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    Old cars, bikes music and Blackburn Rovers. Ownership to date is 88 fiat Uno,89 astramax van, 92 zx volcane, 86 manta gte, X2 95 cavaliers, 96 fiat coupe, 05 Laguna tourer, 02 c3, 51 530i, 96 golf GTi 8v, 78 honda cb550/4 and 90 Kawasaki zxr750 h2. Currently 99 golf GTi 20vt and 03 BMW 330ci clubsport. Update, now currently 03 BMW 330ci clubsport and 07 Ford Fiesta ST150. Still got Golf. Will be out in winter.


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  1. Cheers Jamie. Im here and there with it, I'm tempted to do something cos I can but on the other hand I'm not 17 anymore and I don't want to spoil the car. There is a fella in Clitheroe as well who builds bespoke and has been going a long time. Ill have to give it some thought
  2. Hard work. Ive got rid of a few things like this where they're at the age where they're not technically "classic". But you know you won't ever have another probably. Like you said though, onwards and upwards 👍
  3. Sorry sutty that was a bit ambiguous. I meant as in dont do it 🤣
  4. Do you spend a lot of time on ebay "cos its a hobby like" Do people say to you "you like mending cars though don't you" (No its a bus mans holiday)
  5. Advice time Jamie. Ive got the chance to buy a really good quality stainless system for mine. However I don't have to. Im a bit torn really cos all I want is to make it sound like a bmw 6 used to sound. Sharp and bassy but not boy racer. There's a lot of choice from the likes of magnet, borla etc al. So do I bother spending money that'd be better spent on ongoing maintenance and improvement or do it? And if so on what? Answers on a postcard. Or on here. Im easy
  6. I have the st150 which is the 2 litre duratec. If the zetec is suspended anything like the st then it will be pretty hard, crashy and noisy. But (and its a big one) these cars are hilarious. Like a car sized training shoe. Just brilliant brilliant fun. Also durable, easy to work on and don't seem to suffer from rot. Spot on styling wise as well. In my opinion a much better looking car than the mk7. Tldr, get it done, you won't regret it
  7. Its a bit of a combination of things. Where access is good like external fittings on a machine then yes you can move the ratchet to where you want it. But if you are working on machinery internally or in an engine bay for example, you might have very little travel room for the ratchet before hitting an obstacle. You can buy ratchets with a fine tooth action as well (more teeth to engage on in a shorter range of travel) but these are dearer
  8. Most are multi-point as a matter of course now, socket and combination spanner sets. I find when ordering tools at work I have to specify 6 point if its what I need. Impact rated tooling still 6 point though for obvious reasons
  9. My dads friend has a company rossendale Road springs. Making leaf springs is pretty much all they do. Been in business for decades. I appreciate its a long way from you (I assume) but if its of any help or you want to get any technical questions answered im sure I could ask john
  10. There's a contradiction in terms 🤣
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