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  1. Looking at that last pic I'd be looking at a sh bonnet
  2. speak to chaseracer also
  3. to be frank wasnt interested in what the car would be after the first few pics gwan dug nice dug
  4. medical fucking sucks had thing that was so low shoulda been unconcious/ill/worse so got treated for that and went back to better so got paroled while treatment happened they again pointed out had thing that was low but not as low as previous but they said have you been taking your pills - yes took those all gone what about the others? what others? when i was discharged you only gave me one lot if id been taking those woud i be having this issue now probably not yeah great thanks for that im also not gonna be paying 20 quid for their script when i can buy them at boots for 4 quid (where im going in a bit) fucks sake (and you wonder why i went away for a week)
  5. please nationalise the trains thats 3 times this year had to cancel stuff cos cant actually book the train or get on it
  6. Up at 4am for that Jim isn't happy He says at least it's not a caravan
  7. will you be getting the smaller roundy hubcaps like in one of the pictures......... the post above the indicators
  8. if you can run and dont find a rangie big then these would be no problem right
  9. @PhilA can you tell him what an excellent idea hes having? who has the 4 door galaxie on here?
  10. lonely triangle or howards way (oh no guess what i have in my head now )
  11. no idea what that was about the left one came on also but was radio and wouldnt shut up so got unplugged
  12. Not bad needs a service now lol
  13. watching the snooker ken doherty - good craic - been there done it phil williams - commentates like hes writing it down - absolutely gripes my cookies with a bit of luck david hendon will be on tonight fkin brummie twat (no offence to brummie twats on here)
  14. youre too old to be a hipster no?
  15. some sort of yank pick up early 60s i think gmc - it looked chevy but no chrome and front was flatter being towed on autobahn yesterday from hamburg mk3 vectra/cavalier on ats cups rollin a fair bit west of there 90s toyota corolla alike (the back i didnt recognise) bielorusian reg going through tunnels under the elbe at hamburg
  16. sears catalogue is there a pontiac man like wheeler dealers visited the cadillac man in usa? pinto and type 9 obvs
  17. nah you woulda hated that grainy even i chucked it i bought some ickle cinamon rolls in a bag and wanted to buy some more couldnt remember if it was albert heijn or aldi cos bought with other stuff found a heijn at hoek but they scanned it and it came up no (i had the bag still as not chucked snack pile away yet ) bought some eierkoeken and some brioche for tomorrow instead sat on boat now watching tokyo dreeeeeft having a nice time in nice cabin its been a long 5 days - although have more business with oresund
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