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  1. How heavy is your Greyhound????
  2. Can I have both if still available please?
  3. And it was quite late in life, when I discovered that in other areas of the UK, people don't say 'Cheers drive' when getting off the bus. Bloody weirdos
  4. Had 3 mk1 focus estates with 1.8 tdi units. No pics on this phone. Great cars, except for the rust, which killed all 3
  5. @Split_Pin to the R75 bat phone to answer a question about flaps.
  6. Yep. Breakfast, dinner, tea. I've met people in my life who look bewildered when the evening meal is referred to as tea.
  7. I need to order some replacement bumper clips, as a few are knackered. It can wait for a bit. So stand down for this weekend
  8. Well my luck is certainly great* today. Bumper off to remove the headlight. Such good luck, I may buy a lottery ticket. @andyberg to the bat phone. May will need a bit of assistance at some point, so I don't mangle the bumper by taking it off on my own.
  9. I mustered some enthusiasm today. Decided to change the pollen filters on Mrs CSW CRV, as the car was taking ages to demist and had damp in the air. First off locate glovebox. An easy task, even for me. Open glovebox and remove the bump stops on each side. No tools required, which I like. This allows the glovebox to fully open and gives access to the filter housing. Remove the cover, again no tools needed. And pull out the first filter. Then the second filter slides to the right and can also be carefully* removed. The filters were not as dirty as I expected. Replaced with some supplied by local motor factors. And as the great book of HBOL says, refitting is a reversal of removal. Flushed with success, I decided to change the filters on my CRV. Glad I did. Because they were minging ! Now on a roll, I decided to replace the knackered hi beam bulb. Access is snug. A little bit of swearing and all done. Lights were tested. It was then I realised that I had just replaced the wrong bulb. Because I am a plonker. Sadly the drivers side bulb is a bastard to get at due to a well* located aircon pipe. But I manfully got on with the job, boatloads of swearing and in no time* at all, it was done. Still does not work Either new bulb was shite, or I have a bigger problem. Now off to Google, how to remove headlight units, so I can get a better look. With my luck, it will be bumper off job. Dont fancy that at current temperature of -1.
  10. Todays new arrival is 26207 - Guy Arab Utility Bus in Bristol Tramways livery. Why Bristol Tramways were allocated a Guy during the war is beyond me, given Bristol were also making the utility bus. Sure they had a reason. Govt. Allocation probably. Scores on doors 27 of 40 EFE code 1s 1 of 2 EFE LT museum code 2s 2 of 2 EFE (LBRT) code 3s 4 extras
  11. Once I get to the very hard to find ones (quite shortly), I will put up the list, so the AS collective can help (hopefully).
  12. Two more arrivals in the ever expanding Cookie bus depot. 1 not on my list, but as I have her sisters in Cityline and Badgerline livery, I thought it rude not too. And 1 that is on my list 14004DL - Bristol Lodekka / ECW in Bath livery. Scores on doors 26 of 40 EFE code 1s 1 of 2 EFE LT museum code 2s 2 of 2 EFE (LBRT) code 3s
  13. Mondy went to garage today for investigation into weird occasional metallic rubbing sound. They didn't find the cause, but did find that the rear engine mount was FUBAR. They are keeping her in and doing the job tomorrow.
  14. Apologies. Next year maybe a human sacrifice will actually do the trick.
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