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  1. bassa what was number 50?
  2. the rear lights on the fairmont look like mk3 tina sorta but like theyve been broken when installed and the factory guy went ahh fkit if we put them in upside down noone will notice is the yellow thing japanese or aus i cant tell hnng thread
  3. is she david attenborough or martin jarvis anything interesting?
  4. Should be the plate over the side window replacing the glass That looks homemade
  5. fancy bike - lmfaooooooo it has a baffle in it (not took it out not fitted it yet)
  6. this - or find a second hand something that fits in the space and mounts easy sos you can take it off then put the mahoosive fart cannon on it :D
  7. cool - is that a period correct one?
  8. 4 mins till wopner or 3 mins till subway shut?
  9. talking of tight front ones no problem rears no leverage after two months i borrow a dugga dugga gun from work 🙄 just gotta wait till the weathers better so i can take them out and then sort the carpet
  10. friend bought a 504 dangel pick up from france in the summer
  11. audi sport quattro noise ftw v8s are lovely but they come second to this but cos conan
  12. I r disapoint the cop in the drive thru before me didn't order any donuts
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