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  1. spa bastard always wanted to do spa on the bike (done monaco) but checked even 15 years ago it was 400 euros or something daft bastard
  2. came off hols to take knackered honda for an oil change and a check of the suspension as it wasnt behaving itself - behaving oddly over the same bits of road and just no being squashy - me thinking the linkage or the bushes were fucked no thatll be a shock then - they desribed it as the shock will move so far then lock up hence it feels like its gone hard (fnarr) oh well - not like its spent on every week is it consumable so fair enuff (no the pic isnt from today )
  3. that thing would give the frods a run in the corners at least
  4. the two track days is that vrij rijden? 20 mins a session? 20 euros a sesh i think it was
  5. Dank je well When we did it there was a GS break that did one session then went home (wasn't broken) I had mums civic 1.6 Eml on on the way to hull and went out about 40 miles from home
  6. The Ibis at manc airport. 🤣 TV is shite so listening to radio
  7. Made the connecting flight by the skin of my teeth Their fault Glad don't have to stay here now ( which they were offering)
  8. If you do go and fly the cafe machines and here in the airport only take coins Good job I brought stuff with me
  9. Vielleicht versuche ich es beim nächsten Mal mit einem Mietwagen ab Prag
  10. Train perv alert Not a 158 @davidfowler2000
  11. Saw eins Meissen reg car now heading fur flughafen
  12. Fin I'm gonna cross the square ( it's right in the pedestrian cobbled bit And go get some crepes Then tram auf flughafen
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