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  1. If it’s anything like the 9000 it’ll be a relay somewhere!
  2. It’s integral to the seat, and I can access the mechanism with where the seat back is damaged. It retracts fine, but it’s pulling it out which is the problem.
  3. Ah, that’s interesting. And there was me hoping it would be a simple fuse! And yes, quite the list. A bit longer than I had hoped it would be. Part of me does think in hindsight I should have paid more for a more sorted one. But this one was a good colour and spec, and only 45 mins away and all the others I could see for sale were grey or silver and much further away! Anyway it’s done now!
  4. Today was so nice it would have been rude not to have the roof off… Alas…. What it is not, is fixed. I utilised the manual opening technique to go for a drive with the roof off. Proves that the mechanism folds absolutely fine. The bit in the previous post is the roof storage box sensor, and apparently the actual roof will work fine even if this is goosed. Before spending on it I wanted to live with it w couple of weeks to determine a full list. In no particular order. - Roof inop - damage to front bumper - intermittent door lock failure message - drivers seatbelt jams 99 times out of 100. - suspension is creaky - Brakes are creaky - pads and discs advisory on last MoT so will get these done. - missing towing eye cover - missing side repeater - damaged seat back (drivers) - damaged boot lid and boot lid hinge. - slight leak into the boot. - damaged wing mirror casing - all dash buttons worn. - no idea when it was last serviced. - heater blowers don’t work - main beam works on flash, but not doesn’t stay on. So yeah… I bought a cheap one. And surprisingly it needs work. But nothing on that list is too major (hopefully). And I did deliberately buy this one so I had money left over to spend on it. Plan is to chuck it at the Saab specialist for the roof and suspension bits. And then work through the other things myself one by one.
  5. That Z3 is a good looking thing in black with those wheels… like it a lot… As I do pretty much everything on your fleet in all honesty.
  6. If the battery has died it is less than a year old and I probably have the warranty receipt still… For the love of crumcake please don’t tow with it… the tow bar bits underneath are completely rotten. I was supposed to cut it off… (I told my MoT man I would) but never got around to it! Again, something which must have got lost in the Chinese whispers between subsequent owners! This always massively annoyed me too… you’re just more proactive at doing things about it than me! I use the kids as my excuse…. But yours are smaller than mine and you manage it! I sincerely hope the welding is sortable, it’s such an epic old bus. I miss it hugely!
  7. Lip gloss stick in the handbrake?
  8. Lock system is the drivers door. Hasn’t done it since. Think I may have disturbed the wiring in the door shut cleaning the car.
  9. Yeah this is very true, I’m trying to check the obvious first, but will be giving the Saab specialist in Wrexham a call this week for Tech 2 read! Sadly the one up the road in Rhyl has now closed so it’s a nearly an hours trek to the nearest Saab specialist. Someone on UK Saabs has had the same exact symptoms recently and appears to have solved it by cleaning sensors. So I’ll have a look at that too. Joined that now - thanks for the tip!
  10. A little time investigating the convertible roof situation this evening. a) Fuse, situation normal there. b) Hydraulic fluid situation. Yep we’re ok there. That’s a good sign I think. c) anything visible… On all the bits I have watched the boot hood storage section seems to raise and lower, but on mine it just dangles into the boot. Theres a hinge which looks like it’s supposed to be upright like this… But I’m holding it here and as soon as I let go it flops back. Closer inspection reveals This spring section appears to have sheared off at some point. No idea what it is, or what it does, but maybe this is what is stopping the roof from working… Sadly on this discovery I lost the light… one for some Google-fu and awaiting another day!
  11. Ah- only saw North Wales not Anglesey! I’m in Flintshire. Used to live in Bangor, but spent as much of my time as I could on Ynys Môn when I did - I do love it there! Bought my most recent car purchase last week from Menai Bridge!
  12. brownnova

    More tax

    I do think it would be just my luck if this changes just as my cars start to become tax exempt… April 2026 for the Yellow 2CV…
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