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  1. I've enjoyed this whole thread. Brilliant to see it running and coming back together again. Cracking work!
  2. Yeah, it’s 10k and it’s obviously fucked, but wouldn’t it be worth it to see the staff at the tip quivering with rage when you pulled up and started unloading? “What mate? It’s not a van…” Ok, it obviously wouldn’t be worth it, but it’s a nice idea.
  3. These early Boxsters are starting to look really good now, especially in silver with the orange indicators that everyone hated. Very well boughted!
  4. I bought one of those SGS 3 ton jacks a while back. It was a nightmare on the gravel drive at the time - what was I thinking? - but it’s come into its own now I have a garage with a flat(ish) floor. Definitely miles better than the tiny Halfords one I was using before.
  5. They look massive, but the car's on top are only Minis, and the steering wheels are so big... I need to go and recalibrate my whole sense of proportion now.
  6. I've never worked on another 924, so I don't know if mine's fighting more than they usually do. There are still some, er, legacy electrical issues, though. I'm buggered if I can get the NS headlight to work consistently at the moment and the pop up lights don't go up or down. I suspect that may just need a new relay, but I've been so busy with other stuff I haven't had time to look into it. In fact that's the main problem with this car, it's just been neglected for the last few years because I've got too much other stuff on, fixing (trying to fix) other cars, house, kids, etc. I think having one that isn't a bastard to you all the time is your reward for all the work you put into the white one. It certainly seems well deserved. One of these days I'm going to attempt a front valance repair like you did - if there's any front valance left by the time I get round to it.
  7. You're going to get hop ons...
  8. After clicking on the link to the dodgy landy above I'm getting all sorts of mad shit. This seems like it might have been used to deliver milk on an aircraft carrier. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334621067137
  9. If, like me, you've ever thought, 'I like motorbikes, but I wish they were more like a van', this could be right up your street... I also admit to being intrigued about how the steering works. Not quite intrigued enough to spend £9k, though. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334620051603
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/155205419383 Personally I'm not in the market for a haunted ice cream van or "mail truck", but just in case anyone else is...
  11. Living the dream! I've given up on shiny and have set my sights on the hopefully more realistic goal of mechanical soundness and not letting it get any rustier than it already is. Waterproof might be nice as well.
  12. And it only took about six years! That's about standard for me to actually do something. The 924's not going anywhere, but it needs some love. How's your shiny red one?
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