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  1. Thanks, yes, not been much fun but good news is Dad’s headstone has been paid for. Bad news is the council have said it will be 8 to 24 weeks before they do the footings to enable its installation. Just over £2k for the headstone and £250 to the council. Was hoping it would be in place for the first anniversary but seems that won’t happen now.
  2. Finally concluded my late Aunt’s estate today. It’s been 4.5 years of grief and our solicitor yesterday asked for an updated electronic transfer form to be sent. I threw my toys out of the pram at this. They’d been sent one a month ago and acknowledged receipt. So I asked why? They just said our accounts dept have requested it. Advised them this meant printing it, posting to Scotland, taxi to post office and another 3 weeks delay for something they already had. I advised nothing had changed since the last one was submitted and I was tired of their constant delays, mistakes and frankly stalling tactics and was now concerned about where the money actually was. Suggested I may now have to speak to the Police. Low and behold, no need for new form, funds transferred to mum this afternoon. Cunts! Sister is adamant she is now going to the Irish law society to complain about the utter incompetence of this shower of shit law firm. Mum is in shock and can’t quite believe it’s finally over. She was in good health when it started and is now wheelchair bound. Pisses me off they’ve robbed her the chance to enjoy it, as her sister would have wanted.
  3. Must have been the late 80’s when a mate picked me up in his mum’s new Polonez. I felt really guilty when the window winder came off in my hand five minutes later😬
  4. Must be a rare colour now but those wheels hideous!
  5. Wow! Are you willing to share what the ball park cost is for the paint job? I’ve just been given a ball park figure of £10k to strip and respray the Cortina😬
  6. I’m sure @sutty2006 will be along soon to confirm, if the gala pie hasn’t come back to haunt him!
  7. Back now from sunny Perth and the suppliers road show. It was sunny and it was a good couple of days, with much love shown by the claims handlers for what we do. Anyway, we hired a car and paid for a premium level 3 car and got a Golf 1.5 with 47k miles. Avis clearly keep their fleet longer than others. It was ok but a bit gutless. We flew in to Edinburgh and then drove to my mum’s for a quick cup of tea and then up to Perth. Shoutout for Perth, very clean and the Aviva building is quite something. For all you doubters, the main focus is sustainability and what’s best for their customers. Looks like a great place to work and they really seem to look after their staff. The drive from there back to Edinburgh in the sunshine yesterday morning was a bonus, beautiful!
  8. I know how you feel! I have none of the Chevette I passed my test in, or my Manta but I think I’ve posted a pic of my Carlton on here in the past.
  9. Love these, thanks for sharing!
  10. Your paint finish on that wing looks amazing!
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