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  1. The Escort should really have the top down for a road trip. Sod the rain!
  2. A long, unrelated and uninteresting story meant I had to cancel my trip to Germany for the weekend. This left me with some time (somehow way less than you’d think!) and it lined up with some energy and motivation. The Volvo and the Mini were stowed round the back so the Woo could grace the driveway and meet the hoover. It wasn’t gross, but I definitely feel like I was driving someone else’s car. It responded well to the hoover, it’s a much nicer carpet pile than in the Focus. It took half the time and is not like trying to suck grass seeds out of a Brillo pad like it is in the Ford. I stared at the peeling dash top and decided there’s nothing I want to to with that. It’s dry, no adhesive, but I think would require something very strong to hold it down, so I’m not not going to go there in case I make it worse. New Bosch wipers to address an MOT advisory. Now the drivers side is DOUBLE AERO. Maybe at speed they’ll crush the roof in. The engine light was dutifully checked with my Amazon OBD tool and duly noted. P0341 and P0342 cam position shizz. I’ve cleared the codes, let’s see how soon they come back. I’ve yet to open the bonnet… Come to think of it, the light did say “check engine” and I haven’t checked if it has one yet. Oh well. Then I started on some jams and slams. Being metallic silver it looks clean, but it turned out there was quite a bit in the crevices. Coming up brilliantly though. Normally I hate washing cars, especially silver cars. So far the biggest issue I think is the sunroof. The steel cassette(?) inside the aperture is rusted and the seal is making a bid for freedom. I’m expecting it leaks (to be tested), although the carpets are alright and it doesn’t stink so there is some mild optimism about it. Mabye just some professional-fit duct tape will solve the problem. 😇 Maybe more to come. Maybe I’m done. Time will tell. Again, a TL : DR summary - half cleaned a car, deleted an error code, feel like Gods gift to restorers.
  3. The Leganza is a bit alright actually. In a slightly worrying development a nickname has stuck with thanks to @RoverFolkUs I’m not one for naming cars, in fact I’d go so far as to say I’m against it, yet in this case the personification, especially with such a dopey character, is really befitting and endears you to it that little bit more. About 100 miles in and a mental to do list is forming. I’ve not decided whether I’ll get stuck in or just leave everything as is and focus any free time I have on one of my longer term cars. I guess we’ll see. What’s it like to drive I hear no-one ask? Well, the clutch is invisibly light, the thin rimmed steering wheel can be controlled lock to lock with just a pinkie, the throttle is laser sharp in the first 10mm (then no extra power can be requested) and the brakes are as feather light as the clutch, only with the bite in the middle of the pedal. It’s kinda like driving a racing simulator with some old pedals and wheel in the days before Force Feedback. I think it’s a Korean style, my Mother-in-laws Hyundai drives exactly the same. I’ve sussed the gearbox too; it accelerates surprisingly well and coupled with the twitchy throttle it seems to consist of 1st - 2nd - 2nd - 2nd - 5th. Once your above 60mph it doesn’t really want to provide any more poke. Put some oil in the radiator during the test drive 😉 JK. It’s was a cold misty morning. TL:DR : had it 3 days, still like it.
  4. Harrison's History #56 - Daewoo Leganza Mine's a @Mine's a Leganza! Leganza! More to follow...
  5. Harrison’s Garage – September 2022 Eight years in the fleet and still hanging around, the 440 is quite a grounding stalwart of the shite ethos. With both sentimental and blossoming underdog enthusiasm I intend to keep on keeping on with the Volvo, but I’ve recently started to entertain the idea that daily’d cars don’t last forever… Coming up on eight years of ownership is the MX4.5 (not quite a whole 5). What a crippling totem of lack of enthusiasm for bodywork repairs this car represents. The mental image of this car has been slowly shifting from “one day I’ll give it a go” to “one day I’ll get it scrapped”. Neither have occurred. I can’t believe it’s been five and a half years with this little Mini. That’s way more time than I had with my first one, but somehow the bond is nowhere near as strong. I guess that’s the formative nature of youth. Two things keep me holding on to this car; 1 - sunk cost, 2 - a future vision of Harrison’s Garage where a cosseted little garaged Mini enjoys Sunday drives. A constant 5 years and 75,000 miles of family service have been provided by the Focus. Crashed thrice yet never written off; the bond has been strengthened for its abject unwillingness to die. No picture today as it’s out being a car somewhere with the wife. April will be my second anniversary of Granada ownership. It was bought as an opportunistic purchase without necessarily wanting to get stuck in immediately, a self confessed long term project. What that has actually led to is me doing very little with it and just walking past it, forgotten, most days. It will have to go back on its wheels and be woken up in the next few weeks to give access for some building work… Maybe that’s kick-start some renovation… Or maybe the impending winter weather will put all that kind of nonsense off for another season. And just collected yesterday, introducing…
  6. Buy it. Get @worldofceri to deliver it. Deal with the rust consequences later. (Tried and tested AutoShite approach)
  7. The valves have definitely worn grooves in the rockers, hence my failure to set the valve clearances nicely. I was a bit perturbed I couldn't do it as easily as YouTube had made it look. I was using a blade feeler gauge and think* I improved some of the obviously gappy ones. I opened one right up to get the gauge across sideways as a straight edge and could actually see light through what I declared the Valve Setting Doom Zone. I suppose it could do with new ones - I can't imagine they're expensive. But also all of the other things @Tommyboy12 mentioned are probably equally slack. The gear thrash in 4th is something to behold.
