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  1. The Dolomite has been getting hot for ages; we’d swapped the thermostat, sender, radiator, hoses and done many coolant flushes with no success and we gave up for a bit and parked it up. With better weather coming it’s quite a fun commuter so, keen to get it back in action, thought we’d revisit the stuff we’d done. A complete thermostat kit with housing and sender was fitted and it now seems fine! New tyres are next on the list as it’s still on the ancient ones that came on the slots. The Rover’s now fixed too, new wing fitted and we did a 7-hr round trip in it on Mond
  2. So glad the Mondeo’s still going! Any time one of the current fleet plays up, or if we need to move something large, or if we go on a long journey, we wish it was still here...
  3. 12/10 would not want to do again in a hurry - all mountings both inaccessible and seized. Installation of the new one was differently shit, as the way the old one had bent had made some bits more accessible and some less so. I imagine this wouldn’t be a cheap job to farm out so it was either a massive ballache or scrap the car really; hopefully it’ll live on though! Once this is done, if the 406 is still here maybe that can go on the drive and get done slowly... that’s where the Dolomite usually lives though and I don’t really like leaving that just on the street.
  4. Replacement wishbone and mountings in, and a new track rod end. Looks a bit more like it... Have managed to track down a wing in the correct paint code; it’s miles away but only an hour or so from my brother so he’s going to collect it and send it down. Just a tyre then and I think we’re done!
  5. Called the Police on Saturday via 101 to ask about what I need to do next, and they said to go to the Station and complete a vehicle incident form, taking the V5, MOT, driving licence, etc. Couldn’t provide any more info over the phone. Fine, went there yesterday, to be told that it’s all online now because of COVID but they reluctantly could do it there. Gave all the same details as before, plus they wanted my insurance policy number which I didn’t have with me. I told them I wasn’t planning to claim but they said that once I provided the details they’d inform my insurance anyway...
  6. Yeah, the wheel has been pushed back but it was getting dark so I’ve not been able to assess any further. Wouldn’t try to move it as is though. I don’t have the other driver’s contact details, only an incident ref from the Police.
  7. It wasn’t them, a Range Rover had hit it and the driver presumably called them.
  8. The 406 went for an MOT this morning. Needs various bits of welding, plus something about the exhaust and a steering rack gaiter. I’m awaiting a quote, which was to be paid, if reasonable, via the sale of the 75. This afternoon a Police Officer knocked on the door to tell me about this: FFS. Not sure where I stand with insurance etc... the low value minus the excess wouldn’t leave me much of a payout and I’d presumably lose my NCB and face an increase on all of my other policies... Do I have to claim?
  9. The plan was to get it out in 2020 and assess for sale; it’ll still happen when things allow.
  10. I do not know what that is. How do I know if I need it?
  11. Where did I leave this? 306 is still soldiering on, it’s a good car that. Seems to be making a bit of a drone from the offside front so maybe the other bearing needs doing; nothing much to report though! The Dolomite had some overheating issues and we swapped out the radiator for a different one from a larger engined version. This seemed to make no difference either way but highlighted that the pipe from the thermostat to the inlet manifold wasn’t getting warm. Changed that and, er, left the car on the drive for a bit. Should probably give it a run and see what happens. Now, I’v
  12. My dad got his on Tuesday, no sign of mine yet but hopefully they’ll turn up before the end of February!
  13. I’d like to increase my order to three if possible please!
  14. Can I be added for two calendars please? Copying the list on my phone is difficult. Ta
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