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  1. 2 and 3 are bad points, cause I can't afford a fleet of 5 long term. Doubt if Mrs CSW would get rid of the truck and my Vectra is not going anywhere. Mum will go mental - with me - if I sell it to Dad Hurry up and get a job
  2. Today tha Alfa got a long run from Midsomer Norton to Blue Anchor on the North Somerset Coast (and back obvs). 115 miles at 34.2 mpg. Not too bad considering its a 2.0 in a big heavyish car. Good points Very very comfortable seats, handles well, luxury wafty suspension. Bad points 1. 30 miles into the trip, starting getting a slight squeal from front nearside. It would stop when turning left. Figured wheel bearing was starting to fail. Sound stopped after 10 miles. Return journey, 15 miles from home it developed a slight squeal from the front nearside wheel again. Would stop when braking. By the time we were home it was a very loud metallic screaming sound. It set off all the dogs in the neighborhood and I thought the glass was going to break Sadly don't have time to investigate tomorrow, so gonna have to present it for MOT as is, on Monday. 2. The Mrs drove it. Wants to keep it if Andy doesn't have it back. Even willing to consider selling her truck, which I never ever thought she would do. 3. My Dad (we went to visit parents on their holibobs), was very impressed with the interior, didn't care about the lacquer peel and may make me an offer if Andy doesn't want it back. A good day, despite going deaf for the last 15 miles
  3. Oh and the appaling lacquer peel on roof, bonnet and boot, is I believe due to car being wrapped at some point. There are a couple of tell tale marks on offside C pillar, where the wrap ended. When wrap was removed, a lot of the lacquer went with it. Mrs CSW has had her first drive in it. Likes the comfort / quietness and reckons its quite perky from a performance point of view. But says it looks like sh*t due to the lacquer peel.
  4. Goes in fine, but won't stay seated, so loses contact with the contact, if that makes sense. Advice from the Alfa club is that it can take up to two hours ! of faffing about to get the bulb to sit right. May resort to supergluing the bast*rd bulb in lol
  5. Whoever designed the side light bulb holder was a twisted sadistic f*ck. Now I have no sidelights. The bulbs just won't sit in the holder to get a contact. Might have to superglue the bastards in for MOT
  6. Well funny you should say that, because the sidelight build has also decided to give up lol
  7. Some pics cause you like them. Is the grill standard? The front badge isn't
  8. Picked up car tonight and had a couple of drinks with Mr Berg (mine were of the zero booze kind). Quick report. Pictures tomorrow, cause I know how much you like pics. Its a remarkably smooth ride. Hadn't been expecting that. Seat is very supportive and comfy. Drives well and the 2.0 engine is more peppy than I had imagined it would be. No squeaks, rattles or bangs from the cabin or the suspension. Gives me hope that the MOT on Monday may not be expensive (famous last words). She did blow a headlight bulb on way home in protest at leaving Mr Bergs fleet and no longer being parked next to the showroom Tacuma. That or it's an Alfa. Day off tomorrow, to sort brakes on the Disastra, VVT on the Vectra, so can get bulb sorted as well.
  9. It does look black, but is officially grey and actually looks aubergine in the daylight (well the panels that don't have lacquer peel do)
  10. Hi all. Last Friday, in a moment of petrol head madness, I purchased an Alfa 166 2.0 from @andyberg. Left a few people disappointed, as he was in the process of roffling rather cheaply at the time. Here is a pic, I nicked from Andy There has been more than one thread on this car, so most of you are probably aware of its history (at least on AS). Was told it needed two front tyres, possibly a steering rack gaiter and the MOT was short. Not driven it yet. Yes I'm weird. Got the tour of the car from Andy and just agreed to buy it. He is a trustworthy fellow. Will be driving it for the first time tomorrow. Its booked in for new front tyres on Thursday and MOT on Monday. I'm hoping it passes or at least no majorly expensive work needed or The Management is going to be very very unhappy. Future plans - get it road legal and if Andy doesn't want it back, once his job situation improves, it will be roffled for whatever it owes me. Further updates, once I've actually driven it
  11. honestly once i hit 4k with this car i'll probably move it along !!!!!!!! If you are planning on moving it on, why spend so much on it? Yes you are making it better but most buyers wont appreciate or pay for that. I fully understand the spend if you were keeping it.
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