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  1. shock he didnt buy a wuvvum motah
  2. chris needs to buy stronger glasses or buy cars with less buttons
  3. loving the music dont get the sensors for the running of it as this is why he recommisiioned it make something simple very complicated @eddyramrod too pimp for you @PhilA if you see one - drool for the interior but run away :D
  4. filter that and put it in ya laphroaig
  5. can you not be arsed with stairs def gonna bee a posh car for that place debonair or a sigma maybe
  6. so i was gonna use the smol bike to go to work on i didnt in the end but decided to run it as id ignored it due to planning holidays/sad/cba due to it leaning over very far on either stand i think the petrol drained out of the carb left it on the centre stand for 20 mins and eventually kicked it into life too scared to now be using it when dark so it might not come out till xmas
  7. did have the visa pointed at 7 o clock
  8. this thing made as the ct 90 from 1966 to 1979 but the 110 made from 1980 and they still make it latest one ive seen is mighty cars mods 2007 one
  9. is the RR nearest the door cos its broke and wont block the others in
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