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  1. That's had me in tears......of laughter!
  2. Now that's something to celebrate. Getting older has benefits!
  3. Three weeks ago the Xantia sprung a hydraulic leak. I felt a bit glum as I thought it was curtains. But £40 later I bought some compression joints and pipe. WAFT MODE REINSTATED. Access was a faff even though it doesn't look so in that pic (and fingers crossed the joints remain dry) but by gum I've missed the ride. Together with the new accumulator it seems better than ever too, so I'm feeling like a right smug bastard this evening. Just to temper such feelings, part of the rusty front wing finally fell off. I had a dig and the sill and body seems to ha
  4. That's nice to hear, thanks! Must admit I have been learning a fair bit this year with the older stuff. Although I reached my threshold when that Carlton needed the head gasket doing. Oh to have a yard or unit...
  5. Liked for the update, not the Jag delays & potentially knackered Focus bearing. Hope you get it all sorted m8.
  6. Good old fleet logistics! Winter daily the Invacar? Just put a big coat on for the cold days...
  7. Indeed. I should say at the time of my garage break in it contained a 1997 Rover 114 SLi. The CVT gearbox had main bearing failure, so I almost wished they'd taken it. Edit: above is in response to lesapandre's post on the previous page. I should've quoted.
  8. I suppose a length of chain befits the giffer nature of the car! Generally it's OK around here, although a few garages were broken into earlier in the year. I had mine done 9 years ago, literally a few weeks after we'd moved in. They lifted the bikes and other stuff but left the car untouched. Sometimes driving unwanted old crud helps.
  9. That's the issue, and also the general clunkiness of Diskloks. Hopefully the various other solutions I use are better than nothing.
  10. It's garaged overnight, and I've got a stoplock gear lever thing which I must remember to use. I don't tend to leave it parked up for long, but you never know.
  11. Fleet update time. The Rover 820 finally has brakes again, after a month on and off replacing calipers, and cocking up various aspects of the job. The final hurdle was replacing a brake hose. I got a bit carried away with the heat torch on the banjo bolt, causing the hose to melt, smoke and fizzle. Fire extinguisher was there just in case. But the pipe union wouldn't loosen and I ended up rounding it off, so I cut the pipe and had to flare the short section remaining. The point of no return... Surprisingly I've never had to flare a pipe before, but after a test run the in
  12. 1964 boring flat, but after nine years here I've finally got the right car. Garage en-bloc, to use estate agent speak. Tucked up against that wall on the right there was enough room to do brake work recently. Being inside and dry made a nice change, but it also meant I could leave the car up on stands and come back to it later, as inevitably things didnt go to plan. Biggest car I've had in there was the S2 Daimler Sovereign. With about 5mm spare each end.
  13. @hairnet 33 is walking distance from me. Can store for you in the meantime...
  14. Yes Phil, very tidy indeed. The underneath is reassuringly solid, faded lacquer peel paint FTW, and the interior is generally good and complete with all seven seats. I should also say the pez shot was staged, as @worldofceri delivered it safely yesterday. A++ trailer services, but you all know that already.
  15. Lad's a dreamer, but only the best washer fluid amongst this lot... Oil = 5-30 Castrol Edge, Coolant = Renault Orange, Brakes = Motul RBF, Gearbox Elf Tranself NFP, Power Steering = Penrite PAS Washer fluid = Tesco.
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