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    Old cars, bikes music and Blackburn Rovers. Ownership to date is 88 fiat Uno,89 astramax van, 92 zx volcane, 86 manta gte, X2 95 cavaliers, 96 fiat coupe, 05 Laguna tourer, 02 c3, 51 530i, 96 golf GTi 8v, 78 honda cb550/4 and 90 Kawasaki zxr750 h2. Currently 99 golf GTi 20vt and 03 BMW 330ci clubsport


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  1. Ohhh you were so near. Or so far depending where you were going!
  2. October through till march? 😁
  3. Oi louie never mind getting involved with galsharhambrys, its been a while since weve heard from the fil!
  4. Catastrophically volumous transmission (i thankyow)
  5. Commitment to faster lap times. He's taping up the joints in the bumper for better aerodynamics 😁
  6. Im living on me nerves here. Is it sold, is the raffle still on? People need to know!!
  7. Do people still go to the tip? Round here youd slow to a crawl and shove it out the back. Mind you this is east lancs to be fair
  8. Fuck that dave its your van do what you want! If folk dont like it they can always choose to say nowt instead of being critical (unlikly i know but you live in hope)....😂
  9. ^^ Been a long time since i had to replace one of the fuckers as well! If theres a ticket left by friday im having it!
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