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  1. RobT

    Morris 1300

    No I didn't. I tried in both directions though with the impact gun, and it wasn't budging. Maybe some heat and a 3 foot breaker bar I keep meaning to buy!
  2. RobT

    Morris 1300

    Next up was the ride height, as it's too high at the back. Not all ADO16s have these, but mine's got auxiliary springs that can be adjusted to raise/lower the rear. 11 in the above pic is the spring, and the adjustable bracket is below. This bit from the manual explains what to do. It says the radius arms should be in full bump position. Best I could do was load the boot full of sand bags, loosen the spring nuts, then max out on the clearance between the bracket and the subframe by adjusting the bolts. Result is the radius arms are tilted slightly, thus pulling the rear down (assuming I've understood it correctly). I went for the maximum clearance at 6mm. It was quite hard work doing all that seeing as I was under the car without it being on axle stands. Net result wasn't much difference, just 5mm lower at 365mm, so still 10mm above spec. Wondering if I should try adjusting the spring bracket above the recommended maximum. Worth a try I suppose. If stuff starts fouling I'll just back the bolts off. As you can see, no real difference visually. Looks even more dragster when parked on the level. This is after... Of course, I could always lob a few sand bags in the boot with the spare wheel and be done with it!
  3. RobT

    Morris 1300

    Been doing a few more jobs on this recently. It's been running too rich since I bought it, so a tuning session was finally called for. First off I set the timing with the help of the Carlton's battery. No idea why my timing light wouldn't run off the Morris battery. Parked this close the leads just about reached. All it needed was a tiny tweak, so next up was adjusting the mixture. I just backed it off by one flat of the adjustor and bloody hell, it goes like a rocket now (relatively speaking). It was running out of puff at 50mph and I was told a rich mixture could be the cause, so I need to take it for a run to test that out. Adjusting the dragging rear brakes may have helped too mind. I only managed to remove one drum as the OS hub nut is torqued to feck, so I need to revisit that with a longer breaker bar. My impact gun was beaten. Plenty of life left on the NS shoes, and it all cleaned up well, with a new-ish looking wheel cylinder. However, the increase in power* made the clutch slip again under load. So I adjusted the stop and it's sorted, but a new clutch might have to happen fairly soon.
  4. It would appear so. Just glad to see it's been fixed!
  5. Got there in the end! I bet you all get it fixed in 10 minutes. Just pretend it took ages yeah, for my sake...
  6. You and wuv are now safe, see above!
  7. Now sold to a trusted shiter and it'll be in safe hands. That's a weight lifted too, as I'm not very good at having broken cars sat around unless they're under cover or out the way of nosy neighbours. Which does limit what I can buy to a degree, which is no bad thing I suppose...
  8. That's the thing, I don't really. Plus it'd need to get transported to wherever the pro is. I've had 18 months out of it so haven't done too bad - old car can shat itself at any moment disclaimer etc.
  9. This is where it currently resides, as my garage is now full of Morris. Think I've been pushing my luck doing car tinkering in the communal parking area, not that I should care but I do. That's another reason to shift it, no room.
  10. Thanks Stanky but I've bought one now (the one egg found after doing some parts searching). I'll see if a new base plate is the miracle cure before loading the C&C advert. Bit sad to be giving up but the interest has evaporated...next pleasure* is the broken Carlton. Recored radiator is pending collection, so I'm keen to get that bugger mobile again!
  11. New gaskets made no difference, so price drop to £500 if anyone fancies buying a headache. Even that might be too expensive, I dunno. Will lob it on C&C today and see if that garners any interest.
  12. Yep I've tried him in the past for advice when I had those noise issues, but it only went as far as emails. He's a Renault 4 specialist and doesn't really get involved in other stuff. Plus he always seems to be busy, which is good for him!
  13. I've bought that for the sake of a tenner, so what I'll do is: -Try the thicker gaskets first. -If no success, then the new base plate. -If still no success, definitely give up on it. Or perhaps remove that heatshield no. 2 for one last fettle.
  14. ^^ I thought it did but I'm not so sure now. Looks like egg has cracked it with some parts sleuthing. I haven't removed parts 1 or 2 in that exploded view, so it could well be an issue with those instead seeing as I've disturbed things from above.
  15. Nope, but I'll do that next time on a flat surface. I've been careful not to overtighten previously, although I'm hoping on the last attempt I didn't overdo it and warp any of the bases. A job for Saturday when the roads and shops turn to bedlam...can't be arsed even looking at the damn thing at the moment.
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