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  1. I've been using a Helite Turtle 2 for the past few weeks... when I remember to put it on... and when I remember to attach the tether... it's taking some getting used to. I was in the queue with it in Sportsbikeshop when a guy wearing one walked in, I asked him how he was finding it and he reckoned it had saved his bacon when he ran into the back of a car, bounced head-first off that and into another car coming the other way (the vest fixed his helmet in place). No injuries, though the vest becomes very tight and he was shrieking for somebody to get it off him. Said he carries a spare gas canister under his seat now, presumably planning to test it further It feels heavy when you pick it up, but I don't notice it once on. It's more faff of course, but then there's already loads of faff with helmet, gloves, etc. Wouldn't recommend for track days, you need the tether pretty short. Would it make any difference in a big crash? Dunno, I think of it as just buying more lottery tickets.
  2. About time for an update - this has happened: Yes, I liked it so much I've bought another one, from the very pleasant @Six-cylinder. As you will agree, these are the bestest cars in the world so I politely held off buying it as soon as it was advertised to give you all the opportunity to join the elite - but you were too slow and now I own 100% of the blue V6 CLKs on the forum, and will be reaping the financial and social-standing benefits this will no doubt bring.
  3. Am enjoying these updates... I drive so few miles now I've started considering one of these, even though a friend of mine has had one for 10 years, and it's been functional for maybe 2 of those years. And then there are all the tales from @Barry Cade.
  4. That is fabulous, I love that era of tiny Fiats - sad so few survive.
  5. I upgraded the forks on my Interceptor today, using a YSS kit. I love this bike but one of it's few weaknesses is the bargain-basement suspension - short, sharp imperfections in the road become landmines, it's had me out of the seat at times and I'm not a light fella. Kit comprises new springs, extra dampers and adjustable... top bits. Bafflingly it comes with 200ml of new fluid, while the instructions state each fork leg needs 420ml-ish. Those instructions are quite poor too, failing to mention some included spacers and the necessary air gap - found a good YouTube video on the installation though. It being a simple bike the job was quite straightforward, though it did take me a while due to my usual amateur faffing (putting-tools-down-then-forgetting-where-they-are, kicking-the-box-of-removed-parts-across-the-garage, etc). I was tired and hungry after this so only took it for a short spin (mostly to make sure the wheels didn't fall off), but definitely feels much better damped now. I've left the rear shocks for now, not really noticed any issue with them. Bonus MOT-failure VFR in the picture too - it's got linked brakes and the secondary master cylinder (operated by the NSF caliper) has a leak, I've not investigated that yet but I expect it'll be a ballache, if not to fix then at least to bleed afterwards (it's got ABS to complicate matters too). Only problem I've had with the Enfield (almost 5000 miles now), is this rusting inside one of the exhausts, will get it sorted under warranty. Other mods have been an extra tooth on the front sprocket (removed the need to constantly search for a 7th gear), heated grips and Bridgestone BT46 tyres.
  6. Cracking wheels, surely not standard?
  7. 2022 Williams F1 car appears to be missing something:
  8. Another downvote for Yuasa - I've had premature failure on both car and bike batteries. I'm using Varta now, been OK... so far.
  9. I used to have one just like this, excellent bike - the whine/shriek of the engine and the blue shiftlights coming on were an addictive mix. I love the twin headlights too!
  10. Crikey... can you not get the train?
  11. This went to cartakeback today for £300. It's been stored some 180 miles from my house and the lacquer peel had got much worse since this photo was taken (and it had lost all it's coolant), seeing as ~£1000 will still buy a decent example it wasn't worth faffing with.
  12. I bought some polo shirts from Sainsburys, and they smell exactly like the interiors of brand-new Citroen BXs did in 1987. Lovely.
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