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  1. The communal 25 GTI got treated to a fresh cambelt this morning. The old one looked ok but I wasn't willing to risk a 9 year old cambelt when it's meant to be a 4 year interval. Fresh new Gates cambelt fitted at both ends and a new water pump and tensioner. Lovely. The old one looked fine but I wasn't super comfortable risking it. I also noted an oil leak from the vvc valve block today. Something to look at down the line. I gather they can be changed without interrupting the vvc mechanisms but I'm not willing to risk that while I rely on the 25 as my daily.
  2. Welcome! I thought it was a Volvo 850 but I'm not sure the shut lines on the tail lights are correct for that
  3. Some more car related work this weekend. I was going to weld the brown Mini but it's been windy and on and off rain which isn't ideal for welding. So instead I stripped down it's old auto engine. First off I needed to get the flywheel off. This puller which I borrowed made short work of it and it pretty much fell off. I then set about removing the transfer case. Thankfully the engine was full of oil and water which pissed all over my garage floor. My fault for not assuming it was empty... However despite the engine being seized the crank nose looked good so I was hopeful about the crank I split the block and box and made even more of a mess Then started to remove the crank. I had to undo the main caps and move the crank about to get at all the rod caps as the pistons were seized in such a position that I couldn't get at all the rod bolts. Thankfully i could once I had the caps off. And then finally one very clean looking crank. There's no burrs or grooves in this one and it measures within tolerance so it's going straight into my manual engine. Saves me paying for a crankshaft grind. I'll still use new bearings in it though. The rest of the engine was collected by the scrap man that day. Block and box were scrap from water damage and I have no need for auto parts. I made a real mess and had to buy sawdust to mop up the oil... I also took the MGF for an emissions test on Friday and it passed after I fitted new spark plugs and coils. The plugs were pretty bad. So it's going for a proper MoT again on Monday! I'm 99% hopeful of a pass this time. Emissions was the only thing holding it back and it's green across the board now. So I washed it in anticipation of getting it on the road! Unfortunately the roof is really bad with mold so it needs more work but it's scrubbed up ok considering there's dents and scratches in every panel. It's definitely a bit of a ten footer.
  4. I'm actually surprised it has actual headgaskets and not just a mated surface. At least it's an easy fix
  5. The 25 GTI got a run out with it's Rover stablemates from the same era today. A very ropey Metro with a VVC and a deafening exhaust owned by @sharley17194 and a lovely Rover Mini owned by one of our mutual friends. We went to caffeine and machine where we parked our collective scrap pile next to about 50 Nissan GTRs. I think the GTI has a slightly sticky rear caliper I need to investigate as it feels like the rear is dragging slightly.
  6. You would think it would be less but there we are. However it wouldnt be the first time I have changed a headgasket on the roadside...
  7. Nearly £200 for a week... I am taking a fair amount of spares and winging it!
  8. @sharley17194 and I are attending International Mini Meet in Germany in June. I set myself the challenge of a £1000 roadworthy Mini to take. Quite a tall order nowadays but buying a project helps! However I'm £850 into my budget now and I need a new set of tyres 😅
  9. The weather was half decent today so I cracked out the welder on the brown Mini. I'm meant to be driving this to Germany in 112 days. It needs a lot of welding and an engine building for it first 😬 Started at the back cause it's a fairly easy repair. The subframe mount is in good nick it's just the floor around it that's gone. Same on both sides. It's had a new valance and closing panels in the past so they're pretty solid. Its also taken a knock on this corner at some point and the panel is dented. Thankfully the car came with plenty of panels. In progress It's not finished but it's water tight again. It needs a bit of weld dressing, filler and paint and that should see that corner done. It needs the centre hinge panel replacing as well as grinding some of the paint off revealed plenty of holes. But for now I only had time for the corner. Next is the centre hinge panel and left side. Hoping to do that done over this next week. Then I need to move onto the rear floors. Had to sweep up after myself also. Typical Mini...
