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  1. Well apart from Bramz who may or may not be Viewing/buying/selling/advertising/collecting a car Is there anyone Andover based who could have a quick looksy at a XC90....don't ask !!!!!!!! (Beer tokens/roffle tickets provided) Mrs 95 having rush of blood to the head and buying another horse, so towing vehicle need to return to the fold
  2. Is anyone travelling past Mrs6C mansion (Buckingham) towards Suffolk, that could move 4 wheels, without tyres please. I'm feeling guilty they've been there a few weeks now. Thanks in advance
  3. My friends had one of those from 2k miles, it was Audi GB managing directors car, they ran that from 2K - 178k only bits required apart from consumables, was a rear brake caliper, and back box when punctured with road debris
  4. Bin it Doc, your saviour/replacement is already listed for bidding on
  5. Odd bonnet Louvre and clips Wonder what engine is in it
  6. Angry grinder 12, spanners and sockets 6
  7. No, i think hes more than happy with his fiancee
  8. Its on the outer Chassis rail, rather than sill. Thats why i went for thw adjustable width one
  9. They are still ...for a classic not that horrendous on price, i'd be hard pushed to get 8k
  10. The lift is a AS-0901/3 Automotech (Sorry cant paste link in as using work slaptop) I was looking at a group buy to try and haggle a discount from them, but to be honest customer service was piss poor, I must of mailed them 3-4 times and called with no response, I ended up with this off Ebay, used for one job, and sold on, its surprisingly helpful, I would say, only go for the adjustable one, the price difference between fixed and adjustable is very small. Yes workshop is the ratty barn behind house, ^^^^^^ JimH I ran them as dailies in the past, I had an estate one and it was first car I did 25K miles in a year without having to fix anything
  11. Bought 1 month ago, not been on the road for 29 years, sound, interior tatty, on ramps because i'm 62yo with fucked knees
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