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  1. Kind of. Went to garage to get an update. Most of the warning lights and suspension failure was down to an old battery running 11 volts. New battery has resolved the issue. It needs a tie rod end, steering angle sensor and a steering rack. Once that's done, they can test drive it (the rack is so knackered, its dangerous to drive). He thinks the rumbling noise is down to a failing transfer box. They will drain it and see if they find any metal. If its clean, once the rack is in, he will drive it to see what else it could be. Then it needs new gearbox sump (the revised metal one), fix the sunroof leak. On plus side, mechanic says its not a lemon and overall good nick for a 173k Disco. I'm thinking I'm going to get a near 2k bill Sounds terrible, but total spend will still be less than equivalent ones on local forecourts. So not too bad. But, once its all done, it will be safe to drive and will obviously drive like a different car. Mrs CSW will be safe and happy. Just ordered replacement front fog lights, as old ones are letting in water. Im happy to start trying to improve it a bit. Landrovers are needy. But I like it. So much so I've seen a RR L322 locally for 3k. Diesel, Auto, Green with green leather. 100k and good history. Trying to resist.
  2. So it's been in garage since Monday. No word from them yet, though I did give them a long list of faults to fix. I may go and visit tomorrow for an update, as not knowing what is going on, drives me mental. Here is a picture of a cat, for no reason what so ever.
  3. High Littleton achieved 20 mins, luckily all down hill. Reckon its about the 1/10th point. May stop in a pub. Walking a long way was fun when younger, but not when you're 52, fat and unfit
  4. Time to worry. Disco is off to the garage tomorrow. As its a 2hr walk back after dropping it off, I decided to drop it off today. Except the estate is locked So I've had to leave it parked at side of road. Anyone want to bet, whether its still there in the morning? Will drive up in the Mondy when they open Monday AM, so I can discuss what needs doing. If I get any change from 1500 notes, I will be thrilled. If it gets nicked, I will probably be almost as thrilled lol
  5. I have bitten the bullet and ordered an Exide EA 1000. Seems to be the favoured battery on the forums. If its not the battery, at least I've got a new battery and a good spare.
  6. I didn't take a pic, but it was multiple modules, engine suspension, hvac, park brake, transmission. If they were all knackered, the car wouldn't function, so it probably is battery.
  7. Yes it reads all modules Does some dealer level stuff too. Also has Jaguar software, so if I ever buy one of those I'm covered. I do suspect battery, but as its going to a garage, they can sort it out. Later this week, I will clear the codes and then give it a run. Then read again and see what comes back.
  8. Due to Mrs Cookie being ill, the LR of many faults has not been used for a tad over a week. So I thought I better give it a run. I turned the key more in hope than expectation, but it did fire into life No warning lights either, which was a pleasant surprise. Well till I was half a mile down the road and the suspension fault came on, max speed 30 mph. Pulled over. Switched off. Back on again. Suspension fault gone But now a hand brake fault Oh well. Got home. And thought I should try the most expensive bit of kit, I've ever bought Yep, I spunked 185 quid on a diagnostic. Anyway, I plugged it in. I should have taken a picture, but frankly I was in shock. 10 plus faults !!! I admit I probably crapped myself, hence no pic. But then, when I restarted, no faults ! Probably is just a battery, but I'm loathe to fork out strong money without being sure. Anyway, its off to the local LR Indy specialist next Monday, to have the revised gearbox sump fitted, gearbox fluid change and investigate, fix the sinking suspension and fix the sunroof drains so the car stops flooding. I'm going to get them to read all the codes (many of which may be historic) and advise. At least the rear lights work. Heres a pic
  9. I've got some new speakers in the shed somewhere. Bought for one of the MGs. You are welcome to them
  10. Yes battery light goes out. Starts ok. Would have thought it wouldn't if Alternator was on the fritz?
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