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  1. Why worry? I've been making droning noises for years, and none of my wheels haven't fallen off... I would love to see the 205, mainly so I can beat myself up over not buying it myself!
  2. Loving the stories on this thread. Some of you have partner shiters and some not. The late Mrs_Boom had a 1989 Corolla in white when we met. Although she had given it to her previous husband when she split with him. It was more use to him than her as she worked in That London and was terrified of driving. She had a (very minor) bump in said Corolla a few years before while putting a cassette into the tape player. She never drove again. To coax her back into a car, I bought her a 2004 New Beetle which she never drove either (my neighbour has it now). Odd how fear can overtake and rule someone. The Corolla was a nice steer (I borrowed it when the ex husband went into hospital for a bit) although it had been owned by a Chinese takeaway before, and the interior stank of fish! (Well, that was the reason I was for told for the smell anyway). Eventually it became too frilly, and had some sort of air blockage making it run silly rich. It got carted round to the local garage who practically folded it up and had it ready for cubing in about 30 minutes. The Mrs was furious, glad I wasn’t to blame for that one!
  3. Mike Brewer isn't all that bad. I don't get why people dislike him so much, certainly he has a TV persona which can grate a bit, but in interviews, he seems to come across as normal and a bit humble. It could all be acting as far as I know. Ah, is that my coat? Thank you, here is my membership card...
  4. I'm trying not to add stuff from the other thread, it ain't easy...
  5. Excellent purchase, (I may be somewhat biased) they really do their job of fun transportation quite well. My kids always clamour for the school run in the Saab, even if getting out of the back seats is a chore. They look very decent in that blue (again, biased). Alas I can't offer much help with the errors, mine has displayed a host of them in my tenure; stability control failure, roof failure, headlight failure, locking failure, steering lock failure (that one is quite scary). On some occasions after being left for a few days the 'infotainment' screen won't start, and stops the indicator noise (because it's generated by a speaker, not a relay/timer). It all came down to rainwater getting down the nearside A-Pillar and playing havoc with the fuses, that and a lazy battery. I agree though your roof needs a Tech-II guru. You could always look up on uksaabs to see if a member has one local to you. I'll tag @Dabooka as well, as his thread has a good story of his 9-3 ownership.
  6. Yeah apologies, my phone decided to go from 18% to 1% battery in a few seconds when I was on the train. I decided to leave it alone rather than try and use it to post here. The joys of running an old smart phone. I'm home, exactly 100 miles later. My back feels better now than when I got into the car at 5:15, the seats much have some medicinal properties in them or something! I averaged 43.7mpg which is very respectable I think. I certainly didn't go on an economy run, although the A3 was slow when the rain really came down. The car was really sublime, felt very wafty but made good noises when pushed. I was very fortunate not have have to use the hand/footbrake at all on the way home. I wanted some time away from traffic to work out how to use it. It's more the scrambling for the foot pedal to apply it than the hand lever to release it that I'll need to get used to. It all seems very pleasant and works incredibly well. I needed a good work hack in my life again (I really miss my Volvo from two years ago) and this really fits the gap. In all, a great day. Despite the weather. Thanks again to @Stanky, top buyer 42/10 - would by from again, for making the process smooth and for the lift from the station in the new steed.
  7. Clapham Junction achieved: Hot Grindr action: and a musical interlude based in the area: My phone battery is getting a bit poorly, so you’ll be glad to hear updates will be a bit more sparse, Tren 3 achieved: off towards Portsmouth, and as long as I stay awake, I won’t end up there!
  8. A bowl of very boring cereal, too dull even for a photograph, plus my kitchen is an embarrassing bombshell after Boom_Daughter1 tried to make a mango smoothie. The results were predictable, but all fingers intact! Tren 1: achieved, was heavingly busy, forgot what that was like. Quite glad events in my life meant that I gave up with commuting in That London. Now at Denmark Hill (fairly hip bit of south London) awaiting Tren 2. Delightfully shonky bits of wood spacing the cast iron canopy supports from the station wall: Update: Tren 2 achieved. Pleasingly quiet as we rumble into Clapham Junction. I’ve not been on the Overground in years. Route map is hopeless, I don’t mind the lines being rebranded, it was a confusing mishmash of unconnected routes, in my eyes at least.
  9. And as evidence shows, parking would not have been a bastard, ah well. Todays steed will come as no surprise for those of you who watched/partook in a recent roffle. My journey involves going up to That London (or near enough) and then back down again South and West near to the coast. So have two sort-of appropriate tunes: https://youtu.be/dMfb9TRbUJc?si=ZXofCyckj2hw5Y1C
  10. Another collection thread begins: Plop count = 0 Rain = True Childcare arranged = True St Mary Cray, where all my dream journeys begin (except when there engineering works) It’s pissing down, I’m too simple minded for umbrellas and parking is a bastard around here, so I trudged to the station. I am consequently a bit damp, but looking forward to adventure (there and back). For context, I live over here in the gloom, on a hill so steep your ears pop if you drive down it quickly; that’s my finger by the way. Obligatory cheerful- but-piss-wet-and-nervous-bloke photo.
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