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  1. if youd not done inappropriate things to the merde what woulda it pulled??
  2. flowler pulled a fairteen thats cos hes a fit young thing right? was it windy as fuck like last time bike woulda pulled a 13
  3. 34. hairnet fri maybe sat deffo sunday maybe say hello on the way home staying local how much cake do we buy jim
  4. least he made it on the same day oman air are the long haul version and they couldnt get that right
  5. Hnng Got to have a go in Ami ❤️ As a passenger and in the front thanks chris
  6. Hope Dave didn't break his big lens pointing pointing it this way
  7. Hope it was comfy oan the way haim
  8. thought luton reg was NM at that time or 88? or was that just press cars?
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