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  1. Some spots on the way home from the Shitesteddfod! I spied the Honda and the Minor through the fence as I drove, so pulled over for a quick look... Some previous spots too... A Kenari!!!! A Festa, viewed over a Fence... Pair of Polos with holes... Another Minor And an H van in a sadly typical scene...
  2. The day dawned typically Welsh... a resounding Labour victory in the elections, horizontal rain, blustery wind and greyer than the slate of Blaenau Ffestiniog. It must be May. The Denbigh Moors were bleak and devoid of colour, the wind hitting the slab sides of the Pontiac like waves hitting the hull of a ship. Standing water abounded, and the small river which flowed across the smooth snaking asphalt threatened to knock us off course. But none of this mattered, a shite meet had been agreed, and hell or high water we were meeting. The rendezvous was a closed chocolate shop, nes
  3. Yesterday a kid arrived at school just after we were locking the back gates. Normally if they’re late they have to go to the main entrance to sign in (a 2 minute walk round the corner) However, as he had arrived to school in a Rover 600 I made them unlock the gates to let him in, and informed him that this was purely because he had arrived in a Rover.
  4. Even Noah has decided to give it a miss the weather looks that shite! The 2CV is out then!!
  5. Sounds fun, I’m in if I’m free on the chosen day.
  6. You don’t see many of those Ibiza’s any more. My house mate in Uni had one which I helped him buy. Was quite a fun little thing as I recall.
  7. Give me 2 mins... just got back from delivering leaflets in the village! Took longer than expected.
  8. Haha I wish!! My little stash would be a small fortune! Not even my 50s ones are worth that much...
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