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  1. I'm going to try to fix the lacquer peel on my GTV, I watched a YouTube vid and it looked easy*. Frankly I can't make it worse, and it will be a handy skill for when I inevitably own this 166
  2. Is that a factory windblocker in your CLK? I've never seen one! I presume they were an (expensive) option.
  3. CR-V rear calipers were satisfying to refurb, shame it took me 3 days to get off my arse and do it though.
  4. I think it should be a mystery, maybe with a broad theme - "Fancy" (low cost/big liability fodder), "thin gruel" (Cityrover, etc).
  5. Despite having a 'no more cars' rule, I'd be up for this.
  6. Excellent, I love a shonky 'Benz. I'm definitely going to borrow "...a wonderful story of use" when I next try to sell a car too.
  7. Went to look at a Monkey at a dealer this morning, 2019 with 271 miles on the clock. For something that's probably only on it's 2nd tank of fuel it was pretty tatty - various fittings were Titanic-grade rusty, paint was rubbed off at various spots, chain was bone-dry and orange (suggesting scrote ownership). I realise they're made cheap but it's hard to see why it costs more than twice what a WK Scrambler does.
  8. I missed this post - I regret I'm responsible for building that Megasquirt, sorry it's giving you grief. That particular bit was one of the mods required for the MX5 if I remember correctly, so a bit lashed-on.
  9. No, Farnham Honda. Might contact Honda direct,
  10. Decided I'd give a Monkeybike a try (and probably buy), but the dealer '"doesn't do demos", so they can fuck off.
  11. Well that didn't help at all - you were supposed to say "it's rubbish" I've wanted a tiddler bike since the Grom first appeared, but my friends reckon the novelty will soon wear off. I've tried to use my littlest bike (Superduke) on local back lanes but it's still the best part of 200Kg and runs like a bag of spanners at low speed, it's just wearing.
  12. Ooh, monkeybike - have you had a go on it? I've got a real hankering for one but can't make a case for it (other than pottering about back lanes).
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