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  1. Agreed.. on Dunlop Denovos. I would also like to point out that Kim Wilde is my girlfriend, and has been since 1981, so KEEP OFF.
  2. First time I've been, and it was disappointing - relatively few traders, fewer still punters. Beaulieu is also on though, maybe it's all gone there.
  3. Saw this at Netley autojumble (which was pretty poorly attended), this morning: Fantic Koala, the novelty factor was STRONG. Apparently only 50cc but it's much bigger than the photo suggests. I didn't ask about the price in case I did something stupid.
  4. Couple of pics from Sammy Miller's museum today, an AJS/Matchless meeting was going on. I've got a hankering for an old 50s/60s oily-rag bike I can tinker with and slowly improve, thinking about maybe a Bantam as parts are easy to find?
  5. Goodness me, I like that a lot. Good MOT history too, strong price though.
  6. I've had covid the past week. It's not great but still preferable to changing a cambelt on most FWD cars. Being incapacitated in front of the Great!Romance TV channel was the lowest point.
  7. Here is my quick guide to Mazda MX5s: NA: great, like Abba NB: Abba song, but sung by Steps NC: Abba song, sung by Piers Brosnan
  8. Spotted this a Poole bike night yesterday, not my cup of tea but the detailing is impressive in the metal.
  9. I'd like to rock up to Loomies on that, "yeah, it's got a turbo Hayabusa motor in the rear". Boot would contain a cereal box painted silver with 'Honda Hiyabusa Trubo' written on it in yellow highlighter.
  10. https://www.theautopian.com/mot-advisories-strange/ Thomas Hundal, do you walk amongst us? 😀 If you're not already doing it, I recommend putting the Autopian on your daily web trawl, there's some excellent stuff from Torch and Mercedes Streeter in particular.
  11. I've got an urge for a Velosolex (so I can get some exercise but have a motor to get me home when I've inadvertently wandered into a cafe and eaten all the cakes). This is a 1993 Hungarian version, am I silly? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3376193382636964/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A25af2eef-180f-4aec-9054-fe8bb3d420e6
  12. Toasty... This is from my Honda VFR, seems to be classic murder-suicide pact with the reg/rectifier. Have bought improved versions from Electrex.
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