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  1. You beat me to it by 3 mins lol
  2. Is Tim a real Lord or is it nickname?
  3. You are right. Most places will charge approaching a grand for the job. If its in good nick and they like it, probably worth fixing. They could strip bits off it, but its a Ball ache and most bits will be hanging around for months / years. Not worth the effort.
  4. Some more code 2 have turned up. Made by Corgi and commissioned by Model Bus Creations. Wright Gemini 2 Go Ahead London - Elizabeth Line Brighton & Hove Excuse the crap pics
  5. Mk2.5 05 plate. 2.0 petrol ulez friendly, Spanish waiter box, executive spec
  6. Chucked it in and hoped Did buy replacement stalks in case they were needed. Next owner can have them.
  7. The CRV has passed its ticket today. 3 advisories. I usually get all advisories sorted but this time not. Its to be sold, so next owner can worry (or not) about it.
  8. Very impressive and thorough work. The Rover has found the right owner.
  9. Vectra C 1.8 vvt Bought despite everyone saying they are shit. Thought it was a great car. Decent engine, good mpg, nice interior, comfy seat, bloody massive boot. Would have another, but good ones getting hard to find.
  10. Yesterday made the 350 mile trip up from Home in Somerset to MIL in Hexham, Northumberland. Left at 4am, in a storm and made it to her front door by 9.45, with 2 pit stops on way. Record time. The mondeo either did 2 regens on the way up or the powershite box is playing up (2 x 20 miles, the box changed down to 5th, 3k revs). In my limited knowledge, I would have thought it would only need to do it once. Sierraman reckons I need to plug into forscan, so it will need to wait until I get home. What the storm made crystal clear, was the water leak, that's been present since purchase needs to be sorted, as the boot carpet wasn't just damp but wet. So I went shopping for some bathroom sealant and brake cleaner. The Boot gutters on the Mondy are filthy, cause I don't clean it. This is the better cleaner side. The water is getting through the wiring loom hole on the nearside. So liberal amounts of brake cleaner applied and cleaned up the boot shut. Access is difficult and im crap with applying sealant, so its not pretty, but hopefully effective. I'm hoping this cures it.
  11. Regen question. 2.0tdci auto. Today the mk4 mondy got its annual run from Somerset to Northumberland. At about Worcester it dropped to 5th (its a powershite), revs went to 3k and it stayed that way for 20 ish miles). I figured it was doing a regen. Then at about Preston, it did it again for another 20ish miles. Why would it do two regens?
  12. Well aren't I glad that I'm driving from Somerset to Northumberland tomorrow morning
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