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  1. Don't tell me if you don't want, but how much? My brush paint job is killing me now and I'm seeing old English white or farina grey with a black roof. Obvs you did the prep yourself mind
  2. I bought an incredibly cheap Chinese phone mount with the idea that I'd afix it in the car somehow to do a video myself. Mind, as I struggle to text properly it's unlikely to happen 🤣
  3. the fact that it looks so right when half of its missing is mega.
  4. What we need now that you've perfected the car idling video is a good driving video. Come on @Dyslexic Viking, make it happen pal!
  5. awesome. I'd like the idea that this might become another forum bike. If I was ever in the position I'd love to get a shot at it 😍
  6. I get your point eddy. But you're a car man. So maybe sell up, take the money and buy something that you can do the doings on. Small light and easy to work on. Not overburdened with tech. Not now if your fed up with cars mind. Get a nice motobility motor then when your feeling more minded to maul around with recalcitrant old shit then have a dabble with something that doesn't matter if it sits in the back street not working for ages.
  7. @DirtyDaily absolute top man. This place etc etc. Eddy I'd have to agree with @SiC. Nowt to say that having the wrong size battery is the cause of problems, but no sense in looking for the source of problems if somethings out of spec. Stick the right battery on it and start again. And don't give up on the car as its all mendable!
  8. You clever bugger! Anyhow it's never a bodge if it works! Top job Pete 👍
  9. Matty

    More tax

    Have you met my cars?? 🤣
  10. I have also been accused of being just a little blunt.
  11. Matty

    More tax

    Luckily I'm on direct debit for both of ours (07 z4 3.0si coupe and 07 st150). So I'm not going to look at what it gone upto cos I don't need to. I'll only get upset anyway....
  12. Would you like the newly created position of my motivation coach? Could do with one like 😆
  13. Nah you're wrong. I put a borg and beck clutch kit in mine recently. it's managed a full 100 mile and hasn't failed yet! 🤣
  14. Easy for me to say as it's not my car thus not my nightmare but it will be something and nothing. Just something that's a bastard to find. As said above, keep going!!
  15. That took me longer than what it shouldve
  16. Can't look at any of these pics without "the way we were" playing a tune in my head 😄
  17. Just in case anyone was worrying that kids today were loosing their natural wit
  18. Just well impressed frankly. Unbelievable amount of work and well worth it for the end result it would appear 👏
  19. Mk6 fiesta in zetec s or st150 spec? Though I suppose we are talking same period.
  20. They're fucking huge though. Although I accept that that's a modern car thing.
  21. They're cooler than a polar bears nuts. When me and the missus were early days I put her through all sorts of shit (manta gte, fiat coupe, 205 xs). I really wanted one of these as at the time they were peanuts, but on reflection recognised it would be the straw that broke the camels back 🤣
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