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  1. That’s very kind, hold that thought. @wesacosa found a Citroen dismantlers just up the road from me and the guy there has a BX and blower motor assembly. I’m just arranging to pick that one up, but if it’s buggered too I may need your help. I’ll let you know.
  2. Thanks. I have a SoFico one and not a Valeo one, but it's probable they're interchangeable(?), hopefully. Annoyingly the Chevronics link is not a stocked listing, but I'd already inquired to see if they have any. I've tried a lot of FaceBook dismantlers too, but no dice so far.
  3. I pinched this out of a Focus I had earlier in the year that I fixed the heater for. Shitters Choice accessory Award winner: It’s pants and only exists for those who can’t fix their car. I was worried I’d set the Leader on fire using this, but I think I generate the same heat as this thing just yawning on my way to work in the mornings.
  4. More accurately - I was hoping for an easy fix; a bit of Brittle-BX-plastic ™️ whipping around in the fan drum, so I took it all apart. Finally a genuine use for my crazy long screwdriver that I found under a boot carpet in one of the cars I purchased in the past! I was expecting it to be a rot trap in here, but the Leader is SOLID (both sides). I took the snail blower housing apart and there was no obvious foreign body or witness marks in there… there was a lot of play in the motor though. The whole fan blade drum thing can bounce up and down quite a bit as seen in the last clip of the Magic iMovie Maker above (had way too much fun with that!) It’s a cantilever axle and the bit inside the motor seems too loose I think. I couldn’t really disassemble much further so I put it back together so that I have emergency fanage, albeit quite* noisy. In the process of connecting the motor fly lead the housing that holds the spade connector for one of the brushes disintegrated because of it being Brittle-BX-plastic. Superglue to the rescue. These blower units or motors don’t seem readily available. Is anyone hiding one away I can buy? The Leader takes a single fan, made by [to be edited], the none Valeo one.
  5. It’s -2 Celsius in the mornings. The Leader is not a fan.
  6. @Eyersey1234 Mileage Moment ™️ EDIT: tag worthy.
  7. I came to this thread expecting one of these: Knowing this forum contains the kind of mad bastards where such a fine* automobile would be lauded. A close recompense was to find it’s “the Xantia of not many shitters” continuing its rapid journey into ironic naming.
  8. Bomb-site dealer trade in. 1-Day left on the MOT. 1.6 Diesel. Misery. This is perfect. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/631143875899104/
  9. Can’t your mum just use a spare S210 as her tack room? I’m pretty sure the laws of physics governing interior space doesn’t apply to them.
  10. I’m both delighted and gutted not to have won. I mean, I need another car like a hole in the head, but this would have been a great way to make said hole.
  11. A battered Citroen just makes it even more French in my eyes. Even more so if you can dent it in unusual places that leaves bystanders to wonder how it was done.
  12. Gah! User 5***5 keeps outbidding me! Probably for the best (for me).
  13. What lovely weather we’d been having in October - now that I’d got a chance to work on the car for a couple of hours today it’s been pissing it down. To recap, The Leader has always been a ticker. Ticks when it rises up, ticks when it’s idling in traffic, ticks when you dab the brake. The accumulator, then, is clearly not accumulatoring. More recently I’ve been getting lengthy spells of STOP light on first start up after it’s been sat a few hours. As this is my only car at the moment it’s been getting tiresome setting off early and arriving late all the time while I wait for the STOP light to clear. I found it weirdly stressful jacking this car on to stands with all the “can crush you” stories, but really it’s not to be scared of. I put it in high, rolled the Jack under, jacked it up a smidge, put some stands under, lowered the Jack then set the car to low. No drama. The depressurisation bleed screw was duly turned enough (but not too much) and the old accumulator simply unscrewed, thanks to the tool provided by @wesacosa It couldn’t be easier on a 14E BX, in fact you might be able to get away with doing this at ground level on low. New and old. Is there somewhere I should send my old one for refurb? Seems a bit wasteful to simple bin it if it can be repaired and help out another Citroen. I cleaned up the mating face but didn’t realise the seal is internal to the PRV thinking it was a face seal, so attempt one saw this reassembled with the old seal and new seal in place... It soon let me know with an LHM based dirty protest. Attempt two and we were leak free. (Insight now gained into the more urgent need for an LHM change due the the fact it has gone a urine shade of yellow, the dehydrated kind) Loads of bleed nipple bleeding then occurred. Maybe too much. But I came to the conclusion I’m not expecting to ever get liquid out of the bleed screw so took it from the stands safely and did some slow-mo low rider bouncing (Citrobatics). Annoyingly the STOP light was staying on for several minutes still, so after checking the internet and some more help from @wesacosa I discovered I had wrongly assumed the STOP light was for the hydraulics only. I also found out that what now turns out to be a Low Coolant light is in fact not an LHM system fault light! I feel like a right idiot. In summary it only needed a splash of coolant.., but got an accumulator change in the rain as well. (The accumulator was kippered though, so glad I got it done before I ran the pump into the ground or something)
  14. Potato cam lens flare. J.J. Abrams eat your heart out.
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