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  1. I would love this, but have no space! That'll sell easily.
  2. It's always been about price for me, I like something a bit interesting but only for throwaway money, I live on a diet of 15-20 year old cars.
  3. I rented a GS for a weekend and found it a pretty handy weapon on bendy roads, I was surprised (I'd wanted a sports tourer but all they had was this or a Suzuki Intruder). Did 20 hours in the saddle without any real discomfort, AND it was the only time I've had a woman come up to me and say "cool bike mate". She'd have run away if I'd taken my helmet off, of course.
  4. If the cruise control won't engage, try lifting the clutch pedal with your foot - must be a switch that needs adjustment.
  5. I replaced the clutch pedal rubber (and broke down in it and lost a load of money).
  6. Meteor does look impressive, especially for less than £4k.
  7. Don't think I could recommend it as a year-round commuter, as you say there's no weather protection and I have seen a couple of winter-used examples starting to corrode in various spots. Give one a try, the dealer was very eager to get me on it - he had that "ha ha, I'll start doing the paperwork now" grin on his face as he gave me the keys. I'd be out on it now, but the 1st service is at 300 miles and I've already used most of that just doddering about.
  8. Bought this Interceptor yesterday, it's flipping charming! I've been procrastinating about buying a little plodder bike for at least 4 years but never did anything about it; last week I had a bit of an incident (long story short, I thought I was about to have a heart attack but it's just a stress-related issue), so I took this week off and have been doing whatever I like, which has included eating a lot of cake and buying said plodder. It's an easy-going thing, reminds me of the YBR125 I started on but with enough power to be a bit of a knob... I've already overtaken a dithering Mokka
  9. Took one of my bikes for a MOT on Friday and it was a bit of a shocker how un-bikefit I've become. All my kit felt really heavy too, probably as I've spent months just bumming around the house wearing a t-shirt and jeans. And it rained. Then hailed. But it was GOOD.
  10. This place is good for parts: http://www.alfaworkshop.co.uk/ In Cambridge and will also change the cambelt for a reasonable price. I need to do the belt on my GTV at some point, tools alone are £100 though.
  11. Great to see this still alive and well in the walled garden of Autoshite. It's not fast, nor economical, it doesn't handle, but I really enjoyed wombling about in this as there really is nothing else like it. And everyone I know was very glad of that fact... I've never had a such a universally hated car!
  12. I know some like them, but Lada Riva - I drove a nearly-new one about 40 miles and couldn't get over how totally incompetent it was compared to my own car, which was a £180 Marina.
  13. I've often wondered where they'd deploy too, seeing as they appeared pretty slow moving - apparently the launch sites are still officially secret, so it's prison for you now Whitchurch is down the road from me, bit unsettling seeing these things on roads I know well.
  14. From the days when you had PROPER things to be worried about: Truck shite too - Saviems?
  15. Keep us updated, getting very intrigued by these. I've still not seen one on the road.
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