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  1. The G-Whizz was actually intended to be a child's electric toy car but someone at the factory confused centimetres and inches.
  2. Result! Glad it's not just me who fits things and then thinks "I should probably have cleaned that first". Also interesting to see what's actually in a self levelling shocker.
  3. Well bought! I remember looking at these new at Phoenix Honda in Grangemouth and thought they looked amazeballs. Time doesn't seem to have aged the styling at all which is quite nice if they're now at shite money, so will also be watching closely.
  4. rml2345

    Crazy Trannies*

    Yup, the infamous constant mesh "Gatechange" gearbox designed by Oliver North in the early 1930s and used by Scammell well into the 1960s. Apparently for the true masochist the guide plate is removable. The VW set up very much reminds me of Standard Triumph's "Standrive" two pedal semi automatic. This used a vacuum operated centrifugal clutch system activated by a button on the gear lever, developed by Newton and Bennett as "Newtondrive" and sold to both Ford, who used it on the 100E and Standard Triumph who offered it on the 10 and their 6cwt van. God only knows how well it actually worked in practice but in February 1957 Commercial Motor tested the van version and seemed quite impressed. http://archive.commercialmotor.com/article/22nd-february-1957/36/standard-halv
  5. Go on, show us your tat excavations...
  6. Do we still do awards? This should at least be in for collection of the year. Fantastic effort by SVM Inc. and I look forward to the board meeting where it is discussed.
  7. At least you can admire the handsome lines of your new car... Sucks though, hopefully it'll be something daft and you'll be on the way again in no time.
  8. The chances of anything coming from Blackpool North are a million to one...
  9. In terms of interior size our big cars of yesteryear are still huge, bigger in some cases than their successors. It's the huge bloating of exterior dimensions in order to cram in more stuff and increase safety that bugs me. The Bini seemed to be one of the first offenders in this respect as the interior space versus exterior bigness is quite ridiculous but nowadays I'd consider it a miracle of packaging. I know people want to be safer in an accident but there's part of me thinks the crap standard of driving round here is in some way related to the amount of safety people are buying in their cars. If they were trundling around in MK3 Escorts I'd imagine folk would be paying far more attention due to the very real danger of being obliterated by a Transit rather than mildly inconvenienced.
  10. Brilliant day out as always chaps, sorry we ducked out a bit early and I didn't manage to say hello to many folk. It was Finace_RML's first time so we went wandering too. The announcer was as crap as ever but gatecrashing the 90s section at least got us a plaque and a disparaging look from one of the judges. Same time next year?
  11. Incedentally, spotting a Ssangyong Rodius makes you 28% more likely to fit your house with a dormer window.
  12. Alfa Romeo used to finalise their interior switch placement by loading a blunderbuss full of switches and firing it at a clay model of the dashboard.
  13. Rover was originally founded to make soup.
  14. Really enjoying this thread and seeing one of these get some love, even if luck hasn't always been on your side.
  15. No issues to report from the 740, despite it having a 92 degree thermostat in it. It got a bit warm the other week coming up the A7 but the temp gauge never budged so it's either perfectly happy or the gauge is broken and it's about to cook the head gasket, gearbox and all occupants. It's probably perfectly happy though.
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