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  1. Disappointed not be able to join in this time! Next time!!
  2. The 9000 performed nearly faultlessly for the journey to work... it was like setting an old friend again. I’d forgotten how much I like it!!
  3. Hello old friend! New month and the imminent lifting of Wales’ stay local advice means time to tax the 9000!!! Flat battery but eventually a jump of the 900 got it going. was filthy from being parked under a tree so washed it, pumped up the tyres and taxed it. Let’s see if it gets me to work without issue tomorrow after 3 and a bit months laid up. (I wouldn’t risk it for anywhere I actually wanted to go just in case...)
  4. Staying in the fold! Result!!
  5. Elly!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll bet it feels so good to be back in a 2CV!!
  6. I do think having a reliable shite family car is a good idea, that’s why I have the 9000. It’s interesting enough to stand out, but reliable and safe enough to be a good family car. I had a feeling you wouldn’t gel with the Delicia though, didn’t seem very you. My (totally un-asked for or wanted suggestion) is that an ideal family car would be something mid-90s abd Swedish. Saab 900 (I know you’ve had a 9000 in the past and weren’t that taken with it or i’d suggest that), maybe a 900 convertible or a Volvo. Either that or something wafty and Japanese... another Lexus or a Honda Legend... Either that or go mad and get another XM!
  7. Gah! The one vehicle I most wanted to put off was the Campervan... which is due 4th August.... bugger.
  8. Just checked the Mazda... Now where the shitting hell am I going to find an MoT station open on Christmas Day?
  9. Just seen on eBay....
  10. Weirdly we took guesses on the baby’s due date and gender, and my dad wouldn’t guess saying... my only guess is you’ll call it Dyane if it’s a girl... We didn’t. Never!! If we ever end up with too any children for a proper car we’ll get an ex funeral home limo. Preferably a Vauxhall Carlton or a Volvo 940... It would be almost rude not to buy her something....
  11. I’m all ears... I’ll fancy escaping the house this weekend to look at something automotive for sure!!
  12. I’m sure no ones noticed I’ve been quiet here lately, but there is a reason. Some 20 days after the 2cv arrived... The baby arrived!! It’s a girl!! Thankfully not delivered by WorldofCeri (no offence I’m not sure of his midwifery skillz) but @Mrsbrownnova did an amazing job of expelling the womb raider. Mother and baby doing well. Sadly she was not transported from home in the 2CV, indeed She’s yet to have her first ride in either 2CV, but it’ll only be a matter of days. Best Father’s Day present ever!
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