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  1. I'm sure he'll be more than fine seeing he's actually daily driven a few manual E36s for a combined several amount of years.
  2. It's a standard BR cab including an EMU control layout as fitted to the likes of 313/314 etc rather than an integral cab with DMU controls.
  3. Other than 3 and a bit years doing Aberdeens on megabus and listening / watching CCR on facetube, absolutely bugger all.
  4. at's yir 205 back fae the undersealers. Took it to Preserve and Protect in Johnstone and they appear to do a bang up job. Needle scale and steam clean the entire underside before spraying on a rust converter and letting it cure and only THEN doing the actual undersealing all the while taking and sending you pictures on WhatsApp. £600 they took for the job plus a bit extra for putting the towbar on. Before pics... During the process... After... I'm dealing with the towbar electrics hence why they're wrapped up in a bag at the minute. I'll make a start on that after lunch.
  5. Having had call to stop here a couple of times in recent weeks, I feel the need to do an update: Old Inns Location: Castlecary Road, Wardpark, Cumbernauld. Just off the M80 Type: Dual carriageway hangover Petrol Station: Shell Hotel: None Pros: Cheap fuel (ie not motorway prices). Decent snack van. Cons: Unless you read the signs like a hawk or know where it is, by the time you see it you've already went past the exit. Comments: Old Inns was a services on the old A80 Northbound before it was upgraded to motorway status. They moved the access to Castlecary Road so where it was a slip road off the A80, now you have to come off the M80 to get in. It is signposted as a services in both directions but only on the last signs for the slip road. The snack van has been upgraded to an actual cafe since my original review. It's alright I suppose - I wouldn't go there daily if I was working nearby. The food is decidedly average, slow but is cooked reasonably freshly, a little bit more expensive than I'd like and orders seem to get mixed up more often than would be deemed 'accidental'. Conclusion: Handy meeting point for Club GLF on the way to Crail.
  6. Grumble grumble grumble. What's that? OHAI INTERMEDIATE BEARING! WhatsApp Video 2021-08-24 at 11.30.26.mp4 Pretty much a year bob on since it was installed and less than 4000 miles on it. Oh well, new one under warranty but fitment time / cost / hassle. meh. Oh aye and further tow bar prep...
  7. 15 to the gallon is pretty decent for that. I used to get 8mpg in my L10 powered Leyland Olympian. It truly was a 6 wheeler though... yours is 4 wheel, 6 tyres... ya fucking TEASE!!! Although I can see where Mr @Inspector Moroseis coming from with his low opinion of Cummins C series engines, they are a nice engine when in good fettle (esp in 24v guise) but they are a VERY SOFT engine, especially for commercial applications.
  8. Ahh yes going back to that... As I mentioned before, the towbar I have (to be fitted) for the 205 has a raised or lower position for the hitch. Seeing that photo, yeah in the upper position it'll definitely foul the reg plate, however in the lower position it may be TOO low. So I have (perhaps) found a solution in the manner of the NATO hitch I was going to put on the bus before it went on fire. I actually though I lost it in said fire. So hopefully I can use the hitch mount in the raised position and remove the ball and pin so as not to obscure the plate.
  9. There's a lot to be said of this crowdfunding thing... HubNut is a business. The event will no doubt create content / channel views so it will almost kinda pay for itself anyways. Distant viewers will want to help. It's a decent thing to do. Whether it be folk with parts or folk wanting to chip in for repairs. That's fine. But as otherwise mentioned above, would these people crowd fund every little thing that goes wrong? (e.g as mentioned, your favourite garage having a broken lift). The problem I have with it is the virtue signalling aspect. OH MY GOD, A BAD THING HAPPENED. LOOK AT ME HELPING! LOOK AT ME!!! It's the way of the world nowadays with everything in the world that you HAVE to show support for a cause. Does my box in. The other problem I have is the "celebrity" aspect. People see Ian several times a week in their own homes (on the telly, phone, computer) and genuinely start to feel like he is their long time personal friend. Just look at Chumly 2019 - when Ian was away doing his show coverage, there was a queue of people standing at the Cityrover wanting a chat. It's like those old school stories you hear of TV and movie stars being stalked by people who are obsessed with them. THAT'S the creepy part of the whole thing.
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