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  1. Bottom line is ........ has anyone grenaded an engine by doing too many "correct" oil changes, I'd say no one
  2. I did that recently, trying to get a stuck solid nut off in the Gilbern, with a extension bar and scaffolding pole, socket slipped off and in the slowest motion ever i watched in through the air, hit the bench, and bounce into my face. How i laughed last week paying 320 quid for a crown
  3. My elves are happy to wrap up what you all send me for dispatch. I think we all realise, more so this year, we're not all in the same boat financially, and it's nice just to receive something fun, which after all is why we do it, i dont think in all honesty anyone is fussed with costs or having a price pissing up the wall competition. Im glad we've all had a good Christmas, and here to participate. Ta till next year. Santa
  4. Im ok with leaving myself out the draw, i get a huge amount of pleasure doing it, and seeing the opening of pressie
  5. They're girls hands doctor, dont believe you. Congratulations
  6. Any issues or if youve forgotten, or really late posting, let me know and i get elves to inform recipient
  7. I'll Chauffeur you across to pick that up, if winner bottles it
  8. Blimey only one minor swap required,to not have same random recipient as last year, Not 1 you fwit recieved yet, ive impressed myself
  9. i think everyone who's sent a name in now has a match, Normal Santa fuck up rules apply again this year, like every year 1. If I've forgotten you shout up 2, If I've given you own name shout up 3, If you have issues with the address shout up 4, Any other fuck ups shout out
  10. Tonight, in true autoshite fashion a flurry of late arrivals. Also just making sure nobody gets same elf as last year
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