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  1. Triple like for a Capri, a Bluebird and Alexandra Palace in one post!
  2. in June 1974 in Canada a baby girl was born in the back seat of a car. The cars owner, Alan and his neighbours, the parents-to-be had set out for the hospital in Alan's Morris Minor. However, after a tortuous journey involving galloping rot that shrank the car and knackered lever arm dampers, the girl was born before they got to the hospital. Overjoyed at their new arrival, the parents offered to name the girl after Alan, he declined and suggested that they name it after his now (completely wrecked and much smaller) transport, a compromise was reached. We know the child now as Alanis M
  3. This place has kept me entertained far more than the piss poor stuff the TV has to offer, some e-groats have been chucked in the pot.
  4. Blue fountain pen. Thank you for your work on this, it's cheered up the loading bay no end!
  5. The boring calendar of Swiss mountains in the warehouse has been usurped by the AS calendar. It has drawn admiration from the folk here at work. Every picture is a treat - thank you @brownnova, this is good work - very neat handwriting too!
  6. Hi, good to hear from you again Shalien. Recent events have cut down on my leisure/forum browsing time, so I dip in and out of here occasionally where time permits. Not a negative comment on UKSAABS, there's alway a good craic to be found there. The C900 still sits on my driveway making the place look tidy (it would have to be a right state before it makes the area I live in look any worse!) I started it up over the new year and took it for a quick chug around the estate/private test track. There may have been some unburnt fuel in the exhaust... Eventually the smoke c
  7. Welcome Shalien, there are a few of us UKSAABS folk also here, I'll leave them to reveal themselves...
  8. I'm glad I'm not the only person who plays that - excellent 'game'! I do need to find a way to hack the settings the change the traffic from being boring moderns to something a little more exciting. Hope that the mardy lifted ok.
  9. Where's the double laugh icon? That's cheered me up no end!
  10. Last week I finally replaced the thermostat on the Volvo, it sits in a cast elbow in a housing that is off the block. I was busy filling the expansion tank which is the other side of the engine bay with new coolant which was taking a long time to fill up. I became aware of a puddle around my feet. I loudly shouted "BOLLOCKS" to an empty industrial unit, and ran to get a 12mm socket and ratchet and nip the elbow up tight. There is the (I'm sure apocryphal) story of an engine bottom end rebuild being done, but the sump pickup tube gets left on the bench. The engine gets refitted to the
  11. Many thanks for my Secret Santa, this was actually a genuinely nice present to open. I was impressed with the Matchbox Transit dropside, my Grandfather drove one when he worked at Dibbens a long time ago. I love the multicoloured cable ties, these have been pressed into service at work already. Sorry, postie managed to only just deliver it, despite the postmarked date. I think the local delivery office has struggled lately.
  12. Bonus Derek and Clive reference, for those of us old enough... I lay awake thinking about this question last night. I don't have one. Out of the seven cars I've owned, I would give my right nut to be able to drive any one of them again (but not my left or middle one). So I dug out the Oujia board and got on to my grandfather who died about 20 years ago. His worst car ever was an 1985 Mark 2 Fiesta in artic white. It was an utter dog-egg. It was cramped, the gearstick stuck into his leg when it was in 4th. The seat coverings were itchy, it was slow and the radio couldn't g
  13. Postification has occurred, surprise* delight* and wonderment* will be the emotions of my victim.
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