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  1. Not only Ken doing pics, Ken doing wollarding
  2. Kens more chance of getting home in his than this corner of JLR stuff
  3. Don't overload him, he's on pictures 😶
  4. Oi oi. Spookily am already discussing this with seller
  5. 5w30 still/back on offer with Janpay20. @£38.12 which equates to the nominal 1.90L for 20L tub was ordered Monday, Mrs 95 said it had arrived today
  6. It seems to be all the oil sellers, i ordered 2x 5L of 5w50 for the decent car, that took over a fortnight, normally with me in a couple of days
  7. Jubilee i hope. I had one really early in my motoring life, it was a Jubilee but the Vinyl roof was a dark blue rather than black and it had really blue sundym glass in it
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