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  1. I saw something yesterday that lowered my opinion of my fellow species. I had the misfortune of riding a train from London out to the suburbs at 7:30PM. The train was busy, I was walking through the carriages to get a bit of space (my journey was short and even though I now walk with a stick, I can stand for a while) I spied an elderly couple (I reckon in their 80’s) standing at the doors clinging on to each other for support. All of the priority seats were full of people younger than me glued to their phones watching shite. I leaned over and asked the couple if they would like to sit down. They looked like drowning people who’d been offered a rubber ring. So I made a bit of a fuss and asked some people to relinquish their seats for this couple. The dirty looks I received from people were quite something to behold like I’d just asked them to give up their first born child or something. The experience left me feeling sad and grumpy. Back when I schlepped to London every day, (late 90’s to 2013) people on the train (and I) had the decency to give up seats if someone needed it, without being asked/shamed into it.
  2. Phwoar, good work there! Lovely colour inside and out Yogurt Truck Status: crashed
  3. Woodentops and lurverly SD1 jam butty outside Allders in Croydon
  4. I've got to admit, I skim-read the title and thought it said 'Radweld', figured I'd see a whole load of vehicles with late stage OMGHGF. Going by the pictures, it looks really good - bookmarked for next year
  5. I went out of my way to find old photos, although I admit I worked harder on the washing machine one because it 'had' to be a Zanussi
  6. Papped by my daughter last week: I *will* restrain myself and not mention that 'Mr Consumer Unit' would be a more modern choice
  7. That's a nice looking one! I've hankered after a Minor for years since getting a book on them out of the library at 14 years old. 25 years on and I'm no closer! As others have said, it's the state of the undercrackers that make or break these.
  8. This one @Christine? https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/15804121.gallery-36-pictures-broadstone-years-gone/#gallery3 Please, sir! Is it a Tippen Delta Mr @LightBulbFun? I have been doing my homework!
  9. That poor Lada, according to a family friend once removed, once Maureen passed her test she was just as lethal on the road as before.
  10. Phwoar,that is nice! Well bought, there is something about Vauxhall styling of that era, where they got it just right. Each model was different enough, but they had styling cues in common so they had a 'family' look. <Insert comment, these used to be so plentiful, etc, etc, etc>
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