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  1. I really miss my Zaffy. Although mine was not as nice as this.
  2. Parked behind the scrapyard in Minehead. Hopefully a coincidence.
  3. Audrey has had her cluster fitted with new IPK and her new battery. So took her for a drive. She's filthy, but I'm too scared to wash her, in case she leaks lol Still has slightly shaking steering wheel, warped front discs and a clonk fron n/s/f, plus many squeaks and rattles from loose or missing trim ( well its not missing, its just located in the boot). But despite all that she is lovely and relaxing to drive
  4. Last night, I installed the new Bosch battery, then put the cluster back in. Didn't work. But this is because I am an amazing* auto electrician. 2nd attempt and all went well. Now have working R75 Just have to work out how to get the dash trim back in. Because I can't get it to go back and im paranoid I will break it if I push to hard. And I forgot to take pics, cause I'm a muppet
  5. My Honda (Rhonda) - For the last week O/S/F tyre has been losing 5 psi a day. Took her to the local tyre place today, expecting a puncture. No puncture. Alloy is deteriorating and bead was not sealing. They cleaned up the rim and got it to seal. I need to budget for alloy refurb x 4, as the others don't look that far behind the leaky one. As a wonderful bonus, the fitter noticed a bulge in the sidewall of the N/S/R, so she is going in Tuesday for a new Kormoran. Somewhat disappointed as the tyre was new in January! Audrey - the repaired cluster arrived this morning (amazing service, I only posted it Thursday !). Looking forward to seeing a working IPK tomorrow. He also replaced the broken trip button for free Her battery is flat - not sure if its due to being sat around for long periods or its knackered (was new in January, when she was delivered from Montytom). I don't have a charger and in a fit of generosity, I went out and bought her a Bosch S4. Mrs CSW - its her birthday Sunday week. She has wanted a beetle (Golf mk4 in a frock), ever since they came out. As I am a crap husband with no imagination, I don't know what to get her, so I've been looking at local sub 1k beetles. Did VW build rust in to them?. Not found a single example locally that has not had advisories or fails for rust!
  6. So my cluster arrived with Rick at 11.01 today. At 12.42 I got a message to say, IPK had been replaced, he had also replaced the broken trip button and cluster was back in the post to me. Jesus H Christ, that is amazing service. Better get off my arse now and buy a battery charger or a new battery, because the cluster will be here on Monday
  7. Not sure where the language option is coded. If ECU you would have to take car to him, rather than just post the cluster. New IPK was 144 quid plus 11.35 for postage
  8. This is the guy - Rick Bhullar. Also has YT channel. https://www.facebook.com/1061484263977940/posts/3906903872769284/
  9. He fits new IPK screens. Details on R75/MG ZT forum or the FB page.
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