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  • A Volvo is for life not just for Christmas

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  1. Talking of Safranes, these images seem to have done the rounds on social media again recently. Not sure if they’ve been posted here on AS. But… imagine a Safrane estate… then see this the long cours prototype.
  2. brownnova

    End of shite?

    The age of temptingly cheap bargains just for the hell of it seem to have gone. Interesting stuff from the 80s/90s is really climbing in value now. The 900 floppy top I got for £300 from Anglesey about 3 years ago was my last proper bargain.
  3. Any Safrane returned to the road is cause for celebration! Well done for getting it back on the public roads!
  4. This is stunning. Absolutely fucking gorgeous.
  5. Seeing as we’ve not got many for November I’ll Chuck this hat in the ring…
  6. I think last time it was about 70… I’d have to check. PM me if you want some details.
  7. Good news!!!! After a hiatus since 2019…. Chodmondermingerly is back!!!!
  8. Those Megane cabriolet are good looking things imo. Well proportioned for a 4 seat cabrio.
  9. Yes!!!! The best twins on this thread yet.
  10. Some not quite exact matches… Yes in a show, but still the only other one to mine that I’ve seen in the flesh since I owned it!
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