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  1. MG is finally through an MoT… Of course I’m not able to go and collect until next week due to work commitments. Oh well at least it might make the impending bill after pay day.
  2. Fantastic thread! Loved reading it! What an epic trip…
  3. @Skcat’s latest purchase with bonus Volvo peeking in!
  4. I saw that pop up for sale and was tempted too! Very happy it’s now on here and we can follow its progress!
  5. I’m on a 2CV camp that weekend! I’ll aim for the next one!
  6. I had hoped that for Father’s Day I would get more time in the garage than I did, but I’ll take the quick half an hour deciding which of the front wings I have for the 2CV are least rotten and most saveable. Turns out it’s the two red ones… so that’s me painting them green then. Some brief repair work done to them ready… but didn’t even get time to get back and sand the filler I’d applied down. Where do the weekends go!?!
  7. How about another months worth of wild spots! Parked in the Pontiac and a lady pulled up and parked in the space next to me! A Charade GTTi no less! Petrol station spot… circa 1986 Seicento…. This pair were for sale on the side of the road in Anglesey… I went to Chester zoo… saw the best beastie in the car park! And it must have been Alfa day because later that day in Asda car park… A 2.5V6 Vectra? Would… AVAS notwithstanding. And finally… I’ll do my best car show spots soon… but this is up there!
  8. I love the Italia 90 edition of the Panda! When I was a youngster there was one that lived on the road I walked to get into town. I always loved the little touches, especially the wheel trims! This thread is making me want a Panda now…
  9. @Ian_Fearn’s Panda…
  10. Decided to daily the 2CV this week, I think it’s the first time I’ve done the full 5 (well 6 as I used it last Friday too) in it. Almost faultless to the very end. Truly is totally capable of the daily grind at 36 years old, and far more economical than the Volvo!!
  11. Call from the garage who’ve had my TF for nearly three weeks… We’ve changed the Lambda sensors and it’s still high on the Lambda reading… We’ve ordered a replacement ECU as it’s likely the remap that’s the problem… This will be one of the most costly MoT I’ve had! On a car I’d not long bought. Think this one was a mistake! I prefer cars without the fancy electronics…
  12. Sun was out for the local car night tonight… which meant more Shite-style cars came out to play with the shiny classics and the hot hatches!
  13. Good tips thanks, want this new set to last as long as the original set if possible! I asked another mate who suggested Raptor… I’ve seen enough of your videos on Elly to avoid that one!
  14. Pattern ones from ECAS. Seem ok, but the final fit will be the real test!
  15. The 2CV wings were totally rotten, so one job before it can get an MoT is replacing those. All stripped. Im in the process of painting the rear wings and have nearly done the outside. The question is… for the inside would a protection paint such as a waxoyl or hammerite type to keep the insides protected be better than simply body coloured paint? They’re not visible, so colour is not massively important. It’s just primer on that side currently.
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