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  1. First impressions now its home. Drives well. Slight pulley squeak from somewhere. Soft (ish) brake pedal. Both sunvisors broken (broke glass and missing covers). I paid £1900 for it. I'm happy. Parts easily available and the car is easy to work on. Mrs CSW approves. Has giffer reversing sensor Which is brilliant for grazing shins, when loading shopping into boot. Ask me how I know. Once I can unrust the bolts, its going.
  2. The really scary thing is how stupid they are. They just need a screwdriver and unscrew the hinges !
  3. Went out to get my tools in an ultimately failed attempt to remove the tow bar from the new purchase and some scroat has tried drilling the locks out
  4. Big thanks to @andyberg for the lift. Much appreciated. Now home. Getting dark and raining, so more details tomorrow. 2005 CRV 2.0 ivtec Executive, manual 112k on clock, full history, just been serviced and new Goodyears all round. Drives great. Squeaky clutch pedal TADTS Brake pedal bit softer than I'm used too, but she stops well. Original satnav unit is knackered, but a replacement head unit, unexpectedly provided. Leather, heated seats that are hot enough to melt your jeans. Did 31mpg on way home, which means its all good, for this vintage
  5. Here she is With pez shot Details when I get home. So far, so good. Pleased
  6. Still A46 northbound No more updates till arrival, bout 30 mins. I'm feeling sick using phone while travelling lol
  7. Following last weekends collection shenanigans, I'm doing it again. Waiting for @andyberg to pick me up, before heading north. Will Mr Berg bring my ex Vectra or the Micra with CVT. I'm hoping the Vectra
  8. As Suzi will be uninsured from this evening, she has been parked next to Audrey off road. Audrey took 15 attempts to start. Definately knackered starter motor. Hopefully the repair kit on order, will work, as shes not useable till I can rely on her. Anyway heres a pic of the two shitters together. (Yes I know I've not replaced Suzi's front plate yet).
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