Trekker image is my own)
  7. Austin Mini – A-WOV – Better than an MOT Two out of the five have MOT now, with a third “in progress” at the garage, so I’ve decided not to get an MOT on the Mini right now and have instead got it booked in with a Mini specialist for some substantial bodywork repairs. It starts in May (hopefully). I’m well into the sunk cost fallacy with this little grot bag having done the floors, sills and subframes, but it’s got everything I want, 10” steelies, centre clock, good colour combo, so why shouldn’t I keep going on it even though it’s not a more financially worthwhile 60’s Mini… is my think
  8. Ford Focus – WFob – MOT success First* time, get in! Well, I say first time, it actually went down as a fail first, but on a bulb so minor the garage just took the initiative, replaced it, then retested it. Annoying because I’d changed that exact bulb 10 minutes before, albeit with an old one from a damp cardboard box in my garage. The bulb holder is kind of burnt, M.O.T man mentioned that too, so he obviously had to go in there… Anyway, recently my MOT’s have been taking a few days/(months in the case of the Volvo 480) so I’m pleased with it. Especially considering this is the first test
  9. The S123 300TD I owned a couple of times was up to 370k when I last sold it on - and it’s still out there passing MOTs. Par for the course of course with one of these etc etc
  10. Volvo 440 – M93 CEC – Weldreading I got some photo’s through from the garage of the recent weld job on the 440. It has made me reflect that it’s getting a bit weldy this thing. Consulting my nerdy little tracker I keep on this car, “serious” welding started in 2017 and it has had bouts in 2018 and now 2020. It’s starting to visually scab up on the outside too, door bottoms, base of front wings and probably soon plastic parts the rate it’s going. The Mini and the MX-5 have forever been pretty much terminally rotten since I’ve had them, and I’m ok with that, but the rust on the 44
  11. PUT YOUR NAME DOWN FOR A CRAPPY CALENDAR PURPLE MONKEY DISHWASHER; 1; barefoot 2; Craig the Princess 3; Sickboy 4; Rob88h 5;
  12. When travel restrictions are lifted, I can't decide whether I'm going to keep my resolve and work on the stuff I've already got... or go mad buying tat left, right and centre to make up for lost time... I'm sure you'll all help in enabling me to make the right* decision.
  13. With the heater, is it that all vents are cold or just the top centre vents? I can't find reference to this (so it may be fiction), but I'm sure I remember reading in the 340 manual that these vents blow cold when re-circ is off, despite what the heater is doing. It was to keep you feeling fresh as part of the "Volvo warm Heater cool Head" initiative or some buzz words like that. I presume if the 300's had it the 700's probably would too.
  14. I love a good Volvo, and that looks a good Volvo.
  15. As a motoring journalist said back in the day, “it’s like having your nose under your chin”
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