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  1. It had already lost a wing when I showed up. It looked pretty good from 10 yards but up close you could tell it had sat for a very long time indeed and was actually a bit ripe in places. Unfortunately for @captain_70s it included all the really important bits he needed. Sadly the mint interior was also of sod all use as none of the SVM have blue interiors or saloons.
  2. Sure it's not the Pollock Centre?
  3. That all depends on who has the picture of the horse lying down.
  4. Had your Z4 been parked in the sea? That level of corrosion to suspension components is quite impressive.
  5. We are the SVM, where is irrelevant. You're right though, Cats did volunteer to host next year...
  6. Due to a healthy bout of rising damp I've not been able to write anything but would like to thank @Sunny Jim for organising us this year and to everyone else who made me welcome despite the fact that I am excrutiating company. Yes the diabetic man won the Irn Bru 1901, you couldn't make it up. Pictures are still on the camera so if you just imagine some strange soggy men standing about talking nonsense and admiring mundane transport you've got it covered really. When is next year?
  7. It is 0328am o'clock in the morning. T-92 mins to departure. Time for a cuppa.
  8. Duplicates could produce anything as long as it would keep up, particularly as Eastern Scottish were always one bus short of a fleet. When they got their Seddons all muddled up some of the Y-Type buses with coach gearing would turn up on duplicates or summer Blackpools whilst the Plaxton bodied coaches trundled about on locals. Also, at least one Leyland Lion decker made it to Victoria...
  9. Jaypee's bum could never be described as humble.
  10. Good luck, we're all counting on you.
  11. 1) Sunny Jim - off site - Sunday Breakfast 2) Binhoker668 - Both nights camping - Sunday Breakfast3) HillmanImp - Both nights camping - Sunday Breakfast4) Ghosty - Both nights camping - Sunday Breakfast5) HorribleMercedes - Both nights camping - Sunday Breakfast6) Jim Bell - Off site - No breakfast7) MondeoBlues - Saturday night camping - Sunday Breakfast8 Catsinthewelder - Both nights camping - Sunday Breakfast (1 to 4)9) Aldo135 - Both nights camping - Sunday Breakfast x410) AnnoyingPentium - Both nights camping - Sunday Breakfast - TBC11) Brownnova: both nights camping plus square breakfastage12) Captain_70s - Both nights camping, Sunday breakfast13) cms206 - two nights camping, all of the food14) julaars - two people, two nights, all of the food15) Talbot - all of the everything16) DaveQ + 2 Davelets - two nights camping17) Back_For_More + Boy - two nights, all of the food18) Flat4 - two arriving for Sunday breakfast19) EightMegs - Two nights, Sunday Breakfast20) davidfowler2000 - Friday night and Saturday night in the trailer. Friday scran. Saturday scran. Sunday breakfast scran. ALL THE SCRAN. Saturday breakfast provided by SVM Catering as usual. ***Limited supplies***.21) Hairnet - "Naw" Bet he shows up though.22) 83C - day visitor one day - TBC23) mat_the_cat - both nights camping, no food24) Six-cylinder – Both nights in Cottage – Scottish breakfast Saturday – Sunday breakfast25) wuvvum - both nights in cottage, 2x breakfast 26) BL Bloke - both nights in cottage - Scottish breakfast Saturday (supplies permitting) – Sunday breakfast 27) AnthonyG - Off site - Breakfast both days 28) PicantoJon (+1 maybe) - Camping both nights - Saturday Breakfast 29) maxxo - Mibbie 30) HMC - Camping both days 31) Twosmoke300 - Hopefully 32) Pete-M - Mibbie 33) Warren t claim - Mibbie also. Bring buns for the bullfight. 34) RML2345- Camping both nights - Nae scran.
  12. Nissan had originally planned to call it's first small MPV the Dorma until the Italian government protested. They instead called it Prarie because "Little House on the Prarie" isn't a country so no one was bothered.
  13. Furryboots was the 940? I could do with a pair of front wings if they didn't look too mangled...
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