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  1. Yesterday I came across a run of top gear episodes from1983, this one is a personal favourite featuring hill climbing, circuit racing with jags and some really eighties music This episode is a bit more Autoshite though, features a look around of the FSO factory in Poland and a group test of Warsaw pact motors...
  2. Feel like you need to do some welding? How about this Austin 3ltr? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/403062821998?hash=item5dd86a946e:g:Z~YAAOSwR3BhE3gK
  3. Great pictures Mr Oxide, nice work! I really enjoyed the show there was a really great selection of cars on display even some of the JDM cars were worth a quick gander. I had a slightly surreal moment when me and my better had decided to stop for a bite to eat, we sat in that car and started munching on some cakes and then Dollywobler walked past apparently filming. Sorry if we spoilt the shot but the cakes were really nice! Anyone know the story behind the Alvis next to the hubnut stand, it was fantastic.
  4. How about this for a potential project...... 1955 sunbeam for £1500 https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-cars/sunbeam-talbot-90-mkiii-supreme-1955.-for-restoration./1406549623 Rusty but interesting.
  5. My first love when it comes to the Bavarian marque is the E28, still miss my old 528i, what a machine..... what a lot of rust.... What a knackered gearbox too!
  6. Not Ebay and not really tat but I want it! https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1307550
  7. I thought, maybe with different, smaller wheels, a different paint job and it wouldn't look so bad, it just needed to be really cheap......... then I saw the price....... Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha fucking really? Hahahhahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha !
  8. Today I are be mostly liking this.......... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Classic-Mg/174733719372?hash=item28aef0f74c:g:VNkAAOSwBZlgeJ7b Shiney on the outside possibly fubared underneath..... how about a more sensible set of wheels, even comes with a passenger.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1989-AUSTIN-METRO-1-0-PROJECT-SPARES-REPAIR-BARN-FIND-1-OWNER/313491793210?hash=item48fd91253a:g:L-wAAOSwIMdgdepQ
  9. How bad can this be for a grand? Mind you the way all the pictures are a bit cropped suggests its either hiding something or the seller is a terrible photographer, not sure which though?! https://www.gumtree.com/p/alfa-romeo/alfa-romeo-166-/1400224703
  10. A bit of a change of pace now did I mention my garage has a pit, a fucking pit!!! wooo and indeed hoooooo (this is a massive improvement for me as my last garage was a pop up Clarke one which was always the wrong temperature and held the damp in) but there is a slight issue.... When the Husband of the previous owner passed away the pit was filled in for safety. Actually that isn't the only issue if you are working over the pit area you are rather restricted on were you can put axle stands, which wouldn't really be an issue of you could work from in the pit! how they filled the area in is a bit quirky, when I pulled up the boards I found this. Initially I thought it had been filled with sand which would be an utter ball ache to dig out, until I noticed what looks like pond liner. When you lift the pond liner it reveals chunks of rubble underneath, so the sand is just to create a smooth surface. I would love to crack on and get all this dug out but first I need to replace all the boarding as its ropey and rotten I had some planks lying around but that only gave me enough wood to replace 2 boards. I am probably going to end up buying a load of planks unless any one can advise me of a more modern/cost effective way of safely covering a pit?
  11. well like a lot of things this job escalated a tad... once I had the newly refreshed hub back (from having the bearing pressed in) I compared it to the supposed good side. At this point I realised that I really needed to replace that bearing as well. So off came the hub which as its a bit older and mankier than the other side was given an oil bath to help release the bolt for the ball joint. After a 24hr bath I managed to get the ball joint bolt out, without it shearing (a common problem on these). Then I sent it off for a new bearing and ball joint. About a week later i got it back and thought I will throw it all back together, easy..... Errr no, firstly on refitting one of the track rod ends I found that under no circumstances would the remains of the split pin come out of the shaft, I even tried drilling it out, no dice! Then I noticed a more expensive issue were I had gunned off the hub nut on the drivers side the thread on the drive shaft end had been damaged and couldn't be repaired. So a new CV joint was required.... so back to the house bashing whilst I waited for the postie to deliver....... My poor kitchen! Well it will look great when we are finished, hopefully. Finally the parts arrived, hmmmm shiney..... And everything finally went back together last night.... Finally got my daily driver back, might give it a celebratory wash at the weekend! Just tallied this up, even though I did most of the work myself it cost me about £350 in parts and £80 in labour oh well could have been worse.
  12. A mini may not be safe but, its still safer than any form of two wheel travel and they aren't as flimsy as you would imagine.... This was the result of a low ish speed probably both braking from 30 mph but failing to avoid each other - head on with a Renault Espace. I was rubbery, less easily broken twenty year old at the time and walked away unscathed. Sure safety has moved on a lot but you are never truly safe in a car (Euro Ncap wont stop you being crushed to death by forty tons of out of control lorry!) its just a matter of degrees.
  13. More old rallying nonsense, this time its the 72 RAC Rally. No commentary but great footage, vox pops, funky music (no really!) and a very young Tony Mason. Has a Steve McQueen Le Mans kinda vibe....
  14. A bit more rallying goodness, a documentary crew follows two cars around the 79 Lombard, features some classic Tony Pond comments and moments.....
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