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  1. hotel in dusseldorf I cant get my current phone to get the wifi - but the smashed phone I use for music will wtf is up with that also german kezboards ´im annozed and ive onlz been on here 5 minutes - thez have a computer in the fozer arsch possible car tat tomorrow
  2. ive been to le mans twice but never in the museum my 917 was at barber in alabama - they only let people down there if there was an event on 😛
  3. soooo...….…………….. there was an avantime parked there...….._???? ps german keyboards suck
  4. This woulda been the start of a road trip collection but they never got back to me I don't buy bike mags anymore It's definitely a trip
  5. why cant i rent these from avis ? they give me shit nissan :P
  6. big white fiver (my grandad told me about those - buy cars with them ) nice one phil - enjoy the pottering about now celebratory donut again?
  7. I'd post pics but they're all watermarked cos ohotobucket are arses
  8. I would go to unterturkheim but I've been before
  9. not talking about the better bmws you have just that one
  10. LULZ etc stronger glasses for you - you said dentist - go to the optician instead :P how big is your handbag for the girly beemer you have there :P
  11. https://www.autoscout24.com/offers/opel-rekord-2000-sh-berlina-schuurvondst-nw-apk-gasoline-yellow-f62756ab-3fb6-fe2c-e053-0100007f14e3?cldtidx=14&cldtsrc=listPage enquired................rude not to as ill be less than 200 km from it on saturday
  12. @Six-cylinder if you head that way could you go have a look please - costs covered
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