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  1. I bet that's quite grunty...
  2. Contrary to popular belief you could have a Model-T in colours other than black. Choices included charcoal, midnight anthracite and very very very dark grey. Ford can therefore be credited with inventing the current Audi colour palette.
  3. Pretty much. Because the two sets of wheels could move independently on their own suspension you also got minimal tyre scrub. I think they were outlawed in the 1968 Construction and Use regulation changes though.
  4. PUT YOUR NAME DOWN FOR A WONDERFUL CALENDAR; 1; barefoot 2; Craig the Princess 3; Sickboy 4; Rob88h 5: KruJoe 6: Fumbler 7: worldofceri 8: adw1977 9: Stephen01 10: djoptix 11: N19 12: NorthernMonkey 13: HillmanImp 14: gm 15: scdan4 16: MorrisItalSLX 17: Asimo 18: Frogchod 19: Captainboom 20: Catsinthewelder 21: Plumbertony 22: Castros_bro 23; Macscrooge 24; RML2345 x2
  5. IN - Nowt. OOT - Nowt. So that leaves me with the same two Volvos I had last year. And the year before that in fact. The grey 740 has had a fair bit of fettling this last year, including the headgasket a month or so ago. Continues to perform daily duties on an arduous 3 mile a day commute. 850 has also had a bit of work this year. Currently V0R due to being an ungrateful bastard and me not having time to attend to it's strop.
  6. You can, if careful get the right sized spanner in from the top of the engine to release the aux belt tension but it's tricky and many skint knuckles may ensue before you can get it.
  7. Well done to both of you for persisting with this auld tub in the face of adversity, reality and all the other itys that have got in the way. It's looking fucking ACE.
  8. The folk asking £4-6k on Ebay for a grands worth of 940 have to be terminally optimistic, particularly as reasonably tidy examples can still be had for £500 if you're patient enough. Obviously they should be bought on condition and not mileage as the odometer is usually either broken or senile anyway.
  9. The Picasso isn't actually that miserable a conveyance, it's just a bit soulless. They also rot. 75s not only rot but provide endless niggles to fix if used daily. 600 seems like a good bet though, so I'd buy a Volvo.
  10. Jesus, and I thought my two were giving bother. They'll look ace when done though man, keep up the good work both of you!
  11. I recall a conversation we had some years back about the Futura Classic feeling quite old fashioned to drive.
  12. Merlin seems to have been an LT thing, applied exclusively to the 36ft bus Swifts. Weidly the coach Swifts that Country had weren't referred to as Merlins. That's LT for you.
  13. Glasgow's Ailsas survived into 2006 remarkably, despite being into their 22nd year and still working 18 hour days in some cases. Presumably because they just kept going.
  14. Not that many Legionnaires were built as Harrington ceased bodybuilding in 1965 and were never a major volume builder like Plaxton or Duple. There's a good website about them here; https://www.thcoachwork.co.uk/
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