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  1. Could have been inertial navigation. Set up where you are on a moving map, a gyroscope senses movement, and moves the display to follow.
  2. @Zelandeth Wow !! £40 is a bit different to £135 !! Was the angle of the reservoir any problem? The Dafs cylinder is horizontal, I think the model 70 has an angle. It will not be difficult to make up the pipes. What is the distance between the fixing holes? The Daf holes are 55mm apart.
  3. @Zelandeth, do I remember you put a dual circuit brake master cylinder on TPA, making at a dual circuit system? As the Daf needs a new master cylinder, I was thinking of doing the same. What car was it from, and how much? The Daf one is about £135.
  4. Using Chrome on Linux. Sometimes it "double posts", that is when I check after submitting a reply, there are 2 answers there, so I delete one of them. Cannot submit pictures at all. If I try Firefox, it does not usually accept it. Firefox regularly crashes. For pictures and other uploads, I go to the old Windows 7 desktop, and use Firefox, Edge, or Chrome. They all work there. Is it that the AS site does not like Linux Ubuntu ?
  5. May or June will suit me. How about it , @Snake Charmer?
  6. Try disconnecting the battery for 1 or 2 minutes. That might reset it.
  7. Found a pic of it here on AS https://autoshite.com/topic/34102-bramz-photos-of-2020-a-bit-of-pick-and-mix/ Also here; https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:BMW_528_registered_March_1985_2788cc.jpg And here; https://bassclef141.wordpress.com/2019/08/01/uxbridge-charity-autoshow-2019/ @Six-cylinder @Snake Charmer @bramz7
  8. Got the Volvo at attempt 2 this week! Only thing, forgot all about pics, 😪 Heres @Snake Charmer getting the trailer Sunday morning:
  9. What a monster! Is there really room for it? Unfortunately, cant make it. Volvo T40 collection part 2 with @Snake Charmer scheduled.
  10. bobdisk

    Kitten kapers

    Tiddles had a proper Kitten replacement chassis, so they are available, still so I believe
  11. We will see, there might be a clandestine camera
  12. Got mine today, it is TINY 😜 !!! I expected it to be much bigger, more like the Trabant ! My front wheel is in its proper place. Apart from a little mark above the ns rear wheel arch, detail is very good.
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