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  1. Oh and the best thing of all... the colour on the log book is Beige!!
  2. First arrival of 2020... don’t get too excited! With the impending addition to the family @Mrsbrownnova decided she wanted a more sensible family wagon. One which could carry prams and friends and their babies etc, I was mindful that I wanted something at least interesting enough so I wouldn’t feel like a total sellout to dull modern motoring. Yesterday we went to look at a local car for sale, and today we bought it the massive 8 miles home! The car...? A Citroen C5 2.0 HDi Exclusive! Oh yeah... top spec baby!! It’s dark so I’ve only got the sellers pictures at the moment. 97k, wafty suspension, panoramic roof, all of the leather, many many buttons and a huuuge boot! It does have a few little battle scars here and there, including big-ish one on the door, but it is just paint no more so should be easily remedied. Having only driven it a short distance it wafts along really nicely. Mrs_b is pleased (it’s her car really). Full report to follow when it’s light and I can take pictures.
  3. It’s currently on loan to the BiL... so you may have a couple of weeks to get sorted 😉
  4. Thanks to those who have paid already 🙂 my emails have been going mad!
  5. Going to be collecting 2020’s first arrival tomorrow... Which means there might be a Saab 9000 up for grabs very soon. Question is do I fix the door first or just roffle as is...
  6. Out of sheer habit I put my foot flat to the floor and left the choke in... honestly I’m a moron! 🙄🙄 You wouldn’t think that three out of my six cars have a manual choke! Sometimes my lack of common sense about cars astounds me... Of course, when done properly it started first time! Good job I’ve got no neighbours going out to start a car at 11.30 at night! 😂
  7. PMs sent tonight - if you haven't had one please let me know! Thanks to those who have already replied. I'll await the monies and then run off to the Cayman Islands order the calendars and get them sent out. Thanks!
  8. So as I had half an hour it was... wheel of to inspect the callipers... First up where’s my wheel brace... I do hate it when people have been in my garage and used my stuff... I can’t find anything! Thankfully mine came with it’s original Yugo toolkit! Removing the horrible after market trims revealed these! Think I’ll be painting the wheels and leaving them on display! Crusty as anything. No movement when depressing the pedal and the wheel is not moving very freely. Other side is up against the wall. The plan was (now it runs....) to turn it round so the front wheels were accessible... however as the car had other ideas today and wouldn’t run I couldn’t do this. And asking my pregnant wife to help lift the car might not be the best idea... I’ll just check the brake fluid... What a brilliant design the brake fluid reservoir is under the spare wheel holder! With that removed it’s clear that there’s not much brake fluid there! So more fluid might help, but what’s in there looks clear. Don’t think that’s right. Probably best bleeding the system methinks. Need to look up how to bleed brakes. Not done that before. Hmm ok let’s try starting again. I’ve had a heater on the engine bay. And.... a cough no more. Bugger. Wonder if it’s flooded again with my trying multiple times. Really hope it wasn’t a fluke when it did start!!! Feeling a bit deflated I’ll head back inside.
  9. Today... with my brother in laws van taking the trolley jack to get it’s brakes sorted for its MoT I didn’t get a chance to play with this this weekend until now. Thought I’d best start it first and... no dice... won’t catch again... Can I blame it being particularly cold today and the door to the garage being open most of the day? Grrr... should’ve started it every day like I told myself to...
  10. PMs for payment of this will go out tonight! Any more before I do?
  11. Just when the neighbours didn’t think my driveway could get any more classy... there’s been an 04 reg Renault Kangoo wheelchair accessible van parked in my drive all week... No I haven’t gone mad... it’s my Brother in Laws MoT failure of a van... He says he is fixing it tomorrow...
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