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  1. How much to hire the rear tenere for a week m9
  2. Fappppp Are ya in tomorrow
  3. I have the lock NOT THE KEY hairy fecker šŸ˜›
  4. Rooooooooaaaaaaadddddttttrrrrrrrriiiiippppppppppp
  5. Can't do that lock is type can't open or close without the key
  6. ROOOOOAƀAAAAADDDDDDDTTTTTTTRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPP But Got to where staying got stuff out of bike went watched TV and made a brew Went downstairs to lock bike - chain yes lock yes Fuck where s the keys Back in Manchester :j I wear a different jacket during the week and carry all.keys as the big bunch has house keys on it too Different jacket for trips DOH Had to go to the handy Asda ( why I pick places.like this) Padlock bough ( phew) Only done it three times now last time I was in coenwall
  7. You and puss cannot slag me šŸ˜›
  8. less clag outta this than all UR DREVS AHL TOGETHER M9 innit
  9. broken :D and leaving a stain - YEAH THANKS DAAAAVE send him unmentionables in the post asap people said they dont do 100% like the hun but will take a split.......... shouldnt be too bad cos weather is warm...?? dave is loaded with 4 cars so prolly didnt notice/care
  10. do tesco still do the 7 quid ones :D had tent went to a thing got there and no poles bought said tesco tent (poles for my tent 25 quid and upwards from camping places) and then binned it to save putting it back on the bike :D
  11. are you gonna show dave how cheap it can be and 60/40 veg need cleansing of brummie derv
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