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  1. +1 to all of that, especially the bit about HMC. Top shiter who deserves better things out of life.
  2. The British Gas Astra is fantastic. Want!
  3. I hope that grime isn't structural, brittle French plastics and all...
  4. I've always preferred it over the S80, which IMO looks staid in comparison. Rear passenger space isn't great in the S60, but I'm sure some of that is due to the boot being massive instead. The indicator switch was being a bit weird when I bought it, so was expecting some massive faff to remove the stalk. But it was dead easy, and some contact cleaner fixed the issue. Also changing a dipped bulb was a 2 minute job, which is good as blown bulbs are a regular thing on these apparently.
  5. A few weeks ago I joined the 21st century and bought this Volvo S60. It's a 2.0 pez T S auto with 180bhp, and looks faster than it is. Although it has plenty enough go for me. The 5 cylinder engine also has a nice hum to it when either mooching or hoofing up a motorway slip road. The beige interior sold it to me, even if it is leather. I've always wanted to try one again after having a hire car back when they were current, and this one seems to have aged well. Quite literally a FSH, albeit the intervals seem a bit long, and four flippin' Michelin CrossClimates (which need swapping around as the fronts are 2mm down on the rears). The lad who owned it seemed quite particular about his cars, and had the tracking done every year on top of other jobs. I can see why as it does seem to follow the camber of the road, plus the steering wheel is slightly on the piss, so it might need doing again.. He said it was a lot worse on the previous Pirellis. Being on 225/45s the ride is too twitchy for my liking, so given the choice I'd have something with an actual sidewall. But you can't be too choosy in sub-£500 land! It's a working vehicle which is the main thing. Obviously it's got some issues, the main one being a noisy near side strut top. The noise is intermittent and not too hideous so I'm hoping it's early stages. I'm also wondering if the twitchy ride is partly down to knackered struts, but I can see a cheap car becoming expensive so I'm planning to do the strut top myself. Just wondering if it's ill-advised though considering I've got to use spring compressors...never used them before. Despite possible strut top doom I took it to Norfolk last weekend, fully laden with four people plus luggage, and it was comfortable and returned 34mpg overall. After initial thoughts of 'meh it's a modern' I must admit it's growing on me.
  6. Real shame I have to miss it this year. But I'm currently in a field in Norfolk getting drunk, so am there in spirit. Dying to see the weapons grade wuvvum has turned up in.
  7. Entertaining read, cheers m8, and good luck with the new job!
  8. Superb. I think I need to use your man in Worthing for the 11. Better join the queue by the sounds of it.... I reckon I've got driveshaft issues too. Just hope I don't complete fuck it up by driving it down there.
  9. Going to a good home by the sound of it. Happy result all round!
  10. Have you got Euro cover for it Chris? Or was it a case of just pray and nurse it back to Calais?
  11. Yes to the slot mags. Others may disagree... Would grey on the roof work? I'm thinking inverted duo tone Rover R8. Or cream perhaps.
  12. Excellent stuff. Bit of weldage and away you go...! I'd also like an early Supercinq, but in auto flavour as I'm a masochist. Good ones are starting to get expensive, relatively speaking.
  13. RobT

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Feeling brave? SD1 2300 for £650. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-2-3-S-ST1-for-restoration-or-spares/183816174214?hash=item2acc4c3a86:g:JsAAAOSwcvRc3xr0
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