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  1. Exactly as above, we're on a 6 month extension on Mrs 95 Cactus, i could see a bit of a bun fight for MOTs
  2. Blimey Doc, stop moaning about a few drips, look at this poor bloke and not a peep out of him
  3. Sir. I applaud you. However never get bored, I refinish gliders, have done for many a year, just think you could have 1 pair of wings both 7.5 metre top and bottom, 1 fuselage approx. 7 metre long All rubbed down to bare glass, filled and profiled 3 times, primed, and then top coat, rubbed down to 2000 grit and polished to a mirror finish
  4. Indeed they did, its still full price in store, also 4 quid for 4L in filling station, right next to the 12 quid for 2L
  5. Tesco filling station 4L various oils £4 a pop
  6. I was on there for a couple of weeks with my short lived Talbot motorhome, i must agree i pissed myself on the occasional visit. Great reading, even if you dont have a motorhome
  7. They are creaping up, i cant believe i got a minter a couple of years ago for 450 quid, now that is one i should of kept
  8. I was looking at doing CV on the Passat however at 28 quid for a complete brand new driveshaft assy off autodoc, i went downt that route,
  9. I have a cheeky offer in on that, its been about on and off a while (the Bristol that is)
  10. Is it that poxy immobiliser thing. I was convinced it was battery as it didnt start a few times but always did with jump leads, without fail, Was only when i didnt start once at home, i found immobiliser buttons and it did every time
  11. Tesco 5 or 6 quid per 2L depending on spec yesterday
  12. Phew not the highest bidder
  13. Big pointless gas guzzling monolith.. Loved it
  14. Gilbern Invader TR4 Bristol 603 Porsche 928 Mustang Mach1 Renault Dauphine
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