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  1. They look like they are out of an Alfa 156? I could be wrong though.
  2. I have a real pet peeve for the Crossland and Glandland, I could accept these names if they were on a Chinese built car because of the language barrier but on a European car? If Opel really want to do the fun Germanic thing of sticking words together to make new words how about, mediumsizeslighlyuglyfamilywagon or MittelGrößeetwashasslichfamilieauto! Mind you it could be worse though, I spotted a Crosland that the owner had amended the badge to read Crossling 🤢
  3. Agreed but on the bike name flip side the Suzuki VanVan is just brilliant!
  4. I think this falls into the category of so bad its good? I love silly names like the Bongo Frendee , Cuore Avanzato Turbo TR-XX R4 and Atozam Grredy.
  5. A bit of auto test solo action from my favourite Scottish youtuber.... On a proper long player note, if you have 2+ hours to kill and like the idea of a Ford KA endurance race, boy have a I found a video for you! Danny DDC2 tackles the (Brands) IndyKa 500. Contains crashes, questionable driving, humor and a mullet......
  6. Got that Friday feeling? Its Rover time! I finally bit the bullet and finished welding the strut top, why rush these things? Anyway the last part was the bracket which holds the seat belt reel. This wasn't exactly complicated, it was just a case of lining it up with the old spot welds.... I held it in place using a g clamp in a slightly odd way, I actually needed it to sit loosely in place so I can plug weld one spot then flex the bracket to line up with the other side, the steel is a bit springy and has clearly sproinged (I am sure that is a real word) slightly out of shape. Plug welding commences... Then I decided that as this is a seat belt mount I want it really strong, I think my plug welds are pretty good but nowt wrong with running a seam weld along the sides for added strength. And t'other side... So bar the painting and putting all the trim and seat belt back that bit is done. Next job on the list is rectifying an issue that was caused by gravity.... I managed to drop my copper block (used for keeping metal cool whilst welding), inside the sill by the rear wheel arch. I have been meaning to sort this for a while but I was putting it off until I had most of the important bits done, the main reason I want to get this thing out rather than just leave it in place is to stop it banging about in the sill, because that would be really annoying (assuming this car ever goes back on the road) . Its in there some where.. Are there you are.... That took some fiddling to get out.... And welded back up, hmm bit ugly, will the bung ever fit properly again??? Anyway progress and some poor photos! Thanks for reading.
  7. My info comes from a documentary were they were interviewing someone at Panther and doing a factory tour, there was mention of both the body panels being made in Korea and the export Mercs, this was early Eighties. Cant find the vid at the moment.
  8. I quite like the Panther 6 wheeler and the Solo/Solo2 but most of the pastichey 1930s knock offs just have so many details that jar quite badly. The rear view below the bumper on the Kalista looks like the tail lights on the back of a trailer and why do the rear wheel arches flare upwards? Also fake wire wheels, sweet baby Skeletor on a bicycle that is horrible. With a few tweeks they would have been way more attractive IMO. Has anyone mentioned that during the Eighties Panther made most of their money by running a chain of video rental stores? Oh hang no that's wrong, they actually made their mulla modify high end Mercs and Range Rovers for wealthy Middle Eastern clients.
  9. Time for an update. In between multiple tip runs (getting rid of the remains of a rather large and mostly dead hedge) I have been attacking the Rover with the welder. The top section of the strut has now been surgically re attached. Seem welded along the base.... And then puddle welded were the spots used to go. I also welded it from the inside to make sure of full penertration.... To work in awkward places like the wheel arch (see above) I have been struggling with lamps and torches etc and then I had a moment of inspiration - why not tape the head torch to the welding mask? Works brilliantly and cheaper than rushing out and buying a new mask with a built in torch. Anyway back to the job in hand I have finally got around to trial fitting of the the bracket, that lives on top of the strut tower, that the seat belt attaches to. It still fits, so that will be the next step....
  10. Having a bit of a nostalgia trip, so here are all the Driving Force episodes I can find on the Tube......
  11. This may have been posted before but it so good I couldn't resist.. Mayhem at a (I hesitate to call it a track day) action day at Knockhill in the early Nineties, look out for the Bentley and the CX amongst all the fast Fords. Another long form video (1.45 hrs) from Danny, prepping his racing Civic before a test day and test day, I find these entertaining and pretty insightful, possibly not everyone's bag but I like it....
  12. A brief update, a little more welding, grinding and fun with paint. Arty shot of welding to the lower section... Red oxide on for protection. Then weld through primer for the bits that are going to get a bit hot and bothered by the zappy sparky stick... Next time I am off work I may get to weld the top section back on.....
  13. A Nurburgring video with a difference. Lots of Eighties and Nineties chod, with a fantastic German laughter track.....
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