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  1. The S123 on the road to Bala.
  2. Oops, I thought that Mr. Tidybeard had posted recalls on this reg specifically… I see what you mean though, definitely no airbags here! It’s looking pretty standard in there as far as I can tell 😝 I’m guessing later or higher spec models took a passenger airbag in the crum-tray come dual cup holder? (I had to be careful typing that) @DoctorRetro, what’s this thing like compared to the Baleno?
  3. So calmingly written for something that'd give you an absolute heart attack. I'm imagining you grimace and brace every time you start it up now?
  4. The Number Plate Gods have spoken. You must buy the Prairie for your fleet and cherish it as your own.
  5. I’m not a frequent poster to the eBay thread, but this is delightful: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1435051400210038/ Sliding doors, no B-pillar, seats recline to flat, 80’s dash, brown cloth interior bonus points …and this one comes with a Bully sticker. Look at that wheel design 😍 When I was little a friend(‘s dad) had this as a family car. I was jealous then and I’m still jealous now.
  6. Escort RS 1600 anyone? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MK1-Escort-RS-1600-/324969699763?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 The description is fairly accurate actually (apart from the fact it isn’t blue…) 😳
  7. Messing about with the Audi - perfect winter hack? Contender for most simple fix: The “leaking” rear calliper simply needed the banjo fitting tightening on the calliper side of the flexi. As suspected from the paperwork, this calliper was new about three years ago and the garage that did it clearly didn’t tighten it up fully. I cleaned up the fitting, wailed on the brake pedal and sure enough I was greeted with brake fluid. After tightening it up to BeyondSpec Nm I tried again on the brake pedal and all the fluids stayed in the braking system. The downside is that three years of a weeping rear calliper has melted the paint on the rear alloy. And the spare as the tyre died too and the PO just put on the spare rather than work out what was going on. Cleaning up after the “simple fix” was more of a pain. I stripped and cleaned the alloy inner dish on the two trashed wheels and protected things as best I could with a simple Hammerite brush job. It’s not so visible being behind the wheel face so was deemed sufficient. I’ve started using the Audi more regularly to try it out a bit before moving back to my core fleet. First impressions are not great – it’s hard to speak ill of it in any specific way as it’s a really capable car, but I just can’t get excited by it (it is a silver Audi diesel to be fair). I almost feel sorry for it, it’s clearly well thought out, well put together and rides pretty nice, yet for all it’s success it’s super bland. Maybe that’s the appeal, or I’m just impervious to brand snobbery. The diesel tank is huge; on a run up to Lincolnshire I got the range indicator displaying 950 miles in the tank with some inexpert hypermiling. I think this thing could do display 1000 in the right hands. Cruise control is a nice thing to have, and a real surprise-and-delight feature is the mini sun visor for the gap between the roof and the rear-view mirror. 1000 miles in and I’m already driving like a dick though. My 528 e39 Touring did this to me as well. I think it’s a combination of 1st gen cruise control (non-adaptive) and a feeling of entitlement inherent in driving certain brands. I think I could learn to love this car – if it were my car, in the way that I think if you have any car long enough you can get attached to it from memories and association. It seems like it’s capable of being a faithful companion, like it was to the previous owner who inherited it from his dad who bought it as an ex-demo from Southend Audi. They’d had it forever so it’s part of their family, like a boring brother, but to me it’s kind of nothing. My recent long trip did teach me one thing about it though: the droopy headliner is really annoying tickling your scalp all the time! Buoyed by success of doing the Volvo 480 headliner I decided to take on the headliner in the Audi using some spare foam backed material a friend had given me. It was not as nice of a job as it was on the relatively miniscule Volvo headliner! The main problem was that although the glue had broken down, it had not turned to dust like it had on the Volvo, so cleaning up the headliner board was a big claggy mess of a job. I stuck it down in stages and trimmed it afterward. The end result is a great improvement! In some of the photo’s it looks a bit creased – but the new material was stored folded for about a year, so as the foam plumps-up I’m hoping they’ll soften. It’s a shade darker than the original, but for a free fix on a car I’m planning on selling I’m quite happy. The pillar and door trims had a few clips or alignment pins snap, but it’s gone back together securely enough. All that’s left is to do the service. It’s probably not worth troubling the AutoShite world with “boring man services boring car” so you’ll just have to look out for it come February once it has a new MOT and will be up for sale.
  8. I'm here to provide mental support. There's something about this particular SD1 that (at times humorously) seems to refuse to take help from those willing to provide it. There is a good car in there, it's close to the surface - and I believe in it - but Good God, it must've been built on a Friday. Keep going though and there will come a time where it's working nice and there'll be much rejoicing. It's a lovely thing. With the steering wheel, I think you just pull off the big rubber square (somehow, can't quite remember if there's a knack), loosen the big nut but don't remove it. Then wail on the wheel until it lets go. If you've completely removed the nut you'll find at this point you've just punched yourself in the face with the steering wheel.
