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  1. Other hotels are available. Premier Inn Nottingham Arena isn't far away from Grantham and is only £31.
  2. I went a run on the way home tonight to get some miles on the wee motor after it's injection pump refurb. Driven hard to get everything broke in. Will do another eco test soon.
  3. 22nd August please Can do 29th too but 22nd preferable
  4. At least one familiar face for the Friday evening at the hotel / restaurant / bar!
  5. There's a place in Barrhead that may be able to refurb it. I'm thinking of taking mine down to them as it's getting a bit senile.
  6. I do not do tenting. I will do camping when I get my tiny caravan... next year. I could bring the 740 but I've booked the hotel again on the off chance I'm more confident in the 205 this time. Hotel is refundable too.
  7. Where exactly do you intend trying to drive a Roadrunner on two wheels? Who's going to come to your aid when you inevitably tip it? Who's going to have to deal with you if you hurt yourself? Also accidentally going on to two wheels because you're driving like a dick at 19 years old does not a qualified stunt driver make.
  8. Hotel booked for the 10th. Premier Inn currently running approx £37
  9. It's been almost 18 months since a motorway journey and when I saw that sign on the A50 that said "Services" I just had to didn't I... Uttoxeter Location: A50 Type: One site for both directions. Eurogarages Petrol Station: BP Hotel: Premier Inn Pros: It had a toilet. That's it Cons: Trying to get back on to the A50 Comments: This one really didn't fail delivery on it's assumed image of a shite services. It's not even really a services - kinda like someone built a petrol station in the arse of nowhere, extended the car park a bit and built a Burger King then extended it a wee b
  10. Resteded and relaxeded today mostly spent in the garden sunning myself drinking gin but time to chill out and get the photos up here. So good to see some long unseen faces and as usual, many thanks to @Mrs6C and @Six-cylinderfor hosting a bunch of lunatics. My trip south also tied in with taking Mr @captain_70s to Cheadle to pick up a car he had bought - a white Volvo 740GLE sight unseen. The best kind of Volvo. Read all about it on his collection thread. I then headed over to Ilkeston to see about getting a tear drop caravan / camping trailer built. No pictures of that bu
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