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  1. Deal done... the Mark 1 wins... collection tomorrow. But I have decided a Mark 3 may will feature in the future as a winter beater.... when the prices drop enough!
  2. My old one was too far gone for me to save... I’d spend as much as buying another and still be left with one which was a slightly rough... so I sold it...
  3. Yeah it is a detuned 1.6... but tbh straight line speed isn’t as important to me as cornering... and you’re right.... pop up headlights.... To add to the mix someone has now offered me a very tidy looking NB for similar money... However I’m looking at the NA first, so if that’s tidy that will probably be the most likely.
  4. That is a consideration... the Mk1 is tested for a full year (clean pass) whereas the Mk3 needs instant work to get it roadworthy, and has been stood for a few months. But that’s reflected in the prices, and I have a tame mechanic on standby to do the MoT work next week... Ooh it’s a quandary!!
  5. Hang on... Yugo isn’t listed... anyone got the number for Zastava so I can check with them please? My Saab is ok apparently, but the 2CVs will have to have the stealth tax on classic cars applied...
  6. I do slightly wish I could buy both, run them side by side for a month and then decide 😂
  7. I fear that a mk3 would just be an car to me... but the Mk1 is a lot less powerful and as has been said I’ve been there... although I did love it (when it worked!) In terms of rust this mk1looks immaculate (I’ll truly tell tomorrow), whereas the mk3 will need a small amount of welding for its mot...
  8. So.... Following the demise of the white MX5 I am in trouble at home. The lad was a big fan of the MX5... It also leaves me a hole in the something fun and sporty for occasional use category. Another 5 seems inevitable. Even in these covid times I now have two loca-ish viewings booked in. a) a very nice looking mark 1, very straight, has had the required welding done and is very clean and honest. It’s a late UK car. Viewing tomorrow. b) a Mark 3... With no MoT and in need of some minor fettling. Silver... but I’m intrigued to see if I’d get on with a mk3... It w
  9. My 9000 is called Bjorn, when we bought a second 9000 it was scaled Bjornadette.... and when the 900 came along it was called Christian... as in Bjorn again Christian...
  10. Auf Wiedersehen! After nearly six years in my ownership (a new record) I sold the MX5 today... the rust was too much for me to tackle. 😢
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