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  1. Also full of petrol for squirting fuel in the top of the carb if needed... Thanks Mr Wobbler... Im wondering if I failed to connect the sender properly at the top in my haste to get the tank back on... I may be wrong. I reused all the innards from the tank so the sender/earth etc were all working previously. Will investigate.
  2. What bearded and from Wales? 😆
  3. This weekend I had planned to do a bit to the Nova seeing as Chumley had been cancelled and I now had a free weekend. Sadly being ill put paid to that. So last night I went to the petrol station and filled three Jerry cans. One for the green 2CV to see if adding 5 more litres would lead the fuel gauge to register since my tank replacement, one for the Nova as it too wasn’t reading anything on the fuel tank, and one for spare... Result was... 2CV still reading nothing on the gauge which is frustrating. I may have to drop the tank and ensure the connections for the sender are a
  4. Aye, usually these things are midweek, Monday seems an odd one to pick... 🤷‍♂️
  5. Monday seems a random day... what time is it?
  6. Grim grim grim... well played.
  7. Well either that or one of these... ...but painted blue with TARDIS written on the side because he wants a car which matches his username like all the coolest people.
  8. I’m going MGF which has been welded onto a Suzuki Vitara underpinnings to make it a 4x4 with many additional spot lamps for Sahara Desert crossings... (EDIT in that Matt yellow colour used by camel trophy Land Rovers) Am I close? Good luck!!!
  9. Having driven both models I’d take the Abarth every time... the one I drove stuck to the road like glue....
  10. Thank you so much to the technical wizards who keep us running smoothly and have completed this update with minimal fuss!
  11. Bump for a reminder that this is happening!
  12. I’ve joined a Nova group on Facebook... it wasn’t just a 90s trend it still persists today...
  13. I shuffled it on my drive a little, it goes forward and backwards. Test drive on a ‘private road’ next when I’m feeling better.
  14. Oh and just for @dollywobbler (and any other wiper lickers) I took this video too... IMG_7501.MOV
  15. Today I’m sick from work, first time in about 3 years... (NOT Covid) Having spent the morning resting up I decided to get outside to re-stick on the 9000 number plate. This went well... so I went back to bed, but looking out of the bedroom window someone was looking at me... No I’m sick I told Norman the Nova, But he kept looking at me... So I gathered what little energy I had and went down to install the freshly charged battery. Squirted a little fuel down the carb and gave it a go... we ran for around 3 seconds, badly. So I gave it another go and got about
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