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  1. I had that brochure! I tried to get them from dealers as a kid but would usually get chased out, the nice chap at Brundle Toyota in Kings Lynn let me take one. However, 42 years later I've still never owned a Toyota so he was wasting his time.
  2. I was hoping to roffle this next month, but that seems extremely unlikely - at least it's very clean now. I'd like to get on with replacing the cambelt but it means ordering parts - and that's not really on just because I'm bored, is it? Alfaworkshop sounds eager for business though.
  3. YES despite spending most of this week wondering why I have so many fucking cars.
  4. Circa 1980 with my mother's first car, which would have been 8 or 9 years old, yet totally rotten. I'm the one with impressive flares.
  5. Sold the Berlingo last night, to a very nice man (but then he is from this parish). Starting to SORN the rest and leave just 1 operational - was hoping to sell one of the CLKs and an Alfa but I guess that'll be months away now.
  6. It is! Or rather was... before THE EVENT.
  7. I've been out today too, filled up at the pay-at-pump without removing my gloves then proceeded to bomb about a bit, enjoying the slightly quieter roads and sunshine. I didn't see a lot of social-distancing going on though - Loomies car park was full of bikes as they're still offering a takeaway service, which is rather defeating the point of it.
  8. I saw the photo and immediately thought "I'd JB Weld that and leave it" - or do you think vibration will get the better of it?
  9. Goodbye Moonbus... Hello, another bloody Alfa Romeo: Nice to meet (albeit briefly) @NorthernMonkey and his Mrs. We arrived early at the rendezvous location as I'd allowed extra time for any Vel Satis-style shenanigans along the way, such as having to bleed the clutch at regular intervals. As it turned out, traffic was light and apart from the engine mysteriously stopping at the M6 toll booth (followed immediately by the handbrake failing to disengage automatically), it was all good. The truck stop had a 2 hour limit for free parking which was almost up, so we had to get going. First impressions of the Alfa: quite small, quite noisy (engine is turning over @ 4K at 80mph), firm ride but not unacceptably so. Finding out how things work in the dark, at speed, is not recommended; I switched off the lights rather than the cruise control at one point, but my random button pressing did result in a CD coming on, My neighbour John had come along to help out, neither of us are youngsters so I enjoyed the absurdity of us hoofing along to 'Bootylicious' at high volume.
  10. Brand new Maestro 1.6 auto, understeered it off the road into a solicitors office. Was working at a dealer and I'd collected it for some warranty work - got fired, but that led directly to me meeting the girl who became my wife, so all good.
  11. I always forget this, keep meaning to go. Is the Bertone stuff always there? Would love to see that in the metal/plaster, especially the Barchetta(?) which became the X1/9.
  12. Would love this but no space. Suggest you stick a link in the 'For Sale' area, this will be popular.
  13. My first job was processing warranty claims at an Austin Rover dealer, still remember the chassis number prefix for a 1.6L saloon to this day. I really rated them though, would have loved a MG Turbo in targa red.
  14. /\ I like those! The trouble is the MT09 (which it's based on) is cheaper, lighter and faster.
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