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  1. have to carry them apples somehow
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57047642 rutroh $5 biggie bag ftw
  3. ffs have to borrow some calipers
  4. so the rusty beast got its arse kicked round north wales developed a rattle on the way home tho @The Moog @brownnova it sounds like its coming from the back at idle or slowly - disappears when moving what heatshields do these have? ta
  5. i was sat in the car pottering and chugga chugga chugga then he tried again (i purposely didnt leave incase needed help) dugga dugga - nowt drove over 'is it ok''itll be flooded' i only realise now that thats a massive pun i dont think was meant hope its not too bad - hope the big yellow limo treats you right
  6. alex - coke - wtf :D the bacon bap was ace would come back for that :D
  7. Diolch welsh people been to siop for these all set now Sun came out at llangollen not raining now must do that when the weather's nicer
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