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  1. Ergonomics but maybe not the seat. I rode my old zxr from blackburn to Essex and back 8 year ago and I'm still walking like John Wayne now 🤣
  2. This for the beginner all day long. That and centre of gravity. My first was a cb550/4 from 79. Lovely thin tyres relatively low c of g and weight. Really easy to wrestle around especially at slow/ maneuvering speeds. My last before I mislaid my bottle was an 90 zxr750. Heavier, high centre of gravity, just harder to live with unless going quick. @hairnet got it right. A nice 500 twin naked. Plenty quicker than most cars but friendly and easier to operate. Build your confidence on machines like that cos IMHO leaping straight on the scarier stuff scares people off permentantly.
  3. Fair point. Must admit I'm a bit prone to a fuck it it'll be right attitude
  4. I've no science on it Si I'll be honest. Just never known it happen at work. Fair play though, not worth the risk
  5. Bit of an old wives tale IMHO. You need to be very near to the arc for arc eye. Not walking through the yard. Worst that can happen is you can't weld and fabricate. On the basis of that get stuck in lad 👍 Edit Just realised that could sound a bit arrogant. If youre worried about passersby while you're welding and don't have a screen just use your own body, ie car, weld, you in that order. Probably worth it for peace of mind. People can be arseholes...
  6. My advice ? Sort it yourself. Generally these warrenties are a box ticking exercise. He can't be arsed you'll get fucked about till kingdom come. Car looks mint though. That's the important bit to remember. You've got a car you love, even if you've had to buy it from a knobhead.
  7. Live fast die young blud
  8. Any criminal with half a brain would be tooling round in the most boring, nondescript car possible
  9. It's fucked. Or must be . Mine on 150000 was definitely comfy
  10. Is there a register you have to sign for that?
  11. My second cavalier 1.8 ls. Bought with a broken rack for the total of one shirt and a CD. Genuinely. Really clean, no rot and already had a rack to go on out of my broken red cav. Gave really good service as well. I could wax lyrical about the early 2000s for a while from a motoring point of view. Still though a functional car for an old Ben sherman I didn't wear anymore and a copy of the presidents of the united States of America. Can't wack that
  12. Tends to happen every time the government says no need to panic.
  13. I'll not lie, I spent a long time looking behind the ramp at the 205 and thinking "he already owns that Peugeot, why did he have to pick it up with a trailer?" I got there in the end 🙄
  14. Paging @Sir Chocolate Teapot 🤣
  15. I certainly hope so. In the next couple of years I hope to be in the market for an a40 farina
  16. Wanted one for years now. Always been a GM fanboi despite owning an old ford
  17. Matty

    Poorly VRS

    Don't ask, just about to delete them all
  18. Matty

    Poorly VRS

    Don't they just, done a few and don't want to revisit. Otherwise bullet proof that engine. Window regs and door latches aside its a tough car that mk4 platform. I reckon you're going to become a convert and start saying what a great car this era of vag product was 😁 Next @sierraman buys a mk5 golf diesel and really rates it 🤣
  19. Don't you dare you bugger 😘
  20. Lovely colour scheme inside and out. And a proper gearbox to boot. Top drawer
  21. Sell you my licence if you want. My bottle went a few years back 😁
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