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  1. That sounds logical, it was a looooooong train and must have had >50 vehicles on it. As you say, it was probably another vehicle entirely, I saw that shade of blue and the connection in my brainbox made itself I seem to think the UK-made Isettas were transported by rail as the works they were built at in Brighton didn't have a road connection it could have been a batch of them, who knows?
  2. Hearty congratulations on your test pass, that's really good news! Have you had this (potential spot) on your thread before? (apologies if you have) This is an old British Transport Film from the mid-60's, typically the interesting bit is the last 10 seconds, as the train speeds past and the orchestral music swells, there is a blue of light blue and some distinctive shapes. The problem is the train was going too quickly and the film is out of focus, the vehicles on the train could be Invacars of some description?
  3. Boing!! That is nice. I'm glad thatyou made it out of Croydon!
  4. I was going to do a collection thread, but the distance involved from getting it from RobT was so short (compared with some of the astounding journeys that are shown on these fair pages) that a poo count would have been a struggle to have got past zero and Nicole's/Papa's Renault didn't need petrol for two days after the collection so a pez shot would have been difficult, but here are some edited highlights: As it was the summer holidays, I had my, 'We've been following a splodge of ketchup on the map instead of the A224' manual navigator unit and dropped tool retrieval device with me. Armed with car seats, we hopped onto a Southeastern Railways grafitti strewn cattle cart for a journey to meet RobT, who is a true gent and took great pains to explain to me where the fuel pump wire had been fixed (in case it un-fixed itself on the journey home). The Clio started and the tailights disappeared into the busy traffic of South East London, so that was the warranty expired. It got home without any issues. I had a pile of tools and length of wire with crocodile clips (as well as two obliging volunteers children that can be coerced) just in case. That night at work during a 'lunch hour' I had a tickle with the fuel pump wiring. The back of the fuse terminal had been a bit French and broken off, leaving a tiny stub of metal and a loose wire. Naughty Renault! A bit of solder, a new length of clean (thicker gauge) wire and some heatshrink produced a strong repair. RobT had laid the foundations of this repair, as he had cut down the plastic sheath off the fuse box, all I did was Pritt Stick it together. I drove the Clio a fair bit in the days in between, I really enjoyed it's simplicity and honest 'an-car'ness. It does the job it was set out to do admirably. All of the controls are to hand and logical, it seats four without fuss, the four speed automatic is competent and will change up promptly if you are gentle with it. It's a much more mature 'package' than the Mark 1 Clio that I used to have. I guess I'll have to find another one now! I also received complaints from the rearward fitted navigator that there was a grating noise coming from the exhaust and banging going over bumps. As the roads where we live haven't seen Tarmacadam in many a year and the locals will nick even the dressing off the road, I figured it was happening a lot. The exhaust mount was a bit past its best. A new one was procured and changed and looked like this: After a quick hoover up and a rub down with the Sporting Life , I then took an actual satnav and the elder dropped tool retrieval device with me and we made the journey to Buckingham. Other than a belief that lane change indication isn't needed any more and pitiful lane behaviour on the M25 (nothing new there) the journey passed without incident and I was having a chat with the Cylinders less than two hours after starting out. After a good chat where we received valuable information on harvesting apples from @Mrs6C we got a lift to the station from @Six-cylinder in the floaty delights of the fleet's XM which wafted along, well, as you would expect an LHM Citroen to do. Thank you to @RobT for making the collection process as smooth as possible (149/10 would collect again) and to Mr & Mrs Cylinder for their hospitality and to North Western trains for being much nicer than Southeastern.
  5. I was rummaging through old holiday photos, I got wood in Amsterdam...
  6. Stuck a few quid in the jar, sorry that it's not much this month
  7. The garage round the corner to work had this in a few weeks back: I was chatting to the owner, as he was there as well. I seem to remember that he said it was a civilian vehicle (i.e. never sold to the military) it was a 1949 model and was originally registered in Cyprus. It got imported into the UK in the late eighties and had a rebuild/heavy restoration recently. The engine sounds absolutely brilliant. All of the controls, etc for the freewheel 2WD/4WD are all intact. The fat bloke with the bad hair is me, the bloke I'm talking to was a random feller who was tending to the green space over the way, he used to drive LRs in Iran in service and talked fondly of such things as using a LR to 'disperse' protestors and how heavy a LR is when laden with squaddies and their weaponry. Keeping my peepers peeled for more automotive oddities/porridge!
  8. Found a barried Escort van and a later Robin further up the estate the other day. I will make some time and get photos
  9. Went to the posher side of town last week, saw this - witness mark under the rear bumper says it's been sitting for a while - what is it with the body kit? Never seen one like this before. And something a bit more... 70's
  10. Leonard Lord (aka Lord Lambury) didn't help the matter, he was running BMC at the time BL came along and and carked it just as the takeoever was being negotiated. He also got Issigonis back and gave him the free reign to a) design the Mini and b) spunk insane amounts of money up the wall, along the floor and down the corridor. Wish he'd been given the title of Lord Lord, that woudl have been entertaining at least.
  11. The individual brands and dealer network that seemed to compete for the same customer base. Triumph and Rover were the upper crust badges, I imagine Wolseley about in the middle, with Morris and Austin branded cars were workaday vehicles that the average punter drove. Mini sort of existed as its own brand after the Morris Mini/Austin 7 bit at the beginning. The problem was, they all seemed to have duplicate ranges, with not enough to set each one apart. The range should have been simplified and vehicles refreshed every few years, rather than keep on dragging ancient designs on (the Minor is a classic example, 1948-1971 with some changes) but that stubbornness and lack of forward planning meant that from 1963, very little changed with the Moggie. That being said, the motoring press didn't help one bit. They had to be objective but could have been kinder. Retrospectively a lot of people (and Old Top Gear as well as Top Gear I'm pointing at you) have shat on BL, when really they churned out cars that got into the all important fleet market and provided families/small businesses with transport. Any vehicle, which might not have been technically advanced, or fabulously designed or built was better than walking in the rain (even if it let the rain in like my Dad's Montego).
  12. Oh the horror of those plastic clips that fit in the headlight and the bulb carrier pivots on! I rescued a LH headlight from Pease Pottage scrap yard a few years ago that had unbroken clips and looked brilliant, I put it in the van and drove back home. Just as I lifted it out of the van, the clip in the corner snapped I was dead chuffed* as I had pissed away an afternoon in the blistering heat, got covered in shit and now had two crap LH headlights. I then found a guy on eBay who was selling uprated clips, as I'm guessing you have. Fitted a pair of them and the problem has gone away... For now
  13. I recongnise a lot of those areas on the 900. Mine has gone in more or less the same places. Some excellent fabrication there, really top notch stuff!
  14. I'm really glad to see that you both have settled in and the BX is performing well with its duties - like it should! Are your new neighbours chod-friendly? That's the stuff, Winter is for fixing, and summer is for driving what you fix!
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