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  1. Nothing wrong with that at all. I've done tons of oil changes over 40 years. And my view is its better to do a oil change than not at all Never had a engine grenade and never do less than 25k a year
  2. I was going to go last night, but late home. You are a winna
  3. Bollox. I was next viewer on that if you didn't have it. Well bought
  4. That's 4th time thats been listed in last month. Always sells
  5. Seen some crackers driving to bicester. 2 x XM. 2x SM and a few BX
  6. I'm looking at importing this to convert into some hipster craft beerio selling business. Any way around importing and registering it without FFVE. It's 1977
  7. As I don't do facetube could someone let me know if there's a Aug meet please. Ex Bramz tempra ready to go
  8. Too early for car collection
  9. if you do end up purchasing from Ipswich, i'm happy to collect and post for you
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