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  1. That kind of painting where you get small children to put their feet and hands in paint and put them all over pieces of paper... Or are you going to revive the spirit of your old Dyane and go full camouflage?
  2. Absolutely! But even applying teacher handwriting translation I’m struggling for what you’ve had lots of.., dives?
  3. Also saw 1 OWL on a Bentley Mulsanne today...
  4. Also heading down Friday morning. Might be some other Cheshire Dragons I’m not sure. But we’ll find a nice spot and pitch up I’m sure! See you there!
  5. Have a slightly rubbish update!! First up a P4 I found by some garages near where I live.., Next up I popped to Wetherspoons for a pint and a curry. Outside the Chinese next door was this! Also lurking up the road from me was this... Today I went for a 13 mile walk/hike and en route I saw Mile 1: stopped for snacks the the petrol station. Saw a Volvo! Mile 3: A Beetle... nuff said. Mile 6. Walked up a big fucking hill! Was knackered. Saw a slightly festering Robin. Mile 9 saw some TVRs. This one probably the best. Aaaaaand finally. A photo I can be proud of. Saw some broken down chod on the side of the road so took a photo from the moving van... this is what came out So in the words of friend to many children Rolf Harris... can you tell what it is yet?
  6. All around the country there were frustrated men sat at their computers phones and tablets repeatedly pushing refresh to see if we were back or not...
  7. Walked about 13 miles in all today. Arrived at Bakewell to the sound of many V8s. Looked like some kind of TVR get together. My legs are frickin knackered now!
  8. Ooooh see you there! Look out for the yellow and white one! Be good to meet you!
  9. Thanks to the technical geniuses for sorting this out!!
  10. Deffo take it to FOTU, and to other events where there will be large numbers of Shiters... it’ll feel at home then!
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