  8. The Mini did a meagre 1,775 miles last year. I’d like it to surpass 2000 this year, but it’s a real grotbag and sounds like shit. Circumstance means I’m not ready to take it off the road - I know that if I start tearing into it, it’ll probably not see the road for a good long while. So armed with a target to stop it festering, and enough enthusiasm to keep it going in short bursts I tried to do something positive for it. New plugs and an attempt on setting the valve clearances. Didn’t work. Still a rattly bastard.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/groups/712366136149860/permalink/1082208212498982/ I’m strangely drawn to this 1600s carcass. Multiple mileage clock drops and some fine fabrication and patchwork riveting on this presumably 200,000 mile “survivor”. Maybe in another life… 🤔
  10. To backtrack from insinuation, are you getting a Ford Falcon?
  11. rob88h

    Rozzer Shite

    I’m a fan of the Consul/Granada Jam Sandwiches. But then again, I would be.
  12. This. Thing. Is. Incredible. It’s rancid, faded, grey bumpered and Diesel. I have yet to see something more Autoshite. Please buy. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2018055735053609/
  13. Good News Everyone! The Mini continues to grace the planet with it's presence. I think I've stumbled on an approach to getting "safe" rot through an MOT without anyone at the garage sucking through their teeth and rubbing their hands together. Step 1: In the months running up to the MOT start enquiring about getting work done to repair the rust, but do it lackadaisically; don't indicate you're in a rush, just at least show intention. Then, when they don't get round to quoting you for the work, Step 2, the car arrives with them for MOT. Guilt and the benefit-of-doubt for a pro-active responsible owner work in your favour and voila. MOT. (The only trouble being is that when the rust is bad enough to fail the MOT, it'll no doubt be a much bigger job. Sounds like a future problem to be honest though. For now I've got another 12 months to do nothing about it)
  14. Increasing the Utility Vehicle’s… utility. Somehow storage is becoming a problem in the mk2 Focus, but don’t dismay, my wife found the solution on Pin Interest. After much requesting*, an impending weekend away eventing with four adults up plus the dogs has shifted me into gear so that badly packed camping chairs don’t prevent me from… shifting gear. Behold: Bespoke marine-ply false floor TM. I just used the carpet as a template and jigsawed my way to brownie points. Utility Upgrade 2.0 is planned to have some sort of shit pullout drawer - so far it just rests on storage boxes. Dogs don’t seem to mind. If they can jump on the table and steal bread while we’re out they can jump in the boot to go to the park!
  15. The Sun has set on my time with the Sierra DieseL. Last week it rattled off my drive for the last time. I’m proud of what I achieved, I’ve really enjoyed working on it, chugging about with and I will surely forever regret selling it. It’d been off the road since 2003 and having done all the work to it myself to get it back to roadworthy and presentable, I’ve gained more skills towards my remaining fleet and some hella satisfaction out of saving it from what could have been an uncertain fate. Being of a pretty low spec AutoShite ethos I was hopeful here someone here would scoop it up (even at a loss for me) but it was not to be. The new owner seemed knowledgeable on these and was looking to keep it long term for shows and alike. Maybe they’ll be along here, who knows. I thought I’d missed the boat with Sierra’s in general, but it just proves that at the right place at the right time who knows what shite can enter your life! Although, You can’t keep them all etc…
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