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    Old cars, bikes music and Blackburn Rovers. Ownership to date is 88 fiat Uno,89 astramax van, 92 zx volcane, 86 manta gte, X2 95 cavaliers, 96 fiat coupe, 05 Laguna tourer, 02 c3, 51 530i, 96 golf GTi 8v, 78 honda cb550/4 and 90 Kawasaki zxr750 h2. Currently 99 golf GTi 20vt and 03 BMW 330ci clubsport. Update, now currently 03 BMW 330ci clubsport and 07 Ford Fiesta ST150. Still got Golf. Will be out in winter.


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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1981-BEDFORD-RARE-FACELIFT-CF-NOT-CF2-CLASSIC-VAN-MOT-EXEMPT-/184961886533?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 @eddyramrod. Final chance pal. If you don't buy this one then I'm stopping looking 😁
  2. Bet there was a big kick off when he put the nozzle in
  3. Fit Also worst car in world for big shop 😁
  4. Sad to see both of them go, but if the timings right for you then it's the best thing. You going to deviate from old ford's next time, or are we looking forward to a mk2 transit?
  5. Oh yeah, sorry for the post designed to make you feel worse 😁 didn't realise that it read like a statement of demoralisation till I just read it again!
  6. Is it not worth putting off for a little till your knees a bit better? I reckon it'd be a massive anticlimax for you if it's first outing isn't with you driving it
  7. I've had a torn meniscus for over a year now. Haven't been running for over a year. Work is hard as fuck because it keeps locking up. Still waiting for an operation. Best of luck pal, have a feeling you may need it ☹️
  8. Bugger. Kinda hoped you'd keep it. Mini looks mint though
  9. Fuck em There's a playground bully mentality developing on here. Few ringleaders then their mates backing them up. If they were that good, there'd be loads of threads about all the great stuff they're doing. And there isn't. So fuck em again. Oh and black please 😁
  10. Properly impressive how far your skills have come on I'm a short space of time. Also well impressed with the level of resolve. Keep going, you're over the hump now
  11. To anyone who thinks that grill is OTT, may I present the new M3. (Well I can't cos I still don't know how to link pictures. Just imagine the above but double decker)
  12. And? Is it running yet? 😄
  13. I learnt to drive in one of these but a van. 1.7 Isuzu diesel in doom blue. J320sbm I think. Fond fond memories
  14. Badge looks well. Keep it 👍
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