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  1. nerd on the e reg ones only badge 280 not brooklands? thats without googling and failing memory
  2. spill @Jerzy Woking one of your old snotters
  3. 'despite' lmfao is @Frogchod jealous of the peugeot now sort the brakes out and itll be airport runs noo?
  4. man airport use cobus mercs dont think theyre regd
  5. have bike bodywork listed on ebay it says no post mainly cos dont want them to smashu them theyre on at 100 the pair theyre 115 for the two colours you can get - for one- my colour nla from honda ebay mong offers 50 hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  6. horizon ftw (rattle rattle) late 90s there? ive done exactly the same with one of those bikes.............
  7. ill flick vees as i pass on friday on a possbile squeaky mission to dover (if shit gets straight)
  8. gadge at work has just bought a ph 1 of these for his son
  9. shitefest 22 just turned into a long holiday not quite how it planned but meh heres hoping i can ride the bike
  10. ffs was looking at the moto gp calendar and thinking might go to finland for the race as likely having time off after seeing it come up as a calendar on google cant do assen - working but been before and after the track changed refuse to go to silverstone went on motogp to see how much tickets might be - and wondered why there was a gap thatll be a no then might go valencia in novemer
  11. The road the opposite way from Bolzano to val Gardena is good too but that means you'll be going back on yourself
  12. i dont think so - covid and cos july mainly - i never travel in july if i can help it for this reason not THAT desperate to go to scotland - i can go from here if i was - paying money to go dont see the point
  13. due to medical - looking at doing a runner for a coupla days hai bai cos wanted to do a place so boat to felbast ok but was thinking back via scotland in a fornight last time i did larne cairnryan it was 50 quid 18 months ago? just look for car - 240 quid one way - WTF? looked at dublin and 200 euro its cheaper to get the long boat from belfast back to liverpool including stena plus for tea and cake wtf would bike it but unlikely to be able to ride it would fly (as last time) but thats a clusterfuck on its own the grin is fly and hire is usually half the ferry - the car on its own is how much the ferry is - for two days - insane
  14. 58 f and windy here Not too bad the catamaran left with me on swl not compromised
  15. Fiat bought to help with their other ones they restored
  16. *Would donate ice box and or ice creams
  17. Hazmat suit and a mask and goggles.andlie under and pump action squirter
  18. Hopefully you can see it Also yesterday an Audi avant I think Y 1 MAN 🤣
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