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  1. garycox

    Fleet Update

    @hairnet I’ve not used the USB function but I imagine so, it’s a pretty simple unit. Not the best quality obviously but works alright. We’ve a more modern unit in the Golf that seems to use the same software. @barrett it’s mainly paint really (but just a few chips and a flaking bit on the front wing) plus a couple of tiny dents on the bonnet and a very small bit of rust on a couple of door corners. I’d entertain offers for the Simca as is, or I’ll get it home and assess it at some point soonish. Think they’re reasonably keen for it to be moved. @wuvvum The photos definitely flatter it 😁
  2. garycox

    Fleet Update

    Been busy on the Dolomite recently... the aim was to tidy up the bodywork a bit and get rid of the patches of primer and rust. We attacked the surface rust with a sander and rust converter and filled a few small bits. The expensive paint we got was a rubbish match and unavailable during lockdown so when we ran out quite quickly we decided just to do the whole lot in a brighter white. The old paint wasn’t the original anyway and wasn’t a great job 20-odd years ago. It looks quite shit still, but okay from a few feet away and it’s all pretty much one colour at least. Wasn’t a fan of the MGF steels so I bought it some new wheels... the arch gaps are a bit ridiculous though so maybe it needs to come down a bit. Need to fix the choke so we can take it for a test run. It’s only driven a few feet since we fitted electronic ignition so it’d be good to see how that’s getting on. The Saab’s clutch went when Josh was driving back from work one day and with its other issues we decided it wasn’t worth repairing. We sold it to someone for parts, I have the money and ownership transferred, but all they’ve done is move it from our drive to over the road and left it there. Weird. Anyway, that was replaced with Kiltox‘s Golf TDI. It’s ratty as hell but does exactly what we needed - go places cheaply. I now have too many cars. I need to get down to about 5 at the most, ideally 4 though. So I’ve been looking for a diesel estate to replace both the Mondeo and the Golf. A perfect candidate would be auto with leather (easier to clean dog mud off), and AC would be nice. So I bought a Volvo 340 1.4 manual. It’s a bit rougher than it looks, there’s a bit of rust and quite a few shallow dents etc. It wasn’t even mega-cheap so I don’t know why I got it really. It’s not a bad car and quite fun to have around for a bit but I doubt it’ll stay long as it doesn’t have a use to justify its place. Also my Dad was going through the photo album for some reason and found some Ventora pics That’s not been out as it’s been blocked in by the dead Saab on the drive. Think I should have a drive in it soon. I’ll be looking to get some minor localised bits of bodywork on it done when I can find a suitable place for a decent job.
  3. Very sad to hear this; Richard was a lovely, kind man. He will be missed.
  4. garycox

