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  1. My mate James sent over his videos so I've uploaded them to YouTube for all to see. I've a few to upload for myself.
  2. Right then let's have the results of the autoshiters plus chums to see who GLF'd the mostest (in order of who paid in first) @jaypee BMW 316i (Honest Guv) 15.630 @ 89.6mph @Jim Bell Ssangyong Rexton 20.240 @ 66.1mph @Supernaut BMW 323i 15.980 @ 88.2mph @davidfowler2000 Volvo V70 T6 14.170 @ 100.7mph James Storey Honda Civic Type R 15.330 @ 95.1mph @320touring Renault Clio 182 15.610 @ 90.5mph Lewis McArdle Honda Civic 17.250 @ 83.5mph @reb Volvo 850TDI 17.000 @ 79.9mph @dome Renault Kangoo 182 15.730 @ 90.5mph Duncan Brown Toyota MR2 14.730 @ 97.6mph @rml2345 Volvo 740GLE 19.100 @ 73.4mph A grand day out. Good racing and good banter also. Photos and videos will follow later...
  3. Full tank. It's pissing out the bottom.
  4. Out of boredom I have bought more stuff for the trailer. An inverter charger to give me off grid 240v. Laptop for scale.
  5. Also... one of these days there will be a FoD when I'm not working and not already busy
  6. My large vehicle entry made for a better video
  7. One last bump seeing this is only 6 days away
  8. I've only done two European road trips however I am still at 100% success rate of my own little challenge: At least once on the entire trip, try to find a Eurovision entry from the country you are currently in being played on broadcast radio. So far I have heard Loreen's Euphoria while driving through Sweden in 2014 and Laura Tesoro's What's The Pressure while driving through Belgium on "Eurobimble" in 2019 with @chaseracerand @Inspector Morose
  9. More HAWT AKSHUN The wheels, all 4, are going for powder coating cos the last refurb isn't holding up (just paint) Have a talkie... VID_20220502_183526.mp4 As mentioned the paint is dirty... VID_20220502_184715.mp4 And 'lo... they are clean(er)
  10. The state of the engine is still being assessed but all seems at least OK. In Other News...
  11. The double line break was making my teeth itch... 1. davidfowler2000 - both nights trailer 2. Brownnova - both nights tent or car 3. Beko - both nights tent 4. Supernaut - both nights tent 5. Juular - both nights car 6. catsinthewelder +kids both nights tent 7. Fumbler- both nights car 8. chaseracer - both nights tent or car 9. EightMegs - Both nights, tent 10. batterypowered - Both nights, tent 11. Twosmoke300 plus 2 or 3 guests (awaiting confirmation) - both nights van and tent 12. cms206 - both nights, camper 13. ghosty - both nights, car 14. Captain_70s - (Maybe) both nights, car or tent. 15. Fatharris - both nights - tent 16. 3VOM - both nights - car, tent, something 17. 320touring - both nights tent or car (TBC) 18. horriblemercedes both nights, tent 19. Hillmanimp - both night, tent or camper. 20. Kirton - Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights camper 21. LiteAce Owner (EightMegs) - both nights, van
  12. @Sunny Jim I'll be there Friday night and Saturday night in my wee tiny caravan. Eta Friday mid afternoon
  13. Just a reminder we're only a couple of Sundays away from this now. So far we have @davidfowler2000, @320touring, @jaypee, @Supernaut, @cms206, @Jim Bell, @dome, @rml2345, @reb, @Ghosty, @Flat4, @Lacquer Peel Maybes: @juular, @chaseracer, @Saabnut Lists not exhaustive. Some may be missing.
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