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  1. That line painting Bedford is ace.
  2. You still wouldn't have outslowed the Musso. It's touch and go whether you'd have outslowed the 740. Bet the Volvo would be the faster with a washing machine though.
  3. Still a better effort than the Camargue.
  4. I'd go Disco as well, if for no other reason than P38s give me The Fear.
  5. Plughole of doom. The iron symbol of longevity and exploding plastics. The chevrons of insanity.
  6. Volvo persisted with 4sp and 4+OD until 1994 when the M90 was introduced. The 954cc Citro├źn AX was 4sp so that presumably lasted to the end of production in 1998.
  7. Was hoping for a curveball re-engined UAZ 452 but a Ssangyong is quite impressive. Chodspeed young Jim, may the poo count rise without difficulty.
  8. Ah'm still in. Will collect crash helmet prior to event and remember to screw the battery down.
  9. I am going for the day as unlikely to make Shitefest this year anyway due to work/getting married the Saturday after FoTU.
  10. Naomi Campbell had coilovers until she crashed herself into a tree trying to do burnouts in a pair of Nike trainers.
  11. Ironically, one of the proposed names for the new Fiat Uno was the Craiiiiig David.
  12. The transformation from a Dolomite shaped lump of ferrous oxide with a knackered emgine to what you have now is fantastic and a credit to yourself and Mr. GingerNuttz. 112%/10, WUD WATCH AGEN
  13. I must be some sort of ham fisted idiot then as when the head gasket was done on my 740 I changed the timing belt and put it on correctly... Glad you've got to the bottom of things though, even if it does mean sending it back to Killie.
  14. So this went for MOT at the start of March and... Failed. Only on a ball joint, TRE and some redundant wiring needing tidied but it's the first time it's no passed for me. Since it was there I had the garage do it as the last time I did a ball joint on this thing it was an absolute pig.
  15. The BMC A-Series was originally designed by a Tibetan monk in 1758 after too much tea. It was fiercely guarded by his descendants until a holidaying BMC engineer offered to swap a packet of custard creams for the opportunity to take a couple of photos.
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