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  1. wheres the deckchair and the lemonade and you just staring at it
  2. Double grin- edit turned into a grump as shoulda left half an hour ago
  3. BShit 500 honda did this and back in just over a week
  4. Balls of steel not cos it's a Saab but it's an modern
  5. Col first not last and final 😛
  6. Shit polo hire car did 35 litres in 250 miles Thought new stuff was economical Did 150 in it
  7. Moy valley hotel kildare Can't fight this feeling anymore
  8. 19 plate fucking hire car has tyre pressure warning on it Only done 13k kms No steering problem no pulling to one side stopped put 40 lb in it and got to Shay's check it and it's lost 1lb Found out how to reset it which will happen tomorrow Fuxake
  9. Skipped the toll at kinnegad and went down the old road Saw these at side of road and will be going to moy valley tomorrow Asked a coupla questions and then followed them for coupla miles then carried on If I'd stayed on the toll is have missed them Free wins the red one is a Star didn't see the other one ( he was waiting for) until they pulled off in front of me More old tat tomorrow
  10. Shiny lol and sack the cameraman two bucket wrong in right there
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