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  1. See how we fare with these bargain toyo from Camskill on the Fabia Thats me running winters on all 3 daily throughout the year
  2. Don't let him fool you with the lacklustre pez shot,
  3. No he's not, he's departed.....chod speed
  4. I've had about 6 Gilberns and a couple of those were estates, they are slowly creeping up in price. They are factory 15" wheels,
  5. Same as me, both XC90 and the Yeti on winters the whole time
  6. I have had cheapo stuff for fuck all, however cheapest what you'd call a car is the mighty 406, as my profile name, paid 95 quid for it at Newark car auctions, apart from oil and filter changes, and a pair of front tyres (which I don't account for as consumable) that had nothing spent on it for the 50k miles in 2 years I had it
  7. I think the seller bought up shed loads of Gilberns and spares hoping to corner the market, sadly the price of them hasn't followed the rest of the classic car trend and he's still got most of his purchases
  8. I ended up having a wander around the gardens to the side of the main house, and there was the builders portable toilet, joy, we must of been the only 2 who spotted that.
  9. I'd say having electrodes attached to your genitals and beaten by a rubber pipe my be worse, however some may disagree
  10. Got home and suprise, mrs 95 has got me a spectator ticket. Car ready
  11. Id be killed to death if i didnt take Mrs 95
  12. I doubt it, you dont want your day ruined and it will most probably piss it down,.... shall i buy your tickets to cheer you up ...
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