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  1. When is a bike not a bike? When it’s a Mercedes GLE of course!
  2. In other news, I’ve made two tentative car acquisitions. I’ve been doing so well with fleet reductions I thought I’d treat myself.
  3. A_WOV - 520 miles to beat. The reliability clock can be restarted! The fuel stays inside the car and successful test miles have been accrued! I’m pretty sure these bad-boys will out live the rest of the car. September is closing in though… one evenings tinkering with some simple fuel stuff and the light is already going. This is what it used to be like when you had to use the car and it wasn’t just a hobby. Grim.
  4. Reminds me of the mighty Baleno we both got to experience with it’s body colour coded centre console 😆
  5. Plan is to keep topping it up, keep it clean and see how far we get until the Ministry say No… If it comes to a head on MOT emissions test day, which is in January, I’m unlikely to do the work in the depth of winter, to be honest.
  6. W_FOB – Target achieved I’m very goal orientated; I find I need to work things towards a purpose. For most of my cars “Just being on the road” is achievement enough, but the ever-dependable Focus, aka the boring car, operates on a level above any of my other hobby-car tat in terms of not letting us down. See above posts for citations... With less frequently interrupted operation comes the obvious mileage accumulation based goals, so that’s what this car aims at to earn its favour within my mind. It has just passed it’s current goal of 155,000 miles, signifying a higher mileage achieved than the ’02 Civic ep3 that it replaced when that succumbed to a gearbox failure related death. No ceremony, but happiness that Ford > Honda in this unscientific game of car related reliability. The next target is 192,000 miles, a big ask considering it’s oil consumption already quite noticeable! (it’s the 1.8 petrol) - Quote from @sierraman's buyers guide. I’ve just done it’s now every 5000 mile oil change (That’s how long it takes to go from Max to off the dipstick ☹). The significance of 192,000 miles is that we’ll have doubled the car’s mileage since we purchased it in 2017 at 96k. At the rate we use it, it’ll need to survive 4 more MOT emissions tests.
  7. A_WOV - Bodge Discovery, whoop. I’m waiting on a set of fuel lines, so I thought I’d start on some more “while it’s off the road” jobs, starting with the cooling system. I have to change the seized heater valve and cable, so the dash cards had to come out. While there I gave the top of the fire wall a prod (why?! why did I do such a thing?!). Outside: Inside: Now I’m the proud owner of a damp rag covered in filler 😀. I presume the other side will gift me similar treasures. It’s a pity the body restoration plans fell through earlier this year so I wouldn’t have had to endure such crushing disappointments myself. I got the heater cable out and replaced at least. The old one was quite corroded (like everything, lol) and now it’s out I can see it was unlikely to ever free off in its housing.
  8. A_WOV - Well that went well… Now Grounded. The Mini managed 520 trouble free* miles so far this year, then let go in a fairly serious way. 3/4 of a tank of Super Unleaded pissed out of a split rubber line at the fuel pump inlet. Not good. I have a fire extinguisher in the Mini, but thankfully I didn’t have to use it! Check your fuel lines people.
  9. Citroen Harlequin, using the 1995 Citroen colour range. Edit: Added pic stolen from CarBrochureAddict
  10. I can’t wait to see what this bomber scope is all about. Target acquired.
  11. M_CEC - Prize winnah 🏆 ”Thank you very much for entering the Volvo Owners Club Virtual Car Show 2021… …We are delighted to tell you that you are Runner Up in your class - please find enclosed a Halfords Voucher for, £15 and Photo of your entry” Dead chuffed with that. I had completely forgotten that I’d submitted it, so it was a nice surprise to get in the post! And before the heckling, it was in a class with 460 and 480 😅. So it’s not a runner-up despite being the only 440 in a 440 only class that had just the one submission, haha.
  12. Another impromptu Mini car show. 😀 I’ve had to fit some adapters to get the drivers seat further back in the Mini, as the last 500 miles has started to hurt my feet in a way complacent little me was beginning to complain about. I was beginning to think of using the Volvo for trips instead of the Mini. Bad thoughts! Drive the Mini everywhere while it’s still working!
  13. Another Pogweaseltastic X-reg Felicia. It’s a true beauty to behold. I’m particularly fond of the accident damage that has acted as a polishing method where contact was made on the rear door. I parked next to it when I went to the sports centre for a swim. It was all I could think about and lost count of my lengths. I decided to stake out and meet the owner and get myself in-line for a none disrespectful sale, or at least to leave my number and a note. Alas when I was out it had gone from my life and my dreams were drowned.
  14. Between the 2019 MOT to the 2021 MOT the Mini covered a mere 173 miles... Now it's just done 175 miles in 4 days and I've enjoyed every traffic-jam-dodging long-way-home mile of it. Shite gravitates:
  15. A_WOV - First time out in years. I had an excuse to take the Mini out today; somewhere to actually go, so I studied the map to find the most wanderous route possible and embarked on a 30 mile achievement. The indicators died. I almost ran out of fuel. It nearly overheated. I’d read up on indicators and hazard circuits recently because of the MOT, and bypassing the hazard switch brought the indicators back. I was having so much fun I didn’t realise the fuel gauge was reading below empty! Luckily, I was near a petrol station and the gauge did respond to fuel being added rather than it just being broken (like most things). While taking a few photos by a field the temp gauge (retrofit) crept up towards H. I’m not certified for traffic jams yet! I think a coolant flush and probably new thermostat while I’m at it is called for. All in all though it was a goood time. It has been so long since I’ve driven it, it’s like a new purchase, lol. A mental to-do list is forming, but for these more than 5 miles but less than 50 miles trips, providing there is no traffic, this car is good to go! Brakes are good, finally.
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