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  1. Topic bump. Also who's joining for dinner at the Beefeater? I'll book it for the usual 7pm and I'll probably do it, maybe, a week in advance so that we can be sure of getting a big enough table. Usual suspects: 1. davidfowler2000 2. chaseracer 3. Inspector Morose 4. cms206 5. WIFE_cms 6. CHILD_cms 7. Sloth_in_a_bowl 8. Captain_70s 9. WOMAN_70s
  2. Brownnova x 1Fumbler x 1 Craig the Princess x 1Garythesnail x 2Billybunter x 1Datsuncog x 1BL Bloke x 1Xtriple x 1Saabnut x 1Catsinthewelder x 1puddlethumper x 1Six-cylinder x 1blguy1975 x 1jamhowe x 2GM x 1Stinkwheel x 2adw1977 x 1Semi-C x 1barefoot x 1Supernaut x 1sporty-shite x 1dozeydustman x 1MorrisItalSLX x 1Asimo x 1castros_bro x 2red5 x1chaseracer x1garycox x2djoptix x 2I_am_Diesel x1 (Thank you)agw9262 x 1Clayts450 x1RobT x1Vulgalour x1Fat_Pirate x1Captain_70s x1 davidfowler2000 x 1
  3. Yes. The frying pan will be in attendance. It needs to be handed to someone else to gain extra miles.
  4. I may also make an unexpected visit. Location is the Beefeater / Premier Inn at Cumbernauld Town Centre. Across the dual carriageway from ASDA, next door to McDonalds and THE LEGION!
  5. I plan to be there about 7:30ish for tea and chat. I'll be heading for pez beforehand so if I'm a tad late, I won't be far away.
  6. Can someone phone and up the booking? IIRC we're only booked for 14.
  7. Cradley Heath Industries: Birmingham, Belgium, Bathgate in association with, SVM Industries: New York, New Cumnock, New Farm Loch
  8. You underestimate how quickly we hit tonal rock bottom these days.
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