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  1. Thanks for saving this as overall it's a decent car. Hopefully it won't need much for a new ticket in October. It isn't entirely watertight though...in the next downpour you might notice a moist passenger carpet. I sealed up the satanroof, but it could be the door seal that's the problem. But at the end of the day who cares, so long as it runs!
  2. Where's the auction place?
  3. Mind you, a few people did help him push it to one side.
  4. I'm surprised there weren't more FTPs in the queue. I offered to tow the Avenger that conked out on the access road (he was up that sloped part), but by the time I reached him it started up again. No other sod offered, and he was at least ten cars in front of me.
  5. Great boost to the mojo, isn't it. Although we're still in that post-show danger area where the eBay searches are being hit hard. After seeing the wonderfully blue interior of @Kiltox's Mk3 Astra I'm wavering... Nice Rover products BTW.
  6. A week day evening? Mine's running at the moment. Not sure how long that'll last mind...
  7. Blimey that sounds a bit of an effort. Maybe I was lucky with my manifold replacement then. Although I'm not entirely convinced the new but used replacement doesn't have a crack somewhere.
  8. There was a Bristol and an Interceptor there this year. Yet @RoadworkUK had to plead his case for his lovely 306. Very odd.
  9. Didn't realise you were there either. Would've been good to catch up. Hope you're keeping well!
  10. Those words are all too familiar to me. Hope you managed to sort it.
  11. Possibly. I'm a skinny fecker with glasses, and had a beige shirt on today.
  12. Plus yours has one of the best velour interiors I've ever come across, so to speak.
  13. For one day in my life I thought I'd feel special. But three of the buggers at the same event...
  14. Email it to me if you like @wuvvumand I'll do as Ghosty suggested. Although no aunts involved in this instance.
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