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  1. They don't look too bad I think. On the back of your car you won't be scrutinising it mega closely either.
  2. I'd be interested in a P&O 90s one as well if someone can supply a base graphic.
  3. If there's any left I'd like a Hoverspeed one please.
  4. @danthecapriman it's the ZF box you can't rev in park or neutral as it destroys the clutch packs. Before flushing the oil on mine I checked what a recon unit was just in case it was terminally fuckerated and nearly cried...
  5. I believe Mr. Flowers has done it as well and can offer pointers. It's an AW71 in this isn't it? If so, they are regarded as being stronger than the ZF22 so hopefully it won't have done any long term harm to the box. Nice to see it finally getting some attention!
  6. Regarding postponement, I was thinking the same thing. They're talking about this dragging on for a few months at least so it's entirely possible the decision will be taken out of Trigg's/our hands by the powers that be anyway.
  7. Do we have to camp in an actual tent? If so I'll need to get one and then hide in the car anyway... I'm in anyway, can pay in advance/on the day, whichever is easiest.
  8. If you poked it too hard all the fluids would come out. Not sure if that makes it different to any other Capri though.
  9. Most of those look ropey. Could be a promising day out!
  10. SVM Assist; The 42nd Emergency Service. Having loaded quite ridiculous amounts of shit into 700/900 estates I had no doubt it would cope easily with a Triumph engine and four tyres. Performance is seldom affected by weight other than requiring more stopping distance. Good job all round to those involved though and the rebuilt bottom end looks bonny.
  11. Slow on this due to working a lot and not being home but I have been informed via the electric speaking type telephone that mine arrived yesterday. Cheers muchly!
  12. Everyone who works at the AA is called Edmund King.
  13. Brownnova x 1Fumbler x 1 Craig the Princess x 1Garythesnail x 2Billybunter x 1Datsuncog x 1BL Bloke x 1Xtriple x 1Saabnut x 1Catsinthewelder x 1puddlethumper x 1Six-cylinder x 1blguy1975 x 1jamhowe x 2GM x 1Stinkwheel x 2adw1977 x 1Semi-C x 1barefoot x 1Supernaut x 1sporty-shite x 1dozeydustman x 1MorrisItalSLX x 1Asimo x 1castros_bro x 2red5 x1chaseracer x1garycox x2djoptix x 2I_am_Diesel x1 (Thank you)agw9262 x 1Clayts450 x1RobT x1Vulgalour x1Fat_Pirate x1Captain_70s x1 davidfowler2000 x 1 Davehedgehog31 x 1 NewPod x1 RML2345 x2
  14. Smol Eddy is getting bigger it seems!
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