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  1. nowt to do with you all mrs nova that nice one take your time etc
  2. farcanal - i did 130 miles over the last two days put 20 quid in it for 3/4 tank did half the journey and its still got more than half a tank and i wasnt hanging about
  3. djokovic lol dont let the kangaroo hit ya in the arse on the way out
  4. massive hugs and sloppy kisses to that @chaseracer blerk you saved an awful lot of cocking about for persons in this country and not (not to mention flicking the vees at HMRC LOL) go rabh maith agat
  5. not hubnut cos thats far too tidy (joke ian) or six cyl as he doesnt do cold
  6. cheaper than swr/gwr anyway this thread started WTFE it said lunnun - will it be worth it?
  7. how would a weekend meat go if we donated tunnocks and tea money if maister fowler turned up with the pod and a kettle somewhere interesting and remote? dreaming but hey he might store an idea
  8. i wont mention brummies @chaseracer cough
  9. royal mail royal fail royal snail appiontment arranged for last week (apparently) they rang me the thursday before new year and said oh your appt you have its being changed fine to the 18th - ok they rang me the friday just gone and said theyve changed it again to 20th i complained and said can you kick royal mail in the plums please i said to them if you know the mail is dogshit if i miss your call why dont you leave a voicemail to say instead of please ring us why dont you say what youre wanting in the message apparently they dont do that - which is insane as ive missed (theyve said) two appointments due to not getting the post in time the letter for the appt for last week arrived today after being posted on the 10th of dec im expecting the letter for the 20th to be sometime here in march
  10. stupid little green cloud signs put the shit peugeot in and the bike and exempt so fuck it
  11. brewer has just traded up from an x300 jag and a fergie tractor into a delorean for 30k!!!!!! he was complaining he couldnt find one why didnt he take his own advice ala wheeler dealers and go to usa like he did himself previously wtf
  12. the record for the old git even with me taking it to the oppsite end of the country sometimes is 1200 miles - current 108 has done 4000 miles in 3 years spends 90% of its time in under 40 limits
  13. id buy you a drink as you have a small perversion for odd vehicles but you remember that bottle of wine in oxford?
  14. Rented a 08 micra from budget once It looked like all the staff in the airports kids had jumped up and down on it on all panels Guy didn't mention the insurance and when asked he said Shure no one will.come.near ya at twscos now don't worry about it
  15. i wanna meet mrs j and buy her a drink SPANNERING GOD
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