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  1. This place is good for parts: http://www.alfaworkshop.co.uk/ In Cambridge and will also change the cambelt for a reasonable price. I need to do the belt on my GTV at some point, tools alone are £100 though.
  2. Great to see this still alive and well in the walled garden of Autoshite. It's not fast, nor economical, it doesn't handle, but I really enjoyed wombling about in this as there really is nothing else like it. And everyone I know was very glad of that fact... I've never had a such a universally hated car!
  3. I know some like them, but Lada Riva - I drove a nearly-new one about 40 miles and couldn't get over how totally incompetent it was compared to my own car, which was a £180 Marina.
  4. I've often wondered where they'd deploy too, seeing as they appeared pretty slow moving - apparently the launch sites are still officially secret, so it's prison for you now Whitchurch is down the road from me, bit unsettling seeing these things on roads I know well.
  5. From the days when you had PROPER things to be worried about: Truck shite too - Saviems?
  6. Keep us updated, getting very intrigued by these. I've still not seen one on the road.
  7. I'm going to try to fix the lacquer peel on my GTV, I watched a YouTube vid and it looked easy*. Frankly I can't make it worse, and it will be a handy skill for when I inevitably own this 166
  8. Is that a factory windblocker in your CLK? I've never seen one! I presume they were an (expensive) option.
  9. CR-V rear calipers were satisfying to refurb, shame it took me 3 days to get off my arse and do it though.
  10. Excellent, I love a shonky 'Benz. I'm definitely going to borrow "...a wonderful story of use" when I next try to sell a car too.
  11. Went to look at a Monkey at a dealer this morning, 2019 with 271 miles on the clock. For something that's probably only on it's 2nd tank of fuel it was pretty tatty - various fittings were Titanic-grade rusty, paint was rubbed off at various spots, chain was bone-dry and orange (suggesting scrote ownership). I realise they're made cheap but it's hard to see why it costs more than twice what a WK Scrambler does.
  12. I missed this post - I regret I'm responsible for building that Megasquirt, sorry it's giving you grief. That particular bit was one of the mods required for the MX5 if I remember correctly, so a bit lashed-on.
  13. No, Farnham Honda. Might contact Honda direct,
  14. Decided I'd give a Monkeybike a try (and probably buy), but the dealer '"doesn't do demos", so they can fuck off.
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