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  1. N19

    Bus Shite

    That running day was just around the corner from me - I took a trip on what was supposed to be an RM journey down the 263, but substituted for a preserved E400 (a preserved E400, let that sink in, I must be getting old) then a trip on the Metro on the return - I agree, excellent condition, apparently restored a few years ago but you'd be forgiven for thinking it'd just rolled out of being repainted.
  2. I think so - on mine it's just looped through but some models (possibly also 2.0 pinto) did have a return, and yes that's a breather.
  3. A disconcerting clunk occurred earlier when parking the Focus - reversing and I pulled the handbrake on without being at a full stop. Don't do that! Driving home, luckily not far, gave a selection of clunky noises from the nsr wheel. This was the remnants of the friction material which was floating around inside the drum. Fiddlesticks! For the Capri, spoke to one paint shop in Kent who could do the job, but not until the new year, hoping to meet another guy I've been recommended this week.
  4. Little progress in these parts. Fuel tank was fine, everything nice and tight and running well, gauge works - chucked a couple of gallons of 4* in (at great expense) and it registered (even showing empty on the tank, before taking the old one off, I drained about 2 gallons out). The old tank itself is still kicking around, I offered it for free online, it's got surface rust but it is intact and perfectly servicable. Paint wise, I've contacted a couple of other painters that I've had recommended, and one is coming to have a look at the car next week. Hopefully, that will mean some progress! I'd no idea it'd be quite this long (but I suppose that's the nature of a project like this) and feel a bit silly given that others can work miracles in half the time. I popped down today for a bit of a tidy up, and to have a looksee at some shiny parts ready for refitting, as some form of motivation. And to figure out the fixing holes for the side rubbing trim which is supposedly a complete cow to get back on! The longer runs have studs along the middle and some sort of clip should be inside for them to locate on. Hmm! Opportunistic (or magpie-like) as ever, I found an old coat hook board and re-used it as a fan belt storage unit... Meanwhile, the Mondeo had a further tart up with a couple of coats on the front bumper.
  5. There's one on a road I often go down and, despite knowing this, I still have a second thought as I pass every time...
  6. I had them on the Capri for a bit - I didn't think they looked massively out of place. Currently have them on the Mondeo. They seem to last far better than normal wipers, and don't (IMO) look out of place.
  7. Yappy trophy dog is taken everywhere and, if anybody challenges that, "it's my emotional support dog".
  8. Minicab driver. Mid 40s-50s, lanyard, polo shirt to comply with the 'must have a collar' rule, wears earbuds constantly chatting away to somebody (unspecified). Half asleep as his shift started at 3am doing an airport run and he's been sitting in the industrial estate for half an hour waiting for another fare to come through. Phone blurts out directions via Waze to anyone listening, he listens religiously and does exactly what it says - "turn left" = cut across four lanes of traffic and nearly get skewered by a number 94 bus. Directional knowledge suspect, would happily drive from Chelsea to Cricklewood via Enfield if that's what the sat nav reccomended. Buys a couple of Little Trees every fill up. Boot contains multi pack of water and some tissues. Empty lucozade bottle under drivers seat that we're better off not asking about.
  9. Instagram 'supercar' driver. 19, broccoli haircut, strawberry ice vape, drives an Audi/BMW (probably on finance), complete with stickers advertising his instagram and youtube channels, no front numberplate showing their private reg because it looks bad yo, metallic spray and fully detailed brake discs, calipers with massive logos on, tinted windows. Stops at the petrol station and fills up with £5 a time because he's spent so much on the thing looking flash he's got no money left.
  10. That's interesting and, yes, it's irrelevant to many of us! Unfortunately I've just done my renewal. I suppose it also links to using their "approved repair shop" who, rather like many other "approved" "framework" "preferred" arrangements... will mean £££
  11. Foam strip arrived and fitted: The back of the speedo had a repair a few years ago - one of the connectors was iffy and I previously soldered some foil to make contact. Maybe need to upgrade - pie tin foil?! Mondeo had a wash and a speed-wax this afternoon, which seldom happens.
  12. Petrol tank arrived, the ancillaries (sender, pipes etc) needed transferring across - I fitted new pipes etc. As far as I can tell the bottom one is a breather which simply rests on the top, and the 'across' one is presumably something to reduce sloshing around?! Re-fitting was a challenge, as I was lying underneath it trying to get the filler neck in. A little cursing and swearing later and it's in. The fuel sender was a pain to extract and reinstate. The best method I ended up using was an oil filter ratchet, gently, to grip and twist. New tank straps fitted, but they don't come with foam padding, so I'm going to order some up. For that reason I left everything on slightly loose until I can get some on there. May as well do the job properly. It doesn't half look nice and shiny (pic features additional clutter from a job in progress). Filled up with a gallon of super and the engine is running happily with seemingly no leaks. Phew! I'll chuck a couple more in to check that the sender/gauge is doing its job properly.
  13. N19

    Bus Shite

    Do you need a PSV license to drive something like this, or is it de-classified? And I assume that normal 'driving other cars' cover doesn't extend to this insurance-wise...
  14. I've given it a clean up, thanks! I had a previous encounter through being stubborn and not fetching the right tool - undoing the rear gas struts a few years ago, trying to do it without the right size screwdriver, it slipped and I ended up with a nasty gash on my forehead. I told myself to listen to the oft-repeated guidance in the handbook to use the correct tool for the job! (Maybe this is a plotline for Casualty. Grumpy bloke restoring old car in lockup garage injures self. I'll take commission if anyone from BBC Bristol is watching!)
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