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  1. Don’t know what you’re on about… it’s a piece of piss… Its really not.
  2. I had tyres on mine yesterday… Means I’m happy to put the kids in it and actually use it now. Discovered the washer bottle leaks too. Also… head definitely nowhere near the headlining on top adjustment. I do like it a lot more than I expected to!
  3. A Shadow would be tempting! I like the idea of turning up to unlikely places in a Rolls Royce. Like taking something to the tip, or Maccies drive through, or picking the kid up from nursery.
  4. Proud to say the newest car she has travelled in so far is a 1998 Mercedes… that’s ‘shite’ parenting right there. 👌
  5. I will start the zoom. But I might be a touch late if the toddler takes ages to go to sleep… Mrs B normally does a Tuesday bedtime, but with the tiny baby I think I’ll let her off tonight!
  6. Early baby has put a delaying spanner in the works. Hopeful that by the end of the week we might have more of a routine and I’ll get a chance to sort it.
  7. Did a collection mission yesterday… went in the Volvo, but came back with a baby rather than another car! Decided to keep us on our toes by arriving 10 days early! But all is well…
  8. Easy one for me. Best all rounder is my 9000. It does everything a modern could, it cruises along the motorway with ease, but isn’t too unwieldy around town. It’s comfy, roomy and has a massive boot. I’ve done nearly 50k in mine, and it only let me down twice (a seized caliper and a seized aircon pulley), and it’s currently only off the road as I’ve got other things to use. The only thing which comes close is the Volvo 940 which I bought a few weeks ago.
  9. Only had the two estates… one current, one recent. Previously the gold C5 great all round car, hydropneumatic and waft-tastic. And the 940 Purpleness personified, it’s a superb car. We love it!
  10. Knew my Merc needed a new tyre, as one in the back is pretty badly perished. But pumping them up yesterday I noticed they’ve all got pretty deep cracks close to the join with the wheel… all at about 10 years old. Bugger that’ll be 4 new tyres then… 🙄
  11. Apologies I see a few PMs awaiting my attention. Will do so tonight.
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