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  1. I didn't buy it from him although he's a friend of mine and lives not far away, he has 5 I think! Plus a Micra and primers. Makes me look like an amateur...
  2. Had a nice day enjoying some country lanes and accidentally passing through a show at Croxley Green. Then on the way home noticed a bit more skidding than usual on roundabouts, then someone flashed me from behind... Changed to the spare (itself a perfectly capable pirelli of exactly the same size). Feels like the bead has gone on this tyre, holds pressure ok but a hand in the right place lets air out.
  3. Odd as I thought most places would PRS headlamp aim?
  4. If you see the Mondeo or bluebird there, I'm out in the Capri somewhere!
  5. The appearance of a decorators wagon is purely because I closed the tailgate on a spray can a few months ago 😬 It's a wonderful vehicle and was parked there as I'd picked up the Capri to go to FOTU.
  6. re: modern cars What might be an interesting addition for future years is an area for 'future unexceptionals' ie cars registered in the last 10 years that, in another 20 years time, will be the bread and butter of these events. (if we can afford fuel at £7.65 a litre, and the planned ULEZ expansion to Peterborough of 2037 doesn't materialise).
  7. Does the Bedford belong to someone on here?
  8. Was very smooth and no queue when I got in. Three checkpoints in use. Long drive to the house and parking area. But smoother than last year by far. 4G connection non existent in the parking area!
  9. Off we go! Got in the car to no working blower... Fortunately a dicky fuse replaced.
  10. Yes, was checking the route and saw that. Will see how I do for time tomorrow.
  11. Unless anyone else is closer, I'm near South Mimms and will be there. Could arrange to meet next week if needed.
  12. Now this would be lovely to see next to @BorniteIdentity's bASe... a beautiful pairing! I'd love to experience the early diesel joy*.
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