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  1. how much for hardtop m9 get some daises on it stat
  2. new posh seats in after i went over the carpet with wet vac (again) thanks to @gm captain fondler trying to persuade the old git to come on holiday in it in september pics when i go back out - its parked in the garden roof down so sun can air it
  3. How do I get the placca thing off to look at the seat belt please Do these silver thing come off Thanks
  4. speed lmfao - also leftover food - NO WAI M9
  5. seems to be a german car thing vws do it opels do it - service item? or did you slam it when noone was looking :D
  6. Mos gb header pic Why are you dressed like don johnson/ peter andre @Lord Sterling
  7. you bought some milky ways for the kids and theyre taking their sweet time coming from tesco?
  8. dodge update? is your house free of fiats now? or did the boss realise theres no mopar in them
  9. hehe the LOL of you posing with the car was worth it
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