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  1. I’m probably not going to do owt else with the 480 now, having fixed* my initial mental snag list and because I’ve almost completed the 5th Biennial LeJog trip which was its raison d'etre for being in my collection (Just the majority of the miles still to go, ha). I’m struggling with the idea of For Sale-ing this one though because I really really like it, probably because my standards are set from a 440 baseline… Alas, I’m currently juggling the Granada, Mini, MX-5, 440, (Focus) and probably more lucky accidents to come. If I’m “done” with the 480, I’m probably telling myself it’s time t
  2. Volvo 480 - M_AAF - Headlining There’s not much left I want to do with the 480, but one of those things has been addressing the Bedouin Tent in the back behind the sunroof pocket. My wife was away yesterday so I spotted my window of opportunity to bring the headlining inside for a bit of a re-glue with some high temp trim adhesive. It had been raining on Friday and the boot seal is a bit weepy so I also took the opportunity to use her Vidal Sassoon to dry things out before gluing. I only got caught because I put it away properly, haha. It cleaned up easily with a sti
  3. I don’t know much about flat configurations, but I think this is to do with intake and exhaust manifold layout. They have an unequal header length, so by the time the sound wave pressure pulsation from each cylinder reaches the main exhaust they are phased differently.
  4. https://blog.prosig.com/2011/08/09/how-to-measure-noise-vibration-in-rotating-machines/ This should help you Tim. When it gets to the end and is showing FFT vs rpm for a 4-cylinder engine, you can see the dominant order is the firing frequency, two combustion events per crank rotation, second order. That gives you a lot of the character. Different cylinder counts have different primary firing orders, 3-cylinder engines fire 1.5 times per crank rotation etc... That’s where a lot of the character comes from.
  5. You can get 100mph (down a hill) out of the N/A 300D engine, but this is the resulting “emissions deposits” 🤣
  6. I like the juxtaposition* of the boring** name of Alan against the exoticness of an SM 😜 (*I had to look that up to: a) check it meant what I thought it meant and b) how to spell it!) (**not intending to offend any Alan's out there, it wasn't your choice to be named Alan)
  7. Enjoyable watch 👍 I relate to what you were saying about having almost written off buying a “lotto win” dream car; and how weird it feels to finally own something you’d always talked about but deep down thought you’d never actually get! I went though it recently with an early Granada. Cars like that, condition is irrelevant, their presence in your collection is food enough for all the motivation in the world! I’m not one for naming cars, but she looks like an Alan 😉
  9. On the way down to Land's End I just had to take M_AAF to St. Andrews Road Garage, Par - See the old Used Car Sales window sticker 🤓
  10. The 5th Biennial "Sports-car-or-at-least-summat-with-popup-lights" LeJog Reliability Trial - Part 1 Mission completed for stage 1! It was strange to turn up to the visitor centre and there actually be people there unlike the cold December mornings we're used to, but hey-ho. The 480 is running nicely. Everything making it trustworthy is performing as it should, but oh my days the dash does like to rattle...
  11. My passenger snapped a picture of Poo Boy for me on a recent outing
  12. Wear a Trench coat and hang out by the toilet block? On a more serious note, I’m not sure, but I am also up for saying hello. I’ll let an adult plan the details.
  13. Yeah, I was 22 and living the dream pretending to be an 80's business man (with my financial head buried firmly in the sand). To put it into context, with the insurance rebate from one month alone I managed to buy and insure a K11 Micra for a whole year. I sold the 924S to a Porsche specialist close* to what I got it for on account of it's good body and interior. They were either parting it for their stock or they mentioned they might put a new engine in it. I just checked - My last MOT was it's last MOT, so I guess they broke it for parts 😪
  14. Correct. It was a 924S. I'd set out to get the 2.0L for reasons of budget, but I couldn't refuse this one when I came across it for a good price. It was a blessing in disguise when it went bang though as I was paying £300 a month to insure it 😬.
  15. The 5th Biennial "Sports-car-or-at-least-summat-with-popup-lights" LeJog Reliability Trial For the last ten or so years a mate an I have made a trip from Lands End to John O’Groats every two years for reasons that are hard to explain. There is no real reason, it’s just sort of a tradition now. It started as a one-off adventure in 2011 where we aimed to hit all four cardinal points on the way from “work home” in Essex to our family homes in Yorkshire for Christmas. Man-maths were involved but it was a good excuse to drive my then current car much more than just home. We got as
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