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  1. The golf v5 has departed for pastures new, to the next village over. FB marketplace turned up trumps for once. The buyer was just like me. I could tell he had already decided to buy it, before he had even seen it What next? Well Mrs CSW insists no more buying cars and would be quite pleased if the ginger disastra left the fleet too. Decided it was not the best moment to tell her 1. I might have a ticket in a roffle 2. The disastra needs a few hundred quids worth of work TBF a roffle win (if im that lucky), is technically speaking not buying a car. Its winning a car. I susp
  2. Mint metro. 30k on clock and full ticket
  3. They do share parts with the ovlov. I would imagine that the bonnet release cable is the same. Why would ovlov and mitsi choose to fit different cables. Economic suicide
  4. Well bought sir. There's a p reg, nightfire red with lacquer peel and a coolant leak nr me for sale. Had to check the reg as thought you had bought it lol Its tempting as ive always wanted one.
  5. Always liked these big old Hondas No idea how to share a link from FB, so here's a screenshot
  6. If you had missed them, I would have posted them back to you
  7. Well if you get the winning roffle ticket, you get the golf and 40 quid
  8. If he does, I wont be worrying about buying rusty chod ever again
  9. I don't think you are being negative. Had the same fear when I saw the Olcit had joined the fleet. But Mr Hubnut knows himself and I'm sure has everything under control. After the Welsh two week lockdown all the cars will be concourse
  10. 20 quid doesn't buy much these days. But it does buy 4 hard working Romanians for 40 mins and a very clean Golf. New mats fitted
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