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  1. Re tyres - how many miles a year was the owner doing? R75 can munch tyres. Some came out of factory with misaligned suspension. Although given the amount of suspension refresh that car has had, that shouldn't have been a problem.
  2. Not car related. Lost my wedding ring yesterday. Think it fell off in B&Q. Mrs Cookie unhappy. Took her for a nice posh pub lunch today. Been before, great food, figured I was onto a winner. 1/2 hr after leaving, became clear she had been glutened (she is coeliac). FML
  3. Lovely looking car. Any interior pics - just being nosy
  4. Good news, mum out of hospital, so despite the weather a good weekend. Honda HRV joy machine was roffled off last night. Now awaiting collection. Just got back from viewing a possible new shitter. 52 plate, 1.2 elegance Corsa. 72k. FVSH. Needed exhaust and two front springs. Grill trim broken. Seller wanted 300 notes. 5 mins drive away. I liked it. Good nick for age. Tyres were toyo and clutch ok. Drove well beside the springs. Was about to splash the cash when I thought I should check the oil / coolant. No coolant no oil emulsified oil on cap. Seller was genuinely horrified and apologised for wasting my time. We shook hands and I walked away. Shame. As I had told Mrs Cookie the car was ideal for the eldest Cookie sprog to learn to drive in. I got no grief for trying to add to the fleet The search continues .....
  5. Ordered a side repeater for the vectra, because the old one is full of water. My life is so exciting
  6. Due to mum having a heart attack I didn't get to see the Corsa this evening. She is in hospital, should be ok. No idea why I am even posting given what happened. Taking my mind off things I think. Seller was understanding and will keep it so I can view this weekend sometime. 52 plate. 1.2 elegance. 80kish 6 mths ticket. Needs front spring, exhaust blowing. Front grill trim missing. Loads of history. 300 quid. Told him I wouldn't haggle if it was ok. Off to Hospital
  7. My brain has remembered another 5 cars and a truck that I have owned, so list will be updated shortly. Shite rules for 2020 - As the HRV will be roffled off this weekend, I've started thinking about some rules for myself, to prevent my raging shite disease becoming a problem that will need counselling. 1. Max 4 cars in fleet - 2 daily's and 2 shitters. Not including the zs180 which is sorn and off road. 2. Max 750 quid purchase price. 3. Except for roffle wins, can only buy car within 50 miles of home. 4. Purchase price is the max I can spend on maintenance / servicing, so I'm going to have to get the spanners out more often. Obviously not including roffle wins. 5. 3 months MOT on any car I buy. 6. Must keep for 3 months minimum, unless it turns out to be an absolute shit bag. 7. Can't buy something I have had before. 8. Any of the above rules are null and void, if I find one I fall in love with The challenge of the above, should keep my habit under control and stop Mrs Cookie divorcing me. Vectra update - booked in for stat change in 2 weeks. Looking at LED or HID upgrades to solve appalling lights. Off to see a Corsa C tonight for first shitter of the year. Unless it sells before I get there.
  8. My Auntie had an acclaim when I was a lad. Great little car. Looks much better on the steelies too.
  9. Black clk. Mrs Cookies favourite motor. Very nice
  10. Lovely. You have done well
  11. I believe that pics are required. And poo count, weirdly!
  12. Vectra C - It's first commute Considering how bad the traffic is in Bristol and the stat is knackered, I'm quite happy with the MPG. Was expecting worse tbh Stuck in traffic, the temp gauge came up to 90c. For a few seconds I panicked as I'm use to it being at zero lol It also dropped to 80c when fans kicked in, so at least they work Annoyingly the car keeps telling me that the main right headlight bulb has failed. It hasn't. Advice from Vectra C FB group was hit the headlamp. I did 1. It didn't fix the problem 2. The plastic lenses are REALLY thin. 5p 50p moment as I thought it would break. Note to self. Don't hit the headlight so hard. The headlights are bloody awful. I could illuminate the road better, by sticking candles on the end of the bonnet. Lenses need a polish. Because I'm lazy and using the 3M kit, managed to melt Mrs Cookie's CRV headlight when I did it last year, I'm going to use the Armourall wipes. Not convinced what look like wet wipes will work. Must be impregnated with some bloody nasty chemicals. Needs 3 hrs to dry by all accounts, so will have to wait till weather is better, hopefully at weekend. Will bung some better bulbs in too, which, fingers crossed, following wind, will clear the bulb failure fault. Tyres - it's got cheap tyres. Nearly understeered off a precipe at 30mph. It is a bad surface (so worn, the tarmac is shiny) and the HRV use to understeer on same corner. Tread is 2mm, so after pay day she needs new front boots. Gonna go Avon ZV7. They are bloody expensive though. I thought tyres for the ZS180 were pricey. Seems as though the Vectra has tyre size that is not that common, so price is high. List of work needed gets longer 1. New stat 2. Headlight polish 3. New headlight bulbs 4. New front tyres 5. Replacement CD 70 Navi needed 6. Trip to Vauxhall stealers to get replacement Car Pass (seems its needed to code new navi to the car). On the plus side, I've found a brilliant little shiter for the fleet. Can't get there till Saturday, so hope he still has it. Subject to Mrs Cookie not being too unhappy, as HRV still in fleet and wont be back from undercover duties till weekend.
  13. First long run with vectra this weekend. Discovered a few things. 1. Not bad on fuel, considering stat is knackered. Reckon with working stat might get a couple more mpg. 2. After playing the entire Ace of Spades CD, then putting in another, CD didn't work. Refused all reasonable requests to play any others, so reckon a new CD 70 Navi unit is needed. Will live with just the radio for now. Plus you have to program replacement units to the car with Vauxhall Tech 2. Too much faff for now. 3. Seats are comfy and supportive. I like them. 4. Brakes are bloody good. 5. On good tarmac it rides really well, on bad tarmac its inclined to follow the road, if you let it. 6. Mrs Cookie has started referring to this forum as 'that place full of Shite Bangers' - quite like the Shite Bangers tag. 7. Mrs Cookie likes the vectra 8. Mrs Cookie was more nervous about the roffle this Saturday, than me lol 9. Mrs Cookie pointed out 'in amazement' that I had neglected to list the 3 MK1 Focus on my cars list - list to be updated shortly
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