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  1. The plan was to get it out in 2020 and assess for sale; it’ll still happen when things allow.
  2. I do not know what that is. How do I know if I need it?
  3. Where did I leave this? 306 is still soldiering on, it’s a good car that. Seems to be making a bit of a drone from the offside front so maybe the other bearing needs doing; nothing much to report though! The Dolomite had some overheating issues and we swapped out the radiator for a different one from a larger engined version. This seemed to make no difference either way but highlighted that the pipe from the thermostat to the inlet manifold wasn’t getting warm. Changed that and, er, left the car on the drive for a bit. Should probably give it a run and see what happens. Now, I’v
  4. My dad got his on Tuesday, no sign of mine yet but hopefully they’ll turn up before the end of February!
  5. I’d like to increase my order to three if possible please!
  6. Can I be added for two calendars please? Copying the list on my phone is difficult. Ta
  7. How does anyone change the first two glow plugs? The access is non-existent...
  8. Managed to change two glow plugs, lose one of the little nuts that holds the power lead to the plug and drop an 8mm spanner down between the fuel pump and the engine. Inexplicably, it then started. Doesn’t seem 100% happy but it was getting dark and rainy so left it at that. Now, where do I get one of those little nuts?
  9. Having said that, I just remembered I set the stop solenoid off on my old 205 TD and it wouldn’t do anything at all, whereas this is still turning over freely
  10. I’ll try to find out where the stop solenoid is and how to check/reset it... I don’t think it’s battery related as it wouldn’t start with the old one either.
  11. Also, what does a 306 battery clamp look like? Ours doesn’t have one.
  12. The 306 has been playing up this week. I used it for commuting on Monday and it was fine. It then sat until Wednesday morning and wouldn’t start. Turns over fine but then the battery died. The battery wasn’t the right spec anyway so we replaced that. Now it’s still turning over happily but still no attempt to run. So, glow plugs or something fuel related? The glow plug light goes on and off as it usually would, and we’ve checked the relay with a multimeter and it seems to be doing its thing. The glow plugs are probably due a change in any case, so we’ll start with those I guess...
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323851996459 Takes a bit of fiddling but they seem to work fine
  14. That might be a good idea, I’d had that thought but assumed that, if they were strong enough to hold it on securely, they might be so strong that I couldn’t easily get a trim off without bending it... More Rover key buttons arrived today, so another thing ticked off the list:
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