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  1. Oh the horror of those plastic clips that fit in the headlight and the bulb carrier pivots on! I rescued a LH headlight from Pease Pottage scrap yard a few years ago that had unbroken clips and looked brilliant, I put it in the van and drove back home. Just as I lifted it out of the van, the clip in the corner snapped I was dead chuffed* as I had pissed away an afternoon in the blistering heat, got covered in shit and now had two crap LH headlights. I then found a guy on eBay who was selling uprated clips, as I'm guessing you have. Fitted a pair of them and the problem has gone a
  2. I recongnise a lot of those areas on the 900. Mine has gone in more or less the same places. Some excellent fabrication there, really top notch stuff!
  3. I'm really glad to see that you both have settled in and the BX is performing well with its duties - like it should! Are your new neighbours chod-friendly? That's the stuff, Winter is for fixing, and summer is for driving what you fix!
  4. Top work sir. You has an Indestrucicar! I'm glad that you saved it. Respect and good vibes coming from my corner of the internet!
  5. Good work, a Volvo saved basically means you will be rewarded in the next life, or something like that. Tutankhamun saved a Volvo 240 in early Egyptian times and they looked after him alright. Having had a V40 for six years, I envy your seats, they look like they have barely been sat upon! Mine look more than a bit tired. I endorse Stanky's suggestion, however if you have a parcel shelf, poke a trilby hat and a wax jacket onto it.
  6. A local Pest Control company has LO57 RAT on one of their vans
  7. Not sure if this counts as shite, but might tickle the fancy of some of the Yank car lickers. I was at one of our suppliers in Bexley, and this pulls up, had a chat with the owner. It has a 5.7 L V8, and it sounds very meaty! His plan is to kit it out in the back and use it as a day van. The paintwork wears it's years well, marks and scratches show that it's had a real life. Thanks to Haydn for the photo, like a plum I had left my phone in the office.
  8. Good work sir, a fine stablemate to the Metro
  9. Some brass coming your way, better value than going out and more fun than starting at the stains in the carpet
  10. A chap came to fit some flooring at work a few weeks ago, turned up in tidy-looking H100 Toyota Hiace. I'm not sure why it is, but the overhang on one of these looks just right to me... I found this whilst taking some water samples in Gladstone Park in North London (horrible work appliance Transit courier misery spec parked behind) An cack-covered SD1 found in Croydon about a year ago. Shitty photos one this one, locals were up and about/had just come back from the police station, so had to be taken on the move in the van. Check out the headlining! Walking i
  11. Ooooof! That is pretty. Please may I have three randoms?
  12. "Is valewbal Hovercar M9". That looks like it got put in the crusher, and was just about to be turned into a Zanussi, then someone changed their mind at the last minute and it was dragged out, half crushed, neither dead or alive. A similar expereince could be gained from being in a Wetherspoons on a Friday evening (global pandemics notwithstanding).
  13. If it's not too late, please may I come along? Amberley Museum looks like a great day out, any venue would be brilliant for meeting like-minded folk.
  14. No probs, glad to have helped - I'm often on my own when working on cars, so it's great to have someone to talk to. Give me a shout if you need anything in the future, especially if you want the relay corner tidied up a bit. I'm sure that we have some sleeve at work that would neaten it up. I did get down to Winchester in the end, all was good, and I'm now furnished with a set of Saab 900 bumpers. Quite where I'm going to hide them, I have no idea. That's tomorrow's issue. The BX is a peach, a nice honest car, I really enjoy its idiosyncrasies. I must resist the urge to look on
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