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  1. Saw this on FaceArse Its genuine too!
  2. I’ve never owned or even driven a BX.... I would very much like to one day.
  3. We’re not deemed a threat as our version of the capitalist dream is a bit shonky...
  4. Especially when one of the mods follows the Toon Army 😉 Re 502 errors: trust me when I say a lot of man hours has gone into investigating this. We have to keep tweaking things until we find the solution (when I say we I certainly don’t mean me... my only solution is to turn it off and on again). They have got less in my experience, but every now and again you get a run of them. Sorry they’re not solved, we’ve put patches over the sills and covered them with stone chip... hopefully that’ll hold for now 🤔
  5. brownnova

    Forum problems

    Generally people put any issues in the sticky thread about the forum. Feel free to do that or to message one of the admin team.
  6. Oi I’ve cornered the Yugoslavian market on AS thanks! In reality I look forward to whichever (hopefully former communist) car you have bought!
  7. Went to Chester cars and coffee this morning. Here’s some of what I saw! Sadly I had to park between two moderns, although when I looked I realised that there’s 10 years between the two cars either side of mine! One life... lived it. Got the major horn for a 924 at the moment. Lots of shiny stuff, plenty of modified and modern stuff but a good friendly mornings meet!
  8. I’ve been thinking of organising a Shitesteddfod for us Welsh Shiters for a while!
  9. Sorry Tim, plans are already in place for this afternoon. Another time tho that sounds fun!
  10. Not long after passing my test I drove the Brown Nova from Stratford-on-Avon (my town of origin) up to Chester to see my primary school best mate who had moved there. Was a good learning curve! At that point I had no idea that one day (6 years later) I’d end up living in Chester myself!
  11. Always worth driving to Betws to recycle bottle tops/drink tea/eat cake. Hope to see this in the flesh some day!
  12. Prynhawn Da (as we say in Wales)! Time for some spottage update, and no I don’t mean the trail of PAS fluid left by the Mazda before I fixed it! First up a base spec Rover 820!! Having some paint work done very soon by an owner who really appreciates what he’s got (and was very surprised that I knew what it was!) This was the epitome of Shonky, and had shat out all of its coolant! Deep underground I found a Saaaaaab And in a local show (yes I’m a cheat for posting show spots) the Renault 15 a few of us drooled over at Chumley If you like your cars Tennis ball coloured... Another cheat shot... but worthy of posting... a Dyane Caban!! Belongs to my mate Steve, it’s an absolute belter! Musso is the name, rotting gracefully is the game... Talking of grimy eastern cars... have a 300C which looks to have been sat there since 2007! Got me some good grim shots from this one! I thought the lorry lickers might like this! Found in some kind of Landrover graveyard. With added Robin-y goodness! And finally a Hillman Minx. A lovely little thing That’s all for now! See you next time spot fans!
  13. I love 924s, I’d really like another. Still my favourite car I’ve ever owned! Good run out (for testing and giving it good blast purposes) might be Chester cars and coffee tomorrow morning. Planning to potter over myself (never having made it there before), not quite decided which steed to take.
  14. brownnova

    Pride & Joy

    Great stuff!! This is the sort of stuff that is proper Autoshite! Moar of this please!!
  15. Great buyage! I may be biased but Saabs are for winners!! I can’t help but feel that the kerb standing arrangements in that photo should have been the other way round though...
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