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  1. Could someone be offended for me please? Cheers Keith (95 quid)
  2. Ill swop it for my you are 62
  3. Fucking speed cameras. I haven't had a ticket for 40 years, i do drive like miss daisy, and averaged 20-40k miles a year over the 40 years. Done 3 times in the last week ffs
  4. Oooh now that wont end in tears
  5. Postage only, MG lickers Excellent condition, with translucent case
  6. 5 for me sir, pm me your requested payment details please 95
  7. Blimey. I've just finished watching those, Mrs 95 is quite switched on car wise. and her view was (bearing in mind we've bought from ACA previously) " Cor there's a few people using their covid business loans to try and make a few quid" Funnily enough, i don't think shes far off
  8. I went back to work yesterday afternoon from Stowmarket, wasn't hugely worried as there was about 4 inches settled, fuck me I've never seen so many retards out and about, from mine to the A14 thru town is about 4 miles, in that distance i saw bearing in mind Suffolk is a flat as a witches tit, 3 rear wheel drive cars unable to get up a incline of 0.0005deg, and 4 others twatted into things. The old merc with it's sensible winter tyres plodded along, 30 miles down the road, nothing. Mind you most prob a good time to leave, doubt even the Michelin Alpins would of made it through this mor
  9. As its a good month since Christmas, anyone without a pressie PM me I'll follow. Ive a decent spreadsheet this time
  10. Its odd, cracking car, its been on here for sale for a couple of months ? How odd. Bit like the Swift i bought from Spartacus, that had hanging around for a few months as well. More than happy, with both
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