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  1. My dear Dad passed away this morning at 1.15. I can’t quite believe he’s gone but know he would have been so happy that me, my brother and three sisters were with mum when he went. God bless you Dad.
  2. Not sure whether I should post this or not but they say it can help to get things off your chest. I am currently having the worst time of my life. My dad was admitted to hospital late last Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, in agony and bleeding from where he shouldn’t be. They then found some cancer on his bladder, then Friday morning I got a call asking me to come immediately.I was in Chichester, he is in the RAH Paisley. He was being taken for a scan when he had a seizure and a heart attack. They brought him back with defibrillator but he’s been in poor health for the last few years and has a DNR notice at home which they, of course, weren’t aware of. I headed back to base whilst my wife packed a case and left in the Skoda about 2pm arriving at the hospital at 10.15pm after an horrendous journey. He was still alive and said he’d seen my 4 siblings and was just waiting for me. He’s still hanging on now but has said he wants to go and now has a DNR notice for him at the hospital. I am trying to be strong and remain upbeat for my family but we’ve been told there is no recovering from his position and it’s just a matter of time. I am so sorry to post this but am so desperately sad. He has been the best Dad anyone could have wished for and I my eyes are full of tears as I write this. Sorry again.
  3. I think it’s an L with the wrong wheels on. Should be steels with chrome hub cap from memory.
  4. This is where I am at the moment. Still needs more sanding and filling but forecast is bad so wanted to get a couple of coats of primer on it before the rain sets in: I hate doing bodywork, which probably explains why it’s 30 years since I did any. No matter how much you think it’s smooth and ok, as soon as you put some paint on, all the pits and shit show up. I will persevere!
  5. Saw this near Yaldon in Kent today. Same year, colour and spec as my dad’s first company car that I went with him to collect when I was 4 years old: I am of course talking about the Cortina😆
  6. Yep, took them a week to source it though but it is the correct colour and top tint. The chrome surround is actually attached to the screen by teeth and is not available, hence black rubber now. Nice to have a clear view with no chips, scratches or swirls though👍
  7. The screen was replaced on the Senny today and thankfully, the fitter was an experienced guy with a good sense of humour and we had a good chat. Took about an hour and a half all in and I’ve left a 5 star review: Not having the chrome trim isn’t that noticeable now so I’m very happy with the result. Bonus vid with wipers and headlamp wipers in action for those like @dollywobbler : IMG_2950.MOV Did some arch fillering afterwards, more flatting and a bit of stopper next I think: Not a bad day off!
  8. Holy shit! I’m really sorry to hear this and hope it’s soon sorted. Was it not dead locked?
  9. Crikey, at least this has managed 30 years before I’ve had to resort to this🤣
  10. Actually, things got worse with further digging and I can’t find those wheel arch repair sections now: Looks like duct tape for the MOT then🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Decided I’d make a start tidying up the rear wheel arches on the Senny This ain’t gonna be pretty… I know repair sections are available but I haven’t the time, skill or money to go down that route, so it will be rust converter and filler for now, followed by some really badly applied paint I expect!
  12. Thanks, it was a huge relief. There is also one on eBay now in Germany but has no top tint so must have originally been destined for a low spec Carlton I guess. Anyway, fingers crossed all goes well next Wednesday and I can then get it in for an MOT. Still needs water pump and matrix but I’m being put off by the HBOL saying the crank pulley needs to come off for the pump and other threads I’ve seen have suggested this will be a nightmare. May have to be booked in to my usual classic friendly garage for this when I can afford it….
  13. I must be on a roll, Auto Windscreens rang me today, they have located the correct screen! Fitting booked for next Wednesday 😃
  14. A colleague spotted this in Basingstoke this morning. Another with an original buyer too tight to opt for a passenger side mirror!
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