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  1. Unfortunately on mine, the price for getting the emissions ok, is it running very rich.
  2. It drives spot on. No complaints. Just need to get it running fine, so its not chucking so much fuel down the exhaust. I know what you mean about the driving position
  3. The device moves the lambda sensor into cleaner air, so ECU thinks emissions are ok.
  4. Back from the garage. The excellent* after market cat fitted to the car, is not up to the job iro emissions, so one of these (or a generic version) has been fitted to con the EML. Garage verdict, is car will need a new cat as old one clearly not up to job originally, plus the amount of unburnt fuel being throw down the exhaust system will be doing it no favours. Didn't discuss price, as need to ponder the bugs fate.
  5. So, when the bug was delivered, it wasn't idling quite right and was chucking a lot of crap out the exhaust. Also a few pops from the exhaust that made me think fuel was combusting in the exhaust system. As with all things in my life, I've only just got round to looking into it, as the car doesn't get much use, so not top priority Car went off to garage two weeks ago, to be looked at between jobs. Plugged in and no error codes. Test drive by mechanic confirmed that I wasn't imagining the pops and bangs from the exhaust. MAF disabled and no difference A week of head scratching and car finally went on ramp this morning. Aftermarket cat (no biggy), plus an emissions cheat device found attached to exhaust. Off to the garage later to find out how much its going to cost to put right. I may just throw towel in, take the loss and roffle it for a tenner a shot.
  6. From memory the pre facelift mk2s used that button for heated mirrors. On post facelift, heated mirrors were combined with rear window heater.
  7. Then I use the manual option. I've been pushing my drivers mirror in by hand every night, since I owned it, until I realised the car could do it for me.
  8. Its here. Little button top left
  9. After owning the CRV for over 6 months, I've only just noticed its got powerfold mirrors. 20211006_115553.mp4
  10. Thanks. Interior lights don't work either. Will get a cheapo pattern part as suggested.
  11. The mondy has been misbehaving. Numerous little issues with the radio. Oh and the instrument cluster is dead. Given a lot of the electric for a mk4 is run through the cluster, I guessed the radio issue might be due to knackered cluster. So it needed to come out. As I still want a usable car, while I summon up the balls to spend 150 quid on a cluster refurb, I bought a second hand cluster for 25 quid. First up, remove the steering column upper cowel Then remove two screws and prise the top of the cluster out. Unplug the harness And pull out the old cluster Refit is a reversal of the process I now have working cluster, but the car has gained some mileage! The radio now remembers the date and time and the buttons light up at night Only difference is the cluster does not have instant mpg on the trip. Replacement was a couple of years older, so maybe not part of the package at the time.
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