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  1. Am now back from Japan with it's electric heated toilet seats, to the UK with it's copious rain and er... other great stuff, I imagine. Some photos; Kyoto railway museum, where I exchanged knowing glances with other nerds. I remember these from Top Trumps. Akihabra electric town in Tokyo. I'm also an old gaming nerd so I remember when this was the epicentre of Japanese gaming culture. Now it's multiple floors of those bloody claw-crane machines, baffling. Did find a floor of retro arcades machines eventually though, had a go on OutRun. Was rubbish at it. There were also some modern arcade machines - this train sim for a start, then drums/guitars games, etc. Didn't have any space in my luggage for anything here. Went on a open-top bus tour and took a photo of a particularly plush taxi - yes, this is normal behaviour. They made these up to 2018, apparently.
  2. I've been on a train: I've been in Tokyo for work, going on hols to Kyoto now. Shinkansen was very smooth but little sensation of speed, less scenic than I hoped as there's so much furniture along the side of the track. Bit extremely-low-flying aircraft with the pronounced banking. And it was late I did not get to enjoy playing with Mameshibas. Ghibli shop. This is what you really wanted - hot Crown or Cedric action. I presume they still make these as I saw many that are surely nearly new. Zero shite spotted so far.
  3. I'd be giving those buttons a good dose of aerosol contact cleaner, worth a shot.
  4. That's the Brooklands museum VC10 in the background (it was bugging me and I didn't want fellow aircraft nerds to suffer).
  5. A pair of big old, dated buses. Cotswold airport cafe is pretty good and there's some airshite to be seen.
  6. It's 19 years old! It's not in any way sporty, (@Jazoli would be disappointed after a Z900RS), it demands smooth and measured inputs but there's a satisfaction to be had doing that. I was expecting this to replace the increasingly-tatty VFR I've had for 10 years but it's a completely different experience.
  7. I've bought a big 'ol widowmaker murdercycle: Ha, it looks bigger than that Fiesta! Of course it isn't really, it just weighs more. Had a lovely ride through Wales on the way home from buying it, it was great for that. Took it into Reading today, when the football was on - it was fucking hopeless there, the engine doubles as a space heater and any attempt to filter was embarrassingly cut short by the width of it. Still love it though.
  8. I think there could be some haggle space, it's of course extremely niche, there's only another month or so of the season left, and the salesman told me they're closing 2 of their 3 buildings (which are all presently rammed with shite). EDIT: it's 330 fucking kilos, dry!
  9. Please help me, I've been happily married for many years but just recently I've become attracted to Goldwings. My wife is aware of, and tolerates, my Honda fetish but she'd chuck me out if she found about this. Behold it's great majesty! It's a 1985 Aspencade, which means you get this dash too: Custom artwork too, which by chance celebrates my ancestry (if that picture is of King's Lynn sugar beet factory, which I think it is). This started out as looking at ST1300 Pan Europeans (this was sat alongside an absolutely shite example I'd visited this place to look at), but my inner Raymond-boy craves the absurdity of this. It's nearly £4K though.
  10. I suspect this could be a scam - pictures 2 and 3 are obviously the Emirates First Class lounge in Dubai.
  11. OK, he's pulling that off pretty well...
  12. That is so vulgar - looks like Alec Guinness wearing a shell suit.
  13. My Scotland trip ended after an hour - I was prepared for rain but not the biblical downpour I ran into at Oxford, there was so much water on the A34 it was pushing my feet off the pedals, and there was more water on the inside of my visor than outside. Staying home to replace a toilet instead. I'm really liking the TT+ coverage, watching it on a firestick. Not having to tolerate the ITV4 highlights with it's depressing gambling/booze/Viagra adverts is the best bit.
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