  9. Having intended on simplifying my carlife again in 2021, I've instead turned to Dickensian philosophy and found happiness in ending up with more than I started with. Hopefully posting now will secure me as "done" for 2021 though because there's not much room at the Inn! Non-movers: Austin Mini Ford Focus Mazda MX5 Volvo 440 (and two Raleigh Runabouts) Out: Volvo 480 In and Out in 2021: Suzuki Baleno (again, that was also In and Out in 2020) Ford Fiesta LTI TX2 Net In: Audi A4 Ford Granada (and a third Raleigh Runabout)
  10. LaRZ – Taking advice from the Ministry Completely contrary to the title, the Mini cooling work is finished which so far seems to have not been a lesson in frustration and leaks have not made themselves known. The heater has gone from stone cold [Steve Austin] to merely Luke Warm. I was hoping it’d be hotter, but meh, in theory it should be able to demist a screen if left idling on the drive over the course of a day. Amped on success*, this weekend I addressed all the MOT advisories on the Audi: Changing brakes (with the right tools) is one of those simple jobs with a big visual effect. Joy. Thanks to the commonality of VAG stuff parts were plentiful and pretty cheap. The old pads were meaty, but while I was in there I put in some new ones regardless. Welcome to November… I was doing the near side at half four, not midnight… Although scuffed, the wheels came up alright - being quite an open alloy, brake dust burned on the inside is always easy to see but hard to clean, so with the wheels off the opportunity was seized. The other advisory was for the Service light. I’m not sure how that factors in to an MOT but hey ho. Resetting it was like typing a cheat code into a PlayStation, all key positions and button presses. So now no service light IDDQD. I’ve still to actually do the service, but my scruples won’t let me sell the thing until I’ve done that having reset the light! The final and biggest improvement made by far is that I took a hammer and chisel to the five pence piece stuck in the seat rail preventing it from going back to a comfortable position. My knee is thanking me already. The remaining mental (now written) to do list: Actually do the service. Change the rear right nearside calliper (fluid weep). Maybe not change. The service history says it was changed in 2018, so hopefully it just needs the flexi tightening up or something. The previous owner alerted me to the fact he had to top up brake fluid occasionally and when I had it in the garage for it's new wheel bearing the garage pointed out to me the rear nearside was weeping. Glue the saggy headliner back in place.
  11. Temporary fix?? 👌 I see you made it on to the SD1 club forum - I just went on to screen copy you some of the purchase histories and my old project thread, but see you're in there already. They're a good bunch of supportive people. I'd forgotten how vile TGP looked with black plates and no rear spoiler.
  12. RM8, confirmed by frame number! - thanks I didn’t know you could tell that way! I’d made a couple of rookie assumptions: this D-reg is older than my E and F-reg rim brake solid fork ones (actual RM6?) and I thought the RM numbers went up with age rather than deluxitude. That and it was advertised as an RM6, haha. One day I hope to work on them. One day. And once one is running how hard can it be to get the others going?! Hopefully by then I’ll know the best tools and parts suppliers at least. NDB 351E is my best* one. It was running (although hard to start) a couple of years back. YOO 41F is in bits at the back of my garage. 😬 I’m currently trying to sort the reg on this this D-reg one as it came with no V5. I’m chancing it with a V62 to start with as that worked with YOO 41F, not on the DVLA digitised database but it came back to me with a V5. Fingers crossed for the same with this one.
  13. Harrison’s History #53 – Raleigh Runabout GFS 475D The night before I picked up the Audi I couldn’t sleep and found myself browsing Facebook Marketplace… I wasn’t searching for anything specific from anywhere specific, just enjoying where it’s algorithm was taking me on it’s Homepage of recommended to me items. Apartments in Pakistan, ’05 BMW compacts that you just know will be trouble, broken xBoxs and iPhone screen replacements. Then I spied a RM6 Runabout in Oxted. I already have two non-running Raleigh Runabouts… This movie quote was going through my head with respect to explaining my actions to my currently asleep wife… The next day I found myself picking up the Audi and on my way home collecting the Runabout. I returned home to find the house locks hadn’t been changed.
  14. Harrison’s History #52 – Audi A4 Avant EO05 LRZ ("Larz") Somewhere back up this thread I’d mentioned that I’d agreed on three vehicles in October. Well, this is the third. The same week I was offered the Fiesta I was also offered this 2005 A4 Avant at CarTakeBack prices from a chap at work. Naturally I couldn’t/didn’t refuse. The Taxi got in the way for a few weeks, but with the Fiesta and the Taxi out I went to pick up the Audi. It’s what I’ve deemed a Battersea Dogs Home rehoming, i.e. it’s a ULEZ evacuee, but from Deptford, not Battersea and, well, it’s not really a dog. Maybe not the best name then. It’s good with dogs though. It’s a bit deluxe for me to be honest, not only does it have dual zone climate control, cruise control, 12 FM pre-sets, Bluetooth and a Turbocharger, but it also has a bloomin’ cup holder. Decadent. Nice action cupholder too. The diesel tank is colossal – the first thing I did was to fill it up and proceeded to spend 25% off the purchase price filling up the tank! It was quite a shock, but the indicated range is nearly 900 miles so I have a while to psych myself up for the next refuelling. It’s the ULEZ elephant that ultimately forced my friend to part with it, but it also had a dodgy wheel bearing (now replaced and running much quieter), it has a full-sag Bedouin Tent headliner, 175,000 miles on the clock and a weepy rear nearside brake calliper. Other than that, it’s reet. I'm planning to use up it's Feb MOT, get it a new one then sell it on. It's entertaining me already though; I was going through the history when I got it home and came across a quote from Southend Audi to “fix” everything back in 2016. £13,252.03... 😂My reaction was akin to James May’s in this clip:
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