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  1. @trigger needs to do a roadtest on the gsa bit like the victor one
  2. *cries into jambon and fronage sandwich (crocque monsieur mais oui) 4 times ive been in the presence of this car and ive never sat in it or had a go in it *THROWS TOYS FROM PRAM
  3. pillar of the community and you have a memory like a concrete pillar old age (me too)
  4. So I finally found the date code Think they need changing Looking at some vrm tyres that chap with the modern one like so for 50 quid the pair why not https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263944423245
  5. waiting sweetheart.....................waiting might be the end of september- maybe fuggit its getting used tomorrow
  6. can take the man out of brum...........................
  7. so norm will be getting competiton?
  8. Went super sausage before the show and saw this Didn't take many pics but FEEL THE KWOLITEA
  9. I got lost coming in and was at a junction looking for inspiration and this box drove past with slowsilver in front
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