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  1. Yeah; the others all have old discs in from the 80s/90s (one which was dated the day I was born, just for the heck of it) but thought that the 'modern'/daily could have an up to date disc. Wonder how long it will be until somebody notices the date...?
  2. My first thought when scrolling past that image was that it was an LTI TX1...!
  3. Mondeo gearbox out. Going to order up a new bumper that I can pre fit the fogs to, that'll definitely be easier. Also, tax disc fitted thanks to @cort16's snazzy online tool.
  4. Progress. Mondeo clutch apparently a bastard as everything is rusted into place and their factors can't get a new clutch till Monday... But fingers crossed be done by Tuesday morning.
  5. I was told by an old hand metalworker that certain tools were to be treated with a great deal of respect and an ounce of trepidation - angle grinders top of the list.
  6. Anything needed to/from North London <> S Yorkshire or intermediately in a couple of weeks?
  7. Also shows why H&S folk are neurotic about ladders - and them only being used as a last resort.
  8. A new centre cap for the Mondeo arrived yesterday, the previous one plastic clip had gone I think, it went AWOL somewhere along the line. The crud will need grinding back and tidying up at some point. No news from the garage. They're understaffed and have various cars in states of disassembly in the workshop at the moment which doesn't help. Until then, the Bluebird is managing reasonably well on daily duties with limited use of first gear.
  9. My favourite ladder fail :-
  10. Parts acquisition does come in handy. I've built up a reasonable amount of Capri parts which can be very useful at times. Do I recall you were thinning out your Mk2 Mondeo spares collection?
  11. Sleet when I was down in N12 earlier. Bluebird still holding out if first gear is treated gently. I'm hoping to take the Mondeo to Yorkshire on Saturday, so need to have a sweet chat with the garage owner tomorrow, as it would happen over a long weekend and when his mechanic has Wednesday off.......
  12. Went to pick up some cassettes yesterday and came across this on an estate in Edgware...
  13. If it does, it should hopefully come out the other end...
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