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  1. I'm still going to try that place in Johnstone for the 205. Their website states they needle scale all the shit off the bottom, steam clean, do any repairs, spray on a rust converter, leave it overnight in the workshop THEN underseal it with free annual exams. Fuck knows how much they charge as the Dinitrol underseal is a 4 - 5 day job, Raptor is a 2 week job. Lots I assume. https://preserveprotect.co.uk/
  2. Not exactly the ideal tow car but I'd rather have underweight and diminutively sized to the 740 which would have had the tow pole at a 45 degree angle due to differing sides of towing eye
  3. I shall refer you to my own thread...
  4. Considering the Volvo lived on the side of a windy mountain in Gourock for the last 28 years, it's done bloody well to last this long.
  5. Minor update: New coolant with new heater would melt the face aff ye Next: Finished work about 9, went home via the Chinese, got some scoff then headed down to the shitey speaker arrangement. To recap... As mentioned in the previous post, a new pair of front were ordered in blue flavour... Which were promptly installed... A quick test... VID_20201010_224219.mp4 Afterwards took the car a hurl for about an hour with tapes and my MP3 player through an FM transmitter. Result: IS GOOD!!!
  6. Right with the spot lights in place, next task is the coolant and the second oil change. I always change thermostats on older cars as a matter of course but also the mechanic said it was a bit rusty in there when he done the water pump. The oil change done just before going to get MoT work done about 8 weeks ago was intended purely as a flush. Oil change first with a new filter was uneventful so no pics. On to the coolant a few days later... Remarkably I managed to catch most of it... BROON!!! So with the rusty brown coolant (with chemical flush in there too) drain
  7. Oh aye remember that time when I did A EXPARAGUS? Glasgow to Southsea and back at 62mph for maximum economy. Computer said 82.2mpg but the calculated was 73.6mph - 907.5 miles on 56.12L in the Golf 6 2.0GTTDI which has since been replaced with a 3.0L twin turbo Volvo V70. I regularly used to put 57.5L in to the 55L tank on that car so at those figures I could have probably got 930 miles out that tank. Had I not diverted in to Birmingham on the trip to pick up @Inspector Morose and got stuck in traffic on the way back, I reckon I could have got 1000 miles out of one tank in that car.
  8. I don't care about fuel economy for money's sakes as I don't do enough miles for that. I can walk to work so fuel for commuting runs in to pennies a month if I decide to drive 'cos it's pissing down. I do on the other hand like to care about it as when it makes a big change it's usually an indicator of something going wrong or if I've had work done on a car, that something has been put right. Plus I like to see what a car CAN do even if it's only once.
  9. Pictures. 1000 words. Etc. "Spot" the difference I also got a new* radio player for it. It was described as having an aux in but the connections on the back are a line out. Bugger. Still be nice to have a better tape deck. It also came with a free Richard Clayderman tape.
  10. Right. So. The experiement on the single wheel bolt with the wire wheel was continued on the rest of them. Results seemed positive. However there was a spot of rain one night and it caused a few spots of flash rusting... I ordered up a tin of spray lacquer to attend to them but they were going to need stripped back again so I thought instead of grazing knuckles on the wire wheel on the grinder, I'd try the citric acid approach. It did work, even on the one bolt I never managed to get done because the battery on the grinder went flat. They still needed a very light rub
  11. Could do I spose. I have a tub of Vactan but I don't want to discolour the metal. Will maybe see what the local hardware shop has in stock but if need be I'll just wire wheel and clear coat them, Ideally I'd use a bench grinder for that but... meh.
  12. Finally got time to fit the wheels back on today after getting them back from the powder coaters. I went for the sparkle silver as the car's own metallic paint has a lot of metal fleck in it... However the super shininess of the wheels brought out how shite the wheel bolts were. Oh aye and I also highlighted the hub caps with a bit of silver paint. Will need to do a better job later... Options for wheel bolts are: 1 - New chrome ones 2 - New black ones 3 - New bare metal ones 4 - Wire wheel the old ones. Experimentation on a single wheel bol
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