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  1. Ive already been bought two of these 😂😂
  2. Exhaust bits arrived yesterday, but yesterday’s task was chasing the creak on the Saab... Today however! Car was like this for easy access One of the real joys is that working on anDeux Chevaux can be so simple. Mere minutes later: Small blow in the middle where the clamp had seized and wasn’t pushing the pipes together properly, so it was lucky I’d bought the full set of clamps. And refitting the wings seems fiddlier than removal, but car all back together and ready for its retest!
  3. Well that was a waste of time as it turned out, passed the bounce test at the time and this morning, and drove silently for the first few miles of my commute, but the loud creaky squeaky noise returned for the final couple of miles. 🙄
  4. Nah the only car I ever had a bang (with another car) in was my Nova... I was fine. 5* NCAP I reckon....
  5. Aaaand back to cars. This is why I drive old cars... to be lay on my back on the drive in the dark in November chasing a suspension creak... Honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way though. Creak appears to have been coming from the bottom suspension arm, I think a bush has worn and it needed lubricating. So it’s greased up and we’ll see how long it stays quiet, which will judge how urgent the problem is. Didn’t appear to be any play in it, so that’s good. Hopefully just a good lubing needed! Plus my 2CV exhaust arrived today, that’ll be tomorrow nights job, tha
  6. Isn’t it a requirement of entry to Autoshite that you want a Tagora?
  7. This months Craptical Plastics has a Yak Yeoman in it... Never heard of one of them before... and bloody hell do I want one now!!
  8. Family day out to Llandudno today, took the 9000 rather than Mrs_b’s modern. This proved not to be the wisest move as the suspension was making the most awful noise by the time we arrived.... think it’s the bottom joint on the suspension arm. Should’ve taken the 2CV!
  9. Opted against the aluminium tape and booked the retest for Thursday... reason being that I’m trying to develop a good understanding with this tester and he was accommodating about a couple of items such as the state of my rear wings (could’ve been a fail if someone was being picky) as he understands it’s a work in progress and will be done, so to present for a retest with a bodge might make him less inclined to be accommodating next time... he passed the C5 today too. So I decided to do the removal ready for when the pipe arrives so I can quickly pop it on Got the time right d
  10. C5 passed the MoT this afternoon. Needed a numberplate bulb (D’oh... stupid fail) and the headlight height adjusting. Not too bad for a car with a Boris extension.
  11. Updatio! The yellow 2CV cruised through its MoT with but one advisory for slight lift in the kingpin. The green one (which I had feared may fail badly) scored a fail on a leaky exhaust and not being able to get an emissions reading! Which was an absolute result! Plan was to fit new exhaust and get the retest done today... of course the new exhaust arrives.... on Monday. FFS. Gives me two options, postpone the retest into next week (not ideal with work), or whip the known good exhaust (which I only fitted two weeks ago) onto the green one and then fit the new one to the yellow on
  12. Having both a camper and a floppy top... in my experience roads like the Nc500 (or at least what I imagine it to be like as I’ve never done it so I’ll use snowdonia as my point of reference) are definitely best experienced in a car. I’d choose something like a Saab, comfort cruisey-ness and not a gazillion pounds... This post not influenced at all by the fact I’ll probably be looking to move my Saab 900 convertible on soon... 😆
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