    Fleet Update

    Does anyone know which model my 5-spoke Mondeo wheels are from?
  5. garycox

    Fleet Update

    May as well use this thread for general fleet news I guess... I‘ve been meaning to do something about the wheels and tyres on the Mondeo for ages; the whole car is pretty scruffy but the wheels are covered in brake dust which I just can’t get off and it has mismatched budget tyres ranging from “recent part worn” to “lethal”, and they keep deflating over a couple of weeks. I’m wary about spending much on this as I never expect it to live past its next MOT, but it’s been scraping through for 4 years in my ownership now and there’s only so long I can put it off. The issue is that I’d like to take them off, tidy and paint them and get new tyres on, and doing them all at once isn’t possible without leaving it wheel-less and immobile for a period. I set about looking for some temporary wheels but any four wheels that’d fit, with useable tyres, were surprisingly difficult to find for not much money. I eventually got lucky and bought some same-era Mondeo 5-spoke wheels with the same dimensions and old but legal tyres from EBay for £42 (plus a 2-hr round trip to collect). I think the original Ghia X alloys suit it better, but these look pretty good too... The originals are now in the garden and I’ll get on with those when the weather’s better. With the Astra gone, the Dolomite’s back on the drive and motivation has returned somewhat. First job was to sort the clutch, then get back to the running issues. We’d previously had the clutch slave cylinder apart and changed some seals but it’d made no difference. It was a frustrating job so stripping it down again seemed like too much effort, so I splashed out on a new one. The clutch now works! As well as it ever has anyway, which is okay-ish. Now I don’t have to push it on and off the drive to get the Ventora out! A very short test drive revealed the running problem was still as bad as ever though and we didn’t make it much further than the end of the road before losing power and nursing it back home. As detailed in my previous Dolomite thread, we’d replaced nearly everything already and I was running out of ideas... next to try was an electric fuel pump. So I bought one and we wired that in. Verdict: better for a short while but ultimately no improvement. At this point I remembered that before the clutch went I thought it might be the fuel cap, and kicking myself for forgetting to actually try running without it. How stupid would I feel if it was just that and I could’ve saved spending a ridiculous amount on new parts! So, tried that, unsure whether I actually wanted it to work or not, and either luckily or unluckily, it didn’t. Next! Run it from a can. We’d taken the fuel tank out and cleaned it, and replaced every fuel line except the metal one under the car. To eliminate this, we rigged up a line from the fuel filter to a can on the front seat passenger’s lap (don’t try this at home) and took it for another run. The front hinged bonnet and opening quarter lights were quite handy for hose-routing and on this run it was noticeably better. Not fixed, but definitely an improvement. Hmm. A long bit of rubber fuel line was purchased and run from the tank to the engine bay, bypassing the suspect pipe. Cable tied to various things to secure it, we managed a few miles this time before it started getting a bit unhappy. Made it home after about 20mins of driving without completely breaking down though. Left it a couple of days, replaced the fuel filter (again) and gave it another run... this time it seemed fine! I’m very reluctant to declare it fixed but I can confidently say it ran fine when it was parked. Since I bought the Dolomite it’s had no aerial and a hole where a radio should be. The trim at the back of the front shelf, where the speaker was mounted, dropped, and the whole area is a bit untidy. We got the shelf out, gave it a clean and installed some strategically placed bits of wood to prop the back up, and bought this really cheap Chinese stereo, because it’s actually quite a nice “retro” design, and it was really cheap. Will make some sort of surround to hide the mess (most of which was already like that) and maybe give the whole thing a coat of black before reinstalling. It’s mostly hidden anyway. We’ll give it an oil change and get on with tidying the bodywork a bit next. I also need a new wiper stalk if anyone has one lying around. In Ventora news, I’d been looking for some grey Britax seat belts, as the ones I remember had been replaced with hideous cheap black ‘80s style things “for safety”. They seem to be pretty rare and, as they’re often found in various Jaguars and other expensive stuff, quite pricey when they turn up. Even the later, more plasticky, ‘70s style ones were usually more than £100 a side... Via Facebook, I managed to get hold of the interim owner who replaced the belts, and he still had the originals! Even more amazingly, he lived 5 mins from my parents’ house! My Dad was duly despatched and they are soon to be reunited. He also provided a spare wing mirror, which was nice. I hope my luck with this car continues! Elsewhere, the Saab has been quite leaky of late, and now has a badly cracked drivers side headlight, so could do with some attention soon. Then I should get the Simca back, I suppose.
  6. garycox

    Fleet Update

    Astra went today, had a bit of interest at a couple of hundred quid but I started it up the other day and it was smoking like a bastard for some reason. Couldn’t be bothered to try selling it like that and nobody was rushing to buy it anyway so I scrapped it in the end. The passenger seat lives on as a computer chair though; it’s really comfortable. This means the driveway is empty, so we can get the Dolomite back on it and start attempting to fix it (again).
  7. garycox

    Fleet Update

    Also, please still let me know if you come across any others, a spare or two would be handy!
  8. garycox

    Fleet Update

    Hooray! Only minor damage that won’t be very noticeable when it’s back on. Now, how do I secure these so it doesn’t happen again? There are no holes in them for cable ties or similar.
  9. garycox

    Fleet Update

    Contact established - seems like a nice guy, and I’m getting it back 🙂 Thanks again to Greengartside (and Trigger) for spotting this and bringing it to my attention!
  10. garycox

    Fleet Update

    Shit that is mine! I can’t get the link to work though, anyone know his username or have a method of getting in touch? Thanks GG!
  11. garycox

    Fleet Update

    I have a lead on a wheel trim via the VX4/90 club - the only one available is scruffy (and quite expensive!) though so I’m still on the lookout for a better one. It wasn’t a cheap car so I’m willing to give fair money for a good one if anyone spies one. In happier news, I finally managed to take my aunt and cousin for a drive in it the other day (before the wheel trim incident). My cousin was about 10 when it was laid up and neither had been in it since about 1975... they loved it despite the weather (and slight reluctance to start!) and hopefully we can go out in it properly somewhere in the summer 🙂
  12. garycox

    Fleet Update

    Dolomite’s still here, awaiting drive space and motivation. Gonna scrap the Astra in the new year and then I can get the Dolomite on the drive. One of the previous owners had Rostyles on the Ventora, and the tyres have been changed at some point, so it’s not been on there the whole time. I laid awake for ages last night stressing about where I’m gonna get another wheel trim from, I feel really bad for losing it... hope one turns up soon!
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