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  1. My legit starter motor repair worked so have some revs from the old girl in celebration. I filmed this for a tiktok video so ten internet points if you can be bothered to hunt it down. Shouldn't be too hard being about the only lunatic posting Montego content on tiktok 😅 134842462_PXL_20220109_1056557214.mp4
  2. dozeydustman - x2 catsinthewelder - x1 andyberg - x1 barefoot - x1 RobT - x1 Fumbler - x1 Wilko220 - x1 Tommyboy12 - x1
  3. Legit repair innit. Even managed to get it straight thanks to the uneven break in the shaft.
  4. Indeed it is! I actually have a grainy archival picture of it from BBC iplayer working an apple farm in Somerset in the 60s.
  5. Fair enough. Ill give it a go regardless and see what it does for temps. It was only an adjustment of existing mounts so hasnt cost me anything. If I get cooler temps I will have done what I set out to do. If it makes no difference then I can reverse it.
  6. In other news an absolute disaster has befallen the Montego! The starter motor has broken. Woe, woe and thrice woe! I went to go and pick my daughter up at lunch and it wouldnt start and sounded like a flat battery but a jump pack wouldnt do anything. Took off the starter motor to find the following: It should look like this: The starter has no bearing supporting the motor on that end so the nose slides into a bronze bush and acts as the bearing. Thus I believe the motor is just shorting on the body of the starter. Any sensible man would replace the starter. I am not a sensible man. I own a welder. You can see where this is going.
  7. Im missing the inner wings and I have no grille so airflow is probably a mess in the engine bay anyway. That being said air passing over the top of the bonnet at high speed/high pressure should draw air out the gap not suck air into it. Same principle as an aeroplane wing creating lift.
  8. Simple answer is HP doesn't plough fields, torque does. Complicated answer is it's designed for high torque at low RPM (2100rpm is the red line on this engine) and constant running at high load on very low octane petrol (in the 80s octane rating). When I say high load I mean that it would be like driving a car capable of 100mph with your foot welded to the floor at 100mph for 7-8 hours a day every day. That's going to wear it out very quickly. When you drive your car at 70mph it's maybe at 15% engine load, sometimes less. When you accelerate it might peak at 100% but that's for 20-30 seconds at most. A tractor works at 100% load whenever it's doing work in the field. If it's not at 100% it isn't being used efficiently. It creates exceptional wear on an engine to work that hard if it isn't designed properly. A tractor engine is also expected to last thousands of hours, equivalent to millions of car miles, whereas a car engine would maybe last a couple of hundred hours being treated like that and even if it is being used properly how many cars reach a million miles with major overhaul? So you design the engine to be strong and not so powerful as to help in its own destruction, yet torquey enough to do the job. Hence tractors even today have 6-cyl 7L engines with only 200hp. It's the same engine that's in some Standard cars. In that application it's 70hp.
  9. Well I mean if you want to keep it old and vaguely interesting have the rest of my fleet... 😅 Austin Mini/1983/82mph/37hp/998cc Austin Mini/1989/120mph/175hp/1293cc Ferguson TE20/1952/12mph/20hp/2088cc
  10. Well it couldn't possibly be for anything other than more abject misery while driving the Montego by removing a gear from the bag 😂 It was cheap and it'll be a good source of spares for my fleet of A-series cars
  11. Did some more Mini turbo stuff. After fitting an oil temp gauge I confirmed my oil is getting too hot. Running temp according to valvoline is 120C. Mine was hitting 135C which doesn't sound like much but it's enough to ruin the oil quickly. I also had a fuel return pressure issue, the exhaust is leaking at the turbo elbow, and also my carb has been missing the heat shield for some time. So I got busy fixing all this over the new year. Turns out I'm an idiot and fitted the fuel filter to the return line which is why it was seeing high pressure and messing with my regulator. I have now rectified this by removing the filter and putting it on the correct line... Next on the list was better oil cooling. Basically most of my cooler was blocked the bonnet and heat is getting trapped when it rises in the engine bay so I lifted the rear bonnet pins like any good modified car and used a hole saw to ruin my bonnet. I'm also getting a PC fan to aid air draw through. Temps are a more reasonable 115C now. Next up I whipped the carb off for its heat shield. Those who know the Metro Turbo know the carb sits above the turbo on the A series and basically boils the fuel out the carb float bowl leading to delayed starting when hot. You can see the heat shield fitted underneath the carb now. Should hopefully help with restarts (along with the raised bonnet). As the carb was off its the best time to tighten the clamp on the turbo elbow. Thus no more exhaust leak. It's buried down here. I can just about manage it with everything in the engine bay but it is a bit of a pain. And half way back together. Meanwhile I have bought a 1.3 A series from a Maestro with a 4 speed box...
  12. I feel it would be remiss to not do the self-proclaimed AS car of 2021 😅 Austin Montego Estate Base Year Introduced: 1984 Max speed: 93mph (supposedly) Max power: 67hp (lies) Capacity: 1275cc Autoshite rating: Maximum obviously
  13. It's because super E5 is more energy dense than standard E10. Ethanol is about a third less energy dense than petrol. So your standard petrol has dropped in energy density by a 2-3%. It doesn't sound like much but it's enough to drop fuel economy a good 10%. My daily is suffering exactly the same thing.
  14. The Montego seems to feature very heavily in the polls 😅
  15. Somebody did offer me some cheap metro turbo manifolds which I am still umming and arring about...
  16. The Montego continues to be surprisingly reliable and has become somewhat of a staple workhorse. The battery isn't appreciating the cold weather but it still starts up every time. However, my downpipe replacement has been blowing for some time and I decided in my infinite wisdom that doing it in the drizzling rain this afternoon was definitely the best time to try and resolve it by resorting to a couple of extra exhaust clamps around the slices where the join are. I also discovered that there's a lot of oil underneath instead of inside 😅
  17. When he had to about a 13 point turn to get the Volvo in and then said he has noise/time constraints and he can't do welding I did think it maybe wasn't 100% suitable for cars. Especially as he can only fit 5-6 of his fleet in it.
  18. I dont quite understand all these comments about scrapping it over gummed rings. The car is a known entity for starters and seems a reasonable enough car. When buying right at the bottom of the market you could very easily end up with a lemon of a car and although it isnt perfect it could be a lot worse. Its probably one of the simplest repairs that can be done to the internals. You dont need to remove the engine or gearbox. If it was me I would be ripping the head and sump off in situ and just honing the bores and whacking new rings in. Cant be worse than it is and its a cheap enough attempt to sort the issue. Its £50 for a set of rings for it. People sink way more into doing a clutch on the drive and thats just as involved. It makes good content and its a good learning experience.
  19. Because nobody deserves to lay bare on cold tiles at this time of year 😅 It saved my floor getting greasy and me forgetting then falling on my arse going to the fridge for cheese 😂
  20. While the Montego continues to be a reliable steed (ignoring the suspension knock it's gained and the blowing exhaust) I continue to press on with the Mini engine rebuild. Parts have started arriving. A high lift cam and a series of engine tuning bits. New exhaust, alloy inlet, k&n filter, fully adjustable cam chain kit, +20 bore pistons. To go with it I have a previously modified cylinder head (a 202 Alexander Engineering modified head incase there's any boffins out there) and a replacement engine block to replace the cracked one. I drowned the block in machine wax before storing it about 6-7 years ago so it's in good nick despite looking grim covered in all that wax. The head, crank and block were dropped off at the machine shop today. Should be ready in a couple of weeks.
  21. Long way to go to rebuild some carbs. Maybe next time I'm mad enough to take the Montego to the top of Scotland 😂
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