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  1. My Mum kept doing this going from the Auris (6 gears) to the Duster (5, reverse is where 6 would be)
  2. I'm hoping this is for the car I think it is.
  3. "D'ye think they'll notice that the paint doesn't match, Jim?" "Nah, not at all. Just turn the resolution of the photies aw the wiy doon." https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202205266194617
  4. No wonder it has a sad face with a name like Clarence.
  5. Going from Ayrshire to Fife in the Fabia and back on Saturday. Nothing too big though.
  6. It would appear they did! I have been enlightened!
  7. Did the MG ZT-T come in a similar colour as well? I saw an 04 one in Ochiltree.
  8. @RichardK mini Mazda to go with yer big yin?
  9. What about a Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S? My mate had one of these wee things, absolutely adored it.
  10. It's alright, I say the same thing getting into my own one daily. 😆
  11. The best selling points are that it's red and it has air con. 😂
  12. Regardless, I'm getting the shite alloy's good tyre off tomorrow to replace the good alloy's shite tyre so I have matching wheels again.
  13. I only have one question... why haven't you purchased this yet?
  14. A couple from a jaunt out a few weeks ago...
  15. I can sense that @GingerNuttz is panicking already in case you buy the bloody thing.
  16. Only ever been a passenger in one of these, mind, always a taxi too. 30 billion Weegie cabbies canny be wrong about these though. Swallowed the luggage we threw in it too.
  17. Dynamic weight reduction. Gets lighter the more you drive it.
  18. If its a 2.0 diesel then run away. Quickly.
  19. Good choice, IMO. I think this is the same engine @Sham has, if I've mentioned the right person. Good cars, these Octavias. Well bought.
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