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  1. RobT

    Morris 1300

    Thread resurrection time. After 12 months in slumber on my parents' drive, this old heap will be my winter/ULEZ beater for local trips. I collected it yesterday and fortunately the showers had stopped for the 20 minute drive home. Good job as the wipers were inop. But this morning they fixed themselves so that's a job off the list already. Plans are to do some mild tinkering, like replacing the knackered door seals and do a proper radiator flush. A big job I undertook in early 2022 was a head rebuild. Big to me anyway as I'd never removed a head before. New stem seals were the initial reason for doing it as the smoke on start up was an embarrassment frankly. That turned into a hardened valve seat conversion (with new valves obviously) and loads of other ancillary shit I've forgotten. The upshot was it drove much better and hopefully it'll continue to do so. Now I'll just crack on and use it as often as possible.
  2. RobT

    RobT's Spots

    It was glorious. I lingered for a while just taking it all in. Parked on its own under an arch like it was 1981 again.
  3. RobT

    RobT's Spots

    Final lot for now. Hammersmith & Fulham. Took me all day to see this lot, but it's heartening to see stuff still knocking about. Merc botherer had two more under cover. This had a notice slapped on it. Some 51 platers flicking the V at ULEZ.
  4. RobT

    RobT's Spots

    Northern Spain. Ooft. Seen in the same town as the Espace, Cangas de Onis, if anyone is interested.
  5. RobT

    RobT's Spots

    Central London. Wimpole Street winner, or thereabouts. Westminster. Been there years these two. Roupell Street. Back to SE London. This is local to me and I'm surprised it's still around. I nearly swapped my old Safrane for it in 2018 I think.
  6. RobT

    RobT's Spots

    This here south London. Posh area, check. Zero fucks given, check. @Skizzer Espace with some local MCM before it became a ULEZ refugee. That was in a pub car park near Biggin Hill where all the RAF pilots used to hang out.
  7. RobT

    RobT's Spots

    Time for an update. A few Cornish spots from May. Being used as intended. Marvellous.
  8. Sadly it's gone, which might be a recent thing. But he's replaced it with a Caro. Spud cam drive by photo. I had a search and the Polonez was in a Telegraph article in March 2022. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/cars/classic/uks-rarest-cars-1989-fso-polonez-one-11-left-britains-roads/ Rabiej’s G-registered example is one of the few surviving right-hand drive models still on the road, mainly due to the factory’s limited protection against corrosion. I had to sign up to The Telegraph to get that screen grab. Things you do eh. Better phone up and cancel the subscription tomorrow as, of course, there's no option to do it online.
  9. There's a low millage one that lives near me. Photo from January 2021 and the MoT ran out 9 months later. Still there albeit with pogged paint. ULEZ is irrelevant seeing how he doesn't use it.
  10. Cracking purchase, and correct gearbox option too. Manuals are fine but the auto 'box in these are one of the best I've ever tried.
  11. Yep. If you want some clown to enter random codes and disable your car, I'm available 24/7.
  12. I'll be a day visitor on Saturday if that's alright. Either in the Polo that I've spent two months fixing (HGF) or the Espace. The latter might be better though as I could act as a shuttle service for the drivers collecting chod from storage.
  13. I won't be able to make it after all now. Been feeling crap mentally this week, and 600 miles in the Espace might be asking too much (of both of us). But it'll be good to do some shite related events soon, so will aim for a FoD meet instead.
  14. Sod the exotic stuff, Fuego please. Thank you.
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