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  1. watching bangers and cash and derek is talking about singer chamois better car than a mini better engine than a mini and even tho built by them lot up there still better built than a mini compliment i think? hes right tho
  2. may on dave talking about steam and electric pioneers hes ripping a merc amg and says the problem is at the back - starts talking about the petrol tank oh 85 litres from london gets you to scotland if electric the battery would have to be 3-4 times the length of the car - ERRRRR NO it was only 2014 - teslas had been invented researchers need a slap or their quinoa taking off them
  3. hairnet

    End of shite?

    shite were when you could buy something for 2-300 and it would last you 2-3 years maybe longer now if you did that lucky if it didnt expire after few miles - cos you might as well ring frag merchant
  4. arai debut the sharp thing is bolox - does it fit properly can you see out of it does it look ok get it bought - all lids are type approved so looking at that just makes you go wtf
  5. nice one rob cross anderson awae tae fuck with you
  6. wiz @cms206 rapunzel their?
  7. How many you want - was gonna do euro last week but couldnt
  8. mais oui bien sur how much to bring back flan patissier tarte tatin ou pommes tart or real madelaines SVP salut!
  9. https://www.marktplaats.nl/v/auto-s/oldtimers/m1934055411-opel-ascona-1-6s-luxus-bj-1983 oof
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