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  1. chasing classic cars volvo pv544 1965 4 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fek
  2. i meant knowing the names of the colours......... 🙃
  3. <<<ANORAK>>I think you'll find it's Dove Grey. >> Ex had one as her 1st car, 1100L. GR8 little thing, passenger front seats fragile though . nerd central? :P
  4. always been the way here cos you need full licence to ride one (and it now costs millions to get one) and cos ££ new (better second hand) most people just buy a bike - scooters still seen as commuter tool and oh you have scooter you cant afford a bike unlike the rest of the world where status dont matter
  5. you know some hatches have the rear washer/wipe separate (boot) could you not nick one from one? didnt metros have them in the rear panel (or was it unos)
  6. his second sentence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlF79D0iHaI
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