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  1. Finally, a Jaguar. Not a proper one of course, only alpha males like myself get the X300 but this'll do for you. V8 and currently £650. Now get back to work and where are my FUCKING PAPERCLIPS?
  2. Nothing says success like a SD1. I had one of these years ago so this time you'll be copying me, which is permissible because I've put "BE MORE LIKE FAT_PIRATE" down as one of your Objectives this year. £1100 classified price though it's a manual.
  3. Not at all cheap at £8995, but you deserve it, and of course you'll look like legendary top lazy executive LEONARD from Butterflies.
  4. Good evening, as Autoshite's self-appointed TOP EXECUTIVE I'm posting some recommended picks for other budding EXECUTIVES. We're off to a great start with this EXECUTIVE CABRIOLET so everyone can appreciate your handsome winner's face. It's not very cheap but the bonnet has a teflon-treated edge for cutting through the air as easily and effectively as you cut through bullshit in meetings ("I need some paperclips TODAY GODDAMMIT, get someone on a plane if necessary!")
  5. That's Mrs Fat_Pirates Saab, I wondered where it had ended up... in other news, check out this beauty.
  6. Hey, I'd be pretty cool! Why am I not cool now then?
  7. Saw lots of lovely things at Goodwood breakfast club this AM, including this F4. I realise it would be horrible to own but they're so pretty.
  8. It would have been a crime, but I reckon I'd have done the same!
  9. I'm a biker AND own a Bini - I'm a big fan of them now and this is my second. They're cheap to buy, cheap parts, they don't rot and are good fun to chuck around. I've done brakes, exhaust mountings, CV gaiters, etc, it's all easy stuff - only tricky bit is anything in the tightly packed engine bay. Mine has the same wheels as yours and is the worst riding car I've ever been in - finally beating the previous long-term record holder, the XR4i. Fast around corners though. When I'm on the bike my top 4 wanker list is: Fiat 500Any variant of Range Rover, but Evoque and Sport especiallyBiniCorsa
  10. 158 miles EACH WAY to look at a CLK for Mrs Pirate. Took us less than 2 mins to spot the hastily painted over rot (some of the masking tape was still there, in fact). That was in the Jag of many shitters too... nice way to travel though. Also had to pay Severn bridge toll.
  11. Went to Poole bike night for the first time this year, saw a Niken in the metal: I like it, but not enough to get one - be good if I encountered a lot of wet, cobbled streets I suppose.
  12. Microprocessed automatic air con, logic control deck... unfortunately it runs on the devil's spunk.
  13. This evening's recommend purchase: £1300 ono
  14. £1795, another auto.
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