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  1. Possibly my new favourite thread on AS!! What a car!!! I always remember as a youth finding the one in Gaydon fascinating as it was different to the other cars of the time, particularly its solid wheels.
  2. Today’s the day I shall brave the shops... it’s been a week since the last foray and that was only for a few bits... so a proper shop is needed. Only really important question is... Saab convertible or C5 Tourer? If it was taxed I would be using the 2CV hands down.
  3. Welcome along Claire84! Midget with a K-series sounds good enough for AS! Look forward to hearing all about it.
  4. Me as a bairn with the family’s Reliant Super Robin in the background...
  5. One of the things I like about Llandudno Transport festival is the opportunity to ride an old bus into town...
  6. This This And this... But probably up the horseshoe pass, and then on to somewhere really far away, like Scotland.
  7. That was the mess... I sorted it out to this... Yeah still looks shit. Was only meant to be a stop gap as the camper is in the way where it is currently and I can’t get hold of the sub base which I was going to whack over the area. The ground there is really uneven and o just placed the slabs hence the wonkyness... Of course the only thing worse than it looking utter shite... is the fact that it was impossible to get the van on! There wasn’t enough room to turn the van into the space! FFS... So now the van is on slabs on the grass. (Not ideal) DIY expert I am not.
  8. That’s awesome!!! Very jealous! A Princess is right up there on my most wanted list.
  9. Yesterday I attempted to widen my driveway to provide parking area for the camper. Being lockdown I didn’t have the materials I needed (Wickes we’re out of stock for delivery), so I tried to use whatever I have lying round. Lesson learnt: wait for the proper materials. I’ve now just made a mess to be honest.
  10. 87% (6/7) are working using the original definition. Just the Yugo in the non working column. Although the MX5 has a puncture and all bar the Saab and C5 are SORN now, but if it was a hospital emergency I’d happily use them.
  11. He can and he has! Looks like a cracking thread this!
  12. This popped up on my book of faces. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a P-reg Montego before!
  13. 5 out of 7 now on SORN... I really don’t need to keep two on the road, but Mrs b doesn’t want to SORN hers and I need one to commute in for when I’m in work.
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