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  1. Gotta love a Sava Centre. Sydenham SE London. I also shop here sometimes, if I can bear it. Too busy and full of scrotes these days.
  2. Giffer looking sheepishly at the store manager...
  3. ^^That's definitely a chod botherer taken those (for our future benefit). Montego one is class.
  4. Beckenham, SE London c1983. I drive up this ramp every week to do the weekly shop. Always in shite, last few times it's been the 11. Doesn't look much different now, apart from the ramp has some massive pot holes. High Street ped entrance. Thanks for the link Trig. I was hoping to go to bed soon. No chance. Too much to perv over.
  5. There are grooves either side, as it loops around various pulleys. I think the way it goes over the alternator means it has to be. @wuvvum I'm sure you know this already, but the internet recommends getting the more robust XC90 strut top mount and bush as a replacement. From memory it was only a few quid more. I wimped out and gave that job to my mechanic.
  6. Looks lovely, good luck with it FP. I'm not the normal one on AS either. In fact, who is? Surely there isn't one.
  7. The alternator in my S60 packed up last weekend. Being 100 miles away I needed recovery home, and Autoaid did the job. Kiltok of this parish also assisted by giving up his Sunday morning and helping with diagnostics. A+ shiter, cheers m8. £73 later for a refurbed replacement and I was dreading doing it, but cracked on today. Ancillaries moved/removed. Interesting* photo of the shiny new one in situ. Despite the fact it took me all fuggin' day because I'm a slow coach, there were no major dramas and the process was quite logical. Thank you Volvo. I was almost afraid to start the car in case the aux belt shredded or slipped off, but all seems well. Now the electric boot release doesn't work, but I'll leave that for another day. I also noticed it needs a ball joint, after investigating the occasional front end knock last week. It never bloody stops, does it. However, I mustn't forget this car took us to Sweden and back recently without fault, so I feel lucky the alternator decided to shat itself in Lechlade rather than Malmo...
  8. RobT

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Galant is a '95, so classic insurance should be available I'd have thought.
  9. As for me, I've still got the Metro (only 6,000 miles done in 10 years) and other cars were a Rover 114, Montego GSi, and a Volvo 360 I think. I'm quite pleased that my future self still has the Metro and other old crap. My fondness for 80s/90s Vauxhalls didn't really exist back in 2010, so you could say age has impaired my judgement...
  10. Well, Gary achieved his goal. Top work.
  11. That time of year again. MoT is due 1st November and I replaced the lower arm today, as the ball joint was knackered. Took me 6 sodding hours. Finished it in the dark... I've never replaced one before, and it should be relatively straightforward. But for some reason it was a right PITA. Part of it was due to me being simple, but getting the new one on just proved difficult at every point (especially getting the ARB reconnected). Pry bar and lump hammer got heavy use today. The offending balljoint. Tools strewn everywhere. New one in situ, finally. The steering certainly feels lighter as it had been stiff for a while, but the other side can wait. I'm broken after all that effort! As for other MoT prep, I need to check the usual gaitors, exhaust, brakes etc, and an oil and filter change would help. It was running very rough after the French road trip, but new plugs and a clean of the throttle body seems to have helped. Idle is still a bit uneven, but after four years I've given up trying to cure that.
  12. I bought a tag, which made it half price and can also be used on the Great Belt bridge. The latter was full price, but two crossings on each totalled £98. I did consider getting the ferry, but was enjoying the drive so went the long, more expensive way!
  13. Amazing on all counts. Lunatics! Looks quite a mean thing without the trimz.
  14. Rank Fester. East Dulwich. Nice wheels. On the ferry to Calais Denmark. Sweden. V6 no less, and it worked... Native Chuffed to spot this Senator whilst driving past at 50. Had to go back obviously.
  15. This is due an update. Gaffer FTW French intermarche spot As above. Taken from my Cav's rear view mirror. Pimlico. 500 yards from home. Southsea juxtapose. Streatham pair.
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