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  1. Same here, must admit I find these and similar bilge like Mazda Demios quite appealing. Can't go wrong at the price you paid either. It's been a good week for you, keep it up!
  2. Nah, on the train home m8. This was an HMC funded collection and delivery caper. Quite timely actually as I was due a day off!
  3. Devon was achieved. 240 miles at 36mpg so not too bad. It won't be rushed is probably the polite way of describing the performance. But it's perfectly adequate. Another good blind purchase by @HMC
  4. Belated pez shot back home. Just wanted to get out of Ilford tbh. Also needed a piss, but good luck finding any public toilets there. Drives really well, nice and wafty. Probably not quick but I'll find out tomorrow on the run down to Devon. Was perfectly adequate bimbling around London.
  5. Yes they do. I still regret selling mine. Same as that one bar the boot spoiler.
  6. The Cav again. Above six were in Herne Hill, spotted three months after the ULEZ extension. Owners of stuff like the S123 and 340 probably just pay up and consider it another cost of motoring. Or they've got rid now. Same applies here. Big house, old money car 300 yards inside the ULEZ. A stalled project. Been on stands for ages. All the builder's gear just fits around it! Amazon moves. The catpiss Jag doesn't, obviously. A few Normandy spots from this year. Best one being this... I parked up the Espace one evening and this appeared the next day. I think it belongs to some winner in the new flats that have been built up the road. And another local spot, 3.0 V6. Doesn't live here, but I spoke to the bloke once and he uses it to carry his ladders and tools around. I think he's a semi-retired odd job man. ARGENTA. Must go back for a better photo. People were milling about. How dare they. I'll take the Morris when I do, as a photo next to this wonderful heap is required. I'll finish with a Roller on Great Portland Street.
  7. Well overdue an update here I think. I'll start from April 2021. Local AX. Was a new spot 18 months ago, and it's still there parked on street. Putney. Could be 1998 again. Another Beckenham local. Didn't stay long though. Greenwich. Faversham Mini 850 deserves two pics. Probably a gifferette owner. South Norwood bilge, not far from BL Les. West Norwood. Sums the place up really... This was fabulous. Helpful plate to aid identification. Near Whitstable IIRC. South London Roller. More locals, above and below. Glad it's not just me driving old shit around here.
  8. Xantias have a tendency to bite me on the arse, but thought I'd try changing the accumulator. Had one in stock m8, together with a sphere removal tool and some LHM+. Never throw stuff away... Pump ticking is now less frantic, so that'll do.
  9. Fucking brilliant. I hope it doesn't ruin you, but life's too short.
  10. Likewise. If you need any help with the Mondy let me know. Or even just a session of tinkering with very little actual progress (something I excel at).
  11. Indeed it is. I think Craig Cheetham still has my old V6 one. Probably worth actual money now.
  12. Got this one here FOC if you'd like it m8. I'm never having another....
  13. I've been over twice recently and Total pez prices didn't seem too ruinous, relatively speaking. That was in Normandy. Tried to keep off the supermarket stuff as the Xedos seems a bit fussy as to what it drinks.
  14. An utterly superb and inspiring road trip thread. Glad the Panda did you proud Ian.
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