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  1. God I look emaciated in that pic. Clayts is a gent for delivering this Viking-badged long boat, cheers m8. Looks swish.
  2. Ah, so that's what it is. I had the noises intermittently when I owned it. Had all manner of ideas about the possible cause, until one day I got really annoyed with it and drove it like the clappers for 30 odd miles. They stopped after that so gave it no more thought...
  3. Awesome spots. The ones on the previous page are something else. That old Rolls rotting away in a front garden, and the Viva Escort combo with bits of cardboard stuck in various places are my favourites. I also use Google to case out spotting locations, but only as a guide i.e. if I spot a bit of tat I take the chance that the general area will yield some gems. So in that sense I lack your commitment to the cause of documenting old shite.
  4. Not the first time something has gone over my head! I'll get the Metro done at some point then. Probably...
  5. Looks ace Phil. I didn't know they were mobile, I always thought you had to take the car to them.
  6. Done a collection today. 2 litre pez auto flavour, which is a Xantia combo I've been meaning to try for a while. I did actually need something else too for a variety of reasons, which adds a certain pressure to the situation. But thankfully it's turned out to be a bloody nice car. Deceased giffer owner who spent £980 on it last year, and £1,400 in 2018, so he clearly loved it. Shame it's in doom blue mind, but you can't have everything. It's the first time I've used the trains since March, and it involved a trip through central London. Gave me palpatations for the firs
  7. Actually yeah you're right. It's likely to be lines or hoses isn't it rather than a duff cylinder. I think the hoses look fairly new, but so did the clutch hose and that one had collapsed internally. Yes still on the steel lines. I'll add it to the list after the clutch is done. It's having a rest for a month or so whilst the Metro gets some use. Are you near hitting the road with it then? Edit: sounds healthy enough in the video!
  8. After adjusting the rears on mine they became alarmingly shit, as in excessive pedal travel. A bleeding session yesterday improved things loads, and the fluid that came out was very dirty. I think I need to replace the rear OS wheel cylinder, as the pedal wasn't going down easily a few times with the nipple open.
  9. Everything about that is wonderfully half arsed, even down to the tarp just lazily thrown over it. Great find!
  10. So long as its not about to snap in half, make the most of 'MoT exempt m8'...scruffy is fine anyway, this is AS after all. How's the clutch? That's another big expense that's looming on my Morris, so I hope you're alright on that front.
  11. Yep, it's definitely worth one big expense on this glorious brown barge I'd say.
  12. That's my thinking when driving on the continent. In the event I can't fix the car by the road side, I just want recovering somewhere safe and the car becomes expendable. All I'm interested in after that is a bed for the night and onward travel. Which is why I'll never drive a car abroad that I'm not prepared to junk!
  13. I think the best or only option nowadays is to get them recharged with nitrogen. There's a few places that offer the service. £110 per Hydragas can, or £95 for Hydrolastic from here: https://hydragasandhydrolasticservice.com/hydragas-service/ Hydragas displacer units gradually lose their gas over time, which is perfectly normal. When new the charge of gas was expected to last a maximum of 15 years which was the estimated life span of the car. No provision was provided by the manufacturers to replace the gas and many of the units are now over 30 years old. Most are so low on gas th
  14. Sounds like it's time to hit the classifieds again. As you say, the box has been ticked, but there's so much else to be enjoyed out there. A low cost, big liability mile muncher perhaps? Citroen C6...
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