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  1. Welcome back!! What a super purchase. Lots more maestro and Montego content here lately! I think it’s less that they’re not as popular and more that they’re becoming out of reach in terms of cost so there are less on the forum!
  2. That’s absolutely fantastic!! This is true Autoshite gold standard stuff right here!
  3. Ah so was this 960 that I saw at Mavericks Wales yours?
  4. Do you know what really boils my piss… Middle Lane hoggers. The M6 today is full of them!
  5. There have been a couple of finds on the FB group of late, IIRC chatting to the guy who runs the Facebook group a couple of weeks back the two convertibles one ended up being exported to be restored and the other is being/going to be reatored. The 511 for resto went to Nigel Bickle I think and he’s in the process of sorting it. Apparently there are more back there with this particular Skoda collector too, but they are stuck behind vehicles with no keys…
  6. What a fantastic collection, and a fantastic thread! I’ve seen a bit of what you’ve done with the 311 over on the Facebook group (as a fellow Zastava owner… a 45 for me) but glad to see more updates here!
  7. After several months rusting resting, this came out to play today… After having been quoted three grand for the welding work by a 2CV specialist (they wanted to rebuild the back end essentially) I decided to try a more old school welder type instead. I knew I had the man for the job when I saw this Asia Rocsta outside… Much more pleasing price, but small waiting list. Early September and the welding can be done, then we can fit the wings etc we have here waiting. On bringing it home Mrs brownnova decided to show her friend just how rusty it is by pulling on the seatbelt… which came off in her hand, bringing part of the inner wing with it! Told you it was Rusty!
  8. Have begun looking for a new family car to replace the wife’s C5. Decided to look for something a bit newer and with a list of requirements which we wanted. Yesterday I spotted a perfect car, which Mra_b liked, it ticked all the essentials and a few desirables too, but it was a 58 plate, same as the current car, albeit low mileage, and FSH… we dithered. Today we decided no we should go and look - it looks perfect for our needs. So I went to ring them up… only to discover the ad had been taken down during the afternoon… which means we must have narrowly missed out. Now very annoyed at myself. Now every other car advert just looks a poor relation to that one that got away… bugger.
  9. The man from the ministry he says YES! Very complimentary about the underside, as was the other guy. They see a few of these and he says they’re always rotten somewhere…. Except this one!
  10. Awaiting the verdict from the man from the ministry….
  11. Tonight’s Mavericks meet is bought to you by the colour red: Other colours were available… Lucky to have this on my doorstep every Tuesday! About 150 cars there tonight apparently!
  12. Yeah, I only got one ticket for me and not one for the good lady… meant to get another for her… kids are free thankfully. So like wuv… I may also be interested in a spare also.
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