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  1. Spotted when the sun was out...
  2. It was all a bit quiet on the car front as I am trying t prepare the vehicles for a pending house move (Mortgage approved, solicitors dragging heels etc etc) . Then my most reliable motor started to act up. The Subaru developed a weird judder on the way into work one morning. Turns out the judder was a front brake seizing up. On investigation firstly I found this manky mess... That disc has an added sheen of rust for being sat for a few days but its grooved to buggery. I then checked the sliders and the caliper, found the caliper pistons were seizing up. So I bit the bullet an
  3. Have you tried getting an insurance quote with it being Cat C? I looked at a car a few years ago that was a C and struggled to get a sensible quote. Personally I would give it a swerve, especially at that price.
  4. Just caught the 525e video, brings back memories of my 528i (E28) I miss that car! This is going to sound pretty dumb but when you were rooting in the boot looking for the spare, I found myself talking to the tv " the spare wheel is under the carpet on your left Ian!" Anyway great video, really enjoyed it and yes I think the steering wheel adjustment was jammed which would partly explain why you couldn't see the dials.
  5. Watched this on the big telly this evening, there is something rather pleasing about this kind of vehicle resurrection work. Also Car Pervert and The Pollitt make a great double act IMO.
  6. I am on 4 cars and a small broken motorbike (technically 3.5 as the fourth is part shared with my better half). Daily drivers - 1998 Subaru Forester (as of today off road with a binding brake caliper) & Range Rover DSE (p38) Runs but has issues - Reliant Scimitar SE6A road legal but axle whines like a whiney thing and when warm the engine oil pressure is too low for comfort. Shared car MGBGT -project, needs lots of welding etc etc, Bike - Yamaha YBR 125 - broken wheel bearing, broken starter, not sure I am really a biker! That's enough for now.....
  7. Not a car but one of my child hood hero vehicles Airwolf ( which in reality was a Bell 222) was crashed after being sold off and turned back into a normal chopper. It was being used as an air ambulance at the time and crashed in fog in 1992. Rather sad really.
  8. Yes they did but that was the first go, the poor old Testarossa ended up with 1000bhp in the final variant, because too much is never enough! https://www.classicdriver.com/en/article/cars/ferrari-testarossa-koenig-competition-king-neighbourhood
  9. He ran his fingers through her soft brown hair, freeing off the tap and unleashing a small army of bees.
  10. I think its a Koeing conversions 348, they are an aquired taste! The looks are OTT but they normally have bonkers twin turbo conversion so at least the looks are backed up with a serious increase in go over the standard dancing donkey. Mind you its on a low loader so maybe the V8 has had enough and thrown its conrods out of the pram.....
  11. Damn I miss my old E28, could you start a resto thread so I can live vicariously through the re build!
  12. Spotted on the way to work, had a bit of a time warp momment Nice 928 out in the sticks. But this is more Autoshite, a totally unexpected Peugeot 306 base model in nice nick heading into the horror that is Reading.
  13. Nice to see a MK2 getting some serious love. These make me pretty nostalgic as my Dad had these back in the Eighties and I had my first go behind the wheel in one (underage on a campsite!).
  14. Well this is amusing, even though I was never in a position to go to the FOD (due to house hunting commitments) , thanks to Monsieur Hairnet my old MX5 is standing in for me!
  15. El Camino and a US spec Volvo 2 door .
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