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  1. Not yet, has Mrs 95 been priming you with that question
  2. Did yours have both front springs broken, rattly exhaust and what seems like every rubber bush wankered
  3. My type of collection, no driving
  4. Its either more gardening with Mrs 95........or buy another car. Quick replenishment before the off then. Thats mine. Faithful assistant, just topping up with a prawn cracker
  5. I was at Kersey mill in Suffolk today, in the mighty 406, saw Triggers Dolomite, bonus
  6. Could someone be offended for me please? Cheers Keith (95 quid)
  7. Ill swop it for my you are 62
  8. Fucking speed cameras. I haven't had a ticket for 40 years, i do drive like miss daisy, and averaged 20-40k miles a year over the 40 years. Done 3 times in the last week ffs
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