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  1. Pictures. 1000 words. Etc. "Spot" the difference I also got a new* radio player for it. It was described as having an aux in but the connections on the back are a line out. Bugger. Still be nice to have a better tape deck. It also came with a free Richard Clayderman tape.
  2. Right. So. The experiement on the single wheel bolt with the wire wheel was continued on the rest of them. Results seemed positive. However there was a spot of rain one night and it caused a few spots of flash rusting... I ordered up a tin of spray lacquer to attend to them but they were going to need stripped back again so I thought instead of grazing knuckles on the wire wheel on the grinder, I'd try the citric acid approach. It did work, even on the one bolt I never managed to get done because the battery on the grinder went flat. They still needed a very light rub
  3. Could do I spose. I have a tub of Vactan but I don't want to discolour the metal. Will maybe see what the local hardware shop has in stock but if need be I'll just wire wheel and clear coat them, Ideally I'd use a bench grinder for that but... meh.
  4. Finally got time to fit the wheels back on today after getting them back from the powder coaters. I went for the sparkle silver as the car's own metallic paint has a lot of metal fleck in it... However the super shininess of the wheels brought out how shite the wheel bolts were. Oh aye and I also highlighted the hub caps with a bit of silver paint. Will need to do a better job later... Options for wheel bolts are: 1 - New chrome ones 2 - New black ones 3 - New bare metal ones 4 - Wire wheel the old ones. Experimentation on a single wheel bol
  5. Got the wheels booked in for blasting and powder coating in East Kilbride tomorrow. The place I'm taking it to is doing it for £35 a wheel if I bring them just the wheels or it would be £240 if I took the car so up to Cumbernauld today to get the wheels. But first, a quick episode of Scotch Gear... The Power Jack worked a treat lifting the car quickly and effortlessly. Space is at a premium in the lockup so trolley jacks are less than ideal and winding a handle on a scissor jack is not my idea of a good time. I've got 6 wheels - 5 silver ones and a black one. One of th
  6. Don't you dare remove my name from that list! Technically not as it's less than 15 years however we are allowed 10% of our own stand to be moderns. I've turned up in a 09 Golf a couple of times.
  7. Of course they will see through but considering lockdown has delayed everything by about 5 months and I was planning to have EVERYTHING done by summer, it'll get done now and put away in the lockup nice and clean.
  8. I was going to wait until I got the wheels blasted and powder coated to get new tyres but those old ones are just fucking lethal.
  9. Dragged out in January, MoT in August and sat through lockdown for about 4 months without being touched.
  10. The Rest of Day 5 and Day 6 Last thing on day 5 it went for a MoT. Failed on loose headlight lens so that had to be glued / sealed back together We did start to make plans for a very last minute retest that evening but we thought it would be a bit close and it would probably be wiser to let the sealant cure overnight. Next day (today) Craig picked me up from the house and took me down to Maybole. We snipped the cable ties off and shoved it next door. Then waited 2 hours for it to be seen. A fail wasn't issued the previous day - it had been declared a pass barring the lens - so
  11. Days 3 and 4 and maybe some of 5 Greetings peeps. I've not been doing updates 'cos I've been on the backshift and suffering 4 days of vicous migraines but we're over that so let's continue. Day 3 is getting stuck in to the back brakes. All of them - shoes, drums, cylinders and pipes. I had already done the drum, shoes and springs on the driver side so the pax side was the first target. Oh dear. I had also made mention that the handbrake was being an cunt when I was reassembling things so that was investigated. A burst handbrake cable was at fault. As expected
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