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  1. In other news, leaky VAG... fnarr... It was like this when I first got it but stopped. I don't think the driver's door drains as well as the others that don't seem to do it. That's a job for when it dries up a bit.
  2. Echoing what Paul said, I'm sorry to hear about your Dad.
  3. It's the same CD changer interface as a VW Gamma so it's probably possible!
  4. This is delightful. My Mum hates these with a burning passion, I believe it would be a perfect replacement for the Duster then.
  5. A 2.2 Automatic CDX with xenons and a beige interior. Delicious. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202210040395537
  6. Subways aren't running in Glasgow. Hope they're back by the time I need back to central station.
  7. Oh yes, I got it off KeithCheetham on there a wee while back. Managed to snipe it FOC before anyone else.
  8. Stumbled across these on my almost weekly walk around the grounds of Dumfries House. These pictures were taken with the Mavica potatocam.
  9. Thanks, got a playlist made up through Spotify. Been quite enjoying it when driving.
  10. Not too much to report since the last post. The trailer came home, as seen on the New News thread. I haven't been out with it again but I did over 80 miles with it averaging about 36mpg which is alright considering this car can barely tamper with the skins of rice puddings at the best of time! Anyway, it's been behaving pretty well recently (it will probably break down now that I've written that) so all is well. Here it is with the trailer, somewhere outside Cumnock. The biggest issue I've faced so far is my handbrake being the same as every other Mk1 Fabia handbrake I've ever dealt with... SHITE! So parking here was a bit nerve wracking... Anyway, moving on, I can't leave shit alone (as is a theme with this thread), so I bought a leather steering wheel. I'm a wimp, and inexperienced, but mostly the former... so when it came to replacing the wheel I roped in @bigmancaff so that I had someone who knew what they were doing. Good news is that neither of us blew up, which is nice. Looks so good and it's nicer to use than the standard plasticky one that was there. That's another thing, I refitted a bluetooth stereo (a nice Kenwood KDC-BT640U) with microphone so I could receive mobile telephone calls whilst in the car, which is cool, I suppose. I mainly wanted it for playing back Spotify in the car. Potato cam photo incoming... Speaking of potato cam pics, I got a little bored with my Sony Mavica (one of those ones that takes floppy diskettes). Featuring bonus giffer-spec blanket in the back, could only be closer if tartan to be honest. Anyway, going to be doing progress on repairing the heatshield on the underside too as I believe it's one of the many noises the car is producing when moving. So that's plenty for now.
  11. I quite like the early 2000s feel of the interior. But you're right, the ride isn't great over poor roads, the Stepway we have is rather crashy over bumps.
  12. Glad to see this getting some love. Top work, that man!
  13. Gutted to hear this. Thoughts are with yous all at this time.
  14. This must be a late pre-FL one as facelift ones started coming out on 52s and 03s. Edit - didn't see @ProgRocker's post. Whoops.
  15. Gaffa tape for the MOT... my Granda still talks about doing this on his Mk4 Escrot Diesel to get it through its first MOT...
  16. Only got some cassettes up at the moment but got some VAG spares to list still. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/audiomaster221
  17. Even the ~270bhp in the saab formerly of @Flat4 was more than necessary... and terrifying. 😂
  18. Glad to see someone bought this. Looks good.
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