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  1. The only 2 cars I know own. Although another will be incoming in next 2-3 weeks.
  2. Ultrawomble may be right. No matter how bad something was, people do get nostalgic for their first motor.
  3. Not wanting to let the grass grow under my feet, I've booked her in with MJN motors in Bristol for 5 March. Highly respected in the MGR local community, they will be able to sort her out. Will also get them to fit the revotech rad fan and gold resister pack, so I won't have to worry about her overheating in traffic. Just have to work out how many crash sensors she has and get them in advance for a faster turnaround.
  4. Parrot can read the airbag codes and its a crash sensor thats knackered as @Tubbo suspected. He can't read the ABS codes as they can only be read by the Rover T4 diagnostic system. Need to get her booked in to the Rover specialist in Bristol.
  5. Parrot may have a reader that works. Will find out when I pick it up. Got to find out why it has wheel wobble. Clearly not suspension related, so maybe front wheels need balancing. Will take to Bathwick in next couple of days to get them checked.
  6. MOT results are in. Not as bad as I feared. 2 majors. 6 minor. Surprised that front suspension didn't get a mention, given the epic amounts of wheel wobble at 30mph +
  7. Guess the fail. Rover has its mot at 10am. It will fail. I know of at least 3. How many do you think she will have?
  8. One out - The vectra has left the fleet. Purchased by a member of this Parish. One Promoted - Ginger disastra is now assuming daily duties.
  9. Thanks. I'm going to try to hold off till its inevitable. Although as I now have the cash burning a hole in my pocket, thanks to the nice people at ZOPA, I can't guarantee how long before something else joins the fleet lol
  10. Yes, I need to do some serious research. Quite fancy a mk2 focus which are Euro4. The MK1s were brilliant and I've never had a mk2. Also seen an Octavia with the 1.4 tsi engine, which also interests me.
  11. In other news, I have found some off-street parking in a private car park. So the R75 has been moved. Takes the pressure off, as her ticket expires today.
  12. Sadly not. Residents get an extension if they are on low wage for a year. Parents ain't loaded but def won't qualify. Plus if dad gets his hands on the R75 I will never get it back
  13. Yellow cars are bloody great. Best colour ever. Here's Mrs CSW MG.
  14. I did do a bit of WFH before the plague hit, which I didn't mind. But WFH full time with no choice in the matter has not been fun. I really do want to go back to the office. Don't get me wrong, I don't miss the 1hr commute through Bristols appaling traffic, but will put up with it for a sense of normality.
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