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  1. not talking about the better bmws you have just that one
  2. LULZ etc stronger glasses for you - you said dentist - go to the optician instead :P how big is your handbag for the girly beemer you have there :P
  3. https://www.autoscout24.com/offers/opel-rekord-2000-sh-berlina-schuurvondst-nw-apk-gasoline-yellow-f62756ab-3fb6-fe2c-e053-0100007f14e3?cldtidx=14&cldtsrc=listPage enquired................rude not to as ill be less than 200 km from it on saturday
  4. @Six-cylinder if you head that way could you go have a look please - costs covered
  5. Skiving bassa I've got a week off from Friday completely car related
  6. @The Moog remind who had a gearbox? cant remember who you said fanks
  7. david is six people all on his own :P
  8. glad im not the only one who used to do that :D
  9. norfolk from essex 5 hours?
  10. if you get an ok off the svm then you must be doing something right and theres all kinds of nerd and perv there (and thats just andy )
  11. apart from the 4 square plastic bits that are stuck to the lid - no might leave them - if someone puts one back on @The Moog how nice are the mk2 wheels you have please?
  12. ps audi wanker vag bummer german apologist etc bit like me - no need for it but wanted one so did sounds like you did too not an airbag one is it?
  13. do it while making a video to jims house then hit him with gauntlet :D
  14. so went to @NorthernMonkeyspanking services (he disappeared and it came back spanked) that @The Moog will herbert was there also diagnosis is the gearbox is fucked (only after neil drove it tho ) rest of it is fine the underneath is good big thanks to him for his time nice to meet you finally and nearly was ok to see moog again oh the boot rack was finally removed and found it has a wind deflector (?!) they will be sold for pez and or rust fix monies
  15. you know the ripples in tarmac/concrete where lots of trucks have been braking.........??
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