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  1. There must also be a special oil and an ultra violet liquid as well as the refrigerant put into the AC system by the specialist. If there is a leak, it is visible with a UV torch. The UV liquid is useful to find leaks elsewhere as well. I used a UV liquid in my central heating heating at home. It kept losing water pressure. More than one plumber could not find the leak so I had a go. Using the UV, it showed the boiler's heat exchanger had an internal leak as the UV was coming out of the condensate pipe outside the house. Got a new boiler under guarantee!😃!
  2. @dollywobbler, You have been challenged by @Zelandeth. Going to take him up on it ?
  3. Spelling "Ekco" comes from "E.K. Cole and company" They did all sorts of domestic electrical stuff, radios, tvs, etc. I think they did vacuum cleaners as well ?
  4. @tobyd Why do some pics come out like this, with a "no entry" sign ?
  5. Dont work on Chrome on Linux either
  6. @tobyd, What do you think about re-instating the Audio "boop" when a notification comes along ?
  7. I think this is a wheel off a ride-on lawn mower at the FOD. You can get the valve out with a small pair of pointy nosed electronic tech pliers. That tyre slime is horrible stuff. you have to clear it all out before repairing a tyre, a messy and difficult job to get it all out.
  8. We must be lucky where I live, the council will take most waste. I have always taken used car fluids and filters there without any problems.
  9. Yes. Did you know that Hoover was a brand of vacuum cleaner?
  10. @Zelandeth I am signed up for EMIS patient access. I can have ; book appointments, order repeat prescriptions (I get a text when its ready, then go and get it from my designated pharmacy. There are alternative actions, such as repeats by the pharmacy), see my medical record, get medical advice and other things through it. Easy to register, and most GP practises are members. https://www.emishealth.com/products/emis-web/emis-web-for-primary-care/patient-access/ https://www.patientaccess.com/ I believe the thoughts these days are not to bind up someone who has broken ribs, but to let them heal naturally. I knew of someone who broke 3 ribs after a fell (!) walking fall. They would not bandage him, but he found a mans corset, lightly fitted, relieved it for some weeks until healed. https://www.google.co.uk/search?safe=active&sxsrf=ALeKk02IJMnhX8JWMdmGkv0mjXp9AlPZeg:1625202392790&q=Male+corset+for+posture&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi-qb3azsPxAhWdQEEAHZSEDJAQ1QIwInoECBgQAQ
  11. @BL Bloke,thanks, you just reminded me, I have an old mobile I havent used for god knows how long, should keep it active!
  12. Logged in on the android phone just now 07:00, and the rocket (wocket!) is still on the avatar. Did log out, then back in, still there! But its gone from the Linux desktop pc. !
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