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    Old cars, bikes music and Blackburn Rovers. Ownership to date is 88 fiat Uno,89 astramax van, 92 zx volcane, 86 manta gte, X2 95 cavaliers, 96 fiat coupe, 05 Laguna tourer, 02 c3, 51 530i, 96 golf GTi 8v, 78 honda cb550/4 and 90 Kawasaki zxr750 h2. Currently 99 golf GTi 20vt and 03 BMW 330ci clubsport


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  1. Only piston heads makes me grumpy. Just read shed of the week. Astra turbo cab. All the comments about " so council estate". How much time have any of these computer programming middle management cunts ever spent on a council estate? And what's wrong with council estates? Did alright by my lot. Rant over 🙄
  2. F reg MK2 Jetta (mums) h reg MK2 astra van (dad's). 1998. Did the actual test in a 205 diesel which felt like a sports car after them two
  3. Bastard. I've scrolled right through this to put " me up the fuckin wall". Turns out you beat me too it 🤣
  4. Lovely old thing that
  5. And how is the victor at the mo?
  6. Just bought ex employers old crafter pickup for £400. Just sold it to copart for £1100. Doesn't happen right often but sometimes your luck's in
  7. Don't Laguna 2s have springs like a snake that's swallowed a pig. Seem to remember having to borrow different spring compressors to change dampers on one. That'd explain the bid for freedom when a coil parts company
  8. If the car I'm eyeing up comes off you can buy the wife's MK4 GTi 20vt bramz. Only worth about £400 but if your offering 700....😂 Also that 305 is gorgeous. Please add me to the dibs list (pos#64 I'd imagine by now)
  9. I had a nice 530i manual (1600kilo). When it went I fancied that engine and box combo in a smaller lighter sportier car. So I bought a 330ci (1500 kilo). That went brilliantly. Fucksake.
  10. Never mind that - 79 rs2000 for 2 grand. £2600 less than an orion ghia. If only you could go back in time and buy cars up 😂
  11. Like a bust record ill say it again. Best cars ever made came from the 90s early 2000s. All that way and back in a £350 car and zero issues! Well imprressive. Great write up as well!
  12. Preferably with something in it that makes a ticking noise (Obviously not an actual bomb)
  13. Eldest is 10. Im still better than them at this stage!
  14. Im doing this at some point when i have money! Good luck pal
  15. And it didnt work. Ill try again some time when ive learnt to use a fecking computer!
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