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  1. Land rover hunting continues. Audi leaves fleet next weekend. CRV will then be up next for fleet reduction, once a LR arrives. Did go and look at a Disco 3 today. Then my brain kicked in and I walked away. Also went to see a FL2. Management likes it, so its a contender, even though I'm not keen on it, as its been dicked about with.
  2. Would a self setting key work on a garage euro lock? Lost my lock up keys. Possibly cheaper than a locksmith
  3. Its an auto. Rust reported on mot. We did go look. Management did not like it. We did not enquire on price.
  4. Ok. Pick ups are off the table. Insurance is 3 times what management pay for an SUV. As per another thread, I've been looking at Land Rovers. Specifically Freelander 2s or LR2 as they are also known. Below is a copy and paste from my LR thread. Looked at a few LR2s yesterday. It confirmed that Management really likes them, as long as they are in the right colour. Also confirms that management is freaking out at spending so much money. I confess I am a little nervous too. I mean its a LR. So I'm going to look for a free LR2. Free as in man maths is being used. Weirdly Management has signed up to my man maths. Which is a first. High mileage LR2s can be bought for between 2k and 3k. By high mileage, I mean 180k plus. My Audi is up for sale and once an LR2 joins the fleet, the Mk2 CRV can go. Even a numpty like me, who writes really negative sale ads, can manage to get at least 2k for both the cars. Which would make the LR2 free or nearly free. Management wont worry about scratching it or being in debt and if she really likes a tired high mileage example, at a later date, I can get her a better one, once she stops stressing about having a loan. Hoping to see this one today. 190k. Wants 2.2k for it.
  5. Just arrived at the last of the season, Somerset County Classic meets.
  6. He's done it again. Frankly I'm upset with myself that I was surprised. Well done, well bought, all the other usual things people will say. How about taking a break for a month, to give the rest of AS a chance? No one can keep up with you. Next time you walk past a phone box, resist the temptation to rush into it, to put on your AS cape and AS pants over your jeans, then fly off to nail another amazing car
  7. Regardless of the door, you have done well.
  8. Do you only make videos, so you can have fun with those that comment Good review of the Y.
  9. Audi update - the rear windows don't work on the rear switches. They do work from the drivers front switch pack. I suspect the lock button for the rear windows on the switch pack is knackered so the rear window switches are locked out. Even though the audi will be leaving the fleet soon, I've ordered a new switch pack. Pick up hunting - Management has now seen a Nissan Pathfinder in the metal. Its been added to the list.
  10. Today at Dyrham Park nr Bath. In Camerton village on way home. Primrose yellow R75 on serpents.
  11. I would get it done. 1700 is a decent price for fixing a dsg. My local auto specialist won't even change the fluid on my powershift. Garages don't like dsg boxes, due to borkage potential. Plus the sentimental value of the car, plus what else are you going to get for 1700. Yes you could get something else, but it won't be as tidy as what you have now.
  12. Old boy rocked up at the pub, this lunchtime, in this. Crap pic, but gorgeous in the metal. Has one many moons ago. One of the best cars I have ever had.
  13. Been perusing Autotrader I like this. Management will not. I also like this, but not really any good for family duties. I like this. Slightly better for family duties, but probably still not acceptable. And so far, the winner is this. Big mileage at 170k. Management loves chrome bull bars and large spot lights. This makes it a winner. Sadly its 75 miles away in Warwick and likely to be gone by the weekend.
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