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  1. Aye they oil extractors are class. I had to get a smaller pipe for mine as it wouldn't fit some of our motors.
  2. Modern, I know. But red or blue?
  3. Good, that buys me time to figure out where I put the fuckers 😂
  4. Has the outer bit of the cone disintegrated on the speaker at all then? Seems to be what mine did. I've got a set of 17cm Pioneer speakers somewhere you could have if you fancy an upgrade.
  5. You've still to take me oot a run in that! I've yet to experience the decadence of this luxurious* automobile.
  6. Maybe I'm just blind, or it's a Mk2 Clio, judging by the shape for the rear window.
  7. So this is my daily now, after the Fabia's choice to eject some coil spring the other day there. Quite enjoying driving it still, seeing anything between 30 and 38mpg depending on usage, which isn't bad going at all. Managed to get just shy of 42mpg out of it on a decent run too. It's a very willing car, and just keeps going. I've got all the servicing kit here, I'm just waiting for a dry day (a bit of an ask in Scotland in July, never mind November) so I can get servicing it, since I'm outdoors (sans garage) and a bit of a fair-weather shiter, in many senses. Oh, also, I got a new phone, which means better camera. Always a bonus. So what's a man to do? Take it to somewhere rough looking and get photies. More photos can be found on my Flickr, in this album. Above, some may notice a change in head unit. Which, if you know me, is nothing new. However, this is due to the sudden and unfortunate death of the original Car 400 unit (it requires belts and motivation to change said belts - I have neither). I've kept it, and will put it back in for shows and suchlike, but yon Alpine will do the job nicely for now. My Dad had a similar one in his Celica back in the day, which is nice. Below, is a period sticker I got from a chap on eBay, along with a few others, which I've yet to fit. I'll get around to it eventually. In the meantime this'll do. So yeah, still well pleased with this. It just does the "an car" things really well. I also now have a deadline to fix the Skoda, as it'll be required for the dreaded OMGWEEGIELEZ next month (and the Vectra is going to get the rust patch dealt with properly), but at least I have a car in the meantime. Just washing it regularly now, and it's been well sealed, which should help keep as much of the Scottish Vehicular Plague at bay as humanly possible... hopefully. 🤞
  8. Depending on how bad the misfires are the ECU doesn't always record them, in my experience. I found mine would miss if you gave it gutty in a higher gear, but it wasn't enough to bring on the EML. I had to change all three within weeks of each other on yon Skoda after it hit 60k miles. One of the three brought the EML on, the others did not.
  9. Oh yeah, I still own this. So as everyone and their dug knows, I bought a Vectra B, bringing the fleet count up. Here's as it stands. So, since buying the Vectra I've went from 1,000-ish miles a month with the Skoda to... 150 miles. So, a bit of a drop there. I've also spent money on getting the track rod and end done, had the tracking sorted, and gave it a good wash. And how am I repaid? With this. Fortunately, I have a shock absorber and top mount to replace the failing ones on that side anyway, so just need to order up a spring - which was the plan anyway. After that, it'll be the rear wheel bearings and chuck it for an MOT, and pray to every fucking deity for good luck. In the meantime, until the last parts arrive, I'm not doing anything with it. Which does mean I'm using the Vectra in the grit, but it's fineeeee, just wash it regularly, and it's going for welding anyway... What's my plans for the Skoda? I hear nobody asking but I'll tell yous anyway. Honestly, I don't know yet. If I were to get rid, I'd still need a WeegieLEZ shitter. Ach well, if it's doing less mileage and keeps going then I'm happy. I have a fondness for these Fabias anyway. That'll be all for now I reckon.
  10. Engine mount? Although, I haven't really read up lately on this thread.
  11. Chodspeed, and thank you for buying this before I did.
  12. Forgot to get a photo of one after they had arrived.
  13. Aye they are indeed. When I had the car in a billion bits post-SF '23, I had debated fitting them, but it was raining, so it was cobbled back together enough*.
  14. Similar bushes to the ones I've been avoiding fitting to the Skoda since buying it. I'll get around to it! Didn't know these could be pushed in by hand, ya dancer.
  15. I don't mind these. How are you finding it so far?
  16. AVAS, and all that. However, my Vectra B has been a great daily driver so far. Carrying 8ft planks of wood on one occasion, and has managed a month's worth of shopping for two households in the boot and all the seats filled with passengers, and it just lapped it up fine. It took me by surprise at how capable it is, it's not terrible on fuel either. I am, however, most likely a Vauxhall apologist, and will echo comments about the Astra J, I had a shot of one when I was valeting for that big company with the hideous yellow stickers (former sticker applicator here, sorry). 15 plate, 1.6 NA manual, one up from base trim. Working air conditioning, and not a bad driving experience either. Sadly no photos of it, but it was rather good. I quite liked it, so much so I went to inquire at the dealer about buying it, but had sold between it leaving the prep centre and being at the dealer.
  17. Really sorry to hear this, Pieman. Virtual cuppa waiting if you ever need to chat.
  18. T'is indeed. Although I've gone and bought a Vectra. Still got my Scabia though, and I had seen that beige one up for sale. It is perfectly grim.
  19. Chodspeed an' that.
  20. Aye it's not a bad price. I've seen the work he's done, and he used to weld up my Mum's Jap Scrap back in the day too. It was always done to a good standard. Only jobs I've had done by him is a mirror cover being filled and then resprayed after it was hit by a bus, and the standard of work was excellent. 👍
  21. I believe I've written this wrong, or the wrong way about... The indicated 70 on the car is actually 61 or thereabouts, it reads over considerably. Or did, I've since sorted it.
  22. Considering when the speedo says 70 on mine and the actual speed is 61... 😂
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