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  1. I forgot to mention it comes with some paper work..... an owners manual a Haynes manual an original dealer brochure and best of all a workshop manual! Behold the majesty and yes the carpet needs hoovering.... That proper workshop manual will make working on it a tad easier!
  2. The weather cheered up slightly so I pulled the Scimitar out of the garage, empty the pit of water again... and see if the Rover will fit? Swap over time.. George having just finished snorting about 7 gallons of silty water. It fits! Pit access wont be possible with the garage door shut though unless you are Eugine Tooms. But hey if I need pit access I can open the door an roll it back a bit so no problem really. Tomorrow when I have recovered from all this I can start looking at the brakes and have a general prod around. Quite excited about this really.
  3. 0 End up on my drive way, say hello to my new pet ROVER 827 Sterling.. I just need to clear some space in the garage to give it a bit of a check over before I risk an MOT. Its brakes are very spongy and are not right, a service would be a good idea and just to make sure there is nothing else amiss.
  4. Fumes are always a concern, I might get a canary.... Actually the plan is to never run a car engine whilst over the pit if possible and remain vigilant.
  5. Looking damp but not filling yet.... Give it time though, I suspect its slightly below the water table!
  6. Ha know doubt, to be fair I have parked a car over it, so cannot fall in without a lot of effort....
  7. I consider my self to be fairly lucky, not only has my new house got a good size two car garage but it has a pit except there is always a snag... Some bugger had filled it in.... Its taken a while to get around to sorting this but about a month ago I pulled my finger out and hired an 8 yard skip (stupidly thought that would be big enough) and rolled my sleeves up.. What you have is a layer of sand on tarpaulin on top of rubble. The sand was pretty good builders sand so I dug it all up and bagged it (might come in useful). Then started on the rubble, so much rubble, much wow! It went on and on until I started to hear the tinkle of stones falling in water... Bollocks! Still I kept digging.... At this point I had pretty much filled the skip, so paused for a week or so. Then skip 2 arrived and I got back on it. Pleased to say last night I found the bottom and no I didnt find any bodies or any other real horrors. I did have to vac out a load of water for this I used a Numatic George, what a bloody brilliant thing that is. I did try a so called submersible dirty water bilge pump thing by Prokleen (what a waste of amazon vouchers!) that was utter crap. Anyway one final shot, another skip full, my back is starting to cry enough but i have achieved pit! Its a good five and a half foot deep so plenty deep enough, should make certain jobs a lot easier. Cant quite believe I have bothered to create a thread on making a hole in the ground but there you go......
  8. Yesterday I came across a run of top gear episodes from1983, this one is a personal favourite featuring hill climbing, circuit racing with jags and some really eighties music This episode is a bit more Autoshite though, features a look around of the FSO factory in Poland and a group test of Warsaw pact motors...
  9. Feel like you need to do some welding? How about this Austin 3ltr? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/403062821998?hash=item5dd86a946e:g:Z~YAAOSwR3BhE3gK
  10. Great pictures Mr Oxide, nice work! I really enjoyed the show there was a really great selection of cars on display even some of the JDM cars were worth a quick gander. I had a slightly surreal moment when me and my better had decided to stop for a bite to eat, we sat in that car and started munching on some cakes and then Dollywobler walked past apparently filming. Sorry if we spoilt the shot but the cakes were really nice! Anyone know the story behind the Alvis next to the hubnut stand, it was fantastic.
  11. How about this for a potential project...... 1955 sunbeam for £1500 https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-cars/sunbeam-talbot-90-mkiii-supreme-1955.-for-restoration./1406549623 Rusty but interesting.
  12. My first love when it comes to the Bavarian marque is the E28, still miss my old 528i, what a machine..... what a lot of rust.... What a knackered gearbox too!
  13. Not Ebay and not really tat but I want it! https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1307550
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