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  1. im not a dutchman (cough) that lot are the last lot id buy a book about
  2. still want that renault some nz happenings happened so ikke denne gangen
  3. so bought a new sd card for garmin unintentionally broke the hinged flap while inserting it (FNARR) after many oh ffs and wondering how to get it back in (MATRON) unintentionally fixed it as it isnt loose and the maps show up in the settings ffs clumsy twat technology hates me
  4. so wanted to buy a pair of kriega straps cos the knock off version i have which looks identical the clasps are slightly different j and s only sell them in packs of 4 with the loops 29 quid theres one about 15 mins from here but man city were playing half a mile away so fk that sportsbike shop sell individual ones at 6 quid each nearest one is preston 😕 but will be going bletchley near xmas - guess where im going
  5. epic shite @beko1987 learn from this
  6. moto gp on itv this weekend valencia last gp of the season they usually use the pics from bt but have their own dogshit presenters/commentary theyre using live the full bt soo much better shame you cant buy online bt sport anymore cos its well worth it
  7. man from brizzle complains about weather (likely to head for brizzle)
  8. yea but no but yea but chooooicccccceeeeeeeeee
  9. thats a bit not weird or scary are you feeling ok
  10. steve berry alex riley and adrian gadgee and you slag off needles?
  11. Many nerd Stickers made me lol Cost €€€€€ but I don't care
  12. the lengths the sctsch will go to to find a doppleganger tebay
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