  10. Got mine today too! I've scoffed the haribo before my daughter sees them when she gets home from school!
  11. A BL product of some description is my guess!
  12. Busy day of MG Rover licking. I started on the MGF. I swapped the lambda sensor (again) and fitted new exhaust gaskets (again). Now it runs even worse! It's gone from hosing fuel into the bores to running on 3 cylinders. I suspect the plugs are fouled up. I've ordered another set rather than clean them up as I don't know the age of them anyway. Failing that the coil packs are buggered. Why that has happened after changing the lambda I don't know but ho hum. After much cursing I moved onto the Rover. I continue to be impressed with how clean it is considering it's a communal bike, I am the 17th owner! First off I was told about an oil leak from the cam cover. Which I can 100% confirm that was the case. Thank you for whoever fitted three different bolts on the coil cover. I salute your efforts to find bolts that fit. An 8mm, 10mm and a star head! 😂 The cam cover leak might have something to do with the fact that every bolt removed in this image was finger tight. It was held tight by 4 of the 15 bolts for the cover... I did change the gasket as it came to me with one anyway. I also tightened all the bolts so it hopefully won't leak anymore! Then I set about making the car 'worse' by refitting the sports* exhaust it came with. It's got no mid silencer and a much smaller rear silencer and it sounds very rorty! Really easy job compared to some cars I have done this too. Big boooore Don't worry. I'm not throwing the other exhaust out, or any other parts I remove. It'll go to the next unfortunate soul winner of the roffle. I also fitted a hot air intake for extra intake roar. Again, I'll keep the standard air box for whoever has it next. A productive if not 100% successful time on the MG Rover fleet. Finally I tried to strip the automatic A-series a bit more. Unfortunately, I don't have the correct puller for the torque converter so I've got to wait on a auto puller arriving.
  13. Really enjoyed working on it. Something different to my usual projects. Nice enough to drive. It's a bit slow and methodical to drive vs. something like a Mini. I liked it overall. I wasn't intending to sell so soon but I got a decent offer and it was always a fling rather than a long termer.
  14. Not 100% a car but self submission for it's awfulness 😅
  15. So I have a spare Mini 998 auto I am stripping for spares for my budget build. I was told it was seized. Needless to say I didn't expect it to be *that* seized. I'm hopeful the crank is salvageable as it's only a 44k miles engine but I'm not 100% convinced. Things like the timing cover and bracketry will be used as well as the manifold. I've got to source a carburettor and build a shopping list of engine parts when I'm done stripping it.
  16. In other news today. I have been trying to sell my Megane 225. I had a guy come and look at it today but he went home in a different car... It wasn't 100% my intention to sell it this soon (it was on the cards around March) but I gave him a slightly inflated number and he was happy with it. The Mégane is still up for sale...
  17. Made it home! What a lovely car. No point in any piccys as it's dark and miserable. I'm looking forward to ownership!
  18. Time to pick up my recent AS roffle win! The noble steed for the trip is ready. The wind is high. I'm sure it'll be fine!
  19. Supposedly about 60k miles on it which is probably about right looking at the bore wear. Bearing shells are standard size too and original. It's not in bad health and I've pulled apart worse.
  20. So I'm starting on rebuilding another A-series for my brown project Mini. A 998 built on a budget. I'm not aiming for anything other than a running engine. I bought this engine for 100 notes in pieces. He said it probably needed work which means he knows what was wrong with it. Crankshaft has a few rings in it but not too scuffed up Conrod shells aren't too bad. No major wear but it's dragged something metallic through the journals First main bearing was not so good... I've made a bit of a shopping list. I'm going to spend a bit of time properly measuring the crank with calipers to make a call on regrinding it
  21. Man that car was so much fun as a project. One of those rare projects that I never actively avoided working on. It was only about £1300 of investment in the end so you've got plenty of budget left to build a few duplicates. For me, I have my dream car, although I've probably sank a little bit more than 10k into it over 14 years of ownership. The turbo engine build alone was around £4000 because I opted for forged components and straight cut gears. I paid £650 this Mini back in 2010 and it's come a long way since then. Now it's a 200hp rocket ship and it puts a smile on my face every single time I drove it. It's bouncy, it's loud, it's smelly, but it's mine.
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