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  1. And some shameless self promotion…
  2. How is it Wednesday already?! Weekend adventure was a 2CV run I was leading. But life kept getting in the way of my reccy run. So Saturday night I headed out. Weather was good, MG was selected and the roof was down! Love topless night drives! Castle achieved… Went to Rhyl on my way back… Then the Sunday was the actual run. Reality TV fans may recognise the location as Gwyrch Castle. Which is a fascinating place in its own right before Ant and Dec got their hands on it. Lovely run, all 2CVs ran faultlessly throughout!
  3. Wowsers!! Getting posh rounds here these days with all these Bentley drivers 😂😂 that is a lovely thing!
  4. Cars you did not expect to see today… Hnnnnnggggg… Local car place is hosting hampsons auctions tomorrow.., so all the lots were out for car night. On a more AS money wise level…
  5. Rare spot today… 2.3 supercharged one… gorgeously understated. Sadly bar a fair few miles in the 9000 on family duties that was all the car action in my weekend. Frustrating as I’d really hoped to get a couple of hours to finally finish the 2CV revival ready for an MoT, drain the Nova’s tank and investigate the Pontiac’s misfire.
  6. I was trying to angle a word with the owner to ask pretty much exactly that… but he was having a lengthy chat with another chap and i wasn’t patient enough to wait!
  7. A very different kind of Nova at my local car night tonight!
  8. Looks a good buy that! TFs are good fun things to have!
  9. I need to check out the exact workings. But I’ll check the simple stuff first as you say, hopefully a loose lead… 🤞 🤞
  10. Took the TransSport (and both babas) to a local show At Bodrhyddan hall today. Something wasn’t quite right on the way there an occasional slight hesitation in overdrive, and on the way home it started misfiring under load. Hopefully something simple… To be fair the first time anything’s gone wrong in 18 months on a car I bought from a scrapyard… not bad going!
  11. On a Friday mornings I always pop to Costa for a coffee as a happy Friday treat. There’s two oldish fellas who always sit outside, they love the random collection of cars I arrive in “You love your old cars you don’t you!” But bar the 2CV the car they’ve loved the most was when I turned up in the 9000 for the first time yesterday. One was telling me of how he had one As a company car back in the day. Always good to chat about the cars…
  12. I reckon it’s difficult to know what will be popular. I went to watch the Vauxhall Senator video, and that had far more views than I would have guessed.
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