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  1. Is a modern with funky back lights
  2. 150 miles isnt really that far if you're not 100% sure Ive always bought blind off this forum, and never had a issue with any of them, if fact all were better than described I did this a few years ago to look at a glider, spend 5 mins looking at a pile of crap, and straight back in the car without purchase
  3. Thats sadly why they're surplus!!! Nor did i doh
  4. They are indeed, there are 2 types apparently, ill grab a pic and ref no for you
  5. Blimey you've nearly been lapped, be time to start this years soon
  6. Ive a set of Gaylander1 front pads BNIB Free, just cover post
  7. Blimey, that really demonstrates what an old giffer i am, i thought it sprightly
  8. Sadly a petrol, or i would of been bidding
  9. Nicely run in, next step like my Passat, moon mileage. Only 26849 miles left for you
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