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  1. Prep for selling the Mondy and CRV. Mechanically both cars are in good nick. But they both have yellowing headlights, mondy has short ticket and they both need a good valet. So today, I went out and bought some wet and dry, a few different grades and dug out an old headlight restoration kit that had some polish left. Started on the CRV first. Decided to do it all by hand. Takes longer, but reduces the chance of melting the lens (yes I have done that before !). This is what they look like The camera does not show how bad they are. P400, P800, P1200 and finally P3000. 40 mins of sanding. Plenty of water. Then washed it off and hit it with polish. I'm really rather pleased with the result. Put some sealer on after. Took an hour. 3 more headlights (1 CRV, 2 Mondy) and a fog light (Mondy) to go. Will do them in the evenings after work next week. Another HBOL 1 spanner job completed, with no cock up
  2. Somerset Country Classic monthly meet, Blue Bowl pub, West Harptree. Only there for first 40 mins. Cars still arriving when I left. A selection of what was on offer Friendy meet. Will make it a regular on my Calendar.
  3. Cool. I'm going to try and make it. @andyberg Will you be going? Blue Bowl meet in the valley at noon
  4. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed the cruise wasn't working on the Mondy. Typical. Just when she is on the brink of leaving the fleet. Bit of googling re common issues, led me to buy a can of air from Amazon. Then point it at the steering wheel controls and keep blasting till no air left in can. And bingo. Cruise in now cruising again. I like simple fixes.
  5. Pics as promised. Good little local meet. 20220623_184454_2.mp4
  6. Off to a local car meet in 30 mins. Will post pics
  7. Liked for the 15 quid parts to pass. Not the original fail
  8. A little bit of love. The drivers side windscreen washer was not working. At the weekend, I popped the jets out of their holder and operated the jets. I could tell that water was getting to the unit, but it was clearly blocked. Ordered a pair from a scrappy. Remove old unit by prising it out at the front of the unit. Disconnect the water pipe and the electrical collection for the heater element !!!! How bloody posh? Then refitting is a reversal of the process. Does it work? Did Cookie manage to do an HBOL 1 spanner job? Course it works 20220621_190128.mp4 To celebrate, I took her to the car wash. She scrubs up well. She can now be booked for MOT, to see what lurks beneath. She drives bloody great, so I'm assuming I don't have much to worry about Then a tyre and sort the rear screen wash. Then cambelt and waterpump. Possibly oil pump balancer shaft too, although suspect that will be mega bucks.
  9. Mrs leaves for work. 2 mins later she calls. Car won't start. I go give her the keys to my CRV and I am reminded that she did tell me last week it was playing up. Quick trip to Halfrauds to purchase a new HB075. Surprisingly they were cheaper than ECP. It was a bastard to fit. No pictures as I was too busy swearing and threatening the car with being cubed. Passing pedestrians not to impressed with the language emanating from under the bonnet. Also forgot that @andyberg Jnr has a bloody trade card. Cock wombles. All done now.
  10. If it failed, it would only be getting driven to a garage for repairs, so I will be more than happy to take the risk. I know I will lose 2 months ticket but thats not an issue in the great scheme of things. Re the door, I think its the hinge but I'm hoping the hinge is adjustable. Weirdly its not doing it all the time, so I can live with it. My VCDS lite scanner, does many things, but does not disable the seatbelt warning. Will have to take a trip to Sic or meet him at a local car show / meet.
  11. So took a trip to Glastonbury this morning via a stop in Wells. 40 mile round trip. Lots of long steepish hills. On board comp says 50.9 mpg. Happy with that. 18 better than the CRV and 8 better than the Mondeo. And for me, my old knackered body and my driving style, the Audi suits me better. So i'm happy.
  12. I'm not entirely sure re test but I think that even if you get a fail, the existing mot remains on system. As long as there are no fails regarded as dangerous and car is in roadworthy condition to satisfy plod / magistrate, then it can still be driven. I don't even think the fail would show up on plods ANPR computer, because the existing pass will override it (kind of). In the next couple of weeks I will find out. Drivers windscreen wash is not working, so need to sort that first and bung a tyre on it. Then it goes for test.
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