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  1. You maybe correct, I know very little about Standards, actually according to my better half I have very low standards.............
  2. Quite enjoying this guys handy work and laid back manner on camera . This is his new project for a customer, bring back a Standard 8 to life with a plan to fit a turbo MX5 engine to it..... Cant quite understand how he gets so few views?
  3. Bloody hell! I have driven a Castle Combe action day many years ago and spectated at a couple, seen some hairy-ish moments but nothing like that. If normal track day rules apply, he was over taking on the wrong side (pass on the left).
  4. This thread has been a interesting diversion for me this evening and boy does it bring back some memories of my own code brown moments... Here is a particularly silly one. Back in about 95/96 I was running a W reg (1980) mini 1000, it was my first car and had run okay but after subjecting it to a few months of commuting it started to play up. It would start okay but after a mile or two it would start to miss then die. Fortunately I was on an early morning start, no bugger around to see my misadventure. The car conked out at the traffic lights one morning, Just after the junction the road went downhill ideal for a jump start. The lights went green so I jumped out and pushed it across the junction, as the road steepened the mini picked up speed and I caught my foot on something, stumbled and lost grip of the car.......... Shit..... Not really known for my sprinting ability I some how managed to channel my inner Linford Christie and ran as fast as I could (which in reality wasn't very fast but just fast enough to catch the little bastard mini), I jumped in and managed to get it in gear and fired up and didn't crash. I dont like push starting cars especially down hill......
  5. I am now on a weird shift pattern, running 5 days on a 12 hr shift, then 5 days off. Planning on a big push welding up the Rover on my time off I decided that after running out of welding gas again..... I would ditch disposable bottles and go big. Over the last few days, a welding cart, an adapter hose thing, a bottle of Argon mix gas (with funky built in regulator)and an optimizer have arrived. I spent a good few hours setting everything up only to discover the optimiser wont hold pressure, it pings off the connection every time you open the tap.... Obviously the welding company aren't open again until Monday and then they will have to post the new part out... I might have to do DIY instead....
  6. John Noakes goes sidecar racing - yet another attempt by the Blue Peter producers to off a presenter...........
  7. Neither do I really, I am 99.9% sure its going to be crispy, crusty and in need of fresh metal....
  8. Rust update.... I have been hard at work over the last couple of weekends, lots of head scratching, lots of c.a.d, lots of chopping bits of metal from my stash, and a bit of metal inert gas zappy sparky thing. Pro metal workers, body shop peeps and welders please look away! Just needs fillering, job jobbed right? Wrong, it seems I missed a bit. Looking further down the sill I noticed the edge looked a bit crumbly. Trying to view the car how an MOT tester would and prodding a bit harder , I made a further grim discovery. Further prodding revealed this... Seems as though water had been sitting in the sill for a long time rotting it out, further cutting and digging revealed this.. I do wonder if the other side is just as bad? This is going to get complicated but it wont stop me getting the car back on the road, it might just take a bit longer than planned. Still a bit annoying so much for a quick an easy project...
  9. Having worked at dealers for BMW, Saab, Skoda and Peugeot. I am happy to say they all seemed to have warranty issues, Peugeot didn't really seem worse than anyone else. I can back up Motorpunks tale in that claiming back warranty work was a bear at Peugeot though. I have only had one French car a Citroen ZX which was a dependable old thing even if it had a pretty hard life before I bought it. I kinda miss the old lump, would have another. The irrational hatred of anything French annoys me.
  10. Another update.....,In a break from painting bits of house, I decided to have a look at the crusty sill end. As is always the case the hole was bigger than I remembered and when I started prodding the lower section of the wheel arch sort of broke up.... Its a tad manky, so at this point I got busy with a wire wheel on the grinder and went on the attack... Okay its not pretty but its all fixable, I have started with the cardboard templates but at that point pretty much ran out of time, so its business as usual crap photos and little progress. I might do some proper metal work next weekend. In other news I was reminded that the horn needs to work for the MOT, I hadn't checked that so thought I best try it. Oh surprise it doesn't work, so that's another job to add to the list.
  11. Luckily driving the Atego was a bit of a one off, fortunately all of my own cars have perfectly readable instruments so its not an issue otherwise I would be down the opticians for some varifocals.
  12. My better half has a Suzuki Ignis which has a clock in the dash display and one on the radio screeen thing, they both show different times as they seem to update them selves separately and we cannot figure out how to correct this, its rather amusing or massively irritating depending.............
  13. Not so much a feature that does something but a feature of some Mercs is small letters and numbers in important places. I jumped into an A class to move it and found I couldn't read the crucial D-N-R symbols on its tiny column stalk gear selector, so I had to put my reading specs on before maneuvering it. Had a similar issue driving an Atego truck, couldn't read the MPH side of the the speedo, could read the Bigger KPH numbers. Obviously I cannot wear reading specs whilst driving so I had to do maths on the move to figure out how slowly I was traveling... I think Mercedes Benz dont like long sited people?
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