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  1. This one is in a "barn" next to Mrs 95's horse, been there years should you require an unobtainium part
  2. Can you all start sending names and address in please, i'll divvy them out end of next week to beat postal delays
  3. Fuck me a year's past... copied from last year. Same again this year ? Happy to run it again. General rules. 1. If you're interested bung your name down on here. 2. I'll ask for names and addresses towards the end of the month, ( again which i could do with them pretty pronto as their was a bit slackness getting confirmation rather than interest from the odd person) and send you a random match, this will be with you first week of December. 3. Treat your lucky recipient to some auto based gift, the guide is approx. 5-10 quid (aim to get it in the post relatively early, as last year several arrived after Santa had been) 4. If you're clever you can spy on your recipients posts and find out their interests to aid gift selection. Enjoy
  4. Worried about not getting to your destination, fear not. Just filled up, beat that range.
  5. I fancied that big time and as it's in Stowmarket sooooo local, but MOT history shows it hugely unloved
  6. Lee, Is that really small or mighty far away
  7. Apart from the nice selection of cars, and of course people, The two things I took away were. 1. Mike Brewer really is fat. 2. Richard Hammond is really small, even when he's not a long way away
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