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  1. I'll put my name down for this in the hope I can get time off. Someone has already swapped me my summer fortnight for next year which is an embuggerance as it would have been ideal for this. Hopefully with such advance notice I can either get a swap or put in for lieu days. Or with any luck it'll be my rostered long weekend anyways. 1. Saabnut 2. Inspector Morose 3. Northern Monkey 4. Monsieur Le Hairnet 5. Bangernomics 6. Chodweaver 7. davidfowler2000
  2. Observe the ticket Boarding Stage : Paisley Town Centre Valid To : Paisley Road Toll Rather more than a mile. Ripoff On the subject of ripoffs, the same bus company charges £2.20ish for Paisley Road Toll to Glasgow Central - grey line on the map.
  3. Myself and Mr @cms206 might have words to say about that after Friday's capers. Also by the definitions set out in the SVM Industries Charter* which sets out the framework for journeys as Close, Long Way Away, Very Long Way Away or Far Away, this one comes under the definition of "Close" In Other News... Excellent chodmongering for a newish member!
  4. There's a tape jammed in it. When you press eject it only pushes up on one side and it tries to come out at an angle... but doesn't so it still thinks there's a tape in and won't switch to radio mode.
  5. Oh aye. One thing that was never mentioned. The cunting radio doesn't work.
  6. I am approximately home. Going to bed so CHEERIO TAE FUCK!
  7. 0340 We have now reached the highest point on the route. Down hill coasting all the way to Glasgow from here.
  8. 0246. Border crossing. Suitable weather included. 70mph is achievable on the flat. Hills require backing off to about 55mph.
  9. One I forgot from earlier. Folk literally queueing for a brick wall at KGX.
  10. No. It needs better fuel delivery. And better fuel in said delivery.
  11. Lancaster Services for toilet and to neck the fuel. It's very grumpy on hills. From here home is not going to be easy
  12. Suspect water in the fuel. It got very grumpy again coming out of The Warwick services but we have discovered it will run at high revs with a feathered throttle. Accident on the M42 persuaded us to go through Solihull in an effort to keep moving. Worked well, kept moving and the roads were quiet. Just on to the M6 toll now.
  13. Probably. Herr cms put 51 litres in to a smaller than 51 litre tank and it has done 70 miles since it's last MoT in July 2018
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