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  1. are the headers orig? farcanal if they are nice bling there
  2. that lincoln - nautilus - 2.7 petrol likely lhd - people rhd navigators these are too new
  3. wtf is that daewoo van - gotta be fiat based somewhere?? interesting to see deltas suffer peugeot axle - or was he parked in a pothole? wass the not 127 fura/funa thing? not heard of those molto bene - grazie
  4. https://www.facebook.com/events/841079833332986/ this might a larf for people going home on the sunday i was like ooh but then twigged it was the sunday of TF20
  5. go away for a weekend or this can you fro now please @Six-cylinder - remember me??
  6. flippin bangers on blaze now rover 800 sterling they say 650 r reg lets see how it gets on
  7. fast and loud 69 riviera hnnnng and its not even my favorite riviera
  8. reminds me of glass expansion bottle on a horizon that went ping as i slowed coming down a slip road happy memories
  9. FLASH COONT https://www.amazon.com/Aftermarket-19X7-5-5X114-3-finish-listing/dp/B07FQSC53T would .co.uk be able to sort you out??
  10. very nice galaxie conv on overhaulin they do nice paint interior and custom bits and bobs then put them god awful (mostly 5 spokes) on them fuuuuuuck off
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