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  1. They've also knocked down the limit on the Braid Hills between Morningside and Liberton to 40 - used to be NSL and a great little road. I know LRT were complaining that the limits were ridiculous which is amusing given that they're a council subsidiary!
  2. Is that Porty high street? Never known anything be able to get up to any reasonable speed there with the traffic! (Also, 20mph being 'reasonable', absolutely, of course!)
  3. N19

    Northerners in exile

    Wot no spoiler? L spec and possibly GL had a bare tailgate rather than the more commonly seen spoiler. And the joy of trying to repair a radio that needs half the dash to come out to even think about being looked at.
  4. As promised in the introduction thread, I figured I should create a thread here. Both me and the car are yorkshiremen in north London hence the title! 590 was new in January 1980 (tho from the VIN I know it was manufactured in December 1979) to a chap in Keighley. It remained in his possession for 19 years, being serviced and repaired mainly at the supplying dealer, Walter Burgess of Keighley. It was then sold on to owners in Swinton, Dore, then to a chap near Worcester who completed a good amount of needed bodywork. Over the years it has had new front wings, valance and driver's door. It's a 1.6L and has survived in fairly original spec (bog standard). Some modest spec changes have been carried out - the carburettor has been changed to a Weber 34ich, and it is fitted with a 2" Sportex exhaust. The engine was rebuilt 7 years ago to include hardened valve seats. I was therefore fortunate enough to take on a car 3 years ago that didnt need a great deal doing to it, I did not have any specific previous experience so it has been a learning curve and a half for me (though I am an IT/electronics tech so electrics are the easy bit!). Most things are dead simple and the Haynes book and Capri forums normally have the answer. In my ownership I have dealt with a number of electrical gremlins, fitted all new service parts (including all ignition system, water pump, cambelt etc). Prop shaft bearings replaced by an engineering firm. Various bits to keep on top of bodywork - it's been undersealed from new, but has needed a few bits topping up and tidying up. It's done a decent mileage each year for a 39 year old car... from north London has visited Aberdeen, Norfolk, Bristol, Brighton... motorway driving a little tiring as 4 speed, but definitely puts a smile on your face. Going to try to get some pictures in line in the next post...
  5. Thanks. I'll put up a thread with some more pics soon. (I've loved reading through others' tales of trial and tribulation).
  6. I wish I was minted! One garage, the other lives on the street street. Luckily the rent on the garage is pretty reasonable. Unfortunately I have plans both days this weekend
  7. Thanks! Friends think I'm insane. They're probably right! Luckily I've got a garage which the Capri lives in, and it becomes tax free next year...
  8. Hi all, Having read these forums for a while, decided I should sign up, hopefully my buying habits qualify... I live in North London and my daily transport is courtesy of the tube, which gives me a little leeway in what car to run I suppose, as I never (rarely) need it to get me somewhere urgently at 6.30am. For a few years I've owned a Capri, 1.6L in an odd shade of blue (Corsican Blue, seemingly primarily used on Cortinas). Equipped with such optional extras as a parcel shelf and heated rear window... Other than a 1.3, it's pretty much as low a spec of a Capri as can be had. It's had a pretty easy life having been owned by an old guy from new, main dealer serviced etc then sold to decent keepers in 1999... Thus avoiding the boy racer era! Simple, reliable, sees regular use, happily does round trips to the North of Scotland etc. Still puts a smile on my face even if I'm just going to Tescos! So a few weeks ago I was pondering about taking it off the road for a couple of months over winter to get caught up on various jobs which need doing and hopefully avoiding the worst of the grit weather (because Ford). But I *definitely* wasn't going to buy something to get me through the winter, would just get the bus etc etc... Then a chap who works at the motorfactors then happened to mention that he was selling his Nissan Bluebird, and a little while later a deal was done. Very different to the Capri, handles sensibly, makes me feel like a dodgy moonlighting minicabber from 1995... Not terribly good photo attached. I hope to be able to contribute to a few threads, maybe even something of some use!!
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