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  1. OMG! A Kettler Kettcar! I had exactly the same one! Happy days indeed😊
  2. After joining the EU and the huge grants given, the water became clear and the roads smooth. You used to be able to tell from the road surface when you entered the republic from NI, now it’s the other way round. In the process of selling my late Aunt’s house in Bundoran and sad I will have no draw to go back now, other than best of memories 🙁
  3. Wibble

    Dad cars

    Another memory, must have been 1999 and Mum & Dad were on holiday, west coast of Ireland and the now Mrs Wibble and I went to join them. By then I had the Senator and we arrive to find Dad’s Legend had died. Just the battery but local suppliers had never seen a Honda Legend so took a few days to get a replacement. As I intended to be pissed most of the time I said he could use the Senator. He was then also pissed because it was such a better drive than his Legend!😆
  4. Wibble

    Dad cars

    Sorry, just found these to add some visuals to my list: His Legend, with my then Carlton, sorry for rotationand his Mk5
  5. Wibble

    Dad cars

    From my birth in 1970: J reg Vauxhall Victor FD estate 1974 Mk3 Cortina 1.6L auto - his first company car, bright orange 1977 Mk4 Cortina 1.6L auto, silver 1980 Mk5 Cortina 1.6 auto base, red 1984 Carlton 1.8L estate, dark blue 1987 Sierra 1.8 GL estate auto, Galaxy blue 1987 Carlton 1.8L auto, black. He had this at same time as Sierra for a while as was in process of moving back north for promotion. Sierra at Heathrow and Carlton at Glasgow airport. This was his last company car, which he bought on taking earlier retirement. Just before he left, the transport manager down south recalled his Carlton saying it needed work before he took ownership. Was only 2 years old but came back with 4 new tyres (old ones in boot), 4 new shocks and a full re-spray. Dad had always sent a bottle of scotch to him each Christmas over the years😉 After Carlton came 2 Honda Accords, Honda Legend, another Accord then Corolla and, lastly Jazz. Has now sadly had to give up driving🙁
  6. Wibble

    Dad cars

    Not to mention cloth seats in the L! My Dad had a company 1980 Mk5 base auto estate. Seats were vinyl but he had GL side mouldings fitted to look less pov!
  7. 🤣probably! We just assumed it was the water. Remember running a bath in the 1970s in Co Donegal and the water was always brown looking. Assumed because of the peat.
  8. 😀Cidona, club orange and red lemonade, happy days!! Couldn’t find red lemonade on my last visit but other two were bought and enjoyed. Club orange sooo much better than Fanta or tango😋
  9. Love this car and my thoughts are with you and your friend, Emily. Love that you’ve saved it so far and hope you find the strength to continue with it!
  10. Yep it is, so could be that. MOT on mine has lapsed but a few jobs to do before putting it in.
  11. That would be great, thanks, but Sod’s law likely to prevail😆. Would be nice to get the reg though👍
  12. That’s great news, a real survivor, long may it live!
  13. Wow, thanks @wesacosa, an “L” in patinated yellow with tow bar, bloody love it😁
  14. We must see this yellow legend, anyone got any pics?
  15. No time for tinkering today sadly, so thought I’d just stick another photo in for now
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