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  1. Beast 4 hours to here and half a tank which all there was when they gave it to me lol
  2. after being reamed by customs its being collected tomorrow omg so i go on holiday for a week - and still have to drive a fucking van for two days
  3. no dis shit peugeot depends what kind of asian shotbox obvs :P
  4. ive got the first 5 on cassette ive nothing to play them on - theres a stack stereo in the garage that got moved from previous house its not been plugged in in maybe 12-15 years
  5. that cortina convertible is a pile of toss too - the crayford next to it shows how it should be done that jag WTF the fiesta needs the lego block removing and a naca duct punching into the wing - if its good enuff for posh italians etc etc ill have the two yanks under the el camino and the grey estate thing please ❤️
  6. just looking at end of vid - was it that slow it went dark
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